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Category:Linux Category:Microsoft Category:Racket Turbolinux joined Microsoft's patent racket after it had agreed to collaborate on OOXML. Here is a partial list of key posts about Turbolinux. Most of these posts are critical of the company.

  • TurboLinux Joins Hands with Microsoft on OOXML (Updated)
  • Did GPLv3 Intercept a Planned Patent Deal with Turbolinux?
  • Turbolinux Sells Out
  • Turbolinux Might be the Next Linspire (It’s Not a Compliment)
  • Turbolinux Kisses Microsoft in Public
  • The Mandriva and Turbolinux Deal Revisited
  • Turbolinux Team Leader Becomes Windows Programmer
  • Founding CEO of TurboLinux No Longer at TurboLinux
  • Turbolinux is History After Microsoft Patent Deal