Corel Serves Microsoft, But Does it Even Better

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When it comes to OOXML, Corel is a particularly interesting story. Quite a few years ago, when Corel became a big threat to Microsoft and a close friend of Linux, Microsoft essentially hijacked and subverted the company’s natural route [ 1, 2 ]. Antitrust memos reveal a lot more information [ 1, 2 ] which Microsoft does not want you to have. Fortunately, copies had been grabbed before Microsoft settled the trial …


Links 01/03/2023: End of HP Dev One

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… decline has pulled back sharply.   The monthly home value index released by property data from CoreLogic declined 0.14 per cent over the month – the smallest monthly loss since the Reserve Bank first started hiking interest rates in May last year.

teleSUR ☛ Sweden’s Q4 GDP Shrinks 0.9 Pct Ahead of Expected Recession

In its latest economic forecast, the European Commission said that Swedish economy would be the worst performing in the EU in 2023.

Lower …


Links 26/02/2023: EasyOS 5.0 and MaboxLinux 23.02 Istredd

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Kernel Space



Distributions and Operating Systems

New Releases


Fedora Family / IBM

Canonical/Ubuntu Family

Open Hardware/Modding

Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

Free, Libre, and Open Source Software


Productivity …


Links 18/02/2023: Wine 8.2 Released and Celebrating 20 Years of Inkscape

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… term trends.

CNX Software ☛ Control 8 relays with the Raspberry Pi Pico using PicoRelay8 or Pico-Relay-B

8086 Consultancy’s PicoRelay8 is a baseboard for the Raspberry Pi Pico (W) board equipped with eight 28V DC / 10A Normally Open relays that be used for all sorts of automation projects, while Waveshare Pico-Relay-B also supports eight relays with both DC and AC loads and comes with some extra features.

SparkFun Electronics ☛ Remember This? …


Links 03/02/2023: GNU C Library 2.37

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… a software rendering issue.

Linux Links ☛ Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Corel Pinnacle Studio

Corel has dabbled with Linux over the years. For example they produced Corel Linux, a Debian-based distribution which bundled Corel WordPerfect Office for Linux. While Corel effectively abandoned its Linux business in 2001 they are not completely Linux-phobic. For example, AfterShot Pro has an up to date Linux version albeit its proprietary software.

This series looks …


Canonical ♥ Microsoft (and Microsoft Pays for This Fake Love, No Need to Even Buy Canonical)

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… Novell is no more!

Go back further and read about Microsoft’s “Partnership” with Corel during the days of Corel Linux [1]. Where is Corel Linux? Gone, a long time ago, magically changed into Xandros [2] which…

“In June 2007, a “broad collaboration agreement” between Xandros and Microsoft was announced. The agreement included “patent covenants, similar to the agreement that Microsoft reached with Novell.””

See also:

- “Microsoft Buys into Corel”[3]

- …


Links 24/10/2022: i3 4.21.1 and Python 3.11

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… wishes,


Linux Links ☛ Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Corel PDF Document Writer – LinuxLinks

Corel Corporation is a Canadian software company specializing in graphics processing. They are best known for developing CorelDRAW, a vector graphics editor. They are also notable for purchasing and developing AfterShot Pro, PaintShop Pro, Painter, Video Studio, MindManager, and WordPerfect.

Corel has dabbled with Linux over the years. For example …


Links 16/10/2022: ArchLabs 2022.10.15 Out and GIMP Developer Website Revived

Posted in News Roundup at 1:29 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

… 4.0:


Redcore Linux 2201 release:


RetroArch 1.11:


Canonical launches free extended updates service for Ubuntu:


KaOS 2022.10:


Parrot 5.1 Released:

https://parrotsec.org/blog/2022-09-24-parrot-5.1-release-notes/ …

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