IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 19th, 2009

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trmancoah crapAug 19 00:32
trmancolook at that damn tweetAug 19 00:32
trmancotwitter has yet another xss attackAug 19 00:32
trmanco!Aug 19 00:32
trmancoand I was a victimAug 19 00:32
schestowitzWhat happend?Aug 19 00:33
trmancoI have no ideaAug 19 00:34
schestowitzSpying...Aug 19 00:34
trmancoI deleted that tweetAug 19 00:34
schestowitzMoody had that tooAug 19 00:34
schestowitzHey, trmanco, did you REALLY twit that?Aug 19 00:34
trmanconoAug 19 00:35
schestowitzC'mon you can tell me, it's just me. Don't be embarrassed :-)Aug 19 00:35
trmancosomebody didAug 19 00:35
trmanconoAug 19 00:35
schestowitzSure, sure.Aug 19 00:35
trmancoit wasn'tmeAug 19 00:35
schestowitzOf course notAug 19 00:35
trmancomehAug 19 00:35
trmancoI only use web for RT'sAug 19 00:35
trmancofrom mashable or tweetmemeAug 19 00:35
trmancoand all my url are compressedAug 19 00:36
trmancoand I'm not fatAug 19 00:37
trmancowhy would I tweet something like thatAug 19 00:37
trmancoand at 23 minutes ago, I was actually really focused on searching for .htaccess hack and tipsAug 19 00:39
trmancoso there is now way I would tweet something unrelated to what I was doingAug 19 00:39
trmancoshould be enough proofAug 19 00:40
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usigahelloAug 19 00:41
schestowitztrmanco: yeah, I was pulling your leg for laughsAug 19 00:41
schestowitzusiga: hiAug 19 00:41
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Confirmed: Gartner and Burton Groups Wrong, Boycott Novell Correct on ODF and Patents 19 00:41
trmanco:)Aug 19 00:42
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schestowitz"Mr Horowitz condemns all of linux because he is having trouble updating a bootable version of Linux installed on a thumb drive. That's about it." 19 00:44
schestowitzVery typical thatAug 19 00:44
schestowitzBut Horowitz is NOT the bad guyAug 19 00:44
schestowitzHe complaint about Linux only sometimes, but he tries promoting itAug 19 00:44
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schestowitzSo the reactions there in the comments are not most constructive IMHOAug 19 00:44
Diablo-D3horowitzAug 19 00:46
Diablo-D3why does that name sound familiarAug 19 00:46
schestowitzThere are many with that nameAug 19 00:47
schestowitzBut he used to write for CNETAug 19 00:47
schestowitzNow Jupitermedia and IDGAug 19 00:48
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Diablo-D3schestowitz: wait, does he write for linuxtoday now?Aug 19 00:50
schestowitzCool. We made 'the news': Will the Era of File Format Lock-In Ever End? < >Aug 19 00:51
trmanco 19 00:52
schestowitzDiablo-D3: nope, IDG in this case (blog)Aug 19 00:52
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[trmanco] Firefox Performance: The “don’t touch the damn disk” edition.: 19 00:52
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[trmanco] Please tell me Firefox won't ever look like this on first run.: 19 00:53
trmancowowAug 19 00:54
trmanco 19 00:54
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[trmanco] staging site (now 80% less broken!): 19 00:55
trmanco 19 00:59
trmancohahaAug 19 00:59
trmancoI'm sure you have seen it alreadyAug 19 00:59
trmanco"i4i said it has looked at OpenOffice and found it doesn’t infringe on its patents. "Aug 19 00:59
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schestowitzPriceless: 19 01:05
schestowitztrmanco: yes, see above just half an hour ago in IRC. I made a post in BNAug 19 01:05
schestowitzI'm quite pleased with Firefox 3.5. Better than 3.0 for sureAug 19 01:06
schestowitzAlso more stable and behaves OK with RAM boundariesAug 19 01:06
schestowitzI can avoid touching swap file for _days_Aug 19 01:06
trmancoI use swiftweaselAug 19 01:07
schestowitzHeartland Hackers Caught; Answers and Questions < >Aug 19 01:08
schestowitzU.S. Broadband Growth Slowest in Eight Years < >Aug 19 01:11
Diablo-D3schestowitz: you know why the growth is slow?Aug 19 01:11
Diablo-D3they dont need to lay any more fiberAug 19 01:11
schestowitzToday I had a Microsoft minion ask me to slow down in Twitter, as though it's a per-request thing where by subscribing to me he also gets to tell me how to writeAug 19 01:11
Diablo-D3most fiber laid in the 90s and 00s, paid for by congress with our tax dollars, remains darkAug 19 01:11
schestowitzDiablo-D3: fiber concelled hereAug 19 01:11
schestowitzBTAug 19 01:11
schestowitzFibre is good for growth. It builds strong tissue. Oh, not *that* type of fibreAug 19 01:12
*Diablo-D3 facepalmsAug 19 01:12
schestowitz:-)Aug 19 01:12
schestowitzApple Investigates iPhone Explosion Rumors -> 19 01:14
schestowitzApple could use some toppling to keep them humbleAug 19 01:14
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schestowitztrmanco: look what you did: 19 01:22
trmancohehAug 19 01:22
trmancothat's actually funnyAug 19 01:23
trmancothey actually knew that tweet was coming, and they leftAug 19 01:24
trmancohahaAug 19 01:24
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-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] if you are in the US, do not sign up with T-Mobile under any circumstances please forwardAug 19 01:56
schestowitztrmanco: Novell Fails with Moonlight < >Aug 19 01:59
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schestowitzI've just added a picture to the post: 19 02:03
Will_schestowitz: has something changed with the comments system beyond the login?  I've noticed that it won't let me comment on some articles even after I log in.Aug 19 02:04
schestowitzHow old are the article?Aug 19 02:04
schestowitzIf older than 15 days, then there's no optionAug 19 02:04
Will_Sometimes a little older, sometimes second from the top.Aug 19 02:04
schestowitzWeird..Aug 19 02:05
schestowitzDoes it just come up like comments are closed?Aug 19 02:05
Will_I figured you had put something in to cut off old posts, but it was strange when it wasn't working for relatively fresh ones.Aug 19 02:05
schestowitzOld posts closed due to comments spammersAug 19 02:06
Will_It says I need to be logged in to comment, I log in, then it dumps me back to the post as if I hadn't logged in.Aug 19 02:06
schestowitzWhat browser?Aug 19 02:06
Will_FF 3.5Aug 19 02:06
schestowitzFirst time I heard of this issueAug 19 02:06
Will_I'll try it nowAug 19 02:06
schestowitzAt least it doesn't chew up your postAug 19 02:06
schestowitzMy guess:Aug 19 02:07
schestowitzCachingAug 19 02:07
schestowitzServer-sideAug 19 02:07
schestowitzIf you log in, then load up the same pageAug 19 02:07
Will_I think you might be right one that.Aug 19 02:08
Will_It did it again with the Gartner/Burton/ODF post, but after wiping the cache, it worked.Aug 19 02:09
Will_ThanksAug 19 02:10
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schestowitzSo maybe browser sideAug 19 02:11
schestowitz[cache]Aug 19 02:11
schestowitzEither way, we get far fewer comments after policy changeAug 19 02:11
schestowitzIt reduced the trolling without needing to ever intervene with commentsAug 19 02:11
Will_I was about to comment on that.  It has really cut down on the troll population.Aug 19 02:11
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thenixedreportHey guys.Aug 19 02:12
schestowitzThey probably migrate somwhere elseAug 19 02:12
schestowitzMore trollableAug 19 02:13
schestowitzHi, thenixedreport Aug 19 02:13
Will_Kinda tangentally related to MS, but the PS3 Slim released today to.  With a price cut that puts it right in line with the Xbox.  (+ free wifi in PS3).Aug 19 02:14
Will_Maybe that will help Sony move some units.  I'd kinda hate to see MS do to that field what they did to PCs.Aug 19 02:14
Will_And are trying to do to netbooksAug 19 02:15
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schestowitzNo Linux support, but hey.... the userbase of PS3 was never that large to begin with and Sony crippled access by Linux to the real powerAug 19 02:25
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] RT @arkadyrose PayPal doubles fees for Personal accounts, "forgets" to tell customers: 19 02:25
schestowitzSony should offer /real/ access by LinuxAug 19 02:26
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] NotN: Sony unveils less huge PlayStation 3 19 02:27
schestowitzYuck. Jumping the whale (Twitter): FCC Creates Blog, Twitter Account < >Aug 19 02:28
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Will_I heard that the Slim removes the option to install Linux entirely, though.  sad if true.Aug 19 02:29
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schestowitzMicrosoft has fallen way behind... 19 02:30
schestowitzSony also made the support semi hearted anywayAug 19 02:30
Will_I heard.  I don't remember why though.Aug 19 02:31
Will_* looks at website listAug 19 02:31
Will_Ah, Bing sure is popular, isn't it?  Taking google by storm, looks like ;PAug 19 02:31
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schestowitzHehehe.Aug 19 02:32
schestowitzAnd that's US-ONLYAug 19 02:33
schestowitzMicrosoft is bigger int he USAug 19 02:33
schestowitzBong is only about 3% globally I learnedAug 19 02:33
schestowitzIn most countries people may not even know it exists (no marketing there either)Aug 19 02:33
schestowitzHere in the UK Microsoft resorted using little kids to market the VistasterAug 19 02:34
Will_Here's why companies should make game consoles open to Linux: 19 02:35
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] New "related posts" feature on from across all of - how's it to you, the reader? Of interest?Aug 19 02:36
Will_I can't tell if this quote is funny or sad: "“Our competition is absolutely the XBox 360. That’s the one to beat! Thank God they didn’t build hardware that worked, we’d have real trouble if they had.”"Aug 19 02:38
schestowitz"Matthew Miller of Newark, Delaware, was hit with $195K in damages and $15K in legal fees by US District Judge Susan Illston in the case brought in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. Miller sold unlicensed software packages from Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft through a site called iOffer, frequently offering huge discounts." Aug 19 02:39
schestowitz 19 02:39
schestowitzHe should have burned FOSS and sold itAug 19 02:39
schestowitzWho would buy an xbox now that error (fatality) rates are known?Aug 19 02:40
schestowitzOnly Fools and HorsesAug 19 02:40
Will_There's apparently plenty though.  I'm starting to think the only reason the Xbox sales figures top the PS3's at this point is because of repeat Xbox purchases when they fry themselves outside of the warranty period.Aug 19 02:41
schestowitzWhere?Aug 19 02:41
schestowitzIn the US?Aug 19 02:41
schestowitzMicrosoft+NPD love deceiving.Aug 19 02:41
Will_I've heard of cases.Aug 19 02:42
Will_You'd think people would learn.  Is Halo that addictive?Aug 19 02:42
schestowitz 19 02:43
schestowitzAddictively HYPEDAug 19 02:43
schestowitzIt's as though Microsoft paid many publications to hype it up in 2007Aug 19 02:43
schestowitzI wrote about itAug 19 02:43
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schestowitzWorldwide Top 10, 08th Aug 2009Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz1 Wii Sports Resort 475,558Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz2 Wii Sports 200,700Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz3 SD Gundam G Generation Wars 185,354Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz4 Tales of VS. 143,773Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz5 Monster Hunter Tri 137,054Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz6 Dragon Quest IX: Protectors ... 123,050Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz7 Wii Fit 119,365Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz8 Mario Kart Wii 93,703Aug 19 02:43
schestowitz9 Tomodachi Collection 90,389Aug 19 02:43
schestowitzNo XboxAug 19 02:44
Will_sales figures don't look too bad considering Xbox had a 1 year lead.Aug 19 02:44
Will_will be interesting to see what the price break doesAug 19 02:44
schestowitzIn Japan, PS3 outsells XBox 360 10:1Aug 19 02:44
schestowitzIf those figures are trueAug 19 02:44
schestowitzMicrosoft stated a year earlierAug 19 02:45
schestowitzSo no real victory thereAug 19 02:45
schestowitzWill_: yeah, beat me to it :-)Aug 19 02:45
fewaNot to mention all the money Microsoft is pouring in the loss operationAug 19 02:45
Will_Now, I admit that Sony made just about every mistake they could make this generation, but I'm still pulling for them and big N because the alternative is Microsoft taking over.Aug 19 02:46
fewaWhile Nintendo has make money their on both subsequent consolesAug 19 02:46
fewa*made money on bothAug 19 02:47
fewaMicrosoft can't take over if they cant make moneyAug 19 02:47
schestowitzRMS: "The rich in the US continue to take more and more of the national income. The top .01% now get 6% of the income." 19 02:47
fewaschestowitz, that one more reason why GDP is such a BS metricAug 19 02:48
schestowitzMicrosoft was once going to buy NintendoAug 19 02:48
fewathey wouldn't have made money that wayAug 19 02:48
schestowitzObama on Drugs: 98% Cheney? < >Aug 19 02:50
fewaoseph Stiglitz - Problems with GDP as an Economic Barometer 19 02:50
schestowitzThis one reminds me of DaemonFC: 19 02:50
schestowitz"Venezuela has adopted a law censoring all newsmedia, prohibiting publication of anything that could encourage hatred or aggression, or even "indiscipline", among children. It also prohibits anything that "deforms the language" or attacks "healthy values, good customs or public health"."Aug 19 02:52
schestowitz 19 02:52
schestowitzgnAug 19 02:53
Will_gnAug 19 02:53
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-BNc/#boycottnovell-[scientes] Scarborogh defends health insurance profits, left "Speechless" by Rep Anthony Weiner 19 03:24
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[scientes] Scarborogh defends health insurance profits, left "Speechless" by Rep Anthony Weiner #publicoption #singlepayer #hcAug 19 03:25
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-BNc/#boycottnovell-[d235j] RT @davidgerard: if you are in the US, do not sign up with T-Mobile under any circumstances please forwardAug 19 03:54
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[scientes] RT @d235j looks interesting, T-Mobile is the only carrier that uses sim cards (this is good) and is not 19 04:01
Diablo-D3too bad t-mobile's quality sycksAug 19 04:07
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[d235j] @scientes that's not how RT (retweet) is used. also AT&T uses sim cards in the US, not only T-Mobile.Aug 19 04:08
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[scientes] @d235j o0O, I though "RT" meant "reply to"Aug 19 04:12
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[d235j] @scientes no rt is needed for replies. :)Aug 19 04:28
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wizzerWhat do you think of this Roy? 19 04:51
Diablo-D3 19 04:51
Diablo-D3buh, what?Aug 19 04:51
wizzer 19 04:52
wizzeri thought that would slow you drones down a bit....Aug 19 04:54
wizzerseems it worked rather well...the worker bees are mobilizingAug 19 04:54
Diablo-D3who's blog is that?Aug 19 04:58
wizzeri have no idea...but he has Schestowitz down to a science except for associating him with 7Aug 19 04:59
Diablo-D3the guys a faggot I thinkAug 19 04:59
Diablo-D3or incredibly ignorantAug 19 04:59
wizzerSchestowitz is an idiot for sure but he is *not* 7Aug 19 04:59
Diablo-D3the gaming culture paragraph sinks the entire articleAug 19 05:00
wizzerLot's of fags in COLA...HPT, Marti, Greg Shearman, and many more. It's like a closet queen conventionAug 19 05:00
Diablo-D3wizzer: also, fuck offAug 19 05:00
Diablo-D3schestowitz is not an idiotAug 19 05:00
Diablo-D3hes just... slightly misguidedAug 19 05:00
wizzeryea..u don't like hearing the truth about your pied piper masterAug 19 05:00
Diablo-D3my pied piper master? schestowitz accused me of leading the tor attack against himAug 19 05:01
wizzeryou guys are idiots and are being usedAug 19 05:01
Diablo-D3I'm here merely to watch people fail to actually do anything to schestowitzAug 19 05:02
wizzerSchestowitz is a scam, a fraud and the fools who refuse to believe it are super fools.Aug 19 05:02
Diablo-D3its actually rather amazing how microsoft trolls are epic failuresAug 19 05:02
Diablo-D3wizzer: actually, schestowitz just glues public information togetherAug 19 05:02
Diablo-D3nothing about what he does is a scamAug 19 05:02
Diablo-D3a scam implies money or other similar implements have exchanged handsAug 19 05:02 continue to believe about Linux at less than 1 percent of the desktop after 15 yearsAug 19 05:03
wizzerso who is the failure?Aug 19 05:03
wizzeru think schestowitz is oing this for free?Aug 19 05:03
Diablo-D3the problem with your argument is that you think I care if linux is widely used on the desktopAug 19 05:03
wizzerYou're an idiot if you believe thatAug 19 05:03
wizzerdoingAug 19 05:03
Diablo-D3the desktop is actually rather boring targetAug 19 05:04
Diablo-D3money isn't made on the desktop, its made in enterprise solutionsAug 19 05:04
Diablo-D3microsoft cant break into that, and they've triedAug 19 05:04
wizzersure...typical Linux loser remark..hint the desktop is the most lucrative of all markets.Aug 19 05:04
Diablo-D3they never will, eitherAug 19 05:04
Diablo-D3the desktop is not lucrative at allAug 19 05:04
Diablo-D3theres no money to be made thereAug 19 05:05
wizzerduhhh...and what do you think 8000 desktops in a corporate setting will bring in? Are you that stupid?Aug 19 05:05
Diablo-D3money for who, exactly?Aug 19 05:05
wizzerYou guys are idiots....MS akes their real money on the desktopAug 19 05:05
Diablo-D3the hardware manufacturer makes most of that money on those 8k desktops, not microsoftAug 19 05:05
wizzerOffice, Windows etc.. compare the desktop to servers and see what you getAug 19 05:05
wizzermakesAug 19 05:06
Diablo-D3do you know why IBM dropped out of the consumer desktop market?Aug 19 05:06
Diablo-D3it was the least profitable division they hadAug 19 05:06
Diablo-D3now they do only enterprise hardwareAug 19 05:06
wizzerBecause IBM are idiots and never figured out how to market to the consumer...see the IBM retail shops they opened, and closed back in the 80's.Aug 19 05:06
wizzerThey tried to sell the PCJr...Aug 19 05:07
wizzerYou have no clue'Aug 19 05:07
Diablo-D3Dude, if you're going to troll, at least be entertainingAug 19 05:08
wizzerI seem to be taking you apart piece by piece...what more would you like?Aug 19 05:10
Diablo-D3Oh, you are? Since when did you think IRC mattered?Aug 19 05:11
wizzerI'll leave you with one final thoughtAug 19 05:11
wizzer 19 05:11
wizzerYour boy Roy Schestowitz is using all of you...And like the idiots you are you are taking up the you know what...think about itAug 19 05:11
wizzerByeAug 19 05:11
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Diablo-D3wow, amazingAug 19 05:16
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Diablo-D3 19 05:23
DaemonFC 19 05:23
Diablo-D3DaemonFC: manAug 19 05:24
Diablo-D3you just missed a trollAug 19 05:24
DaemonFC 19 05:26
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Diablo-D3god this video is lolAug 19 05:27
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fewathe military march musicAug 19 05:44
fewaGod why is it so long..................................Aug 19 05:45
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DaemonFChmmm, another one of those scam computer financing commercialsAug 19 05:48
DaemonFCthe FTC comes out and slaps them on the wrist sometimesAug 19 05:48
DaemonFC"Are you too bad with money to save $300 for a computer? Just sign here and we can get you one worth that much for only $1200 in total*" "* Computer doesn't ship until you've already paid more than it's worth, breaking this committment will ding your credit even if you haven't received the merchandise yet"Aug 19 05:49
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*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 05:54
*DaemonFC directs twitter to 19 05:58
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twitterHP profits down 19% on poor printer and computer sales. 19 06:08
twitterNetbooks blamed.  I'd say they could be making money off them, if M$ was not screwing them.Aug 19 06:09
DaemonFCtwitter sells a few of his multiple personalities to Visible Technologies, cites lousy economyAug 19 06:09
DaemonFCstory at 5 :PAug 19 06:09
twitterPC sales revenue down 18% but unit numbers are up 2%Aug 19 06:11
DaemonFCif Microsoft was smart they'd try to play Vista off as a bad joke and re-release XP x64 EditionAug 19 06:11
twitterDell losing market share to Acer.Aug 19 06:12
DaemonFCmaybe on the low endAug 19 06:12
DaemonFCAcer builds crapAug 19 06:12
DaemonFCyou could probably fry an egg on the touchpad of a typical Acer laptop running VistaAug 19 06:13
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*Balrog is now known as Guest81357Aug 19 06:18
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*DaemonFC ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 06:21
twitterThinking of HP, Ick,  look who's running for office 19 06:23
*ThistleWeb has quit ("Ex-Chat")Aug 19 06:24
neighborleeCostso is now selling < not sure how long its been there> acer aspire one I think it is...not sure i'd want a acer but i'd at least check it out and happy with my current setup thoughAug 19 06:24
DaemonFCI need to go find my eye dropsAug 19 06:25
DaemonFCI can't remember the last time I wasn't stoned where my eyes were this dryAug 19 06:25
neighborleesmokey room ?Aug 19 06:26
neighborlee;0-0Aug 19 06:26
DaemonFCnopeAug 19 06:26
neighborleehoneslty I think its a bad idea, unless its for pain therapy, but then it can be taken by mouth can't it ?Aug 19 06:27
neighborleeI know NO ONE who smokes dope, that doesnt cough at some point during the experience.Aug 19 06:28
DaemonFCyeah, that's a givenAug 19 06:28
DaemonFCwell, I found my Visine, eyes are betterAug 19 06:29
neighborleekewl ;)Aug 19 06:29
neighborleesore eyes are no fun thats for sureAug 19 06:29
DaemonFCnow why in the hell does this game say I need to restart Windows to install it?Aug 19 06:29
DaemonFCgrrrAug 19 06:29
DaemonFCbrbAug 19 06:29
neighborleehmAug 19 06:30
*DaemonFC has quit ("Leaving")Aug 19 06:30
*DaemonFC (i=DaemonFC@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 06:35
DaemonFCand it's installing :PAug 19 06:38
DaemonFCalready had this game for the 360, but found it in the bargain bin for PC :PAug 19 06:38
*jono has quit ("Later, Skater")Aug 19 06:43
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*jono (n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 06:43
neighborleewhat gameAug 19 06:45
DaemonFCNeed For Speed: Most WantedAug 19 06:45
neighborleeah yesAug 19 06:45
DaemonFCgraphics are better than on the 360Aug 19 06:56
neighborleewell honeslty I was happpy initially with my 360-,,was kinda looking fwd to playing bioshock andmass effect etc...I just felt having to shell out $100 more just to get online was unfair..wtih that much money I could have a ps3 so I did ;)Aug 19 06:58
DaemonFC 19 06:58
neighborleealong with bluray.which I did ;)Aug 19 06:58
DaemonFCunfortunately it doesn't support 1680 x 1050Aug 19 06:58
neighborleehave nfs on wii thoughAug 19 06:58
DaemonFCXP x64 is a pretty badass gaming platformAug 19 06:59
DaemonFCVista, not so muchAug 19 06:59
neighborleeI dont think i'd ever steer anyone to vista unless they already had a copy,,,and a poweful computer to run it ;)Aug 19 07:00
DaemonFCI already have a copy and I won't use itAug 19 07:00
neighborleewhat things ive read seem to indicate though,  especially if you have dual core that xp is still champ ,,,vista most certainly i s a resource pig we know thatAug 19 07:00
DaemonFCI've poked at it from time to timeAug 19 07:00
neighborleewin7 is def. better..but I refuse to pay more money for priviledge ;)(Aug 19 07:01
neighborleewhen vista Shoud have beeen win7 to begin with ;)Aug 19 07:01
neighborleeshouldAug 19 07:01
DaemonFCI wasn't thrilled with it eitherAug 19 07:01
DaemonFCthey're going crazy on eye candy and DRMAug 19 07:01
neighborleeyesAug 19 07:01
neighborleeno doubt vista IS pretty....asking price , and price of admission to run it..WHEWAug 19 07:02
DaemonFCwell, I thought it was pretty til I maximized a window and it turned Glass offAug 19 07:03
DaemonFCyou have to patch system files to fix thatAug 19 07:03
*anivar has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Aug 19 07:05
*jono has quit ("Later, Skater")Aug 19 07:10
neighborleeyikesAug 19 07:12
neighborleewell...time to get the real nvidia drivers instead of what vista came with.what a hastle..brbAug 19 07:13
*neighborlee has quit ("Leaving")Aug 19 07:13
DaemonFC 19 08:03
DaemonFCXBOX 360 failure rate is 54.2%Aug 19 08:03
schestowitzMicrosoft failure rate is higher than thatAug 19 08:30
schestowitzI see the trolls were here overnight. Some malicious stalkers spreading lies with an anonymous blog dedicated to smearing.Aug 19 08:31
DaemonFCI'm writing a post about the Visible Technologies people with a few questions for them and Microsoft at the endAug 19 08:32
DaemonFC"Can't you funnel this PR money into making your products not suck instead? You guys are almost comically close to the "Bean Counter" Get-a-Mac ad. Only in this version there is no "fix Vista" pile, just "Advertising" and "Damage Control" budgets."Aug 19 08:32
DaemonFCheheAug 19 08:32
schestowitzThey can'tAug 19 08:32
schestowitzBut it's like AppleAug 19 08:33
schestowitzApple was  hypocrite in its "fix Vista" adAug 19 08:33
schestowitzBecause they too rely a lo on advertising and so called "evangelism"Aug 19 08:33
DaemonFCyeah, but I've never seen a Mac just fall over and die like Vista tends to every dayAug 19 08:34
DaemonFCthere's that at leastAug 19 08:34
schestowitzGoldman Sachs: We were never really in trouble 19 08:34
DaemonFCalthough OS X Server is surprisingly an even bigger joke than Windows ServerAug 19 08:35
schestowitzGoldman Sachs May Lower Bonuses < > What? Only a million?Aug 19 08:35
schestowitzAnd Apple TV.Aug 19 08:35
schestowitzDon't forget THAT failureAug 19 08:35
DaemonFCI've seen precisely one corporation using OS X Server, that's Apple, and only after they were caught using Red Hat LinuxAug 19 08:35
DaemonFCDo they even still sell OS X Server? Who buys it?Aug 19 08:36
DaemonFCI remember giving it a once over several years ago and finding that the prepackaged tools you need to set up a server are not really even providedAug 19 08:36
DaemonFCyou have to set up something like MacPorts and compile them from the Ports tree from source codeAug 19 08:36
DaemonFCif you're going to do that you might as well just set up a proper FreeBSD serverAug 19 08:37
schestowitzLet me know when you finished that blog itemAug 19 08:38
schestowitzI can plug it into part two about ViSible AstroTurf(R)Aug 19 08:38
DaemonFCI've actually linked to a couple of other incidents that are similarAug 19 08:38
DaemonFCincluding the Belkin Router review incident on AmazonAug 19 08:39
DaemonFCand the Republican astroturfers that will do anything to interrupt their opponents meetingsAug 19 08:39
fewa 19 08:40
DaemonFChmmmAug 19 08:45
DaemonFCschestowitz, I got a hit from 19 08:45
DaemonFCwell, that page is so crapped up with links that I'll never find out who was linking to meAug 19 08:47
schestowitzDo page sourceAug 19 08:48
schestowitzThen search as you typeAug 19 08:48
DaemonFCnot gonna workAug 19 08:48
DaemonFClooks like it may have been something that was on that page on Monday and then got shifted off of it since thenAug 19 08:48
schestowitzCould be. Or 'short' URL nonsenseAug 19 08:49
DaemonFCor notAug 19 08:49
DaemonFCfound somethingAug 19 08:49
DaemonFC<img src=";" width="0" height="0" alt="Page view counter" />Aug 19 08:50
schestowitzI can't post until you emit that stuff about Microsoft AstroTurfsAug 19 08:50
schestowitzI might as well fit it all into one large postAug 19 08:50
*Omar871 ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 08:50
DaemonFC 19 08:57
DaemonFCit's not huge, I jsut wanted to mention themAug 19 08:57
DaemonFCand draw some parallels to other similar behavior by groups with a bad public imageAug 19 08:57
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[_goblin] Running the latest build of Chromium ( #chromiumAug 19 08:58
DaemonFCuggh, fixing typos and such nowAug 19 09:03
DaemonFCneed more visineAug 19 09:03
DaemonFCI have no idea what is wrong with my eyes todayAug 19 09:04
*Omar87 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Aug 19 09:07
DaemonFCI did end up filling out a Microsoft survey about what I thought of Windows 7Aug 19 09:09
DaemonFCthey send out 3-4 surveys of everything you testAug 19 09:09
DaemonFCwho knows if anyone reads themAug 19 09:10
Diablo-D3they doAug 19 09:10
Diablo-D3microsoft mines information like no tommorowAug 19 09:10
DaemonFCThey have really bad customer careAug 19 09:10
DaemonFCI ended up having to talk to the director of XBOX Live t oget my account cancelledAug 19 09:10
Diablo-D3getting an account canceled is easyAug 19 09:11
DaemonFCMicrosoft kept billing me even after I cancelled my Gold accountAug 19 09:11
Diablo-D3throw your xbox out.Aug 19 09:11
Diablo-D3and then keep doing chargebacks on themAug 19 09:11
DaemonFChe eventually got them to reverse the charges and send me a free 12 month XBOX Live Gold card and a couple gamesAug 19 09:11
DaemonFCjust to be safe I called the bank and reported the card stolenAug 19 09:12
DaemonFCthat was the end of thatAug 19 09:12
Diablo-D3hahAug 19 09:12
Diablo-D3I dont go that farAug 19 09:12
Diablo-D3I just tell my bank to not do any future transactions with themAug 19 09:12
DaemonFCif I do any business that involves having to give Microsoft a credit card number, I just use a disposable Visa now :PAug 19 09:13
DaemonFCso much easier than giving them an unlimited supply of cash to suck out of your account :DAug 19 09:13
DaemonFCwell, an unlimited supply of overdrafts if it runs out of cash that isAug 19 09:14
DaemonFCfrankly the thought of that scares the hell out of meAug 19 09:15
DaemonFCthe bank won't let you just have them decline the debit transaction if you're out of moneyAug 19 09:15
Diablo-D3uh, why would you ever use a debit card with anyone?Aug 19 09:15
DaemonFCnot when they can charge you $33 per overdraft + $5 every day you're under $0Aug 19 09:15
fewageeze, reddit is full of Microsoft employees 19 09:16
DaemonFCeasier than carrying around checks or cash, I've started just using cash and stopping off at the ATM more and moreAug 19 09:16
fewaseriously 19 09:18
DaemonFCwell, sliding your debit card everywhere you go when there are so many XP terminals out there is like playing russian roulette with 6 loaded chambersAug 19 09:18
DaemonFC:PAug 19 09:18
DaemonFCit's something nobody should do but everyone does anywayAug 19 09:18
DaemonFCif they have it properly locked down and take proper precautions, it may be safe, but there's just so many points of failureAug 19 09:20
DaemonFClike the first time a careless employee plugs in a thumbdrive, every bit of data in that system could be compromisedAug 19 09:20
DaemonFCstuff like that happens all the time and since Visa doesn't want to admit it, they just give everyone a certain amount of fraud protection reimbursement and a daily limit on how much you can spendAug 19 09:21
schestowitzDaemonFC: how do you proofread?Aug 19 09:22
schestowitzThere are different procedures for itAug 19 09:22
schestowitzFor me, reading slowly in two scans proves helpful in removing close to 100% of typosAug 19 09:22
schestowitzCause I'm doing that post nowAug 19 09:22
DaemonFCI'm kind of bipolar and asynchronous, a lot of the time I submit something then peck away at the typos over the next 10 minutes or soAug 19 09:23
DaemonFCI'm awful, I knowAug 19 09:23
DaemonFCfewa: It's like, I can spend or withdraw $1,000 a day and I have $2,000 of "fraud protection" and if Visa notices anything weird they deactivate the card and call meAug 19 09:25
DaemonFCthe system doesn't work wellAug 19 09:25
fewaseriously 19 09:25
DaemonFCI've made a $600 purchase in Walmart before then turned around and had to wait on something, so I buy a $1 bottle of Coke and the Visa system flags it as a back to back transaction and freezes the cardAug 19 09:25
DaemonFCit's really quite nerve wrackingAug 19 09:26
DaemonFCbig companies typically have an approved list of software in every category and it's usually written up by someone who shouldn't even have their positionAug 19 09:30
DaemonFCon that list of approved software is usually the worst antivirus programs on the market, like Norton or McAfeeAug 19 09:30
DaemonFCmore often than not they totalyl fail to stop whatever it is they're supposed to keep out because it turns out that those are always the ones that malware writers test their stuff against extensivelyAug 19 09:31
DaemonFCwhen you install Norton you've just lost a ton of system resources and have yet another complicated program running with administrator access to the system, which can then be hijackedAug 19 09:32
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 09:33
DaemonFCschestowitz, it's odd that you compare IE and Konqueror because Konqueror was actually based on a lot of the ideas in IE 4 and the Windows Desktop UpdateAug 19 09:35
DaemonFCof course Konqueror does those tasks a lot betterAug 19 09:35
*fewa_ (n=fewa@unaffiliated/fewa) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 09:35
DaemonFCOpera actually didn't have tabs, it had a "multiple document interface"Aug 19 09:37
DaemonFCtabs are essentailly a dumbed down version of that, but you can have it use the MDI insteadAug 19 09:37
DaemonFCFirefox hasn't always been faster than IE, but it's never been slower, the two were pretty neck and neck speedwise around Firefox 1 and IE 6Aug 19 09:38
DaemonFCbut that was years agoAug 19 09:38
DaemonFCIE 8 has  more complete CSS 2 support than Firefox, but not by much, and it totally lacks support for a lot of things that Firefox supports quite wellAug 19 09:41
*fewa has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Aug 19 09:42
DaemonFCFirefox has much more thorough support of CSS 3 elementsAug 19 09:42
*Tallken has quit (Client Quit)Aug 19 09:43
DaemonFC 19 09:43
DaemonFCDeviantArt has an entire page glorifying IE 8Aug 19 09:52
DaemonFC 19 09:53
fewa_IE 8 was obsolete before it was released.Aug 19 10:09
*fewa_ is now known as fewaAug 19 10:09
fewawith no support for canvas, <video>, <audio> or CSS3 it's already holding the internet backAug 19 10:10
*fewa is now known as fewa_Aug 19 10:11
*fewa_ is now known as fewaAug 19 10:11
DaemonFCFirefox doesn't support a lot of the HTML 5 draftAug 19 10:15
DaemonFCjust a few high-PR value bitsAug 19 10:15
DaemonFCOpera actually already has most of it implementedAug 19 10:15
schestowitz updated. It would be useful to build up those lists. 19 10:18
cubezzzis there a way to get vim to exit gracefully via ssh?Aug 19 10:21
cubezzzkill always seems to mess up bashAug 19 10:21
DaemonFC:q is how you stop vi locallyAug 19 10:22
cubezzzsure, but I want to do it remotelyAug 19 10:22
DaemonFCit's about the most unfriendly editor I've ever had to useAug 19 10:22
DaemonFCgood luck :DAug 19 10:22
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[scientes] Ralph Nader of Obama's sell out to health and pharmaceutical interests 19 10:22
cubezzzthere's no SIGEXIT it seemsAug 19 10:23
DaemonFCfor whatever reason, I always end up using nanoAug 19 10:25
cubezzzbasically all I want to do is keep this text file open on 2 computers and be able to update itAug 19 10:25
DaemonFCschestowitz, I did notice an amusing item that nLite lets you remove from your XP installation discAug 19 10:26
DaemonFCthe ActiveX video control that caused the security problem that led to the out of band security patch back in MayAug 19 10:26
cubezzzhmm, nano seems to exit gracefully on killAug 19 10:27
DaemonFCnobody has ever used it, even Microsoft admits that it was dead code that has been sitting there for th last 9 yearsAug 19 10:27
DaemonFCctrl+x?Aug 19 10:27
DaemonFCNano is much more thought out than viAug 19 10:28
DaemonFClike they figured real people may end up using itAug 19 10:28
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Almost ready to release Season 2, Episode 11 of @uupc . It's a monster at 94 mins long! Sorry.Aug 19 10:28
*Diablo-D3 has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Aug 19 10:31
*Omar871 ( has left #boycottnovellAug 19 10:33
schestowitzDaemonFC: how is it malovalent?Aug 19 10:33
schestowitzI don't see the significance of itAug 19 10:33
DaemonFChow is what?Aug 19 10:33
schestowitzConsider what Windows does with 'editions'Aug 19 10:33
schestowitzMicrosoft -- we give you less.Aug 19 10:33
schestowitzSame with all sorts of controls that I can recall, let me find it..Aug 19 10:34
DaemonFCmeh, best practices dictate that dead code should be removed ASAP even if there's no immediate dangerAug 19 10:34
DaemonFCotherwise it tends to pile up and surprise you with problems laterAug 19 10:34
DaemonFCit just unnerved me that they introduced that control in Windows 2000 and it's still there in Windows 7 even though it's never been usedAug 19 10:35
schestowitzHere: Read htisAug 19 10:35
DaemonFCschestowitz, that's also the difference between Windows Server editions and where they (used to anyway) put the 120 day time bomb in the trial versionAug 19 10:39
DaemonFCin the registryAug 19 10:39
DaemonFCyou could edit that out and give yourself a free copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition that validated and never times outAug 19 10:40
DaemonFCthey knew most corporations wouldn't do that because Microsoft "audits" them frequentlyAug 19 10:40
DaemonFCand most consumers never even look at Windows ServerAug 19 10:40
DaemonFCsame trick worked on the trial version of XP x64Aug 19 10:40
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] "Research: Free Content Increasingly Popular As ‘Transactional’ Sites Wane" 19 10:41
DaemonFCyeah, XP Professional and Home, that's where they really started drawing the lineAug 19 10:41
DaemonFCa lot of businesses actually bought up copies of Windows 95/98 even though it was a "consumer product" cause it was cheaper than Windows NTAug 19 10:42
DaemonFCso Microsoft took steps to disable the business features in the cheaper versions from XP onwardAug 19 10:42
schestowitzJudge Says Blogger Who Called Model A Skank Should Be Unmasked < >Aug 19 10:45
DaemonFCbusiness users are the real victims thereAug 19 10:45
DaemonFChome users just want something to play games on and run their web browserAug 19 10:45
Ngbusiness users should be buying the version that comes with proper business supportAug 19 10:45
schestowitzBut how is security so tragic?Aug 19 10:45
schestowitzOops.Aug 19 10:46
schestowitzI mean nLiteAug 19 10:46
Ngthe cheap option is all well and good, but it leaves you kinda exposed. US companies at least have to be a lot more careful about that kinda thing these days with Sarbanes OxleyAug 19 10:46
DaemonFCnLite is fairly useful in letting you gut out the stupid crap that's laying around opening up vulnerabilitiesAug 19 10:46
Ng(having said that, Microsoft support is next to useless ;)Aug 19 10:46
DaemonFCan example is that you could remove the Windows Scripting Host and then Windows can't even run VBS files at all :PAug 19 10:47
DaemonFCit also lets you remove all of Itnernet Explorer, including the engineAug 19 10:47
DaemonFCyou can get a fairly tiny installation of XP out of itAug 19 10:47
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Visible Technologies Funded by Former Microsoft People 19 10:47
schestowitzLooks Like The Guy Who Set The Record For Largest Credit Card Breach Was Breaking His Own Record < >Aug 19 10:48
schestowitzNg: it's not usefulAug 19 10:48
schestowitzWhat's useless about RRR (rerun, reboot, reinstall)?Aug 19 10:49
Ngas a linux sysadmin I know I can actually fix things, not just reboot problems until they go away ;)Aug 19 10:50
schestowitz South Korea halts rocket launch < >Aug 19 10:51
schestowitzNg: when was the last time you had an issue?Aug 19 10:51
Ngschestowitz: with windows? I've not touched it in a professional capcity for almost 5 yearsAug 19 10:52
schestowitzFor me, the 'struggle' points are insisting on moving from Firefox 3.0 to 3.5 before it is packaged by Mandriva. The rest just work. Aug 19 10:52
schestowitz*worksAug 19 10:52
schestowitzNg: yeah, I have the same issue. I don't know how flaky Windows (as per today) can beAug 19 10:52
schestowitzI still see BSoDs on colle\ague's PCs sometimesAug 19 10:53
Ngschestowitz: but we run into bugs in free software all the time, but at least we can report them openly, test new versions openly and likely discuss with the developers if it's a priority for themAug 19 10:53
DaemonFCI've only ever had one BSOD on XP x64Aug 19 10:53
DaemonFChad a ton of them on Vista thoughAug 19 10:54
DaemonFCor it would jsut freeze and never spit out an error at allAug 19 10:54
schestowitzXP seems flakyAug 19 10:54
schestowitzI maybe see it like an hour a month on someone else's computersAug 19 10:55
DaemonFCthe various XP flavors have been patched so much that they're more or less under controlAug 19 10:55
schestowitzAnd often I get to see incidents like Windows XP freezing, programs crashing, or peripherals not responding and requiring a rebootAug 19 10:55
schestowitzNetwork issues are another matter (not related to Windows)Aug 19 10:55
DaemonFCwell yeah, that's usually something bad that they installed that they shouldn't haveAug 19 10:55
schestowitzMy PC at work has been up for over 200 days nowAug 19 10:55
DaemonFCXP doesn't really protect itself from poorly written programsAug 19 10:55
schestowitzRuns Ubuntu Aug 19 10:56
DaemonFCtake a look in the startup section of their msconfigAug 19 10:56
DaemonFClook at the programs they isntalledAug 19 10:56
schestowitzBeen ages since I touch msconfigAug 19 10:56
schestowitzwin98Aug 19 10:56
schestowitz*touchedAug 19 10:56
DaemonFCthere's a lot of really badly written programs out there that can definitely kill WindowsAug 19 10:56
DaemonFCyou need to watch what you installAug 19 10:56
DaemonFCa lot of the "freeware" lurking about actually has spyware piggybacking on itAug 19 10:57
DaemonFCDigsby is one of the best current examples of thatAug 19 10:57
DaemonFCalso people tend to install Limewire and download "keygens" and "cracks" that are really virusesAug 19 10:58
*fewa has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Aug 19 10:58
DaemonFCit's kind of obvious what they are, but people are stupidAug 19 10:58
*fewa (n=fewa@unaffiliated/fewa) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 10:58
DaemonFCthe first thing I noticed right after Microsoft introduced the IE 6 "information bar" which blocked ActiveX controls from offering to install themselves without user intervention, was "free screensaver" type sites that said "Click on the Information Bar and click "Install ActiveX control"Aug 19 11:00
DaemonFCthose spyware sites actually walk clueless users through the steps to disable their browsers security features and ignore the warnings it gives themAug 19 11:00
DaemonFCso a lot....not all, but a lot of the bad shit out there has been installed by an ignorant user that ignored all the red flags that Windows was tossing at themAug 19 11:01
DaemonFCI'd say 90% of it is idiot users, and 10% of it is installed through remotely exploited holesAug 19 11:02
DaemonFCthat's made easier by people who use no antivirus or bad antivirusAug 19 11:02
DaemonFCbad antivirus, like Norton, has a habit of not catching things and throwing up meaningless warnings and false positives so often that you start tuning it out when it really has found something dangerousAug 19 11:03
DaemonFCthe best antivirus will be between 97-99.5% effective, I'd say Norton and McAfee are more like 50/50Aug 19 11:04
schestowitz"Why are we comparing an alpha build of Ubuntu to an RTM build of Windows 7? Not only is this like comparing Apples to Oranges, but it's like comparing Apples from Mars to Oranges from Earth! Stupid!" 19 11:05
DaemonFCthey have a huge userbase mainly from bribing huge OEMs like Dell and HP to include them as trialware on new PCs, where they have like a 30 day subscription then start bugging the shit out of the user to pay $50 a year to keep their "protection"Aug 19 11:05
schestowitz << THE NEXT SNAKE (Python)Aug 19 11:06
schestowitzDaemonFC: yes, people are dumbAug 19 11:07
schestowitzAnd gullibleAug 19 11:07
schestowitzConsumer protection motions are weakAug 19 11:07
schestowitzThey would be outwashed by PRs and AstroTurfs (lobbying)Aug 19 11:07
DaemonFCUbuntu 9.10 should be mostly feature complete, but that doesn't mean it's stable enough to really fault it if it fails you, it is still stamped "not suitable for daily use"Aug 19 11:07
DaemonFCI could see where they would compare features fairly at this point thoughAug 19 11:07
DaemonFCeven at that, there's still a few things that will land that haven't yet, including the new artworkAug 19 11:08
DaemonFCso I hope they aren't running around taking screenshotsAug 19 11:08
schestowitzSome areAug 19 11:09
DaemonFCschestowitz, the freeware antivirus btw consistently scores much better than the paid versions of McAfee or NortonAug 19 11:09
DaemonFCI don't know how many times someone can have their system pwned while Norton is "on guard" and they still fork over the subscription renewal feeAug 19 11:10
*magentar ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 11:11
fewaschestowitz, a great argument for public funding like Lessig's Change-congressAug 19 11:12
DaemonFCthe last personal experience I had with Norton on any of my systems was when SystemWorks '98 ruined my copy of Windows 98, but I've seen their newer software on other systems, and most of them were so overrun with spyware I couldn't save themAug 19 11:12
fewaLet elected congress do what they were elected to do, legislateAug 19 11:13
schestowitzfewa: yeah, I watched many talks from him. DIdn't he "move on"?Aug 19 11:13
DaemonFCI noted in my Windows 7 questionnaire that I did not intend to run the copy of Windows 7 I got, even though it's free, because XP was still serving me betterAug 19 11:14
schestowitzCopyright reform->congress reform->research reformAug 19 11:14
DaemonFCI actually wrote them about three pages of why I didn't want Windows 7Aug 19 11:14
DaemonFCI got a free copy of it off of the MSDN site complete with a real serial because one of them was trying to butter me upAug 19 11:15
cubezzzyou player :)Aug 19 11:15
DaemonFChey, I could have probably just played along and gotten a shirt and baseball cap tooAug 19 11:16
DaemonFCthat would be unethicalAug 19 11:16
DaemonFCWatch Chris Pirillo sound off about it though. Though he's up for sale to the highest bidder, whoever sends him the most free stuffAug 19 11:17
DaemonFCthe Zonbu Linux people sent him a free "Zonbu" computer to review in the mailAug 19 11:18
schestowitzGood for OpenSolaris: 19 11:18
schestowitzDaemonFC: same with MossbergAug 19 11:19
schestowitzBTW:Aug 19 11:19
DaemonFChighest bidder you mean?Aug 19 11:19
schestowitzThis is quite important..Aug 19 11:19
schestowitzSome years ago I read that if you mention Pirillo twice in your blog, then he shows upAug 19 11:19
schestowitzDamage control tooAug 19 11:19
schestowitzBeen true for BNAug 19 11:19
DaemonFChe did show upAug 19 11:19
schestowitzHe shows up there when he's mentioned...Aug 19 11:19
schestowitzSo.....:Aug 19 11:19
DaemonFChe told me to go fuck myselfAug 19 11:20
DaemonFChis wordsAug 19 11:20
schestowitzI wonder if his relationship with Invisible is also that of a CLIENTAug 19 11:20
trmancowowAug 19 11:20
trmancolinux has quake live nowAug 19 11:20
DaemonFChe'll also ban you offf of WyldRyde if you disagree with himAug 19 11:20
trmancoanybody wanna play :-PAug 19 11:20
schestowitztrmanco: "mom" upside down?Aug 19 11:21
schestowitzAh, that.Aug 19 11:21
DaemonFCI mean you don't even have to be pushing for a fight, jsut respectfully disagreeAug 19 11:21
schestowitzIt's old newsAug 19 11:21
DaemonFCand he'll get you zlinedAug 19 11:21
schestowitztrmanco: you can play with Windows lusers tooAug 19 11:21
schestowitzNo need for Linux vs Linux userAug 19 11:21
DaemonFCsauerbraten clients all connect regardless of platformAug 19 11:21
trmancoI knowAug 19 11:22
schestowitzAndroid backstabbing 19 11:22
schestowitzIn WIndows, gamer credentials easily get stolenAug 19 11:22
schestowitzLike in WoWAug 19 11:23
schestowitz'Steal' all your virtual assets!!!!!!Aug 19 11:23
DaemonFCI've never played WoWAug 19 11:23
trmancome neitherAug 19 11:23
DaemonFCI used to be really big on Ultima OnlineAug 19 11:23
trmancodangAug 19 11:23
trmancokernel updateAug 19 11:23
DaemonFCthe free shards (unofficial servers) are a better place to play thatAug 19 11:24
DaemonFCsaves you the $5 a monthAug 19 11:24
trmancomsut be the null pointer local exploit thingyAug 19 11:24
DaemonFCIE 8 is actually quite a lot faster on Windows XPAug 19 11:24
DaemonFCwhich is amusingAug 19 11:24
DaemonFCit lags like an SOB on Vista or Windows 7Aug 19 11:25
trmancololAug 19 11:25
DaemonFCIE 8 on XP is roughly on par with Opera in rendering speedAug 19 11:25
DaemonFCtabs snap open and shut immediatelyAug 19 11:25
schestowitzOpen Source and Gaming <  >Aug 19 11:25
DaemonFCon Vista it can take over 3 seconds for a new tab to openAug 19 11:26
schestowitzDaemonFC: that'd be high schools daysAug 19 11:26
schestowitzUltima is OLDAug 19 11:26
DaemonFCit's still around, there's a newer 3d clientAug 19 11:26
DaemonFCbut you can use the original one too, it won't mess up your accountAug 19 11:26
schestowitzKiller feature of KDE: A Quick and Easy Guide to KDE KIO slaves < >\Aug 19 11:29
schestowitzGotta love kioAug 19 11:29
trmancotrmanco-desktop kernel: [92725.067379] pidgin[3337]: segfault at 676e6190 ip b547d70b sp bf844800 error 4 in[b545a000+41000]Aug 19 11:29
trmancopidgfin crashed because of msnAug 19 11:29
DaemonFCthat's odd, why?Aug 19 11:30
DaemonFCI had to trick Windows Live Messenger into installingAug 19 11:30
trmancodon't knowAug 19 11:30
trmancoI was typing an offline message to a friendAug 19 11:30
DaemonFCMicrosoft claims it doesn't work on XP x64, which is bullshitAug 19 11:30
trmancoit started leaking pretty badlyAug 19 11:30
DaemonFCeverything down to video conferencing works fineAug 19 11:31
DaemonFCanother one of those "We'd like to take a minute to prod you onto Vista" opportunitiesAug 19 11:31
*fewa has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Aug 19 11:31
schestowitztrmanco: maybe bad inputAug 19 11:34
trmanconahAug 19 11:34
schestowitzTwitter causes such issues tooAug 19 11:34
schestowitz 19 11:35
schestowitz In China, DNA tests on kids ID genetic gifts, careers 19 11:37
schestowitzDoes the GPL Matter? In a Word, Yes < > He cited the Black Duck rubbishAug 19 11:43
schestowitzWith the Microsoft code stuffed inAug 19 11:43
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] More reminders that global warming/nuclear winter could wipe out millions/billions ("India's thirsty farms drain ro ...Aug 19 11:46
DaemonFC"There is no way to fix it. When using AVerMedia Center it will switch back toAug 19 11:48
DaemonFCWindows Basic."Aug 19 11:48
DaemonFCofficial reply from AverMedia from when I asked if their media center will properly support Windows 7 Aero :PAug 19 11:49
DaemonFCI guess they probably abandoned it and are getting ready to tell people to use Windows Media CenterAug 19 11:49
schestowitz Social media has made me boringAug 19 11:53
schestowitzDaemonFC: just move to LinuxAug 19 11:53
schestowitzThat'd resolve many issues you're complaining aboutAug 19 11:53
schestowitzYou could run xchat+FF for months without interferenceAug 19 11:54
schestowitz"Forty-three Azerbaijani music fans who voted for neighbouring Armenia in this year's Eurovision song contest have been questioned about their 'ethnic pride'" 19 11:56
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] RT @glynmoody Obama’s Science Adviser Urges Leadership On Climate - comfortingly sane responses from a man of some powerAug 19 11:56
schestowitzHaha: 19 11:59
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Get people off the curse (to Webmasters and users alike) which is MSIE6: 19 12:00
schestowitz Americans enjoy middle-of-the-night web surfing more than Europeans do < >Aug 19 12:02 And Fastest, Most Reliable URL Shorteners. Tr.Im Comes Up . . . Short. < >Aug 19 12:03
DaemonFCIE 6 was the worst Internet Explorer release everAug 19 12:05
DaemonFCI think it probably sprang more leaks than any other versionAug 19 12:05
DaemonFCthe funny part is that the XP installer boasts that it includes "the most secure IE yet"Aug 19 12:05
DaemonFCI was rather horrified back in 2003 when Microsoft said it had no plans to ever upgrade IE on XP from version 6Aug 19 12:09
cubezzzEmbrace, Extend, ExtinguishAug 19 12:10
cubezzzanyways, I don't use IE at allAug 19 12:10
DaemonFC<script>for (x in document.write) { document.write(x);}</script>Aug 19 12:11
DaemonFCput that in your page and IE 6 will crashAug 19 12:11
cubezzzand they did manage to extinguish netscape pretty wellAug 19 12:11
DaemonFCgood riddance to thatAug 19 12:12
DaemonFCbut I didn't like Explorer that much eitherAug 19 12:12
DaemonFC 19 12:12
cubezzzmicrosoft has really really borked up the netAug 19 12:16
DaemonFCIE 8 fixes a lot of the more heinous crap that IE 6 did, but it's really far from being enoughAug 19 12:19
DaemonFCit's gone from total crap to barely acceptableAug 19 12:20
schestowitzOffice 2007 SP2 to hit Automatic Updates on September 21 < >Aug 19 12:22
schestowitz 19 12:23
cubezzzI got a ticket one time parking in the wrong place, and I was trying to pay for it using Linux and firefoxAug 19 12:23
cubezzzcouldn't do it, the civic web page was 100% microsoft onlyAug 19 12:24
cubezzznot even firefox on windows was good enoughAug 19 12:24
DaemonFCwho gave you the ticket?Aug 19 12:26
DaemonFCI suppose you tried spoofing Firefox as IE on Windows?Aug 19 12:27
cubezzzyesAug 19 12:27
cubezzzsome meter maid I supposeAug 19 12:27
DaemonFCfor some reason my bank was blocking OperaAug 19 12:27
DaemonFCno other browser was blocked but Opera, it redirected you to a "Get Firefox or Internt Explorer or Safari" pageAug 19 12:28
DaemonFCI complained about that and they stopped doing itAug 19 12:28
cubezzzwell, I don't mind that much if I can use the site using Linux using _some_ browserAug 19 12:29
DaemonFCI suppose you could have just mailed the paymentAug 19 12:29
cubezzzwell, I complained to the dev about it :)Aug 19 12:29
DaemonFCMicrosoft seems unusually hostile towards Opera and it goes way back, yearsAug 19 12:29
cubezzzI got opera on my zaurus, works fairly wellAug 19 12:30
cubezzznever had a problem with banks, or government sites, just the city web siteAug 19 12:30 on OpraAug 19 12:33
schestowitzMehAug 19 12:33
schestowitzAnd the Microsoft crowd now wants a boycott of OperaAug 19 12:33
schestowitzThey can't see the real bad guyAug 19 12:33
cubezzzjust boycott microsoft itself :)Aug 19 12:34
DaemonFCPaul Thurrott does anywayAug 19 12:34
cubezzzsimplerAug 19 12:34
schestowitzThey are led to believe they are the good guys. THey all have excuse. I'm sure Stalin had one too.Aug 19 12:34
DaemonFCif anyone actually cares what he thinksAug 19 12:34
schestowitzHe mentions BN beforeAug 19 12:34
schestowitz*EdAug 19 12:34
DaemonFCI think Thurrott is a pretty good comedianAug 19 12:34
schestowitzIe he?Aug 19 12:35
DaemonFChe almost lampoons himself and doesn't even realize itAug 19 12:35
schestowitz*Is he? I never paid much attention to himAug 19 12:35
schestowitzWIndows SUPERsiteAug 19 12:35
schestowitzno bias thereAug 19 12:35
DaemonFChe contradicts himself and then retcons everything to make himself right even though he's wrongAug 19 12:35
DaemonFCthat's why he's funnyAug 19 12:35
DaemonFCmy favorite was how hard he was pushing Windows Media back around 2001-2004 and then once that went nowhere he was all like "I've always said use MP3" because "AAC isn't Windows-friendly" and Ogg Vorbis is "a bizarre religious format"Aug 19 12:37
cubezzzwell as Stallman would point out, mp3 is patented, hence we have ogg vorbisAug 19 12:37
schestowitzMicrosoft: Interoperable, Yes, But No Respect At All 19 12:38
cubezzzhe sounds like a goof :)Aug 19 12:38
DaemonFChe is totally whackedAug 19 12:38
DaemonFCMP3 is really not all that dangerousAug 19 12:38
DaemonFCcertainly nowhere near as dangerous as independently implementing WMAAug 19 12:38
cubezzzyeah, I try to stay away from wmaAug 19 12:39
cubezzzdrm and all thatAug 19 12:39
DaemonFCWMA only has one encoder, Microsoft's, it's all heavily patented, and it's not well-documentedAug 19 12:39
DaemonFCjust put your data in and don't ask how we store itAug 19 12:39
DaemonFCor what you can play it on laterAug 19 12:40
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection)Aug 19 12:40
DaemonFCMP3 was never designed to be closed or platform dependent, it was designed specifically to make it easy to implement everywhere and that's exactly what happenedAug 19 12:40
DaemonFCthe ISO reference code is good enough to at least point you in the right direction, and that's how LAME came aboutAug 19 12:41
DaemonFCthere is no reference implementation of Windows Media, because it is not a standardAug 19 12:42
schestowitzMicrosoft is a standard /sarcasmAug 19 12:43
DaemonFCMicrosoft, oddly enough, snapped up a lot of the guys that developed MPEG Layer 1 audio to work on WMA (the original WMA), including Henrique MalvarAug 19 12:45
DaemonFCas soon as he was on their payroll he couldn't say enough good things about WMAAug 19 12:46
DaemonFCdespite the fact that none of it was actually trueAug 19 12:46
DaemonFCthe truth is that Microsoft doesn't even "own" all the patents required to implement Windows Media, they have to license them and pay royalties to the MPEG forum because that's what they base their codecs onAug 19 12:47
DaemonFCthey're just second rate MPEG clonesAug 19 12:47
DaemonFCby all rights they should have fired whoever came up with their VBR algorithm, even I could have done better than thatAug 19 12:49
DaemonFCwhoever signed off on the results must have been deafAug 19 12:49
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Why Windows is a Curse to Unix Harmony 19 12:49
*magentar ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 12:50
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Analysts for Sale Speak About the Value of GNU/Linux Vending 19 12:51
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Why GNU/Linux Users No Longer Require Windows for Applications 19 12:55
DaemonFCI'd love to see Windows Live Messenger on that listAug 19 12:57
DaemonFCthat's about the only real Windows-centric application I use on a daily basis and it's because I have so many contacts who show no interest in using something more openAug 19 12:58
MinceRyou could use pidgin, kopete, jabber+m$n transport or bitlbee+irc clientAug 19 12:59
MinceRor amsnAug 19 12:59
MinceRor about a hundred othersAug 19 12:59
DaemonFCif it's not a problem for them, they won't switch, that's why Microsoft goes out of their way to make it work on almost any version of Windows you're likely to use it onAug 19 12:59
MinceRyou can still connect to m$n messengerAug 19 12:59
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Overview of KDE Killer Feature: KIO 19 12:59
MinceRand communicateAug 19 12:59
MinceRit would be nice to add vfs (FUSE?) support for KIOAug 19 13:00
DaemonFCyeah, the text part works wonderfullyAug 19 13:00
MinceRgnome did it with gvfs already (even if it seems a little brittle)Aug 19 13:00
MinceRDaemonFC: and what else do you need?Aug 19 13:00
DaemonFCit seems like nobody can ever get video conferencing to work, or they'll get a good start on it then let it lapseAug 19 13:00
MinceRespecially if it's _their_ fault for not using something open and standardized?Aug 19 13:00
DaemonFCwell, I know it's their faultAug 19 13:01
MinceRlet them knowAug 19 13:01
DaemonFCI can scream louder at them or keep using what they useAug 19 13:01
MinceRor you can write text messages to them over itAug 19 13:01
MinceRwhich is imo superior to any other medium anywayAug 19 13:01
MinceRasynchronous, low bandwidth requirements, usable in noisy environmentsAug 19 13:02
MinceRhighly portableAug 19 13:02
MinceRloggable, searchableAug 19 13:02
MinceRetc.Aug 19 13:02
DaemonFCI'd prefer threatening them with extreme pain if they don't all switch to GTalkAug 19 13:02
DaemonFCbut that's not feasibleAug 19 13:02
MinceRthat works tooAug 19 13:02
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] OpenSolaris 'Meets' KDE 4.3 (Korona) 19 13:02
DaemonFCpeople are so effing lazy that they won't even use another Windows applicationAug 19 13:03
DaemonFCthat's pretty badAug 19 13:03
DaemonFCI have 250 gigs of bandwidth per monthAug 19 13:04
DaemonFCwhich I'm surprisingly not passing, somehowAug 19 13:04
DaemonFCmaybe I've just lost my touchAug 19 13:04
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] [News] Dell's Rumoured Linux Phones Still Unconfirmed 19 13:04
schestowitzDaemonFC: try backups over the networkAug 19 13:05
DaemonFChmmm, lots of Direct3d related patches landed in Wine 1.1.27Aug 19 13:06
*DaemonFC perks upAug 19 13:06
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Mozilla Service Week is Coming 19 13:07
DaemonFCif it wasn't for all the triple damned SecuROM-infected video games, I have no doubt that Wine would run at least 9 out of every 10Aug 19 13:08
DaemonFCits DirectX implementation is actually quite good, it's maddening that the copy protection causes the game to commit suicide when it thinks Wine is a debuggerAug 19 13:09
DaemonFCCrossover Games, at some point, is going to have to license the same copy protection modules that Cedega is, or else it will stay limited to whatever Steam has availableAug 19 13:10
DaemonFCI really don't feel like funding Transgaming, they fleece you worse than buying a copy of Windows, and some of your Cedega license money actually does go to MicrosoftAug 19 13:11
DaemonFCthey've licensed various redistributable binaries and suchAug 19 13:11
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Open-Xchange Launches Business Conference Really Soon 19 13:11
DaemonFCthe core Cedega code is rotten and worthless and the fact that it can run anything at all is just telling of how many proprietary hacks and binary only modules they licenseAug 19 13:12
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Censorship Comes to Venezuela 19 13:13
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Comcast Fights Against the Internet 19 13:13
DaemonFCI have to say I'm impressed with Wined3d though, its performance (when it does work) rivals XP and blows Vista out of the waterAug 19 13:14
MinceRat least you get to run those games on a real OS with TransgamingAug 19 13:15
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Government in Hungary Pressured to Improve Free Software Awareness 19 13:15
MinceRas opposed to windowsAug 19 13:15
DaemonFCwhen it worksAug 19 13:16
MinceRand your apps can keep running in the backgroundAug 19 13:16
MinceRyes, when it worksAug 19 13:16
DaemonFCI'm not paying $50 a year to get stuck with "Sometimes it works"Aug 19 13:16
MinceRneither am i :)Aug 19 13:16
DaemonFC"Oh, and btw, we don't give anything back to Wine"Aug 19 13:17
DaemonFCI'd pay what Crossover Games is asking if they would include comaptibility modules for the copy protection on those discsAug 19 13:17
MinceRi prefer the pricing of Crossover Gaming anywayAug 19 13:17
DaemonFClast I checked, Codeweavers only wanted like $25 a year, and they practically *are* WineAug 19 13:17
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] People Converted to Mere Numbers, DNA Captured Too 19 13:18
DaemonFCnormally I'd be just as happy to say "fuck it" and go find a No-DVD crack somewhere, but it's getting to where you can't even install the game unless SecuROM is satisfied you're running it on WindowsAug 19 13:18
DaemonFCSony should be sued just for thatAug 19 13:19
DaemonFCso should EAAug 19 13:19
MinceRindeedAug 19 13:20
DaemonFCif anyone has a million dollars to foot my lawyer bills, I'll sue themAug 19 13:20
DaemonFC:)Aug 19 13:20
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] 'Pirates' from the Police Department 'Steal' from Poor Artists, Says MAFIAA 19 13:20
DaemonFCI don't necessarily mind paying $60 for a really good game, I don't even mind going out of my way because they didn't officially "support" running it in Linux, but deliberately crippling it so that it can't and calling their customers thieves jsut goes way too farAug 19 13:22
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Radiohead Loves BitTorrent, Uses It for Business 19 13:22
DaemonFCit'll get to the point where there's just no games worth buying because they're all getting to that point, and they don't even realize that even die hard Windows users don't want their stuff anymore because of the DRMAug 19 13:23
MinceRyou tend to get a better deal out of piracyAug 19 13:23
MinceRcosts less, has no DRMAug 19 13:23
DaemonFCexactlyAug 19 13:24
DaemonFCEA figures every lost sale is piracy. Even if I don't download their game. Just for walking away in disgust when I saw how much they encumbered it, they'll report it as "revenue lost to piracy"Aug 19 13:25
DaemonFCtalk about inflated egoAug 19 13:25
cubezzzpiracy was really bad in the old days too, hence typing in stuff from the manual, code-wheels etcAug 19 13:25
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Attack on Sharing in Spain, the UK, and Maybe Antarctica 19 13:25
DaemonFCthey would have sold me a copy of Spore, but Sony SecuROM talked me out of itAug 19 13:25
cubezzzI can see both sidesAug 19 13:25
DaemonFCsame with 2K Games and BioshockAug 19 13:26
cubezzzpiracy was hurting linux game development for sureAug 19 13:27
DaemonFCthe way I see it, is when I pay for a copy of the product, I should be able to install it for my own use on as many systems as I want, and install it as many times as I need toAug 19 13:27
DaemonFCinstead they punish you for bothering to properly license itAug 19 13:27
DaemonFCand the "pirates" can make as many copies as they wantAug 19 13:27
DaemonFCthat's the definition of ass backwardsAug 19 13:27
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Elite Monopolists from WIPO Over-represent 'the People' 19 13:27
MinceRcubezzz: DRM isn't going to stop piracyAug 19 13:28
MinceRin fact, it will always hamper sales more than it will hamper piracyAug 19 13:28
DaemonFCDRM is killing their loyal, paying customer base and encouraging them to just take a copy off of bittorrentAug 19 13:28
DaemonFCI don't think they're capable of even grasping thatAug 19 13:28
cubezzzI think most Loki games didn't have DRM, but ....Aug 19 13:29
DaemonFCit was like that when the gas stations decided they could scalp us for $5 a gallon after Hurricane Katrina and then lots of people started gassing up and running off without payingAug 19 13:30
DaemonFCit's kind of hard to feel sorry for the gas stationsAug 19 13:30
cubezzzof course Loki is long goneAug 19 13:30
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] For those who don't know, WIPO can be seen as a 'front' mostly used by people in power and companies that monopolise with pieces of paper.Aug 19 13:30
DaemonFCyeah, at the time though, less systems were even capable of booting LinuxAug 19 13:30
DaemonFCmuch less with 3d accelerated graphics, maybe even soundAug 19 13:31
cubezzzyou have to look at the other side, if you were a programmer and everybody pirated your stuff you wouldn't like it too muchAug 19 13:31
DaemonFCso they were trying to cater to a very tiny fraction of a percent of the PC marketAug 19 13:31
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Patents on Life May be Banned in Australia, Unlike the US 19 13:31
cubezzzI don't really see any perfect solutionAug 19 13:31
DaemonFCit would probably be at least a self-sustaining model were they to try again nowAug 19 13:32
DaemonFCback then you had systems that said "Designed for Windows 98" and they MEANT they could ONLY run Windows 98Aug 19 13:33
DaemonFCand maybe NT 5/2000Aug 19 13:33
cubezzzI think Loki lasted until 2001Aug 19 13:33
DaemonFCwell, that would have been right before XP launchedAug 19 13:33
DaemonFCso everyone and their mother had Windows 98Aug 19 13:33
cubezzzbut they had big management problems on top of the piracy problemsAug 19 13:33
DaemonFCyeah, major mooch factor in that crowd, you think?Aug 19 13:34
cubezzzI bought some Loki gamesAug 19 13:34
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] C# Fails Very Badly at Popularity in the Free Software World #monoAug 19 13:34
DaemonFCLinux users consisted of about 50 people who were all like "Information wants to be free, Viva La Revolution! I installed Debian on my toaster!"Aug 19 13:35
DaemonFCit was much more hardcore than grandma using Ubuntu on her DellAug 19 13:35
cubezzzLinux guys want to make money, at least most of them do, everyone needs some money to liveAug 19 13:36
cubezzzeven StallmanAug 19 13:36
DaemonFCif an operating system is really doing what it should, people shouldn't even realize what they're using because it will not get in the wayAug 19 13:36
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Vista 7 Crippled Edition Runs Only on Overly Crippled Computer 19 13:36
DaemonFCright now people have no idea what they're using because it's pretty much all XP or VistaAug 19 13:36
DaemonFCand itAug 19 13:36
DaemonFCit's "part of the computer"Aug 19 13:37
DaemonFCso no matter how badly it screws up, it's that "damned computer"Aug 19 13:37
MinceR143824 -BNc:#boycottnovell- [schestowitz] For those who don't know, WIPO can be seen as a 'front' mostly used by people in power and companies that monopolise with piecesAug 19 13:37
cubezzzok, Loki shut down in Jan 2002Aug 19 13:37
MinceR          of paper.Aug 19 13:37
MinceRisn't that true of the entirety of UN?Aug 19 13:37
MinceRs/U/the U/Aug 19 13:37
schestowitzYeahAug 19 13:37
schestowitzDiplomatsAug 19 13:37
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] BIOS updated desktop Asus P5N32-E SLI, now it wont boot. No POST, no beeps, nothing. It's 2009 and BIOS updates _still_ fsck machines up :(Aug 19 13:37
schestowitzPlaying games using sanctionsAug 19 13:37
schestowitzJoin us or we -invade- you SpreadDemocracyAug 19 13:38
schestowitzOr... we'll use financial strangulations so that you cave to our Big CorporationsAug 19 13:38
DaemonFCdon't update the BIOS unless you know it fixes a problem you *are* experiencingAug 19 13:38
schestowitzThink "banana republic"Aug 19 13:38
DaemonFCthe solid beep tone when you press the power button means that Mr. BIOS is no longer your friendAug 19 13:38
MinceRwhat countries can be really safe from that?Aug 19 13:38
cubezzzno one uses coreboot? :)Aug 19 13:38
schestowitzBut it's WTO that does the strangulations and sanctionsAug 19 13:39
schestowitzWIPO is not as aggressive AFAIKAug 19 13:39
DaemonFCI noticed they were demonstrating that Coreboot will now boot up Windows 7Aug 19 13:39
DaemonFCI don't see any huge pent up demand to run an open source BIOS to boot Windows, but the guy did seem a little eccentricAug 19 13:39
schestowitzPeople should be up in arms vs these orgsAug 19 13:39
DaemonFCMinceR, I am not the UN, I am not WIPO, I am not George W. BushAug 19 13:40
DaemonFCnow that we have that out of the way, can we play 20 questions?Aug 19 13:40
MinceRDaemonFC: whatAug 19 13:40
DaemonFC:)Aug 19 13:41
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Server 2008/Vista/Vista 7 Code a Disaster, Still 19 13:41
DaemonFCI'm sorry, I couldn't help but feel that the chatter was somehow directed in my general directionAug 19 13:42
DaemonFC;)Aug 19 13:42
MinceRit wasn'tAug 19 13:43
DaemonFC""because of this problem, Exchange Server 2007 may stop responding or may encounter index corruption.""Aug 19 13:43
MinceRit's just that i had a conversation on a similar topic with a cow orkerAug 19 13:43
DaemonFCschestowitz, that sounds familiarAug 19 13:43
MinceRlooking for a safe country to move to :)Aug 19 13:43
DaemonFCOutlook Express used to trash the database and delete all your emailsAug 19 13:44
DaemonFCso what they did to "fix" it?Aug 19 13:44
DaemonFCyou're going to love thisAug 19 13:44
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] ODF Plugfest Gets Web Page 19 13:44
DaemonFCnow when you compact the database, it makes a copy of the database, moves the old one to the recycle bin, compacts the database, and if it corrupts it, it will delete that one and restore the one it sent to the recycle binAug 19 13:45
DaemonFCif it doesn't, it goes ahead and deletes the one it sent to the recycle binAug 19 13:45
schestowitzMinceR: come here. There are nuclear warheadsAug 19 13:45
DaemonFCfrom the user's point of view, everything went well no matter what happensAug 19 13:45
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Microsoft's Fight Against Open Document Standards Exposed 19 13:45
schestowitzIn Orwellian terms, safe means "self destructive"Aug 19 13:46
MinceRschestowitz: which attract other nuclear warheadsAug 19 13:46
schestowitzYesAug 19 13:46
DaemonFCOutlook Express is full of warts like thatAug 19 13:46
MinceRand the worst problems with international law aren't only present in the USA, many of them originate thereAug 19 13:46
schestowitzBetter fight with eggs and wordsAug 19 13:46
MinceRand come into power before they do elsewhereAug 19 13:46
DaemonFCthey did manage to cover up the nastier onesAug 19 13:46
schestowitzIn Soviet Russian, Ballmer pelts audience with eggsAug 19 13:46
MinceRi'd like to avoid thatAug 19 13:46
MinceRplus i doubt they'd appreciate my presence anywayAug 19 13:47
DaemonFCdidn't that guy miss Ballmer anyway?Aug 19 13:47
DaemonFCFAILAug 19 13:47
MinceRi dare to think for myself (in W's terms, i guess that makes me a "turrist")Aug 19 13:47
DaemonFChe should have painted the eggs with Internet Explorer's blue "e" logoAug 19 13:47
DaemonFCfor good luckAug 19 13:47
MinceRDaemonFC: here's your chance to outdo him ;)Aug 19 13:47
DaemonFCwe're never going to hear the end of this, are we?Aug 19 13:48
schestowitzDaemonFC: not the pointAug 19 13:48
DaemonFCI suppose it doesn't help that I did not vote for him?Aug 19 13:48
schestowitzBesides, it was long-rangeAug 19 13:48
schestowitzANyone on stage would have to be a klutz to be unable to avoid the eggsAug 19 13:49
DaemonFCthat's why he should have brought more eggsAug 19 13:49
DaemonFCand thrown them in the general directionAug 19 13:49
schestowitzWho, Bush?Aug 19 13:49
DaemonFCmaximum spread :DAug 19 13:49
schestowitzHe was never electedAug 19 13:49
schestowitzHe stole the electionsAug 19 13:49
MinceRi think he should have used a frag grenade insteadAug 19 13:49
schestowitzTHen proceeded to more fraud and even murderAug 19 13:49
DaemonFCwell, that was obviousAug 19 13:50
MinceRdoes more damage and the shrapnel is much less likely to missAug 19 13:50
schestowitzMinceR: enough of the nonsenseAug 19 13:50
schestowitzIt was a symbolic thingAug 19 13:50
schestowitzLike glove slapAug 19 13:50
schestowitzBallmer at least knows he's a little devil, I betAug 19 13:50
MinceRlittle?Aug 19 13:50
schestowitzYesAug 19 13:50
DaemonFCyeah, but I would have gone all out, one of them would have gotten himAug 19 13:50
MinceRhe's a big fat devilAug 19 13:50
MinceR+sweatyAug 19 13:51
schestowitzHe's a girly dancer thinking bigAug 19 13:51
cubezzzdevelopers developers developers!Aug 19 13:51
DaemonFCthat video where he has like 12 gallons of sweat caught in his shirt under each armpitAug 19 13:51
schestowitzHe hid under the desk like a wussAug 19 13:51
DaemonFCyou'd think he could afford some deoderantAug 19 13:51
schestowitzHere in Britain ouir pollies are bolderAug 19 13:51
MinceRhe couldAug 19 13:51
cubezzzBallmer couldn't be more funnyAug 19 13:51
schestowitzSee Prescott for exampleAug 19 13:51
MinceRbut he isn't civilized enough to know what it's forAug 19 13:51
*scyon ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 13:52
schestowitzI doubt itAug 19 13:52
schestowitzDeodorants come in many typesAug 19 13:52
DaemonFCthat guy is such a pig that walking around causes him to sweat profuselyAug 19 13:52
schestowitzSome are so simple even a caveman could use themAug 19 13:52
MinceRi prefer the one made of napalmAug 19 13:52
DaemonFCI mean damn, how much worse shape could he be in?Aug 19 13:52
MinceRsure, but will the caveman know why it's important to use?Aug 19 13:52
schestowitzMinceR: `stop it, pleaseAug 19 13:52
schestowitzMinceR: doubtfulAug 19 13:52
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] Dems to GOP: "OK, you people are idiots. Fuck you, we'll do it without you." 19 13:52
schestowitzCavemen could not have showered much, eitherAug 19 13:53
DaemonFCwell, then you'd be asking him to bathe in their drinking waterAug 19 13:53
schestowitzAnd I don't see orangutans having deodorant treatment from zoo stuff. Neanderthals would be the sameAug 19 13:53
schestowitzEven in the middle ages they hardly bathedAug 19 13:53
schestowitz"out with the bathwater..."Aug 19 13:53
MinceRthe middle ages were a step back though, afaikAug 19 13:53
DaemonFCyeah, they also died a horrible diarrhea deathAug 19 13:54
DaemonFCand declared war on the Muslims in part because they did practice hygeineAug 19 13:54
schestowitzDaemonFC: sounds like a Microsoft productAug 19 13:54
cubezzzthat sounds scary :-0Aug 19 13:54
schestowitz" horrible diarrhea death"Aug 19 13:54
schestowitzDoes it support MP3 format?Aug 19 13:54
DaemonFCHorrible Diarrhea Death 2009 Express EditionAug 19 13:55
DaemonFCno, only WMAAug 19 13:55
schestowitzDamn.Aug 19 13:55
schestowitzWhat utter crapAug 19 13:55
MinceRHorrible Diarrhea Death 2009 Ultimate Enterprise EditionAug 19 13:55
schestowitzI should have gone with "Professional"Aug 19 13:55
DaemonFCMincer: don't forget Plus! for Horrible Diarrhea Death 2009 Ultimate Enterprise EditionAug 19 13:55
DaemonFC:)Aug 19 13:55
MinceRrightAug 19 13:55
MinceR:)Aug 19 13:55
cubezzzMicrosoft could sell toilet paper and market it as ButtWiper 8.0Aug 19 13:56
schestowitzDiarrhea Death *Home* Edition < call an ambulanceAug 19 13:56
schestowitzcubezzz: no, Apple will still rule this market with iPotAug 19 13:57
DaemonFCthe Home editions of their products are too crippled to even consider using, of courset that's the pointAug 19 13:57
DaemonFCsell you more than you need at the highest price possibleAug 19 13:57
schestowitz"Whaaa??? I can't flush until I upgrade?"Aug 19 13:57
MinceRnowadays m$ would give the toilet paper a single-syllable silly name that doesn't relate to anything :>Aug 19 13:57
cubezzzgross :)Aug 19 13:58
DaemonFCWindows PingAug 19 13:58
schestowitzFlush Tuesdays require a retoolAug 19 13:58
DaemonFCit's jsut like "wiping" only betterAug 19 13:58
MinceRLive Splung 2009, the toilet paperAug 19 13:59
MinceRavailable in 29384 editionsAug 19 13:59
DaemonFCyou're about to burst and the toilet requires you to call Microsoft and get the 50 character activation code before you can sit downAug 19 13:59
DaemonFC:DAug 19 13:59
MinceRlolAug 19 13:59
DaemonFCTHEN when you're done you realize it's out of toilet paper and you have to use the Bathroom Anytime Upgrade optionAug 19 14:00
DaemonFCthen it won't flush and you have to get a plumber to work on it for $70 an hourAug 19 14:01
DaemonFCthat's a Microsoft bathroom :PAug 19 14:01
MinceRthen it backs up and you can't do anythingAug 19 14:01
MinceRit gets filled with sewage and all they can tell you is reinstallAug 19 14:02
DaemonFC<in thick Indian accent> Have you tried rebooting the toilet?Aug 19 14:02
MinceR:)Aug 19 14:02
DaemonFCoh I'm sorry, *after* an hour on holdAug 19 14:02
DaemonFCand paing $29 for the "incident"Aug 19 14:02
DaemonFC*payingAug 19 14:03
cubezzzright, I already hated microsoft, but somehow I hate them even more now :)Aug 19 14:03
DaemonFC"I see you're using last year's model of toilet, can I transfer you over to Sales while we have you on the line?"Aug 19 14:03
DaemonFC:DAug 19 14:03
DaemonFCyeah, people say Linux has no support options, they've obviously never called MicrosoftAug 19 14:04
DaemonFCat least if nobody can answer my Linux question iut didn't charge me to askAug 19 14:05
DaemonFC:PAug 19 14:05
*tacone (n=rooms@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 14:05
cubezzzyou can get support for LinuxAug 19 14:05
cubezzzmost of the Linux crowd are pretty good at problem solving, they enjoy itAug 19 14:06
DaemonFCthe first time I called Microsoft was when Internet Explorer 4's installer exploded and took out my Windows 95 with the shrapnelAug 19 14:06
DaemonFCI had just bought Office '97 and IE 4 was a mandatory componentAug 19 14:07
DaemonFCso I had to reinstall Windows so I could install something I didn't want that was totally unrelated to Office, so that Office would workAug 19 14:07
DaemonFC:DAug 19 14:07
DaemonFCFailure is not an option, it's an integrated component. That's IE they're talking about.Aug 19 14:08
DaemonFCspeaking of Paul ThurrottAug 19 14:10
DaemonFChe's also the halfwit that actually suggested using InPrivate as an ad blocking filterAug 19 14:10
schestowitzQuantum Mechanics The Uncertainty Principle Light Particle's < >Aug 19 14:11
DaemonFC 19 14:12
DaemonFC"Congressional investigators have uncovered five more letters sent to members of Congress that falsely claimed to be from charities expressing opposition to climate change legislation"Aug 19 14:12
DaemonFCmoar astroturf!Aug 19 14:12
DaemonFC"Jack Bonner, the lobbying firm’s founder, has said a temporary employee was responsible for the fake letters and has been fired."Aug 19 14:12
DaemonFCYes, a temporary employee, hired especially for just such an occassionAug 19 14:13
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Time to fill up the paddling pool. Enough room for me, no room for kids!Aug 19 14:14
DaemonFCnotice the astroturfers claimed to be old peopleAug 19 14:16
DaemonFCprobably because nobody takes young adults seriously because they don't think we voteAug 19 14:16
DaemonFCso the elderly get everything they want and we get dumped onAug 19 14:16
MinceRold people like to think that not dying for a given amount of years somehow makes them specialAug 19 14:16
DaemonFCI like how the president put itAug 19 14:17
MinceRin today's society survival is not a big dealAug 19 14:17
DaemonFC"these people who say 'I hate government programs, but keep your hands off MY Medicare...'"Aug 19 14:17
DaemonFCthat's just it, they don't care what happens to other people cause it's not them, they just want me to keep paying all the bills so they can keep taking all the benefitsAug 19 14:18
DaemonFCif you even suggest that the federal government is going to set up a program that benefits anyone under 65, the AARP will raise hellAug 19 14:19
DaemonFCmy favorite hypocrisy is that they all say "The world doesn't owe you anything just because you're here" as they all take their Social Security and Medicare benefitsAug 19 14:21
DaemonFCjust for being hereAug 19 14:21
MinceRperhaps being here for x years is different in their minds from just being hereAug 19 14:22
DaemonFCthey'll naturally poinht to the fact that they paid something into those programs, but get mad when you point out that they're taking 10 times as much as they put in and you're the one paying in who will never get any of it backAug 19 14:22
DaemonFCWell, there's actually a little-known loopholeAug 19 14:22
*tacone has quit ("Rooms • iPhone IRC Client •")Aug 19 14:23
DaemonFCif your PARENTS don't request a social security number for you when you're born, you don't have to take part in the system or pay them taxesAug 19 14:23
DaemonFCyou get what's called a Taxpayer Identification Number instead that you use to pay your normal percentage of income taxAug 19 14:23
DaemonFCbut if your parents opt you into Social Security there's no way to ever get outAug 19 14:24
DaemonFCso because my parents opted me in, it means that it's illegal for me to not pay those taxesAug 19 14:24
DaemonFCthe theory is that when I am 67 years old, I get to retire and live off the government (they retire at 65 btw)Aug 19 14:25
DaemonFCand the system will be bankrupt before I'm 40Aug 19 14:25
DaemonFCso my parents generation is getting their retirement paid for by taking everything out of my generation's retirement fund as wellAug 19 14:26
DaemonFCponzi schemes only last as long as you can find exponentially more "investors" to cover the last groupAug 19 14:27
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] More similarities found between Microsoft ("fake letters"), the tobacco industry, and those who destroy the Earth. 19 14:29
schestowitzYes, passing debt to grandkidsAug 19 14:29
schestowitzOld newsAug 19 14:29
schestowitz 19 14:30
DaemonFCschestowitz, Social Security and Medicare, to my generation, is like working an ox in the field for decades, finally taking the yoke off of it, then saying "Just kidding, here's a heavier yoke!"Aug 19 14:36
DaemonFCthat's why I really don't like old people or their lobbying groupsAug 19 14:36
DaemonFCnow there's some legalized daylight theft :DAug 19 14:39
DaemonFCeven Microsoft would have to bow in awe of how much money people are being cheated out of for nothing in returnAug 19 14:40
schestowitzHmmmm.. I never realised how close the Nazis were to obtaining The Bomb before the Americans didAug 19 14:48
schestowitzI've just found out some details about it. Makes me wonder if the Japan bombings were partly used as a warning signAug 19 14:48
DaemonFCyeah, they sent their research on a U-boat to JapanAug 19 14:49
DaemonFCand that U-boat was intercepted by the BritishAug 19 14:49
DaemonFCfirst sub-to-sub kill with a torpedo iircAug 19 14:49
DaemonFCthe initial german bomb designs were pretty bad really, they relied completely on deuterium oxide (heavy water), which wasn't abundantly available to themAug 19 14:51
DaemonFCI believe the only facility they had that could produce significant amounts of it was in PolandAug 19 14:51
twitterheh, the Nazis did not know boron in their carbon was a neutron poison.Aug 19 15:08
twitterLike the Visible Technologies expose.  Very nice research.Aug 19 15:08
*Omar87 ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 15:08
Omar87HiAug 19 15:08
Omar87okay guys. It seems like Facebook just blocked me out.Aug 19 15:09
twitterPerhaps Visible Technologies is where Slashdot death threats come from.Aug 19 15:09
twitterFacebook fails again?  Look for the botnet.Aug 19 15:09
Omar87Blocked me out as in I'm no longer able to access the website. As in they blocked my IP out.Aug 19 15:10
twitterFacebook or your ISP?Aug 19 15:10
Omar87twitter: What botnet?Aug 19 15:10
Omar87Facebook, I guess.Aug 19 15:10
twitterThe last time I heard of Facebook failing, it was a DDoS attack.Aug 19 15:10
*sdkhf (i=5496f609@gateway/web/freenode/x-lyvglygkejuohmdn) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 15:11
Omar87Everytime I try to access it, I get the message: Firefox can't find the server at 19 15:11
twittercan you ping it?Aug 19 15:12
Omar87Not even lynx, wget or even pinging work.Aug 19 15:12
Omar87NoAug 19 15:12
twittertry 19 15:12
Omar87Could be because I recently posted a status insulting Zuckerberg and nagging about facebook being such of bloated bug factory that doesn't even respect its users' privacy.Aug 19 15:13
Omar87?Aug 19 15:13
Omar87being such * a * bloated bug factory.Aug 19 15:14
*schestowitz watches 19 15:20
schestowitzOmar87: that would lead to account-level responseAug 19 15:22
schestowitzNot IP banAug 19 15:22
schestowitzMaybe downtime/botnetAug 19 15:22
schestowitzUnless the USians had Facebooks do what the did with MicrosoftAug 19 15:22
Omar87maybe, not sureAug 19 15:22
schestowitzLike sanctions against Syria where MSN Messenger gets shut downAug 19 15:22
Omar87but I'm not in Syria.Aug 19 15:23
schestowitzIIRC, Iran blocks FB or something tooAug 19 15:23
schestowitzOmar87: I knowAug 19 15:23
schestowitzMaybe just a downtimeAug 19 15:23
schestowitzSounds like itAug 19 15:23
schestowitzThey have many localised serversAug 19 15:23
schestowitzliike uk.facebook.whateverAug 19 15:23
schestowitzBy the way, you're right.Aug 19 15:24
schestowitz"Facebook being such of bloated bug factory that doesn't even respect its users' privacy."Aug 19 15:24
schestowitzThey just got suedAug 19 15:24
schestowitzI saw an article yesterdayAug 19 15:24
Omar87yeahAug 19 15:24
*Will_ (i=423b7e61@gateway/web/freenode/x-ktvolhrlhlrupctx) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 15:25
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Woot. Acer Aspire Revo now mounted on the back of the telly. Nicely out of the way.Aug 19 15:25
Will_Microsoft got hit by a few more patent suits:Aug 19 15:27
Will_,2817,2351761,00.aspAug 19 15:27
Will_* gets out violin, starts playing sad tune.Aug 19 15:28
*DaemonFC has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))Aug 19 15:28
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] @schestowitz that would be AdTI, AdTI and AdTI then?Aug 19 15:29
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] When Does ‘News’ Qualify as Shameless Microsoft PR? 19 15:31
*cubezzz has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Aug 19 15:32
*Balrog ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 15:36
*Balrog has quit (Remote closed the connection)Aug 19 15:37
*cubezzz ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 15:40
Will_Word is 'to big to fail'?  Ugh.  I've heard that phrase way too much over the last year.Aug 19 15:40
Will_ 19 15:40
Will_We need to educate people about alternatives.  I haven't even had MS Office loaded on a machine I use for almost 2 years.Aug 19 15:41
*jono (n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 15:41
*Balrog ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 15:43
schestowitzGood day for Microsoft... "Eye on Microsoft: Windows Mobile Failure, Server 2008/Vista Failure, and Vista 7 Failure by Design" 19 15:43
Will_What can Word do that OpenOffice/Lotus Symphony, Scribus, or LaTeX (depending on your project's needs) can't?Aug 19 15:44
schestowitzNot LotusAug 19 15:45
schestowitzKeep people out of this junkAug 19 15:45
schestowitzAbiword for the minimalistsAug 19 15:45
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] @davidgerard : yes, the GWB of science. 19 15:45
schestowitzKOffice is good tooAug 19 15:45
schestowitzKword is light, fast, good for KDE usersAug 19 15:46
Will_eh.  ok.  Haven't used Lotus.  Was just giving it the benefit of the doubt.Aug 19 15:46
schestowitzLyX is good for the scientific writersAug 19 15:46
schestowitzWill_: there is more than one suit ready to hit MicrosoftAug 19 15:46
Will_I don't care for LyX.  I prefer Kile+LaTeX.Aug 19 15:47
schestowitzAnother major one to be decided very soonAug 19 15:47
schestowitzI can give the details if you wantAug 19 15:47
schestowitzI just hurry catching up with new posts thoughAug 19 15:47
schestowitzKile is good tooAug 19 15:47
schestowitzOr raw latex. i do bothAug 19 15:47
schestowitzI grew up on LyX, since 8 years ago or moreAug 19 15:47
Will_And Emacs has that cool auctex embedded preview thing.  If it had the same kind of IDE-like project management that Kile has (useful when you are working with multiple files), I might use it more.Aug 19 15:49
*twitter has quit ("Leaving.")Aug 19 15:49
Will_Is it just me, or is the shill brigade being uncharasteristically quiet about the i4i stuff?Aug 19 15:49
Will_There was the initial FUD about ODF being vulnerable too, shot down by i4i themselves, and now almost nothing.Aug 19 15:50
*twitter (n=willhill@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 15:50
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[nickballard] Is Chrome OS Too Orwellian Or Big Brother-ish? 19 15:50
Will_In any case, October should be an interesting month.Aug 19 15:52
Will_schestowitz : Well, here's one product that probably won't be bowing down to the mighty Emballmer of Netbooks:Aug 19 15:56
Will_ 19 15:56
Will_note the screen size and customization options.Aug 19 15:57
Will_but then the price is a bit of a problem there.Aug 19 15:58
Will_I guess we just wait for ARMAug 19 15:59
*Will_ has quit ("Page closed")Aug 19 15:59
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] How do we report twitter spammers? @billy_boyyy clearly is one.Aug 19 16:03
*tacone (n=Adium@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 16:22
*wallclimber ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 16:33
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] ODF Progress Made, OOXML Still Ruled Illegal in the United States 19 16:40
wallclimbergood morningAug 19 16:44
*conley1 ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 16:45
*Guest81357 is now known as Balrog_Aug 19 16:48
*Omar87 has quit ("Leaving.")Aug 19 16:50
Balrogschestowitz: you here?Aug 19 16:58
BalrogSo I stuck Win7 in a vbox VM a few days agoAug 19 16:58
Balrogcertainly a lot better than VistaAug 19 16:58
Balrogbut I can't say much; a real test requires six months of heavy use, or moreAug 19 16:59
*wallclimber has quit ("Ex-Chat")Aug 19 17:02
*hicham (n=chatzill@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 17:11
*hicham is now known as _Hicham_Aug 19 17:11
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[trmanco] Chromium already has primitive "Stats for Nerds" yay!! :)Aug 19 17:15
*tacone has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Aug 19 17:16
*_Hicham_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Aug 19 17:19
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Moonlight and Mono Lack Demand 19 17:26
schestowitz Asustek is the most reliable PC < >Aug 19 17:31
schestowitzHewlett-Packard profit down 19% on weak sales of PCs, printing supplies <,0,3557194.story >. No sympathy for them..... they are helping other monopolistsAug 19 17:32
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Why is the MSBBC advertising PowerPoint? 19 17:35
schestowitzThe FSF is organising a "Windows7" CampaignAug 19 17:36
schestowitzI remembered seeing something about it a few months agoAug 19 17:36
schestowitzTheir Director wants me to advise on something :-)Aug 19 17:36
schestowitzAds body cuts off Skype ad after pic quality complaints < >Aug 19 17:48
schestowitzThere's some new Microsoft PR from the Technologiser, whose Webmaster received a laptop from MicrosoftAug 19 17:53
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] japanese mankini tv pair who are these guys, what is the show etc?Aug 19 18:00
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 18:01
*_Hicham_ (n=chatzill@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 18:02
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] @schestowitz how can you say that? the world is in deep need of yet another media player and a really, really slow note-taking app!Aug 19 18:03
*yuhong ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 18:07
_Hicham_the world needs bansheeAug 19 18:07
_Hicham_schestowitz uses banshee fulltime as his preferred media playerAug 19 18:07
yuhongGoogle's response to Bing, Google Caffeine, don't seem to be covered on BN.Aug 19 18:09
*_Hicham_ has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))Aug 19 18:11
schestowitz "401 Authorization Required"Aug 19 18:12
schestowitzyuhong: yesAug 19 18:14
schestowitzCaffeine seems like ypeAug 19 18:14
schestowitzIt's also proprietary softwareAug 19 18:14
yuhongBut, so is Bing, and Google search itself.Aug 19 18:14
yuhong if you want to play with it.Aug 19 18:15
yuhongBut considering that you don't like Bing, I am suprised that you didn't cover Google's response to it.Aug 19 18:16
yuhongHere is a review:Aug 19 18:18
yuhong 19 18:18
schestowitzI'd rather spent time advocating soemthing like WIkiaAug 19 18:19
*conley1 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Aug 19 18:20
*conley1 ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 18:29
*yuhong has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.13/2009080315]")Aug 19 18:35
*_Hicham_ (n=chatzill@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 18:44
*tessier has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Aug 19 18:44
_Hicham_BN is down again ?Aug 19 18:44
schestowitzSeems soAug 19 18:49
_Hicham_is is a ddos ?Aug 19 18:51
schestowitzDon't knowAug 19 18:51
Balrogschestowitz: wiki is upAug 19 18:54
schestowitzHmmmmmm.....Aug 19 18:54
Balrogwordpress seems to have some caching issueAug 19 18:55
BalrogCouldn't write to: /home/boycottn/public_html/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-102b43aeb54ca905667d2bbfd10e2e3f.htmlAug 19 18:55
Balrogor permissionsAug 19 18:55
schestowitzI was just writing to FSF Director and couldn't get the refsAug 19 18:55
schestowitzBalrog: hold inAug 19 18:55
schestowitzIt has just rebootedAug 19 18:55
Balrogokk.Aug 19 18:55
Balrogahh.Aug 19 18:55
schestowitzI'l flush cacheAug 19 18:56
Balrogokk.Aug 19 18:56
*tessier ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 18:57
tessierschestowitz: I think a whole bunch of machines at the datacenter just rebooted. Possibly a power issue. I'm looking into it.Aug 19 18:58
schestowitzAhhhh... :-)Aug 19 18:59
schestowitzSo it's not me Aug 19 18:59
schestowitzNor "us"Aug 19 18:59
schestowitztessier: thanks a LOT!Aug 19 18:59
tessiergrr...I hate it when stuff like this happens.Aug 19 18:59
schestowitzNothing is 100% bullet proofAug 19 18:59
schestowitzExcept Wall Street, which runs Red HatAug 19 18:59
tessierThis stuff needs to get a lot closer to it though.Aug 19 19:00
schestowitzLSE fell twice in the past year... and now they dump .NET/WindowsAug 19 19:00
Balrogschestowitz: works nowAug 19 19:01
schestowitzBalrog: can you keep an eye on it while you read and report errors, if any?Aug 19 19:05
schestowitzThe caching works OK nowAug 19 19:05
Balrogwhile I read ;)Aug 19 19:05
BalrogI have other stuff to do :(Aug 19 19:05
schestowitztessier: it all works as before now. Was down for less than 1/2 hour, I thinkAug 19 19:05
schestowitzThe FSF's Brown was just trying to make use our informationAug 19 19:06
schestowitzThey also wage a campaign re OLPCAug 19 19:06
schestowitzBalrog: sure, since you seem active on IRC, that's allAug 19 19:06
schestowitzOther I'd assume would say nothing in IRC or not be on IRC at allAug 19 19:06
Balrogahh ok :)Aug 19 19:07
BalrogI'll be in and outAug 19 19:07
tessierWowAug 19 19:07
tessierThe WHOLE FREAKING 80,000 SQUARE FOOT datacenter went down!Aug 19 19:08
tessierWell, glad it wasn't me. I was pretty sure my stuff was solid now.Aug 19 19:08
Balrogwtf!?Aug 19 19:08
schestowitztessier: do they know why?Aug 19 19:08
*schestowitz just curiousAug 19 19:08
tessierNot sure yet. My sales rep will call me back as soon as he is done getting his ass chewed out by everyone else in line in front of me.Aug 19 19:09
schestowitzI bet some very big sites were affected too and maybe very negatively affected by a shortage, esp. transaction-type thingsAug 19 19:09
schestowitzOh, yeah.. and sales. THink how many people were 'lost' while making transaction$$Aug 19 19:09
schestowitz 19 19:10
*tacone (n=rooms@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 19:16
*tacone has quit (Client Quit)Aug 19 19:19
*_Hicham_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Aug 19 19:19
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] @davidgerard : It's a little late for an apology to Alan Turing < >Aug 19 19:20
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Apple HypePhones are exploding, apparently. 19 19:26
schestowitzCharity sues government for details of Afghanistan rendition case < >Aug 19 19:29
*Omar87 ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 19:40
Omar87HiAug 19 19:40
Omar87Guys, what do you think is the most recommended Linux distro for a Python programmer?Aug 19 19:41
Omar87I keep having this urge to try Arch Linux. Any recommendations?Aug 19 19:42
*tacone (n=rooms@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 19:44
*tacone has quit (Client Quit)Aug 19 19:45
schestowitzDebian?Aug 19 19:48
schestowitzIdentity Theft is not a crime <  >Aug 19 19:50
schestowitzOmar87: (New Lawsuit Against Facebook From People Who Just Don't Like Facebook)Aug 19 19:53
schestowitz"I usually attempt to think of an intelligent reply to an ignorant article but there is no way to answer blatant stupidity.' 19 19:55
schestowitz "What is this clown talking about, I've numerous Linux machines, one running Ubuntu 9.04 and the other's Mandriva 2009.1, nothing unstable about any of them."Aug 19 19:55
twitterlink to blatant stupidity is broken?Aug 19 19:59
twitterno, there it is.Aug 19 19:59
twitterthey just want my name, address, subject and color of my cat to contribute.Aug 19 20:00
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 20:00
Omar87schestowitz: Okay, I know you might have read this article already probably hours ago, but I'll post it nevertheless. M$ and it's entire M$ Office project are now seriously, in deep..deep..deep..deep... s%&t.. 19 20:00
twitterThey also want to sell me IE8, a Dell, and other things.  Figures a site advertising IE 8 would be really dumb.Aug 19 20:01
schestowitztwitter: I don't link to the article directlyAug 19 20:05
schestowitzIt's Disinformation WeekAug 19 20:05
schestowitzOmar87: yes, bad PR gaffe tooAug 19 20:06
twitterGood thing.  The article really is idiotic.  Looks like it came from LinuxToday, but now I seeAug 19 20:06
schestowitzMicrosoft tried to keep silent about itAug 19 20:06
schestowitzI knew about i4i around AprilAug 19 20:06
schestowitzThey accused Microsoft of serious henious offencesAug 19 20:06
schestowitzNot Microsoft is fined for trial misconductAug 19 20:06
schestowitzAnd 'stealing' from i4iAug 19 20:06
schestowitzMany reactions to that 'article' were negativeAug 19 20:07
schestowitzInfoWeek published one article from the same auhtor last weekAug 19 20:07
twitterI like how PJ has pointed out that they knew about this while they were corrupting ISO.Aug 19 20:07
schestowitzTitled "is Linux Irrelevant?"Aug 19 20:07
schestowitzThey also issued a press release to promote the articleAug 19 20:08
schestowitzMay Information Week die peacefullyAug 19 20:08
Omar87twitter: Which article is idiotic?Aug 19 20:08
schestowitzOmar87:I don't want to feed itAug 19 20:08
schestowitz 19 20:09
Omar87schestowitz: feed what?Aug 19 20:09
schestowitzsee aboveAug 19 20:09
twitterWith people like  Serdar Yegulalp writing articles for them, they will die quickly.Aug 19 20:09
schestowitzIt's the whole "ready for the desktop" meme/themeAug 19 20:09
twitter1998 called and wants it's FUD back.Aug 19 20:09
schestowitzYegulalp writes OK stuff sometimesAug 19 20:09
schestowitzHe's not all badAug 19 20:09
schestowitzMaybe he's short of  matrialAug 19 20:10
twitterSomeone send him a EEE PC so he can shut up.Aug 19 20:10
twitteror write something useful.Aug 19 20:10
schestowitzHe was a Windows journalistAug 19 20:10
schestowitzFor many yearsAug 19 20:10
schestowitzHe came to Linux some years agoAug 19 20:10
schestowitzBut as I said, he's not all bad at allAug 19 20:10
twitterMillions of people are happily running GNU/Linux.  Why can't so called journalists?Aug 19 20:10
schestowitzI don'\t attack himAug 19 20:11
schestowitzI'd rather address his misunderstandingAug 19 20:11
twitterLike I said.  Send him a EEE PC.Aug 19 20:11
schestowitzWhen something just works, there's not much to writeAug 19 20:11
schestowitzAlso, there's not much attention to gain unless there's an eventAug 19 20:11
twitterOf course there's a reason to write.  People like good news too.Aug 19 20:12
schestowitzI don't spend time writing about things that workAug 19 20:12
schestowitzOthers are the sameAug 19 20:12
schestowitzLike Lessig...Aug 19 20:12
schestowitzRMS..Aug 19 20:12
schestowitzMostly looking for the broken thingsAug 19 20:12
schestowitzTrying to fix what needs fixingAug 19 20:12
schestowitzNever resting on one's laurelsAug 19 20:12
schestowitzSo people who wrtie about Linux are sometimes the same Aug 19 20:12
schestowitzThey look for something they can breakAug 19 20:12
twitternot true.  RMS has spent a lot of time telling people about software freedom.  It was a constructive exerciseAug 19 20:13
schestowitzOr make a big fuss over events like ReiserAug 19 20:13
schestowitzAs if one among millions of FOSS devs is worthy of generalisationAug 19 20:13
schestowitztwitter: not in his blogAug 19 20:13
*tacone (n=rooms@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 20:13
*neighborlee ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 20:14
twitterTech journalist could write about the growing desktop share Linux is taking up, instead of regurgitating Garner and Forrested data.Aug 19 20:14
*tacone has quit (Client Quit)Aug 19 20:15
neighborleehmm,,oh the irony ,that ( not that Im depending ON this format, but atm it might be a easy way to do things ) I need to use ocular in kde ( yay kde!) to view my XPS documents, when it wont work in vista :))Aug 19 20:15
neighborleeooooooooh the ironyAug 19 20:15
neighborleethe gift that just keeps givingAug 19 20:15
schestowitzI get many headline like this in my reader: 19 20:15
schestowitztwitter: but only Gartner word is seen as 'permissible;Aug 19 20:16
schestowitzThe other is called "crackpot"Aug 19 20:16
schestowitzYou know, like that bouncing crackpot who shows linux surpassing OS X. You know, he;s Microsoft's CEO that dude...Aug 19 20:16
schestowitzneighborlee: XPS????Aug 19 20:17
schestowitzIn Linux??Aug 19 20:17
schestowitzHere goes another flamebaiter with FUD: 19 20:18
schestowitzNew Ubuntu Installer Coming Soon 19 20:18
neighborleeschestowitz: you got itAug 19 20:18
neighborleevia ocular <<Aug 19 20:19
neighborleeits ONE way I can move AWAY from msaccess97 TO   something in linuxAug 19 20:19
neighborleeoh the irony ;))Aug 19 20:19
neighborleexps is a exporter format FROM msaccess 987Aug 19 20:19
neighborlee97Aug 19 20:19
neighborleebut while the exe exists for doesn't wont startAug 19 20:19
neighborleeagain..oh the irony ;))Aug 19 20:19
neighborleehehAug 19 20:20
neighborleeMS got some heat over using xps instead of like pdf tooAug 19 20:20
neighborleehere I show youAug 19 20:20
neighborlee 19 20:20
*Diablo-D3 ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 20:21
neighborleeintereting anyway, if not terribly excitingAug 19 20:23
neighborleeinterestingAug 19 20:23
Omar87 19 20:24
Omar87That was a new update to M$ Word lawsuit.Aug 19 20:25
Omar87M$ is in huge trouble now.Aug 19 20:25
neighborleeas if ;)Aug 19 20:25
neighborleecouldn't happen to a nicer bunchAug 19 20:25
schestowitzSort ofAug 19 20:25
neighborleeo_0Aug 19 20:25
schestowitzBad PRAug 19 20:25
schestowitzFor startersAug 19 20:25
schestowitzi4i will be able to tell others what an unethical company Microsoft really isAug 19 20:25
neighborleeI feel sorry for its employees though of course...I mean...Aug 19 20:26
Omar87Man.. If Microsoft stops selling MS-Office by mid October......Aug 19 20:26
neighborleemaybe they can all find better jobs in clean enery or finding sollutions for plagues or somethingAug 19 20:26
neighborleeOR they might concentrate on  x  box development I guess SHRUG ;)Aug 19 20:26
Omar87lolAug 19 20:27
schestowitz 19 20:27
schestowitzFor that Dell deserves some kudosAug 19 20:27
Omar87XBox, it should be called "BloatBox", lol. :)Aug 19 20:27
schestowitzBurnBoxAug 19 20:27
neighborleeOmar87: heheAug 19 20:27
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Oh dear. Watching Location^3 on C4. Crackpot woman who wants to use divining over a map to decide their new house location. Aaaarghh!Aug 19 20:27
Omar87neighborlee: :)Aug 19 20:28
schestowitz 19 20:28
neighborleeOmar87: I had one...months ago..I mean It was cheapER than ps3 by long shot..BUT newsflash to myself back then was finding out how much the internet plugon thing was at $100,,for that price I got a ps3 instead and can go bluray if I wish ;))Aug 19 20:28
*sdkhf has quit ("Page closed")Aug 19 20:29
Omar87schestowitz: If you read the link I just posted, especially page 2, you will find an evidence on how MS was truly intending to bury i4i and their products through stealing.Aug 19 20:30
schestowitzFixed. Done. ( Linux kernel vulnerability fixes - Update 2)Aug 19 20:30
schestowitzOmar87: yes, I knew it since MayAug 19 20:30
Omar87schestowitz: QUOTE: [The opinion quotes an email message from one a Microsoft developer: "we saw [i4i’s products] some time ago and met its creators. Word 11 will make it obsolete."]Aug 19 20:31
schestowitz 19 20:31
schestowitz 19 20:31
Omar87schestowitz: What kind of competition is this?Aug 19 20:31
schestowitzBoth i4i^^^Aug 19 20:31
schestowitzIt's Microsoft competitionAug 19 20:32
Omar87schestowitz: Can't i4i basically do the same to MS by stealing part of their code to make MS Word obsolete? :DAug 19 20:32
schestowitz"We're the good guys!" --Microsoft 19 20:33
neighborleelolAug 19 20:33
schestowitzOmar87: would cost a lot in terms of lawyersAug 19 20:33
Omar87schestowitz: So how is stealing someone's code to make his product obsolete anywhere near smart? :DAug 19 20:33
schestowitzAsk not meAug 19 20:33
schestowitz:-)Aug 19 20:33
schestowitzCan Linux teach Windows 7 and thing or two? < >Aug 19 20:34
schestowitzA campaign against Vista 7 is about the launchAug 19 20:34
schestowitzUse your blog to promote itAug 19 20:35
Omar87schestowitz: I know. Money does buy everything ya know. Who knows what might happen tomorrow? Maybe MS would just bribe here, and bribe there, bribe bribe bribe, and all of a sudden you stop hearing anything about the case anymore.Aug 19 20:35
schestowitzYes, speaking bribes...Aug 19 20:36
schestowitzI have a special little post about Microsoft.Aug 19 20:37
schestowitzSOmeone agreed to help me getting those 80 pages into text from the PDFsAug 19 20:37
schestowitzDon't know if he'll do it..Aug 19 20:37
*Balrog has quit ()Aug 19 20:37
Diablo-D3 19 20:39
schestowitzWireless media players for your home < >Aug 19 20:39
Diablo-D3as much as I hate barney frank, bwahahahaha good for himAug 19 20:39
Diablo-D3schestowitz: DUDEAug 19 20:39
Diablo-D3guess whatAug 19 20:39
Diablo-D3someone accused me of being your pupped yesterdayAug 19 20:39
Diablo-D3you missed itAug 19 20:39
schestowitzWHo?Aug 19 20:39
schestowitzNovell employees?Aug 19 20:39
Diablo-D3no, some douche that came in hereAug 19 20:39
schestowitzSome are doing this while masked, some notAug 19 20:40
schestowitzOh..Aug 19 20:40
schestowitzWhen I was alseep there was some troll hereAug 19 20:40
schestowitzStalkerAug 19 20:40
schestowitzPS3 Slim doesn't do Linux < >Aug 19 20:41
Diablo-D3check your locks for wizzerAug 19 20:41
Diablo-D3he wasnt even a good trollAug 19 20:41
Diablo-D3I defused all his arguments and he got pissedAug 19 20:41
Diablo-D3lolAug 19 20:41
schestowitzThere are stalkers spreading lies. The worst one can do is engage with them. They want attention.Aug 19 20:42
schestowitzLet's see his IPAug 19 20:42
Diablo-D3it was hidden behind a freenode maskAug 19 20:42
Diablo-D3[11:57:50] --> wizzer (i=182e557a@gateway/web/freenode/x-dntcamswrzjpghfw) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 20:43
Diablo-D3schestowitz: the guy was a fucking moronAug 19 20:45
schestowitz182e557a -> ""Aug 19 20:45
Diablo-D3it was lolAug 19 20:45
schestowitzWHich country if this?Aug 19 20:45
schestowitzit's in hexadecimal, Aug 19 20:45
Diablo-D3optonline is cablevision's cable internetAug 19 20:46
Diablo-D3they're in ny, nj, ct, and pennAug 19 20:46
schestowitzJust some Yank.. 19 20:46
schestowitzTo be expectedAug 19 20:47
Diablo-D3the guy wasnt a shill thoughAug 19 20:47
schestowitzToo far to come to doorsteps.Aug 19 20:47
Diablo-D3he was just some 14 year old virginAug 19 20:47
schestowitz14 y-o virgin is normalAug 19 20:47
schestowitzMaybe he was 41Aug 19 20:47
schestowitzAnywayAug 19 20:47
schestowitz...Aug 19 20:47
Diablo-D3read the log, it should be in your logsAug 19 20:48
schestowitzLet's move on from distractions and snearsAug 19 20:48
schestowitzI saw some URL, I won't click on itAug 19 20:48
Diablo-D3he claimed desktop computing is a large marketAug 19 20:48
Diablo-D3lololAug 19 20:48
Diablo-D3actually you should read the URLAug 19 20:48
Diablo-D3its not badAug 19 20:48
Diablo-D3though the guy gets it kinda wrongAug 19 20:49
schestowitzFabrications are always badAug 19 20:49
Diablo-D3its not a fabricationAug 19 20:49
schestowitzI saw this stalker showing up in other forums to stalkAug 19 20:49
schestowitzAnd taking quotes out of context deliberatelyAug 19 20:49
Diablo-D3its just the guy gets stuff a little wrongAug 19 20:49
schestowitzIt's like some anti-politiciains who go about dissecting s*Aug 19 20:49
Diablo-D3he puts the pieces together wrongAug 19 20:49
schestowitzLike the "lipstick on a pig remark"Aug 19 20:50
Diablo-D3schestowitz: dude, stop doing thatAug 19 20:50
schestowitzI've just viewed that URL via Google cacheAug 19 20:51
schestowitzSo basically is claims FRAUDULENTLY that I'm connected to that NastyMicrosoft idiotAug 19 20:51
schestowitzThat guy with a Swastika on a Windows logAug 19 20:51
Diablo-D3learn to use your words, schestowitzAug 19 20:51
schestowitz*logoAug 19 20:51
schestowitzNo, thanls.Aug 19 20:51
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] #Wikimedia blog: Associated Press: web news strategy as SEO comedy. #wikipediaAug 19 20:51
schestowitzWatse of timeAug 19 20:51
schestowitzI wait until they once again try to compare me to UnabomberAug 19 20:52
Diablo-D3you cant claim someone claims something fraudulentlyAug 19 20:52
schestowitzThat was hilariousAug 19 20:52
schestowitzIt came also from a Technical Evangelist from MicrosoftAug 19 20:52
Diablo-D3you can only state they claim itAug 19 20:52
schestowitz"Not supporting Microsoft" = UnabomberAug 19 20:52
Diablo-D3like I said, he puts the pieces together wrongAug 19 20:52
schestowitzWaste of timeAug 19 20:52
schestowitzFor the stalker and for me to bother readingAug 19 20:53
schestowitzSome people write theses on scienceAug 19 20:53
schestowitzThis chap does the equivalent of 'UFO' explorationAug 19 20:54
schestowitzLike this: 19 20:54
*_Hicham_ (n=chatzill@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 20:56
schestowitz "While it might not have the same public wide appeal as Windows," Wide appeal?? Vista?Aug 19 21:00
schestowitzHey, _Hicham_ Aug 19 21:00
_Hicham_hey schestowitzAug 19 21:01
schestowitzDid you hear the news about Mono and Moonlight?Aug 19 21:01
_Hicham_glad that BN is up againAug 19 21:01
schestowitzYes, datacentre issues. I wrote about Monolight [sic]. They are kept at bay, which is good.Aug 19 21:01
schestowitzMore good news: 19 21:04
Diablo-D3schestowitz: you have an rss reader, right?Aug 19 21:05
schestowitzThunderbrowseAug 19 21:06
Diablo-D3add my blog yet?Aug 19 21:06
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Let's help promote Wikia. It is doing well for everyone. 19 21:06
_Hicham_schestowitz : is HP evil ?Aug 19 21:08
schestowitzDiablo-D3: not yet. Can't remember URLAug 19 21:08
schestowitz_Hicham_: they help Microsoft a lotAug 19 21:08
schestowitzMore than Dell even. A lot more.Aug 19 21:09
schestowitzThey also prefer SLE* (Microsoft tax)Aug 19 21:09
Diablo-D3 19 21:09
_Hicham_schestowitz : they help Debian a lot alsoAug 19 21:09
schestowitzH-P also is malicius.Aug 19 21:09
*fewa (n=fewa@unaffiliated/fewa) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 21:09
schestowitzLet me get URLsAug 19 21:09
_Hicham_they contribute to linux kernelAug 19 21:09
schestowitz 19 21:09
_Hicham_they have given a unified driver of all their printers on linuxAug 19 21:09
_Hicham_long time agoAug 19 21:09
schestowitz 19 21:10
_Hicham_so any HP printer can work with LinuxAug 19 21:10
schestowitzYes, a file system tooAug 19 21:10
schestowitz_Hicham_: good for themAug 19 21:10
schestowitzHelps them make more salesAug 19 21:10
fewao yeah HP printers always workAug 19 21:12
_Hicham_that is a plus for linuxAug 19 21:13
schestowitzMicrosoft's Emergency Motion for a Stay Repeats Arguments Already Rejected by District Court < >Aug 19 21:13
_Hicham_whereas other brands do not care about Linux at allAug 19 21:13
Diablo-D3schestowitz: btw, you're behind on the citrix <-> microsoft connectionAug 19 21:16
fewaI only use HP so i have never had problems with printersAug 19 21:19
schestowitzHas Microsoft bought Citrix yet?Aug 19 21:24
schestowitzHP made a Ubuntu derivative for netbooks. WHat ever came out of it?Aug 19 21:25
schestowitzDid Microsoft pay and kiss enough to sabotage it? Cause in its SEC filing Microsoft complained about HP and IntelAug 19 21:25
fewaThey ship it on every one of the Linux netbooksAug 19 21:25
schestowitzfewa: OKAug 19 21:26
fewaand It's showing is equal to the XP netbooksAug 19 21:26
fewaon their web siteAug 19 21:26
fewaIts called the "Mi" editionAug 19 21:26
fewafor Mobile InternetAug 19 21:26
schestowitzneighborlee: 19 21:27
_Hicham_companies are not that evilAug 19 21:27
_Hicham_all what they want is moneyAug 19 21:27
schestowitzBut there are rulesAug 19 21:27
_Hicham_and FOSS is not against getting a lot of moneyAug 19 21:27
schestowitzIf I wanted money, could I throw stones at an old lady with a purse?Aug 19 21:27
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[trmanco] RT @tweetmeme Updated Study Reveals More Developers Working on Linux Kernel 19 21:27
_Hicham_RMS says : you should be rich to be considered as free FOSS activistAug 19 21:28
schestowitzMarket has rules to maximise benefit to societyAug 19 21:28
schestowitzAnd minise frictionAug 19 21:28
schestowitzLike degradation of rights (DRM, spying etc)Aug 19 21:28
schestowitzPatent are nonsenseAug 19 21:28
schestowitzThey were made for good causeAug 19 21:28
_Hicham_that is because the users do not protestAug 19 21:28
schestowitzNow they are mostly evil, making products worse for _everyone_Aug 19 21:28
schestowitz_Hicham_: cauise they are brainwashed. Stupid users= good consumersAug 19 21:29
schestowitz"Why should I care if I must buy Windows on any new PC.........?"Aug 19 21:29
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Woot, another benefit to being an Ubuntu member 19 21:29
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] @schestowitz the other proposal is turing on the next 20 pound note. THAT would be way cool.Aug 19 21:29
_Hicham_users do not know that they pay for windowsAug 19 21:30
_Hicham_$100 at leastAug 19 21:30
schestowitzEwwwwww.... 19 21:30
schestowitzNovell at the topAug 19 21:30
_Hicham_they just want to buy a laptopAug 19 21:30
schestowitzAs though Novell is a Linux authorityAug 19 21:30
_Hicham_it is the duty of linux vendors to do arrangements with OEMSAug 19 21:30
_Hicham_Novell is not a Linux authorityAug 19 21:31
_Hicham_they contribute to kernel, yesAug 19 21:31
_Hicham_but they are not a Linux authorityAug 19 21:31
_Hicham_they have the best linux kernel maintainerAug 19 21:31
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] @davidgerard no way, he's a scientist. Notes accept only people with Crowns or God/s. "In God we Trust(tm)"Aug 19 21:31
_Hicham_Greg Kroah-HartmanAug 19 21:32
schestowitzJono brought home the bacon from IDG's expo... 19 21:33
schestowitz_Hicham_: no, linusAug 19 21:33
schestowitzAnd Cox maybe. Not idea what post-tty he's likeAug 19 21:33
schestowitzAnd Tso is with IBMAug 19 21:33
schestowitzHe's CTO of LFAug 19 21:33
schestowitzMarcus Rex from Novell used to be CTOAug 19 21:34
schestowitzMaybe Canonical can offer Greg k-h a job :-p no way....Aug 19 21:34
_Hicham_schestowitz : if he was to be offered another job, it would be RedHatAug 19 21:35
_Hicham_but he is too attached to SuSEAug 19 21:35
_Hicham_he is the one who started openSUSE projectAug 19 21:35
*ThistleWeb ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 21:36
*Xarver ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 21:36
jonoschestowitz, :)Aug 19 21:37
_Hicham_but don't worry schestowitz, SuSE will be ours, sooner or laterAug 19 21:37
jonoschestowitz, did you Twitter that?Aug 19 21:37
*wallclimber ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 21:37
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] why working with the GOP is futile: they give people like this airtime 19 21:37
*Tallken has quit ("Leaving")Aug 19 21:39
schestowitzHey, wallclimber Aug 19 21:41
wallclimberHi! (I'm writing you an email)Aug 19 21:42
schestowitzI missed you earlier when I was busy writing something and put aside IRCAug 19 21:42
schestowitzwallclimber: private?Aug 19 21:42
wallclimberyesAug 19 21:42
schestowitz_Hicham_: not reallyAug 19 21:42
schestowitzOther guys did AFAIKAug 19 21:42
schestowitzjono:  no, not yetAug 19 21:42
schestowitzBut Greg burned that bridge. Twice.Aug 19 21:43
schestowitzwallclimber: got itAug 19 21:43
wallclimber:)Aug 19 21:43
schestowitz_Hicham_: "The company S.u.S.E. was founded on 2 September 1992 in Nuremberg, Germany, by four people: Roland Dyroff, Thomas Fehr, Burchard Steinbild and Hubert Mantel" 19 21:43
schestowitzSearch for "Greg"Aug 19 21:44
schestowitzMatch not found.Aug 19 21:44
benJImanschestowitz: Will you be attending the openSUSE conference?Aug 19 21:44
schestowitzbenJIman: no, sorryAug 19 21:44
_Hicham_schestowitz : Greg started openSUSE, not SuSEAug 19 21:44
schestowitzwallclimber: I see why it's private. Private lifeAug 19 21:45
schestowitzPeople love intruding into livesAug 19 21:45
schestowitzIt's source of dirt of all sorts, even if made upAug 19 21:45
schestowitz_Hicham_: same thingAug 19 21:46
schestowitzPR thingAug 19 21:46
schestowitzFree<Project_name>Aug 19 21:46
schestowitz<Project_name>Free*Aug 19 21:46
schestowitzOpen<Project_name>Aug 19 21:46
schestowitz<Project_name>Open*Aug 19 21:46
schestowitzOSS companies use the word "source" tooAug 19 21:46
ThistleWebdoes the name hairyfeet mean anything?Aug 19 21:46
_Hicham_schestowitz : I am gonna start openBNAug 19 21:46
_Hicham_as BN is considered non free by manyAug 19 21:47
schestowitzSpringSource, SourceForge, SourceFireAug 19 21:47
schestowitzSCOSourceAug 19 21:47
schestowitzThistleWeb: it's a trollAug 19 21:47
schestowitzHe intruded LinuxTodayAug 19 21:47
schestowitzAnd he's in /,.Aug 19 21:47
ThistleWebahhAug 19 21:47
ThistleWebyeah I saw him in /.Aug 19 21:48
schestowitzSpreading anti-Linux while pretending to eb reasonableAug 19 21:48
ThistleWebI thought he was one of the wiki peepsAug 19 21:48
schestowitzECT quotes itAug 19 21:48
schestowitzHe's a real gentlemanAug 19 21:48
schestowitzTakes himself seriouslyAug 19 21:48
schestowitz"hairy feet"... We GOT to employ that man!Aug 19 21:48
ThistleWebonly after doing an AC post responding to that, I checked wikipedia and found no sign of him, but I knew I'd seen him as a MS shill somewhereAug 19 21:49
ThistleWebI couldn't find where thoughAug 19 21:49
schestowitzThre's another oneAug 19 21:49
schestowitz"dinkypoo" IIRCAug 19 21:49
schestowitzMaybe the same personAug 19 21:49
schestowitz“Clients pick an “author” or opt for anonymity. Visible [Technologies] also has a virtual army — thousands of personas registered with online forums.”Aug 19 21:50
ThistleWebhe was on /. trying to blame east texas for having a patent troll freindly placeAug 19 21:50
schestowitz 19 21:50
ThistleWebas the reason why MS were the victimsAug 19 21:50
ThistleWeblolAug 19 21:50
schestowitzMicrosoft should quit the software bizAug 19 21:50
ThistleWebno mention of MS's bad patentsAug 19 21:51
ThistleWebor their patent racketeeringAug 19 21:51
schestowitzThere's more potential for Microsoft in US Army IndoctrinationAug 19 21:51
schestowitzThey already export to themAug 19 21:51
schestowitzVisible Technologies funded and made largely by MicrosoftAug 19 21:51
schestowitzNow exporting polical propaganda "tool kits"Aug 19 21:51
schestowitzThey call it tool kitsAug 19 21:51
schestowitzFor AstroTurfAug 19 21:51
ThistleWebtrying to claim that there's widespread hatred towards i4i over this, but the only hatred I see is coming from MS's astroturfing armyAug 19 21:52
schestowitz"TruCast" and "TruPulse"Aug 19 21:52
schestowitzTruCast and TruPulse.Aug 19 21:52
schestowitz 19 21:52
schestowitz"TruCast (Visible Technologies): Burson-Marsteller partners with Visible Technologies to helps clients interact, manage and grow their brands in the blogosphere and social media communities. With TruCast, Burson-Marsteller clients gain the following benefits:Aug 19 21:52
schestowitzo Social Media and Blog Monitoring to track viral conversations about the client’s brand and products and to react quickly to online dialogues affecting the brandAug 19 21:52
schestowitzo Social Media Learning and Measurement to brand Influencers and activists, assess the conversation volume about your products and brandAug 19 21:52
schestowitzo Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement to drive influential peer-to-peer, word-of-mouth promotion and measure marketing programs and media campaign success"Aug 19 21:52
schestowitzThistleWeb: not only thatAug 19 21:53
schestowitzAlso FUD against ODFAug 19 21:53
schestowitzThey did it all beforeAug 19 21:53
schestowitzSame lackeysAug 19 21:53
schestowitzGartner and Burton seeded itAug 19 21:53
schestowitzWrong 100%Aug 19 21:53
schestowitz Open Source for America Welcomes The Linux Box as Latest Member in Advocating Open Source in the U.S. Federal Government < >Aug 19 21:54
ThistleWebI wonder how many who play the patriotic card think it through. If it's unpatriotic for the US to act against a US company, and patriotic for US customers to buy from US brands, that means everyone outside the world should not buy from US companies, but companies from their own countriesAug 19 21:54
schestowitzwallclimber: let's resume a week from now when it all settles down, hopefully.Aug 19 21:54
wallclimberexcellent!Aug 19 21:54
ThistleWebthat'd be something if MS stopped selling outside the US to be patrioticAug 19 21:55
schestowitz 19 21:55
schestowitzThat's two of themAug 19 21:55
schestowitzYes, and racketeering against Japanese companies is OKAug 19 21:55
fewapatrioticAug 19 21:56
*Diablo-D3 derails the channelAug 19 21:57
Diablo-D3you know whats fun?Aug 19 21:57
Diablo-D3java.Aug 19 21:57
ThistleWebmulti-nationals try to compete in every country they canAug 19 21:58
schestowitz "It would seem that IDC is standing on the corner willing to be anybody's "Industry Report Lover" for a price. Here is what they project for Linux growth in February 2004 ( Looks like they got Microsoft's attention with that one."Aug 19 21:58
schestowitzBingoAug 19 21:58
schestowitzPeople start to realise thisAug 19 21:58
ThistleWebpatriotism is irrelevantAug 19 21:58
schestowitzfewa: Intel said the EC was "anti-American"Aug 19 21:58
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] @schestowitz charles darwin's on the 10 pound ;-)Aug 19 21:58
schestowitzThe MAFIAA said giving music for free (legal) is "anti-American"Aug 19 21:58
fewaexactly, it isAug 19 21:58
fewaI am a humanAug 19 21:59
fewaI think of this which are pro-humannAug 19 21:59
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] @davidgerard : Newton and Bayes deserve a place before TuringAug 19 22:00
ThistleWebexactly, they love playing the anti-american, or unpatriotic (depending on the nationality of the smeared)Aug 19 22:00
*fewa_ (n=fewa@unaffiliated/fewa) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 22:01
fewa_Noam Chomsky talks about thisAug 19 22:01
ThistleWebif patriotism is so important to them, whey do they share their so valuable goodies with the outside world?Aug 19 22:01
fewa_ThistleWeb, because they are trying to hold onto only the things they liked about mercantilismAug 19 22:01
fewa_and by that accord, monarchyAug 19 22:02
Diablo-D3[05:06:10] <schestowitz> fewa: Intel said the EC was "anti-American"Aug 19 22:02
Diablo-D3ironicAug 19 22:02
Diablo-D3intel is anti-americanAug 19 22:02
Diablo-D3their biggest chip fabs are in other countriesAug 19 22:02
fewa_that by definition any country the united states invades, we are nativesAug 19 22:02
Diablo-D3though it doesnt matterAug 19 22:02
Diablo-D3computing is a global industryAug 19 22:03
Diablo-D3for large companies like intel, you're no longer "american"Aug 19 22:03
Diablo-D3you're simply from earthAug 19 22:03
fewa_Diablo-D3, exactly why "anti-American" is a business context can only mean "eats at my profits"Aug 19 22:03
Diablo-D3fewa_: exactlyAug 19 22:03
Diablo-D3its largely bullshitAug 19 22:03
Diablo-D3I buy from whoever I want whenever I want and no one can stop meAug 19 22:03
fewa_pro-American can only be legitimately used in term of public policyAug 19 22:03
Diablo-D3think smallerAug 19 22:04
fewa_as in good for the american peopleAug 19 22:04
ThistleWebit plays on the patroitism of the listener while trying to bypass their critical judgement to see what's really going onAug 19 22:04
Diablo-D3pro-American can only be used by Republicans legitimately.Aug 19 22:04
fewa_Cheaper healthcare through monoposy, for exampleAug 19 22:04
ThistleWebget them to side with the US party without listening to the accusations, valid or notAug 19 22:04
ThistleWeban emotional reactionAug 19 22:04
fewa_Not proping up the pharmaceuticals that only exist due to congress, and they preventing the government from even bargaining with themAug 19 22:04
schestowitz_Hicham_: 19 22:04
fewa_mandatory disenfranchisementAug 19 22:04
*_Hicham_ has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.2/20090803171036]")Aug 19 22:05
Diablo-D3schestowitz: any other good microsoft fails it urls?Aug 19 22:05
ThistleWebbig US corps do like hypocricyAug 19 22:05
fewa_Things like this are American: 19 22:05
*tacone (n=rooms@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 22:06
fewa_and the reasons why people have to do that: clearly anti-AmericanAug 19 22:06
fewa_As in, good for the american peopleAug 19 22:06
Diablo-D3fewa_: I should just start calling the republican party anti-american terroristsAug 19 22:06
schestowitzfewa: "anti-Norwegian" :-)Aug 19 22:06
fewa_Diablo-D3, and how are they not? Terrorizing about "socialized medicine"Aug 19 22:06
ThistleWebthey like to claim loud and clear that they're a US company to get US peeps to buy patriotically, while playing it down on the various branches worldwide knowing that some will be turned off with the US label, they try to associate themselves with the localsAug 19 22:06
schestowitzAnd anti-Soviet being a horrendous felonyAug 19 22:07
fewa_which is a lie ever since Reagan was first hired to utter itAug 19 22:07
schestowitzFOSS as "communism"Aug 19 22:07
taconeBi polarism is the excuse for republicans to govern half the timeAug 19 22:07
Diablo-D3I wonder why the fuck everyone hates obama's plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanAug 19 22:07
fewa_schestowitz, yep, completely missing the difference between free choice and coercionAug 19 22:07
Diablo-D3argh thanks keyboard!Aug 19 22:07
Diablo-D3anyhow, I wonder why everyone hates it.... insurance companies really are the Big BadAug 19 22:08
Diablo-D3we've known this for decadesAug 19 22:08
Diablo-D3if obama's plan isnt passed I'm afraid insurance companies will run wildAug 19 22:08
taconeObama is clearly a microsoft shill :-)Aug 19 22:08
fewa_Diablo-D3, 19 22:08
Diablo-D3it doesnt even matter if obama's plan will workAug 19 22:08
fewa_"Nixon Launches the HMO's - What a SICKO"Aug 19 22:08
Diablo-D3its sending a message to these people that they can do whatever they wantAug 19 22:08
ThistleWebevery president is a shill for the corps who donated to themAug 19 22:08
ThistleWebit's the US systemAug 19 22:08
fewa_you have to watch thatAug 19 22:09
Diablo-D3ThistleWeb: except kennedyAug 19 22:09
ThistleWebobama is no differentAug 19 22:09
Diablo-D3but look at what happened to himAug 19 22:09
ThistleWebkenedy was a blipAug 19 22:09
ThistleWebhe hardly had time to get comfy in his chair before he was killedAug 19 22:09
fewa_ 19 22:09
wallclimberKennedy was a blip?  No, he wasn't any different.Aug 19 22:09
taconeWell , more than 50% money came from peopleAug 19 22:09
fewa_He just diesAug 19 22:09
schestowitzBli, blip, bl,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipAug 19 22:10
fewa_When someone dies, they take on super-human powersAug 19 22:10
ThistleWebhe was ellected as the golden boy on a wave of optimism, then killed before anything could be achievedAug 19 22:10
schestowitz 19 22:10
fewa_or the disappear, depending on how the media covers itAug 19 22:10
schestowitzanti-X is synonymous with the "hater" labelAug 19 22:10
schestowitzOr "Extremist" or "terrorist"Aug 19 22:10
schestowitzSo it goes like thisAug 19 22:11
fewa_Kennedy rigged votes in ChicagoAug 19 22:11
ThistleWebso he will always be thought of as a great man, regardless of what could have happenedAug 19 22:11
fewa_to make sure he was electedAug 19 22:11
ThistleWebfewa: his dad did with the unions yesAug 19 22:11
fewa_The old Tanneby machineAug 19 22:11
wallclimberThe Kennedys were very comfortable with corporate croniesAug 19 22:11
wallclimberstill are...Aug 19 22:11
ThistleWebdont think it was jfk, but it was to benefit jfkAug 19 22:11
schestowitzMicrosoft is anti-Linux Freedom-loving terrifying zealotAug 19 22:11
ThistleWebif JFK lasted a full term his reputation would be much differentAug 19 22:11
schestowitzLanguage makes all the differenceAug 19 22:11
wallclimberThistleWeb: that's very trueAug 19 22:11
ThistleWebthe fact that he was killed while on a high point of popularity sealed his reputationAug 19 22:12
ThistleWebhe didn't get the chance to fallAug 19 22:12
fewa_He was "change we can believe in"Aug 19 22:12
ThistleWebthen his bro being killed a few yrs later helped seal the sympathy for the kenedy clanAug 19 22:12
wallclimberhis popularity was waning though. The Bay of Pigs wasn't good for his presidencyAug 19 22:12
ThistleWebKennedy was the first to spot style over substance, and whipped Nixon as he understood the power of TVAug 19 22:13
fewa_^^Aug 19 22:13
wallclimberjust old were you when JFK was killed?Aug 19 22:13
ThistleWebevery leader since has learned from JFK on populism and presentationAug 19 22:13
ThistleWebwallclimber: who?Aug 19 22:14!Aug 19 22:14
fewa_schestowitz, u seen this: ?Aug 19 22:14
ThistleWebahh lolAug 19 22:14
ThistleWebI wasn't bornAug 19 22:14
wallclimberI remember that day very well...very sad day.Aug 19 22:14
ThistleWebI arrived the same yr Watergate peakedAug 19 22:14
ThistleWeb73Aug 19 22:14
wallclimberMy youngest son is 2 years older than you  :)Aug 19 22:15
ThistleWebI spent a lot of time on documentries thoughAug 19 22:15
ThistleWebthe nixon / jfk yrs were interesting on a lot of levelsAug 19 22:15
ThistleWebfrom the rise of TV, space exploration, vietnam, civil rights etcAug 19 22:16
wallclimberYes, they were.  The more things change, the more they stay the sameAug 19 22:16
ThistleWebhow several of nixons team went on to become reagans teamAug 19 22:16
wallclimberYou're right that JFK knew how to use TV, he was a master at it.  Lots of style and charm.Aug 19 22:17
ThistleWeband some more onto bush snr / jnr's teamAug 19 22:17
ThistleWebhe wasAug 19 22:17
wallclimberNixon didn't have a chance against JFK.Aug 19 22:17
fewa_Nixon creates the HMO, "I like that" to giving people littling coverage for primit 19 22:17
ThistleWebthe tv debate between him and nixon, he was the mental midget, yet nixon looked shiftyAug 19 22:17
wallclimberYes, "shifty" indeed.Aug 19 22:18
ThistleWebhe ooozed charmAug 19 22:18
ThistleWebpeeps who listened thought nixon wonAug 19 22:18
*Omar87 has quit ("Leaving.")Aug 19 22:18
ThistleWebpeeps who watched thought JFK wonAug 19 22:18
ThistleWebbecause nixon was clueless to the power of TV imageAug 19 22:18
wallclimberThe truth is, Jackie was a big reason that JFK won.Aug 19 22:19
wallclimberShe had the press following her every move...Aug 19 22:19
ThistleWebthere are plenty of powerful dynasties, the Kennedys are one of themAug 19 22:19
ThistleWebcelebsAug 19 22:19
*fewa has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Aug 19 22:19
wallclimberPlenty of skeletons in their closets thoughAug 19 22:20
*tacone has quit ("Rooms • iPhone IRC Client •")Aug 19 22:20
ThistleWebone big mistake the kennedys made was cubaAug 19 22:20
wallclimberYes, they made the Mob peevish...Aug 19 22:20
wallclimberlots of gambling money was lostAug 19 22:21
ThistleWebcuba used to be an offshore vacation island where singers can mix with mafia and politicians away from US soil and US jurisdictionAug 19 22:21
ThistleWebuntil castroAug 19 22:21
ThistleWebthat was why it pissed the US elite offAug 19 22:21
wallclimberyes, it was in the news a lot.Aug 19 22:21
schestowitzfewa_: haven't seen itAug 19 22:21
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Is Nvidia responsible for the no Additional OS on Slim PS3? < >Aug 19 22:21
ThistleWebwith every bungled attempt, it became more and more personal between the kennedys and castroAug 19 22:21
schestowitzSaving animals is the new 'anti-Ameircan' activityAug 19 22:22
ThistleWebwhich leads to the long standing attitude between the US and Cuba todayAug 19 22:22
ThistleWebanyhoo, we're off topic, sorry schestowitz back to the pointAug 19 22:22
wallclimberI remember how scary the missile crisis was...very tenseAug 19 22:23
ThistleWebwallclimber: that was possibly JFK's only real achievementAug 19 22:23
wallclimberYes, that's true.  But he barely squeaked through itAug 19 22:24
schestowitzThistleWeb: no, it's OK. I like the topicAug 19 22:24
schestowitzI'm mostly reading and learningAug 19 22:24
ThistleWebif the kennedys didnt get all personally wrapped up with cuba, it'd never have had the recent history that it does haveAug 19 22:25
ThistleWebit wouldnt be embargoedAug 19 22:25
ThistleWebit wouldnt be treated as a pariah stateAug 19 22:25
ThistleWebit's a legacy of the Kennedys always being determined to win, no matter the costAug 19 22:26
ThistleWebthere is no settlementAug 19 22:26
ThistleWebthere is no comprimiseAug 19 22:26
ThistleWebthere is only victoryAug 19 22:26
ThistleWebwhich they failed atAug 19 22:26
wallclimberI don't know if that's true, or not.  Castro didn't like the mob owning so much of the resort trade.  He might have run them out eventually...which would have led to political crisis...the mob had/has friends in governmentAug 19 22:27
ThistleWebpossiblyAug 19 22:27
ThistleWebit sounds plausibleAug 19 22:27
ThistleWebcastro was pissed at US peeps owning so much of cuba's resourcesAug 19 22:27
ThistleWebthat'd include the mobAug 19 22:27
wallclimberyes, exactly.Aug 19 22:27
ThistleWebhe was pissed that the locals were limited to menial servants jobs working to serve rich US peeps for little moneyAug 19 22:28
wallclimberthey knew their days were numbered and tried to deal with castro in underhanded waysAug 19 22:28
wallclimber"they knew" (meaning the Mob)Aug 19 22:29
ThistleWebyeah, castro was a thorn in the sides of peeps who used cuba as a vacation island away from the US authorities and mideaAug 19 22:29
ThistleWebmediaAug 19 22:29
wallclimberI've always wondered what the Mob had on the Kennedys to get them into that whole messAug 19 22:29
wallclimberThen there was J Edgar...Aug 19 22:30
wallclimberWiretaps and other sneaky stuff...those were interesting timesAug 19 22:31
ThistleWebthe kennedys are the reason why the anti-US sentiment in Cuba is so strong, as well as why Cuba is the rallying call for others like ChavezAug 19 22:31
ThistleWebthe mob worked in some areas to ensure votes went to JFK, to get him ellectedAug 19 22:32
wallclimber"Anti-US sentiment?  Yes, the Kennedys were part of the reason.  But J Edgar Hoover was also a big part of the problemAug 19 22:32
ThistleWebteamsters unionAug 19 22:32
fewa_ThistleWeb, there is nothing wrong will campaigningAug 19 22:33
wallclimberPoor Jimmy Hoffa...gone but not forgottenAug 19 22:33
fewa_but ive heard that they rigged the votes in ChicagoAug 19 22:33
fewa_through the old political machinesAug 19 22:33
*fewa_ is now known as fewaAug 19 22:33
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] "10 of tech's biggest missed opportunities" If only IBM bought Sun...Aug 19 22:33
ThistleWebafter he was elected, it'd be embarrassing for it to come out that JFK won in some rigged polls, which may force him to stand down in disgraceAug 19 22:34
ThistleWebthing is, JFK didn't rig anythingAug 19 22:34
wallclimberVote rigging in Chicago??  I'm shocked! :)Aug 19 22:34
ThistleWebhis dad did thoughAug 19 22:34
ThistleWebI can believe he was kept in the dark for reasons of plausible deniabilityAug 19 22:34
ThistleWebbut his dad def rigged votes with the teamstersAug 19 22:35
wallclimberKennedy Senior is an interesting character, for sure...Aug 19 22:35
ThistleWebhoover felt he needed power over everyone in a position of powerAug 19 22:36
ThistleWebso he could blackmailAug 19 22:36
ThistleWebhe knew JFK was a womaniserAug 19 22:36
wallclimberLiquor during Prohibition, arms dealing...Aug 19 22:36
ThistleWebthough that wasn't all that much of a secretAug 19 22:36
ThistleWebhis relationship with marylin monroe for exampleAug 19 22:36
wallclimber...his relationship, and his brother's relationship with Marylin is probably what got her killedAug 19 22:37
ThistleWebwho died in mysterious circumstances while he was in office and in a relationship with herAug 19 22:37
wallclimberI've never believed she commited suicideAug 19 22:37
ThistleWebyepAug 19 22:37
fewaScalia: Constitution Does Not Forbid Execution of the InnocentAug 19 22:38
fewaWTFAug 19 22:38
ThistleWebhoover was gay too, which was VERY frowned on thenAug 19 22:38
wallclimberLol...yes, Hoover in heels...Aug 19 22:38
fewa 19 22:38
ThistleWebhe couldnt afford anyone to find that out and expose him, so having secrets on others was a way to say "say anything and I'll destroy your career and possibly your life"Aug 19 22:39
ThistleWebmutual self interestAug 19 22:39
wallclimberHoover destroyed many people's lives and careers...ThistleWeb, it's been a pleasure.  I need to get to work now.  Thanks for the chatAug 19 22:39
ThistleWebyou too tcAug 19 22:40
wallclimberAnd a thank you to Roy for making even little ol' ladies feel welcome...Aug 19 22:40
wallclimber:o)Aug 19 22:40
*wallclimber ( has left #boycottnovell ("Ex-Chat")Aug 19 22:40
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Aug 19 22:42
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[nickballard] Sitting through an orientation. Very boring and uncomfortable.Aug 19 22:48
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) on Everyone's Lips Now 19 22:52
*fewa_ (n=fewa@unaffiliated/fewa) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 22:54
fewa_im really starting to hate qwestAug 19 22:54
*DaemonFC ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 22:56
fewa_nvm, but this disconnection is getting annoyingAug 19 22:57
fewa_could be my setupAug 19 22:57
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Another House Finds Happiness in GNU/Linux 19 22:58
*_goblin ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 23:00
_goblinhi allAug 19 23:00
*_goblin is now known as GoblinAug 19 23:00
schestowitzHeyAug 19 23:00
Goblinmust get that changed in my startup scriptAug 19 23:00
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Fujitsu Spreading GNU/Linux Servers 19 23:00
Goblinhavent had much time for IT this week :(Aug 19 23:01
Goblinneed to get a few articles released....Aug 19 23:02
*fewa has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Aug 19 23:02
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] NotN: BBFC refuses classification for Japanese horror film "Grotesque" 19 23:02
Goblinthat will sell it better....nothing advertised a product better than a BBFC boycott!Aug 19 23:03
Goblintalking of films....apparently District 9 is very good.Aug 19 23:04
GoblinI have a confession.....been getting into the Clone Wars (star wars animated).......its actually very good.Aug 19 23:05
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[trmanco] OMG, Massive REddit Up voting, paste this in your address bar -> javascript:$(".up").click()()Aug 19 23:05
schestowitzGoblin: ASCII mode?Aug 19 23:14
GoblinlolAug 19 23:15
GoblinnoAug 19 23:16
Goblinthe new series thing on TV!Aug 19 23:16 just went downAug 19 23:17
schestowitzIt was funnyAug 19 23:17
schestowitzIt shows "posta  song"Aug 19 23:17
schestowitzTHen went offlienAug 19 23:17
schestowitzNow backAug 19 23:17
schestowitzSomehting went AWOLAug 19 23:17
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Pidgin 2.6.0 is Released 19 23:17
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Kernel Space of Linux Pays (And Pays Off), Gains Developer 19 23:17
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Python for Qt is Coming 19 23:17
Goblinhmmmm video support in Pidgin? maybe it has some worth afterall...Aug 19 23:18
Goblinthats been a long time needed IMOAug 19 23:18
schestowitzYeah, I guessAug 19 23:18
schestowitzI don't care much for videoAug 19 23:18
schestowitzJust moving stillsAug 19 23:18
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Early Look at Fedora 12 19 23:18
Goblinme neither....Aug 19 23:18
schestowitzIt's not as tough there's much going onAug 19 23:19
Diablo-D3[06:12:42] <Goblin> I have a confession.....been getting into the Clone Wars (star wars animated).......its actually very good.Aug 19 23:19
schestowitzI'd rather read while talkingAug 19 23:19
Diablo-D3clone wars the animation is goodAug 19 23:19
schestowitzOr watch other videos or a chat roomAug 19 23:19
Diablo-D3clone wars the cgi is utter crapAug 19 23:19
Goblinthe film v the tv series?Aug 19 23:19
Goblinor are you talking the cartoon v CGI?Aug 19 23:19
Diablo-D3the cartoon vs the cgiAug 19 23:20
Goblinnever saw the drawn series.....Aug 19 23:20
GoblinI think the cgi one is very good...Aug 19 23:20
Diablo-D3gennedy tarkovsky's cartoon is _extremely_ goodAug 19 23:20
Goblinalthough I cant remember anakin ever mentioning he had a padawan.Aug 19 23:20
Diablo-D3the cgi was made because george lucas couldnt handle the fact someone wrote a better story than himAug 19 23:21
Goblinmind you they have Jar Jar binks sorted....he's just as digusting in the CGI as he was in the movie.Aug 19 23:21
Diablo-D3jar jar shouldnt even appearAug 19 23:21
GoblinIll tell you what I dont like, the battle droids discourse....its silly....Aug 19 23:21
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] CentOS Doing Well 19 23:21
Diablo-D3well, thats a george lucasismAug 19 23:21
GoblinJar Jar is to Starwars what Vista is to MicrosoftAug 19 23:22
Diablo-D3the bots talking to each other just... fits.Aug 19 23:22
Diablo-D3its no different than everyone talking to R2/R5 droidsAug 19 23:22
Diablo-D3Goblin: watch gennedy's cartoonAug 19 23:23
Diablo-D3I think you'll like itAug 19 23:23
GoblinIll give it a go if I see it on.Aug 19 23:23
Diablo-D3you'll never seen it aired on TV againAug 19 23:24
GoblinahAug 19 23:24
Diablo-D3the DVDs of it are also no longer publishedAug 19 23:24
GoblinshameAug 19 23:24
Diablo-D3you either have to pirate it or borrow itAug 19 23:24
Goblinah, I don't pirate....I'll keep an eye out at the local boot sales.Aug 19 23:25
Diablo-D3I dont mind piracy when its no longer publishedAug 19 23:25
Diablo-D3I actually want to buy a copyAug 19 23:25
Diablo-D3its one of the few things I think are worth owningAug 19 23:25
Goblinsee your point....Aug 19 23:25
cubezzzdoes anyone remember The Star Wars Holiday Special? :)Aug 19 23:25
GoblinnoAug 19 23:25
Diablo-D3cubezzz: OH GODAug 19 23:26
Diablo-D3pink wookeeeeeeeesAug 19 23:26
*amarsh04_ ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 23:26
cubezzzthe 70's was a strange timeAug 19 23:27
Diablo-D3Goblin: btw, its actually rather short, the whole thing is only 2 hoursAug 19 23:28
GoblinIll will look out for it....Im a big starwars fan...Aug 19 23:29
cubezzzwhen was the first release, 1977 I think...Aug 19 23:30
*neighborlee ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 23:30
Diablo-D3 19 23:30
Diablo-D3 19 23:30
Diablo-D3thats the two discsAug 19 23:30
*fewa (n=fewa@unaffiliated/fewa) has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 23:31
ThistleWebfunny, I've been watching the clone wars over the last few days tooAug 19 23:33
ThistleWebthe animation is excellent, the style of animation is in the eye of the beholder, some don't like itAug 19 23:33
ThistleWebI happen to like itAug 19 23:34
ThistleWebafter I got used to itAug 19 23:34
neighborleeI think its amazing as wellAug 19 23:34
ThistleWebJar Jar should have been left outAug 19 23:34
neighborleethough enjoy the genre anyway ;)Aug 19 23:34
ThistleWebI dont mind him in ep1Aug 19 23:34
ThistleWebbut the part of the hapless fool only works up to a pointAug 19 23:34
Goblinfound the version.....its alot cheaper....Aug 19 23:34
neighborleeI love that character, so im fine with itAug 19 23:34
ThistleWebthe clone wars takes that past breaking poiint in some epsAug 19 23:35
neighborleeI know others that dont though yes ;))Aug 19 23:35
Diablo-D3Goblin: its a dvd... unless you have a regionless player you're srewedAug 19 23:35
Diablo-D3*screwedAug 19 23:35
GoblinYep...on its the UK disk....Aug 19 23:35
ThistleWebI've only seen up to ep16 btwAug 19 23:35
Diablo-D3ThistleWeb: we're talking about gennedy's cartoon, not the cgi btwAug 19 23:35
ThistleWebkAug 19 23:36
ThistleWebyeah that wasn't bad eitherAug 19 23:36
Diablo-D3I dont care for the cgiAug 19 23:36
Diablo-D3its just... blarghAug 19 23:36
ThistleWeba different style againAug 19 23:36
Diablo-D3george lucas should just retireAug 19 23:36
ThistleWebthe cgi versions, the battle droids dialog was funny if wrongAug 19 23:36
ThistleWebthey dont need to communicate with voiceAug 19 23:36
ThistleWebvoices are for the flesh and bloods around them, there is no mistaking ordersAug 19 23:37
ThistleWebthe dialog has brought them to life and made them entertaining thoughAug 19 23:37
Diablo-D3like I said to Goblin, it bizzarely fitsAug 19 23:38
ThistleWeblucas has always been a hack thoughAug 19 23:38
Diablo-D3lucas was a better hack 30 years agoAug 19 23:38
ThistleWebhe spends his entire career rehashing the same franchiseAug 19 23:38
Diablo-D3the first sw trilogy and indiana jones were goodAug 19 23:38
ThistleWebpeeps claim he's a great director, I don't buy itAug 19 23:38
Diablo-D3no, hes a _bad_ directorAug 19 23:38
Diablo-D3this is why a new hope is slowAug 19 23:39
Diablo-D3the next two films he didnt direct, and he didnt direct any of indiana jonesAug 19 23:39
Diablo-D3george is only a decent writerAug 19 23:40
Diablo-D3but he doesn't know how to actually directAug 19 23:40
ThistleWebI am a SW fan btwAug 19 23:40
ThistleWeb 19 23:40
Diablo-D3he works best when combined with a director who isnt an idiotAug 19 23:40
*amarsh04 has quit (Connection timed out)Aug 19 23:40
ThistleWeb^^ my old blogAug 19 23:40
ThistleWebthat post was written to get all sorts of stuff in one place for this very argument lolAug 19 23:41
Diablo-D3"[06:12:42] <Goblin> I have a confession.....been getting into the Clone Wars (star wars animated).......its actually very good."Aug 19 23:41
DaemonFC and 19 23:41
Diablo-D3errrAug 19 23:41
Diablo-D3wrong pasteAug 19 23:41
DaemonFCheheAug 19 23:41
Diablo-D3"The bottom line is that the director chooses WHO they want in each role\u2026.for whatever reason or combination of reasons."Aug 19 23:41
ThistleWebtechnically the blog should be down, as I wen through the deletion procedure but it's still upAug 19 23:41
Diablo-D3no, they have people for that tooAug 19 23:41
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Ubuntu 9.10 Gets Really Attractive (Visually) 19 23:46
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Aurora Excalibur (Drone) Runs Linux 19 23:46
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Advice on Music-playing Gadgets for Linux Users 19 23:46
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Next Garmin Runs Linux 19 23:46
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Another Sub-notebook Runs GNU/Linux (Only) 19 23:46
Diablo-D3ehAug 19 23:47
Diablo-D3I wonder which linux that UAV is usingAug 19 23:47
Diablo-D3because military contractors never know how to write soft realtime appsAug 19 23:47
*fewa_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Aug 19 23:48
*Goblin has quit ("Ex-Chat")Aug 19 23:50
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Microsoft Still Abuses Windows Monopoly to Discriminate Against Firefox 19 23:51
DaemonFC 19 23:55
DaemonFCenjoyAug 19 23:55
*tacone (n=rooms@ has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 23:55
*Balrog ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 23:55
*tacone has quit (Client Quit)Aug 19 23:56
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Fraunhofer Not Only Shills for Microsoft (Again), Now Apparently PAID by Microsoft 19 23:56
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Aug 19 23:56
*amarsh04_ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Aug 19 23:57
*amarsh04_ ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 19 23:58
DaemonFCschestowitz, Fhg is not only in league with whoever is paying them, they have partners that are worse than MicrosoftAug 19 23:59

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