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This is a list of posts about BECTA.


  • Microsoft’s Exclusionary Deal in the UK: BECTA

  • 2008

  • Exploring the BECTA-Microsoft Relationship
  • BECTA: Still All About Microsoft
  • Another Form of GNU/Linux Tax, Courtesy of BECTA (UK)
  • Becta, Its Microsoft Affairs, and OpenDocument Format
  • Microsoft and BECTA’s Secret Deals: Case Study in Exploitation of Taxpayers
  • OOXML/ODF Roundup: ODF is Winning, BECTA Runs Back to Microsoft’s Bed
  • BECTA: OOXML Lock-in and Anti-Linux Abuses All Microsoft’s Fault
  • Could IMS Be Partly Affected by Microsoft? (and How This Relates to BECTA)
  • Microsoft Dealt Another Big Blow in Europe (UK), Pawns Exposed Further

  • 2009

  • Call to Abolish BECTA, Which Appoints Microsoft Children’s Parent
  • Government-Microsoft Scandal in Australia is Exposed; BECTA Pays Lip Service

  • 2010

  • BECTA Discharged

  • 2011

  • The Legacy of BECTA