Win95 was Internet ready

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From: Tom Evslin
To: John Ludwig; Brad Silverberg; Richard Tong; Russ Siegelman; Bill Gates (Xenix) ; David Wood; Nathan Myhrvold; Jim Allchin (jimail);Joathim Kempin joachimk): Ken Goetsch (kengoe): Mike Maples (Xenix); Paul Maritz (paulma)
Subject: MCI as an access provider


The proposal as sent to MCI

As we discussed (confidentially). Windows95 (nee Chicago) will contain at least a TCP/IP stack, SLIP and PPP, an SMTP/POP mail client, a newgroup client, a mosaic client, an ftp client, and a gopher client. In short, almost everything needed to be up and going on the Internet except a way to open an account with an access provider ..

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