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schestowitz[TR2]"If you were recruited in a February academy, the limit date for filing your RfR is 25 may 2024.May 26 01:58
schestowitz[TR2]We kindly request that you inform or when you file the request for review and that you send us the EPO’s reply when you receive it.May 26 01:58
schestowitz[TR2]If you do not fulfil all the conditions above simultaneously we do not advise to file the RfR. We are working on some alternatives and will get back to you shortly.May 26 01:58
schestowitz[TR2]Do not hesitate to forward this publication to your colleagues.May 26 01:58
schestowitz[TR2]Kind regards,May 26 01:58
schestowitz[TR2]SUEPO TH and SUEPO MU'May 26 01:58
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schestowitz[TR2]"How to Edit the hosts File on Windows"May 26 09:28
schestowitz[TR2]x xttps:// 26 09:28
schestowitz[TR2]"Out with the bean counters: the rise of the tech-savvy CEO"May 26 09:29
schestowitz[TR2]x 26 09:29
-TechBytesBot/ | Out with the bean counters: the rise of the tech-savvy CEO - TechCentralMay 26 09:29
schestowitz[TR2]                                <li>May 26 09:36
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">How to Install MediaWiki on Debian 12</a></h5>May 26 09:36
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>May 26 09:36
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>MediaWiki is an open-source wiki software used by the largest wiki sites such as Wikipedia and Wikimedia. It's free wiki software that can be used as a collaboration and documentation platform. It's a powerful, scalable, and feature-rich wiki implementation. </p>May 26 09:36
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>May 26 09:36
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>May 26 09:36
schestowitz[TR2]                                May 26 09:36
-TechBytesBot/ | How to Install MediaWiki on Debian 12May 26 09:36
schestowitz[TR2]  <li>May 26 09:58
schestowitz[TR2]                                            <h5><a href="">This week in KDE: Triple buffering and other sources of amazingness</a></h5>May 26 09:58
schestowitz[TR2]                                            <blockquote>May 26 09:58
schestowitz[TR2]                                                <p>We just branched for Plasma 6.1 and released the beta, which means the window to add new features has now closed. But before it did, a ton of amazing stuff snuck in! Plasma 6.1 promises to be a large and impressive release. </p>May 26 09:58
schestowitz[TR2]                                                <p> Probably the most impactful thing is triple buffering support on Wayland! This should make animations and screen rendering smoother in general–ideally up to the level of the X11 session, which already did triple buffering. This work by Xaver Hugl has been in progress for a long time and lands in Plasma 6.1. Link </p>May 26 09:58
schestowitz[TR2]                                                <p> That’s not all though… oh no, not by a long shot: [...]</p>May 26 09:58
schestowitz[TR2]                                            </blockquote>May 26 09:58
schestowitz[TR2]                                        </li>May 26 09:58
-TechBytesBot/ | This week in KDE: Triple buffering and other sources of amazingness – Adventures in Linux and KDEMay 26 09:58
schestowitz[TR2] <li>May 26 10:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Manjaro 24 is Arch Linux for the rest of us</a></h5>May 26 10:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>May 26 10:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>Manjaro Linux is the DIY-spirited Arch Linux distro, but made easier – so that those still on their way to guru status will be able to say: "I run Arch, BTW." </p>May 26 10:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p> Manjaro 24.0 "Wynsdey" is the latest release of this Arch Linux metadistro, backed by the eponymous German company. The new release offers kernel 6.9.0 and some of the latest desktop releases: GNOME 46.1, KDE Plasma 6.0.4, and LXQt 2.0. </p>May 26 10:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>May 26 10:01
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>May 26 10:01
-TechBytesBot/ | Manjaro 24 is Arch Linux for the rest of us • The RegisterMay 26 10:01
schestowitz[TR2]  <li>May 26 10:08
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Linux awk Command</a></h5>May 26 10:08
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>May 26 10:08
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>Among the numerous text processing tools available on the Linux shell, awk stands out for its power and versatility. Originally developed in the 1970s by Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan, awk is more than just a command - it's a complete programming language designed for processing and analyzing text files. </p>May 26 10:08
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>May 26 10:08
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>May 26 10:08
-TechBytesBot/ | Linux awk CommandMay 26 10:08
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