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Lotus Exhibits

Category:Comes v Microsoft Category:Antitrust Category:Microsoft Category:Lotus Category:WordPerfect This index deals with Comes vs Microsoft court exhibits which offer a glance at the history of Microsoft abuse. This page also contains some WordPerfect-related exhibits. For a concise summary of some of the exhibits, see "Petition text - overview".


  • Lotus Notes a major threat (Exhibit PX07445_E)
  • Understanding WordPerfect (Exhibit PX00012)
  • Competitive analysis of Lotus Notes/Domino R5 (Exhibit PX08143)
  • Enabling Exchange through detailed anaysis of Notes/Domino and DECS, IBM threat to Knowledge Workers (Exhibit px03000)

  • Malice

  • Lotus and WordPerfect mis-stepped on DOS (Exhibit PX07714)
  • Avoid producing lowest common denominator product (Exhibit PX00010)
  • Microsoft forgets to invite Lotus to OLE preview (Exhibit px02311)

  • Penalties

  • Optimize load times for Office (Exhibit PX07949)
  • No protected mode spec for Lotus (Exhibit PX00094)
  • Why Lotus was told the shell would not be OLE enabled (Exhibit PX02235)

  • Attacks

  • Getting Lotus to bundle to half profits (Exhibit PX00038)
  • Kill Lotus Strategy (Exhibit PX00043)
  • Bad Microsoft tag may have affected prospective business partners (Exhibit PX02267)

  • Posts of Interest

  • Antitrust: How Microsoft Used Kickbacks (“Referral Programs”) to Advance Its Inferior Products