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Goldman Sachs

  • After Paying CFOs to Shut Up About Financial Conduct at Microsoft, Goldman Sachs Person Becomes Next Microsoft CFO
  • Goldman Sachs and Microsoft Top Obama Funders
  • The SEC is Going After Microsoft (Again), Not Just Goldman Sachs
  • Bill Gates Dumps His Microsoft Shares and Buys Shares Of Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and Exxon Mobil
  • Microsoft Downgraded Yet Again, CEO Bonus Cut, Goldman Sachs Says Microsoft Should be Split, and Company’s CEO Acknowledges It May Vanish
  • How the Gates Foundation is Sometimes Starving — Not Feeding — African People
  • Fake Numbers and Possible GPL Violations at Goldman Sachs
  • Even Goldman Sachs Recognises Microsoft’s Imminent Demise
  • Banking Sector Suffers From Patents Too, Goldman Sachs Getting Well Armed With Patents