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Interval Research Corporation (or Interval Licensing LLC) has produced a patent troll which is owned and operated by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Posts which are an ongoing exploration of the subject include:


  • What is Interval Research Corporation? (Origin of Paul Allen’s Patent Troll)
  • Second Microsoft Co-founder Becomes a Patent Troll Just Like Bill Gates, Sues Microsoft Competitors
  • Microsoft a Major Breeding Ground of Patent Trolls
  • Paul Allen’s Patent Troll Obviously Did Not Sue Microsoft, But Why Did Amazon Get a Free Pass?
  • Why Paul Allen (Interval Patent Troll) Targets Companies That Do Not Cross-license With (or Pay) Microsoft
  • Red Hat Pushes for Patent Reform While Microsoft Patent Trolls Are Suing, Sometimes Losing (lawsuit dismissed)
  • Patent Trolls Paul Allen and Jay Walker Will Carry on Trolling

  • 2011

  • Microsoft Co-founder — Like Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures — Helps Add Patent Tax to Linux
  • Microsoft Patent Trolls Intellectual Ventures and Interval Extortion Sue by Proxy, Directly
  • Microsoft’s Three Musketeers (Gates, Allen, Myhrvold) Still Assault the Market With Patents

  • 2018

  • Microsoft Patent Trolls and IBM Against 35 U.S.C. § 101 and for Software Patents, Blackmail
  • On Virnetx, Intellectual Ventures, Interval Licensing and Other Microsoft-Connected Patent Trolls That Microsoft Leverages to Attack Its Competition
  • Patent Trolls Are Still Active and Microsoft is Closely Connected to Many of Them

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