Bonum Certa Men Certa

It's Certainly Beginning to Seem Like Red Hat (IBM) Fired Writers and/or Editors

Summary: Revisiting what we wrote last week, we find no activity since then (in sites that typically publish several times per day)

AMERICANS do not celebrate any holiday today. So what's going on? Did get killed by ICBM (IBM has been somewhat of a destructive missile/rocket in recent years*)? Just like was killed by Sheela Microsoft and James Zemlin from the anti-Linux Foundation in 2019? Not a single article this Monday. Highly unusual. Let's wait and see though. Time will tell. Notice last month's frequency (2 posts per day): about 2 posts per day

That was pre-layoffs levels, unlike now: post-layoffs

Other Red Hat sites also seem to have been quiet/inactive since the layoffs. Before the layoffs:

The enterprisers: 2 posts per day, days before layoffs

After (today):

Meet the enterprisers: After layoffs

My wife wondered aloud today, what happened to Don Watkins, David Both, Phil Shapiro, Rikki Endsley, and Ben Cotton? Some seem to have done relocations (moving to another part of the company to survive in it). Can someone enlighten us about internal affairs? ______ * ICBM cannot be genuinely trusted with Free software and barely with "Open Source" either. ICBM never profited from offering freedom to people, to companies and so on. Sadly, we're seeing the same across the board. The OSI, for instance, takes bribes from companies like Salesforce and Microsoft, proprietary giants that also work for ICE, then engages in openwashing PR. Today's OSI (not the same as before!) exists to harm the brand Open Source, showering the worst offenders with all the "open" badges. OSI is obsolete. It needs to dissolve. It sold out when Patrick left. Its co-founder Bruce Perens explained what had happened [1, 2, 3]. As for the so-called 'Linux' Foundation, it has basically been milking the "Linux" brand into oblivion (their biggest conference is not Linux-related). OSI does the same with "Open Source". When the milking is done nothing will be left. Some people, like James (Jim Zemlin) and Stefano, will have a higher bank balance. Stefano has failed to justify this to me when I had lengthy correspondences with him. We might as well refer to today's OSI as the "Microsoft lobbying group called OSI". It is still trying to legitimise Microsoft's attack on the GPL, helping Microsoft in a class action lawsuit that helps GitHub's proprietary entrapment agenda. OSI is the enemy of its own (original) mission.

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