Bonum Certa Men Certa

Why identifying Microsoft talking points is important

The Drones list and Credibility Index are both intended merely to identify reporters and analysts whose interests intersect with Microsoft's and convictions against Free software likewise.

There are more organised movements/lobbies that advance Microsoft's interests, such as the Business Software Alliance, Association for Competitive Technology, Computing Technology Industry Association, IASA, ISC and PR agencies like Waggener Edstrom and Edelman. There are countless others, including LawMedia, DCI, and Dewey Square Group.

The main reason this issue needs to be tackled is that money -- not logic -- often motivates the demotion of Free software in the public mind. It is reverse-PR, where the image of one's competition gets damaged by hiring of agencies (or monetary compensation). For an objective assessment it is thus important to avoid particular messengers, whose bias is clear to longtime observers.

Judgment is based on a long pattern of publication and/or behaviour, which makes the sample set compelling enough an evidence.