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Red Hat Does Not Understand Community and It's Publicly Promoting Microsoft's Gartner

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Sep 29, 2023

Red Hat and Gartner

THE Gartner Group, which we sometimes call "gangster group" because they're all just mobsters who bully bloggers (to 'guard' their reputation by intimidation; they're just lobbyists and advertisers with the glorified "analyst" job title), is a mobbing/pressure/front group for Microsoft and Bill Gates (amongst others). We wrote about 100 blog posts about it and over a decade ago I was in a documentary movie in which to comment on that malicious firm. Its predictions are wrong, the advice is sponsored lies, and press coverage is overt corruption of the media.

As one can expect, Oracle and IBM are also OK with these gangsters, so why not Red Hat too? IBM owns Red Hat, so today Red Hat is shilling the frauds from Gartner [1]. Surely they know that Gartner attacks GNU/Linux at many levels, right? But the thinking here is something along the lines of: "They're frauds, but OUR frauds, too! And Microsoft's! Maybe we should play along..."

Gartner is now all over the site, including top of pages [2] (see screenshot). It's obscene. is basically lioning a firm that has long been attacking GNU/Linux in the private and public sectors at the behest of Microsoft. What message does Red Hat hope to send here?

Looking at the rest of the site today [3-4], it's only corporate fluff and Red Hat is boasting that Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) product development tracking is moving from Bugzilla to partly proprietary JavaScript bloat [5]. At least they didn't outsource this to Microsoft's GitHub.

Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. Friday Five — September 29, 2023
    Red Hat has been named a Leader in the first Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Container Management. We’re proud of this recognition and believe it is a great validation of Red Hat OpenShift as a hybrid cloud application platform - helping organizations accelerate modern application development and delivery across hybrid environments from the datacenter, to the cloud, to the edge.
  2. Red Hat Collaborates with Intel to Deliver Open Source Industrial Automation to the Manufacturing Shop Floor

    Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced a new industrial edge platform, designed in collaboration with Intel, that will provide a modern approach to building and operating industrial controls.

  3. Efficient automation with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs
    The need for automation in complex IT environments is not new and you’ll find that many ecosystems already have their own orchestrators. Plenty of existing DevOps tools are all about coordinating tasks and realization of the “Infrastructure-as-Code” approach. But what are the chances that you are going to be able to constrain your orchestration to just one environment? That’s where Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform comes in.
  4. You Can’t Automate Cultural Change

    Making automation work takes more than just writing the scripts. And it’s most effective when it becomes a habit rather than a one-off project. But building habits and changing culture is no easy task.

  5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) product development tracking is moving to Jira
    Anyone browsing Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) tickets in Red Hat Bugzilla may have noticed a new big blue banner at the top of the screen. As aesthetically unpleasing as it is, the banner is there for good reason: to announce the migration of issue tracking from Red Hat Bugzilla to Red Hat Jira ( for RHEL 6 through RHEL 9. This move allows us to consolidate project tracking into a single place, making the RHEL project in Jira the single source of truth for all development work.

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