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DuckDuckGo is a fraudulent 'privacy' firm, which falsely markets itself as a safe haven for privacy seekers. We wrote about DuckDuckGo in the following articles among many more (since around 2012):


  • Former CIA Head Says Metadata Kills, So Don’t Use Duck Duck Go (Hosted by the CIA’s #1 Technology Partner)

  • 2020

  • Why People Should Never Ever Use DuckDuckGo

  • 2021

  • Why You Should Avoid DuckDuckGo (DDG) 2021 Edition, Now Microsoft-Hosted and With Extra Privacy Risks
  • How (Simple Technical Steps) to Convince Yourself That DuckDuckGo is Just Spyware Connected to Microsoft, Falsely Advertised as ‘Privacy’
  • EFF Pushes for Users to Install DuckDuckGo Software After Being Paid to Kill HTTPS Everywhere
  • DuckDuckGo’s HQ is Smaller Than My Apartment
  • GAFAM-Funded NPR Reports That Facebook Let Millions of People Like Trump Flout the So-called Rules. Not Just “a Few”.
  • Microsoft Search Front Ends

  • 2022

  • GNU Emacs Pointing to Microsoft Servers With Microsoft Ads (Spying) and Other Brainwash

  • 2023

  • Microsoft DuckDuckGo Falls to Lowest Share in 2 Years After Being Widely Exposed as Microsoft Proxy, Fake ‘Privacy’
  • This Month, Microsoft Bing and Its Fake ‘Privacy’ (Proxy) DuckDuckGo Fall to Lowest Share in Over a Year!
  • Microsoft and Its Proxies Are in a Freefall
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Isn’t Private