Bonum Certa Men Certa

Voice input will catch on more rapidly than graphics did

Date: October 1994



From: Bill Gates

To: Bernard Vergnes: Brian Fleming; Chris Peters; Hank Virgil; Jeff Raiks; Joachim Kempin; John Neilson; Lewis Levin; Mike Brown; Mike Maples; Pate Higgins; Pete Pathe; Richard Fade; Steve Ballmer

Cc: Bill Gates; Executive Staff and Direct Reports Subject: "Sea Change" brings oppurtunity Date: Thursday, October 06, 1994 11:35 PM

This memo looks at the opportunities created for DAD and other groups over the next decade as the

framework of computing changes.


One "sea change" that is still at least three years away but probably not more than 6 years away is the move to extensive use of voice input. This will catch on more rapidly than graphics did. This will have a deep effect on Office. This is one we should be spending time on today.


I still believe that once tablet sized computing has the right accuracy and physical characteristics that pen based computing will be successful and that either mainstream applications will address this or a new category will emerge.

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