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MinceR(audio:unimportant) 15 00:05
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #GNOME DMA-BUF #Screencasting Now Limited To Intel Drivers Due To Bugs Elsewhere by []Sep 15 00:06
schestowitz__nice dog, MinceR. Yours? (Akitafox)Sep 15 00:07
MinceRit's not a dog, it's a foxSep 15 00:07
MinceRthat's why it's niceSep 15 00:07
schestowitz__yeah, I was kiddingSep 15 00:07
schestowitz__rianne is upset you dislike dogsSep 15 00:07
MinceRlolSep 15 00:07
schestowitz__I said you like wolves and foxesSep 15 00:07
schestowitz__we fed geese todaySep 15 00:08
MinceRwell, dogs should stop sucking so much and then i'd dislike them lessSep 15 00:08
schestowitz__so then you ask her if she also loves snakesSep 15 00:08
schestowitz__and mice inside the houseSep 15 00:08
MinceR:>Sep 15 00:08
schestowitz__and fliesSep 15 00:08
schestowitz__she loves bees, hates fliesSep 15 00:08
schestowitz__which makes no senseSep 15 00:08
schestowitz__we don't even kill spiders inside the homeSep 15 00:09
schestowitz__ 15 00:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The mirage of AI invention - nothing more than advanced trial and error? - The IPKatSep 15 00:10
schestowitz__"Sep 15 00:10
schestowitz__Attentive Observer, you have not actually defined what AI is incapable of doing which excludes it from ever inventing. AI can detect patterns in data which humans cannot. It can produce output with highly complex relationships with input (inventive?). It has many 'mental' functions which are beyond what humans can do. Until we can actually define how it fails compared to a human, it seems unfair to say it cannot invent.Sep 15 00:10
schestowitz__The UK IPO has now opened a consultation on this: 15 00:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Artificial intelligence and intellectual property: call for views - GOV.UKSep 15 00:10
schestowitz__"Sep 15 00:10
schestowitz__"HEY HI"Sep 15 00:10
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MinceRi don't see why liking bees and hating flies would make no senseSep 15 00:12
MinceRbees collect nectar, and in doing so, fertilize flowers, and are generally non-aggressiveSep 15 00:13
MinceRflies are aggressively annoyingSep 15 00:13
DaemonFC[m]I kill spiders. You reminded me of fifth grade. Sep 15 00:13
MinceRi avoid killing spiders as wellSep 15 00:13
DaemonFC[m]I was on the class computer and I saw a huge spider looking at me.Sep 15 00:13
DaemonFC[m]So I squashed it and it turned out to be another student's pet that they brought in to show the class.Sep 15 00:13
schestowitz__MinceR: you can find ways to release them outsideSep 15 00:14
schestowitz__rianne gives them a changeSep 15 00:14
MinceRyeahSep 15 00:14
schestowitz__I know how to catch them alive and release them outwardsSep 15 00:14
DaemonFC[m]It got out of its container and made its way under the computer desk.Sep 15 00:14
MinceRi prefer to let spiders stay, so they build traps for annoying flying insectsSep 15 00:14
schestowitz__ /s/change/chance/Sep 15 00:14
schestowitz__MinceR: that tooSep 15 00:15
schestowitz__they guard the home from worse thingsSep 15 00:15
schestowitz__and are generally harmlessSep 15 00:15
schestowitz__even if somehow they walked into your mouthSep 15 00:15
DaemonFC[m]USCIS changes their forms all the time just to confuse you.Sep 15 00:15
DaemonFC[m]So you have to be careful to send in the correct one.Sep 15 00:16
DaemonFC[m]This year, they changed the work permit one (I-765) to add three questions that don't even apply to us, so I would have left them blank anyway.Sep 15 00:16
DaemonFC[m]But had I sent the old form in past the deadline, they would have refused to file it.Sep 15 00:16
DaemonFC[m]This probably wastes an insane amount of their own time.Sep 15 00:17
DaemonFC[m]Because you'd just file it again right awst with the new form.Sep 15 00:18
kingoffrancenot granular enough version compatibility, too heavyhandedSep 15 00:20
kingoffranceunneeded version bump when api still compatibleSep 15 00:20
kingoffrance:)Sep 15 00:21
kingoffrancebreaking perfectly compatible applications (pun intended)Sep 15 00:21
kingoffrancethats bad versioning is what it is :)Sep 15 00:22
DaemonFC[m]It really is. So I went ahead and sent it in about three weeks before I planned to since I already had the old version printed up and ready to go.Sep 15 00:23
DaemonFC[m]I already had a creditor violate the bankruptcy discharge.Sep 15 00:27
DaemonFC[m]Quest Diagnostics sent me a letter. I called them and told them "I filed bankruptcy in May and it was discharged and closed last month with you listed on the petition. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt for now, but you need to stop contacting me or I'll reopen the bankruptcy and you can pay my attorney to get yourselves a nice big fine from the bankruptcy court.".Sep 15 00:28
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Jonathan McDowell: onak 0.6.1 released []Sep 15 00:30
DaemonFC[m]I changed out my Brita filter for the month. It's amazing how before people wiped out the Brita filters (I have plenty) they went and bought carts and carts full of bottled water.Sep 15 00:33
DaemonFC[m]Even at the cheapest, the bottled water is about 25 cents for a 16 ounce bottle. It costs 10 cents to filter a gallon of tap water with the Brita if you buy them in the multi-pack.Sep 15 00:34
DaemonFC[m]So I can filter 5 gallons for 50 cents, when a 5 gallon drum for a water cooler costs $6.47 for 5 gallons. Sep 15 00:35
DaemonFC[m]13x more expensive and you have to lug it home yourself and make lots of trips to the store. Sep 15 00:35
DaemonFC[m]Seems odd that people do things the stupid way all the time.Sep 15 00:39
DaemonFC[m]They have these huge displays in Walmart at the water refill stations that say "Your water hangs out in some pretty seedy places!" and it shows pipes full of dirt with plant roots and everything around them.Sep 15 00:45
DaemonFC[m]I wonder how much they pay the store to let them run this scam.Sep 15 00:45
DaemonFC[m] 15 00:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Primo Self-Service Refill Water - - Walmart.comSep 15 00:47
DaemonFC[m]The state of California actually tested water from these things and found that most of the time it was worse than drinking city tap water.Sep 15 00:47
DaemonFC[m]There shouldn't be anything terribly unsafe in tap water regulated by the state of Illinois. It's actually more comprehensive than the federal law requires. I'd go so far as to call these water machines a scam.Sep 15 00:49
schestowitz__get it from a truckSep 15 00:49
schestowitz__truckloads of h2oSep 15 00:49
DaemonFC[m]It's the same company.Sep 15 00:49
schestowitz__delivered by dieselSep 15 00:49
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: There's an episode of Rick & Morty that makes fun of that.Sep 15 00:50
DaemonFC[m]Whenever Rick wants rid of someone who is annoying them, but not enough to kill them, he puts them in a vat filled with a chemical that causes them to hallucinate that they're doing whatever "their version of heaven is".Sep 15 00:51
DaemonFC[m]Jerry accidentally drinks some that he finds in the fridge and it causes him to hallucinate that he's delivering water from a truck to people, and so he snaps out of it and immediately guzzles the whole thing.Sep 15 00:52
MinceRpresumably people die of thirst in that vat :>Sep 15 00:52
DaemonFC[m]His paradise is delivering water.Sep 15 00:52
schestowitz__hehSep 15 00:56
schestowitz__in a world without waterSep 15 00:56
schestowitz__drinking itself become a luxurySep 15 00:56
schestowitz__"tomorrow I drink, GOd WIlLING!"Sep 15 00:57
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: Tank GirlSep 15 01:05
DaemonFC[m]I'm beginning to consider a new laptop.Sep 15 01:12
DaemonFC[m]This one apparently doesn't quite have enough resources to decode 2160p 10 bit HEVC very well.Sep 15 01:12
DaemonFC[m]I suppose I could just do 1080p for the time being though.Sep 15 01:12
DaemonFC[m]The longer you wait these things out, the more years pass, and the more powerful the one you do buy ends up being.Sep 15 01:13
DaemonFC[m]<schestowitz__ "drinking itself become a luxury"> schestowitz__: Water is a bigger issue than food.Sep 15 01:13
DaemonFC[m]You can go weeks without food. Won't be pleasant. After about 4 days with no water, you die.Sep 15 01:14
DaemonFC[m] 15 01:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Judge Dredd (1995 video game) - WikipediaSep 15 01:18
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: The game actually awards you for arresting bad guys instead of killing them.Sep 15 01:18
DaemonFC[m]If you kill them, you don't get power ups. Sep 15 01:18
DaemonFC[m]*rewardsSep 15 01:18
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schestowitz__>> Groklaw had some good resourced on this topicSep 15 01:20
schestowitz__> i bet. pj took most of it offline? i was never clear on that. i know she didnt want to do the website anymore, due to email not being private.Sep 15 01:20
schestowitz__Like it wasn't known before Snowden...Sep 15 01:20
schestowitz__> It's a bit of a tragedy that the bsd folks did not use vms as a model for virtual memory.  The vms implementation is immeasurably better.  Oh well...Sep 15 01:20
DaemonFC[m]The way that Unix has handled version memory has historically been a disaster, but Windows NT has many other problems that are more serious.Sep 15 01:32
DaemonFC[m]Such as threading issues.Sep 15 01:32
DaemonFC[m]*virtualSep 15 01:32
DaemonFC[m]Autocorrect keeps getting me. Sep 15 01:32
DaemonFC[m]I'm not sure how much overhead there was on such things in VMS.Sep 15 01:34
MinceRputting version number suffixes on shared objects worked fine for meSep 15 01:34
MinceRunlike having DLLs with the exact same name but different versions and incompatible interfacesSep 15 01:34
DaemonFC[m]Windows 10 is still pretty seriously crippled when you start running it with more than 64 CPUs, whether that's physical or logical (hyperthreading).Sep 15 01:34
DaemonFC[m]The Windows API still doesn't behave in the expected way sometimes.Sep 15 01:36
DaemonFC[m]I was reading one example where they changed how a system call worked in Windows 10 without documenting the change.Sep 15 01:36
DaemonFC[m]Windows 10 could still run programs that used the system call as the documentation suggested it should be used, but it was now possible to use it in a way that violated the documentation and get a program that worked on Windows 10 but crashed on everything older.Sep 15 01:37
DaemonFC[m]The obvious solution, if you know about this issue, is to make sure you use it the way it was documented, but if you make a mistake, you can very easily ship a bugged application that appears to work fine as long as you only test it on Windows 10.Sep 15 01:38
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DaemonFC[m] 15 02:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Debt Collector Goes Bankrupt After Health Care Data Hack - BloombergSep 15 02:38
DaemonFC[m]LOLSep 15 02:38
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: I've been looking at the Coronavirus death numbers.Sep 15 02:53
DaemonFC[m]It's trending down. But it's done that before and then went right back up.Sep 15 02:54
DaemonFC[m]The virus seems to ebb and flow and fake you out, so we'll just have to see if this is sustainable this time.Sep 15 02:54
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schestowitz__[02:38] [Notice] -TechrightsBot-tr to #techrights- Debt Collector Goes Bankrupt After Health Care Data Hack - BloombergSep 15 04:30
schestowitz__Maybe they use that as an excuseSep 15 04:30
schestowitz__like Google+ shutting downSep 15 04:30
schestowitz__it's hard to collect debt from people who are not even employedSep 15 04:30
schestowitz__no matter how hard they squeezeSep 15 04:30
DaemonFC[m]This happened last year.Sep 15 04:36
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: Yeah, they're fucked when this wall of bankruptcies happens, and they know it.Sep 15 04:37
DaemonFC[m]That's why Congress isn't even bothering to do anything more to try to help the public.Sep 15 04:37
DaemonFC[m]The virus is still killing an average of about 800 a day here and we don't know that it won't go back up again.Sep 15 04:37
DaemonFC[m]By tomorrow night, it'll probably be 200,000 or more, officially.Sep 15 04:38
DaemonFC[m]This is one of the biggest disasters to ever hit the country that wasn't a war. Sep 15 04:38
DaemonFC[m] 15 04:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Number of Americans willing to get a COVID vaccination falls to a new low as fears mount that Trump is putting politics before safetySep 15 04:44
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: Well, I'm in the majority.Sep 15 04:45
DaemonFC[m]Wait and see what happens to other people who took it.Sep 15 04:45
DaemonFC[m]"As a result of Trump’s Election Day timeline, what could have been seen as a revolutionary breakthrough — a vaccine developed four times faster than ever before — is instead coming to be seen as an untrustworthy, politically motivated stunt. A majority of Americans say Trump wants “a vaccine to be released quickly” for political reasons (57 percent) rather than health reasons (24 percent); 82 percent of DeSep 15 04:46
DaemonFC[m]61 percent of independents agree with that assessment. In turn, a similar majority of Americans (55 percent) believe the vaccine would not be safe if released before Election Day. Just 14 percent say the opposite — 9 percent of Democrats and 27 percent of Republicans. "Sep 15 04:46
DaemonFC[m]Also predictable.Sep 15 04:47
DaemonFC[m]Most people are intelligent enough to realize that you can't just mandate a vaccine before election day and have it all end well.Sep 15 04:47
DaemonFC[m]It takes as long as it takes.Sep 15 04:47
DaemonFC[m]Also, Trump was stupid enough to act like he could command the FDA to approve one, and then ended up causing a panic among all the vaccine companies, which signed a joint letter saying they won't even submit one to the FDA for approval until it's done with Phase 3 trials, which won't be before the election.Sep 15 04:48
DaemonFC[m]So Trump fails on his promise, and people see through it anyway. He's a dumb oaf who doesn't even realize how to get out of his own way, politically. Sep 15 04:49
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schestowitz__craZY orange one..Sep 15 04:57
schestowitz__They don't want to later be accused of being the firm pushing a HOAX treatment just to help a fascistSep 15 04:57
schestowitz__who refuses to leave the White House after losing an election that he had been attempting to sabotageSep 15 04:58
schestowitz__it would also harm public confidence in FDA and medsSep 15 04:58
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schestowitz__ 15 05:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Preparatory Committee: The Unitary Patent system can be functional in a near future - Kluwer Patent BlogSep 15 05:17
schestowitz__"Sep 15 05:17
schestowitz__Thank you Concerned Observer, my thoughts were also: Why make a fuss about the “Internal Market Bill” and then go on and break international law…?!?Sep 15 05:17
schestowitz__If – with the existing agreements – the UPC is started, it will be fun to see the first case tried in Milan go to the EuCJ because of the wrong venue (this gives a new meaning to “forum non conveniens” 😉 ). But I don’t see a start of the UPC soon, the BVerfG mor or less invited new constitutional complaints, so I guess it will take some more years to resolve the open questions, assuming this is at all possible.Sep 15 05:17
schestowitz__With the mess made out of the UPC agreement, it would be best to completely scrap it and start from scratch – without interested litigators during the drafting.Sep 15 05:17
schestowitz__"Sep 15 05:17
schestowitz__ 15 05:18
schestowitz__"Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__A lot has already, correctly, been said by earlier commenters, but I would like to add some thoughts going in the same direction.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__That the preparatory committee is positive about the future of the EPC cannot come as a surprise. If this committee does not believe in the UPCA, who should?Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__Questions remain. One of them being: is a “note verbale” enough to withdraw from a treaty? I have strong doubts. The absence of an exit clause in the UPCA makes the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties applicable and I concur with Concerned Observer. Art 24 VCLT does not appear applicable.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__Neither the Italian declaration nor the preparatory committee make any reference to this treaty. In the presentation of the new ratification bill there is a mention of a common declaration under Art 31(3) VCLT, but it is difficult to consider the declaration of the IT Minister of Foreign affairs to be such a declaration.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__An interesting question is also, should such a declaration under Art 31(3) VCLT also be endorsed by the countries having signed but not yet ratified? I would be inclined to say yes, since should they ratify later, they might be put in a situation they could neither envisage nor control.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__Are we living in a world free of rules or regulations, where lobbyists can push their desires into reality? I just hope not, as otherwise we would live in the jungle and not in a civilised word.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__Without amending Art 7(2) UPCA beforehand, the UPCA will end up in mess. The compromise à la EU when deciding to split the “Central” Division now backfires, and rightly so. The whole idea of splitting was crazy and corresponded to a lousy compromise à la EU.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__If the question of Art 7(2) UPCA is not settled beforehand, it will remain as a Damocles sword over the future of the UPC. At least in Germany, there is the notion of an “appointed” judge. A party cannot influence the designation of the judge dealing with its case. There is a clear set of rules on the designation of any judge in any affair.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__That now a different judge can be designated by way of an administrative action does not seem to correspond to this fundamental idea which is part of the set of rules which guarantee the independency of the judiciary over the executive.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__Any party losing before the transferred section of the Central division will not accept it, and will find any way possible to have this, avoidable, situation being scrutinised, for instance before the CJEU or even a national court like the German Federal Constitutional Court.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__One does not need to wait until a Milan Section delivers a decision to go to the CJEU. The problem applies also if the duties of the London Section are transferred “provisionally” to Paris and/or Munich.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__Some of the constitutional problems linked with the supremacy of the UPCA over the German Constitution have not been resolved, and even worse, they have been completely ignored in the presentation of the new ratification bill.Sep 15 05:18
schestowitz__Last but not least, the present coalition does not have on its own a 2/3 majority in the Parliament, so that the ratification is not yet acquired for this reason alone.Sep 15 05:19
schestowitz__One thing is now clear, there is no mention whatsoever of the beneficial effect of the UPC for European SMEs. This farce has now been ended. Why bother if the goal is almost achieved!Sep 15 05:19
schestowitz__I fully agree that all the interested litigators having co-opted each other in the drafting committee of the RoP should be excluded from any further drafting committees linked with a reviewed UPCA.Sep 15 05:19
schestowitz__I have heard from very reliable sources that some national judges are complaining and are totting up all the money they miss by the delayed entry into force of the UPCA. This is also something not nice to hear, and those judges having been co-opted in this famous drafting committee should also be excluded.Sep 15 05:19
schestowitz__Sorry folks the end does not justify the means. The rule of law should be respected by judges and lawyers alike.Sep 15 05:19
schestowitz__"Sep 15 05:19
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: The FDA deserves a healthy dose of skepticism.Sep 15 05:26
DaemonFC[m]Every other health agency on the planet has recommended condoms to avert the spread of HIV and studied it.Sep 15 05:26
DaemonFC[m]The FDA hasn't, and even though HIV has been a known problem for 40 years, they still haven't approved any condom for anal sex, which is the most likely way to spread it other than sharing drug needles or getting tatted up.Sep 15 05:27
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Sep 15 05:37
schestowitz__zoobab: pingSep 15 05:58
schestowitz__you got mail from a distro devSep 15 05:58
schestowitz__he told me about itSep 15 05:58
schestowitz__can we discuss?Sep 15 05:58
schestowitz__re Pj/Groklaw:Sep 15 06:02
schestowitz__>> Like it wasn't known before Snowden...Sep 15 06:02
schestowitz__> Sep 15 06:02
schestowitz__> I admired her reaction, but yes it was a bit odd, wasn't it?Sep 15 06:03
schestowitz__There was more to it, I'm sure...Sep 15 06:03
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schestowitz__They did this to RMS supporters as well....Sep 15 06:04
schestowitz__ 15 06:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@mjg59: Just in case you were wondering whether Techrights was at some level devoted to justice, @schestowitz has decided t… 15 06:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@mjg59: Just in case you were wondering whether Techrights was at some level devoted to justice, @schestowitz has decided t… 15 06:05
schestowitz__if you X, then you support rapistsSep 15 06:05
schestowitz__if you're with RMS, you support EpsteinSep 15 06:05
schestowitz__welcome to people who describe >themselves< as "SJW"Sep 15 06:05
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Ubuntu Community Council and Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter []Sep 15 06:10
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: SiFive to Debut RISC-V PC for Developers []Sep 15 06:15
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Sep 15 06:17
schestowitz__DaemonFC[m]: US FDA (unlike other countries' equivalents) has a high reputation/regard in my mindSep 15 06:31
schestowitz__they're always subjected to corruption, with so much money at stakeSep 15 06:31
schestowitz__the American one (no universal term for these things) is not one of the most notoriousSep 15 06:32
schestowitz__it seems to anger some pharma companies more than it angers the publicSep 15 06:32
schestowitz__because it stands in their way... maybe until Trump came. I'm sure he wants to render it a rubber-stamping operation, but with no public confidence it'll become obsoleteSep 15 06:33
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: The Greens admitted that it was Trump supporters who tried to get them on the ballot in Wisconsin.Sep 15 06:37
DaemonFC[m]They even used a law firm recommended by a Republican on the Wisconsin Election Commission.Sep 15 06:37
DaemonFC[m] 15 06:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Wisconsin Supreme Court rules Green Party presidential ticket is ineligible for state ballot - The Washington PostSep 15 06:37
schestowitz__It's almost like the US is working hard to BAN every political party that's not corporate and working for large corporations/oligarchs 15 06:39
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Greens denounce Wisconsin Supreme Court decision regarding the ballot | Howie Hawkins for President | Angela Walker for Vice PresidentSep 15 06:39
schestowitz__WS  is a parasitic and highly corrupt looting operation. Nations ought not try to emulate it (wrong objective). 15 06:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Building the "Wall Street" of AfricaSep 15 06:40
schestowitz__DaemonFC[m]: trust what they saySep 15 06:41
schestowitz__not what Bezos (WaPo) saysSep 15 06:41
schestowitz__go to gp siteSep 15 06:41
schestowitz__Bezos looked to rig the de dominationSep 15 06:41
schestowitz__he phoned Bloomberg, who later diverted people away from Sanders and onto BidenSep 15 06:42
schestowitz__to make sure the super-rich get their way regardless of who wins the election (and then occupies the White House -- NOT the same thing when a dictator refuses to leave Office)Sep 15 06:42
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Fedora 34 Change To Further Compress Install Media Rejected Due To Install Time Concerns []Sep 15 06:47
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Graphics: VGA Console Code, VGA Issues, and AMD []Sep 15 06:52
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Twenty years of open source software for IBM Z and LinuxONE []Sep 15 07:37
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: How to Run Multiple Linux Commands at Once in Linux Terminal [Essential Beginners Tip] []Sep 15 11:01
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: deepin 20 GNU/Linux Released with Download Links, Mirrors, and Torrents []Sep 15 11:03
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: 3 open source alternatives to Confluence []Sep 15 11:05
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Sep 15 11:06
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MinceR 15 14:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Trump ad asks people to support the troops. But it uses a picture of Russian jets. - POLITICOSep 15 14:44
MinceRfitting for the Moscovian CandidateSep 15 14:44
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MinceRyesSep 15 15:04
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: The 10 Best Debian-based Linux Distributions []Sep 15 15:05
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Best Free and Open Source Load Balancers []Sep 15 15:06
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Sep 15 15:07
schestowitz__[14:44] <MinceR> fitting for the Moscovian CandidateSep 15 15:39
schestowitz__TrumpenkoSep 15 15:39
schestowitz__and Ivana, Ivanko, Moscow Mitch...Sep 15 15:39
schestowitz__IvankovichnovSep 15 15:39
MinceR:>Sep 15 15:39
schestowitz__fake nooseSep 15 15:40
XRevan86Иванка ТрубачёваSep 15 15:40
MinceR:>Sep 15 15:40
schestowitz__XRevan86: Something about Typos...Sep 15 15:41
MinceRТрумповSep 15 15:41
XRevan86Apparently, Trump is a surname of trumpetersSep 15 15:41
XRevan86soтрубач#RussianSep 15 15:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | трубач - WiktionarySep 15 15:41
MinceR:)Sep 15 15:42
MinceRit was englishified from Drumpf thoughSep 15 15:42
XRevan86drummer, eh…Sep 15 15:42
MinceRindeedSep 15 15:42
XRevan86Ударникова thenSep 15 15:42
XRevan86that also has an additional connonationSep 15 15:43
XRevan86 15 15:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Udarnik - WikipediaSep 15 15:44
MinceRДоналд Дж. УдарниковSep 15 15:44
XRevan86Дональд Иван УдарниковSep 15 15:45
XRevan86Иван Д. УдарниковSep 15 15:45
XRevan86"Donald" is lame, so let's put Ivan first, Donald second.Sep 15 15:46
MinceR:)Sep 15 15:46
XRevan86ФридриховичSep 15 15:51
MinceR:>Sep 15 15:51
schestowitz__Hungary thirdSep 15 16:31
schestowitz__Hi,Sep 15 16:49
schestowitz__I would like to report a new plagiarism site that Google News began syndicating and which rips off long and detailed articles of yours, e.g. (today) 15 16:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Which Linux Distro Is Best for Privacy? We’ve Done the Research [Guide] - Pop Times UKSep 15 16:49
schestowitz__Seems to have even copied ALL the images from your article, published in June.Sep 15 16:49
schestowitz__Please report this site to Google, noting that they promote plagiarism in Google News. Google has been doing a terrible job lately, airing lots of fraudulent sites and rewarding these frauds. Don't let them get away with it; it harms hard-working writers and gives money to bots.Sep 15 16:49
schestowitz__Regards,Sep 15 16:49
schestowitz__///Sep 15 16:49
schestowitz__Pasted here tooSep 15 16:50
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Sep 15 17:15
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Slick ‘Material Shell’ Extension Now Easy to Install on Ubuntu []Sep 15 17:17
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: IBM Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Linux on Z, 5 Years of LinuxONE []Sep 15 17:20
DaemonFC[m]"What do you mean I'm too big to be a nanobot? Alright, well thanks for the hate crime there mate. I'll be seeing you in court!". -WheatleySep 15 18:27
MinceR:)Sep 15 18:28
DaemonFC[m] 15 18:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Portal 2: Best of Wheatley - YouTubeSep 15 18:30
DaemonFC[m]"This isn't going to hurt is it?"Sep 15 18:35
DaemonFC[m]GLaDOS: "Oh it will. Believe me, it will.".Sep 15 18:36
DaemonFC[m]"Is she just saying that or AHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"Sep 15 18:36
MinceR"Now this is gonna..." "Sting a little? I know." "No, actually it's gonna hurt like a motherfucker."Sep 15 18:36
cybrNauti'm trying to find a realtor who does not have a Facebook account.  This is impossible.  It seems they don't existSep 15 19:26
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Sep 15 21:07
DaemonFC[m]<cybrNaut "i'm trying to find a realtor who"> You could try my bankruptcy lawyer.Sep 15 21:09
DaemonFC[m]She's a realtor.Sep 15 21:10
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: SiFive to demo PC running new RISC-V SoC and unveil next-gen AI SoC []Sep 15 21:10
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: How I Fix Keyboard Not Working at Login Screen After Booting []Sep 15 21:11
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: New Tor Stable Release Adds v3 Onion Balance Support, Many Improvements []Sep 15 21:13
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Meeks Responds to “I don’t “need” LibreOffice” []Sep 15 21:18
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Sep 15 21:42
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Audiocasts/Shows: LINUX Unplugged, GNOME 3.38, Late Night Linux and More []Sep 15 23:14
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Debian Developers’ Leftovers []Sep 15 23:19
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: Here's a cut and paste:Sep 15 23:21
*DaemonFC[m] sent a long message: < >Sep 15 23:21
schestowitz__DaemonFC[m]: GP is OKSep 15 23:22
schestowitz__there's an issue of voice-splitting, sureSep 15 23:22
schestowitz__but that does not mean they're not allowed to participateSep 15 23:22
schestowitz__GP did not "sucker" RMSSep 15 23:23
schestowitz__he has long supported GPSep 15 23:23
schestowitz__before a crazy candidate like TrumpSep 15 23:23
schestowitz__shaming people who reject corporate parties is very misguidedSep 15 23:23
schestowitz__he also supported an independent 'democrat', SandersSep 15 23:23
schestowitz__and still doesSep 15 23:23
schestowitz__if you look at his homepageSep 15 23:23
schestowitz__he's looking past tribalism and into substanceSep 15 23:24
DaemonFC[m]We actually have undeniable Crimes Against Humanity going on in America under Trump. Because they happen to immigrants, many people turn a blind eye to it. In the early 1900s, Republicans tried mass sterilizations (forced) against American citizens too, including the 1907 law in my home state of Indiana which was cited by none other than Hitler as justification for his Nazi Eugenics plan.Sep 15 23:24
schestowitz__Biden and all the other "D" candidates derails SandersSep 15 23:25
schestowitz__in a very malicious, sneaky fashionSep 15 23:25
schestowitz__so if people reject D and vote for something not Trump, fine with meSep 15 23:26
schestowitz__fair enough evenSep 15 23:26
schestowitz__don't demonise themSep 15 23:26
DaemonFC[m]They're fucking us.Sep 15 23:26
DaemonFC[m]That's all they're doing. They're fucking us and then they'll be all like "How did this happen? This is awful!" because they'll vote green and get orange again.Sep 15 23:27
DaemonFC[m]The Green party is a shill group working for the Republicans.Sep 15 23:27
schestowitz__"I mean this is all stuff Stallman says he wants, and he throws his vote away on joke candidates like Howie Hawkins, who is retired from unloading UPS trucks and might get 0.2% of the national popular vote."Sep 15 23:27
schestowitz__Are you job-shaming him?Sep 15 23:27
schestowitz__Because he's not some corporate lawyer like many politicians are?Sep 15 23:27
schestowitz__He's a unionistSep 15 23:27
schestowitz__the people who stand for people like you and Mandy who worked for the Waltons, like serfs...Sep 15 23:28
schestowitz__[23:27] <DaemonFC[m]> The Green party is a shill group working for the Republicans.Sep 15 23:28
DaemonFC[m]What qualifications does he bring to the table? You know the last two times we got a Washington outsider, it was a disaster.Sep 15 23:28
schestowitz__mehSep 15 23:28
schestowitz__that's like saying collectively that gay people is some plot to take over the worldSep 15 23:28
DaemonFC[m]Carter and Trump wouldn't work with Congress and didn't know how to enact policy, and you got exactly what we're going through now with Trump because of this.Sep 15 23:28
schestowitz__or that abortion is a baby-hating cultSep 15 23:28
schestowitz__brbSep 15 23:29
DaemonFC[m]The Democrats gave Bill 1 minute of convention time.Sep 15 23:29
DaemonFC[m]Carter didn't get any.Sep 15 23:29
DaemonFC[m]He never spoke at a DNC again after his term ended.Sep 15 23:29
DaemonFC[m]Bill Clinton has become a major liability and Hillary even more so (nowhere to be seen at the DNC, you know).Sep 15 23:30
schestowitz__yesterday: 15 23:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Beyond Attacking Trump, Sanders Says Biden Campaign Must 'Give People a Reason to Vote for Joe' | Common Dreams NewsSep 15 23:30
schestowitz__nails itSep 15 23:30
DaemonFC[m]The last thing the Democrats wanted to do was call attention to the Clintons right now.Sep 15 23:30
schestowitz__Biden it shiteSep 15 23:30
schestowitz__but a lesser shite tan trumpSep 15 23:30
schestowitz__thanSep 15 23:30
schestowitz__and that's not a way to rally the left to actually voteSep 15 23:30
schestowitz__they might "tweet" for himSep 15 23:30
DaemonFC[m]Well, the polls show Democrats united around Biden for the most part.Sep 15 23:31
schestowitz__but won't show up to vote with obstructions in place like queues, covid etc. Sep 15 23:31
DaemonFC[m]It's obvious why.Sep 15 23:31
DaemonFC[m]People are furious about Trump and they have been even before this plague.Sep 15 23:31
schestowitz__which Democrats?Sep 15 23:31
schestowitz__people?Sep 15 23:31
schestowitz__voters?Sep 15 23:31
schestowitz__party leaders?Sep 15 23:31
DaemonFC[m]Voters.Sep 15 23:31
schestowitz__sponsors?Sep 15 23:31
schestowitz__Voters polled by corporate mediaSep 15 23:31
DaemonFC[m]I supported Sanders in 2016 and this year in the primary.Sep 15 23:31
DaemonFC[m]In 2008, I supported Obama.Sep 15 23:31
schestowitz__he's loathed by the richSep 15 23:32
schestowitz__as he would tax them, as one ought toSep 15 23:32
schestowitz__they prefer trumpSep 15 23:32
DaemonFC[m]I never wanted Hillary Clinton to be the president, but I voted for her in 2016 anyway.Sep 15 23:32
DaemonFC[m]Because it was her or Trump.Sep 15 23:32
schestowitz__doesn't matter if trump 'loses'Sep 15 23:32
schestowitz__he want leaveSep 15 23:33
DaemonFC[m]I'd rather slow walk this thing until we can move past Biden. It won't be long. Sep 15 23:33
schestowitz__he he 'loses', expect chaosSep 15 23:33
schestowitz__if he 'wins', more calm, but the country is overSep 15 23:33
schestowitz__he wants more terms Sep 15 23:33
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Security Leftovers []Sep 15 23:33
DaemonFC[m]I'd rather have a couple months of him trying to cause problems on the way out than 4 more years where he can plan and plot and actually make more of it stick.Sep 15 23:33
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Graphics Leftovers []Sep 15 23:38
schestowitz__DaemonFC[m]: that reminds meSep 15 23:39
schestowitz__we need those jones court docsSep 15 23:39
schestowitz__nobody else has stepped up to helpSep 15 23:39
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: KDE Akademy 2020 Recap []Sep 15 23:43
DaemonFC[m]I've been calling around trying to figure out how to get a cheap dental cleaning since CLC is closed.Sep 15 23:44
DaemonFC[m]I found a dentist office with good reviews who does a new patient exam and cleaning for $70. I don't think I'll do better than that.Sep 15 23:44
DaemonFC[m]My dentist in Chicago did like $120 or something for a cleaning, but more if you needed x-rays.Sep 15 23:45
DaemonFC[m]There's all of these dental "discount cards" that aren't insurance. Delta Dental makes a killing on them because they charge you like $15 a month to use the card and then you get their "negotiated price" with the dentist, who bills them more because they're an insurance company.Sep 15 23:46
DaemonFC[m]So you get to pay for a plan that makes your dental bill higher. Sep 15 23:46
DaemonFC[m]:)Sep 15 23:46
schestowitz__why are we talking about dentists?Sep 15 23:46
DaemonFC[m]Just one of those ridiculous things that I'm sure only happens here.Sep 15 23:47
DaemonFC[m]Thanks to Stallman and the Green Party, we may go through another 4 years of millions more people losing their health insurance, not just their teeth.Sep 15 23:48
DaemonFC[m]He probably doesn't personally influence enough people to cause another disaster.Sep 15 23:49
DaemonFC[m]But he's contributing to the problem.Sep 15 23:49
DaemonFC[m]I think it really says everything that it was a law firm that works for the Wisconsin Republican Party being paid by guess who that was trying to get Howie Hawkins on the ballot.Sep 15 23:49
DaemonFC[m]When the news asked for a comment from Hawkins, he just said "Well, you take help wherever you can get it.".Sep 15 23:50
DaemonFC[m]At least he didn't lie about who his primary benefactor is. Donald Trump.Sep 15 23:50
DaemonFC[m]This Wisconsin Green party thing was worse than those lawsuits trying to make voting harder or disenfranchise people or ripping apart mail sorting machines.Sep 15 23:51
DaemonFC[m]It had the potential to give Trump another one of those sliver of a fraction of a percentage wins of a state where he'd gain 10 electoral votes. Sep 15 23:51
DaemonFC[m]We don't know how the USPS thing will affect election day in Wisconsin. We don't know exactly how hard it will be to stand in line to vote in person in Milwaukee or Madison.Sep 15 23:52
DaemonFC[m]But either 40,000 Communists who were being duped by Trump will either get out of the way now or just vote for Biden.Sep 15 23:52
DaemonFC[m]Eve if they just get out of the way it will undo some of the other sabotage to the mail and polling sites.Sep 15 23:53
DaemonFC[m]We've always had fringe parties, but at least before now they really didn't cram the system with useless ballots when it only has a certain capacity, you know. Because of the other tricks and the virus. Sep 15 23:54
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz__: They could still vote for Howie Hawkins, it would just be a spoiled ballot.Sep 15 23:54
DaemonFC[m]Like when I occasionally vote for myself as a protest.Sep 15 23:55
DaemonFC[m]It has the same effect as if he was on the ballot.Sep 15 23:55
DaemonFC[m]The reason the Republicans were really funding this was because it was a twofer.Sep 15 23:55
DaemonFC[m]If they got him on the ballot, he'd siphon maybe 40,000 votes from Biden, but it would also force the county clerks to miss deadlines and have to reprint all of the ballots, and it would throw the election into chaos and prevent millions of people from votinglSep 15 23:56
schestowitz__quit blaming RMSSep 15 23:56
schestowitz__he supports something he believes inSep 15 23:56
schestowitz__not TrumpSep 15 23:56
schestowitz__focus on people who actually vote TrumpSep 15 23:56
DaemonFC[m]I'm glad that the Greens are having a bad year. This is the worst time ever to drain votes from a Democrat.Sep 15 23:57
DaemonFC[m]They can go back to silly season when things are better and we have that luxury again.Sep 15 23:57
schestowitz__Dead: 200,098Sep 15 23:57
DaemonFC[m]What they do now is worthy of contempt.Sep 15 23:57
DaemonFC[m]Again, this proves that the government of Sweden is lying and very corrupt.Sep 15 23:58
DaemonFC[m]There's no way in hell that this just blew threw a country that didn't do a damned thing and doesn't even require masks and the damage was pretty mild and never flared up again.Sep 15 23:59
schestowitz__I heard so ages agoSep 15 23:59
schestowitz__about SwedenSep 15 23:59
schestowitz__people think of them as gentle and well-educated blondesSep 15 23:59

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