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Dreamspark Reality Log

Category:Education Category:Microsoft Dreamspark is a Microsoft program designed to entice students into using proprietary Microsoft software and development platforms. The software (which includes "top-of-the-line" versions of Windows Server and Visual Studio) is available at no charge (with increased restrictions) to students with eligible educational credentials. Another such program is the MSDN Academic Alliance or MSDNAA. Unlike Dreamspark, MSDNAA requires educational institutions to pay annual fees in order to participate. The following index of articles deals with the issues and repercussions surrounding these and other such programs:

  • Poor Microsoft Gives Poor Software to Youngsters, Hoping to Remain Relevant
  • Bill Gates Bashes GNU/Linux and Out Comes His Fear
  • Microsoft’s Anti-Linux Dumping Crusade: Chapter 11.1
  • Microsoft Tries to Fight Libre with Gratis
  • An Open, Gentler Microsoft: The Best Illusion Only Novell Can Buy
  • Microsoft’s B.A.D. (Bribing, Addicting, Dumping) Comes to the Philippines
  • Down with Microsoft… in India (Updated)
  • The EDGIfication of the Philippines
  • India Moves to Free Software, So Microsoft Fights Back with Gentle Bribes and Partners
  • Microsoft’s Live@Edu Scam Finally Leaked
  • Microsoft Buys Market Share, But Still Loses Due to Technical Problems
  • Microsoft Takes Dumping Tactics up a Notch
  • Microsoft Fires Up Proxy War Against Yahoo as Debt Looms Over
  • Is Microsoft Paying Russia to Take Schools off GNU/Linux and Halt Antitrust Action?
  • Microsoft Attacks GNU/Linux (Pardus) in Turkey, Dumps on Students
  • Microsoft Tries to Associate Itself with Open Source in Order to Spread Lock-in, Dump Proprietary Software on Clients
  • What Bill Gates Did in India: Business as Usual
  • Microsoft Hijacks Maharashtra’s Education, to Teach Many Children How to Smoke Windows
  • IEEE Turns Young People Into Microsoft Customers
  • Narendra Sisodiya Takes on AICTE for Support of Foreign Software Monopolies
  • Back Room Deals as Microsoft’s Secret Recipe
  • Microsoft Loses All Credibility in E-mail

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