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Surf the Java wave





From: Ben Slivka Sent: Thursday, January 23, 1997 10:21 PM To: Mark Lucovsky Subject: FW: updated "proposed" Microsoft API Strategy slides

Mark, long time no see! I've been learning about Java, and I've got what might appear to be a pretty radical proposal for Windows & Java. I would love to discuss this with you at you earliest convenience ..

The Windows Platform


  • Maintain Windows marketshare and ervenue

  • Surf the Java wave

  • ..

    Java is the Answer

  • Java improves developer productivity

  • Java is to C/C++ as C is to ASM ..

  • Java supercedes the DLL architecture of Windows

  • Java is a wonderful opportunity to modernize and enhance Windows

  • ..

  • Will Java ever match the execution speed of C/C++? we will get close

  • What about Cross Platform? a red herring

  • Doesn't this make Windows a commodity (drive MSFT)? no

  • ..

  • Application Foundation Classes run on any browser, OS, CPU but are
  • optimized for Win32

  • This is a developer safety blanket for our customers and ourselves.

  • Cross platform apps will never be as rich as Windows apps - it's our
  • job to ensure this tautology remains true!

  • We need to do a better job of cross platform than our competitors

  • ..

    What if we ignore Java?

  • Someone else will execute on the above strategy (Sun)

  • JavaOS comes along (on low-end devices?), runs these Java apps (which
  • are easier/faster to write!)

  • Windows becomes irrelevant in bigger and bigger section of the market

  • Microsoft has no choice, we must seize control the Java platform! ..

  • Java leadership is our Destiny

  • ..

    Java leadership: our Destiny

    We had three choices:

  • Windows all the way, no cross-platform

  • Take Win32 cross platform, use Colusa

  • Embrace and extend Java ...

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