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Martin Goetz

Martin Goetz is said to be the first man to be granted a patent on an algorithm. This seems to be his sole achievement. He is, at present, a front-line proponent of software patents. He was mentioned in the following posts.


  • Martin Goetz Ridiculed for Starting and Harbouring Software Patents

  • 2010

  • “Obama Administration Funds the Tobacco Patent Lobby” and Goetz’s Pro-Software Patents Piece Vanishes, Reappears, Debunked
  • The Man Who Brought Software Patents to the US “Nicely Demonstrates Why We Shouldn’t Allow *Hardware* Patents Either”
  • Klinkert Zindel Partner is Promoting Software Patents in Europe

  • 2011

  • Shocker: Man With First Software Patent Defends Software Patents
  • Patent Lawyers Push for Software Patents, Poorly

  • 2013

  • Software Patents Proponent Martin Goetz Groomed by a Microsoft Booster, Unrest Over Software Patents Evident in Europe
  • Novartis Pursued by Government Prosecutors, But Not for Its Patent Abuses