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schestowitz[TR2]    <li>Feb 11 00:00
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Why We’re Rebuilding The Thunderbird Interface From Scratch</a></h5>Feb 11 00:00
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:00
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>As Thunderbird’s Product Design manager, I have some good insights into what’s happening and where things are going. Consider this article (and the companion video below) the first painting in a more complete mural showing where Thunderbird is headed, and why some of the things we’re doing might seem counterintuitive.</p>Feb 11 00:00
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>[...]</p><p>Today, Thunderbird is wholly owned by MZLA Technologies, a subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation, and it’s actively developed and maintained by a growing group of paid employees. We have a proper organization, a roadmap, and people in charge of making smart decisions and defining directions.</p>Feb 11 00:00
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:00
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:00
-TechBytesBot/ | Why We're Rebuilding The Thunderbird Interface From ScratchFeb 11 00:00
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 11 00:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Closing the NASA loop</a></h5>Feb 11 00:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 00:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>curl is actually something which is critical, especially to our data management system. It is being used very widely across NASA.</p>Feb 11 00:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 00:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 00:01
schestowitz[TR2]                             Feb 11 00:01
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Closing the NASA loop | daniel.haxx.seFeb 11 00:01
schestowitz[TR2]   <li>Feb 11 00:02
schestowitz[TR2]                                            <h5><a href="">Debugging Firefox on Android</a></h5>Feb 11 00:02
schestowitz[TR2]                                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:02
schestowitz[TR2]                                                <p>I just figured out how to get my Android phone recognised by Android Debug Bridge (adb) on my MacBook, which finally allowed me to remote debug websites on Firefox Android. Just so I don’t forget what I did, this is a short documentation of the steps needed to get everything to work. Hopefully it will stay relevant for a good while.</p>Feb 11 00:02
schestowitz[TR2]                                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:02
schestowitz[TR2]                                        </li>Feb 11 00:02
-TechBytesBot/ | Debugging Firefox on AndroidFeb 11 00:02
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">ChatGPT Is a Bullshit Generator Waging Class War</a></h5>Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>Large language models (LLMs) like the GPT family learn the statistical structure of language by optimising their ability to predict missing words in sentences (as in 'The cat sat on the [BLANK]'). Despite the impressive technical ju-jitsu of transformer models and the billions of parameters they learn, it's still a computational guessing game. ChatGPT is, in technical terms, a 'bullshit geFeb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]nerator'. If a generated sentence makes sense to you, the reader, it means the mathematical model has made sufficiently good guess to pass your sense-making filter. The language model has no idea what it's talking about because it has no idea about anything at all. It's more of a bullshitter than the most egregious egoist you'll ever meet, producing baseless assertions with unfailing confidence because that's what it's designed to Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]do. It's a bonus for the parent corporation when journalists and academics respond by generating acres of breathless coverage, which works as PR even when expressing concerns about the end of human creativity.</p>Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>Unsuspecting users who've been conditioned on Siri and Alexa assume that the smooth talking ChatGPT is somehow tapping into reliable sources of knowledge, but it can only draw on the (admittedly vast) proportion of the internet it ingested at training time. Try asking Google's BERT model about Covid or ChatGPT about the latest Russian attacks on Ukraine. Ironically, these models are unableFeb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2] to cite their own sources, even in instances where it's obvious they're plagiarising their training data. The nature of ChatGPT as a bullshit generator makes it harmful, and it becomes more harmful the more optimised it becomes. If it produces plausible articles or computer code it means the inevitable hallucinations are becoming harder to spot. If a language model suckers us into trusting it then it has succeeded in becoming the Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]industry's holy grail of 'trustworthy AI'; the problem is, trusting any form of machine learning is what leads to a single mother having their front door kicked open by social security officials because a predictive algorithm has fingered them as a probable fraudster, alongside many other instances of algorithmic violence.</p>Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 00:05
schestowitz[TR2]                                Feb 11 00:05
-TechBytesBot/ | ChatGPT Is a Bullshit Generator Waging Class WarFeb 11 00:05
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schestowitz[TR2]  <li>Feb 11 00:11
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Americans are ready to test embryos for future college chances, survey shows</a></h5>Feb 11 00:11
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 00:11
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>One problem with the tests is that it will be challenging to prove they really work. It would take decades, for instance, before anyone could judge whether they accurately predicted a newborn’s health risks. Meyer thinks the Federal Trade Commission should keep close tabs on companies’ advertising claims.</p>Feb 11 00:11
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>And if the tests do work, that’s also a problem, according to Meyer and her coauthors, who include the geneticist Patrick Turley and the economist Daniel J. Benjamin. They say embryo tests could “exacerbate existing inequalities” in society—for instance, if only people in certain socioeconomic groups use them to have healthier, taller, or smarter offspring.</p>Feb 11 00:11
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 00:11
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 00:11
schestowitz[TR2]                             Feb 11 00:11
-TechBytesBot/ | Americans are ready to test embryos for future college chances, survey shows | MIT Technology ReviewFeb 11 00:11
schestowitz[TR2]<li>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">North Korea ransomware targets hospitals to fund digital spycraft, US agencies warn</a> [iophk: Windows TCO]</h5>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>The joint release is just the latest warning from U.S. government officials that ransomware attacks originating in North Korea have grown into a national security crisis. In fact, many cyber officials and lawmakers have called for additional regulations to ensure health care organizations are implementing proper cybersecurity protections to help defend against the ongoing scourge of ransomFeb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]ware.</p>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 00:15
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-North Korea ransomware targets hospitals to fund digital spycraft, US agencies warn | CyberScoopFeb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                            <h5><a href="">Is open-source as secure as proprietary software?</a></h5>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                                <p>Are the security issues we are seeing related to the use of open-source software? Does proprietary software have any more inherent safety or security benefits?</p>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                                <p>The short answer is no. More and more security flaws are being found simply because there is more software being produced in the world than ever before, and more aspects of our lives are incorporating software features.</p>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                                <p>In fact, open-source software has been at the forefront of this technological transformation, giving anyone in the world the access and opportunity to develop functionality and products that would have been infeasible without free access to such resources.</p>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:15
schestowitz[TR2]                                        </li>Feb 11 00:15
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Is open-source as secure as proprietary software? | UbuntuFeb 11 00:16
schestowitz[TR2]              <li>Feb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Governments ought to leave Twitter, but not for something worse</a></h5>Feb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>Organizations are leaving Twitter, but will they make the wrong choice and choose something that requires nonfree software? Now's the time to tell your government and other groups you are a part of to make the right move to a freedom-respecting platform.</p>Feb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>The recent erratic and abusive behavior Twitter has displayed toward its users has resulted in a strong push toward federated social media like Mastodon and other services utilizing the ActivityPub specification as its backbone. We hope that governments, citizen's groups, and nonprofit organizations will be among those leaving. All groups seeking an easy solution for disseminating information needFeb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2] to be careful not to replace Twitter with something worse. Requiring constituents to run nonfree JavaScript to view important information or government statements is an affront to user freedom.</p>Feb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2]                        Feb 11 00:31
-TechBytesBot/ | Governments ought to leave Twitter, but not for something worse — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free softwareFeb 11 00:31
schestowitz[TR2]   <li>Feb 11 00:34
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I. Chatbots</a></h5>Feb 11 00:34
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 00:34
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>“This tool is going to be the most powerful tool for spreading misinformation that has ever been on the [Internet],” said Gordon Crovitz, a co-chief executive of NewsGuard, a company that tracks online misinformation and conducted the experiment last month. “Crafting a new false narrative can now be done at dramatic scale, and much more frequently — it’s like having A.I. agents cFeb 11 00:34
schestowitz[TR2]ontributing to disinformation.”</p>Feb 11 00:34
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 00:34
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 00:34
-TechBytesBot/ | Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I. Chatbots - The New York TimesFeb 11 00:34
schestowitz[TR2]<li>Feb 11 00:35
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Minsk Court Sentences Man To Two Years In Prison For Online Posts</a></h5>Feb 11 00:35
schestowitz[TR2]                           Feb 11 00:35
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:35
schestowitz[TR2]                        Feb 11 00:35
-TechBytesBot/ | Minsk Court Sentences Man To Two Years In Prison For Online PostsFeb 11 00:36
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 11 00:36
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing are trying to enforce pseudo-leftist toxicity and censorship to create a sanitized world where thought is controlled and people Feb 11 00:36
schestowitz[TR2]are not permitted to insult corporations.</a></h5>Feb 11 00:36
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:36
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing are trying to enforce toxicity and censorship to create a sanitized world where thought is controlled and people are not permitted to insult corporations.</p>Feb 11 00:36
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:36
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:36
-TechBytesBot/ | ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing are trying to enforce pseudo-leftist toxicity and censorship to create a sanitized world where thought is controlled and people are not permitted to insult corporations. | BaronHK's RantsFeb 11 00:36
schestowitz[TR2]<li>Feb 11 00:37
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Social media and messaging apps restricted in Ethiopia amid religious tensions</a></h5>Feb 11 00:37
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:37
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>Real-time NetBlocks metrics indicate that Facebook, Telegram and TikTok have been restricted on state internet provider Ethio Telecom, with aggregated reachability statistics collected from an initial set of 20 vantage points. This class of disruption can be worked around using VPN services, which are able to circumvent government internet censorship measures.</p>Feb 11 00:37
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:37
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:37
schestowitz[TR2]                        Feb 11 00:37
-TechBytesBot/ | Social media and messaging apps restricted in Ethiopia amid religious tensions - NetBlocksFeb 11 00:37
schestowitz[TR2]<li>Feb 11 00:38
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Russia bans award-winning Finnish journalist</a></h5>Feb 11 00:38
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:38
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>According to Ilta-Sanomat's editor-in-chief, Johanna Lahti, "Russia's actions are clearly intentional: it does not want Paananen to report on what is happening in the country. By preventing Paananen's entry into the country, Russia is practically underlining how exceptionally good a journalist and troublesome critic of Vladimir Putin's Russia she is perceived to be in Russia."</p>Feb 11 00:38
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:38
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:38
-TechBytesBot/ | Russia bans award-winning Finnish journalist | News | Yle UutisetFeb 11 00:38
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 11 00:39
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Twitter Was Blocked in Turkey, Internet-Monitoring Group Says</a></h5>Feb 11 00:39
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:39
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>Alp Toker, the director of NetBlocks, said Wednesday that the coordinated nature of the block suggested that it was likely the result of a government order. He said network data indicated that the block was being done with software installed by telecommunications providers that can prevent specific websites and services from loading.</p>Feb 11 00:39
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:39
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:39
-TechBytesBot/ | Twitter Was Blocked in Turkey After Earthquake, Internet-Monitoring Group Says - The New York TimesFeb 11 00:39
schestowitz[TR2]<li>Feb 11 00:40
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Twitter restricted in Turkey in aftermath of earthquake</a></h5>Feb 11 00:40
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:40
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>Real-time NetBlocks metrics indicate that Twitter has been restricted by means of SNI filtering on major internet providers TTNet and Turkcell, and subsequently by other operators, with aggregated reachability statistics collected from an initial set of 40 vantage points. This class of disruption can be worked around using VPN services, which are able to circumvent government internet censorship mFeb 11 00:40
schestowitz[TR2]easures.</p>Feb 11 00:40
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:40
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:40
-TechBytesBot/ | Twitter restricted in Turkey in aftermath of earthquake - NetBlocksFeb 11 00:40
schestowitz[TR2]           <li>Feb 11 00:43
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">DC Thomson journalists ‘furious’ over plan to cut 300 jobs</a></h5>Feb 11 00:43
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:43
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>Around half of the redundancies will come from Colchester-based consumer and B2B magazine publisher Aceville, which DC Thomson acquired in 2018, where all of its print titles will be closed. It has titles in the crafts, lifestyle and food, education and business sectors.</p>Feb 11 00:43
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>The other five magazines set to close are: Platinum, a monthly magazine for women aged over 55 that launched in 2019, free luxury lifestyle quarterly Living, teen girls’ magazine Shout, and children’s magazines Animal Planet and Animals and You. They are all based in Dundee.</p>Feb 11 00:43
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:43
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:43
-TechBytesBot/ | DC Thomson journalists 'furious' over plan to cut 300 jobsFeb 11 00:43
schestowitz[TR2]   <li>Feb 11 00:47
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">IPv6 adoption and the challenges of IPv6-only iterative resolvers</a></h5>Feb 11 00:47
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 00:47
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>As the deployment of IPv6 networks continues to grow, one challenge that has emerged is that some DNS zones are only served by IPv4-only authoritative servers. This can cause problems for IPv6-only iterative resolvers that do not have access to an IPv4 network, resulting in the inability to resolve all DNS zones.</p>Feb 11 00:47
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>At the recent DNS-OARC 39 conference, Toyota Yasunobu and I presented research on this issue. We discussed how the deployment of IPv6 single-stack networks with a NAT64 service can be facilitated by using an IPv6-only capable resolver that uses NAT64. In this blog post, we summarize the key points of our presentation and explain how resolvers can be ‘IPv6-only capable’.</p>Feb 11 00:47
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 00:47
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 00:47
-TechBytesBot/ | IPv6 adoption and the challenges of IPv6-only iterative resolvers | APNIC BlogFeb 11 00:47
schestowitz[TR2]                           <li>Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Librarians Are Finding Thousands Of Books No Longer Protected By Copyright Law</a></h5>Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>That’s why the New York Public Library (NYPL) has been reviewing the U.S. Copyright Office’s official registration and renewals records for creative works whose copyrights haven’t been renewed, and have thus been overlooked as part of the public domain.</p>Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>The books in question were published between 1923 and 1964, before changes to U.S. copyright law removed the requirement for rights holders to renew their copyrights. According to Greg Cram, associate general counsel and director of information policy at NYPL, an initial overview of books published in that period shows that around 65 to 75 percent of rights holders opted not to renew theirFeb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2] copyrights.</p>Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                             Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                             Feb 11 00:50
schestowitz[TR2]                             Feb 11 00:50
-TechBytesBot/ | Librarians Are Finding Thousands Of Books No Longer Protected By Copyright LawFeb 11 00:50
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schestowitz[TR2]Re: The Layoffs Era BeginsFeb 11 10:26
schestowitz[TR2]> I hope you are right. I’ve had people tell me he definitely still works Feb 11 10:26
schestowitz[TR2]> there.Feb 11 10:26
schestowitz[TR2]People say all sorts of things. I want to see PAPERS. ;-)Feb 11 10:26
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schestowitz[TR2]<li>Feb 11 12:26
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Gamebert: a Game Boy emulator built by Robert</a></h5>Feb 11 12:26
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 12:26
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>I decided to write a Game Boy emulator: a program that would run old Game Boy games on my computer. This seemed hard but achievable, and I thought it would dazzle my friends for at least a few seconds. The internals of the Game Boy seemed well-documented enough to be accessible, but poorly-documented enough to feel like I’d be the one doing the work. I’d never made anything like it befFeb 11 12:26
schestowitz[TR2]ore, and I loved the idea of running Pokemon Blue and catch a Pidgey using a program I’d written myself. I called the project Gamebert because it was a Game Boy and my name is Robert.</p>Feb 11 12:26
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 12:26
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 12:26
-TechBytesBot/ | Gamebert: a Game Boy emulator built by Robert | Robert HeatonFeb 11 12:26
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schestowitz[TR2]   <li>Feb 11 13:27
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">List of Websites About GNU/Linux News, Reviews and Tutorials 2023</a></h5>Feb 11 13:27
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 13:27
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>This is a list of English websites you can read and subscribe to in 2023 whose topics are about news, reviews, buyer advices and tutorials of GNU/Linux and Free Libre Open Source Software (FOSS) and branded hardware devices around them. This list includes our beloved Ubuntu Buzz and of course along with many other similar and useful sources. You can subscribe to each news via web browser aFeb 11 13:27
schestowitz[TR2]s well as news reader application such as Ubuntu built-in Thunderbird. Finally, we make this to help newcomers learn and old timers revisit again our community and we hope you will like it. Happy reading!</p>Feb 11 13:27
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 13:27
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 13:27
schestowitz[TR2]                                Feb 11 13:27
-TechBytesBot/ | List of Websites About GNU/Linux News, Reviews and Tutorials 2023Feb 11 13:27
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 11 13:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">System76 Pangolin: an AMD Ryzen 7 Laptop with GNU/Linux Now Available</a></h5>Feb 11 13:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 11 13:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>We want to inform our dear readers that System76 just launched their latest laptop model, Pangolin, preinstalled with Pop!_Os or Ubuntu operating system and powered by AMD Ryzen 7. It is dubbed as "The AMD-powered, all-around powerful laptop.", shipping worldwide via UPS, and come with Free/Libre Open Source Software (FOSS) built-in.</p>Feb 11 13:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 11 13:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 11 13:31
-TechBytesBot/ | System76 Pangolin: an AMD Ryzen 7 Laptop with GNU/Linux Now AvailableFeb 11 13:31
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 11 13:48
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">The Overlooked Forests of the Sea</a></h5>Feb 11 13:48
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 13:48
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>If this trend is carried to the year 2200, more than a quarter of the global diatom population could be lost. That would pose a problem equivalent to removing the oxygen production and carbon sequestration of the entire Canadian boreal forest. In other words, a major die-off of phytoplankton could potentially lower atmospheric oxygen levels by as much as 20-25%.</p>Feb 11 13:48
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 13:48
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 13:48
-TechBytesBot/ | The Overlooked Forests of the Sea - MAHBFeb 11 13:48
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 11 13:50
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Cloud repatriation drivers</a></h5>Feb 11 13:50
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 13:50
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>With the looming macroeconomic uncertainties that are affecting growth, companies are trying to control their costs by downsizing their staff and reducing their infrastructure costs. One way to reduce infrastructure costs is repatriating workloads from public clouds, which we refer to by “cloud repatriation”. According to a 2021 survey by 451 Research, 48% of respondents repatriated some of thFeb 11 13:50
schestowitz[TR2]eir workloads from cloud providers. A percentage that echoes Gartner’s prediction that “more than 50% of data migration initiatives will exceed their budget and timeline—and potentially harm the business—because of flawed strategy and execution”.</p>Feb 11 13:50
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 13:50
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 13:50
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Cloud repatriation drivers | UbuntuFeb 11 13:50
schestowitz[TR2]<li>Feb 11 13:51
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Q1 of 2023: The most Tech Layoffs in history</a></h5>Feb 11 13:51
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 13:51
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>No matter how you slice it, we are now seeing the largest number of layoffs in the history of the computer industry — with numbers that are blowing the Dot Com Bubble Burst out of the water.</p>Feb 11 13:51
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>Back in mid-January I reported on the continuing trend of major layoffs at Tech companies — and predicted that this trend would continue (and escalate significantly) well into 2023.</p>Feb 11 13:51
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 13:51
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 13:51
-TechBytesBot/ | Q1 of 2023: The most Tech Layoffs in historyFeb 11 13:51
schestowitz[TR2]                        <li>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">After Muslim Students Complained That an Art Exhibit Was 'Harmful,' Macalester College Shut It Down</a></h5>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>While the school later reinstated the art exhibit, it wasn't without caveats. Now, pages of construction paper are posted on the glass gallery doors to block the work from view, along with a "content warning." The incident is yet another example of university administrators caving into unreasonable student demands and setting a troubling precedent that paves the way for further censorship.</p>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                        Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2] Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                        <li>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">NCAC Demands Investigation of Secret Order to Ban Books</a></h5>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>he National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) today demanded that officials in a western Michigan school district investigate whether their superintendent secretly ordered the removal of books, violating a policy that requires a formal review before a book is banned. They also pointed officials to an audio recording in which a man who has been identified as Daniel Behm, the Forest Hills Public SFeb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]chools superintendent, acknowledges that he instructed Assistant Superintendent Scott Haid to “find where they are, pull ‘em out, get rid of ‘em.” [...]</p>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 11 13:53
schestowitz[TR2]                        Feb 11 13:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Muslim Students Complained About an Art Exhibit. Macalester College Shut It Down.Feb 11 13:53
-TechBytesBot/ | NCAC Demands Investigation of Secret Order to Ban Books    - National Coalition Against CensorshipFeb 11 13:54
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