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schestowitzUS about to have more covid deaths per capita than sweden and then italySep 03 01:31
thddxmurica #1Sep 03 01:36
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DaemonFC[m]I don't really see any good coming from this. My parents are apparently morally bankrupt. They see how bad things are getting and they don't care simply because it hasn't affected them much yet.Sep 03 01:55
DaemonFC[m]The reason I thought it was hilarious that her dead ex-husband's family lost the house when my mom filed bankruptcy is that none of them are any good and his grandson (who was living there when the Sheriff said get out) is a serial rapist.Sep 03 01:57
DaemonFC[m]They actually arrested him a couple years ago as an adult for rape and the jury let him go. The prosecutor couldn't mention his conviction for raping his sisters because he was a minor when he was found guilty of that. Sep 03 01:57
DaemonFC[m]I wish I could send a letter to every single one of them letting them know what a monster they set loose.Sep 03 01:58
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DaemonFC[m]Court's as fucked up as everything else in life. They let that piece of shit walk, and he'll do it again.Sep 03 01:59
thddxyeah, that doesn't sound goodSep 03 01:59
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DaemonFC[m]Oh, they were over there laughing because my mom was stuck on the mortgage from when she was married to Brian, but Brian got re-married and Indiana law apparently makes it illegal to evict a widow from her marital residence as long as the rent or mortgage are paid.Sep 03 02:01
DaemonFC[m]So mom didn't know that and said, "Oh, I'll kick them out and move back into the house. No skin off my nose.". Sep 03 02:01
DaemonFC[m]Then she found that out and talked to me. I said, "Eh, file bankruptcy and when nobody is paying the mortgage, the Sheriff will come get them. "Sep 03 02:02
DaemonFC[m]While she was in there, I told her throw in her old taxes and medical bills and anyone she owed 10 cents to.Sep 03 02:03
DaemonFC[m] 03 02:19
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thddxi use vivaldi sometimesSep 03 02:19
thddxi like their no-nonsense webmail tooSep 03 02:20
oiaohmDaemonFC[m]: What USA? That prior cases of same class cannot be mentioned in court?   Australia if the crime is the same and the prosecutor knows about it does not matter if it no conviction recorded or done as a minor it can be mentioned.Sep 03 02:20
DaemonFC[m]It was on his juvenile record.Sep 03 02:21
DaemonFC[m]Indiana seals that when you turn 18.Sep 03 02:21
DaemonFC[m]So when he was 18, he had no priors, despite being convicted of raping his two sisters.Sep 03 02:21
oiaohmThat is stupid.Sep 03 02:21
oiaohmAustralia is 5 years from date of crime as a juvenile before it disappears from the easy search and 10 years as a adult.Sep 03 02:22
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, but it's the reason nobody knows about the one misdemeanor I got caught for.Sep 03 02:22
DaemonFC[m]The only one in my life where I actually did do it and if I did the same thing now in Illinois, I could wave at the cop and the cop would just wave back.Sep 03 02:22
oiaohmSo Australia he would have had to done the first crime at 13-14 years old for the record to be hidden. Sep 03 02:23
DaemonFC[m]In the US there's arrests and convictions.Sep 03 02:24
DaemonFC[m]I have two arrests and no convictions.Sep 03 02:24
DaemonFC[m]The court ended up dismissing everything both times.Sep 03 02:24
oiaohmNo conviction recorded is horrible in Australia.   That is that local court records it but you go to the next court over in Australia and you have no record.Sep 03 02:24
DaemonFC[m]I should really expunge the other one.Sep 03 02:24
DaemonFC[m]That's pretty much how it works here too.Sep 03 02:25
oiaohmbut again if the prosecutor know about your offence he is allowed to transfer record here.Sep 03 02:25
DaemonFC[m]The officers at the station knew I had one from 2008 in another state.Sep 03 02:25
oiaohmSame with judge.Sep 03 02:25
DaemonFC[m]But they couldn't use it against me in court.Sep 03 02:25
DaemonFC[m]Because it had been dismissed.Sep 03 02:25
DaemonFC[m]You can be arrested 100 times and if they all get dismissed, the rules of evidence don't allow it to be mentioned.Sep 03 02:26
DaemonFC[m]There's this one guy in Kentucky who has been arrested thousands of times.Sep 03 02:26
DaemonFC[m]He gets Disorderly Conducts and such every time they release him.Sep 03 02:26
DaemonFC[m]Goes back to jail for like 10 days.Sep 03 02:26
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DaemonFC[m]Eventually, a judge found out he had been arrested 1,000 times that time and gave him 1,000 days in jail "for your anniversary".Sep 03 02:27
DaemonFC[m]Something like that.Sep 03 02:27
DaemonFC[m]How much money does it cost to have the cops, the judges, and the jails deal with one man like that?Sep 03 02:28
DaemonFC[m]My mom thinks that hiring social workers is ridiculous because she has no empathy.Sep 03 02:28
DaemonFC[m]There's probably something wrong with the guy that nobody is treating, or has ever tried to treat, because they just send the cops after him and he's spent most of his life since 1968 in jail for a few days at a time.Sep 03 02:29
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oiaohm   Like Australia has even weaked double jeopardySep 03 02:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Explaining double jeopardySep 03 02:31
oiaohmBeing in jail 10 days at a time that is a lot of free food at the countries expense Sep 03 02:31
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DaemonFC[m]He's not violent, it's just they spend over $3 million in tax money over like 50 years because it's drunk and pissing in someone's rose bushes type stuff.Sep 03 02:33
DaemonFC[m]Most of the judges just give up and give him a day in jail or something.Sep 03 02:33
oiaohmLot of the USA rules of what can be submitted in count does not make sense.    Like Australia is perfectly legal to put illegally aquired but valid evdence before a court as long as the person who illegal acquires the evidence is charged and punished for it.Sep 03 02:33
DaemonFC[m]Well, what goes on in the US is barbaric.Sep 03 02:34
DaemonFC[m]There were prescription drugs, even in the 1970s, that could have possibly evened this guy out and, you know, maybe they find him and apartment and a job and, well, we got over $3 million in tax money arresting the guy and dragging him in front of a judge who can't do anything except put him in jail, and he doesn't care. Sep 03 02:35
DaemonFC[m]Most of what the cops end up dealing with are Henry Earl types, you know?Sep 03 02:36
DaemonFC[m]Even in Chicago, it's like stealing a candy bar and stuff. The Sheriff said half the inmates wouldn't be there waiting for court if they had $100.Sep 03 02:37
DaemonFC[m]Since the government defunded mental health, it's just everywhere, and the jail is the only mental health hospital most of them end up in.Sep 03 02:37
DaemonFC[m]It's horrible. Indiana's worse. Sep 03 02:37
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DaemonFC[m]The problem with running jail as mental health is, well, you're there. So your reputation has been ruined. They get you lucid long enough to go to court, and then you get kicked back out on the street with TrumpDon'tCare, and you lose your meds again.Sep 03 02:39
thddxyeah, we've been decaying for decadesSep 03 02:41
DaemonFC[m]Their only goal is that you aren't hearing voices and deemed unfit to stand trial while the judge is talking  to you.Sep 03 02:42
DaemonFC[m]Then it starts all over again once they're finished.Sep 03 02:43
DaemonFC[m]We need to get rid of Trump. During a pandemic, he's trying to deport people who seek healthcare for the sickness he brought into our country while he was golfing and saying it was a hoax.Sep 03 02:43
DaemonFC[m]He flat out refused to open the ACA insurance exchanges, even as 30 million people have lost their jobs.Sep 03 02:44
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DaemonFC[m]He absolutely would not sign another bill that got people whose layoffs became permanent through this thing.Sep 03 02:44
DaemonFC[m]Half the people with a home will lose it on January 1st when the election is over and he doesn't have that to worry about anymore, regardless of who wins.Sep 03 02:45
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DaemonFC[m]I got a text from USCIS.Sep 03 02:54
DaemonFC[m]They accepted the filing for Mandy's EAD renewal.Sep 03 02:54
DaemonFC[m]They'll make a decision eventually, but it is on file, which automatically renews his current EAD through September of 2021.Sep 03 02:54
DaemonFC[m]So that sets the clock back and gives them another 12 months to get us in there for an interview before he could possibly lose his job.Sep 03 02:55
DaemonFC[m]I'm just awesome. B-)Sep 03 02:55
DaemonFC[m]The odds of all of this working were a million to one with some generous rounding.Sep 03 02:56
DaemonFC[m]I'm dealing with immigration law without a lawyer doing the best I can hoping they accept it.Sep 03 03:25
DaemonFC[m]I'm not dumb, but it's easy to botch. They have millions of specific instructions for each form and it's just mind numbing.Sep 03 03:26
DaemonFC[m]"If you're applying for a work permit and you're from the Federated States of Micronesia, and your uncle liked to play Tennis, and you wear an orange hat, file under cod blah blah blah. Except when you're applying as a seasonal migrant worker in Hawaii."Sep 03 03:27
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: we are about to release leaksSep 03 03:28
schestowitzwe could use your help analysing theseSep 03 03:28
schestowitzand anyone else for that matterSep 03 03:28
DaemonFC[m]Leaks?Sep 03 03:29
schestowitzupload completeSep 03 03:33
schestowitzSelected_Mail/2020Sep 03 03:33
schestowitz 03 03:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | LinusgateSep 03 03:33
schestowitzhave a look, see what you thinkSep 03 03:33
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DaemonFC[m]Will look in a minute.Sep 03 04:08
DaemonFC[m]Cooking soup in my pressure cooker.Sep 03 04:08
DaemonFC[m]More of a stew really.Sep 03 04:12
DaemonFC[m]Cabbage, tomatoes, ground beef, spicy pork.Sep 03 04:12
DaemonFC[m]All  the good stuff.Sep 03 04:12
thddxsimilar to how i cocokSep 03 04:13
thddxi love my pressure cookerSep 03 04:13
DaemonFC[m]I got one of these instant pot things and use it almost every day.Sep 03 04:17
DaemonFC[m]Okay, well... Let's take a look.Sep 03 04:18
DaemonFC[m]Oh, and I saw Maricel in Walmart buying Great Value bottled water.Sep 03 04:18
DaemonFC[m]How the might have fallen.Sep 03 04:18
DaemonFC[m]*mightySep 03 04:18
DaemonFC[m]"But a Code of Conduct is only any use if itSep 03 04:20
DaemonFC[m]is enforced, and it is only fair if it is enforced equally onSep 03 04:20
DaemonFC[m]everyone."Sep 03 04:20
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, it gets enforced on a lot of nasty trolls who somehow "develop" Fedora from Macs and Edge on Windows 10.Sep 03 04:21
DaemonFC[m]I wonder if the situation in Debian is getting that bad. Ubuntu and a lot of distributions are downstream from Debian, and it would be tragic if Microsoft has managed to foist a Code of Conduct on them that is being carried out in the same fashion.Sep 03 04:22
DaemonFC[m]Not many derivatives of Fedora, so its loss would not be as painful.Sep 03 04:22
schestowitztrueSep 03 04:50
schestowitzI have added this to the draftSep 03 04:50
DaemonFC[m]I mean, the only point of those "developers" is to character assassinate valuable community members and disappear them. Then your project loses assets and gains trolls.Sep 03 04:52
DaemonFC[m]These people have alarmingly been on the rise in Fedora and it was quite a bit of the reason I said screw this, I'm out.Sep 03 04:52
DaemonFC[m]It's all people that we've never even seen before who have taken positions in the Fedora project, bowling over community members who have been active....sometimes going back to the Red Hat Linux days.Sep 03 04:54
DaemonFC[m]"Linus described the FSF as `bigots'.  That is clearly beyond the pale."Sep 03 04:55
DaemonFC[m]So what? He's allowed to have an opinion, even if it's unpopular. That's an accepted norm in civilized countries. You can have an unpopular opinion and, you know doesn't matter if other people agree. The Freedom of Speech that civilized countries have is specifically to protect controversial opinions to the point where it's case law in the United States that it would be absurd to presume otherwise. Why doSep 03 04:57
DaemonFC[m]you need an amendment to protect speech that everyone agrees with or is only in line with community norms?Sep 03 04:57
DaemonFC[m]It's not like he popped in and said something egregious here. Just disagree and walk away.Sep 03 04:58
DaemonFC[m]Unpopular opinions can carry their own punishment, obviously. But the government can't get involved, and if it does, it's unconstitutional. There's a reason why the Communist Control Act has never been enforced against an American citizen.Sep 03 04:59
DaemonFC[m]It would be struck down immediately. Even in the 50s.Sep 03 05:00
DaemonFC[m]It's ridiculous that people have had any kind of a war or an arms race over what sort of economic system to use, but that's people for you. Insane. Bringing the world to the bring of annihilation because they use one economic system and you use one that ended up with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates owning more money than 90% of Americans while our country has been hollowed out by Trump.Sep 03 05:02
DaemonFC[m]"Debian should make a public statement that Linus will not be welcomeSep 03 05:05
DaemonFC[m]at Debian events in future."Sep 03 05:05
DaemonFC[m]"Also, Debian owes the FSF an apology.  That apology should be at leastSep 03 05:06
DaemonFC[m]as public as the offence."Sep 03 05:06
DaemonFC[m]I'm unaware of any such public apology or statement.Sep 03 05:06
DaemonFC[m]"If I'm understanding this correctly, you're suggesting that Debian doSep 03 05:07
DaemonFC[m]its best to antagonize Linus Torvalds, much as it has already succeededSep 03 05:07
DaemonFC[m]in seriously antagonizing Richard M. Stallman." -BarakSep 03 05:07
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, they wanted to sideline RMS and Linus and mission accomplished. The GNU project isn't in control of GNU and Linus has no real authority over Linux anymore.Sep 03 05:08
DaemonFC[m]Open revolt against GNU was happening before RMS lefft.Sep 03 05:08
DaemonFC[m]I remember that Nano left and then came back.Sep 03 05:08
DaemonFC[m]Various projects defied the official statement that they wouldn't use Github because it didn't work without non-Free non-trivial javascript.Sep 03 05:09
DaemonFC[m]Git was designed to be decentralized. The very idea of having to run any sort of Javascript to get at a repository is offensive.Sep 03 05:09
DaemonFC[m]It's been known for many years that intelligent people can be quite insolent, honestly. Sep 03 05:11
DaemonFC[m]It's not necessarily that they don't know there are boundaries, but they're more likely to see them as stupid/trifling, and therefore an annoyance. You know, something to pick at.Sep 03 05:12
DaemonFC[m]If it seems that stupid people get ahead it's because they aren't smart enough to know they aren't smart enough, and they take more risks because they're not thinking about their own limitations and how it could blow up on them.Sep 03 05:13
DaemonFC[m]So there's a lot of incompetent people who fail upwards in this world. Sep 03 05:13
DaemonFC[m]President Trump, for example.Sep 03 05:13
DaemonFC[m]The raptors in Jurassic Park are a great example. They systematically threw themselves at an electric fence over and over. Objectively, this was quite stupid as there were no weak spots, while the electricity was turned on. Then the park loses power, one of them tests another part of the fence, and nothing happens. Sep 03 05:15
DaemonFC[m]If the dumb animal was never trying to get out of the cage, it never would have known that the power went out. The logical assumption would have been that the power was on and you were going to get fried. Sep 03 05:16
DaemonFC[m]Occasionally you do something incredibly stupid and possibly even wrong or illegal and life rewards you. With Trump, it just seems to happen each time.Sep 03 05:19
DaemonFC[m]His voters are so stupid that my dad even said he lowered prescription drug prices, which have gone up an average of 47% since January 20, 2017. You can prove that by looking at GoodRX, which tracks them.Sep 03 05:22
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Some leftist college professor, a psychologist, said that "all" white people are racist because they want things done correctly and on time.Sep 03 05:24
DaemonFC[m]I'm telling you. Where do you think they come from? College as indoctrination. Sep 03 05:25
DaemonFC[m]Apparently, observing that Mandy's coworkers are shirking their responsibilities and playing on their phone on the toilet is racist.Sep 03 05:26
DaemonFC[m]I'm also such a racist that I'm in an interracial marriage. Sep 03 05:26
DaemonFC[m]See, when you judge someone by what they're doing (or fucking up, not doing, etc.) they'll grab at anything to turn it into them as a victim.Sep 03 05:26
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DaemonFC[m]The GPL 3 significantly interfered with more Microsoft-Novell style deals.Sep 03 05:43
DaemonFC[m]Ironically, it dealt with one of the issues Torvalds called bullshit on. "We own everything and there's 217 patents Linux infringes on, but we won't show them to you.".Sep 03 05:44
DaemonFC[m]Putting a big chunk of the OS that would be difficult if not impossible to replace under the GPL 3 stopped one particularly nasty way that Microsoft was going to the sleazier "Linux" companies and entering into secretive deals.Sep 03 05:45
DaemonFC[m]We don't know what the deal with "Linspire" and "Xandros" were. They might have paid THEM to make it look like companies had settled.Sep 03 05:46
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DaemonFC[m]It was impossible for anyone to miss how corrupt Michael Robertson was.Sep 03 05:48
DaemonFC[m]I laughed that while he was putting that MP3 locker thing into bankruptcy he was still selling annual subscriptions and the site didn't mention the bankruptcy.Sep 03 05:49
DaemonFC[m]Unexpired subscriptions to a service that goes bankrupt is like HH Gregg gift cards.Sep 03 05:50
DaemonFC[m]Irony is all those idiots on Facebook complaining about something from the government that takes their freedoms away.Sep 03 05:52
schestowitz__which freedom?Sep 03 05:52
schestowitz__the freedom to spread disease?Sep 03 05:52
DaemonFC[m]Not to wear a mask, apparently.Sep 03 05:52
schestowitz__next thing you know they'll come to the hospital licking petri dishesSep 03 05:52
DaemonFC[m]Good, fuck em.Sep 03 05:52
schestowitz__and complain about the GP taking away "their freedom"Sep 03 05:52
schestowitz__I integrated your comments into the postSep 03 05:53
*DaemonFC[m] sent a long message: < >Sep 03 05:54
DaemonFC[m]A lawyer who is found to be "lying" can be disbarred. Sep 03 05:55
DaemonFC[m]They can try to present facts or a client's position, but if they knowingly assist you in defrauding someone, or a court, then they can be in serious trouble.Sep 03 05:55
schestowitz__about timeSep 03 05:56
DaemonFC[m]It does happen.Sep 03 05:56
DaemonFC[m]The state bar associations have a trial-like process for lawyers that get referred to them for disciplinary action.Sep 03 05:57
DaemonFC[m]The sanction can be anything from a note that they committed an ethics violation, to suspension of their license.Sep 03 05:58
DaemonFC[m]A note is bad enough. People can see that.Sep 03 05:58
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: One reason why bankruptcy lawyers do not take credit cards is because it's illegal for them to encourage you to go further into debt.Sep 03 05:59
DaemonFC[m]"It's the American way. Yesterday's robber baron becomes today's philanthropist." Sep 03 06:00
DaemonFC[m]On Law & Order just now.Sep 03 06:00
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DaemonFC[m]Gates is still a robber baron. So are most of them who get into philanthropy.Sep 03 06:01
DaemonFC[m]Mark Zuckerberg is trying to buy his way out of Facebook's guilt for hosting that Nazi group that spawned a murderer and terrorist (Kyle Rittenhouse).Sep 03 06:02
DaemonFC[m]So he gives $300 million to an "election integrity non-profit".Sep 03 06:02
DaemonFC[m]I don't think that the charges Kyle Rittenhouse is facing are severe enough.Sep 03 06:02
DaemonFC[m]The law allows for terrorism and terrorism using a weapon of mass destruction to be added to the indictment. Sep 03 06:03
DaemonFC[m]Watch this be something else they flub because the guy is white.Sep 03 06:03
DaemonFC[m]They should be going for the throat. Coming at this guy with as many charges that carry life in prison as possible.Sep 03 06:04
DaemonFC[m]Then offer him a very harsh plea deal.Sep 03 06:04
DaemonFC[m]I think Hans Reiser got 22 years to life for murdering his wife. I think 44 years to life would be a good offer for this guy to consider. Take it or never see daylight again.Sep 03 06:05
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: Mnuchin is panicking that there won't be another Stimulus unless Nancy Pelosi agrees to something.Sep 03 06:08
DaemonFC[m]Certainly possible that she's using "maximum pressure" on Trump until he gives up and signs something much closer to what the House already passed.Sep 03 06:08
DaemonFC[m]I suspect he will. That's classic Trump. Fold and then tell his idiots that he got something when he really didn't.Sep 03 06:09
DaemonFC[m]Right now, ICE is operating under the Obama policy of prioritizing people with serious criminal charges or convictions. But they're saying "But we can arrest anyone, so this isn't the Obama policy." Except that Obama's policy said that they could make collateral arrests if they find someone subject to deportation.Sep 03 06:10
DaemonFC[m]The Republicans are already crumbling.Sep 03 06:11
DaemonFC[m]The Senate has already said "Okay, here's $10 billion for the post office.".Sep 03 06:11
DaemonFC[m]Just last month they said, "No money for the post office, absolutely not.".Sep 03 06:11
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kingoffranceyeah thats kind of how they are with the national debt.    so you gonna end the fed?   no..... ok raise it!Sep 03 06:53
kingoffranceits posturingSep 03 06:53
kingoffranceeven "end the fed" ppl say its posturingSep 03 06:53
kingoffranceeven pro ppl say its posturingSep 03 06:54
kingoffranceeveryone knows they are just bluffingSep 03 06:54
kingoffranceits like they want the appearance of taking a standSep 03 06:55
kingoffrancedoesnt really matter what happens so long as they get that in thereSep 03 06:56
schestowitz__trueSep 03 07:17
schestowitz__end the fed doesn't mean end the debt LOLSep 03 07:17
kingoffranceceiling i mean but yeahSep 03 07:20
kingoffranceboth pro and anti ppl say the way its set up...the ceiling must be raisedSep 03 07:20
kingoffrancebut theyll go thru the motions of a "shutdown" ...just to end up doing the only permitted thing everyone told them in the first placeSep 03 07:21
DaemonFC[m]I don't think the Fed should be ended. It should be nationalized.Sep 03 07:22
DaemonFC[m]There have been eras with no central bank, but there were still boom bust cycles.Sep 03 07:22
kingoffranceits hard to believe with all the crazy there was that christmas "shutdown"Sep 03 07:26
kingoffranceseems so long agoSep 03 07:26
schestowitz__trumpland moves fastSep 03 07:27
schestowitz__gish gallopSep 03 07:27
schestowitz__helps obscure the crimeSep 03 07:27
schestowitz__hard to keep trackSep 03 07:27
schestowitz__crazy nation, like a person at the desk shouting at people and throwing files everywhereSep 03 07:28
schestowitz__instead of something steadySep 03 07:28
schestowitz__no wonder they can't get covid under control half a year laterSep 03 07:28
schestowitz__still 1000+ deaths per daySep 03 07:28
schestowitz__with no coherent policy to actually get this thing under controlSep 03 07:28
schestowitz__the us loses in a day now more than we lose in like 200 days in current uk paceSep 03 07:29
schestowitz__and again, we at least seem to have some strategySep 03 07:29
schestowitz__the trumpland aim seems to be, "genrate more chaos"Sep 03 07:29
schestowitz__at usps, cdc, fdaSep 03 07:29
schestowitz__rushing plecebo shit out the doorSep 03 07:29
schestowitz__or chlorine/detergentsSep 03 07:30
schestowitz__if he's not trolling, he's severely dementedSep 03 07:30
schestowitz__the heart isn't sending oxygen 'up there'Sep 03 07:30
schestowitz__needs a new pumpSep 03 07:30
kingoffrancei mean im sure you can tweak stuff and not raise debt ceiling...but if you hit that then those things you shouldve done earlier, and may not be quick-enough turn around your one option *now* is ...raise itSep 03 07:31
kingoffrancethe other things you were supposed to plan so you didnt hit that magical ceilingSep 03 07:32
kingoffrancethat is my theory anywaysSep 03 07:32
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DaemonFC[m]There's easy calls to get the debt under control, if they wanted  to.Sep 03 07:43
DaemonFC[m]Raise taxes on the rich, cut military funding.Sep 03 07:43
DaemonFC[m]You don't need to have a dick measuring contest with the country that's loaning you the money.Sep 03 07:44
DaemonFC[m]You will lose.Sep 03 07:44
schestowitz__they can also retroactively tax themSep 03 07:45
schestowitz__iirc, if you take X (200?) richest American and take back 50% of their (often) ill-gotten wealth, you already bring back national debt below the total GDPSep 03 07:45
schestowitz__*AmericansSep 03 07:45
schestowitz__then you carry on taxing them going forward, pay pentagon just 50 billion bucks a yearSep 03 07:46
schestowitz__and within a number of decades you might pay off national debtSep 03 07:46
kingoffranceyes, the thing about trump is hes like that *all the time* it seemsSep 03 07:47
schestowitz__(of course the oligarchs would rather fight off the "Races" against one another, causing civil war if needed, before they let that happen... they'll just keep bribing all the 'officials' to make sure none -- except maybe 'oddballs' like AOC -- can represent the public/voters)Sep 03 07:48
schestowitz__ 03 07:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | United States Government Debt | 1942-2020 Data | 2021-2022 Forecast | HistoricalSep 03 07:49
schestowitz__Trump deficit: -7 TRILLION in 4 yearsSep 03 07:49
schestowitz__even less than 4 yearsSep 03 07:49
schestowitz__before he came to office the national debt curve flattenedSep 03 07:50
schestowitz__before the financial buttle burst the US kept below 10 TRILLIONSep 03 07:51
schestowitz__now, in a couple of years, they doubled that debtSep 03 07:51
schestowitz__wtf???Sep 03 07:51
schestowitz__No way they can pay it backSep 03 07:51
schestowitz__the doctor won't say it, but it's clinically dead from fiscol povSep 03 07:51
schestowitz__"basically, sir, you're fucked"Sep 03 07:52
schestowitz__"declare bankruptcy"Sep 03 07:52
schestowitz__Trump: "yeah, I know, done that 6 times beforeSep 03 07:52
schestowitz__"Maybe Ivana divorcing me also gave me practice... now that Melania leaves me before I have strokes and am about to die like my younger brother"Sep 03 07:52
schestowitz__Maybe before he dies he can marry for the 4th timeSep 03 07:53
schestowitz__Maybe Epstein can hook him up with something 5 times youngerSep 03 07:53
schestowitz__oh, shit, Jeff is dead. Bad lack..Sep 03 07:53
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NarratorhmmmSep 03 11:19
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MinceR 03 14:05
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MinceR(cat) 03 14:44
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scientesit is so fucking hotSep 03 14:56
scientes30cSep 03 14:56
MinceR 03 15:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@TirandoaVioleta: WHAT THE FUCK BANDCAMP ?!?! I love you but seriously ???? 03 15:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@TirandoaVioleta: WHAT THE FUCK BANDCAMP ?!?! I love you but seriously ???? 03 15:13
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schestowitz__瑨灴⼺眯睷琮硵慭档湩獥漮杲港摯⽥㐱㘱〶挣浯敭瑮㈭㌶㜰Sep 03 16:27
schestowitz__ 03 16:28
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MinceR 03 17:07
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schestowitz__DaemonFC[m]:  Thoughts on the Fall of the Falwells 03 17:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Thoughts on the Fall of the Falwells - CounterPunch.orgSep 03 17:53
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*DaemonFC[m] uploaded an image: Screenshot_20200903_124054.png (185KiB) < >Sep 03 18:41
XRevan86Ah, yes, the sweet good old illusion of control.Sep 03 18:45
XRevan86that somehow magically gives Google more control over oneselfSep 03 18:45
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: I was trolling my dad a little more.Sep 03 18:50
DaemonFC[m]Subject: Trump is Cave Johnson from Portal 2Sep 03 18:50
*DaemonFC[m] sent a long message: < >Sep 03 18:51
DaemonFC[m]The great news for the Pharma companies is that with 30 million more unemployed Americans because of Trump, they don't even have to pay sixty bucks to test subjects (you).Sep 03 18:55
DaemonFC[m]Hard pass.Sep 03 18:58
DaemonFC[m]Now, being an American means one trip to the hospital and you're in bankruptcy, and I filed bankruptcy in May, so I can't do it again for 7 years and 8 months.Sep 03 19:00
DaemonFC[m]So if I'm saying no, it means I really really think this is a terrible idea, and it would never come down from a legitimate president who was concerned that he would hurt millions of people. This is the stuff of Vladimir Putin.Sep 03 19:00
kingoffrancecave was the real name of a TN politician IIRCSep 03 19:00
kingoffrancei mean, thats not that far offSep 03 19:01
scientesXRevan86, can you give me a summarySep 03 19:06
scientesI read the first paragraph and it was full of people yelling at each otherSep 03 19:06
XRevan86scientes: The summary of what exactly?Sep 03 19:13
XRevan86I commented on GMail's magical "confidential emails"Sep 03 19:13
scienteshmm, I have DaemonFC[m] ignoredSep 03 19:14
XRevan86scientes: Yes, that was a reply to what DaemonFC said.Sep 03 19:15
XRevan86or rather, screenshottedSep 03 19:15
XRevan86screenshootSep 03 19:15
DaemonFC[m]The idea is rather stupid.Sep 03 19:15
DaemonFC[m]It seems like the PDF "don't copy" bit.Sep 03 19:16
XRevan86DaemonFC[m]: Yes, it's a miserable attempt at DRM, which works just as well as… well, all the Netflix features appearing in DHT within a day.Sep 03 19:17
XRevan86If actual DRM doesn't work, how is that thing supposed to?Sep 03 19:18
DaemonFC[m]Seems like it will bait people into writing stupid things and going "But Google said it would self-destruct!".Sep 03 19:19
DaemonFC[m]Possibly even government officials.Sep 03 19:20
XRevan86Or "okay, here's my E-mail" – "it's not Google, I'm not trusting sending an e-mail outside Google"Sep 03 19:21
MinceRlolSep 03 19:22
MinceRwell, it could be a lookout addressSep 03 19:22
XRevan86I also wonder what's the behaviour when such an E-mail lands on an account that redirects mail to a different server.Sep 03 19:24
MinceRthe self-destruct bullshit gets left behind for backward compatibilitySep 03 19:24
XRevan86I suspect that what reaches the different server is "you've got mail, but we won't show it to you here, go to double-you, double-you, double-you, dot, gee-mail dot calm"Sep 03 19:24
DaemonFC[m]Valve seems to be using Vulkan now on Portal 2.Sep 03 19:44
*mmu_man ( has joined #techrightsSep 03 20:01
DaemonFC[m]Well that was nice. They turn the water back on and let me get halfway into a shower and then turn it back off.Sep 03 20:27
DaemonFC[m]There was enough left in the pipe to at least get the soap off.Sep 03 20:28
DaemonFC[m]I would like to wash the other half of my body, but meh. I have the kitchen sink turned on so I know when there will be water again.Sep 03 20:28
DaemonFC[m]Mandy didn't have hot running water in the Philippines and takes long showers just because he can here.Sep 03 20:42
DaemonFC[m]This country might be worse than it once was, but it's not half as bad as some.Sep 03 20:42
DaemonFC[m]I seriously doubt that in a country without hot water, that Duterte is testing people. They just die.Sep 03 20:43
DaemonFC[m]So Coronavirus is probably really really bad there and we'll never know because nobody is tracking it at all.Sep 03 20:43
NarratorreSep 03 21:03
NarratorDaemonFC[m]: maybe it's time to migrate ... ;-)Sep 03 21:06
DaemonFC[m]Well, I'm fighting like hell to get him a green card so he can stay here.Sep 03 21:06
DaemonFC[m]USCIS isn't really fighting us in particular that hard.Sep 03 21:07
DaemonFC[m]I rushed to file the case before the rules changed.Sep 03 21:07
psydreadso this Intel Evo platform being entirely Windows-focused with zero support for Linux planned is an attempt by the Wintel cartel to reassert its dominance?Sep 03 21:07
DaemonFC[m]So the new rules are a lot harder, but they don't apply to us.Sep 03 21:07
Narratorwell, probably we need to find some cheap arm device to hack it to install linux Sep 03 21:08
Narratorto connect keyboard ... and some monitors Sep 03 21:09
Narratortime to leave a backdorware processors;-)Sep 03 21:10
psydreadthat's not the issue here, I've already moved to ARMSep 03 21:10
MinceRpsydread: it is to be expectedSep 03 21:10
psydreadbut this is hostile even for IntelSep 03 21:10
Narratorpsydread: what do you use?Sep 03 21:10
MinceRintel also did a version of atom that was hostile to all OS-es other than BackdoorsSep 03 21:11
MinceRintel can go die in a ditchSep 03 21:11
Narratorintel is backdor itself ;-)Sep 03 21:11
Narratorall that god mode ... Sep 03 21:11
psydreadNarrator, a phone running an OS based on AOSP and F-droid, an Orange Pi running full Debian aarch64 with a Jetson Nano waiting to be used and more to come next yearSep 03 21:13
psydreadI still have a few Intel laptops from 2016 and before and in due time I will move to ARM there too when alternatives become availableSep 03 21:14
Narratorhmm, i am searching for more common hardware Sep 03 21:14
psydreadif you want good desktop hardware now there is Honeycomb LX2KSep 03 21:15
Narratorpostmarketos looks promissing Sep 03 21:15
Narratorthe hardware independent software will be the best optionSep 03 21:16
psydreadIntel has given up to pretend it cares about LinuxSep 03 21:16
Narratorwell, linux is not so importantant today Sep 03 21:16
Narratorit removed all windows competitiorsSep 03 21:17
Narrator.. competitors ...Sep 03 21:18
Narratorthat was genious Sep 03 21:19
psydreadthat's not a bad thing, because it means other operating systems should do a better job competing, if they want to gain marketshareSep 03 21:19
Narratorok, i will be later Sep 03 21:20
Narratorsee yaSep 03 21:20
Narratorlinux was a scorched earth strategy Sep 03 21:21
Narratornobody except windows can gain marketshareSep 03 21:21
psydreadyou mean lose marketshareSep 03 21:22
NarratoryesSep 03 21:22
*Narrator offSep 03 21:22
psydreadI don't see where windows can goSep 03 21:22
MinceRto hellSep 03 21:24
psydreadthat's its final destination Sep 03 21:28
*Achylles has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Sep 03 22:30
zoobabSpain submitting a city for the UPC means they will join UPC?Sep 03 23:11
zoobab 03 23:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: Spain to submit a city for the UPC? "Milan, en revanche, jouera contre Paris (qui abrite déjà le siège de la Tub),… 03 23:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: Spain to submit a city for the UPC? "Milan, en revanche, jouera contre Paris (qui abrite déjà le siège de la Tub),… 03 23:11
MinceR 03 23:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post object (4319916)Sep 03 23:21
XRevan86MinceR: oh noSep 03 23:25
DaemonFC[m]Looks the part too.Sep 03 23:25
MinceR 03 23:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Supercomputer's Covid-19 Analysis Yields a New Way to Understand the Virus | ElementalSep 03 23:26
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MinceR 03 23:49
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