Bonum Certa Men Certa


Startpage markets itself as a search engine that respects privacy. A closer look, however, reveals that to be a blatant lie. We covered the subject and explored the facts in the articles below.


  • Confirmation: System1/Startpage Offered Pay to People Who Pushed for (Re)Listing in Privacy Directories
  • Startpage/System1 Almost Definitely Pay for People to Lie About Their Surveillance
  • StartPage (System1) Found New Spin Allies. Some Have Been Offered StartPage Jobs. Some Might Already be Working for StartPage in Secret.

  • 2019

  • Fuzzy Logic and Personal Attacks: How Startpage Guards Its Image After Becoming a Surveillance Company
  • Startpage and System1: Lying for Almost a Year and Nowadays Making Things Personal/Ad Hominem (Shooting the Messengers)
  • Startpage CEO Robert Beens in 'Damage Control' Mode, Trying to Get Startpage Relisted After Selling to a Massive Surveillance Company
  • Startpage Looks Like It’s AstroTurfing — With Payments to Twitter — in Order to Boost the False Perception of ‘Privacy’
  • Startpage is Not Denying Its Betrayal of Privacy, It is Just Being Evasive
  • No, Startpage is Not Dutch Anymore
  • Startpage Has Been Delisted, But it Ought to be Blacklisted
  • Privacy-Centric Services and Even Drupal/Acquia Defect to the Camp of Mass Surveillance
  • Startpage Shows Sheer Hypocrisy After Selling Out and Betraying Privacy (Corrected)
  • System1 (Company Behind Startpage, Dogpile, WebCrawler, MetaCrawler and More) Calls Surveillance “Privacy”
  • ‘Dutch’ Startpage Gets a Lot of Traffic Channeled Through/From Small Shop (“Google Premier Partner”) in Scotland
  • Startpage, Dogpile, WebCrawler, MetaCrawler and Maybe Many Others Send Data to a Surveillance Company Subsidised by the Goldman Sachs-Connected Court Square Capital Partners
  • Age of Digital Deception: Startpage, Mozilla and the Linux Foundation Are Enemies of Your Privacy
  • Startpage and System1 Abuse Your Privacy Under the Guise of ‘Privacy One Group’