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OpenLogic is the firm of a former Microsoft manager, who uses FUD to monetise Free software. The business model is similar to that of Black Duck. OpenLogic was covered by Techrights in many posts including:


  • The Open Source ‘Census’ Lost Its Credibility
  • GMOME, OpenLogic, and the Microsoft Connection

  • 2009

  • OpenLogic — Like Novell — Supports Red Hat Clone
  • Looking for Violations in Free Software: Fearsome or Awesome?
  • “GPL is Scary!! Please Buy Our Products”
  • Microsoft’s Ally Fortify is Fortifying Fear of Free Software, Just Like OpenLogic and Black Duck

  • 2010

  • FUD Watch: OpenLogic Survey Shows Enterprises Should be Afraid of GPL
  • Good News, Bad News From OpenLogic

  • 2011

  • Firms With Microsoft Ties Discourage Use of the GPL Licence
  • ZDNet Spins the Spreading of Free Software as a Loss to Free Software
  • Former Microsoft Managers Still Monetise Fear of GPL

  • 2012

  • OpenLogic Enters the Fog
  • Open Logic for Proprietary Thinking
  • OpenLogic Helps Microsoft Again
  • Growing the FOSS Fear Industry

  • 2013

  • Formerly Microsoft, But New FUD
  • Too Many Microsoft Proxies Inside the FOSS World

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