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Novell News Summary - Part I: OpenSUSE Factory, Education, Presence in Events

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Summary: Few portions of OpenSUSE news, of which there is little

OpenSUSE Factory is probably one of the more significant developments this week. Here is information about it that can be found in

openSUSE development is now even _more_ open than before. Factory development is changing, and we're making it easier for contributors to take responsibility for packages and to contribute directly to openSUSE. This means contributors will be able to be directly responsible for packages, without having to go through a Novell employee to make changes.

Some projects are already being tied to the Factory.

The first noticable thing is that I haven't managed to create any usable image either via SUSE Studio or the Build Service.

Chris Smart claims that OpenSUSE's Online Build System may be a sign of further openness. We wrote about this before.

Novell has announced plans to make openSUSE more community driven by opening up their Online Build System which controls Factory to contributors outside their staffing ranks. What does it mean for the project and community at large?

Apart from some technical posts from SUSEGeek, from Benjamin Weber and a some others from the OpenSUSE crowd there was also a call to raise funds for a project which was self-advertised in the OpenSUSE Web site.

Our goal is to raise 1 million dollars to support the further development and implementation at a local school system for the purpose of proof of concept and system integrity, Please help.

Speaking of schools, OpenSUSE Education was mentioned in relation to LTSP and also in relation to Sugar.

There are several school oriented desktops and LTSP type servers to allow schools to take full advantage of existing hardware. OpenSuse Education and Edubuntu being a couple of the stand out products available as well as K-12LTSP, based on fedora.

I can't argue against the usefulness of LTSP and distributed desktop capabilities in a school. Not much can maximize TCO and is handled on a school budget better,


While this release of Sugar is meant for young learners, openSUSE's release of openSUSE-Edu Li-f-e(Linux for Education) live/installable server DVD. can be used from kindergarten to high-school graduation.

This is a Live DVD, that's based on openSUSE 11.1. As set-up, this is designed to be used as a server, not as a desktop. It comes pre-configured as a KIWI-LTSP server.

Moving on to some events, quite a few are coming (post courtesy of Cornelius Schumacher from OpenSUSE), there are early photos from LinuxTag 2009 (via OpenSUSE) and Zonker speaks about LinuxFests.

Last weekend, another Linuxfest was born in Clemson, South Carolina. SouthEast LinuxFest was held at Clemson University in South Carolina on Saturday, and the organizers gave birth to a happy and healthy baby ‘fest that weighed in at around 500 people (give or take).

There are also progress reports from Summer of Code projects that enrich OpenSUSE.

More news can probably be found here and Sascha Manns is looking for more contributions.

If you are can’t Blog, so you can send us interesting Blogs or Posts, that you’ve found. Only through your Contribution we can make the Weekly News better and more interesting.

There is no sign of slowing down in OpenSUSE Weekly News, but there is a lot less news to cover. It must be summertime. Next week we won't be covering OpenSUSE news (summer break).

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