Ben Slivka: how do we wrest control of Java away from Sun

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Date: 1997




From: Ben Slivka
Sent: Monday, April 14, 1997 3:09 AM
To: Bill Gates
Subject: java review with you


I'm working with [paulma | List of Microsoft Staff Aliases] to set up a 2 - 3 hour review for you on our Java efforts (I hope before your May think week) When I met with you last, you had a lot of pretty pointed questions about Java, so I want to make sure I understand your issues/concerns.

Here's a start, can you please add any that I'm missing?

1. What is our business model for Java? 2. How do we wrest control of Java away from Sun?

3. How do we turn Java into just the latest, best way to write Windows applications?

4. What are we doing to leverage/expose Windows to Java developers? 5. What patents do we have (fillled/granted) that we can use against Sun?


Just FYI: I took on the Java effort last August, just after my team shipped IE 3. I know it wouldn't be an easy job (or popular) job, but Java seemed to me to be the biggest threat to Microsoft, and I wanted it solved ..

Thanks, bens

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