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Apple Deception

In 2009 and in 2010 we accumulated many examples of Apple deceiving the press, its customers, and even its partners. This page was habitually updated thereafter.


  • Apple Connected to AstroTurfing Agency Reverb Communications
  • Net Applications Finally Shows It’s Just a Joke: Mac ‘Market Share’ Halved Overnight!
  • Microsoft and Apple Pay Net Applications (Hitslink)
  • Apple Apologists
  • Apple Behaves Like Rogue Nation, Poor Intel Under Attack by ”Anti-American“ FTC

  • 2010

  • Apple’s #1 Product: Fake Hype
  • Eye on Apple: Hype Machine Backfires
  • Apple’s Hounding of Bloggers Becomes a PR Disaster
  • Receiving Glowing Reviews From Business Partners, Without Disclosure
  • Apple Beats Microsoft’s Infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ Live Demo
  • Joke of the Day: “Open Source Developers Should Thank Apple”
  • Eye on Apple: Instructing Employees to Lie to Customers
  • FTC Fines ‘Fake Reviews’ Firm That Worked With Apple
  • Apple Sells Perception of Self Worth and Snubs Everything Which is Free
  • Apple Distorts the Media
  • Apple Copies GNU/Linux (Poorly), Then Spreads FUD About It, Receives More Backlash

  • 2011-2013

  • Apple Fabricates ‘Evidence’ to Ban Linux Devices
  • Apple Trial Misconduct Seen as More Likely Than Before
  • Apple Has Always Been Shameless About Lying on Innovation

  • 2015

  • Apple’s Shameless Privacy Lies: The Fiction of Apple as the Very Opposite of What It Does