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schestowitzd<li>Nov 17 06:31
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href=""> Running a web-based bastion host </a></h5>Nov 17 06:31
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Nov 17 06:31
schestowitz                                        <p>So, I’ve been stuck with two issues: </p>Nov 17 06:31
schestowitz                                        <p> a) no ssh access to my servers when I am in a location that’s blocking ssh access. </p>Nov 17 06:31
schestowitz                                        <p> b) No access resources on the web on ports like 9090 for management or any non-80 or non-443 port. </p>Nov 17 06:31
schestowitz                                        <p> I have a solution for the first problem but none for the second one (yet).</p>Nov 17 06:31
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Nov 17 06:31
schestowitz                                </li>Nov 17 06:31
-TechBytesBot/ | Running a web-based bastion host – life one degree north, one-o-three degrees eastNov 17 06:31
schestowitz"Microsoft is making its own AI chip so it's less dependent on Nvidia"Nov 17 06:32
schestowitzx 17 06:32
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft's own AI chip will make it less dependent on NvidiaNov 17 06:32
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schestowitz  <li>Nov 17 07:26
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">vertigo</a></h5>Nov 17 07:26
schestowitz                            <blockquote>Nov 17 07:26
schestowitz                                <p>I wrote my own terminal and you won’t believe what happened next. I called it vertigo. </p>Nov 17 07:26
schestowitz                                <p> I was going to say that this took about two weeks of part time effort, but an early update shows me running ls and printing letters (no numbers) one month ago. Time flies when you’re having fun. There was a pause in the middle, so I think two weeks is still about right. </p>Nov 17 07:26
schestowitz                                <p> I don’t think it’s necessarily better than alternatives in general (I’ve been calling it the world’s worst terminal for a while now), but it’s better for me in the sense that I understand everything it does, and I can make it do things it doesn’t yet do.</p>Nov 17 07:26
schestowitz                            </blockquote>Nov 17 07:26
schestowitz                        </li>Nov 17 07:26
-TechBytesBot/ | vertigoNov 17 07:26
schestowitz            <li>Nov 17 07:40
schestowitz                <h5><a href="">Gear, Frameworks, Kernel updates in Tumbleweed</a></h5>Nov 17 07:40
schestowitz                <blockquote>Nov 17 07:40
schestowitz                    <p>A large amount of software updates made it into openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots this week.</p>Nov 17 07:40
schestowitz                    <p>Most snapshots came with several new versions for those who used their command line to zypper dup.</p>Nov 17 07:40
schestowitz                </blockquote>Nov 17 07:40
schestowitz            </li>Nov 17 07:40
-TechBytesBot/ | Gear, Frameworks, Kernel updates in Tumbleweed - openSUSE NewsNov 17 07:40
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schestowitz  <li>Nov 17 09:41
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">I Asked AI to Generate a Headshot for Me</a></h5>Nov 17 09:41
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Nov 17 09:41
schestowitz                                        <p>I needed a new headshot for work, as I was pissed in my old one. But instead of getting a photographer, I asked AI to do it for me instead.</p>Nov 17 09:41
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Nov 17 09:41
schestowitz                                </li>Nov 17 09:41
schestowitz                                Nov 17 09:41
-TechBytesBot/ | I Asked AI to Generate a Headshot for Me | Kev QuirkNov 17 09:41
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schestowitz 17 15:29
-TechBytesBot/ | SUEPO report 2022: EPO management keeps ignoring staff in major reforms - Kluwer Patent BlogNov 17 15:29
schestowitz"    blablablaNov 17 15:30
schestowitz    November 13, 2023 at 6:35 pmNov 17 15:30
schestowitz    lovely post that EPO’s PR department could have written.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    Well doneNov 17 15:30
schestowitz    PS: do not hesitate to join EPO’s paradise for a ride: they are desperately looking for capable and loyal recruits.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    one of those...Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    November 14, 2023 at 6:47 pmNov 17 15:30
schestowitz    Yes, bt then, the actions of management regarding acknowledgement of staff speak much louder than their words.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    See last paragraph: when will my staff representation be allowed to send me messages?Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    Without fear of disciplinary procedures?Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    Experienced ExaminerNov 17 15:30
schestowitz    November 14, 2023 at 8:29 pmNov 17 15:30
schestowitz    Dear Law Sniffer,Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    EPO examiners are knowledge workers. It is next to impossible to check their work with reasonable effort. Better keep them happy, otherwise, quality may drop and you will not notice it. Quality has already dropped, and one reason is of course staff motivation.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    It appears that EPO management is driving staff motivation further down by ignoring not only recommendations from its internal appeal committee, but also by ignoring an  ILO-AT judgment. Bad communication and perceived lack of interest of EPO management also play a role. In short, the EPO turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to staff.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    You may have overlooked that the report does not ask for financial benefits. The report criticizes the approach from EPO management towards several issues highly relevant for staff. You may also have overlooked that the majority of EPO employees left their home country to work elsewhere. This is a high commitment, and people rightly expect to be treated with respect.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    The increasing gap between staff and management needs to be addressed. The current president was elected to close the gap and to restore social peace. The public and applicants should be kept informed of the progress on this tasl. You ask to stop reporting the bad news, basically, you shoot the messenger.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz    The tone of your comment suggests that you are jealous about the EPO package. Feel free to apply. If you decide not to apply, then please refrain from further complaints.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitzConcerned observerNov 17 15:30
schestowitzNovember 13, 2023 at 12:12 pmNov 17 15:30
schestowitzQuestion: what is the TRUE financial position of the EPO?Nov 17 15:30
schestowitzMore pertinently, how is it possible to square the circle between the gloomy PREDICTIONS in the “financial studies” commissioned by the EPO and the much healthier picture that emerges from each publication of ACTUAL financial results?Nov 17 15:30
schestowitzThis question has bugged me since the 2019 report, which relied upon a nonsensical assumption (ie no increases in EPO official fees over the course of about a decade) to predict large holes in the EPO’s finances.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitzIf SUEPO is correct, then those apparent holes have already been filled. Moreover, the above-mentioned annual report from SUEPO states that “It should be noted that the real finances of the EPO published every quarter and the actual results of the RFPSS and EPOTIF point to the excellent financial health of the EPO”.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitzIf this is true, then what will be the overall effect of regular hikes in the EPO’s official fees (including some significant increases in “early” renewal fees), combined with continued efforts by management to suppress the EPO’s cost base? Can we assume that an already healthy financial position will become even healthier? If so, what an earth does the EPO intend to do with the vast wealth that it is steadily accumulating?Nov 17 15:30
schestowitzCaballeroNov 17 15:30
schestowitzNovember 13, 2023 at 5:49 pmNov 17 15:30
schestowitzApplications are up, grants are down, resulting in:Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz1. a growing backlog of pending applications.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitz2. more stress on the examiners and ever decreasing work conditions.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitzI guess the EPO just needs more examiners and raise the official fees in order to pay them.Nov 17 15:30
schestowitzJoris VerhelstNov 17 15:30
schestowitzNovember 14, 2023 at 10:28 amNov 17 15:30
schestowitzBREAKING: The EPO is not able to listenNov 17 15:30
schestowitz"Nov 17 15:30
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schestowitz<jrmu> greetings Guest90 , oldfashionedcow Nov 17 16:37
schestowitz<jrmu> Guest90: our main network is over at ircnow so if you connect to and join #team you will probably get a faster responseNov 17 16:37
schestowitz<jrmu> the ports are unfiltered so you are welcome to set up a webserverNov 17 16:37

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