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a good tactic to tie java developers to windows ..

From: Stan Murawski Sent: Thursday, July 10, 1997 8:41 AM To: Sara Williams (DRG)

If we are shipping AFC with Windows and IE, what about MFC. How do we explain this discrepancy to ISV, and explain away the hidden message that MFC is "de-emphasized"? What is our plan here?


I am getting more comfortable with the spin - AFC is here now, and is for cross-platform .. When the new class libs come out, they will be a good tactic to use to tie java developers to windows ..



surf the Java wave ..

From: Ben Slivka Sent: Thursday, January 23, 1997 10:21 PM To: Mark Lucovsky Subject: FW: updated "proposed" Microsoft API Strategy slides

Mark, long time no see! I've been learning about Java, and I've got what might appear to be a pretty radical proposal for Windows & Java. I would love to discuss this with you at you earliest convenience ..

The Windows Platform


  • Maintain Windows marketshare and ervenue
  • Surf the Java wave


Java is the Answer

  • Java improves developer productivity
  • Java is to C/C++ as C is to ASM ..
  • Java supercedes the DLL architecture of Windows
  • Java is a wonderful opportunity to modernize and enhance Windows


  • Will Java ever match the execution speed of C/C++? we will get close
  • What about Cross Platform? a red herring
  • Doesn't this make Windows a commodity (drive MSFT)? no


  • Application Foundation Classes run on any browser, OS, CPU but are

optimized for Win32

  • This is a developer safety blanket for our customers and ourselves.
  • Cross platform apps will never be as rich as Windows apps - it's our

job to ensure this tautology remains true!

  • We need to do a better job of cross platform than our competitors


What if we ignore Java?

  • Someone else will execute on the above strategy (Sun)
  • JavaOS comes along (on low-end devices?), runs these Java apps (which

are easier/faster to write!)

  • Windows becomes irrelevant in bigger and bigger section of the market
  • Microsoft has no choice, we must seize control the Java platform! ..
  • Java leadership is our Destiny


Java leadership: our Destiny

We had three choices:

  • Windows all the way, no cross-platform
  • Take Win32 cross platform, use Colusa
  • Embrace and extend Java ...

comes v Microsoft

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