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MinceR 06 00:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post objectJan 06 00:05
XRevan86MinceR: Well-hidden.Jan 06 00:06
DaemonFC[m]Twitter is automatically suspending accounts that tweet an image consisting of a black background with the white text "No war on Iran" on it.Jan 06 00:08
MinceRi never thought twitter would be so pro-warJan 06 00:09
XRevan86Politics? In Twitter policy? It's just as likely as you'd think.Jan 06 00:12
psydroidTwitter also suspended the account of the Syrian presidentJan 06 00:12
psydroidall these centralised social networks are toxic as hellJan 06 00:13
DaemonFC[m]Trump is apparently outraged that the "sovereign Iraq" that Bush created has voted to remove us after he launched an attack in their "sovereign country" without even notifying them.Jan 06 00:21
MinceRlolJan 06 00:21
XRevan86DaemonFC[m]: Don't they know that this is the US they're talking about?Jan 06 00:22
XRevan86The most unfreedom-like %)Jan 06 00:22
MinceR 06 00:25
DaemonFC[m]“We remain resolute as partners of the government of Iraq and the Iraqi people that have welcomed us into their country to help defeat ISIS,” the statement said.Jan 06 00:31
DaemonFC[m]Yes, blowing your soldiers up with IEDs and suicide vests is very welcoming.Jan 06 00:31
DaemonFC[m]In fact, I haven't seen the welcome wagon rolled out like these since Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law's house.Jan 06 00:32
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danielp3344Could I get someone to join an irc channel and fight off the microsoft openwashers who are invading?Jan 06 00:39
DaemonFC[m]Oh sure.Jan 06 00:40
danielp3344DaemonFC: one secJan 06 00:41
danielp3344#zrythmJan 06 00:41
danielp3344DaemonFC: or Jan 06 00:42
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---Topic for #techrights is | Channel #techrights for :: please also join channels #boycottnovell-social #techbytes and #boycottnovellJan 06 01:05
---Topic for #techrights set by schestowitz!~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz at Sat Jun 9 18:16:19 2012Jan 06 01:05
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DaemonFC[m] 06 01:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Measuring Mutexes, Spinlocks and how Bad the Linux Scheduler Really is | Probably DanceJan 06 01:18
DaemonFC[m]If you go read up on the steps necessary to “tune” a Window system for use as a digital audio workstation platform, you’ll find all the same stuff. macOS s better in this regard but almost entirely because apples fully controls the hardware (and they’ve been getting worse at this in recent years too – some recent versions couldn’t play audio without stuttering unless manually reconfigured)Jan 06 01:18
DaemonFC[m]Errr, forgot to use quotes.Jan 06 01:18
DaemonFC[m]Anyway, it's pretty bad if you can't even play audio without stuttering.Jan 06 01:19
DaemonFC[m]Regarding Firefox's audio code looking bad.....Jan 06 01:20
DaemonFC[m]Bad, how exactly?Jan 06 01:20
DaemonFC[m]And how does it compare with Chrome? I've heard a lot about how parts of Firefox's code looks bad, but I've actually had disasters trying to use Chromium browsers.Jan 06 01:21
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schestowitzRe: 2018 donationJan 06 01:43
schestowitz> I am told the large 2018 donation and the same people "advising" RMS are connected. Notable since I'm not sure the advice is good advice (neither is the advice GNOME is getting on defending patents, so there's a precedent.) Jan 06 01:43
schestowitz> Jan 06 01:44
schestowitz> I am also told RMS is now aware of this possibility of bad advice. I wanted to be sure you were aware of these things as well.Jan 06 01:44
MinceR 06 01:47
psydroidI still have to read that article but just from skimming it looks like a proper quantitative test, which should be helping more than "Linux sucks for audio" or "Linux has latency issues" without properly explaining how this affects you as a musician or producerJan 06 01:54
rianne__ - Hope people think of this when they are having a meal.Jan 06 01:55
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Confessions of a slaughterhouse worker - BBC NewsJan 06 01:55
MinceR 06 02:40
DaemonFC[m]Contempt of court is a funny notion.Jan 06 02:46
DaemonFC[m]Of course I have contempt for that court, and their contemptible rulings, and the contemptible police officers, and ny contemptible ex.Jan 06 02:46
DaemonFC[m]And I hope they die in a fire.Jan 06 02:47
DaemonFC[m]But I'm not going to do anything. Looks like my ex is in deep shit financially anyway.Jan 06 02:47
DaemonFC[m]The car payment hasn't hit yet so I think he's in trouble. Also, he hasn't paid his speeding ticket or the court costsJan 06 02:48
DaemonFC[m] 06 03:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Taco Bell worker swung machete at drive-through customer, Austin police say - News - Austin American-Statesman - Austin, TXJan 06 03:09
DaemonFC[m]MinceR Won't you join us for dinner at.....Taco Bell?Jan 06 03:09
MinceR:)Jan 06 03:14
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schestowitzkaniini: any eta?Jan 06 06:18
kaniinisoon(tm).  I have transferred operation to somebody in EU for various reasons, so we are working to get it back up and running on the new infrastructureJan 06 06:21
schestowitzexcellent, thanks for the updateJan 06 06:32
schestowitzquote:Jan 06 06:51
schestowitz"Jan 06 06:51
schestowitzDaniel Stenberg wrote about how cURL received 10k from indeed recently. In his post Jan 06 06:51
schestowitz 06 06:51
schestowitzhe wrote:Jan 06 06:51
schestowitz"(*) = curl has previously applied for membership in both Software Freedom Conservancy and Linux Foundation as they seemed like suitable stewards, but the first couldn’t accept us due to work load and the latter didn’t even bother to respond. It’s not a big bother, just reality."Jan 06 06:51
schestowitzThe reality I faced was that while I have worked with both Karen and Bradley in the past, the SFC really has no teeth, and since Nicholson works there I doubted my application for respin would even be considered! Of course, I could apply and see, as that could be interesting, but mostly a waste of my time because they don't even have any more teeth than I do.Jan 06 06:51
schestowitz"Jan 06 06:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-curl receives 10K USD donation | daniel.haxx.seJan 06 06:51
schestowitzcurl 10k and SFC/LFJan 06 06:53
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schestowitzkaniini: whois records sayJan 06 08:42
schestowitzName Server: NS0.RANDOM.SHJan 06 08:42
schestowitzName Server: NS1.ALEATOIRE.NETJan 06 08:42
schestowitzName Server: NS2.GOULAG.ORGJan 06 08:42
schestowitzName Server: NS3.FSCK.XYZJan 06 08:42
schestowitzthe third and fourth are ... well ....Jan 06 08:43
schestowitzUpdated Date: 2020-01-05T21:06:33.0ZJan 06 08:44
schestowitzJan 06 09:49
schestowitz#LinuxFoundation Failing to Support Big and Important Free Software Projects Which Seek Assistance #curl #freesw #openwashing #zemlinPACJan 06 09:49
schestowitzJan 06 09:49
schestowitz#Android Leftovers 06 09:49
schestowitzJan 06 09:49
schestowitzLinux 5.5-rc5 06 09:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Foundation Failing to Support Big and Important Free Software Projects Which Seek Assistance | TechrightsJan 06 09:50
schestowitzJan 06 09:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Android Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 06 09:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux 5.5-rc5 | Tux MachinesJan 06 09:50
schestowitzReview: Android-x86 9.0 06 09:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Review: Android-x86 9.0 | Tux MachinesJan 06 09:50
schestowitzJan 06 09:50
schestowitzEmbrace, Embrace, and Run Over 06 09:50
schestowitzJan 06 09:50
schestowitzWindows User Retention Policy 06 09:50
schestowitzJan 06 09:50
schestowitzAMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF CPU Review & Benchmarks: Best CPU Under $100 in 2020Jan 06 09:50
schestowitz 06 09:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Embrace, Embrace, and Run Over | TechrightsJan 06 09:50
schestowitzpasting here while still in transitionJan 06 09:50
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Windows User Retention Policy | TechrightsJan 06 09:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF CPU Review & Benchmarks: Best CPU Under $100 in 2020 | Tux MachinesJan 06 09:50
schestowitz$ cat ./ Jan 06 09:50
schestowitz rsstail -u  -d -1 | grep -v 'Title:' | html2text -width 1000 | sed 's/'Description:'/➬/'Jan 06 09:50
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---jdjdhdbsx is now known as RoygymJan 06 12:23
RoygymMolly de BlancPatrick MassonElana HashmanHong Phuc DangChris LambJan 06 12:25
Roygym 06 12:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | June 14, 2019 Minutes | Open Source InitiativeJan 06 12:25
RoygymA couple at the timeJan 06 12:25
RoygymDirectors were asked to declare any actual or potential conflict of interest material to items on the meeting agenda (italicised below). None were declared.Jan 06 12:26
RoygymNot even a relationshipJan 06 12:26
Roygym"Molly reported that a meeting was held which discussed gaps in good HR practice and shape of a future staffing strategy. No minutes were provided"Jan 06 12:27
-->mmu_man ( has joined #techrightsJan 06 12:28
Roygym"Expanding the OSI membership, including new individual/affiliate members and increased representation outside Europe and the US"Jan 06 12:28
RoygymSound bites:Jan 06 12:29
Roygym"Elana led a discussion on the clarity of messaging for individual members and affiliates, concluding that OSI needs a "soundbyte" to communicate the board's mission for the OSI to the membership in a brief and clear way.The phrase emerging from the discussion was “OSI will promote and represent the open source community, protecting the meaningJan 06 12:29
Roygymof the term and development model through community and standards work.”"Jan 06 12:29
XRevan86I take it they've decided on калJan 06 12:29
RoygymHuh?Jan 06 12:30
XRevan86CALJan 06 12:30
RoygymIs that a sound?Jan 06 12:30
RoygymAhJan 06 12:30
RoygymCalJan 06 12:30
Roygym"Conferences in 2019 Annual planning: OSCON, DebConf (?), Linux Foundation Open Source Events (??), All Things Open (??, Pam lives close to the venue, can staff the booth for some time, Christine/Molly will be there) "Jan 06 12:30
RoygymThey left out the microsoft oneJan 06 12:30
RoygymNot goodJan 06 12:30
RoygymUniversal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) - Apple, Google, ICANN and MicrosoftJan 06 12:31
RoygymSome FOSS champions right there!!Jan 06 12:31
RoygymThis is last yearJan 06 12:32
RoygymI do some forensics here while cyclingJan 06 12:32
RoygymThey seems to be very close to tech giantsJan 06 12:32
RoygymIt is hard to find photosJan 06 12:33
RoygymUnless passed privatelyJan 06 12:33
RoygymChris hallmleft themJan 06 12:33
RoygymChris hallJan 06 12:33
RoygymChristine of fossforceJan 06 12:33
RoygymBut the resasons are not relatedJan 06 12:33
RoygymShe told me privatelyJan 06 12:34
RoygymTask:Jan 06 12:34
RoygymSee if we can find more photos from their msft meetJan 06 12:34
RoygymIt was in San FranciscoJan 06 12:34
RoygymMac asay promotes this while on the board 06 12:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-OSI Approves Microsoft License Submissions – OSnewsJan 06 12:36
RoygymA decade later they bag moneyJan 06 12:36
Roygym 06 12:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | OSI | Meshed Insights LtdJan 06 12:38
RoygymOmissions here Jan 06 12:38
Roygym 06 12:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Simon Phipps (Candidate Statement) (Main.OSI Board of Directors.Board Member Elections.Phipps2017) - XWikiJan 06 12:39
Roygym"Simon seems to join a lot of boards, although not that many at the same time."Jan 06 12:39
Roygym"Simon Phipps, 2017.02.20 at 16:11:53 PSTThanks - I do indeed try to always donate a portion of my time to charities as long as I'm able to make a positive contribution. Given my career background, this means I'm often able to apply my experience in dealing with corporations, which means Board roles. I try not to belong to too many at once (someJan 06 12:40
Roygympeople collect them like t-shirts) as that can significantly limit constructive contribution and I don't want to just be a seat-filler! "Jan 06 12:40
Roygym 06 12:42
RoygymGPL foesJan 06 12:42
RoygymGoogle and msftJan 06 12:42
RoygymHong phuc from OSI board - treasurer iirc - let them worm into fossasia also 06 12:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Hong Phuc | blog.fossasia.orgJan 06 12:47
RoygymSeed Microsoft photosJan 06 12:47
RoygymSee i mean Jan 06 12:47
RoygymMaybe not msft sgJan 06 12:47
RoygymMaybe somewhere else in asiaJan 06 12:48
RoygymPhipps can be overpowered by themJan 06 12:48
RoygymPhuc and Phipps are usually OKJan 06 12:48
RoygymI am not sure about some of the othersJan 06 12:48
RoygymGafam.. Stay classy not so Foss asiaJan 06 12:49
<--mmu_man has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)Jan 06 12:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 400 @ )Jan 06 12:49
RoygymHa, autodesk photo opsJan 06 12:51
RoygymHow very FossJan 06 12:51
RoygymMicrosoft workshopJan 06 12:51
-->norayr (~inky@ has joined #techrightsJan 06 12:51
RoygymGtg bblJan 06 12:52
Roygymhttps://pleroma.siteJan 06 12:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 502 @ )Jan 06 12:52
Roygympleroma.siteDatabase migration still in progress, see you soon...this may take a while; DB is huge!Jan 06 12:53
RoygymCheers for the update kaniiniJan 06 12:53
<--Roygym has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Jan 06 12:53
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MinceR 06 15:10
MinceR 06 15:17
scientesooo, I made the mistake of trying to shake the hand of a married georgian womanJan 06 15:28
MinceR:)Jan 06 15:28
XRevan86scientes: Why is that bad?Jan 06 15:28
scientesdamn, their wiskey is really strongJan 06 15:28
scientesXRevan86, i ended up shaking her wristJan 06 15:29
scientescause i wasn't really thinking at the timeJan 06 15:29
scientesand this was before the alcohol :)Jan 06 15:29
scientesits really annoying to me that the georgian learning resources are so poorJan 06 15:30
scientescause i don't understand _anything_Jan 06 15:30
XRevan86scientes: Anyway, in Russia women don't really shake hands. I don't know why that's not customary, and I do occasionally shake, which is my mentality kicking in, but that usually only causes an awkward smile %).Jan 06 15:32
scienteswell yeah, my best hand shaking lesson was in my 9th grade biology classJan 06 15:32
scienteson the first day, she had us learn how to shake handsJan 06 15:33
scientescause she wasn't always a teacher, she worked in hospitals beforeJan 06 15:33
XRevan86So if Georgia is also like that, then that would explain your trouble shaking a woman's hand there.Jan 06 15:33
scientesand she was a great teacher because she had work experienceJan 06 15:33
scientesXRevan86, yes it isJan 06 15:33
scientesshe also has a teenage sonJan 06 15:34
scientesI went to a Georgian funeral and I really appreciated itJan 06 15:34
scientesfor how straight-forward it wasJan 06 15:34
scientesthe women were all sitting next to the body insideJan 06 15:35
scientesand outside you could shake hands with all the menJan 06 15:35
scientesand before entering you could leave flowersJan 06 15:35
scientesthere was also a mouring for a dead woman in the flat accross from mine when i moved inJan 06 15:35
scientesalthough they transported the body out a few days agoJan 06 15:35
scientescarried by menJan 06 15:35
scientesI just liked that it was all about saying goodbyes, and had no pretensionJan 06 15:36
XRevan86scientes: Now I wonder how funerals go in the US.Jan 06 15:36
scientesXRevan86, all about money like everything elseJan 06 15:36
MinceR"Shake hand, Kiss baby, Shake hand, kiss baby, Shake hand, Kiss hand, Shake baby, Shake baby, Kiss hand, Shake baby, Shake baby, kiss hand."Jan 06 15:36
danielp3344XRevan86: you can skip most of themJan 06 15:36
XRevan86scientes: Oh, wait, I saw that on TV – a priest tells everyone what a chap the dead person wasJan 06 15:36
danielp3344XRevan86: after everyone sits around for a few hoursJan 06 15:37
scientesXRevan86, I read about this war in Japan over trying to make funerals cheaperJan 06 15:37
scientesits because death is a businessJan 06 15:37
scientesand you are not even allowed to bury the dead in the backyardJan 06 15:37
scientesyou have to pay to dieJan 06 15:38
danielp3344seems unenforceableJan 06 15:38
danielp3344I mean, who do you fine :PJan 06 15:38
MinceRthe surviving relativesJan 06 15:38
danielp3344¯\_(ツ)_/¯Jan 06 15:38
MinceRfavorite hostage of the state :>Jan 06 15:38
scientesMinceR, pretty muchJan 06 15:38
scientesthis isn't funny to those making a living off of itJan 06 15:39
danielp3344:<Jan 06 15:39
scientesor rather, drinking martinis off of itJan 06 15:39
MinceRi suspect that in a few decades it won't be funny to anyoneJan 06 15:39
scientesindeedJan 06 15:40
XRevan86Hm, what if there aren't any?Jan 06 15:40
scientesXRevan86, then they just throw you in a pitJan 06 15:40
MinceRmaybe that's when you beat the stateJan 06 15:40
danielp3344scientes: that sounds prefferable to current options?Jan 06 15:40
danielp3344If I die I could care less :PJan 06 15:40
XRevan86scientes: Well, that seems cheapJan 06 15:40
MinceRmaybe they'll find someone to punish but you won't careJan 06 15:40
danielp3344not sure if that's an insult lolJan 06 15:41
scientesXRevan86, but seriously they do try to find someone to chargeJan 06 15:41
scientesso usually people just don't claim the bodyJan 06 15:41
scientesso that the state has to payJan 06 15:41
scientesbecause you actually have to pay the hospital to get the dead bodyJan 06 15:42
scientesit is _REALLY_ sadJan 06 15:42
scientesand you also have to get them to sign over their assets before they dieJan 06 15:43
scientesso it doesn't get taken from the inheritanceJan 06 15:44
scientesalso inheritance is a scamJan 06 15:44
scienteswhere the state takes as much as they canJan 06 15:44
scientesthat's why you also sign over everything when its known they will die soonJan 06 15:44
scientesAFAIK even a will doesn't really help you hereJan 06 15:46
scientesyou have to sign over everything BEFORE they dieJan 06 15:46
scientesto keep the dirty lawyer hands off itJan 06 15:46
scientesbasically the government in the US is composed of theives, and you have to avoid them as much as possibleJan 06 15:48
danielp3344^ lolJan 06 15:49
scientesdanielp3344, basically every sector is like thatJan 06 15:50
scienteshealth care is famous for itJan 06 15:50
scientesit is also illegal to do basic things like grow sugar cane in your front lawnJan 06 15:52
*danielp3344 quickly cuts down his sugar caneJan 06 15:53
<--amarsh04 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Jan 06 15:53
XRevan86scientes: Because lawn aesthetic is regulated?Jan 06 15:55
*danielp3344 is lucky enough to live on ~20 acresJan 06 15:56
XRevan86* ~8 hectaresJan 06 15:56
danielp3344XRevan86: not abdJan 06 15:57
danielp3344bad*Jan 06 15:57
scientes<XRevan86> scientes: Because lawn aesthetic is regulated?Jan 06 15:57
scientesyes it isJan 06 15:57
XRevan86danielp3344: The conversion?Jan 06 15:57
scientes 06 15:57
danielp3344XRevan86: wait what?Jan 06 15:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tall Grass & Weeds - Building Inspection & Code Enforcement - DPCED - City of Madison, WisconsinJan 06 15:58
danielp3344shouldn't 8 hectares be like 2.5 acres?Jan 06 15:58
scientesdanielp3344, other directionJan 06 15:58
danielp3344hmmmJan 06 15:58
danielp3344you are correctJan 06 15:58
danielp3344my badJan 06 15:58
scientesmerry christmas everyoneJan 06 16:07
danielp3344scientes: day late :PJan 06 16:08
scientesdanielp3344, earlyJan 06 16:08
scientesuhhh the news is all that dumb thing over the iranianJan 06 16:10
scienteswhich was just a diversion tacticJan 06 16:10
scientesfrom the more serious news of the US demiseJan 06 16:10
<--insmodppa has quit ()Jan 06 16:15
-->insmodppa (~insmod@unaffiliated/insmodppa) has joined #techrightsJan 06 16:16
*XRevan86 is freaked out by that it's an assassination.Jan 06 16:17
XRevan86Great warfare there.Jan 06 16:17
scientesXRevan86, the us has been assinating people that didn't even see it coming (literally) with drone for a LONG timeJan 06 16:19
scientesincluding the US citizen Anwar AlwaikiJan 06 16:19
scienteswho wrote Inspire!Jan 06 16:19
XRevan86scientes: Yea, fair…Jan 06 16:19
XRevan86The Iraq's reaction is completely unsurprisingJan 06 16:19
XRevan86they let somebody in, and then that person died on their soilJan 06 16:20
psydroidscientes, someone in a group on Matrix linked this through reddit, one of the comments there was most enlighteningJan 06 16:20
psydroid 06 16:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Red Flag Of Doom Unfurled Over Mosque In Iran For The First Time In History | Disclose.tvJan 06 16:21
*psydroid sent a long message: < >Jan 06 16:21
scientesAnwar al-AwlakiJan 06 16:21
scientespsydroid, except there is no point is declaring war on a dead empireJan 06 16:22
scientesthat is why it is a distraction techniqueJan 06 16:22
psydroidindeedJan 06 16:22
scientesI was in Bolivia before the coupJan 06 16:26
scientesthere was hopeJan 06 16:26
scientesthe US did that coup to signal to the foolish elites that the empire is stile aliveJan 06 16:27
scientesand in doing so destroyed much hope and oportunityJan 06 16:27
psydroidI don't understand how the leaders of one country can be so megalomaniac that the entire world needs to suffer to satisfy its hunger for power and wealthJan 06 16:29
scientespsydroid, the US already turned inwardsJan 06 16:30
scienteswith two warring political camps fighting over things that already dont existJan 06 16:30
scientes"With regard to politics, the US has already stopped functioning. The ruling elite has split up into two warring camps which are now treating each other with the same viciousness, malice and disdain they have previously reserved for foreigners. This development is inevitable: faced with their own full-spectrum failure, the elites have been forced to search for a scapegoat—anybody but their own beloved selves—and have found… each oJan 06 16:31
scientesther, of course!"Jan 06 16:31
scienteswell saidJan 06 16:31
scientes"Jan 06 16:34
scientesAlthough collapse in the US is yet to run its course, I feel that it is already time to give the United States of America a more appropriate name. After all, it is not the only united states on the American continent: there is also Estados Unidos Mexicanos. This shameful, self-important name-squatting has to come to an end at some point. I therefore propose renaming the USA—perhaps not immediately, but perhaps in a decade, maybe two. As itJan 06 16:34
scientess new name I would like to suggest something like the Republic of Deteriorado, Degenerado or Disintegrado. Its national language is likely to become Spanglish. Its national bird already seems to be the extended middle finger. As for its flag, here we can simply observe which flag is considered sufficiently sacred and inviolable to result in jail time for anyone who dares to burn it in public. And it turns out to be the LGBTQ rainbow flag. "Jan 06 16:34
scienteshahahahahahahaJan 06 16:34
MinceR06 164835 < scientes> basically the government in the US is composed of theives, and you have to avoid them as much as possibleJan 06 16:43
MinceRall governments are composed of robbersJan 06 16:43
scientesyeah, but some steal for foreignersJan 06 16:43
scientes*fromJan 06 16:44
MinceRalso, a US Army manual defines terrorism as "the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature. This is done through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear."Jan 06 16:44
MinceRwhich means that all states are terrorist organizationsJan 06 16:44
scientesMinceR, also Jesus was crucified next to two terorristsJan 06 16:44
scientesthey translate it to "thieves" because they are cowardsJan 06 16:44
MinceRdepends on whom you askJan 06 16:44
MinceRafaik that "Jesus" never even existedJan 06 16:45
scientesa correct translation is "bandit" or more controversially "terrorist"Jan 06 16:45
scientesMinceR, AFAIK you don't existJan 06 16:45
MinceRno uJan 06 16:46
XRevan86This got existential quickly.Jan 06 16:46
XRevan86 an Existential Comic, just in timeJan 06 16:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Plato Produces a Play - Existential ComicsJan 06 16:47
MinceR:)Jan 06 16:47
scientesXRevan86, nice, I was actually thinking of ordering Euclid's Elements earlier todayJan 06 16:50
scientesafter I do some paid workJan 06 16:50
MinceR 06 16:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post objectJan 06 16:51
XRevan86 it was extremely easy to findJan 06 16:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | French is such a beautiful language : CasualUKJan 06 16:52
scientesXRevan86, literally lolJan 06 17:00
MinceR 06 17:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post objectJan 06 17:01
scientes> The wife saw this and said "they are pretending they don't have a word in French for that"Jan 06 17:02
scientes> Jan 06 17:02
scientesEdit: Wife consulted a French friend. Friend says 'a la grec' (in the Greek style), which in her opinion is just more pretending they don't have a word.Jan 06 17:02
MinceR:>Jan 06 17:02
MinceRdans le culJan 06 17:03
scientesstill a silly jokeJan 06 17:04
XRevan86Коттеджинг a loan from EnglishJan 06 17:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Коттеджинг — ВикипедияJan 06 17:05
*XRevan86 checks other languagesJan 06 17:05
XRevan86German: KlappeJan 06 17:05
XRevan86Dutch: Homo-ontmoetingsplaatsJan 06 17:06
MinceR:)Jan 06 17:06
XRevan86That's… verboseJan 06 17:06
XRevan86No article linked in HellenicaJan 06 17:07
XRevan86"a la grec", yet no Wikipedia articleJan 06 17:07
psydroidlolJan 06 17:18
MinceR(audio:none?) 06 17:38
schestowitzniceJan 06 17:45
-->aindilis` ( has joined #techrightsJan 06 17:45
scientesonly english 06 17:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Northanger Abbey subtitles English | 9 subtitlesJan 06 17:45
<--aindilis has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)Jan 06 17:45
scientesoh nvmJan 06 17:46
scientesI'm pretty sure that all WhatsApp messages are stored by the NSAJan 06 17:48
<--aindilis` has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Jan 06 17:48
scientesdespite the pretense of end-to-end encryptionJan 06 17:49
-->aindilis ( has joined #techrightsJan 06 17:51
MinceR 06 18:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post objectJan 06 18:02
XRevan86MinceR: What happened here?Jan 06 18:03
MinceRlavaJan 06 18:18
scientesMinceR, that is really cool lavaJan 06 18:21
scientesin that it doesn't melt the ironJan 06 18:21
MinceRit probably had time to cool down :>Jan 06 18:21
scientes 06 18:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Mercury attacks Aluminum - YouTubeJan 06 18:25
XRevan86 too realJan 06 18:41
scientesXRevan86, what is the context?Jan 06 18:41
XRevan86scientes: No context.Jan 06 18:41
danielp3344any context :PJan 06 18:41
scientesas they say, easier to ask for forgiveness than permission :)Jan 06 18:42
danielp3344so either ^* or .* if I have my regex right :PJan 06 18:42
MinceR 06 18:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post objectJan 06 18:42
danielp3344wutJan 06 18:42
danielp3344did they fail stat?Jan 06 18:43
XRevan86scientes: In Russia they say "initiative is punishable"Jan 06 18:43
danielp3344lolJan 06 18:43
XRevan86MinceR: Mixed messages.Jan 06 18:43
scientesXRevan86, what does that mean? Fear us, always fear us, fear us always?Jan 06 18:43
XRevan86scientes: It means that if one is going to show initiative, one should be ready to face the consequences.Jan 06 18:44
scienteswhatever that means.....Jan 06 18:45
scientesin the US it is said that ignorance of the law is no excuseJan 06 18:45
scientesand yet *everyone* is ignorant of the law, including the lawyersJan 06 18:45
scientescause the law is a giant steaming pile of shitJan 06 18:45
scientesso basically same thing Jan 06 18:45
XRevan86scientes: It means doing something on one's own accord.Jan 06 18:46
XRevan86to stick out of the group, etc.Jan 06 18:46
XRevan86scientes: It's not law, it's just common wisdom, semi-ironic.Jan 06 18:49
scienteswell groupthink doesn't work the same in the US so it is differentJan 06 18:50
XRevan86Teachers in school will always tell that self-expression is the way, to be noticed and rewarded.Jan 06 18:50
XRevan86In practice the "rewarded" part doesn't always work out.Jan 06 18:50
scientes"do as I say, not as I do"Jan 06 18:50
scientesyeah, I experienced that in my grad school scholarship applicationJan 06 18:50
scientesmy cover letter got 0/10 because I just said exactly what I was going to doJan 06 18:50
XRevan86hence инициатива наказуемаJan 06 18:50
scienteswith no brownnosingJan 06 18:50
scientesthey expected brownnosingJan 06 18:51
scientesand punished me that I didn't do itJan 06 18:51
scientestoadyingJan 06 18:51
scientesalso because the reviewers are probably not competent in the subject matterJan 06 18:51
scientesNeitzche said that morality is the heard instinct of the massesJan 06 18:53
scienteshe was a friggen geniusJan 06 18:53
XRevan86* herdJan 06 18:53
scientesyes, herdJan 06 18:53
scientesfucking EnglishJan 06 18:53
XRevan86It kind of is. What's the point?Jan 06 18:54
XRevan86A bug or a feature? :)Jan 06 18:54
scienteswell, from my perspective education is the same in Russia as the U.S.: equally worthlessJan 06 18:55
scientesI asked to be prooved otherwise, and I didn't get itJan 06 18:55
scientesgetting a definitive 0 score, because I refused to play the toadying gameJan 06 18:55
scientesbut actually did something more valuable: showed that I have directionJan 06 18:56
scientesmaybe they don't like thatJan 06 18:56
XRevan86scientes: Don't know about the US, but at least IT education in Russia is a joke.Jan 06 18:56
scienteswell I am talking about top levelJan 06 18:56
scientesyeah at the low levels it is a joke in the U.S. tooJan 06 18:56
XRevan86magistrate?Jan 06 18:56
scientesgraduate school scholarshipJan 06 18:56
scientesanyways, I didn't get itJan 06 18:57
scientesI wrote a letter saying I was going to study seL4Jan 06 18:57
scienteswhich is hot shitJan 06 18:57
scientesand I even said it has wide-ranging military applicationsJan 06 18:57
scientes(which it does)Jan 06 18:57
scientesamong a few other applications I am passionate aboutJan 06 18:58
scientesand even showed that I was serious about persuing these applicationsJan 06 18:58
scientesbut it is too much nepotismJan 06 18:58
scientesso they don't want me (and I don't want them)Jan 06 18:58
scientesI have played that game before, and as I said earlier in this channel, sucking dicks only gets you surrounded by other dick-suckersJan 06 18:59
scientessomething Machevelli knew wellJan 06 18:59
XRevan86scientes: Makes sense to me.Jan 06 19:00
Hail_Spacecakescientes: can you imagine any institution that doesn't have this problem?Jan 06 19:09
Hail_Spacecakeany institution that has an admissions model involving lots of people applying to it, and the administrators having to make judgement calls about poeple they don't know personally based on applications?Jan 06 19:10
Hail_SpacecakeMinceR: states are a monopoly on legitimate violence in a regionJan 06 19:12
Hail_Spacecakeso the idea that a state can do things that would be terrorism if anyone else did them is alrady baked into the definitionJan 06 19:12
MinceRit isn't legitimateJan 06 19:13
scientesHail_Spacecake, no, but the point is that the tables have turnedJan 06 19:13
scienteswith the internet the institutions have to compete against the internetJan 06 19:13
scientesand for the most part they are ignoring thatJan 06 19:13
scientesin the 90s MIT saw it and create MIT OCWJan 06 19:13
Hail_Spacecakescientes: sure, and I think the internet has been good for actually promulgating useful knowledge, and bad for prestige higher educational institutionsJan 06 19:14
Hail_Spacecakeon average anywayJan 06 19:14
scienteswith which I did a great biology course, and Walter Lewin's physics courses are excellentJan 06 19:14
Hail_Spacecakeon the other hand, prestige higher educational institutions still perform valuable functions:Jan 06 19:14
Hail_Spacecake- giving certifiably smart and conscientious people time and money to work on hard problemsJan 06 19:15
Hail_Spacecake- providing a space for smart people to socially encoutnter each otherJan 06 19:16
Hail_Spacecakeand these things are important and aren't replaced by the internet; although of course a given institution can do this well or poorlyJan 06 19:16
scientes<Hail_Spacecake> - giving certifiably smart and conscientious people time and money to work on hard problemsJan 06 19:17
scientes<Hail_Spacecake> - providing a space for smart people to socially encoutnter each otherJan 06 19:17
scienteswell this is exactly what I was asking forJan 06 19:17
scientesand put in my applicationJan 06 19:17
scientesand I still got a 0/10Jan 06 19:17
scientesbecause i didn't suck dickJan 06 19:17
Hail_Spacecakescientes: right, "certifiably"Jan 06 19:18
Hail_Spacecakeyou can have corruption in the certification processJan 06 19:18
Hail_Spacecakeon the other hand, if you didn't have a certification process at all, people would try to use university resources without contributingJan 06 19:19
scientesI don't give a rats ass about certificationJan 06 19:19
scientesI have proof that I was realJan 06 19:19
scientesand was doing real research in the fieldJan 06 19:19
scienteswhich to me should have been sufficientJan 06 19:19
Hail_Spacecakeand then it's reasonable for people to ask, are you actually as smart as you say and just unfairly maligned by the system? or were you just not good enough and rationalizing?Jan 06 19:19
Hail_Spacecakenot just you, anyone in general in your positionJan 06 19:19
scienteswell, I got my travel expenses reimburses to give a talk at a top conferenceJan 06 19:20
scientesand I said soJan 06 19:20
Hail_SpacecakeI like the idea of making resources available to people to do scientific work outside of the unviersity systemJan 06 19:20
Hail_Spacecakein such a way that people can either succeed or fail by the fruits of their own laborJan 06 19:20
scientesI was pretty up-front that I didn't have a 4-year degreeJan 06 19:20
Hail_Spacecakethat would make doing science entreprenurial, which is both good and bad I thinkJan 06 19:21
scientesand that I had good reasons for not having such a degree (slavery, most of all)Jan 06 19:21
Hail_Spacecakescientes: you were enslaved? or degrees constitute slavery?Jan 06 19:21
scientesHail_Spacecake, student loans in the US are not eligible for dissolusion in bankruptcyJan 06 19:22
scientessince 2008Jan 06 19:22
scientesand education is a racketJan 06 19:22
scientesand I linked to this chart to proove that in my application 06 19:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | US Student Loan DebtJan 06 19:23
scientesthat number should be added to the 23trillion US debtJan 06 19:23
scientesthe 1.5trillion in student debt that is utterly worthlessJan 06 19:24
Hail_Spacecakestudnet loans aren't a racket they're a tulip subsidy: 06 19:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Against Tulip Subsidies | Slate Star CodexJan 06 19:24
Hail_Spacecakebut yeah, I do think it's bad that studnet loans aren't dischargeable in bankruptcyJan 06 19:24
Hail_Spacecakethey should be, like any other loanJan 06 19:24
Hail_Spacecakethis would have the effect of making it a lot harder for marginal students to get loans to go to collegeJan 06 19:24
scientesHail_Spacecake, they are a racket, you should have seen the full-color brocures I got from "colleges"Jan 06 19:24
Hail_Spacecakeand probably fewer people would goJan 06 19:24
Hail_Spacecakeand that's goodJan 06 19:24
scientesHail_Spacecake, absolute non-senseJan 06 19:24
scientesI was the productJan 06 19:24
scientesand it became obvious I couldn't get a real education no matter what school I went toJan 06 19:24
Hail_Spacecakeyeah one of the less socially-desirable things that universities do is provide jobs for academics by serving as de-facto credential-granting centers that all sorts of entities in our society care aboutJan 06 19:25
scientes 06 19:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Yes, you can have better sex in midlife and in the years beyond - Harvard HealthJan 06 19:25
Hail_Spacecakethe more people have bachelor's degrees, the more that employers of all kinds penalize people for not jumping through the hoops to get oneJan 06 19:25
Hail_Spacecakethat's a tulip problem, cf. the articleJan 06 19:26
Hail_Spacecakemost people who want to get a degree don't want to practice science, they just want some kind of jobJan 06 19:26
Hail_Spacecakewhat is your field btw scientes  ?Jan 06 19:26
scientesHail_Spacecake, the world is not a zero-sum gameJan 06 19:26
scientes<Hail_Spacecake> the more people have bachelor's degrees, the more that employers of all kinds penalize people for not jumping through the hoops to get oneJan 06 19:26
scientesthe world doesn't work like thisJan 06 19:26
Hail_Spacecakescientes: the world itself is not a zero-sum game, but htat doesn't mean there aren't zero-sum games that existJan 06 19:27
scientesHail_Spacecake, but they come down to what I already saidJan 06 19:28
scientes<scientes> I have played that game before, and as I said earlier in this channel, sucking dicks only gets you surrounded by other dick-suckersJan 06 19:28
-->rianne ( has joined #techrightsJan 06 19:28
scientes 06 19:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Harvard University offers students ‘Anal Sex 101’ class — RT USA NewsJan 06 19:28
scientesone of my high school mates went to HarvardJan 06 19:28
scientesand he was a fucking idiotJan 06 19:28
scientesI hated himJan 06 19:29
scientesbecause he was the definition of hypocricyJan 06 19:29
<--rianne__ has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)Jan 06 19:29
Hail_Spacecake"As part of its annual Sex Week, “a week of programming that is interdisciplinary, thought-provoking, scholastic, innovative and applicable to student experiences in order to promote a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality,” a student-run group at the school will be hosting classes that contrast quite sharply with the comparably run-of-the-mill offerings a Harvard education typicallyJan 06 19:29
Hail_Spacecakeinvolves. "Jan 06 19:30
Hail_Spacecakeyeah this sounds rightJan 06 19:30
Hail_Spacecakethis isn't harvard as an institution offering a classJan 06 19:30
Hail_Spacecakethis is a group of students at harvard promoting anal sex as a student groupJan 06 19:30
scientesits also exactly the non-sense that college "cultures" provideJan 06 19:30
Hail_Spacecakewhich they do for a complicated set of basically cultural factors involving what sorts of people become harvard studentsJan 06 19:30
scientesits a worthless excercise in removing people from societyJan 06 19:30
scientesand promoting the most selfish behavior out of themJan 06 19:31
Hail_Spacecakepart of the point of universities is to do thisJan 06 19:31
scientesso they can't learn about the worldJan 06 19:31
scientesbecause they are only around other clueless young peopleJan 06 19:31
Hail_Spacecakeif you give smart people a chance to work on hard problems, that requires giving them resources and time so that they don't have to do economically-productive work,and can focus on their workJan 06 19:31
Hail_Spacecakebut if you think their work is bad, then doing this is badJan 06 19:31
scientesuniversities are designed to PREVENT educationJan 06 19:31
scientesseriouslyJan 06 19:31
Hail_SpacecakeI take that line of argumentation seriouslyJan 06 19:32
XRevan86Not everyone uses an obschagaJan 06 19:32
Hail_Spacecakebut I want to think about what a viable replacement for the university looks likeJan 06 19:32
Hail_Spacecakethat would actually educate instead of just providing the facimile of educatinJan 06 19:32
Hail_Spacecake*educationJan 06 19:32
XRevan86a dormitory that isJan 06 19:32
scientes" viable replacement for the university looks like"Jan 06 19:33
Hail_Spacecakeand what exactly the failure modes of trying to actually educate areJan 06 19:33
scientesyou are already assuming a false premise hereJan 06 19:33
scienteseverybody was not meant to spend 4 years (or more) artifically removed from societyJan 06 19:33
scientesthat is a modern invention so that the elites can hide these people and not have to provide them with anythingJan 06 19:33
scientesand extend their childhoods until after the whole system collapsesJan 06 19:34
scienteswhile constantly promising them complete and utter liesJan 06 19:34
Hail_Spacecakescientes: I agreeJan 06 19:34
Hail_SpacecakeI think right now more people go to college than shouldJan 06 19:34
scientesbut the whole thing is designed to prevent educationJan 06 19:34
scientesprevent learningJan 06 19:34
Hail_Spacecakebut if you think it's okay to have some group of peopele artificially removed from societyJan 06 19:34
scientesand alienate people from societyJan 06 19:34
Hail_Spacecaketo become very educatedJan 06 19:34
scientesalso feminism that is designed to make women hate menJan 06 19:35
Hail_Spacecakethen you have to have some process for deicidng which people those areJan 06 19:35
scientes<Hail_Spacecake> to become very educatedJan 06 19:35
Hail_Spacecakeand I think that's exactly the system we have now, just that that process has become corruptJan 06 19:35
scientesbut these societies *never* did thatJan 06 19:35
scientes*thingsJan 06 19:35
scientesthey are just leaches, that get a few big names to make it appear soJan 06 19:35
Hail_Spacecakedo you think that all universities should be abolished today? that no university does anything at all useful for anyone?Jan 06 19:35
scientesthey would make great communities, as the designes are much better than suburbiaJan 06 19:36
Hail_Spacecakeyou mean the physical grounds of universities?Jan 06 19:36
scientesyesJan 06 19:36
Hail_SpacecakeI think physical grounds of universities differ too much to say that they are all collectively goodJan 06 19:36
scientesplenty of grass for gardensJan 06 19:36
Hail_Spacecakeand then, you still have to decide, what set of people get to live thereJan 06 19:36
scientesno you don'tJan 06 19:37
Hail_Spacecakedo you favor abolishing the non-profit institutions that make up public universities, privatizing their land, and selling it on the real estatemarket?Jan 06 19:37
scientesthat is hypocritical liberal thinkingJan 06 19:37
Hail_Spacecakeshould the government just run public housing on the grounds of what is today universities?Jan 06 19:37
scientes 06 19:37
scientes"the government"Jan 06 19:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Are We Headed for a Soviet-Style Collapse? - Dmitry Orlov - YouTubeJan 06 19:37
Hail_Spacecakescientes: yeah not every university is state-runJan 06 19:38
Hail_Spacecakeonly some areJan 06 19:38
scientesI forget when he starts talking about using University campusesJan 06 19:38
Hail_Spacecakeothers are already private institutionsJan 06 19:38
scientesHail_Spacecake, ......Jan 06 19:38
scientesI already commented on thatJan 06 19:38
scientesyou aren't listeningJan 06 19:38
scientesUpset people pull water wagons.....Jan 06 19:38
Hail_Spacecakescientes: what did you already comment on?Jan 06 19:39
Hail_Spacecakeanyway my only point was that if you wanted to abolish universities, and use the physical space for housing for the general public, you have to decide somehow which set of the general public gets to live thereJan 06 19:41
Hail_Spacecakejust like public housing, just like private housingJan 06 19:42
scientesUpset people pull water wagons.....Jan 06 19:42
Hail_SpacecakeI don't understand your metaphorJan 06 19:44
XRevan86Neither do I…Jan 06 19:47
<--nixen has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Jan 06 19:47
MinceR 06 22:22
MinceR 06 22:35
<--XRevan86 has quit (Quit: Gateway shutdown)Jan 06 22:56
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