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a good tactic to tie java developers to windows ..

From: Stan Murawski Sent: Thursday, July 10, 1997 8:41 AM To: Sara Williams (DRG)

If we are shipping AFC with Windows and IE, what about MFC. How do we explain this discrepancy to ISV, and explain away the hidden message that MFC is "de-emphasized"? What is our plan here?


I am getting more comfortable with the spin - AFC is here now, and is for cross-platform .. When the new class libs come out, they will be a good tactic to use to tie java developers to windows ..


billg on how to cause a Java schism ..From: Bill Gates Sent: Monday, June 16, 1997 3:38 AM To: Paul Maritz Cc: Arron Contorer; Natham Myhrvold; John Lufwig; Paul Gross; Ben Slivka Subject: Java schism

A point that is important to me is to have PURE JAVA applications that do a lot HAVE to ship a full runtime instead of being able to count on the run time being shipped with the operating system. This will make more complex in some ways that a Windows application that uses our native APIs. It will make the installation and version management harder.

Since we do want to run JAVA applets in the browser we have to provide some JAVA support there. It may be that some of the JAVA runtime should ONLY be available through the browser - like AWT versus our equivalent. I think restricting things to the browser is an important idea that should be explored.


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