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acer-box__ 15 01:10
acer-box__"Microsoft just wants to make some more cash from linux"Dec 15 01:10
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft Redefining Ownership and Identity of GNU/LinuxDec 15 01:10
acer-box__"LOL . . ."Dec 15 01:10
acer-box__ 15 01:11
acer-box__"And yet George W Bush Jr gets away with 9/11 false-flag?"Dec 15 01:11
-TechBytesBot/ | House Impeachment Report Cites Abuse of Power, Bribery, CorruptionDec 15 01:11
acer-box__"Dec 15 01:11
acer-box__Clinton Impeachment Video Reveals Dems’ HypocrisyDec 15 01:11
acer-box__ #freespeech #news #politics #UsefulidiotsDec 15 01:11
acer-box__"Dec 15 01:11
-TechBytesBot/ | Clinton Impeachment Video Reveals Dems’ HypocrisyDec 15 01:11
acer-box__ 15 01:12
acer-box__"I will make the rich start throwing their money in the streets if I have to. But I think once they understand they will willingly give it. But no more handouts to those that do not wish to work. No Picky, No Eatie.'Dec 15 01:12
-TechBytesBot/ | The U-Turn That Made America Staggeringly Unequal - CounterPunch.orgDec 15 01:12
acer-box__ 15 01:12
acer-box__"biden pathetic. trump at least funny"Dec 15 01:12
-TechBytesBot/ | Biden Campaign's "World Is Laughing at Donald Trump" Video Wins ViralDec 15 01:12
acer-box__ 15 01:12
acer-box__"what a surprise"Dec 15 01:12
-TechBytesBot/ | Trump Quietly Provides Offshore Drilling Industry Sweetheart GiveawayDec 15 01:13
acer-box__ 15 01:13
acer-box__"somehow every opposition blogger is innocent. and every communist guilty by definition and no one cares."Dec 15 01:13
-TechBytesBot/ | ‘Let’s look in the mirror’ A young Russian YouTuber who faces four years in prison for ‘extremism’ delivers a powerful courtroom speech — MeduzaDec 15 01:13
acer-box__ 15 01:13
acer-box__"okay. but why you care?"Dec 15 01:13
-TechBytesBot/ | Kyrgyzstan: Blogger Faces Incitement ChargesDec 15 01:13
acer-box__ 15 01:14
acer-box__"Dec 15 01:14
acer-box__look like a muslim woman who's in a camp with a bunch of muslim me. Of course she is in danger.more_vertDec 15 01:14
acer-box__thumb_upthumb_downreplyReplyDec 15 01:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Greece: Camp Conditions Endanger Women, GirlsDec 15 01:14
acer-box__1w agoDec 15 01:14
acer-box__144000squirrelsDec 15 01:14
acer-box__The problem with the woman that have bought into their culture is that they will just perpetuate it. They must be willing to leave it behind if they wish freedom.Dec 15 01:14
acer-box__"Dec 15 01:14
acer-box__ 15 01:14
acer-box__"In general, men and women's brains work differently. It is also true within races I believe. So our tendencies may be different."Dec 15 01:14
-TechBytesBot/ | My wife studied Computer Science because her dad pushed her in that direction. She did not want to. It's not always true that many men discourage women from entering STEM disciplines. Some say it's an image/identity issue that discourages that.Dec 15 01:14
acer-box__ 15 01:14
acer-box__"that in capitalism can't be good gealthcare"Dec 15 01:14
-TechBytesBot/ | What the U.K. Election Tells Us About Universal Health CareDec 15 01:15
acer-box__ 15 01:15
acer-box__"I think the story is a bit more complicated than that."Dec 15 01:15
-TechBytesBot/ | 'Disgraceful Sham': George Zimmerman Sues Parents of Trayvon Martin,Dec 15 01:15
acer-box__ 15 01:15
-TechBytesBot/ | The Tory Election “Campaign” to Date - CounterPunch.orgDec 15 01:15
acer-box__ 15 01:15
acer-box__ 15 01:16
acer-box__"Dec 15 01:16
acer-box__California issued a moratorium on hydraulic fracking processes and new fracking leases in the state. Just a temporary halt to these procedures, but it could potentially lead to a permanent ban throughout the state. This move by the state came after activists and researchers put tremendous pressure on lawmakers to finally consider the risks involved, specifically the increased risk of earthquakes associated with fracking. This risk is soDec 15 01:16
acer-box__great that several European countries have already banned fracking all together. You can’t do it, period. Also highlighted were the dangers of chemicals used during the fracking process, including countless carcinogens and toxic heavy metals capable of poisoning drinking waters and entire aquifers. Unfortunately, the public is still in the dark about all the chemicals used thanks to a law that, Dick Cheney helped pass years ago. ThisDec 15 01:16
-TechBytesBot/ | Oil and Gas Industry Tries to Rehabilitate Fracking Amid Calls for National BanDec 15 01:16
acer-box__story shows how effective activism can be to influence major positive change in this country and when the voices of the public are loud enough, even the fossil fuel industry better pay attention. #fracking #hydraulicfracking #fossilfuelsDec 15 01:16
acer-box__ 15 01:16
acer-box__"Dec 15 01:16
-TechBytesBot/ | California Takes On Fossil Fuel Industry With Fracking Ban - The Ring of Fire NetworkDec 15 01:16
acer-box__ 15 01:16
acer-box__"before."Dec 15 01:16
-TechBytesBot/ | Apple, Bowing to Russian Pressure, Recognizes Crimea Annexation on MapDec 15 01:16
acer-box__After the invasion by the armyDec 15 01:16
acer-box__ 15 01:17
acer-box__"so silly."Dec 15 01:17
-TechBytesBot/ | I distance myself from people who say things like "hi Google" (or Alexa, Siri etc.) because I interpret this as "microphone on, please record everyone around me and keep this recording, pass it around police, Pentagon etc. without warrant" Not delusion. Reality.Dec 15 01:17
acer-box__ 15 01:17
acer-box__"I guess decide if it's worth it. I am a really big computer. It's gonna cost something.'Dec 15 01:17
-TechBytesBot/ | 2006: #microsoft blackmails #gnu #linux companies 2016: Microsoft blackmails and sometimes bribes GNU/Linux companies The #newMicrosoftDec 15 01:17
acer-box__ 15 01:17
acer-box__"vThe open-sourcing of science is inevitable - I'm glad someone's helping speed the process along."Dec 15 01:17
<--acer-box__ (~acer-box@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has left #techbytes ("Konversation term")Dec 15 01:18
-TechBytesBot/ | Archivists Are Trying to Make Sure a ‘Pirate Bay of Science’ Never Goes DownDec 15 01:18
schestowitz 15 01:19
schestowitz"How come we never hear about United States false flag 911 excuse to invade the Middle East when 28 million Middle Easterns have been murdered for a lie we don't hear nothing about that do we?"Dec 15 01:19
-TechBytesBot/ | No Free Pass for North Korea’s AbusesDec 15 01:19
schestowitz 15 01:19
schestowitz"I'm guessing Masochism, before i read the article. What do I win?"Dec 15 01:19
-TechBytesBot/ | What personality trait most defines a sysadmin?Dec 15 01:19
schestowitz\Dec 15 01:20
schestowitz"This article is FULL OF SHIT: "the impeachment hearings made clear that President Trump abused his office and committed a crime against the Constitution.""Dec 15 01:20
-TechBytesBot/ | We Must Overcome Our Atomization to Beat Back Neoliberal FascismDec 15 01:20
schestowitz 15 01:21
-TechBytesBot/ | Trump Fails Again to Bring Our Troops Home From Mideast: MullingDec 15 01:21
schestowitz 15 01:21
schestowitz"Nice i Like post"Dec 15 01:22
schestowitz 15 01:22
-TechBytesBot/ | Trump, Saudi Crown Prince Vow Cooperation on Probe Into Naval Base ShootingDec 15 01:22
schestowitz 15 01:23
schestowitz"False and false again. Those who fear are the Police officials and we, normal working people. There are TWICE as much police members hurt than so called "protesters". Between 23 dead are 15 burnt in arson events created by themselves and 5 policemen. Look :"Dec 15 01:23
-TechBytesBot/ | Police-Perpetrated Torture and Abuse Are Reopening Old Wounds in ChileDec 15 01:23
-TechBytesBot/ | Chile: carabineros heridos por bomba molotovDec 15 01:23
schestowitz 15 01:23
schestowitz"Disagree, freedom is an essential asset; without freedom you have societal impoverishment, dereliction and demoralization; as history has demonstrated time after time."Dec 15 01:23
-TechBytesBot/ | Freedom Sucks (And That's Why We Have To Defend It)Dec 15 01:23
schestowitz 15 01:24
schestowitz"Sadly, too many people seem to have a fetish for ice. We live in an Ice Age and cold is deadly. It took massive warming (+10C in as little as 10 years) 11,600 years ago to make it possible for civilization to start. Melt the damned ice!!! We can move. Growing crops for 8 billion people when the next glacial period gets into full swing is going to be next to impossible without cheap, efficient desalination. And the psychopaths like Bill GatesDec 15 01:24
schestowitzare pushing to COOL down the planet in our ongoing Ice Age."Dec 15 01:24
-TechBytesBot/ | Alaska Is Already Irreparably Changed by Climate DisruptionDec 15 01:24
schestowitzLess ice would mean more low plains flooded, in places where it used to be fertile ground for cropsDec 15 01:25
schestowitz 15 01:25
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:25
schestowitzWhat a wasted effort. Globalist-Leftists come up with this cute idea back in the 60s to play around with people's fears concerning the climate in order to control civilization. Well, DAMN! It's working. We have far more about which to be concerned with the actions of the Globalist owners of corporations than we have with the climate.Dec 15 01:25
schestowitzOur Modern Warm Period has given us THE MOST PROSPEROUS PERIOD in human history. Expert marketing is pretty cool, even if it's psychopathic as all get out.Dec 15 01:25
-TechBytesBot/ | Indigenous and Youth Activists Slam Global Leaders for Climate InactionDec 15 01:25
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:26
schestowitzIt's not prosperous for everyone. Go visit poor countries where people starve.Dec 15 01:26
schestowitz 15 01:26
schestowitz"Why did they have to leave one exception to slavery after the civil way??? Ticks me off! Thanks for posting this is something we all need to work to solve."Dec 15 01:26
-TechBytesBot/ | The Fight to Secure Labor Rights for Exploited PrisonersDec 15 01:26
schestowitz 15 01:27
schestowitz"it's only about registration :)"Dec 15 01:27
-TechBytesBot/ | Russian Constitutional Court affirms that children of Soviet repression victims have the right to receive housing in their parents’ cities — MeduzaDec 15 01:27
schestowitz 15 01:27
schestowitz"end of capitalism"Dec 15 01:27
-TechBytesBot/ | What’s the Matter With America? - CounterPunch.orgDec 15 01:28
schestowitzTransitions into full-blown feudalism nowDec 15 01:28
schestowitz 15 01:28
schestowitz"Nice i like"Dec 15 01:28
-TechBytesBot/ | Agreement reached on Nafta trade deal replacementDec 15 01:28
schestowitz 15 01:29
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:29
schestowitzImagine unironically believing this.Dec 15 01:29
-TechBytesBot/ | A vote for Tories today is a vote for #goldendawnaldDec 15 01:29
schestowitzFind another line, dudeDec 15 01:29
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:29
schestowitz 15 01:29
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:29
schestowitz#WarriorsWeekend in #Texas, support our heros that defend our freedomsDec 15 01:29
schestowitzWe are responsible for welcoming them home and helping them heal.Dec 15 01:29
-TechBytesBot/ | Savoring What Remains: Dealing With Climate PTSD - CounterPunch.orgDec 15 01:30
schestowitzSee powerful video: 15 01:30
schestowitz#Veterans #PTSD #militaryDec 15 01:30
schestowitz'Dec 15 01:30
-TechBytesBot/ | Warrior's Weekend in Texas, support our heros that defend our freedoms - Real Free Speech OneDec 15 01:30
schestowitz 15 01:30
schestowitz"Nice epo"Dec 15 01:30
-TechBytesBot/ | The EPO is Still Violating the EPC Every DayDec 15 01:30
schestowitz 15 01:30
schestowitz"Not a level playing field. This is Leftist Capitalism at work. These guys hate Free Market Capitalism. Bill Gates is a globalist and eugenicist -- e.g. his sun shade program with Harvard psychopaths to COOL down the planet in an ongoing Ice Age, and our Holocene is NOT the warmest interglacial, either. In fact, the Holocene has experienced accelerating cooling trend for the last 3,000 years, very similar to the end of the Eemian interglacial.Dec 15 01:30
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:30
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft Will Have You Sued for Not Hosting GNU/Linux on Azure (Paying Rents)Dec 15 01:30
schestowitz 15 01:31
schestowitz"nobody touches him."Dec 15 01:31
-TechBytesBot/ | 'Nakedly Authoritarian': Trump Taunts Security Guard for Not BeingDec 15 01:31
schestowitz 15 01:31
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:31
schestowitzfor sake of freedom people must fight.Dec 15 01:31
schestowitzposts will not helpDec 15 01:31
-TechBytesBot/ | For the sake of press freedom, Julian Assange must be defendedDec 15 01:31
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:31
schestowitzleaks mightDec 15 01:31
schestowitz 15 01:32
schestowitz"I do not know how to prevent the 'side affects' of trying to save this place. I just keep doing what I do. If California wants to be separated from God and from the United States... it best be very careful what it wishes for. They may just get it."Dec 15 01:32
-TechBytesBot/ | "The area around, and to the south of, #Sydney has been engulfed by extensive #wildfires which have been burning since August. This includes 20% of the Blue Mountains world heritage area." 15 01:32
schestowitz 15 01:32
schestowitz"or people travel less. There are many, many options. I think it will evolve naturally if we can get past this 'stage one' hurtle."Dec 15 01:32
-TechBytesBot/ | It would have to nationalise the public transport systems (all of them) to let people pollute lessDec 15 01:32
schestowitz 15 01:33
schestowitz"This isn't just happening in the tech world, you know that right?"Dec 15 01:33
-TechBytesBot/ | Plans That Worked, Plans That FailedDec 15 01:33
schestowitz 15 01:33
schestowitz"He's not going anywhere. Even if the impeachment goes through the house the Senate isn't going to vote to remove him."Dec 15 01:33
-TechBytesBot/ | Let's hope the Orange One is out of a job by week's end (transition notwithstanding)Dec 15 01:33
schestowitz"With socialism and communism and censorship, there is no hope. Wake up."Dec 15 01:33
schestowitz 15 01:34
schestowitz"Here in West Hollywood the majority of Jews including the local synagogue are anti-zionist and support the rights of the Palestinians."Dec 15 01:34
-TechBytesBot/ | Renouncing Israel on Principle - CounterPunch.orgDec 15 01:34
schestowitz 15 01:35
schestowitz"I can wait to see that smirk drain from obama's traitorous lips."Dec 15 01:35
-TechBytesBot/ | We know why #orangenazi cannot stand #obamaDec 15 01:35
schestowitz 15 01:35
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:35
schestowitzHave been there and seen the problem. This is do to a bad compromise with the reactionary Serb Chetnics and Croatian Ustaša who insisted on this kind of discrimination as a condition for peace. Kind of how republicans insist on discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals.Dec 15 01:35
schestowitz 15 01:35
-TechBytesBot/ | Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ethnic Discrimination a Key BarrierDec 15 01:35
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:35
-TechBytesBot/ | In Croatia, Nazi Sympathizers Are Welcome to Join the Party – Foreign PolicyDec 15 01:35
schestowitz 15 01:36
schestowitz"climate scam'Dec 15 01:36
-TechBytesBot/ | Move Over, Peak Oil. Scientists Say 'Peak Livestock' Must Arrive ThisDec 15 01:36
schestowitz 15 01:36
schestowitz"the sirens are missing something ?"Dec 15 01:36
-TechBytesBot/ | Thousands of 'penis fish' wash onto California beachDec 15 01:36
schestowitz 15 01:37
schestowitz"Don't forget banning anyone remotely unsavory. RIP my epic gore threads"Dec 15 01:37
-TechBytesBot/ | Twitter 2009: use as you see fit 2010: losses 2011: losses 2012-2017: losses 2018: we shut down the APIs; you can only use OUR app now, with #surveillancecapitalism and ads! 2019: we delete inactive accounts 2020: we outsource the processing 2021: we will shut down soon (no money, really sorry mate!)Dec 15 01:37
schestowitz 15 01:37
schestowitz"If you're tech savvy you're better off using a static Gatsby site, WordPress uses an out of date architecture that just opens up holes everywhereDec 15 01:37
-TechBytesBot/ | WordPress 5.3.1 Security and Maintenance ReleaseDec 15 01:37
schestowitz' 15 01:38
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:38
schestowitz"media darling"Dec 15 01:38
schestowitzWow, when Kamala was still there the media wouldn't miss a chance to diss himDec 15 01:38
-TechBytesBot/ | For Corporate Media, Voters Are Obstacle to Buttigieg’s Centrist RiseDec 15 01:38
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:38
schestowitz 15 01:38
schestowitz"indeed it is, i'd venture to say a bit like poker too, if you are plying them that is... " You got to know when to hold 'em (buy) and you got to know when to fold 'em (sell)" . But those bailouts and inflation do suck very badly , like they know how to "work Harder' like the average person behind their desk and FDIC etc. Odd world we live in , or corrupt . Be well b]]"Dec 15 01:38
-TechBytesBot/ | The stock market is (still) a pyramid scheme. Companies that only lose billions of dollars are valued at (positive!) an order of magnitude more than what they've lost. And later we're told they need bailout and we need to work harder, for less...Dec 15 01:38
schestowitz 15 01:39
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:39
schestowitzNarcissism: Why It's So Rampant in PoliticsDec 15 01:39
schestowitzNarcissist politicians don't serve the people; they serve themselves.Dec 15 01:39
-TechBytesBot/ | The Influence of Liars and the Failure of Corporate MediaDec 15 01:39
schestowitzThere's little question that politicians—especially those on the federal level— wield vastly more power and control than the average citizen. Moreover, privy to non-public, industry-related knowledge affords them all sorts of opportunities (blatantly unethical but not yet illegal) to substantially augment their income through "insider" trading and investments. For many of them (and here, as elsewhere, I'll resist the temptation to nameDec 15 01:39
schestowitznames) their appetite for material riches can be insatiable. (And here, see my closely related piece "Greed" The Ultimate Addiction". )Dec 15 01:39
schestowitzAnd this boundless appetite helps explain why it's not uncommon for them to leave office with far more wealth than when they entered it. At times the liberty that some of them can't resist taking with the public trust is so flagrant that (moralistically kicking and screaming) they actually end their careers behind bars.Dec 15 01:39
schestowitz 15 01:39
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:39
-TechBytesBot/ | Narcissism: Why It's So Rampant in PoliticsDec 15 01:39
schestowitz 15 01:39
schestowitz"I think we can shut them down with espionage charges, but we could throw in discrimination, censorship, bias, etc etc... Time for people to get out of their cell phone contracts asap. Im already free. Go back to home phone! Cell phones are tapped by cyber criminal corporations, excessive in cost and bad for your health!!! The data is being exploited to control the population person-by-person so that primitive cretons have all the money andDec 15 01:39
schestowitzassets and good people are servants. Feck that shit. Another fine day for a global revolution. Hails @schestowitz thanks for all your good tech and intel postings. You are strong, everywhere and keeping people apprised, as well. Cheers bud."Dec 15 01:39
-TechBytesBot/ | Google Is Banning Popular Linux Web Browsers For Unknown Reasons this has actually gone on for years; I wrote about this dozens of timesDec 15 01:39
schestowitz 15 01:40
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:40
schestowitz95 % of russian population think it should look like this. it saysDec 15 01:40
schestowitzI-We Morons.Dec 15 01:40
-TechBytesBot/ | #nginx #f5 #seattle #russiaDec 15 01:40
schestowitz"Dec 15 01:40
schestowitz 15 01:41
schestowitz"Lol, might as well just admit ppl want Brexit. Even if Labor got all the SNP and Libdem seats they would still have less than the Tories"Dec 15 01:41
-TechBytesBot/ | In 2017 MayBot lost TONS of Parliamentarians/seats, which #tories merely RE-gained, IMHO due to weak Labour campaign (almost a one-issue thing, #nhs but not #stopbrexit so the Tory-intolerant people/votes were split)Dec 15 01:41
schestowitzbrexit is not the sole issueDec 15 01:41
schestowitz"Basically just had a second referendum like the remoaners wanted, and Brexit won again"Dec 15 01:41
schestowitzElections and a single issue referendum are not the same thingDec 15 01:41
schestowitz 15 01:42
schestowitz"Lol, you are always so horrible at reading politics"Dec 15 01:42
-TechBytesBot/ | Lindsey Graham on TwitterDec 15 01:42
schestowitz 15 01:43
schestowitz"Interesting. Nice post."Dec 15 01:43
-TechBytesBot/ | Huawei’s HarmonyOS source code will be available to developers next yearDec 15 01:43
schestowitz 15 01:43
schestowitz"LOL. Landslide 2020"Dec 15 01:43
-TechBytesBot/ | Stable. Genius. Very stable.Dec 15 01:43
schestowitz 15 06:44
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@ScepticalAussie: @schestowitz @wikileaks It’s not a good look is it? Team members aren’t really team members? Deployments to locatio… 15 06:44
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@ScepticalAussie: @schestowitz @wikileaks It’s not a good look is it? Team members aren’t really team members? Deployments to locatio… 15 06:44
schestowitz>>> The M$ Linked-in page is blank and I closed my account there years ago.Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz>>>  What is his full name, current employer, and any known recent employers?Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz>> If I reopen the page to check firm names, he'll see it (this is aDec 15 06:44
schestowitz>> surveillance site) and might claim "stalking". Are there no scrapers forDec 15 06:44
schestowitz>> this?Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz> Don't reopen the page.  However, there are no scrapers that I know of.Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz> Years ago when I still had an account there, before the sale toDec 15 06:44
schestowitz> microsoft, I would try avoiding the tracking and it was mostlyDec 15 06:44
schestowitz> impossible even then.  It is set up so that the search engine proxiesDec 15 06:44
schestowitz> are blocked.  All I can get is "senior developer advocate - canonical"Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz> which says little by itself.  Though it is possible that the full titleDec 15 06:44
schestowitz> is Senior Development Advocate for WSL:Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz> Here is what he has been writing at Canonical:Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:44
schestowitz> 15 06:44
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:45
schestowitz> 15 06:45
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:45
schestowitz> His apparent twitter profile says as much:Dec 15 06:45
-TechBytesBot/ | Canonical sponsors WSLConf at Microsoft HQ | UbuntuDec 15 06:45
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:45
-TechBytesBot/ | haydenb | UbuntuDec 15 06:45
schestowitz> "Dec 15 06:45
schestowitz> Developer Advocate for @Ubuntu on WSL and Hyper-V at @Canonical.Dec 15 06:45
schestowitz> Microsoft guy at a Linux company. Started Pengwin. Former attorney.Dec 15 06:45
schestowitz> chown $(id -u -n) $opinionsDec 15 06:45
schestowitz>"Dec 15 06:45
schestowitz> 15 06:45
-TechBytesBot/ | Hayden Barnes (@unixterminal) on TwitterDec 15 06:45
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:45
schestowitz> Yep.  He's a rat.Dec 15 06:45
schestowitzRefers to himself as "Microsoft guy" but apparently never worked there. Sneering me in Twitter (I never or rarely respond to him, feels like bait/provocation).Dec 15 06:45
schestowitz> ps.Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> Game Over:Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> 15 06:47
-TechBytesBot/ | Job UpdateDec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> I don't know anything about "Pengwin" or "Whitewater Foundry"Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> But it's web page, via proxy, says this:Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> " Pengwin is a Linux environment for Windows 10Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> built on work by Microsoft ResearchDec 15 06:47
schestowitz> and the Debian project.Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> Buy Pengwin From The Microsoft Store "Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> and another page says this:Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> " Unleash your organization’s developers and IT staff byDec 15 06:47
schestowitz> providing access to Linux command line tools and openDec 15 06:47
schestowitz> source development tools they want on the secure WindowsDec 15 06:47
schestowitz> workstations you already have and manage. "Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> They fight Canonical on every level and now one of them is inside theDec 15 06:47
schestowitz> perimeter.  No wonder he was "ecstatic" about Canonical's mistake inDec 15 06:47
schestowitz> hiring him.Dec 15 06:47
schestowitzThis is still nothing new to me, except:Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz"built on work by Microsoft Research"Dec 15 06:47
schestowitzWhose work? What project?Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> pps.Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> "Hayden Barnes, the founder of Whitewater Foundry and project managerDec 15 06:47
schestowitz> for Pengwin, has accepted a position as a Developer Advocate for UbuntuDec 15 06:47
schestowitz> on WSL at Canonical."Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz>Dec 15 06:47
schestowitz> 15 06:47
-TechBytesBot/ | Blog — Pengwin by Whitewater FoundryDec 15 06:47
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schestowitzStill nothing too incriminating here. This was mentioned in IRC the other day, but nothing here is sufficient for an article because without a 'smoking gun' (like Microsoft paying for X Y and Z) we'd just look desperate looking for a connection where none exists.Dec 15 06:55
schestowitzDebian has not played ball with WSL afaik, but expect someone like Jo Shields to infest a project such as Debian (he works for Microsoft now), if not for Windows, then for Mono...Dec 15 06:55
schestowitzA better area for research might be, who's in which board of Python (PSF, Pycon... they have several) and how many work for malicious companies. Bonus question: is there a "real" reason for Guido retiring so early?Dec 15 06:55
schestowitzI will keep an eye on PyCon to see if they're pimping Microsoft stuff like they did last year. Quid pro quo...Dec 15 06:55
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schestowitz 15 16:37
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@BrideOfLinux: One thing I absolutely don't get is why LF doesn't require Linux to be run on all organization owned laptops and de… 15 16:37
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@BrideOfLinux: One thing I absolutely don't get is why LF doesn't require Linux to be run on all organization owned laptops and de… 15 16:37
schestowitz"One thing I absolutely don't get is why LF doesn't require Linux to be run on all organization owned laptops and desktops: Linux Foundation Has Outsourced All the Licence Compliance Stuff to Microsoft, a Serial GPL Violator"Dec 15 16:37
schestowitz 15 16:38
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@zoobab: @BrideOfLinux Zemlin prefers OSX.Dec 15 16:38
schestowitz 15 16:38
schestowitz 15 16:38
schestowitz 15 16:38
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@BrideOfLinux: @zoobab Zemlin can work for Apple then.Dec 15 16:38
schestowitz 15 16:38
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@zoobab: @BrideOfLinux He should.Dec 15 16:38
schestowitzThe Greenpeace 'CEO' with the private jetDec 15 16:39

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