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schestowitz__Re: DDoS mitigatinonsSep 15 01:30
schestowitz__> Where is the load during a DDoS usually causing trouble?  In the webSep 15 01:30
schestowitz__> part or the database?  If the latter, since the db is already split off,Sep 15 01:30
schestowitz__> it might perform better as a cluster.Sep 15 01:30
schestowitz__The database is the weak spot due to big queries and no caching in place, except maybe DB (query) caching as opposed to page caching.Sep 15 01:30
schestowitz__We had some downtime earlier. I blocked the offending requests:Sep 15 01:30
schestowitz__ nano  /home/boycottn/public_html/.htaccessSep 15 01:30
schestowitz__I am going to comment out the blocks now, as the worst may have passed/blown over and cannot be blocked permanently.Sep 15 01:30
schestowitz__wp-loginSep 15 01:30
schestowitz__andSep 15 01:30
schestowitz__/category/newsSep 15 01:30
schestowitz__Those are two I had to block earlier, as both were massively misused.Sep 15 01:30
schestowitz__The script in /root/ helps you quickly spot the offending requests (shown near the top, reqs aggregated and enumerated)Sep 15 01:30
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schestowitz__> Hi RoySep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> Sorry for the intrusion.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> I think that you are familiar with xxxxxx as I’ve seen you retweet a few releases before. I have been looking in to software patents and only realised recently that you run the TechRights blog.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> In June, VIA Licensing started harassing me and stating that I must license their AAC patents. But these are software patents and I am based in the U.K. We are a small, open source project, so I don’t know what their game is. They’re asking for a couple of million dollars, based on fees from every download, including Rxxxxxxxxx downloads which we release at no charge.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> My worry is that we may look like an easy target or they’re trying to set a precedent. Despite these software patents not being valid as pure software patents, I can see that they are enjoying success in German courts such as Mannheim and Düsseldorf.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> What worries me is that they’re emailing me, and not serving me by paper. German courts have considered this to be sufficient and they’ve already stated that I am obligated to reply and that they’ve made me a FRAND offer. But some of these patents have expired and I do not understand how this can be FRAND if they are forcing me to license expired patents. Further — I can’t see how this can be FRAND when they’re notSep 15 05:57
schestowitz__consistently enforcing any level of compliance across other companies and open source projects. I’d not wish this on my worst enemy, but it is surprising that Canonical / Ubuntu are skirting legal issues but we (a small project) are in such a predicament.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> I would appreciate any advice that you have. I am not responding presently and if it comes to it, I intend to fight this. It is making me very anxious however and I suspect this is their intention. Settling is another problem: if I do so, I have effectively admitted that their patents are valid and this queues me up for a long line of encounters with DTS, other Dolby codecs etc.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> Please keep this confidential for now. I’ve contacted Jean Baptiste-Kempf (VideoLan) president and Ben Henrion. Both have told me that the patents are not legal.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> Sorry for the rambling.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__>Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__> CheersSep 15 05:57
schestowitz__Hi,Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__While I am highly sceptical of OIN (for a number of reasons), you need to contact them about this.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__Try Keith Bergelt <>, he's their CEO.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__If possible, please relay to me, offlist or as BCC the correspondence because we're still studying if and how OIN bothers helping in circumstances such as this.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__At a later stage you might want to divulge information about the (micro)aggressions you've encountered. It's said to have helped in staving some aggressors off because they dislike the negative publicity.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__See for example 15 05:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Mycroft Ai stories at Techdirt.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__Don't panic. Many people would rush to defend you if they know what was happening. Best to not even respond to VIA at this stage, not directly anyway.Sep 15 05:57
schestowitz__Please keep us in the loop as we can help. I spent almost 20 years fighting software patents in Europe.Sep 15 05:57
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schestowitz__>> In The Nations sometimes (most times) photo captions get added to theSep 15 08:01
schestowitz__>> text, as the first paragraph. I think it's hard to overcome.Sep 15 08:01
schestowitz__>>Sep 15 08:01
schestowitz__>>Sep 15 08:01
schestowitz__> Can you point to a specific article's URL illustrating the problem?  AtSep 15 08:01
schestowitz__> the moment The Nation seems to be giving a feed with no entries.Sep 15 08:01
schestowitz__From today'sSep 15 08:01
schestowitz__      <li>Sep 15 08:01
schestowitz__        <h5><a href="">We’ve Entered the Era of ‘Branding for Black Lives’</a></h5>Sep 15 08:02
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes- ( status 404 @">We’ve )Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__        <blockquote>Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__          <p>Detroit Lions players kneel during the national anthem at Ford Field on September 13, 2020, in Detroit, Michigan. (Nic Antaya / Getty)</p>Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__          <p>This was a curious opening weekend in the National Football League. After a summer of marches in all 50 states against racism and police violence following the murder of George Floyd, the NFL has been desperate to avoid a players’ strike for racial justice. Since police shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha, the struggle has escalated into labor action in almost every other sports league and the NFL, with billions of dollars atSep 15 08:02
schestowitz__stake, has been trying to avoid any cancellation of games. </p></blockquote></li>Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__      <li>Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__        <h5><a href="">Fires Prove the Climate Catastrophe Is a Constitutional Crisis Too</a></h5>Sep 15 08:02
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes- ( status 404 @">Fires )Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__        <blockquote>Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__          <p>Hazy clouds of smoke from dozens of wildfires darken the sky to an eerie orange glow over much of the West Coast. (Jae C. Hong / AP Photo)</p>Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__          <p>The West Coast of the continental United States is on fire, producing images of apocalyptic desolation running from California to Oregon to Washington state. An entire time zone is burning. </p></blockquote></li>Sep 15 08:02
schestowitz__Notice how the first paragraph in both is the image caption, usually I go through all manually and CTRL+K it.Sep 15 08:02
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