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United Workforce Always Better for the Workers

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Sep 25, 2023

Silhouette Workers

THE other day I argued that the technology sector needed to have more protests and strikes, not obedient drones who unquestionably obey instructions from above. I've since then seen a lot more coverage about the United Auto Workers (UAW), e.g. [1-8], possibly expanding to Canada [9] and "the emerging electric-vehicle industry." [10]

There's moreover some edgy coverage of radical 'solutions' [11]. Follow the Koch money.... (yes, Koch sponsors that site)

The Hollywood writers’ strike [12] had its thunder stolen, at least temporarily, by UAW. In Spain, footballers also had a strike recently [13], so it's not limited to the US, contrary to phony narratives [14] that portray workers as the nuisance [14]. Thanks, New York Times, for gaslighting the victims.

This past week we've worked on upgrading the site and yesterday we got a step closer to importing WordPress (over 38,000 blog posts) into the static pages' framework. In the process we saw some older posts about the European Patent Office, which has many protests and even some strikes. The situation at the EPO has not improved and the last industrial action was one year ago (partial work stoppage until September). It's very important for workers, the labour force, to be in control of the workplace. Otherwise things deteriorate and worsen to the point where the few left standing are the least qualified. It's a downward spiral.

In the case of technology, it is possible that a lack of collective action is because of relatively high salaries and less physically-demanding jobs (compared to UAW). But this ought to change.

Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. Automobile workers union lodges complaint against US senator

    President of United Auto Workers (UAW) Shawn Fain filed a complaint Thursday against Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), alleging he threatened workers’ ability to strike in violation of US federal labor law.

  2. Impact of UAW Strike Against Big Three US Automakers Spreading
    The union demands 36 percent compounded wage increases as well as an end to wage tiers.
  3. The United Auto Workers Will Lose. I Worry for Our Economy and for President Biden.
    Autoworkers want, and deserve, a big raise. But they are asking for too much.
  4. U.A.W. Threatens Strikes at More Plants
    The United Auto Workers union said workers would walk out of more plants on Friday if it didn’t make progress in talks with General Motors, Ford and Stellantis.
  5. UMich experts talk UAW strike, potential impact on Washtenaw County

    The United Auto Workers Union went on strike Friday after they were unable to come to a contract agreement with the Big Three automakers: General Motors, Ford and Stellantis.

  6. UAW Strike: Biden to Visit Michigan to Support Autoworkers on Picket Line
    In an extraordinary show of support for organized labor, President Biden said he would join workers in Michigan on the front lines of their strike against leading automakers.
  7. Long Way to Go Before Deals Reached to End Strike in Detroit
    The United Auto Workers met with Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, yielding no results.
  8. Workers expand strike against automakers amid dueling visions
    Striking U.S. autoworkers say their pay has stagnated while executive compensation has soared. The companies emphasize the uncertainty to be faced in a period of innovation and transition.
  9. Ford avoids Canada walkout as UAW prepares for more US auto strikes
    Unifor, which represents about 5,600 Canadian auto workers, were threatening to go on strike at all three of Ford's plants in the country if a deal was not reached by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday.
  10. An Ohio Town Struggles Between Biden’s Clean Energy Agenda and Union Support
    Contract talks at an electric vehicle battery plant in Lordstown could have even more of an impact than the autoworkers’ strike on the labor standards of the emerging electric-vehicle industry.
  11. Tim Scott Invokes Ronald Reagan and Says UAW Strikers Should Be Fired
    "He said, you strike, you're fired. Simple concept to me. To the extent that we can use that once again, absolutely."
  12. Progress in Hollywood Writers’ Strike Negotiations, but No Deal Yet
    A third straight day of bargaining between the studios and the union ended without an agreement. Talks will continue on Saturday.
  13. Majority of Spanish footballers rejoin national team after 'agreements' reached
    Most of Spain's international footballers have agreed to rejoin the squad, the government said Wednesday, following a strike by the World Cup winners over the disgraced former president of the federation forcibly kissing a player.
  14. Is Work the American Disease?
    What does this season of strikes tell us about the future of work?

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