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schestowitz> Hello Roy.Feb 21 01:02
schestowitz> Feb 21 01:02
schestowitz> I will remove correspondence about this from your account.Feb 21 01:02
schestowitzNonsense. The SPAM continues just less than 24 hours later. Feb 21 01:02
schestowitzI will relay to you the SPAM.Feb 21 01:02
schestowitzAt this stage I might just terminate the contract with you and report the SPAM, or unsolicited mail.Feb 21 01:02
schestowitzNotice the date on this emailFeb 21 01:03
schestowitz-------- Forwarded Message --------Feb 21 01:03
schestowitzSubject: smart metersFeb 21 01:03
schestowitzDate: Tue, 20 Feb 2024 11:30:47 +0000Feb 21 01:03
schestowitzFrom: Shameemah from E.ON Next <> Feb 21 01:03
schestowitzHi Roy Schestowitz,🙌Feb 21 01:03
schestowitzThank you for your email.Feb 21 01:03
schestowitzI am Shameemah Your Energy Specialist that will be assisting you today.Feb 21 01:03
schestowitzWe have reviewed your account and due to what you have mentioned we have updated your email address on the account to the one you have provided us with  ....Feb 21 01:03
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schestowitzILOAT Complaint - 2020 Contribution rates NPS-SSP - RI/2020/069 Feb 21 03:29
schestowitz"Feb 21 03:29
schestowitzDear SUEPO member,Feb 21 03:29
schestowitzSUEPO is working on filing a complaint to the Tribunal for the following dossier RI-2020-069 concerning the New Pension Scheme (NPS) and Salary Savings Plan (SSP) contributions rate of 2020.Feb 21 03:29
schestowitzThe decision of the Office was delivered to the Appellants on the 24 Nov 2023. The deadline to file the complaint is 90 days after receiving the decision of the Office, i.e. 22 February 2024.Feb 21 03:29
schestowitzIf you were an appellant in this dossier and are willing to file a complaint to the ILOAT with the assistance of SUEPO, we kindly ask you to notify SUEPO TH at the following email address"Feb 21 03:29
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schestowitz <li>Feb 21 06:06
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">MariaDB receives offer to go private after disastrous IPO</a></h5>Feb 21 06:06
schestowitz                            <blockquote>Feb 21 06:06
schestowitz                                <p>In an announcement last night, MariaDB plc, which is separate from the MariaDB Foundation running the open source project, said it had received an "unsolicited non-binding indicative proposal to acquire the company's shares through K5 Private Investors," a fund controlled by K1. MariaDB said its board was reviewing the offer and taking advice. </p>Feb 21 06:06
schestowitz                                <p> K1 first announced its possible offer of $0.55 per share late on Friday. The value is equivalent to $37.3 million. Estimates of the company's valuation based on its current share price are around $23 million. </p>Feb 21 06:06
schestowitz                            </blockquote>Feb 21 06:06
schestowitz                        </li>Feb 21 06:06
-TechBytesBot/ | MariaDB receives offer to go private after disastrous IPO • The RegisterFeb 21 06:06
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schestowitzx 21 06:21
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft: Microsoft develops AI server gear to lessen reliance on Nvidia: report - The Economic TimesFeb 21 06:21
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schestowitzhi gmgauthier Feb 21 11:01
gmgauthierhello. just discovered this via a link from another message board. didn't even know it existed.Feb 21 11:01
schestowitz:DFeb 21 11:02
gmgauthierquite nice to see there are still active IRC servers out in the world.Feb 21 11:02
schestowitzjoin techrightsFeb 21 11:02
schestowitz /join #techrightsFeb 21 11:02
schestowitzit is the main channelFeb 21 11:02
gmgauthierah, thanks!Feb 21 11:03
schestowitzirc is alive and wellFeb 21 11:03
schestowitz250,000+ users onlineFeb 21 11:03
schestowitzchart: 21 11:03
-TechBytesBot/ | NO TITLEFeb 21 11:03
schestowitz 21 11:03
-TechBytesBot/ | Techrights — Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Turns 35Feb 21 11:03
gmgauthierI hven't been active on IRC in probably 25 years :D Feb 21 11:04
schestowitzme almost 30Feb 21 11:04
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schestowitzi misread thatFeb 21 11:34
schestowitzi _was_ activeFeb 21 11:35
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schestowitz 21 12:10
-TechBytesBot/ | [Guest post] Can AI be considered a PHOSITA? Policy debates in the US and the EU - The IPKatFeb 21 12:10
schestowitz"@Harm van der Heyden<br /><br />The reference to PHOSITA in respect of IA systems conveys the false anthromorphic perception of IA systems as « intelligent » in a human sense. « Artificial intelligence » is a metaphor but a misleading one. It is wrong to isolate IA systems from human actions. IA systems cannot act autonomously, they are just tools driven, trained, configured, tested and used by human beings.<br /><br />For a very wFeb 21 12:10
schestowitzell documented analysis, see « Clarifying Assumptions About Artificial Intelligence Before Revolutionizing Patent Law », Kim et al, GRUR International 14 Feb 2022, htpps:// See also AIPPI Q272 resolution §4(a)-(e) which lists human contributions to be considered for an Hey Hi (AI) system to yield outcomes of interest.<br /><br />Patent law thus needs no revolution. IA-aided inventons, however, raise chFeb 21 12:10
schestowitzallenging issues, especially in respect of the sufficiency of disclosure requirements, the definition of the skilled person for inventive step and sufficiency assessment and the « plausibility » issue.<br /><br />As to sufficiency, I am quite pleased to give you credit for your insighful article « Hey Hi (AI) inventions and sufficiency of disclosure – when enough is enough »  published in IAM Yearbook 2020. I had cited it in my acFeb 21 12:10
schestowitzcount of EPO decision T 0161/18 (epi-information 4-2022) in which the Board had remarkably raised ex officio an Art 83 rejection for lack of disclosure of training data.<br /><br />It is of note that the revision of the EPO Guidelines recently reported on this blog includes an addition concerning the disclosure of training data in Hey Hi (AI) systems.<br /><br />As to the definition of the skilled person, it is a fact that Hey Hi (AI) aFeb 21 12:10
schestowitzpplications require interdisciplinary teams including data scientists suitably competent in the field or type of data to be used for training and specialists competent in the field of the invention. An interesting example of in-depth discussions around the skills required for Hey Hi (AI) applications can be found in the file of EP2449150 which relates to Agrosciences."Feb 21 12:10
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