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Bill Gates to Micrografx: get reasonable




From: billg Tue Feb 21 19:55:09 1989 To: mikemap Subject: steveb Cc: steve Date: Tue Feb 21 19:55:09 1989 Mail-Flags: 000

Steve talked to grayson at the conference. They said they are willing to make it 10k for the big companies and 1k for companies with less than 3M or 2M in sales Based on this us getting full use for you including source code and rights to incorporate whereever at no extra charge after that seems like a shoe-in. Talk to steveb about this. I am excited about us making this happen.

From: billg Tue Feb 21 17:09:01 1989 To: mikemap Subject: Re: Mirrors Date: Tue Feb 21 17:09:01 1989 Mail-Flags: 000

Those guys told me explicitly they were not trying to make money on this product and did it for their own use at first and were pleased others might want to use it. Their price is $10k. Agreeing to pay them 9100k to get total source rights and all updates is a fantastic deal for them. I want to call and tell them they are liars and we should have to create this ourselves if they don't get reasonable. They explicitly said we could have source.

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