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Undocumenting the shell integration API

Date: December 1994



From: Doug Henrich To: Bill Gates Subject: FW: 12/15/94 First Wave Status Report & Issues Date Friday, December 16, 1994 3:56 PM


From: Brad Struss


  • Adobe (Pagemaker)

  • We've seen an internal demo that was very stable and fast. The biggest issue right now is if we can exploit the Pagemaker group's efforts due to corporate policy which denies them to announce/demo product too far in advance of it shipping. This may change under Adobe umbrella.


  • Power soft ..

  • On OLE they are frustrated that every implementation seems to be a little different. They would like to get a beta version of Word & Excel for Windows 95 to look at their OLE implementation


  • Symantic (utilities)

  • Undocumenting the shell integration API was a blow to them .. We;ve heard different things from different people in their group, but have yet to get the official word on if they plan to use the undoc'd API or not.


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