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Techrights-sec2  \better today?Dec 22 07:56
schestowitzRecovery seems to be faster than I hoped. But I lose like 3 hours per day on extra sleep.Dec 22 07:56
Techrights-sec2The stimulus plan in congress is so weak that it looks like its onlyDec 22 07:56
Techrights-sec2pupose is to carry riders such as the 'felony streaming' section andDec 22 07:56
Techrights-sec2other 'coypright' cartel abuses.Dec 22 07:56
schestowitzmintpress fetcher fails to fetch headlines, puts 0s there insteadDec 22 08:00
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Techrights-sec2Ok, mintpress is updated.  It should show the titles correctly starting tomorrowDec 22 08:36
Techrights-sec2Not a word about copyright cartels:Dec 22 08:44
Techrights-sec2 22 08:44
Techrights-sec2it's almost like the bill was not about stimulusDec 22 08:44
-TechBytesBot/ | As the oligarchs make trillions, Congress offers a pittance for the jobless - World Socialist Web SiteDec 22 08:44
schestowitzI just saw 3 articles about it; truly disturbing, even more tax breaks for oligarchs. Failed Nation.Dec 22 08:44
schestowitzI will attempt to get back to exercise today. My legs were in pain yesterday, I had to write articles from bed and not from the chair. Much better today. I might power down the pi later to reassemble it.Dec 22 08:45
schestowitz 22 08:52
-TechBytesBot/ | No, Joe, Don’t Roll out the Red Carpet for Torture EnablersDec 22 08:52
schestowitz 22 08:54
-TechBytesBot/ | Chris Hedges: Biden and the systems managers of empire are returning to powerDec 22 08:54
Techrights-sec2It was basically SOPA back again but as a rider.  Like the PATRIOT act, noDec 22 09:46
Techrights-sec2one read it or could have even had time to read it.Dec 22 09:46
Techrights-sec2Those kind of bills ought to be null and void.Dec 22 09:46
Techrights-sec2The process to become eligble for a vote needs to include a long lead-in timeDec 22 09:46
Techrights-sec2for evaluation.Dec 22 09:46
Techrights-sec2There wasn't even time to call or write congress.Dec 22 09:46
Techrights-sec2By the tiem the single source from which all the other articles are derived,Dec 22 09:46
Techrights-sec2The Hollywood Reporter, wrote about it, the vote was over.Dec 22 09:47
Techrights-sec2That one article wasn't even on the front page for more that a very short time.Dec 22 09:47
Techrights-sec2There were a few all-too-late articles today.  Maybe the authors of thoseDec 22 09:47
Techrights-sec2coould be enticed to look at the EPO, especially since it affects bothDec 22 09:47
Techrights-sec2sides of the pond.  Crap that happens on one sie nearly automatically getsDec 22 09:47
Techrights-sec2deployed on the other side in the name of "harmonization".Dec 22 09:47
schestowitzUPC in a nuthsell, with swpats in it. There was another such trick recently in NDAA.Dec 22 09:47
schestowitzlost 2+ kg in 1.5 daysDec 22 09:48
Techrights-sec2 22 10:07
Techrights-sec2Again no mention of the riders in the bill.Dec 22 10:07
-TechBytesBot/ | Republicans, Democrats Who Voted Against Stimulus Bill Explain WhyDec 22 10:07
schestowitzsymptom of rogue country that quit caring about peopleDec 22 10:07
schestowitzstarting to work on pi nowDec 22 10:07
Techrights-sec2Ok.  Be sure all power is disconnected, and double check the pin order before connecting any GPIO.Dec 22 10:09
schestowitzneed quick advice: GPIO connects to a sort of extender, in turn connects to HAT, on top of that goes BLINKT, with the text BLINKT being upright and consistent with the text on the HAT. Correct?Dec 22 10:22
schestowitzand I am guessing that soldering would be done along the middle part, if only I had the equipment at this timeDec 22 10:23
schestowitzBLINKT pins cannot be inserted all the way in, only about 80%, but I guess that should be enough?Dec 22 10:25
Techrights-sec2Yes, that's enough.  The rounded corners go on the outward edgeDec 22 10:31
schestowitzSame as what I did last month, before removing the whole thing, wrongly assuming I'd get equipment  after the lockdown. I will try to screw the housing now, I was never happy about it being so 'naked' with dustDec 22 10:32
schestowitzbtw, lxer is down again, 3rd or 4th time in 10 days. What was the link about?Dec 22 10:32
Techrights-sec2The one HAT which goes underneath the Blinkt unit does act somewhat as a dust cover.Dec 22 10:33
Techrights-sec2It was about EOL of a kernel version.  I think Linux 5.9 or something.Dec 22 10:33
schestowitzAh, that would be the article from Marius. I saw them linking to it last nightDec 22 10:33
schestowitzThe Pi is back up now, no issues. The LED module is connected. Can you run whatever it is you run on these (I checked the python script in /bin but it complained) so I can see lights? Those points towards me now, the Pi is vertical now.Dec 22 11:36
schestowitz File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/", line 76, in showDec 22 11:58
schestowitz    GPIO.setup(DAT, GPIO.OUT)Dec 22 11:58
schestowitzRuntimeError: Not running on a RPi!Dec 22 11:58
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Techrights-sec2python3-blinkt - Python library for the Pimoroni Blinkt!Dec 22 12:04
Techrights-sec2It needs the above package.Dec 22 12:04
Techrights-sec2If the Ethernet port is facing you and the microSD card away from you,Dec 22 12:04
Techrights-sec2then the rounded corners go on the right.Dec 22 12:04
schestowitzpython3-blinkt is already the newest version (0.1.2).Dec 22 12:11
Techrights-sec2I'll log in and take a look.Dec 22 12:14
Techrights-sec2Ok.  I get the same.  It is strange.  I'll look into it.Dec 22 12:18
Techrights-sec2Are you in the group 'gpio' ?Dec 22 12:18
Techrights-sec2Can you add me to gpio?Dec 22 12:22
Techrights-sec2usermod -aG gpio xxxxxxxxxxxDec 22 12:22
Techrights-sec2There are some RPi4B issues with early models, maybe.Dec 22 12:23
Techrights-sec2But that should not be an early model.Dec 22 12:23
Techrights-sec2Are they lit?Dec 22 12:28
Techrights-sec2Excellent!Dec 22 12:28
Techrights-sec2I have other patterns in the demo script, but as mentioned you have more experienceDec 22 12:28
Techrights-sec2programming algorithms and probably programming in general so mods should be easyDec 22 12:28
schestowitzDo you have the script for downtime check handy? IIRC, it did lights with triggersDec 22 12:28
Techrights-sec2I'm not sure of a way in python to have the lights stay on after the scriptDec 22 12:29
Techrights-sec2quits but that is probably obly a good thingDec 22 12:29
Techrights-sec2That was on the openbsd system with raw GPIO.Dec 22 12:29
Techrights-sec2But I will upload those simpler scripts.Dec 22 12:29
schestowitzMaybe I can reuse those. BTW, the reason I have many typos is that the ytalk screen is attached to a machine with a keyboard I can barely reach. Sometimes I dump whole lines from my main keyboard, as if the case now.Dec 22 12:30
schestowitzI can see the scripts now in the homedir/binDec 22 12:32
schestowitzI would rather wait for a bit to see what we need to monitor after site migrationDec 22 12:34
schestowitzmaybe no systemd anymore, who knows...Dec 22 12:34
Techrights-sec2Sure.Dec 22 12:34
Techrights-sec2They're in ~/bin/ now, please mv rather than cp, so that I know you have them.Dec 22 12:34
Techrights-sec2Then they might be a little too customized.Dec 22 12:34
Techrights-sec2Yep.  That's them.Dec 22 12:34
Techrights-sec2They're rather simple and use HTTP only, nothing about the backend of theDec 22 12:34
Techrights-sec2services.  If a  copy of a Blinkt script goes into /usr/local/bin/ then the monitor script(s) could be used to call it as neDec 22 12:34
Techrights-sec2eded.Dec 22 12:34
Techrights-sec2Yay!  Hopfully free of systemd.Dec 22 12:35
Techrights-sec2\Dec 22 12:35
schestowitzThe case became stronger after centosgateDec 22 12:35
Techrights-sec2Yes, but one could always see the end game from day one, both in regards to the IBMDec 22 12:37
Techrights-sec2purchase of RH and with the bullshit that poettering and his cabal pulledDec 22 12:37
Techrights-sec2on the greater community.Dec 22 12:37
Techrights-sec2Something really odd went on that it was accepted.  There were only a few writeDec 22 12:37
Techrights-sec2ups of the decision being made by 1 person on the Debian TC and he didn't even pick anything from among the first three runoDec 22 12:37
Techrights-sec2ff choices.Dec 22 12:37
Techrights-sec2By the way, if you have speakers they can be plugged into the 3.5mm jack and doDec 22 12:38
Techrights-sec2audio alarms.  that's what I have on the Pi here now but some of them areDec 22 12:38
Techrights-sec2a little too quiet.  However, that's probably better than blasting the soundDec 22 12:38
Techrights-sec2at odd times.Dec 22 12:38
schestowitzLet's start with simple and build up from there, I did consider the speakers this morning when I put the bits and screwsDec 22 12:39
schestowitzMessing a bit with the LEDs now...Dec 22 12:41
schestowitzcan use colour to display load status when I am in bed and cannot see the screen/tmuxDec 22 12:42
Techrights-sec2There are three type of random pattern in the script, with varying color depth.Dec 22 12:43
Techrights-sec2Fewer colors is much more distinct.Dec 22 12:43
Techrights-sec2yes, ant the brightness can be adjusted.Dec 22 12:43
schestowitzYes, I just did thatDec 22 12:44
Techrights-sec2There is a sunrise/sunset module somwhereDec 22 12:44
schestowitzrianne loves the light shows I hack togetherDec 22 12:46
schestowitzbut I really ought to get back to TM postingsDec 22 12:46
schestowitzTR won't be a priority today because of recovery and migration. One xmas project down, 2 to go...Dec 22 12:47
Techrights-sec2Nice.  There's a surprising amount that can be done with 8 LEDs and RGB color.Dec 22 12:54
Techrights-sec2The back story for the board is that it was used for system monitoring.Dec 22 12:54
schestowitzI have made it bed-facing, right next to my alarm clock which is over 20 years old and still working (NEC)Dec 22 12:54
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Techrights-sec2I used to use my watch when I needed an alarm.  I used to have very keen hearing.Dec 22 12:58
schestowitzI've not tested all the modes, the alarm clock has display, radio, and alarm that turns on the radio with snooze buttonDec 22 12:59
schestowitzSometimes you realise tech does not advance as much as the hype and marketingDec 22 12:59
Techrights-sec2Oh.  Clock radios are good.Dec 22 13:01
Techrights-sec2For a few years I used a small light on a timer, not so much to wake up, butDec 22 13:01
Techrights-sec2more to simulate sunrise and to indicate when I should get ready to go to work.Dec 22 13:01
Techrights-sec2No tech in many areas has not advanced.Dec 22 13:01
Techrights-sec2I think some areas have only changed because of the wasteful amount of computingDec 22 13:02
Techrights-sec2power that can be thrown at problems now.Dec 22 13:02
Techrights-sec2*cough*ai*cough*Dec 22 13:02
Techrights-sec2*cough*statistics*cough*Dec 22 13:02
Techrights-sec2There are net radios so you could similuate a clock radio with the Pi ifDec 22 13:02
Techrights-sec2there are external speakers.Dec 22 13:02
schestowitzMaybe we can talk about it over mumble and record (voice), using no IDDec 22 13:04
schestowitzfor some videos with browser showing, I'm still training to improveDec 22 13:05
Techrights-sec2Sure we can talk but I'd prefer to avoid recording for now.Dec 22 13:09
Techrights-sec2I'm in mumble now if you'd like to test it for a few minutes.Dec 22 13:09
Techrights-sec2When idling mumble server uses almost no resources.Dec 22 13:09
schestowitzI can imagine; the issue is, input/output for audio was a struggle for me. Side story: it started when I realised I could not download a Downfall video I had made, so I tried to record from the screen.Dec 22 13:10
schestowitzI plugged in headphones and mics and stuff, old ones too, to no avail. So at the moment I stick to lousy webcams and laptop mic.Dec 22 13:11
schestowitzI'm sure that with some mixer it's possible to somehow blend in folks over mumble ... but it's well outside my ballpark and can be hours of errors, time down the drain (as happened last week)Dec 22 13:12
Techrights-sec2There are a lot of mics out on the market.  Having a good one improvesDec 22 13:13
Techrights-sec2the understandability and makes it more pleasant to listen to.Dec 22 13:13
Techrights-sec2Obviously there was a huge run on them in the spring, but I thinkDec 22 13:13
Techrights-sec2most stores have restocked by now.Dec 22 13:13
schestowitzrianne says she'll practice python on the pi with the LEDsDec 22 13:17
Techrights-sec2 22 13:18
Techrights-sec2eaming-bill-into-government-funding-omnibus.shtml">Congress (Once Again) Sells Out To Hollywood: Sneaks CASE Act And FelonyDec 22 13:18
Techrights-sec2Streaming Bill Into Government Funding OmnibusDec 22 13:18
-TechBytesBot/ | Congress (Once Again) Sells Out To Hollywood: Sneaks CASE Act And Felony Streaming Bill Into Government Funding Omnibus | TechdirtDec 22 13:18
Techrights-sec2Yep.  CASE (similar to SOPA) was snuck in way uner the radar.  MostDec 22 13:18
Techrights-sec2articles today don't even mention copyright, let alone the damage.Dec 22 13:18
Techrights-sec2Cool.  It's a fun python project.Dec 22 13:19
Techrights-sec2Most of the RPi periperals are I2C or SPI  underneath it all.Dec 22 13:19
Techrights-sec2So knowing that demystifies a lot.Dec 22 13:19
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schestowitzThe LEDs are our xmas lights nowDec 22 19:58
schestowitz ./ flashed_bar 250 255 255 0.0001Dec 22 19:58
schestowitzYou can run this on the pi to wake us upDec 22 19:59
schestowitzI'm pretty sure it wouldDec 22 19:59
Techrights-sec2Ok, but I'd prefer to use it sparingly.Dec 22 20:20
schestowitzmaybe I can think of better use cases. I've just studied the python code. It's very simple. Rianne will fork it.Dec 22 20:21
Techrights-sec2Sure, it's available for any use.  It's just someting I put together a while backDec 22 20:22
Techrights-sec2to see what I could do with visual notifications.Dec 22 20:22
Techrights-sec2I expect there is a lot more that can be done.Dec 22 20:22
schestowitzI didn't know you wrote it!Dec 22 20:22
Techrights-sec2I had some more complex scripts for a while that played morse code, albeit slowlyDec 22 20:23
Techrights-sec2I found that "TM" or "TR" were easily distinguished.Dec 22 20:23
Techrights-sec2Yes, but it's really simple and on top of that just theme and variation onDec 22 20:24
Techrights-sec2that simplicity.  I'm not even sure it is correct style for Python3Dec 22 20:24
Techrights-sec2One thing I left out was an alpha channel for the color.Dec 22 20:25
Techrights-sec2That would make it easier to pick a color and then and intensity.Dec 22 20:25
Techrights-sec2Currently it is done by RGB values only.Dec 22 20:25
schestowitzcan add a new mode or modes, based on existing one/sDec 22 20:25
Techrights-sec2Yes, I started with one and then figured out others.Dec 22 20:26
schestowitzuploading video nowDec 22 20:26
schestowitzuploads are so slow, take over an hour per videoDec 22 20:27
Techrights-sec2There are other Blinkt python examples online but I like this oneDec 22 20:27
Techrights-sec2How manh bps for the upload?Dec 22 20:27
schestowitz20kb/sec at the moment. Maybe it's throttled due to ipfs hereDec 22 20:28
Techrights-sec2I did a backup of the last two day's dumps and that took over an hour.Dec 22 20:28
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