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Commenting Policy

Everyone is welcome to post comments. However, we are sometimes encountering anti-GNU/Linux propagandists or hostile people who attack peers. They are those who regularly post argumentative, insulting, distracting, untrue, and generally unpleasant comments to the site containing propaganda designed slow and even prevent to acceptance of GNU/Linux by the general computing public or even acceptance of the site (ad hominem attacks). For more information, see Common Troll Tactics.

In addition, cursing, libeling, and intimidation are seen as unacceptable in the comments as these disrupt discussion. People whose professional affiliation relates to the subject of the posts (e.g. Novell or Microsoft employees commenting on a post regarding their employer) are strongly encouraged to post disclosures. This is intended to prevent corporate influence overwhelming impartial voices without it being known to visitors.

In a nutshell, be truthful and civil. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Also see: IRC Policy