Bonum Certa Men Certa


Here are posts that explain the activities of RPX. As of 2020, RPX is barely heard of anymore.


  • RPX: Another Massive Patent Troll?
  • RPX “Protection Racket”
  • More Microsoft Patent Trolls, Extortions, and SCO

  • 2010

  • Microsoft Joins RPX
  • Patents Roundup: RPX Grows, Netflix Issues a Patent Challenge, More on In Re Bilski

  • 2011

  • Patent Cartels Galore: RPX IPO, Acacia Moves Racketeering Operation to Texas

  • 2017

  • New Information About the Gradual Collapse of RPX, a Microsoft-Backed Patent Troll
  • Patent Trolls Are Going Bust in the United States (Along With the 'Protection' Racket Conglomerates)

  • 2018

  • RPX Might Soon be Owned by Patent Troll Erich Spangenberg
  • Unified Patents Says That RPX, Which Might Soon be Owned by Patent Trolls, Paid Patent Trolls Hundreds of Millions of Dollars
  • Microsoft Has Left RPX, But RPX Now Pays a Microsoft Patent Troll, Intellectual Ventures
  • RPX, RIP