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oiaohmIts the cost cutting I want to see.Jan 29 00:00
oiaohmThat will only appear in the stock exchange reporting.Jan 29 00:01
Chips_B_MalroyOiaohm> the word is out on the Xbox360 in the street now.  Its only going last as long as the warrenty.Jan 29 00:01
schestowitzChips_B_Malroy: the CFO quitJan 29 00:01
schestowitzhe didn't quit on a high noteJan 29 00:01
schestowitzThey failed very badlyJan 29 00:01
schestowitzKlien is in charge nowJan 29 00:01
schestowitzIIRCJan 29 00:01
Chips_B_Malroythen u r stuckJan 29 00:01
schestowitzKleinJan 29 00:01
schestowitzI don't know anything about himJan 29 00:01
schestowitzLiddel went to GMJan 29 00:01
oiaohmRemember lot were not lasting as as long as warrenty  Chips_B_MalroyJan 29 00:02
schestowitzAnother dying company butbiggerJan 29 00:02
oiaohmSo its a improvement Chips_B_MalroyJan 29 00:02
oiaohmYes poor improvment but a improvement.Jan 29 00:02
schestowitzWhat Microsoft does withn deferral is a little akin to book-cookingJan 29 00:02
schestowitzAnd they released previous results on same day as Vista 7Jan 29 00:02
Chips_B_MalroyRobbie Bach should be canned for Xbox360.  But most likely, all the problems were forced through by Gates and BallmerJan 29 00:02
schestowitzSo nobody paid attentionJan 29 00:02
oiaohmMost xbox 360 here where lasting less than 3 months.Jan 29 00:02
oiaohmOn a 12 month warrenty.Jan 29 00:02
schestowitzChips_B_Malroy: noJan 29 00:02
schestowitzThey need leadersJan 29 00:03
schestowitzFrom the insideJan 29 00:03
schestowitzTHey lost too manyJan 29 00:03
schestowitzThey can't fire execsJan 29 00:03
oiaohmI know people who have like 12 Xbox 360's and only 1 works.Jan 29 00:03
schestowitzThey never doJan 29 00:03
schestowitzI can't think of anyone except the CIOJan 29 00:03
Chips_B_Malroy<schestowitz> What Microsoft does withn deferral is a little akin to book-cooking"   exactlyJan 29 00:03
schestowitzAnd that was 2 years agoJan 29 00:03
oiaohmYes more money than sence.Jan 29 00:03
schestowitzThere was a scandal w/ him... Microsoft managed to keep it secretJan 29 00:03
schestowitzThey hired some dude from DIsney to replace himJan 29 00:03
oiaohmLonger live span of xbox 360 directly equals less profit.Jan 29 00:04
schestowitzChips_B_Malroy: they can maybe be charged for it, but they were upfrontJan 29 00:04
schestowitzThey said last time that they did thisJan 29 00:04
schestowitzBUT.......Jan 29 00:04
schestowitzFried & Shills &MSBBC ignore the truthJan 29 00:04
schestowitzThey want to be deceivedJan 29 00:04
Chips_B_MalroyDon't get me wrong, I like Bach and Ballmer, I hope MS keeps them.  They are both great for the competitionJan 29 00:04
schestowitz"Lie to me, Microsoft,  it turns me on... my nose grows longer"Jan 29 00:04
schestowitzDon't like BachJan 29 00:05
schestowitzHe's committing crimeJan 29 00:05
schestowitzInside-trading Jan 29 00:05
schestowitzBallmer is asylum materialJan 29 00:05
Chips_B_Malroyand Ballmer is not?Jan 29 00:05
schestowitzHe's a kid in a suit doing dangerous thingsJan 29 00:05
schestowitzPeople like him get sackedJan 29 00:05
schestowitzLeaders of counties tooJan 29 00:05
schestowitzPol Poi [spelling]....Jan 29 00:06
oiaohmReally bill gates is still pushing MS.Jan 29 00:06
oiaohmUnder the pretend of charity.Jan 29 00:06
schestowitzYesJan 29 00:06
schestowitzThe Microsoft press quotes himJan 29 00:06
schestowitzThe whole PR thingJan 29 00:06
schestowitzWith picture of his smilingJan 29 00:06
schestowitzWHitewashJan 29 00:06
schestowitzSick societyJan 29 00:06
schestowitzGlorifying robbersJan 29 00:06
schestowitzAnd they quote him on MicrosoftJan 29 00:06
schestowitzAnd "bad" "evil" GOogleJan 29 00:06
schestowitzThey reverse roleJan 29 00:06
schestowitzGood Microsoft versus the dark horse, GoogleJan 29 00:07
Chips_B_MalroyBallmer is a used car saleman.  He is the puppet that Bill put in to run the day to day operation.  Bill got worried during the anti-trust trial he might have to go to jail or something, most likely, so he needed a fall guy. just in caseJan 29 00:07
schestowitzNoJan 29 00:07
schestowitzThat goes a long way backJan 29 00:07
schestowitzWhen Ballmer IIRC didn't get his MBAJan 29 00:08
schestowitzHe joined his roommate or colleage buddy BillJan 29 00:08
schestowitzTwo greedy peopleJan 29 00:08
schestowitzOne trying to live up to daddy's expectations and another thinking "advertisers advertisers advertisers"Jan 29 00:08
schestowitzGates escaped cause he was hatesJan 29 00:08
schestowitzHe put henchman Ballmer when Microsoft did badlyJan 29 00:09
schestowitzAfter the peakJan 29 00:09
Chips_B_Malroyactually you close, its Sales, sales, salesJan 29 00:09
schestowitzANd he left to whitewash his image, implying guiltJan 29 00:09
MinceR010251 < schestowitz> Pol Poi [spelling]....Jan 29 00:09
MinceRPol Pot?Jan 29 00:09
schestowitz"There are hundreds of Microsoft millionaires (and even a few Microsoft billionaires) in the suburbs of Seattle. For the most part, these are people who no longer work for Microsoft, but still own company shares. They worked very hard for years and are now reaping the rewards of that work combined with their good luck. Most of them are proud of their careers, but a few are secretly ashamed."Jan 29 00:10
schestowitz 29 00:10
phIRCe-BNcTitle: I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Prisoner of Redmond | PBS .::. Size~: 29.72 KBJan 29 00:10
Chips_B_MalroyGates will be back, sadly he is the only one at presend that has any chance of replacing the sweaty oneJan 29 00:10
schestowitzMinceR: probablyJan 29 00:10
schestowitzSee the film Year ZeroJan 29 00:10
schestowitzYear ZeroJan 29 00:10
schestowitzJohn_PilgerJan 29 00:11
schestowitz 29 00:11
phIRCe-BNcTitle: John_Pilger - Cambodia (Year Zero) .::. Size~: 37.09 KBJan 29 00:11
Ender2070lol Ken Hess is foaming at the mouth nowJan 29 00:13
Chips_B_MalroyMicrosoft 2Q Profit Up 60% Amid Deferred Revenue  quote:  "Microsoft's results included $1.7 billion in revenue the company had to defer in previous quarters through its Windows 7 upgrade option, which added 14 cents a share."Jan 29 00:14
phIRCe-BNcTitle: CORRECT: Microsoft 2Q Profit Up 60% Amid Deferred Revenue - .::. Size~: 101.34 KBJan 29 00:14
Chips_B_Malroy"Revenue jumped 14% to $19.02 billion. It would have been $17.3 billion in the latest quarter, excluding the deferred revenue. "Jan 29 00:15
Chips_B_Malroyso less than 14%Jan 29 00:16
Chips_B_Malroymaybe that 7% figure I had the other day, was the correct one?Jan 29 00:16
Chips_B_MalroyBump from new Vi$ta-7even, because it suxs less than VistaJan 29 00:17
DaemonFCheh, I like ApocalypticaJan 29 00:17
Chips_B_Malroyand cost cutting the worker beesJan 29 00:18
DaemonFCturning Metallica into a cello symphony is brilliantJan 29 00:18
DaemonFCand unusualJan 29 00:18
Chips_B_Malroyleaked vaporware windose 9 annoucement 29 00:20
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Windows 8 release date leak: RTM 2011, free beta download 2010? - Computerworld Blogs .::. Size~: 137.54 KBJan 29 00:20
oiaohmMaybe.Jan 29 00:22
oiaohmMaybe not.Jan 29 00:22
oiaohmReleases drive advertising.Jan 29 00:22
oiaohmThat drive sales.Jan 29 00:22
oiaohmMS is not what you call in a great condition.Jan 29 00:22
Chips_B_Malroysome useful facts in this one too: 29 00:22
DaemonFCyeah, Windows 7 feels an awful lot like a stop gap to meJan 29 00:22
phIRCe-BNcTitle:   Microsoft Crushes FY Q2 Ests; Revs $19.2B; EPS 74 Cents (Updated) - Tech Trader Daily - .::. Size~: 63.09 KBJan 29 00:22
DaemonFCso it's possible Windows 8 will be 2011Jan 29 00:22
DaemonFCthey've done this before, 98 SE, MEJan 29 00:23
DaemonFCtwo releases that basically reprised Windows 98Jan 29 00:23
Chips_B_Malroyremember Ballmer said they would never go so long without a new version again.  2 to  3 years was his targtJan 29 00:23
DaemonFCthat you really didn't need to have as long as your Windows 98 was updatedJan 29 00:23
oiaohmSo they are speeding Windows produciton upJan 29 00:24
oiaohmAnd slowing office production down.Jan 29 00:24
oiaohmThis is going to make my networking life even more hell.Jan 29 00:24
Chips_B_Malroynew version can mean more income sometimesJan 29 00:24
DaemonFCnot realyl production, just tweaking it a little, updating the components a bit, and tossing in some new car smellJan 29 00:24
DaemonFClike I said, they've done it beforeJan 29 00:24
DaemonFCreleases like that can easily be skippedJan 29 00:25
DaemonFCthey like to force upgrades by denying new components that other things depend onJan 29 00:26
DaemonFCit didn't work as well as it usualyl does in killing off XPJan 29 00:26
Chips_B_Malroyquote from the last link:  "but Bill Koefoed, general manager of investor relations said in an interview a few minutes ago that the Street in fact was using GAAP numbers - in other words, he says “we blew the numbers out,” beating the Street at the top line by about $1.2 billion."Jan 29 00:26
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 29 00:26
Chips_B_Malroy$1.2 billion, now subtract the 1.7 billion reheld from the last two quarters, and what do you have?Jan 29 00:27
Chips_B_Malroymaybe below expectations?Jan 29 00:27
DaemonFCa negative quarter disguised to look like their best one since the launch of XP is what they didJan 29 00:27
DaemonFCby delaying pre-sale incomeJan 29 00:28
Chips_B_Malroyits all in the math, the preception, the PR, the spin, the lies of marketing of M$Jan 29 00:28
DaemonFCthey borrowed heavily from their third quarter to bolster their fourth quarterJan 29 00:28
DaemonFCon paperJan 29 00:28
Chips_B_MalroyDaemonFC, yes, but I give them a small bounce out of Seven.  Give the devil his dueJan 29 00:29
DaemonFCIt's like if I borrowed $300 from myself this month and put it in savings and had a shitty hell of a time breaking evenJan 29 00:29
DaemonFCthen next month I'm $300 aheadJan 29 00:29
Chips_B_Malroyexactly the same thingJan 29 00:29
Chips_B_MalroyBallmer wants to pretent that MS is now recoveredJan 29 00:30
Chips_B_Malroybut Seven has been selling for awhile nowJan 29 00:30
DaemonFCit's not that I did better next month, it's that I put the hurt on myself this month to have a great on paper bank statement next monthJan 29 00:30
DaemonFCyes, that's a common trick in businessJan 29 00:30
Chips_B_Malroythat last link had some interesting figures on how much stock MS is buyingJan 29 00:30
Chips_B_MalroywowJan 29 00:30
Chips_B_Malroythey are trying to drive the stock price up is my thoughtJan 29 00:31
DaemonFCChips_B_Malroy: In business you want to cut expenses or make more sales, preferably bothJan 29 00:31
DaemonFCMicrosoft isn't doing either very wellJan 29 00:31
DaemonFCWalmart does both very well, despite how evil they areJan 29 00:32
DaemonFCthey know that if they put in skylights they can turn most of the lights off and lower their electric billJan 29 00:32
Chips_B_MalroyDaemonFC> M$ isn't dead or dying, just wounded right nowJan 29 00:32
DaemonFCtheir PR department then calls it "going green"Jan 29 00:32
Chips_B_Malroyit will die, if it continues on its present pathJan 29 00:33
DaemonFCChips_B_Malroy: One of the problems Microsoft has right now is too many middle managersJan 29 00:33
DaemonFCI'd thin out the herd and put their salaries back into the bank if I was their upper managementJan 29 00:33
Chips_B_MalroyThey can cut costs even more by moving more to India tooJan 29 00:33
Chips_B_Malroywhich they will doJan 29 00:33
Chips_B_MalroyLook at IBM, they did itJan 29 00:34
DaemonFCcompany that size, it wouldn't be a stretch to axe 1,000 managers and combine job responsibilities with the ones that aren't laid offJan 29 00:34
Chips_B_Malroytalk to an HP custermer service rep lately, yes India voipJan 29 00:34
DaemonFCthey should try to get the manager to employee ratio a little widerJan 29 00:34
Chips_B_MalroyThe only jobs here left will be Big Boxmart and McDonalds soonJan 29 00:35
DaemonFCin business you're looking to make the next fiscal year better, never even or behind last yearJan 29 00:35
DaemonFCif you can only get it up by 0.5% do it, or you will be in troubleJan 29 00:35
DaemonFCthat's why I was always cutting hours after Christmas and throughout JanuaryJan 29 00:36
DaemonFClast chance to impact the fiscal year before my ass was grassJan 29 00:36
Chips_B_MalroyStill, it looks like a scam to push stock prices higher, so Bill can dump more before the bad news the rest of the yearJan 29 00:36
DaemonFCChips_B_Malroy: I tried to be as not evil as I could about being evilJan 29 00:37
DaemonFCsome managers will take out cut hours on certain people much more harshlyJan 29 00:37
DaemonFCI tried to spread it out so that I wouldn't cut any one person more than 2 hours a weekJan 29 00:38
Chips_B_Malroywe have all been there in some management positionJan 29 00:38
DaemonFCit got to where I was stocking shelves and running cash registers sometimesJan 29 00:38
Chips_B_MalroyI refused to lie to peopleJan 29 00:38
DaemonFCjsut because I had to send that person homeJan 29 00:38
DaemonFCthat's where my 60+ hours work week came fromJan 29 00:38
Chips_B_Malroywhen upper management told me too (not Walmart)Jan 29 00:39
DaemonFCcause every hour I spent as an employee meant I had to make up on my jobJan 29 00:39
DaemonFCand this was just expected of meJan 29 00:39
DaemonFCthen upper managements would do a hiring freeze from January through MarchJan 29 00:40
DaemonFCand they wouldn't fill any positionsJan 29 00:40
DaemonFCso I got to reassign people to try to even things out, I ended up on returns sometimesJan 29 00:40
DaemonFCpeople returning their Christmas presentsJan 29 00:41
DaemonFCpeople tryign to return the old fat PS2 with cat hair in it that smelled like it was in a fire, stuffed into a PS2 slimline boxJan 29 00:42
DaemonFCswearing it was the one they bought Jan 29 00:42
DaemonFCbox was bulging at the sides, the picture of the PS2 Slimline was on the sideJan 29 00:43
DaemonFCPeople like this always think YOU are the stupid oneJan 29 00:43
DaemonFCChips_B_Malroy: If you ever want to work 60 hours a week for $32,500 a year, Walmart managementJan 29 00:44
DaemonFCgo for itJan 29 00:44
DaemonFCif you're not willing to move every 6 months, you don't even really get a raiseJan 29 00:44
DaemonFCif you do manage to get a raise every year, within about 5-6 years you may be pay cappedJan 29 00:45
schestowitzAsay et al moved away from GPL, like Mono... 29 00:48
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Alfresco to drop GPL, goes LGPL - The H Open Source: News and Features .::. Size~: 31.64 KBJan 29 00:48
schestowitzI'm rather surprised by this lad: 29 00:48
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Bruce Golding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 32.91 KBJan 29 00:48
schestowitzHe uses FOSS on his siteJan 29 00:48
DaemonFCschestowitz: "One" sounds good on a celloJan 29 00:50
DaemonFCthat's surprisingJan 29 00:50
MinceR(flash) (video) (audio) 29 00:50
DaemonFCmetal done on a cello appears to drive Vorbis nutsJan 29 00:51
DaemonFCthe bitrate goes crazy in a lot of areasJan 29 00:51
Chips_B_MalroyDaemonFC>  I am waiting to see if Cinerra video editor improves enough to edit ogvJan 29 00:52
DaemonFCI got my hands on FLACs of a lot of stuff I've been looking forJan 29 00:54
DaemonFCincluding Seether's cover of Careless WhisperJan 29 00:54
Chips_B_MalroyI can convert and edit in avidemux easily, but would like a native editorJan 29 00:55
DaemonFCnobody shares Vorbis but me so I usualyl have to go find the FLAC and do it myselfJan 29 00:55
DaemonFCI'm not going to accept a lot of the stuff I listen to in MP3Jan 29 00:56
DaemonFCI do have a lot of MP3's from where I had to give up looking though and where I used to use themJan 29 00:56
DaemonFCI'm trying to go back and get Vorbis files to replace them so I can delete the MP3sJan 29 00:57
DaemonFCa lot of them go back to like the 1990s and were encoded with whatever MP3 encoder I could get my hands onJan 29 00:57
DaemonFCso Vorbis is likely to be better at any bitrate ;)Jan 29 00:57
Chips_B_MalroyWell, the old lady says it time to go to Walmart, bye e1Jan 29 00:58
DaemonFCI think at one point I even had l3enc and was encoding them in the DOS prompt because there wasn't much else out thereJan 29 00:58
DaemonFCSprawl-MartJan 29 00:58
Chips_B_Malroy a returnJan 29 00:58
DaemonFCtell her it can wait :PJan 29 00:59
DaemonFCno wait, you're married, just do whatever she saysJan 29 00:59
*Chips_B_Malroy has quit ("Page closed")Jan 29 00:59
DaemonFCI hear it's easier that wayJan 29 00:59
*Balrog (n=Balrog@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 01:01
schestowitz 0/Jan 29 01:02
phIRCe-BNcTitle: PL: Police considers moving to open source &mdash;  .::. Size~: 31.31 KBJan 29 01:02
schestowitzBN server will soon be up for 150 straight daysJan 29 01:05
schestowitzKudos to tessierJan 29 01:05
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 01:06
DaemonFCschestowitz: It doesn't say what they have now and what all they're replacingJan 29 01:11
DaemonFCtoo vagueJan 29 01:11
DaemonFCmoving to open source could mean from Office to OOo and ThunderbirdJan 29 01:11
DaemonFCor it could mean the whole damned systemJan 29 01:11
*Balrog has quit ()Jan 29 01:13
schestowitzI knowJan 29 01:18
schestowitzI tried checking toJan 29 01:18
schestowitz*tooJan 29 01:18
schestowitz 29 01:18
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Tor Project infrastructure updates | The Tor Blog .::. Size~: 27.58 KBJan 29 01:18
schestowitz"This project has been largely inactive since 2002 so the GNU Project Volunteer Coordinators have agreed to start coordinating documentation activity. If you'd like to help GNU become better documented, please send a message to "Jan 29 01:20
schestowitz 29 01:20
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The GNU Writing Movement - News: this project has wound down... [Savannah] .::. Size~: 13.07 KBJan 29 01:20
*ml2mst has quit ("Ex-Chat")Jan 29 01:23
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] RT @JanMiddendorp living with modern design: hilarious captions. via @swissmiss (@unhappyhipsters)Jan 29 01:31
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Unhappy Hipsters .::. Size~: 11.18 KBJan 29 01:31
*Balrog (n=Balrog@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 01:34
*Tallken has quit ("Leaving")Jan 29 01:36
schestowitz 29 01:36
phIRCe-BNcTitle: [Phoronix] Phoronix Does Not Make Anti-Virus Software! .::. Size~: 16.82 KBJan 29 01:36
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] RT @saintpaul007 Dumping Ground of Caribbean: #Haiti & Toxic Waste // Shades of #Trafigura. Jaw-dropping. Must-read.Jan 29 01:36
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The Socialist WebZine: Dumping Ground of the Caribbean: Haiti and Toxic Waste .::. Size~: 151.84 KBJan 29 01:36
schestowitzLOL -> 29 01:37
phIRCe-BNcTitle: [Phoronix] XGI Works On Their Linux Driver... From Windows .::. Size~: 16.17 KBJan 29 01:37
*FurnaceBoy ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 01:38
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: this is staggering. 30 times as much toxic waste as Trafigura. 29 01:38
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The Socialist WebZine: Dumping Ground of the Caribbean: Haiti and Toxic Waste .::. Size~: 151.84 KBJan 29 01:38
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] RT @saintpaul007 Dumping Ground of Caribbean: #Haiti & Toxic Waste // Shades of #Trafigura. Jaw-dropping. Must-read.Jan 29 01:38
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The Socialist WebZine: Dumping Ground of the Caribbean: Haiti and Toxic Waste .::. Size~: 151.84 KBJan 29 01:38
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: worse: it's systemicJan 29 01:38
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: this is staggeringly evilJan 29 01:39
FurnaceBoyeven I am stunnedJan 29 01:39
schestowitz 29 01:40
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Industry Agrees on Icon to Alert Users to Behavioral Advertising | Blogs | .::. Size~: 79.4 KBJan 29 01:40
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: it's done a lot in AfricaJan 29 01:40
schestowitz 29 01:41
phIRCe-BNcTitle:  » Blog Archive   » Exploiting the Poor and Then Throwing Garbage at Them .::. Size~: 28.83 KBJan 29 01:41
*FurnaceBoy wonders where he's going to dump a large qty of toxic outrageJan 29 01:47
FurnaceBoyi'm familiar with trafigura, but i did not realise all this was systematised so completely in the USJan 29 01:47
FurnaceBoyi think there's only 1 thing that can stop this, and that's running out of oilJan 29 01:49
schestowitzOr recyclingJan 29 01:50
schestowitzWe recycle hereJan 29 01:50
schestowitzMany houses still don'tJan 29 01:50
DaemonFCFurnaceBoy: Without oil and trees, Canada is fuckedJan 29 01:50
schestowitzCause we can still blow up mountains and "extract"Jan 29 01:50
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: watch and share: 29 01:51
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The Story of Stuff .::. Size~: 14.95 KBJan 29 01:51
FurnaceBoyDaemonFC: we are all fucked, sweetheart. Jan 29 01:51
schestowitz 29 01:51
phIRCe-BNcTitle: J.D. Salinger passes away at the age of 91 |  Raw Story .::. Size~: 36.72 KBJan 29 01:51
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: some more than othersJan 29 01:52
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: rightJan 29 01:52
schestowitzWe're still relatively better offJan 29 01:52
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: but i don't think he'll quickly swallow that pointJan 29 01:52
schestowitzThe "West" is just about 10% of the populationJan 29 01:52
schestowitzAmong this 10%, around 10% are not in debt or bad lifestyleJan 29 01:52
FurnaceBoyand only a fraction of "The West" is even partway civilised.Jan 29 01:52
schestowitzWe rely on people suffering for usJan 29 01:53
FurnaceBoy+1Jan 29 01:53
schestowitzI distinguish between those who care and those who don'tJan 29 01:53
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: it's basically the division between the ignorant and those who want to know, even if what they find out makes them wish they'd never been bornJan 29 01:53
schestowitzThose who take private jets to a nearby cite and those who organise for change... like doing stunts vs nuclear power plantsJan 29 01:53
schestowitzThere's lots of nuclear power PRJan 29 01:54
schestowitzThey hid the dangers with huge successJan 29 01:54
schestowitz[01:53] <FurnaceBoy> schestowitz: it's basically the division between the ignorant and those who want to know, even if what they find out makes them wish they'd never been bornJan 29 01:54
schestowitzDon't go this farJan 29 01:54
FurnaceBoytoo late, sir :)Jan 29 01:54
schestowitzSome might decide to have fewer kids or noneJan 29 01:54
schestowitzOr provide refuge to peopleJan 29 01:55
schestowitzDaemonFOX for example is qquite racistJan 29 01:55
schestowitzHe loves his exclusive clubJan 29 01:55
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: i like your refuge pointJan 29 01:55
FurnaceBoyschestowitz:  a lotJan 29 01:55
schestowitzOh no!!!Jan 29 01:55
schestowitzZinn is deadJan 29 01:56
schestowitz"Zinn died of a heart attack in Santa Monica, Calif., daughter Myla Kabat-Zinn said. The historian was a resident of Auburndale, Mass."Jan 29 01:56
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Zinn has just died from a heart attack. My heart sank.Jan 29 01:57
schestowitz 29 02:03
phIRCe-BNcTitle: ongoing by Tim Bray · On Self-Promotion .::. Size~: 24.31 KBJan 29 02:03
schestowitzMinceR: Mac enthusiast 29 02:05
phIRCe-BNcTitle: ongoing by Tim Bray · Nothing Creative .::. Size~: 33.39 KBJan 29 02:05
schestowitz:-)Jan 29 02:05
DiabloD3schestowitz: who is zinn?Jan 29 02:06
*Balrog has quit ("bye")Jan 29 02:06
schestowitzHe too gives iPad the thumbs up... the arseJan 29 02:06
*chelz (n=iridesen@unaffiliated/chelz) has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 02:06
schestowitzDiabloD3: historian critical of the warsJan 29 02:07
DiabloD3ahhJan 29 02:08
schestowitz"GROWER OF SEMICONDUCTOR WAFERS Intel had to shut part of its Irish plant for a while because of the extreme cold and the fact the local council polluted the water supply with fertiliser."Jan 29 02:09
schestowitz 29 02:09
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: ^^ Intel, how we love thyJan 29 02:09
DiabloD3hahahahahahahJan 29 02:10
schestowitzMalaysian PM wooing voters online 29 02:12
phIRCe-BNcTitle: BBC NEWS | News Front Page .::. Size~: 96.44 KBJan 29 02:12
DiabloD3dohohohohoJan 29 02:12
schestowitzDiabloD3: see the sub-headlineJan 29 02:12
schestowitzThe "Secret of Intel's growth"Jan 29 02:12
schestowitz*LOL*Jan 29 02:12
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[diablod3/@diablod3] #Intel shuts down Irish fab due to chips being full of shit 29 02:12
schestowitzHeheJan 29 02:12
DiabloD3:DJan 29 02:14
schestowitz 29 02:16
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Teen attacks father in Fifa 2009 fight • Register Hardware .::. Size~: 17.99 KBJan 29 02:16
schestowitz"The perhaps aptly-named Mario – aged 16 and from Rome – allegedly stabbed his father with a kitchen knife earlier this week following an argument about FIFA 2009."Jan 29 02:16
schestowitzYay. "TechCrunch has been hit by potty-mouth hackers for the second time in 24 hours." Jan 29 02:17
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Potty mouth hackers pwn TechCrunch (again) • The Register .::. Size~: 19.13 KBJan 29 02:17
schestowitz 29 02:17
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Malik, Arrington and Battelle: X-22, come in | News Blog - CNET News .::. Size~: 75.33 KBJan 29 02:17
schestowitz"OK, so I blew more millions in IDG-denominated dough in one of the more mind-boggling failures of dot-com insanity. But hey, those boozy Friday rooftop parties with the fancy sushi were well worth the price of self-knowledge." Jan 29 02:18
DaemonFCnow when you tell people to not buy Intel CPUs cause they're full of shit, you really are telling them the truthJan 29 02:20
DaemonFCI like thatJan 29 02:20
*FurnaceBoy ( has left #boycottnovell ("snooze")Jan 29 02:20
Ender2070cept that AMD is the devilJan 29 02:21
DaemonFCmeh, this is what you get when companies don't care where they make their productsJan 29 02:23
DaemonFCIntel and AMD will make them wherever they think they can save a nickelJan 29 02:23
DaemonFCthat's why the failure rate is so highJan 29 02:23
schestowitz 29 02:23
phIRCe-BNcTitle: 400 Bad Request .::. Size~: 0.31 KBJan 29 02:23
schestowitzNext up they'll put in prison people who read comicsJan 29 02:24
DaemonFCWhy not?Jan 29 02:25
schestowitzCriminalise everythingJan 29 02:25
schestowitzThen put in prison anyone based on choiceJan 29 02:25
schestowitzDidn't you get caught foe peeing in the bushes?Jan 29 02:25
DaemonFCthey do that alreadyJan 29 02:25
schestowitzOr were you just talking about the lawsJan 29 02:25
DaemonFCschestowitz: Pissing in the bushes makes you a sex offender nowJan 29 02:25
schestowitzI guess jwalking  is also an offenceJan 29 02:26
DaemonFCwith 10 year public humiliationJan 29 02:26
schestowitzHeheJan 29 02:26
schestowitzSex offenderJan 29 02:26
DaemonFCcan't find a job?Jan 29 02:26
DaemonFCdon't piss in the bush next timeJan 29 02:26
schestowitzIn Holland they have these intresting urinals in the streetsJan 29 02:26
schestowitzSo you don't have to die keeping it in (the urine in the bladder, I mean)Jan 29 02:26
schestowitzDaemonFC: and remember:Jan 29 02:27
schestowitzIt's a bad comboJan 29 02:27
schestowitzDRUNKJan 29 02:27
schestowitzAnd full of pissJan 29 02:27
schestowitzI.e. in need of going to the bushJan 29 02:27
schestowitzANDJan 29 02:27
schestowitzALso not very soberJan 29 02:27
DaemonFCschestowitz: I STILL say this.......If I have to watch a woman in Burger Kind pull out her tits and breast feed and can't do ANYTHING about it, why am I a criminal for whipping it out and taking a leak 20 miles from the nearest restroom, in the middle of nowhere?Jan 29 02:27
DaemonFCcan you answer me that?Jan 29 02:27
DaemonFCpissing is as much a body function as breast feedingJan 29 02:27
schestowitzHas any guy in this channel never ever ever pees in a bush somewhere sometime?Jan 29 02:28
DaemonFCand I try to not do it in public if I don't have toJan 29 02:28
schestowitzDaemonFC: yesJan 29 02:28
schestowitzDon't ask /me/Jan 29 02:28
DaemonFCidiot politicians afraid of angering some feministsJan 29 02:29
DaemonFCthat's the only differenceJan 29 02:29
schestowitzDaemonFC: 29 02:29
schestowitzFunny ^Jan 29 02:29
schestowitzWhat happens when you strip in LondonJan 29 02:29
schestowitz 29 02:31
DaemonFCschestowitz: Did he strip or are they coming there to disperse a peaceful assembly?Jan 29 02:31
DaemonFCthere's something of a difference in that stripping down would give them an excuse to crack skulls, in their opinionJan 29 02:31
DaemonFC:)Jan 29 02:31
DaemonFCthey've got balls thoughJan 29 02:32
DaemonFChere, they'd be wearing riot gear and pepper spraying and shooting people with rubber bullets and bean bag roundsJan 29 02:32
schestowitzIt's all over: 29 02:33
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Obama to scrap Moon, Mars expeditions - report • The Register .::. Size~: 24.06 KBJan 29 02:33
schestowitzNow only China can do itJan 29 02:33
DaemonFCor worse (google the Kent State University Massacre, where the National Guard opened fire and killed unarmed students)Jan 29 02:33
schestowitzWe hand it over to themJan 29 02:33
schestowitzThe US took over from RussiaJan 29 02:33
schestowitzOn passes the batonJan 29 02:33
schestowitzDaemonFC: it's not the video I tried findingJan 29 02:33
DaemonFCyou never hear people talk about that, that's as bad as Tienanmen SquareJan 29 02:33
DaemonFCschestowitz: Moon/Mars are PR stunts left over from the BushiesJan 29 02:34
DaemonFCthe Bushies got credit for being "visionaries" over an unfunded mandate that the next administration would have to scrapJan 29 02:34
DaemonFCkind of a "party's over and the last one to leave gets stuck with the check" dealJan 29 02:35
DaemonFCpoliticians do it all the time you know?Jan 29 02:35
schestowitz 29 02:35
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Amazon in 71% profit surge • The Register .::. Size~: 21.52 KBJan 29 02:35
schestowitzThe economy goes into the toilet but some big businesses shed off the load of wagesJan 29 02:36
sebsebsebschestowitz: that forum link is no goodJan 29 02:36
schestowitzAnd those numbers deceiveJan 29 02:36
schestowitzThey are relative to mere profit or lossJan 29 02:36
DaemonFCnobody is outraged over not funding a Mars expedition, but if you don't want to keep funding an unending blood bath over in the middle east, you're "with the terrorists"Jan 29 02:36
DaemonFCschestowitz: I think the companies shedding payroll is a conspiracyJan 29 02:37
DaemonFCthey all get together and decide to fire all these people at once to make unemployment go upJan 29 02:37
schestowitzDaemonFC: what are you?Jan 29 02:37
schestowitzLeft or right?Jan 29 02:37
DaemonFCneither reallyJan 29 02:37
schestowitzYou're like a pacifist RushJan 29 02:37
schestowitzI think you're confused Jan 29 02:37
DaemonFCschestowitz: I'm mid/sideJan 29 02:38
schestowitzYou don't know what you want in lifeJan 29 02:38
DaemonFCit's more efficientJan 29 02:38
schestowitzLeft and right is simplifiedJan 29 02:38
schestowitzWhite/BlackJan 29 02:38
schestowitzOr red/blueJan 29 02:38
DaemonFCschestowitz: I blame it on being in IRC why you don't understand what I'm sayingJan 29 02:38
schestowitzThey turn regime selection into a football matchJan 29 02:39
DaemonFCthe sarcasm is all just kind of lostJan 29 02:39
DiabloD3schestowitz: that'd be awesomeJan 29 02:39
DiabloD3playing a game to decide regime changesJan 29 02:39
schestowitzGood.. down they go:, 29 02:39
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Juniper needles way to recovery • The Register .::. Size~: 23.17 KBJan 29 02:39
schestowitzFilled with Microsoft execsJan 29 02:39
schestowitzIncludint their CEOJan 29 02:39
DaemonFCschestowitz: Software is coming to kind of an impasse, the lights are on and the roaches are hiding under the appliances.Jan 29 02:40
DaemonFCthat sort of thingJan 29 02:40
schestowitz 29 02:41
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Advogato: Google's China affair .::. Size~: 33.44 KBJan 29 02:41
DaemonFCMicrosoft executives are hunkering down for the long cold winter and insisting all is wellJan 29 02:41
schestowitzI knowJan 29 02:41
schestowitzI'll quote you and Malroy tomorrowJan 29 02:41
DaemonFCwords are cheap and they might fool some analysts Jan 29 02:41
schestowitzI saw it comingJan 29 02:41
schestowitzAges agoJan 29 02:41
schestowitzThe spinJan 29 02:41
schestowitzWIndows revenue down 40%Jan 29 02:42
schestowitzTell MicrosoftJan 29 02:42
schestowitzMicrosoft: "Vista 7 has just been released"Jan 29 02:42
schestowitzBut it's downJan 29 02:42
schestowitzMicrosoft: "deferred income. go away"Jan 29 02:42
schestowitzBook cooking?Jan 29 02:42
DaemonFCThe XP "refusing to die" has them scared, and they know it's because Vista and 7 are not more useful than what they already sold to peopleJan 29 02:42
schestowitzMicrosoft: "sod off"Jan 29 02:42
DaemonFCthe PC market is not growingJan 29 02:43
DaemonFCwe're in a recessionJan 29 02:43
schestowitz3 months later: Microsoft: "Wow!!!!!!!!! So many sales. It must mean Vista 7 is teh POPULAR!!"Jan 29 02:43
DaemonFCeveryone wants to make the old thigns they already have lastJan 29 02:43
schestowitzDaemonFC: recession?Jan 29 02:43
schestowitzNoJan 29 02:43
schestowitzRecessions have reboundsJan 29 02:43
schestowitzdot-com bubble was recession for ITJan 29 02:43
DaemonFCit's an environment where discretionary consumerism kind of diesJan 29 02:43
schestowitzIt recovered to an extentJan 29 02:43
DaemonFCfor a whileJan 29 02:43
schestowitzThe debt then was like what...?Jan 29 02:43
schestowitz99/2000...... maybe 4 trillionJan 29 02:44
schestowitzWith interestJan 29 02:44
DaemonFCschestowitz: There's no such thing as a recovery with $12 trillion in debtJan 29 02:44
schestowitzThat's repayableJan 29 02:44
schestowitzNo baby boomersJan 29 02:44
schestowitzMore people employedJan 29 02:44
DaemonFCwe've been in a recession since the PAYGO law was allowed to expireJan 29 02:44
schestowitzThen the neocons took officeJan 29 02:44
DaemonFCand the tax cuts on the rich were enactedJan 29 02:44
DaemonFCso around 2003Jan 29 02:44
DaemonFCthey covered it up with bubblesJan 29 02:44
sebsebseb,8599,1955569,00.htmlJan 29 02:44
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Berlusconi vs. Google: Italy to Regulate Online Videos? - TIME .::. Size~: 54.02 KBJan 29 02:44
DaemonFCand fancy paperwork tricksJan 29 02:44
schestowitzsebsebseb: Berlusconi is a jackassJan 29 02:45
*tolkad (n=tolkad@unaffiliated/tolkad) has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 02:45
*tolkad (n=tolkad@unaffiliated/tolkad) has left #boycottnovell ("Leaving")Jan 29 02:45
DaemonFCschestowitz: The Senate just voted to reinstate PAYGOJan 29 02:45
schestowitzWHose senate?Jan 29 02:45
schestowitzThe rich people's?Jan 29 02:45
DaemonFCthe tax cuts for the wealthy expire Jan 1st 2011Jan 29 02:45
schestowitzHillary?Jan 29 02:45
schestowitzWhy?Jan 29 02:46
schestowitzWhy not NOW?Jan 29 02:46
schestowitzIf it's rightJan 29 02:46
DaemonFCif they leave it the hell alone after that, the deficit may just start going downJan 29 02:46
schestowitzWhy not abandon IRAQ NOW?Jan 29 02:46
schestowitzDaemonFC: it gives one year for lazy rich people to open a Swiss bank accountJan 29 02:46
DaemonFCI don't know, they say when we leave ,it could collapseJan 29 02:46
DaemonFCI say it WILL collapse but we can't occupy it foreverJan 29 02:46
schestowitzThen pass it slowly enough not to be noticedJan 29 02:47
schestowitzPearly gates puts it in a fake charityJan 29 02:47
schestowitzFrom which he makes big investments without interest/commission/taxJan 29 02:47
schestowitzRich people are so smart... like a FOXJan 29 02:47
schestowitz 29 02:48
DaemonFCPAYGO as a statute isn't enoughJan 29 02:48
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Four short links: 23 January 2010 - O'Reilly Radar .::. Size~: 27.14 KBJan 29 02:48
schestowitz"PayPal has frozen WikiLeaks' assets. Interesting: they need $600k/yr to run."Jan 29 02:48
schestowitzThey must be bolloxJan 29 02:48
DaemonFCthey're putting in a low hurdle that they can remove by passing an opposing lawJan 29 02:48
schestowitzHow can they spend so much money in a year?Jan 29 02:48
DaemonFCthis needs to be built into the constitutionJan 29 02:48
schestowitz 29 02:48
phIRCe-BNcTitle: shaver » HTML5 video and codecs .::. Size~: 34.9 KBJan 29 02:48
DaemonFCschestowitz: It'll be a cold day in hell when IE supports OggJan 29 02:49
schestowitzDaemonFC: they need to give the impression to the 'little people' that they police themselvesJan 29 02:49
DaemonFCsomeone is going to have to write a plug-in for itJan 29 02:49
schestowitzKey word: impressionJan 29 02:49
schestowitzPRJan 29 02:49
schestowitzPerceivedJan 29 02:49
schestowitzMind controlJan 29 02:49
schestowitzCalmJan 29 02:49
schestowitzEternal sunshine to empty mindJan 29 02:49
schestowitz"Why don't you go back in the room and play Playstation?"Jan 29 02:50
DaemonFCschestowitz: You tell me how that debt will be paid, how is can just sit there and build?Jan 29 02:50
DaemonFCCan it do it forever?Jan 29 02:50
DaemonFCit looks like it will nowJan 29 02:50
DaemonFCbut it won'tJan 29 02:50
schestowitzDaemonFC: don't make kids, they'll suffer paying back ;-)Jan 29 02:50
schestowitzLet other people give birth to slavesJan 29 02:50
schestowitzBasically, your country keeps mortgaging the future of kids and grandkidsJan 29 02:51
schestowitzLike Russia started doing decades agoJan 29 02:51
schestowitzNow there's extreme poverty there... and drugs, AIDS, mafia, death is high, life expectancy low, huge suicide rates and almost no birth.Jan 29 02:51
schestowitzWatch this video in a new windowJan 29 02:52
schestowitzDeath of a Nation 1/6Jan 29 02:52
schestowitz 29 02:52
DaemonFCschestowitz: I wouldn't have kids, this system is buckling under the load that's on it now and it's probably going to crash down within my lifetimeJan 29 02:52
DaemonFCI don't see why people would have kidsJan 29 02:52
schestowitzPreposterous use of the word "pirate": 29 02:53
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The Millions:   Confessions of a Book Pirate .::. Size~: 255.92 KBJan 29 02:53
schestowitzDaemonFC: but living with a partner might helpJan 29 02:53
schestowitzDistribution of riskJan 29 02:53
DaemonFCschestowitz: The statute raising the debt limit to $12.1 trillion puts EVERY AMERICAN living NOW, in $38,285.71 in debtJan 29 02:53
schestowitzI have friends here who marry and have no kids, for nowJan 29 02:54
schestowitzDaemonFC: kids tooJan 29 02:54
schestowitzAnd pensioners :-)Jan 29 02:54
DaemonFCif you add in the other trillion that they are never going to pay back to social security, $42,532.46Jan 29 02:54
schestowitzDo the sum per family/householdJan 29 02:54
schestowitzThat's how it's doneJan 29 02:54
DaemonFCSocial Security is going to come flying apart by 2030Jan 29 02:54
DaemonFCthere's not going to be any fixing it Jan 29 02:55
DaemonFCit's already past the point of no return and still gaining speedJan 29 02:55
schestowitzCause it's a spiralling thingJan 29 02:55
DaemonFCthere's just going to be my whole generation that paid into it and are just getting ready to retire when the government tells us there's nothing leftJan 29 02:55
schestowitzLack of wealth>lack of investment -> lack of valueJan 29 02:55
DaemonFCour parents and grandparents took it allJan 29 02:56
DaemonFCcombined with the theft of the money to pay for iraqJan 29 02:56
schestowitzThe cycle means that the debt increases with interest and cap goes downJan 29 02:56
*chelz has quit ()Jan 29 02:56
schestowitz 29 02:56
DaemonFCthey could just print out some money to pay for this, then we jsut get sucked into a period of hyperinflationJan 29 02:57
schestowitz 29 02:57
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Free Publicity: Who do we help? - Anil Dash .::. Size~: 83.24 KBJan 29 02:57
schestowitz"Who does need your help? I'd say the current administration does. Because the biggest difference between now and 18 months ago is not that President Obama has gotten elected; It's that those who support his agenda have gotten lazy about helping in the effort."Jan 29 02:57
DaemonFCwhere each dollar is worth penniesJan 29 02:57
DaemonFCschestowitz: the UK is worse off I thinkJan 29 02:58
DaemonFCdebt is 61.7% of GDPJan 29 02:58
DaemonFCthat's not goodJan 29 02:58
schestowitzAbout the  same, DaemonFCJan 29 02:59
schestowitzI did the mathJan 29 02:59
schestowitzAnd our wages here are higherJan 29 02:59
DaemonFC"The 2010 Budget proposed by President Barack  Obama projects significant debt increases, both in terms of dollars  and relative to GDP.[77][78]  The debt is projected to nearly double to $20 trillion by 2015, but is  expected to increase to nearly 100% of GDP by 2020 and remain at that  level thereafter."Jan 29 03:01
DaemonFC-WikipediaJan 29 03:01
DaemonFCschestowitz: Maybe if he issues an executive order for all Americans to dig into their couches, car seat cushions, etc. for pennies and turn them in to the Treasury, we can pay down 0.5% of thatJan 29 03:03
DaemonFCit's as good an idea as anything else Obama has said so farJan 29 03:03
DaemonFCor maybe he can fund more foreign abortions with itJan 29 03:03
DaemonFCkind of like with our tax moneyJan 29 03:03
DaemonFCor give us a lump of clean coal and a sheet of insulation for the cardboard boxes more of us are living in due to his policiesJan 29 03:04
DaemonFC 29 03:09
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The New York Times > Log In .::. Size~: 9.72 KBJan 29 03:09
DaemonFC"About  33 percent of the swing stems from new legislation signed by Mr.  Bush. That legislation, like his tax cuts and the Medicare  prescription drug benefit, not only continue to cost the government but  have also increased interest payments on the national debt."Jan 29 03:09
DaemonFCschestowitz: Obama says that almost all of the $750 billion spent on TARP has been recoveredJan 29 03:10
DaemonFCthrowing all of that at the deficit would make a dentJan 29 03:11
DaemonFCnot saying that the liberals would ever do that when they now have $750 billion in pork and pet projects they can fundJan 29 03:11
DaemonFCwatch them throw it away on resurfacing roads that were already just fineJan 29 03:12
DaemonFCthey used millions of those dollars to resurface US 24 near the town I live in, between Fort Wayne and where it turns into Indiana State Road 9Jan 29 03:13
DaemonFCthat has to be at least 40 milesJan 29 03:13
DaemonFCand it was still in good shapeJan 29 03:13
DaemonFCwhy are they throwing money to fix things that weren't broken?Jan 29 03:13
DaemonFCdangle some dollars on strings just out of reach of the statesJan 29 03:14
DaemonFCmake them beg for itJan 29 03:14
DaemonFCgive it to themJan 29 03:14
DaemonFCthen tell them the conditionsJan 29 03:14
DaemonFCits how the feds get the states to change laws that the feds have no authority to changeJan 29 03:15
DaemonFCbribe themJan 29 03:15
DaemonFCthe price for all that lovely road money has been for Indiana's compliance with REAL IDJan 29 03:16
DaemonFCthe states that are fighting REAL ID are just holding off until the federal bribes are rightJan 29 03:17
DaemonFCthe way money talks, there shouldn't even be 50 states, the whole country should just be one giant federal zoneJan 29 03:19
DaemonFCschestowitz: The United Federal Zone of AmericaJan 29 03:20
DaemonFCI propose we rename ourselves that and fire all the redundant politiciansJan 29 03:20
DaemonFCslash payroll :)Jan 29 03:20
DaemonFCgets rid of all the bickering about who gets what money or having different legally recognized rights depending on your location in the same countryJan 29 03:22
DaemonFChmmmJan 29 03:27
DaemonFCWhat opens Apple Lossless?Jan 29 03:27
DaemonFCdecompressing them into WAV would be fineJan 29 03:28
schestowitz 29 03:31
schestowitzI'm watching some vids, DaemonFCJan 29 03:31
schestowitzWatch thisJan 29 03:31
schestowitzIt's about a billionaire knowing what's coming getting scaredJan 29 03:32
DaemonFC 29 03:32
phIRCe-BNcTitle: - ALAC .::. Size~: 5.02 KBJan 29 03:32
DaemonFChehJan 29 03:32
DaemonFC"written  from reverse engineering the file format. It turns out that most  of the algorithms in the codec are fairly well known."Jan 29 03:32
DaemonFCtypical corporate bullshit, find something that's out there and steal itJan 29 03:32
DaemonFCretrofit plenty of your patents into itJan 29 03:33
DaemonFCprofitJan 29 03:33
DaemonFClulz@ Hug a police officerJan 29 03:36
DaemonFChe's not in a mental ward?Jan 29 03:36
schestowitzWho?Jan 29 03:38
DaemonFCthe guy that wants a hug from a police officerJan 29 03:39
DaemonFCI want them as far away from me as possibleJan 29 03:39
DaemonFCbothering someone elseJan 29 03:39
schestowitzHmmmmmm... turns out that video was removed for nudity... 29 04:08
DaemonFCya think?Jan 29 04:09
DaemonFC:DJan 29 04:09
DaemonFCnekkkidness does not fit in with teh state's agenda!!!Jan 29 04:10
DaemonFCoh my god......Jan 29 04:11
DaemonFCI get to 98% and the only seeder left is in BulgariaJan 29 04:11
DaemonFCand I'm getting 0.3 K/secJan 29 04:11
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[_the_mad_hatter] Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0003 - Is Sound Exchange a Scofflaw? 29 04:13
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0003 «  Through the Looking Glass .::. Size~: 23.29 KBJan 29 04:13
*Omar87 (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 04:20
Omar87Greetings all.Jan 29 04:21
*amarsh04 has quit (Excess Flood)Jan 29 04:24
schestowitzWhat an arse......... brazinski ........ 29 04:24
schestowitzHe demands controlling the interviewsJan 29 04:25
*amarsh04 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 04:25
schestowitzAnd he demands that he tells other countries what to doJan 29 04:25
schestowitzWHo the heck he is?Jan 29 04:25
schestowitzRogue governanceJan 29 04:25
schestowitz 29 04:28
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Zbigniew Brzezinski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 194.78 KBJan 29 04:28
DaemonFCschestowitz: Yahoo Answers post: "Where has Capitalism failed? Me: "It hasn't failed. The capitalists got all the money and the little  people pay all their bills and watch Limbaugh and Hannity and think that  if they scrub the toilets a little harder, they may be rich someday  too."Jan 29 04:34
DaemonFC:)Jan 29 04:34
schestowitzBrilliantJan 29 04:36
schestowitz"The capitalists got all the money."Jan 29 04:36
schestowitzI'll never forget a quote from EllisonJan 29 04:36
schestowitzI think he said it after he announced Unbreakabke, right before the Novell/MS deal grabbed the headlineJan 29 04:36
schestowitzPeople asked him about undercutting that small company called Red HatJan 29 04:36
schestowitzAlmost 20 times smallerJan 29 04:36
schestowitzHe said (Exact quote I'm pretty sure): "It's capitalism, I'm competing!"Jan 29 04:37
schestowitzHeh. It's just as they say, "tough love"Jan 29 04:37
DaemonFCHe didn't undercut anyone thereJan 29 04:37
DaemonFCI have yet to hear anyone say their place deployed Oracle's RHEL cloneJan 29 04:37
schestowitzCapitalism is great, assuming you're one of those people who praise it on TVJan 29 04:37
schestowitzCapitalising the limb force of other peopleJan 29 04:37
schestowitzCapitalism can be good for nations tooJan 29 04:38
schestowitzIf you are in a nation that is the equivalent of a person in a global arenaJan 29 04:38
schestowitzThen the capitalism is macro-capitalismJan 29 04:38
schestowitzYou can send your pesticide production to AfricaJan 29 04:38
schestowitzYou outsource the death pollJan 29 04:38
schestowitzAnd then "you" (the whole capitalist nation) can hail capitalismJan 29 04:39
DaemonFCsend it off to where the important people don't have to see it or die from itJan 29 04:39
schestowitzYou'd say how it works brilliantly for ALL the peopleJan 29 04:39
schestowitzWhich people? YOUR peopleJan 29 04:39
DaemonFCcapitalism is coldJan 29 04:39
schestowitzNot those other peopleJan 29 04:39
schestowitzLike Chinese beaten in factories and Vietnamese in sweat shopsJan 29 04:39
schestowitzIf they are happy, it's because happinees is relativeJan 29 04:40
schestowitzIt's 'baseline'-basedJan 29 04:40
DaemonFCKathy Lee Gifford handbags at Walmart anyone?Jan 29 04:40
schestowitzDaemonFC: bombard themJan 29 04:40
schestowitzThrow poison on themJan 29 04:40
schestowitzBring about famineJan 29 04:40
schestowitzKill their whole familyJan 29 04:40
schestowitzThen build them a chip factorJan 29 04:40
schestowitz[for Intel say...]Jan 29 04:40
DaemonFCof course, it's all so someone can drive a HummerJan 29 04:40
schestowitzAnd they'll be thankfulJan 29 04:40
schestowitzNo shells coming down fromt he skyJan 29 04:41
schestowitzThere is...... BREAD!Jan 29 04:41
DaemonFCthey can die knowing that their sacrifice is appreciatedJan 29 04:41
schestowitzAnd you have the privilege of making shoes for kids of Rich Uncle from the WestJan 29 04:41
DaemonFCyeah, Robin Williams I think it wasJan 29 04:41
DaemonFCwe're bombing them one day and dropping food the nextJan 29 04:41
DaemonFCbombs, food, bombs, foodJan 29 04:41
schestowitz:-)Jan 29 04:42
schestowitzThat's how they loveJan 29 04:42
schestowitzAnd feel lovesJan 29 04:42
schestowitzPRJan 29 04:42
schestowitzThe "Crazy tyrant " theoryJan 29 04:42
schestowitzIf you make them so shocked (chock doctrine) they become quietJan 29 04:42
DaemonFCI think he said "Now you're playing Survivor: The Real Game"Jan 29 04:42
schestowitzIrrational invasions terrify more than rational oneJan 29 04:42
DaemonFC:DJan 29 04:43
schestowitzThis one is harderJan 29 04:43
DaemonFCbrbJan 29 04:43
schestowitzYou can't see shells and TomahawksJan 29 04:43
schestowitzBy the time you see them you can't move fact enoughJan 29 04:43
schestowitzSo you can just duckJan 29 04:43
DaemonFCschestowitz: Does the UK buy those from us?Jan 29 04:46
DaemonFCwho else uses those?Jan 29 04:46
schestowitz"But Microsoft said the division that makes Office software and other Jan 29 04:46
schestowitzbusiness programs, the company's other cash cow, saw revenue slip 3 Jan 29 04:46
schestowitzpercent, while revenue from its typically fast-growing server software Jan 29 04:46
schestowitzgroup edged up just 2 percent.Jan 29 04:46
schestowitz"PC shipments bounced back during the holiday shopping season after one of Jan 29 04:46
schestowitzits roughest years to date, but analysts attributed nearly all the gains Jan 29 04:46
schestowitzto consumers drawn to inexpensive laptops and their smaller, less powerful Jan 29 04:46
schestowitzcousin, the netbook."Jan 29 04:46
DaemonFCyeah, computer components have gotten to where even the cheapest can easily take on 95%  of the things that people do with themJan 29 04:47
DaemonFCso now the cash cow of "It's not fast enough, throw it away and get a new one" is not there as muchJan 29 04:48
DaemonFCI'm sure even I could hunker down and use one of those $100 Linux PCs embedded in a keyboardJan 29 04:49
DaemonFChook it up to my TVJan 29 04:49
DaemonFChell, if I had been thinking I probably would haveJan 29 04:49
schestowitzWhich components?Jan 29 04:50
DaemonFCin the keyboard deal?Jan 29 04:50
DaemonFCI think it was some kind of 1.2 Ghz Via something or other C3 maybeJan 29 04:51
DaemonFCand 512 MB of RAMJan 29 04:51
DaemonFCnot terribly powerful, but it can probably browse and play an MP3Jan 29 04:54
DaemonFCit's probably all most people would use it forJan 29 04:54
DaemonFC"Concerns about the F-35's performance have resulted partially from  reports of RAND  simulations where numerous Russian Sukhoi  fighters defeat a handful of F-35s by denying tanker refueling"Jan 29 05:07
DaemonFCduh?Jan 29 05:07
DaemonFCthey're outnumbered and the enemy has shot down the refueling tankerJan 29 05:09
DaemonFCyeah, I'd call that a lossJan 29 05:09
*MarcusKoze (n=marcel@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 05:21
MarcusKozehello (was about to say g'morning :) )Jan 29 05:21
schestowitzHm...... maybe I should buy a new PMPJan 29 05:22
schestowitzHey, MarcusKozeJan 29 05:22
Omar87Greetings all. :)Jan 29 05:22
MarcusKozemanaged to fix the wiki issues ?Jan 29 05:22
schestowitzHaven't tried since, just onceJan 29 05:25
DaemonFCschestowitz: Speaking of which, I found my old 64/128/256MB Lyra playersJan 29 05:26
DaemonFCB-)Jan 29 05:26
DaemonFCthey still workJan 29 05:26
schestowitzI had a 64mb oneJan 29 05:27
schestowitz10 years agoJan 29 05:27
schestowitzIt wasn't so small, but better than a walkmanJan 29 05:27
schestowitzcds are too sensitive to jerking... battery hogs tooJan 29 05:27
DaemonFCthe MP3 CD, a full discography on one CDJan 29 05:29
DaemonFCB-)Jan 29 05:29
DaemonFCschestowitz: I always got all the cool toys to play around withJan 29 05:33
DaemonFCRCA/Thomson would give my dad all this free stuff to try outJan 29 05:33
DaemonFCso I even have stuff they never soldJan 29 05:33
DaemonFCthe neat thing about these players is that they're one of the only line that ever recognized MP3 ProJan 29 05:34
DaemonFCwhich is kind of like the predecessor to High Efficiency AACJan 29 05:35
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] There is Only One #Linux , 2.6.33 in Review 29 05:35
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Common #UNIX / #Linux Myths Addressed 29 05:36
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Just what is Linux? .::. Size~: 51.59 KBJan 29 05:36
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Retraction: Five *nix Myths Busted - Linux Servers and Apache News Story .::. Size~: 56.34 KBJan 29 05:36
DaemonFCthe techniques that both of them use are heavily patented, but Vorbis manages to do better at those bitrates even without themJan 29 05:36
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] A Look Behind the Scenes of #GNU #Linux -generated Film #avatarJan 29 05:39
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The Technology Behind Avatar (Movie) | TechSource .::. Size~: 108.81 KBJan 29 05:40
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Linux Gets Graphics Stack Improvements and Better Support for USB-Based Displays 29 05:44
phIRCe-BNcTitle: [Phoronix] Running Nine USB-Based Displays On Linux .::. Size~: 17.38 KBJan 29 05:44
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #KDE SC 4.3.5 Released, 4.4 Coming Shortly 29 05:53
phIRCe-BNcTitle: KDE - KDE Software Compilation 4.3.5 Release Announcement .::. Size~: 15.6 KBJan 29 05:53
phIRCe-BNcTitle: A Look at KDE 4.4 .::. Size~: 38.39 KBJan 29 05:54
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] New #GNOME Desktop Addition: GNOME Activity Journal 29 05:55
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Rough Sketch of Best #GNU #Linux Desktop and Shop 29 05:55
phIRCe-BNcTitle: GNOME Activity Journal Shows Your Recent Computer Work - File Management - Lifehacker .::. Size~: 64.78 KBJan 29 05:55
phIRCe-BNcTitle: And the best Linux desktop distro of all is... | ITworld .::. Size~: 96.61 KBJan 29 05:55
DaemonFCKenny  Wilson "I Shot the Sherriff.." 5 hours ago   · Comment · LikeJan 29 05:58
DaemonFCRyan Farmer and  the deputy......he was a prick.....had it coming a few seconds agoJan 29 05:59
DaemonFC:)Jan 29 05:59
DaemonFCI love FacebookJan 29 05:59
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #RevLin OS -- Based on #GNU #Linux -- is Launched 29 06:01
phIRCe-BNcTitle: RevLin OS: Would You Use It? ~ Web Upd8 .::. Size~: 121.47 KBJan 29 06:02
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Eleven is Louder: A Round of Thoughts .::. Size~: 71.9 KBJan 29 06:02
schestowitzHeh.Jan 29 06:11
schestowitzanyway, gnJan 29 06:11
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #China Gives OK to More #Linux #Phones 29 06:15
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Ubuntu #GNU #Linux 10.04 Incorporates Nice Additions 29 06:16
phIRCe-BNcTitle: 5 reasons why Ubuntu Lucid Lynx  may be a game changing release. | GHABUNTU .::. Size~: 97.46 KBJan 29 06:17
phIRCe-BNcTitle: [Phoronix] Nouveau From 2.6.33 Prepped For Ubuntu 10.04 .::. Size~: 18.03 KBJan 29 06:17
*Ender2070_ ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 06:27
*jono has quit ("Ex-Chat")Jan 29 06:38
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[_the_mad_hatter] IPad - the musicians friend. Thanks Dennie, I hadn't thought of that. 29 06:40
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Why Im excited about the Apple iPad | Inkygirl: Daily Diversions For Writers .::. Size~: 64.38 KBJan 29 06:41
DaemonFCNouveau is not even close to being usefulJan 29 06:41
DaemonFCI guarantee you everyone still installs the $20,000 toilet seat from NvidiaJan 29 06:42
*Ender2070 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 06:43
Ender2070_daemonfc - i dont understand your problem, you claim theres no games for linux - why do you need 3d then?Jan 29 06:54
DaemonFCcause there's games for Windows and some of them can be jury rigged to run under WineJan 29 06:57
DaemonFCand then you need 3dJan 29 06:57
DaemonFCFGLRX fails spectacularly in that caseJan 29 06:57
DaemonFCyou might be able to play Oblivion with graphical glitches, bad framerate, peoples faces missing, on Ultra LowJan 29 06:58
DaemonFChell if I know whose fault that is, but it's apparently been an issue for some time so I think that everyone who works on Wine and plays games with it must be using Nvidia plus the nvidia driverJan 29 06:59
DaemonFCnobody has marked it invalid in Wine's bugzilla, so I'm kind of thinking it's a problem on Wine's sideJan 29 06:59
DaemonFCin the end, the result is the same, I can't use my PC for something that does function on WindowsJan 29 07:00
DaemonFCthat makes me a Sad Panda(R)Jan 29 07:00
DaemonFCin FOSS, the blame game is often protracted, painful to watch as a user, and then finally a year or three later, someone fixes it and all is well in that tiny corner of the universeJan 29 07:01
DaemonFCand it's not unlike waiting for years for Microsoft to fix something that is pissing you the hell offJan 29 07:02
DaemonFCas a user who has no programming skills whatsoever, it's every bit as badJan 29 07:03
DaemonFCyou tell people all the good things about Linux (and there are many) and when they can't make something work, you tell them to get a degree in programming so they can make it workJan 29 07:04
DaemonFCand to thank everyone who made that software for wasting their time after giving them the hope that it would function at least something like they led on aboutJan 29 07:05
DaemonFCWhen will we pull out of Iraq? "When the situation is stable!" Well when will that be? "It's unclear!" Jan 29 07:07
DaemonFCit's what it reminds me ofJan 29 07:07
DaemonFCWhen will it do what I want? "We're about there!" When will that be? "It's tentative."........5 years later...Hey, you guys done yet or what? "It's getting there!"Jan 29 07:09
DaemonFCthat's why portable programs are awesome, even if they fail miserably to do what you want because of underlying deficiencies in the underlying OS, you can use the same application on another OSJan 29 07:10
DaemonFCEnder2070_: What gets me is how Stallman derides the Bush policy of "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists" and then implements that policy at the FSFJan 29 07:12
DaemonFCEnder2070_: One thing I am very concerned about is proprietary file formatsJan 29 07:15
DaemonFCcompeting operating systems are one thing, but spreading proprietary files around is like blowing up bridges and poisoning wellsJan 29 07:16
DaemonFCit's not just competition, it's attempting area denialJan 29 07:16
DaemonFCthat should be fought against harder than anything elseJan 29 07:17
Ender2070_thats so bush could label critics terroristsJan 29 07:30
Ender2070_a member of Obama's staff wants to make it illegal to be skeptical of global warmingJan 29 07:31
*DaemonFC has quit ("Leaving.")Jan 29 08:19
Omar87Hi allJan 29 08:36
DiabloD3schestowitz: I wish you'd quit linking to ubuntu shitJan 29 08:40
DiabloD3ubuntu is a microsoft productJan 29 08:40
DiabloD3quit promoting itJan 29 08:40
*sebsebseb has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 08:51
MarcusKozewhat makes you say that diablo ?Jan 29 08:52
*DaemonFC ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 08:54
DiabloD3MarcusKoze: they ship mono on the install cdJan 29 08:55
MarcusKozeawJan 29 08:56
DiabloD3and they switched to yahoo as the default firefox search engineJan 29 08:56
MarcusKozehm Jan 29 08:56
MarcusKozeyeh, i was wondering about this and came to 2 posibilities / explanations for this: 1) they really don't care about the phoney claims of patents suits there from the crapmeister micromoft, or; 2) they might've been corrupted in the end by ms' money ... you know, the richer they are, the more they want ... so for me, a claim that shuttleworth has gazillions doesn;t stand in this scope (corruption and so on )Jan 29 08:58
MarcusKozealthough, i currently use ubuntu (the gnome Karmic)... all mono and deps purgedJan 29 09:00
MarcusKozeyet i see too an increase in mono dependance and saddens me Jan 29 09:00
MarcusKozei hope i've spelled everything correctlyJan 29 09:00
MarcusKoze:)Jan 29 09:00
MarcusKozeso prospecting other distros and i like the gNewSense a lot so farJan 29 09:01
MarcusKozeif mono gets there any deeper, i'm out of it ... tried mint and after i've tried to remove the mono pile, it would remove the MintMenu too, so what'd make it different from ubuntu after all :)Jan 29 09:03
DaemonFCMarcusKoze: Shuttleworth has subsidizes Ubuntu for 6 years now at a lossJan 29 09:24
DaemonFChe's probably ready to make some money or at least break evenJan 29 09:24
DaemonFCobviously Ubuntu will be real secretive about how much money they're making off Ballmer by proxy of YahooJan 29 09:25
DaemonFCeven though Ubuntu is a "community project", non-profit and all that, sure yeahJan 29 09:26
DaemonFCwhateverJan 29 09:26
DaemonFCthey're as not-for-profit as Microsoft, they just haven't figured out how to make any money when there's equal or better distributions out there for freeJan 29 09:27
DaemonFCShuttleworth subsidies are just there to buy time while they figure out how to charge money for all kinds of thingsJan 29 09:27
DaemonFCRed Hat's CEO even said that there's not much money to be had off of desktop Linux, it's why Ubuntu is running at a loss, Mandriva was in bankruptcy, and Red Hat gave up and went to corporate customers who have lots of moneyJan 29 09:28
DaemonFCwhy everyone keeps trying to make money off of something that can't make money is surrealJan 29 09:29
DaemonFCit's like a diseased thinking process, MarcusKozeJan 29 09:29
DaemonFCit's like that fast food restaurant building every town has where there's been 10 fast food restaurants there that closedJan 29 09:30
DaemonFCand another one is opening up, they all think THEY will winJan 29 09:30
DaemonFCdespite the massive chain of failures, despite the fact that it may just not be a good locationJan 29 09:31
DaemonFCmy guess is that the Yahoo deal isn't going to net them much money and it won't go on for more than a year or twoJan 29 09:32
DaemonFCit's not a business plan, it's a stall tacticJan 29 09:32
DaemonFCIf you're going to use Linux, use one that's not trying to figure out how to sell you shit and won't insult your intelligence like thisJan 29 09:32
DaemonFCplenty of community distros, plenty of corporate leftovers that don't need to directly make a profit to surviveJan 29 09:33
DaemonFCuse one of thoseJan 29 09:33
*Omar87_ (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 09:39
*desu has quit (Excess Flood)Jan 29 09:39
*desu ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 09:40
DaemonFCthe RIAA apparently offered to settle with that woman whose damages got reduced to $54,000, after the reductionJan 29 09:54
DaemonFCthe offer was for $25,000Jan 29 09:54
DaemonFCthey probably want to hurry up and settle with her because their case is starting to not look so good and they don't want to be handed a loss and a precedentJan 29 09:55
DaemonFCthat's what I think is going onJan 29 09:55
*Omar87 has quit (Success)Jan 29 09:55
DaemonFCeven if they get the reduction finalized, it sets a precedent that they can't go around threatening people with bajillion dollar penaltiesJan 29 09:57
DaemonFCthey lose some of their FUD steam anywhere it goes from hereJan 29 09:57
DaemonFChmmmJan 29 10:00
DaemonFCnow I know what to call those bill collector's vague threatsJan 29 10:00
DaemonFC 29 10:00
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Appeal to fear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 39.65 KBJan 29 10:00
DaemonFCIf you don't send us x amount of money we may send you to collections. (like it was a downtown branch of Hell or something)Jan 29 10:01
DaemonFCthen you start getting letters from the downtown branch of hell saying "If you don't send us x amount of money, we may be forced to explore other options to resolve this matter"Jan 29 10:02
DaemonFCkeep the "other options" threat vague enough to not break the law (Fair Credit Reporting Act) but make you think "Oh shit, here comes a lawsuit!!!"Jan 29 10:02
DaemonFC9 times out of 10, if you don't send them so much as a dime, they just put a black mark on your credit and walk awayJan 29 10:03
DaemonFCwhich is just as well, because if you don't have health insurance to pay the fucking hospital, you're not likely to have the income to get a car or house loan anywayJan 29 10:04
DaemonFCso you march down to a buy here pay here bad credit car lot and live in a shitty overpriced apartmentJan 29 10:04
DaemonFCand the chain of life goes onJan 29 10:04
DaemonFCBill collectors, bluffing to create the pretense that they can make your life any fucking worse than it already isJan 29 10:06
DaemonFC:DJan 29 10:06
DaemonFCI say, make my day!Jan 29 10:06
DaemonFCSure you can take me to court, but you have to ask yourself a question......."Do I feel lucky?", you...punk?Jan 29 10:07
DaemonFCugggh, I keep tripping over the name of that judge in the Thomas-Rasset caseJan 29 10:32
DaemonFCsame name as my exJan 29 10:32
DaemonFC"and she wouldn't even need to pay the labels—all cash could go to a  charity benefiting musicians."Jan 29 10:33
DaemonFCWould that be the "Musicians Who Get Dicked Out Of Their Pay By The RIAA Fund"?Jan 29 10:33
*magentar ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 10:48
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] Enjoying f(b)un friday in officeJan 29 11:07
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Polish Police May Move to #FreeSoftware 29 11:15
phIRCe-BNcTitle: PL: Police considers moving to open source &mdash;  .::. Size~: 31.31 KBJan 29 11:16
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] A Glimpse at the Future of #Mozilla #Firefox 29 11:16
phIRCe-BNcTitle: What's Next for Firefox? Electrolysis &mdash; .::. Size~: 68.16 KBJan 29 11:17
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] OOOo (Oracle OOo) 3.2 Imminent, #Oracle to Create #OpenOffice .org Business Unit 29 11:18
phIRCe-BNcTitle: New: 3.2.0 Release Candidate 4 (build OOO320_m11) available - GullFOSS .::. Size~: 60.71 KBJan 29 11:18
phIRCe-BNcTitle:  Oracle will boost MySQL, release Cloud Office suite .::. Size~: 137.14 KBJan 29 11:19
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Prime Minister of #Jamaica Uses #FreeSoftware for Online Presence 29 11:20
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Jamaican Prime Minister using Drupal | Dries Buytaert .::. Size~: 15.51 KBJan 29 11:20
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Alfresco Licensing to be #LGPL @mjasay ... a little disappointingJan 29 11:22
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Alfresco to drop GPL, goes LGPL - The H Open Source: News and Features .::. Size~: 31.64 KBJan 29 11:23
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Sun #VirtualBox Still Under Heavy Development 29 11:24
phIRCe-BNcTitle: [Phoronix] VirtualBox 3.1.4 Beta Brings 40+ Fixes .::. Size~: 15.06 KBJan 29 11:25
phIRCe-BNcTitle: 3D Acceleration in VirtualBox Guests | WorksWithU .::. Size~: 43.94 KBJan 29 11:25
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Embrace of #IPv6 is Good for #Freedom 29 11:25
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Добро пожаловать! - rm's homepage .::. Size~: 29.01 KBJan 29 11:26
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[serk01/@serk01] save wikileaks! this is important ! 29 11:42
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Wikileaks .::. Size~: 30.95 KBJan 29 11:42
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Newspapers Find Out That #Paywall is Suicide 29 11:42
phIRCe-BNcTitle: After Three Months, Newsday's Grand Paywall Experiment Has 35 Paying Customers. Yes, 35. | Techdirt .::. Size~: 86.16 KBJan 29 11:43
phIRCe-BNcTitle: What's A Bigger Entitlement Mentality? Demanding Old Business Models Must Remain... Or Liking Free Stuff? | Techdirt .::. Size~: 78.98 KBJan 29 11:43
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Mandelson's 'MAFIAA Law' Causes Too Many Problems 29 11:44
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Ofcom to charge terminated downloaders to appeal | Security news | TechEye - All the technology news unfit for print .::. Size~: 16.15 KBJan 29 11:44
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Yes, Three Strikes Laws Have Unintended Consequences That Even Music Industry Execs Hate | Techdirt .::. Size~: 77.38 KBJan 29 11:44
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] The #MAFIAA and Jammie Thomas Unable to Settle 29 11:46
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Jammie Thomas Rejects Offer From RIAA To Settle For $25k Plus Request For Judge To Vacate Last Week's Decision | Techdirt .::. Size~: 62.9 KBJan 29 11:46
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Trademark Law Harms Environmental Cause also new: 29 11:47
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Environmental group sues Honda for "Save The Earth" trademark infringement &mdash; Autoblog .::. Size~: 110.05 KBJan 29 11:48
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Dueling Billboards Debate Wife's Hotness | .::. Size~: 57.54 KBJan 29 11:48
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #FSFE Raises Important Points at #IntellectualMonopolies Event 29 11:48
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Intellectual Property Watch  » Blog Archive   »  WIPO Patent Committee Prepares To Discuss Future Work Programme .::. Size~: 45.28 KBJan 29 11:49
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Business Abandons Windows for #GNU #Linux 29 11:49
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Linux Migration: Another Chip Taken out of the Monopoly | OpenSUSE Linux Rants .::. Size~: 48.5 KBJan 29 11:50
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DaemonFC"In short, life can be best summed up as Charlie Brown and the football. You try to kick it and everyone keeps moving it away. Why keep trying to kick the football? We're programmed to. Maybe the solution is to kick the person holding it in the head and just say "Whoops, sorry, didn't see you there. Do you need an ice pack?""Jan 29 12:19
DaemonFCfrom something I'm writingJan 29 12:19
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-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Novell is fitting a flavour of Microsoft onto crippleware from #Apple #ipad #drm #trojan #monoJan 29 12:51
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Novell Promotes Apple, .NET | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 100.85 KBJan 29 12:51
*rofrol ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 12:53
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*krenso ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 12:58
rnbDaemonFC: because it isnt "everyone" ... it's just LucyJan 29 13:01
rnbDaemonFC: you better watch out, because your community college is going to think you're gonna go columbine on themJan 29 13:01
rnbDaemonFC: when you turn that paper inJan 29 13:01
DaemonFCnah, I thought Virginia Tech was way coolerJan 29 13:02
rnbDaemonFC: and on CNN we'll be reading about how you had sick fantasies about kicking cute little Lucy in the head while raving about guns on the internetJan 29 13:02
rnbpoor little oppressed nerd :(Jan 29 13:03
DaemonFCrnb: Here's the deal, if you'll just bear with me for a moment. Deal?Jan 29 13:03
DaemonFC:)Jan 29 13:03
rnbsomeday you'll be in the real world and see how little all these things actually areJan 29 13:03
DaemonFC1. Community colleges are nice.Jan 29 13:03
DaemonFCWhy are they nice? Glad you asked.Jan 29 13:03
rnbi know whyJan 29 13:04
DaemonFCCredit hours are half pricedJan 29 13:04
DaemonFCThey transfer to state collegesJan 29 13:04
rnbthey sell you the illusion that you are improving your lifeJan 29 13:04
DaemonFCYou get the same financial aideJan 29 13:04
DaemonFCand you can buy pot with the money you savedJan 29 13:04
DaemonFC:)Jan 29 13:04
rnbthats not whyJan 29 13:04
DaemonFCyes, it isJan 29 13:04
DaemonFC:DJan 29 13:04
rnbwhile you are making the community college rich, they are giving you almost nothing in returnJan 29 13:04
rnband all the while wasting your time when you should be out in the world getting your life togetherJan 29 13:05
DaemonFCeveryone knows they're bullshit, that's why you go there for your "101" bullshit time waster make paper fucking airplanes classesJan 29 13:05
DaemonFCsame shit you'd be paying more for at stateJan 29 13:05
DaemonFCthen you transfer the creditsJan 29 13:05
DaemonFC:)Jan 29 13:05
rnbi see now why you dont know shitJan 29 13:05
DaemonFCcommunity colleges are the reason the system is being flooded with jackass nurses who took the 8 month course so they could pull down the big bucksJan 29 13:06
DaemonFCI know the scoreJan 29 13:07
rnbyou dont know the scoreJan 29 13:07
rnbtrust me.Jan 29 13:07
rnbthe fact that you're so sure that you DO know the score should be evidence to you that you dontJan 29 13:07
rnb"the older you get, the less you know"Jan 29 13:07
rnbthere's a reason EVERYONE agrees with thatJan 29 13:08
DaemonFCyeah, I know every child and teenager always thinks they're rightJan 29 13:08
DaemonFCas life "teaches you differently", you become an adultJan 29 13:08
DaemonFCor maybe it just teaches you to hide under your desk more effectivelyJan 29 13:09
rnbso, if you quit postponing life at community college, you wouldnt think that black people shoot ambulance workers coming to help themJan 29 13:09
DaemonFCthis has to be the only country where they are on the news doing it and everyone denies itJan 29 13:09
DaemonFCas it's going on, on the camera, from the news helicopterJan 29 13:09
rnbhahahaJan 29 13:10
rnbhere's another hint that everyone knows: the news liesJan 29 13:10
DaemonFCThe president could get on every news station in front of a joint session of congress, pull his pants down and moon the cameraJan 29 13:11
DaemonFCand if you talk about it, you're a racistJan 29 13:11
DaemonFCthat's how this country isJan 29 13:11
rnbnope, that couldnt happen.Jan 29 13:11
rnbyou could talk aboutJan 29 13:11
DaemonFCI'm talking if it did, in front of everyoneJan 29 13:11
rnbitJan 29 13:11
DaemonFCyou'd still have people denying itJan 29 13:11
rnbyeah, and i'm telling you... if the president pulled his pants down in front of congress and mooned the camera, Jan 29 13:12
rnbpeople wouldnt deny itJan 29 13:12
rnbhowever, what you WILL haveJan 29 13:12
DaemonFCno preponderance of evidence will ever convince 100% of the peopleJan 29 13:12
rnbis the news portraying any group of black people as dangerous thugs who should be feared and who are probably RIGHT NOW up to something completely inhumanJan 29 13:12
DaemonFCthat's why people can go out and kill someone in front of 100 witnesses and throw the murder weapon in a trash canJan 29 13:12
DaemonFCand go freeJan 29 13:12
rnbTHAT will be on the news almost every god damn dayJan 29 13:12
rnbthats in moviesJan 29 13:13
rnbin real life, prisons are filled with murderersJan 29 13:13
DaemonFCI'm sure that under the right circumstances, I could shoot someone to death in front of 100 witnesses, throw the gun in the trash, and walk offJan 29 13:13
DaemonFCget cleared of all chargesJan 29 13:13
rnbwhy am i talking to you?Jan 29 13:13
DaemonFCsome fancy lawyer maybe, maybe the jury is full of idiotsJan 29 13:13
DaemonFCbut it does happenJan 29 13:14
rnbyou have nothing to offer me besides continuing despair about the state of my countryJan 29 13:14
DaemonFCit's in shambles because of both the far left and the far rightJan 29 13:14
rnbyou dont even know what those words meanJan 29 13:14
DaemonFCthe only disagreement they have is how best to send the country into chaos and bankruptcyJan 29 13:14
rnbshh, shh, go back to basketweaving 101 or whatever the fuck it is you do over thereJan 29 13:15
DaemonFCthere's no such thing as good governmentJan 29 13:15
DaemonFCit's just a buzzword that both parties shareJan 29 13:15
rnb*yawn*Jan 29 13:15
DaemonFCthe government should be there to do the very least it has toJan 29 13:16
DaemonFCinstead you have the liberals telling me what healthcare I have to buyJan 29 13:16
DaemonFChow much electricity I can useJan 29 13:16
DaemonFCyou have the neocons blowing my money on IraqJan 29 13:17
DaemonFCit goes on and onJan 29 13:17
DaemonFCfuck both of themJan 29 13:17
rnbwhat does this news tell you?Jan 29 13:17
rnb 29 13:17
DaemonFCthere's no constitutional basis for the government healthcare mandateJan 29 13:17
rnbwait until the objective reporter says "thats what they all say"Jan 29 13:17
DaemonFCit'll be interesting to see this have its day in court if it gets enactedJan 29 13:18
DaemonFChopefully that gets struck downJan 29 13:18
rnbanyway, go back to your bag of shitty weed and little report for your creative writing classJan 29 13:19
rnbit is literally the MOST IMPORTANT THING GOING ON THE WORLD TODAY.Jan 29 13:19
DaemonFCrnb: Why is it that the liberals want to micro-manage every facet of an individual's existence?Jan 29 13:20
rnbi'm off to continue my nefarious schemesJan 29 13:20
DaemonFCit's about control and taxes and rationingJan 29 13:20
DaemonFCyeah the system now is rationing, but the government wants to control the rationingJan 29 13:21
DaemonFCand make you pay fines and penalties for not buying into their health care denial systemJan 29 13:21
DaemonFChealth care is dead after that electionJan 29 13:22
DaemonFCit looked like it might pass by the narrowest of margins at firstJan 29 13:22
DaemonFCone bullet dodgedJan 29 13:22
Omar87_Hi all.Jan 29 13:27
DaemonFC 29 13:28
phIRCe-BNcTitle: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool .::. Size~: 23.54 KBJan 29 13:28
DaemonFCMy personal indictment of this systemJan 29 13:28
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Turbolinux is History After #Microsoft #Patent Deal #novell #patent #swpat #japanJan 29 13:29
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Turbolinux is History After Microsoft Patent Deal | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 102.97 KBJan 29 13:29
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] "Internet Explorer - allowing the Internet to Explore your PC" - it's a well thought out name. #microsoft #linuxJan 29 13:29
*Omar87_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 29 13:31
DaemonFC"Random people always try to make sure that their problems are your  problem, some even make problems up to garner attention, but when you're  having problems, nobody wants to hear it."Jan 29 13:31
*Omar87 (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 13:31
DaemonFCI think that one was my favoriteJan 29 13:31
Omar87Hi all.Jan 29 13:32
Omar87Can I ask this extremely n00bish question?Jan 29 13:32
DaemonFCcan you? sureJan 29 13:32
DaemonFCwill you? I don't knowJan 29 13:32
DaemonFCMay you ask the question?Jan 29 13:33
DaemonFCor may you ask to ask the question?Jan 29 13:33
DaemonFCor may you ask to ask the question of may you ask the question?Jan 29 13:33
DaemonFCjust spit it out :)Jan 29 13:33
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] "a home cook could prepare a bistro meal for two for less than $10" #toronto #food 29 13:52
phIRCe-BNcTitle: How to feed two people for $10 - .::. Size~: 70.9 KBJan 29 13:52
rnbOmar87: go ahead. ignore DaemonFC, he's a kid that decreases the quality of life hereJan 29 14:07
Omar87rnb: I don't know what he says. :)Jan 29 14:09
Omar87rnb: he's on my ignore anyways.Jan 29 14:10
Omar87rnb: I'm trying to make a bot that I can interact with on the IRC universe.Jan 29 14:11
*pawel_121 (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 14:12
DaemonFCrnb: Ironically Obama nailed the general nature of people in his speech when he said people are thinking "What's in it for me?" though he didn't tell the full truth that this is the only thing people think aboutJan 29 14:13
pawel_121hiJan 29 14:13
DaemonFChow best to club their neighbor over the head and steal their belongingsJan 29 14:13
pawel_121it seems someone is lobbying against mono at lkml:Jan 29 14:13
pawel_121 29 14:13
phIRCe-BNcTitle: LKML: Keith Curtis: Faster Linux world domination .::. Size~: 13.86 KBJan 29 14:13
DaemonFCtens of thousands of years out of the caves has still not taken that thought pattern out of usJan 29 14:14
Omar87I already found a Python-written IRC Bot Framework that works and connects to the Freenode server, but does not respond to my messages.Jan 29 14:14
DaemonFCand selfish and enlightened self-interest thinking is mandatoryJan 29 14:14
DaemonFCyou have to do it to them before they do it to youJan 29 14:14
pawel_121and it seems here's something about this troll:Jan 29 14:14
pawel_121 29 14:14
DaemonFCyou always have to analyze the board and try to figure out which bastard is coming for you from what angle nextJan 29 14:15
DaemonFCseparate the payoffs from the liabilities as much as the situation allowsJan 29 14:16
DaemonFCpeople that get married are the biggest pushovers at the table of life, in my opinionJan 29 14:17
DaemonFCnothing else really even comes closeJan 29 14:17
DaemonFCthe only smart ones are the ones who sign a prenuptial agreement, and even that is an admission that it is probably going to fail and they just want to not lose their ass quite as badly in the divorceJan 29 14:18
DaemonFCpeople are dumb, brutish, selfish, but sometimes you encounter a smart one, and that makes things dangerousJan 29 14:21
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[zoobab] "More than 1,000 patents are essential for use of AVC/H.264 Standard" dixit Allen Harkness of MEPGLA: 29 14:25
phIRCe-BNcTitle: gstreamer decoders [] .::. Size~: 12 KBJan 29 14:25
DaemonFCnow that doesn't surprise meJan 29 14:26
DaemonFCouchJan 29 14:26
DaemonFC 29 14:26
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Boiledbeans » How many engineers does it take to change a lightbulb? .::. Size~: 40.31 KBJan 29 14:26
DaemonFCdefective Intel CPUs turned into keychainsJan 29 14:26
DaemonFCat least they're more useful that way 8-)Jan 29 14:27
DaemonFC 29 14:32
phIRCe-BNcTitle: [Phoronix] AMD Catalyst 10.1 Driver For Linux Released .::. Size~: 15.86 KBJan 29 14:32
DaemonFCand still lacking support for Fedora, Mandriva, and any distro using X Server 1.7Jan 29 14:32
DaemonFCbut they *did* tinker with more shit I don't care about :)Jan 29 14:33
DaemonFCat this rate they won't support Fedora until 13 is out and probably has better support in the FOSS driver anywayJan 29 14:33
DaemonFCand it manages to break dpkg-configure on UbuntuJan 29 14:35
DaemonFCway to go AMD, you surely screwed the pooch againJan 29 14:35
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[_the_mad_hatter] Now what was I supposed to be doing today...Jan 29 14:42
*DaemonFC ( has left #boycottnovellJan 29 14:58
*pawel_121 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 29 15:00
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Microsoft is Lying About #Vista7 Sales, Bloat 29 15:14
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Microsoft is Lying About Vista 7 Sales, Bloat | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 109.12 KBJan 29 15:14
*gargoyle-grin (n=randerso@gentoo/contributor/gargoyle-grin) has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 15:20
schestowitzLuther King delusions of being with an invisible man: 29 15:23
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] New Blog Post | A Fresh Start 29 15:23
schestowitzWow. Keith Cutis promotes MonoJan 29 15:23
phIRCe-BNcTitle: A Fresh Start | The Digital Prism .::. Size~: 10.49 KBJan 29 15:23
schestowitzHe's a former Microsoft employeeJan 29 15:23
schestowitzI've mailed CurtisJan 29 15:29
schestowitzto ask what about Java?Jan 29 15:29
schestowitzto ask what about Java's exclusion from the list ratherJan 29 15:29
cubezzzis he on the side of light now? :)Jan 29 15:41
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Marketfish Gets CTO from #Microsoft , Update on Microsoft-Filled #Juniper 29 15:42
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Marketfish Gets CTO from Microsoft, Update on Microsoft-Filled Juniper | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 102.47 KBJan 29 15:42
cubezzzGates is getting accolades for giving 10 billion for vaccinesJan 29 15:43
cubezzzbirth control would probably be better thoughJan 29 15:44
cubezzzor as wellJan 29 15:44
cubezzzthere was a SF story about too much consumerismJan 29 15:44
cubezzzI'll see if I can find itJan 29 15:45
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[zoobab] ODF allows the patented and royalty-bearing MP3 format to be embedded into an ODF compliant file: 29 15:47
phIRCe-BNcTitle: ODF 1.2 Part 1 Public Review .::. Size~: 39.94 KBJan 29 15:47
schestowitzcubezzz: it's hard to tellJan 29 15:54
schestowitzHe mailed me back some minutes agoJan 29 15:55
schestowitzVery weak.Jan 29 15:55
schestowitz"Jan 29 15:55
schestowitzI think Java got old before it got input from the community. AndJan 29 15:55
schestowitzbecause there were so many runtimes, they couldn't evolve the languageJan 29 15:55
schestowitzanyway.Jan 29 15:55
schestowitz"Jan 29 15:55
schestowitzHuh?Jan 29 15:55
cubezzzI experienced an invasion of my mind by a transcendentally rational mind, as if I had been insane all my life and suddenly I had become sane,"Jan 29 15:55
cubezzz;-)Jan 29 15:55
schestowitzcubezzz: vaccines=patentsJan 29 15:55
cubezzzvery weak?Jan 29 15:56
cubezzzhrmmmJan 29 15:56
schestowitzGates might also invest 10 billion in those pharamasJan 29 15:56
schestowitzThey need to seed the marketJan 29 15:56
schestowitzMonsanto LITERALLY needs to SEED the marketJan 29 15:56
schestowitzEU gives them the bootJan 29 15:56
schestowitzTHey are not stupid enoughJan 29 15:56
schestowitzSoMonsanto turned to Africa and IndiaJan 29 15:56
cubezzzdoes Gates invest in Monsanto?Jan 29 15:56
schestowitzTHey are easier to exploitJan 29 15:56
schestowitzIndia is now SUING themJan 29 15:56
schestowitzWhile Gates promotes Monsanto for India.... spotted it in the news some months backJan 29 15:57
schestowitzgates is enemy of the Indian peopleJan 29 15:57
schestowitzAlso in education, not just agricultureJan 29 15:57
schestowitzcubezzz: yes, he invests in themJan 29 15:57
schestowitz 29 15:57
phIRCe-BNcTitle: monsanto gates investment - Google Search .::. Size~: 26.67 KBJan 29 15:57
schestowitz 29 15:58
cubezzzhe's all about IP, the exact opposite of StallmanJan 29 16:01
schestowitzI knowJan 29 16:06
schestowitzMoney.Jan 29 16:06
schestowitzcubezzz: thanks for bringing this upJan 29 16:06
schestowitzThanks to you I did some GOogle searchesJan 29 16:07
schestowitzBN is in #1 spots, but I am seeing a lot more I missed beforeJan 29 16:07
schestowitzThe G&M Foundry hired Monsanto execsJan 29 16:07
schestowitzI missed it, it's VERY importanyJan 29 16:07
cubezzzpeople might be better off growing their own foodJan 29 16:08
cubezzzinstead what happens? Everyone is growing potJan 29 16:08
cubezzzI'm sure I could make some prepared food cheaper than the bakeryJan 29 16:12
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] watching Rabnebana di jodi 3Jan 29 16:12
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] RT @sirbonar If we photograph every traveller's genitals I think people will realise we are serious about tackling violent fundamentalismJan 29 16:14
schestowitz"Judging by all the tweets, live blogs, streaming video commentary in the networked universe emitting a generalized sigh of disappointment, the announcement of the name "iPad" failed to thrill the masses who didn't happen to be lucky enough to be physically present at Apple's press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday morning."Jan 29 16:17
schestowitz"Judging by all the tweets, live blogs, streaming video commentary in the networked universe emitting a generalized sigh of disappointment, the announcement of name "iPad" failed to thrill the masses who didn't happen to be lucky enough to be physically present at Apple's press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday morning."Jan 29 16:17
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Page Not Found (404) - .::. Size~: 43.64 KBJan 29 16:17
schestowitz 29 16:17
phIRCe-BNcTitle: How the World Works - .::. Size~: 54.77 KBJan 29 16:17
schestowitzcubezzz: only assuming time and money are separableJan 29 16:20
schestowitzbakeries make food more efficientlyJan 29 16:20
cubezzzyou would become more efficient with practiseJan 29 16:23
schestowitzHehe: 29 16:24
schestowitzcubezzz: not quiteJan 29 16:24
cubezzzthey also can't predict how many cookies they will sellJan 29 16:24
schestowitzAnd you could make fresh food, but only if you redo a lotJan 29 16:24
cubezzzso food gets tossed in the binJan 29 16:24
schestowitzSo you can't make food for several days... no presrvativesJan 29 16:24
cubezzzyeah that's what I'm sayingJan 29 16:25
schestowitzA lot of people live in apartments, so they have no garden space, eitherJan 29 16:25
cubezzzyou prepare the exactly right amount of food Jan 29 16:25
cubezzzI'm not saying everyone could do it Jan 29 16:25
schestowitzWhat about meats if any?Jan 29 16:25
cubezzzyou can freeze meatJan 29 16:25
cubezzzyou will still need to buy some things, sureJan 29 16:26
cubezzzuse the Amish as a modelJan 29 16:26
cubezzzto work towardsJan 29 16:26
cubezzzuse the Amish as a rough guide, then make improvementsJan 29 16:27
cubezzzyou could can food at homeJan 29 16:28
cubezzzit's just another dependency you could gradually wean yourself fromJan 29 16:30
cubezzzin this case it's supermarketsJan 29 16:30
cubezzzI expect canning food at home to increase actuallyJan 29 16:30
cubezzz 29 16:31
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Canning Foods at Home Makes a Comeback - .::. Size~: 122.52 KBJan 29 16:31
cubezzzfreeze dried food can last a long time, I've used it beforeJan 29 16:32
schestowitz 29 16:33
phIRCe-BNcTitle: GovFresh - Gov 2.0, open gov news, guides, TV, tech, people .::. Size~: 83.03 KBJan 29 16:33
schestowitzcubezzz: canning with reuse of cans?Jan 29 16:34
cubezzzBall jars schestowitzJan 29 16:34
cubezzzin use since 1884 :)Jan 29 16:34
cubezzzyou can reuse Jan 29 16:35
cubezzz 29 16:36
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden .::. Size~: 0 KBJan 29 16:36
Omar87Hi allJan 29 16:38
cubezzzI've made my own pudding and cookies beforeJan 29 16:38
cubezzzhi Omar87Jan 29 16:38
Omar87cubezzz: HeyJan 29 16:38
cubezzzbut I ended up not making stuff like that because it was too easy to over-eatJan 29 16:39
cubezzzand when I do make my own stuff, it tastes better most of the timeJan 29 16:40
schestowitz 29 16:41
phIRCe-BNcTitle: A shift in Alfresco Community license to LGPL - Content Log .::. Size~: 39.05 KBJan 29 16:41
*jono ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 16:42
*schestowitz has quit (Excess Flood)Jan 29 16:49
*schestowitz () has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 16:49
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] RT @glynmoody MSI will launch a Tablet of its own - probably running Android #tablet #androidJan 29 17:00
schestowitz 29 17:24
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Firms seek replacement for Microsoft ... - Google News .::. Size~: 53.89 KBJan 29 17:24
schestowitz> This is simply remarkable.  There are so many stories under that link.  It really does seem as if a digital tipping point is approaching, simply because the number of articles is so large.  It doesn't seem as ifJan 29 17:24
schestowitz> Microsoft is going to be able to have an easy time spinning this story of big companies moving to software that is free as in beer.  Jan 29 17:24
schestowitz> Even if some companies stop using Microsoft Office and go to non-Free alternatives like Google Docs, that is still a win for Free Software, as long as at least some of the companies are also using FOSS alternatives such as OOo or AbiWord. Jan 29 17:24
schestowitz> Richard Stallman is exactly correct, though, in saying that there is a problem with the use of non-Free software in cloud computing.  If we go from Microsoft Office to non-Free cloud apps, we will be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  The problem with non-Free cloud apps is that they own both your data and the software.  At least with Microsoft Office, we can still use OOo to open the data files. Jan 29 17:24
schestowitz> But in the short term, I think we need to break the Microsoft monopoly, because that is what is really choking the growth of Free Software IMHO.Jan 29 17:24
*massaki ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 17:29
massakihello, anyone have installed Adobe premiere on mac os ? I`m having problems trying to import any kind of files to itJan 29 17:29
schestowitzIBM's patents are a nusance........Jan 29 17:31
schestowitzThe employees know thisJan 29 17:31
schestowitzBut they are brick wallsJan 29 17:31
schestowitzObligations to shareholder is their obligation to their kids, family, etc. So they won't risk their job to protest against the ethics of their employer's patents. What a shame....Jan 29 17:32
schestowitzmassaki: why ask about Adobe here?Jan 29 17:32
schestowitzUse ScribusJan 29 17:32
schestowitz 29 17:32
phIRCe-BNcTitle: | Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing .::. Size~: 18.51 KBJan 29 17:32
MarcusKozedoes scribus run on mac too ?Jan 29 17:32
schestowitz 29 17:43
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden .::. Size~: 0 KBJan 29 17:43
schestowitzMarcusKoze: I'm not sureJan 29 17:43
schestowitzMarcusKoze: we should give him a link to http://debian.orgJan 29 17:43
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Debian -- The Universal Operating System  .::. Size~: 14.37 KBJan 29 17:43
MarcusKozeoh well ... good for them (mac-ers)Jan 29 17:43
*massaki has quit ()Jan 29 17:46
schestowitzNice picture: 29 17:47
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Microsoft ondersteunt ODF in Office 2007 - news - ZDNet  - pagina: 1 .::. Size~: 39.9 KBJan 29 17:47
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Why doe Sun's site say Oracle at the top? 29 17:56
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Sun US Integrating OpenDocument Format with Microsoft Office Document Formats .::. Size~: 22.03 KBJan 29 17:56
MinceRschestowitz: because the EU approved the acquisitionJan 29 17:59
MinceRsun is now a subsidiary of oracleJan 29 17:59
MarcusKozewonder what'll really happen to mysql under the new presidency Jan 29 18:04
MarcusKozehope they'll give it support as needed :SJan 29 18:04
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[zoobab] Nice troll about patents covering h264 vs Ogg here (in french), FFMPEG and other Videolan made illegal: 29 18:06
schestowitzMinceR: yes, but it's fasyJan 29 18:16
schestowitz*fastJan 29 18:16
MinceRthey've probably prepared for itJan 29 18:16
schestowitz Life in Britain :-)Jan 29 18:17
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Party round the CCTV pole in Ilford - Big Brother Watch .::. Size~: 36.96 KBJan 29 18:17
schestowitz 29 18:18
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Body Scanners - update - Big Brother Watch .::. Size~: 36.29 KBJan 29 18:18
schestowitz 29 18:19
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Slashdot News Story | Denmark Chooses ODF Document Format .::. Size~: 148.09 KBJan 29 18:19
schestowitzIDG spreads the illusion that everyone copies the Vole. 29 18:20
phIRCe-BNcTitle:  Chrome apes IE8, adds clickjacking, XSS defenses .::. Size~: 135.89 KBJan 29 18:20
schestowitz/. is a help forum now? 29 18:22
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Slashdot Ask Slashdot Story | 2 Displays and 2 Workspaces With Linux and X? .::. Size~: 165.6 KBJan 29 18:22
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] #selflesson @me never argue :-)Jan 29 18:27
schestowitz 29 18:29
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Open Source is owned by the US | Software news | TechEye - All the technology news unfit for print .::. Size~: 18.15 KBJan 29 18:29
schestowitzThe US to decide for the whole world who should be embargoedJan 29 18:29
schestowitzAny FOSS repositories outside the US?Jan 29 18:30
schestowitzGoogle, SF, Savannah......Jan 29 18:30
*krenso has quit ("leaving")Jan 29 18:34
schestowitz surveillanceJan 29 18:43
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Mobile public-health surveillance app passes 1,000 users - FierceMobileHealthcare .::. Size~: 43.38 KBJan 29 18:43
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] Any one willing to help this lady who wrote this nice email ? !ubuntu !indiaJan 29 18:47
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[zoobab] ECIS definition of open standard: "essential patents are RF or FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory)" 29 18:50
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Intellectual Property Watch  » Blog Archive   » Panel: Standards Aid Innovation, But Only If Open .::. Size~: 44.28 KBJan 29 18:50
schestowitzThe Nixonites and others harm the name of FOSS. 29 18:58
phIRCe-BNcTitle: The Open Source Embargo .::. Size~: 49.2 KBJan 29 18:58
schestowitz,39044164,62060853,00.htmJan 29 19:00
*MarcusKoze (n=marcel@ has left #boycottnovellJan 29 19:05
*_Goblin ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 19:15
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] RT @ryanprior iPad is scary, but its strategy is moreso: #Apple unveiled by far the most restrictive platform ever seen. 29 19:16
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Daring Fireball: Various and Assorted Thoughts and Observations Regarding the Just-Announced iPad .::. Size~: 14.8 KBJan 29 19:16
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] >@joshgondelman [ok] to eat raw fish (sushi), but unhealthy to eat undercooked hamburgers. What gives? // watch "Food, Inc" for some cluesJan 29 19:17
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] sudo init 0Jan 29 19:17
*goblin ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 19:25
Omar87Hi allJan 29 19:28
*jono has quit ("Ex-Chat")Jan 29 19:43
*_Goblin has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Jan 29 19:43
*jono (n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 19:43
*jono has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 29 19:44
schestowitzHi, Omar87Jan 29 19:44
*Ender2070_ has quit (Connection reset by peer)Jan 29 19:47
*Ender2070_ ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 19:47
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[popey] For some reason unknown, when I got home from work I decided to make cornish pasties. 29 19:55
*Ender2070_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 29 19:57
*Ender2070 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 19:57
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] Rocknerd: Cover versions. 29 20:09
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Rocknerd  » Blog Archive   » Cover versions. .::. Size~: 6.19 KBJan 29 20:09
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] #Adobe ppl manage to be smug & defensive at the same time. #flash #stfuJan 29 20:18
phIRCe-BNcTitle: John Nack on Adobe: Sympathy for the Devil .::. Size~: 119.92 KBJan 29 20:18
schestowitz \[The move from GPL to LGPL is always a sad news for Free software world, like has been for QT once acquired by Nokia. [Jan 29 20:25
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Linux Today - Alfresco to drop GPL, goes LGPL .::. Size~: 75.35 KBJan 29 20:25
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[popey] Great news! My brother and his partner are moving back down south from Birmingham to near me! This is excellent. #fbJan 29 20:27
schestowitzWHy is CUba still embargoed?Jan 29 20:31
schestowitzThis is unheard of?Jan 29 20:31
schestowitzJust the US does thisJan 29 20:31
schestowitzJust because Cuba is not accepting their policies, does that justify embargo?Jan 29 20:32
schestowitz"We can't do trade with unless you love us and take orders......"Jan 29 20:32
schestowitzShamefulJan 29 20:32
schestowitzIIRC, 2/3 of the US population wants this embargo liftedJan 29 20:32
schestowitzThe rest of the world is fine wit Cuban tradeJan 29 20:32
*DaemonFC ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 20:37
Ender2070lolJan 29 20:42
Ender2070UK makes 33 things illegal every monthJan 29 20:42
Ender2070 29 20:42
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Labour invents 33 new crimes every month - Telegraph .::. Size~: 63.76 KBJan 29 20:43
Ender2070including disturbing a pack of eggs during a sunday if instructed not to do so by an officerJan 29 20:43
Ender2070"Thanks to Labour, it is now illegal to swim in the wreck of the Titanic or to sell game birds killed on a Sunday or Christmas Day – eventualities overlooked by previous governments."Jan 29 20:44
DaemonFCKenny  Wilson "I Shot the Sherriff.." Ryan Farmer and  the deputy......he was a prick.....had it coming Kenny Wilson That's  not in the lyrics Ryan Farmer Oh  :D Jerry Wilson You  should not admit to murder on a public forum like Facebook. Ryan Farmer shot  the sheriff and the deputy on Facebook and got a virtual 237 year  prison sentence. The judge showed leniency, however, and ordered that  the senJan 29 20:45
*DaemonFC still loves FacebookJan 29 20:45
Ender2070"Labour also introduced laws against activities which would already have been covered by previous legislation – such as "causing a nuclear explosion.""Jan 29 20:45
Ender2070i think if you cause a nuclear explosion, you have bigger things to worry about than a fineJan 29 20:46
schestowitzBrin: 29 20:46
phIRCe-BNcTitle: too: Hope .::. Size~: 43.73 KBJan 29 20:46
-Md-[GlobalNotice] Hi all, just a quicks heads up that the ircd migration will go ahead tomorrow night (UTC) as planned. The blog and faq will have information as the changeover happens, tor users may wish to check the blog out sooner as there are some changes affecting them. The new ircd will also solve the spamming attacks of the last few days. Thank you for using freenode and have a good evening!Jan 29 20:46
DaemonFCEnder2070: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Now if I was on the radio, I'd have four times the penalty than if I caused a nuclear meltdown.Jan 29 20:47
DaemonFCThat's how the FCC rollsJan 29 20:47
Ender2070lolJan 29 20:47
DaemonFCsomething that offends a soccer mom in the middle of Missouri and her 14 bastard children takes precendence over things that actually cause harm to the publicJan 29 20:48
schestowitz+1Jan 29 20:48
DaemonFCEnder2070: I made my SSID a string of obscenities onceJan 29 20:49
DaemonFCleft if like that for a year or soJan 29 20:49
schestowitzOnly minor crime receive enough attentionJan 29 20:49
Ender2070lolJan 29 20:49
schestowitzThe biggest criminals not only walk out freeJan 29 20:49
DaemonFCI live right next to the jailJan 29 20:49
schestowitzThey are portrayed as heroesJan 29 20:49
Ender2070your luckyJan 29 20:49
DaemonFCI know they saw that, I see their networksJan 29 20:49
Ender2070someone got sued for having wifiJan 29 20:49
*amd-linux (i=54393938@gateway/web/freenode/x-naptpcirpbihkdsl) has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 20:50
DaemonFCschestowitz: Martha Stewart, Bernard Madoff, did less than 1% of what Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have doneJan 29 20:50
DaemonFCwhich ones went to prison?Jan 29 20:50
schestowitzGS........Jan 29 20:50
amd-linuxo what a joy: 29 20:50
Ender2070 29 20:50
phIRCe-BNcTitle: SCO Germany forced to pay fine - The H Open Source: News and Features .::. Size~: 31.84 KBJan 29 20:51
schestowitz 29 20:51
DaemonFCYay Germany!Jan 29 20:51
schestowitzamd-linux: seems like old newsJan 29 20:51
amd-linuxWe BITE ;-)Jan 29 20:51
schestowitzThey did this 2 years agoJan 29 20:51
DaemonFCI've had to use SCO UNIX, it blowsJan 29 20:51
DaemonFCI can see why Linux kicked their asses and gave them penis envyJan 29 20:51
DaemonFCthe funniest thing about that is that Windows Embedded crashed moreJan 29 20:52
amd-linuxit is actually a small thing they got fined for, but still....Jan 29 20:52
DaemonFCI wanted SCO UNIX backJan 29 20:52
DaemonFCflip it off, flip it on, wait 2-3 minutes for the terminal to reboot, repeat hourly (Windows)Jan 29 20:53
amd-linuxwrt SCO: I still think that somebody some day will go after the puppet master behind SCOJan 29 20:54
Ender2070ROFL - 29 20:54
*DaemonFC bangs head on desk at "I'm sick cause of wifi"Jan 29 20:54
amd-linuxwatch ur head, mate :-)Jan 29 20:55
DaemonFCYour honor, if it pleases the court, all those negative ions from my Sharper Image air purifier didn't even helpJan 29 20:55
Ender2070"However, she hadn't reckoned on discriminating against a wholly different section of the community - the completely useless."Jan 29 20:55
DaemonFCthat monster next door just kepts wifi-ing me and wifi-ing me, over and overJan 29 20:55
DaemonFChe was like an animal, the rage in his eyesJan 29 20:55
Ender2070"When she ran the ad past a job centre, she was told she couldn't ask for 'reliable' and 'hard-working' applicants because it could be offensive to unreliable people"Jan 29 20:56
*DaemonFC busts out crying maniacally and on cue from expensive Hollywood lawyerJan 29 20:56
schestowitzOMG. iTampon won't even multitask??? What is this? palm OS 4 large edition???Jan 29 20:57
schestowitzI needed to look at the details more carefullyJan 29 20:57
schestowitzThat gadgets is a bloody toyJan 29 20:57
schestowitz*gadgetJan 29 20:57
schestowitzHeh. They call it what I did.... 29 20:58
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Google FeedBurner .::. Size~: 11.6 KBJan 29 20:58
schestowitzOversized phoneJan 29 20:58
amd-linuxroy, the ipad is a bad joke from a technical point of view. but usability seems to be good and innovativeJan 29 20:58
schestowitzEven some phones multitaskJan 29 20:59
DaemonFC 29 20:59
phIRCe-BNcTitle:    Find A Security Bug In Google Chromium or Chrome Browser, Get $500 to $1,337 Reward ~ The Blade by Ron Schenone, MVP .::. Size~: 65.33 KBJan 29 20:59
amd-linuxat least for people who belong not the techie group, imhoJan 29 20:59
Ender2070the ipad is a tampon, they dont multitaskJan 29 20:59
amd-linuxthe DRM thing is another thing - very badJan 29 20:59
amd-linuxdont understand why they do not learn the lessonJan 29 20:59
schestowitzThey willJan 29 21:00
schestowitzIt's another APpleTVJan 29 21:00
schestowitzDud with a decent labelJan 29 21:00
schestowitzLike an attempt to put a celebrity with bad songs on stageJan 29 21:00
amd-linuxyou talking about brittney spears?Jan 29 21:01
schestowitziPad is the Jessica Simpson of tabletsJan 29 21:01
Ender2070commercials on youtube :(Jan 29 21:02
Ender2070lolJan 29 21:03
Ender2070even the apple newton multi tasked iircJan 29 21:03
amd-linuxcompletely OT: Nice theory about the origin of our moon (Luna, Nathan's base if you read Perry Rhodan...) Jan 29 21:03
amd-linux 29 21:03
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden .::. Size~: 0 KBJan 29 21:03
Ender2070I think the BEST feature, is that you can change the background!Jan 29 21:04
Ender2070and the web browser!Jan 29 21:04
Ender2070I can have the whole web on my screen!Jan 29 21:04
Ender2070I'll hold the internets in my hands!Jan 29 21:04
schestowitzbrbJan 29 21:05
Ender2070just wait for the chinese manufacturers to start ripping off the ipad within weeksJan 29 21:05
DaemonFC$20 on eBay, more featuresJan 29 21:05
DaemonFC:)Jan 29 21:05
amd-linuxIn short: Luna was created by a nuclear explosion :-)Jan 29 21:05
DaemonFCthey already have iPod clones on eBay that are FLAC and Vorbis compatibleJan 29 21:06
DaemonFCsome even play WavPack!Jan 29 21:06
Ender2070lolJan 29 21:06
Ender2070msi is making oneJan 29 21:06
Ender2070its an actual pc thoughJan 29 21:06
DaemonFCEnder2070: Someone lied and said they had posted FLAC files, I couldn't tell cause it was in an RAR chain on Rapidshare right? Jan 29 21:07
Ender2070huhJan 29 21:07
DaemonFCpissed me off, I had to go find something that could decode ALAC (Apple Lossless)Jan 29 21:07
DaemonFCcause that's what they wereJan 29 21:07
Ender2070gayJan 29 21:07
Ender2070well rar should've tipped you off - piratesJan 29 21:07
DaemonFCI re-encoded them into FLAC after making sure they were really lossless ripsJan 29 21:07
DaemonFCgot about a 10% bitrate reduction vs. ALACJan 29 21:08
Ender2070lolJan 29 21:08
DaemonFCI was figuring "Watch some Crapple idiot post AAC fakes as lossless"Jan 29 21:08
DaemonFCALAC is such a piss poor lossless codec that you may as well just use WAV filesJan 29 21:09
DaemonFCthe only real plus you get with ALAC is tagging and that the files don't work on anythingJan 29 21:09
DaemonFCit's an internet phenomenon (fakes that is) first it was fake celebrity nudes, and now it's fake lossless albumsJan 29 21:10
DaemonFCand the more rare they are, the more likely they are MP3 fakes posing as FLACJan 29 21:10
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[popey] Woop Woop! Watching Mock The Week (on the Humax) whilst doing dull dull dull SAP stuff for work. #fbJan 29 21:11
*pawel_121_ (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 21:12
DaemonFCthe best thing about FLAC is CD players that support FLACJan 29 21:13
DaemonFCyou get to squeeze two albums on every CD and maybe work in some singlesJan 29 21:13
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[popey] Sad that work RHEL4 machines don't have GNU Screen installed. \o/ for open source and compiling myself.Jan 29 21:14
*Chips_B_Malroy (i=4731c09d@gateway/web/freenode/x-ewqfuajwjxpjaarv) has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 21:16
Chips_B_MalroyHi Roy, allJan 29 21:16
Chips_B_Malroy   mini has a new post out now.  Mini really seems sort of like a M$ plant to me, a way to spy on real employee discontented maybe?  Jan 29 21:17
DaemonFCI've done the numbers and FLAC turns an otherwise 80 minute into approximately 115.2 minutes and WavPACK can turn that into 117.6 minutesJan 29 21:17
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Mini-Microsoft .::. Size~: 138.28 KBJan 29 21:17
DaemonFCI know, I get bored sometimesJan 29 21:18
Chips_B_MalroyMini quote:  "Efficiency: are back to our "we always fire the bottom 10% every review cycle" line of B.S. or are RIFs and layoffs still in effect?"Jan 29 21:18
Chips_B_Malroyquote Mini:  "Going back to the layoffs: first of all, this round does need to wrap up by end of FY10. The stress of possible layoffs will continue to have a negative effects on Microsoft, let alone recruiting. We should have one last big flush and then call ourselves done."Jan 29 21:20
DaemonFC12.3582171 hours of FLAC on one single layer DVD even 8-)Jan 29 21:20
Chips_B_Malroyalso Wilcox has some numbers on the quarter, while he still is a fanboi, he had some interesting numbers as well: 29 21:21
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Microsoft reports $19 billion quarter, lifted by $1.71 billion deferral | Betanews .::. Size~: 34.78 KBJan 29 21:21
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] Agency responsible for #France's 3-strikes law has new logo using unlicensed font. First strike? #piracy #effJan 29 21:22
phIRCe-BNcTitle: France's anti-piracy goon squad pirates the font in its logo Boing Boing .::. Size~: 91.8 KBJan 29 21:22
DaemonFCI'll be excited to get a Blu Ray writer just because of the storage, when they get more affordableJan 29 21:23
DaemonFCless discs to offload things toJan 29 21:23
Chips_B_MalroyA comment on Mini Msft:  ""Jan 29 21:26
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Microsoft reports $19 billion quarter, lifted by $1.71 billion deferral | Betanews .::. Size~: 34.79 KBJan 29 21:26
Chips_B_Malroysorry wrong pasteJan 29 21:26
Chips_B_Malroy"if you take out the deffered revenue out of the report, microsoft missed on the revenue side by about half billion dollars and barely makes it on the earning side due to cost cutting.  summary: expect more cost cutting since that seem to have neautralized the revenue miss."Jan 29 21:26
DaemonFCcutting off pieces of themselves to respond to decreasing businessJan 29 21:27
DaemonFCthere's no way to spin thatJan 29 21:28
*jono (n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 21:28
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] This alien #architecture is sorta freaking me out. 29 21:29
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Flickr Photo Download: Knee-joint gothic columns .::. Size~: 6 KBJan 29 21:29
Chips_B_MalroyOverall, I see this quarter as a failure for MS in dollar terms, once the deferral is out of the picture, it looks like a decrease to me.  In fact some divisions lost, especially Xbox360 lost.   Wilcox article actually shows decreased on most things.Jan 29 21:29
DaemonFCthey don't like to lose, so they force themselves to put up with loss every quarter in divisions that are never going to do wellJan 29 21:30
Chips_B_Malroy<DaemonFC> there's no way to spin that   Really?  Thats what MS is all about, spin. lies, PR, shills, trolls, Ballmer, BS,  Its what they do best.Jan 29 21:30
DaemonFCthe XBOX 360 has been subsidized by Windows and Office every quarter since 2001, spare twoJan 29 21:30
DaemonFCspin that :)Jan 29 21:30
DaemonFCthey have to release a Halo game to get their fanboys riled up enough to all go out at once and SPENDJan 29 21:31
DaemonFC:PJan 29 21:31
*amd-linux has quit ("Page closed")Jan 29 21:32
Chips_B_MalroyWhat I see, if you add the deferral back into the quarters that it MS actually made the money in, is a decline every quarter, but this quarter only a smaller decline.Jan 29 21:32
DaemonFCBallmer has complained about used video games and third party accessories repeatedly, if you have listened carefullyJan 29 21:32
DaemonFCMicrosoft HATES the fact that you can buy used games for a small fraction of the price and they don't get a cut of thatJan 29 21:32
DaemonFCthat's their biggest problem, so they are trying to figure out how to sell you a DRM'd download next timeJan 29 21:32
DaemonFCthey're a pissed about used games as the RIAA is about used CDs going for pennies on the dollar and no cut for themJan 29 21:33
DaemonFCthey've even called used CDs "piracy" from time to timeJan 29 21:33
DaemonFCsued people trying to get a cut off used CD salesJan 29 21:33
Chips_B_MalroyDaemonFC> sounds about right your take on itJan 29 21:33
Chips_B_MalroyDaemonFC> remember MS stopping people selling used Windows on Ebay?Jan 29 21:34
Chips_B_Malroysort of reinforces what u r sayingJan 29 21:34
DaemonFCI do buy used CDs exclusively, there's no reason to give the RIAA more money when there's thousands of copies of that album out there for $2 that they don't make more money onJan 29 21:34
DaemonFCChips_B_Malroy: Yeah, at the time there was nothing they could do about it though because pre-XP they didn't have any way of enforcing their licensing termsJan 29 21:35
DaemonFCthe law still says I can sell my copy of the software, but their DRM won't let the buyer activate it and exercise their legal rightsJan 29 21:35
DaemonFCand it's illegal to circumvent that DRMJan 29 21:36
DaemonFCDRM is a perversion of the copyright law, not an enhancementJan 29 21:36
DaemonFCa total perversion, an end run around fair use, but we know this alreadyJan 29 21:36
Chips_B_Malroyactually I am sorry I ever gave MS any money in the pastJan 29 21:37
DaemonFCChips_B_Malroy: There's so much wiggle room in the law. Abortion is legal because of a "constitutional right to privacy". If I was a woman I could abort a baby in private, but nobody can make a copy of Windows XP.Jan 29 21:38
cubezzzof course, a natural reactionJan 29 21:38
DaemonFCthe legal framework in this country is invented by corporations and activist judgesJan 29 21:38
cubezzzat one time, I even sold windows :-/Jan 29 21:38
cubezzzno longer Jan 29 21:39
DaemonFCjust use a BIOS mod and sell billions of pre-activated systems, flood the market with themJan 29 21:40
DaemonFCMicrosoft still goes after the onesies and twosiesJan 29 21:40
DaemonFCproduct activation is there to stop a few lamers from making unlicensed copiesJan 29 21:41
DaemonFCIf I wanted to, I could makes a million identical systems, flash the BIOS on all of them, and sell them with Windows 7 pre-loadedJan 29 21:41
DaemonFCand they'd never be any the wiserJan 29 21:42
DaemonFConce I know the BIOS flash works on system #1, I know it works on the next millionJan 29 21:42
DaemonFCand that's all it takes to permanently activate Windows and sell it unlicensed on a million systemsJan 29 21:42
DaemonFCso their entire product activation system is broken on a very basic and fundamental level, right down to the coreJan 29 21:43
DaemonFCit's easily broken, it only ever attacks users that have paid them alreadyJan 29 21:44
*pawel_121_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 29 21:45
DaemonFCand they can't remove OEM pre-activation because then businesses would be scared to use WindowsJan 29 21:46
DaemonFCknowing that the activation system could come undone at any momentJan 29 21:46
*DaemonFC has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 29 21:46
Chips_B_Malroy <DaemonFC> and they can't remove OEM pre-activation because then businesses would be scared to use Windows----Businesses?  you mean OEM businesses?  And if OEM stopped putting preinstalls of Windows on computers, that day, Microsoft is toast.Jan 29 21:51
Chips_B_MalroyFrom the Wilcox article:  "# Business: $4.75 billion, down 3 percent from $4.88 billion a year earlier. # Online Services Business: $581 million, down 5 percent from $609 million a year earlier. # Entertainment & Devices: $2.9 billion, down 11 percent from $3.26 billion a year earlier."Jan 29 21:55
schestowitzWhat an arse in the usual pro-WIndows site, GCN: "While this may seem reasonable to most conventional desktop PC users, it still might not be close enough to Linux folks’ favorite price — free."Jan 29 21:56
schestowitz"Well, maybe. I think one of the big reasons it won’t is because Linux users can’t agree on what version of anything is best. They all have their favorites for every aspect of computer operation, and often can’t even agree on what the desktop should look like. Even now there are grumblings on the Open-PC Web site about the software choices. It kind of reminds me of the freedom fighter group in the movie “Life of Brian.” Jan 29 21:56
schestowitzThe one thing that kept them from forming an effective resistance was they hated all of the other resistance groups worse than the Romans."Jan 29 21:56
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Open PC is Mac deja vu all over again -- Government Computer News .::. Size~: 72.99 KBJan 29 21:56
Chips_B_MalroyThe only real strength comes from Windows Seven for consumers, at least until you take out the deferral, and then that becomes another decrease as well.Jan 29 21:56
Chips_B_Malroybusinesses are still not buying into Seven or VistaJan 29 21:59
*goblin_ ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 22:03
schestowitzChips_B_Malroy: thanks a lot!Jan 29 22:04
schestowitzYou saved me a lot of legworkJan 29 22:04
schestowitzI'll write aboit this later, since I had already accumulated other things I wanted to showJan 29 22:05
schestowitzMicrosoft Jo fell for the nonsenseJan 29 22:05
schestowitzI mailed him about itJan 29 22:05
schestowitzHe's sheepJan 29 22:05
schestowitzSHeep make other sheepJan 29 22:05
schestowitzEsp. sheep that writer articlesJan 29 22:05
schestowitzAnd PR people seed sheepJan 29 22:05
schestowitzThere are HEAPS of good Linux news todayJan 29 22:07
schestowitzMight take 4 hous just to sort these...Jan 29 22:08
*DiabloD3 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 22:08
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] >@Vonster beziers were never a particularly natural editing form for curves. some nice alternatives have existed, e.g. ikarus, cornu spiralsJan 29 22:13
Chips_B_MalroyHey Roy, sorry was at lunch here with the familyJan 29 22:16
Chips_B_Malroyso if all the links and thoughts helped, my pleasureJan 29 22:16
*goblin has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 22:19
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] >@theorosendorf Jobs on how dropping out led to better #typography for all //whiff of revisionism: 29 22:24
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Slashdot Comments | Steve Jobs In Praise of Dropping Out .::. Size~: 25.75 KBJan 29 22:24
Chips_B_Malroy   "Outside its Windows franchise, most of Microsoft's other businesses continued to show weakness. Sales in the division that includes its Office software were flat, while its online services division's revenue declined 5% to $581 million from the prior year, despite the high-profile launch of the Bing search engine."Jan 29 22:24
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Microsoft Profit Jumps 60% on Windows 7 - .::. Size~: 97.96 KBJan 29 22:24
schestowitzChips_B_Malroy: Murdoch BS, stillJan 29 22:26
Chips_B_MalroyAnd there you have it, Bing, 5% decline in revenue, the bottom line.  Forget all the lies of MS with their bogus USA market share for Bing, the 5% loss figure is the correct one.Jan 29 22:26
schestowitzL0ok at the headlineJan 29 22:26
schestowitzHe plays right into then propagandaJan 29 22:26
schestowitzI knew Microsoft would do thisJan 29 22:26
schestowitzKudos to WilcoxJan 29 22:26
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[_goblin] Ubuntu One for Windows & Microsoft cash? #ubuntu #yahoo #microsoftJan 29 22:27
phIRCe-BNcTitle: Ubuntu One for Windows & Microsoft cash? «  OPEN BYTES  cave quid dicis, quando, et cui. .::. Size~: 38.92 KBJan 29 22:27
Chips_B_Malroyyes, Roy, but even the shills, are usefull idiots sometimes, and have some information to give out by mistake that can be used.Jan 29 22:27
Chips_B_MalroyWilcox, big fanboi that he is, still does dive into the numbers more, for that I too give him some creditJan 29 22:28
goblin_Talking of figures...has anyone questioned the 7 sales....Jan 29 22:30
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Freedom supporters, please sign this pledge: 29 22:31
phIRCe-BNcTitle: 'I will support Denmark in going ODF' - PledgeBank .::. Size~: 23.69 KBJan 29 22:31
Chips_B_Malroy<goblin_> Talking of figures...has anyone questioned the 7 sales....-------I think DaemonFC and others may have touched on the fact that XP Home sales count as Seven sales.Jan 29 22:31
goblin_if you think about it, before 7 we had vista and Vista goes without saying, but when XP was released there were far few PC's in home than there are MS can claim fastest selling OS for 7....Jan 29 22:32
schestowitz"I found this site reports 4.4% GNU/Linux visitors from their webloag. The site is a dial-up ISP and co-location service so they may have more visitors who are techie but at least we know that up front. It shows MacOS at 4.7%. Now to find reports far and wide, wherever Debian goes…"Jan 29 22:33
schestowitz 29 22:33
phIRCe-BNcTitle:   Weblog of an ISP at  Robert Pogson .::. Size~: 27.42 KBJan 29 22:33
schestowitzChips_B_Malroy: they cheap in # of salesJan 29 22:34
Chips_B_MalroyGoblin>  what would be more revealing is the cost that MS now gets for the average licence for OEM preinstalls.   I notice sales increase by a factor, but they looked like an increase in Netbooks and cheaper laptops to me.   So if the base price of Windows PC's is coming down still, this means MS is still having to sell cheaper licences that they make very little on.Jan 29 22:34
schestowitzThey claim 60 millionJan 29 22:34
schestowitzLike those unused ones oiaohm tells us aboutJan 29 22:34
schestowitzBig scamJan 29 22:34
schestowitzThey did that w/ Vista #s tooJan 29 22:34
Chips_B_MalroyThe average cost of a new computer?  Would be interestingJan 29 22:34
schestowitz /sceap/cheat/Jan 29 22:34
goblin_Having said that theres two ways you can look at vista...Jan 29 22:34
goblin_sorry 7....Jan 29 22:35
schestowitzvista 7Jan 29 22:35
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[_the_mad_hatter] Canadian Writers Against Google Settlement files Letter of Objection 29 22:35
phIRCe-BNcTitle: CWAG files Letter of Objection | Writers' Roundup .::. Size~: 49.4 KBJan 29 22:35
goblin_either as a user who has experienced an alternative to an MS which case Win7 is nothing special.....Jan 29 22:35
goblin_or as a Vista user who to be fair, would find a ZX81 a fast performer compared to what they are used to.Jan 29 22:36
goblin_maybe Vista wasn't such a PR disaster.....Jan 29 22:36
goblin_a half baked release in order to push more 7 when the PC had penetrated even more of the home.Jan 29 22:36
goblin_and also would would have been an average release in 7, now looks red hot because its so great compared to Vista.Jan 29 22:37
Chips_B_MalroyVista or Vista SP2B(Seven) is the same, as far as most users are concerned, and more so businesses.  You get it when you need to buy a new computer, there is nothing compelling about it to buy it as a stand alone box.   XP was not like that.  Jan 29 22:37
goblin_performance though of Vista V 7 is vastly different....and an entrenched Windows user will be sold on that.Jan 29 22:38
goblin_although I need to say 7 on modern specs failed to out perform 1.8ghz machine running Linux.Jan 29 22:38
Chips_B_Malroycompatability is very important too Goblin to windows usersJan 29 22:39
goblin_but then XP mode is a complete flop....Jan 29 22:39
goblin_no directXJan 29 22:39
Chips_B_MalroySeven mostly fails on thatJan 29 22:39
Chips_B_Malroybecause its VistaJan 29 22:39
goblin_it takes a 3rd party to sort out MS's backwards comp....Dosbox et al.Jan 29 22:39
goblin_Roy, you here?Jan 29 22:40
Chips_B_MalroyGoblin, maybe sometimes when you have the time, you can tell us why Seven/Vista has to have so much hard drive space?  Even XP only needed 2 gb of space, and you could cut that down to 1400 mb's by turning off system restore and giving the trash can 0%Jan 29 22:45
Chips_B_MalroyThe amount of space that Vista uses is obseaneJan 29 22:46
goblin_I wouldn't know...the machine loaned to me by a family member for me comparing 7 has been returned....Jan 29 22:46
goblin_Im nearly finished my writeup....Jan 29 22:46
Chips_B_Malroyplus they want a restore partion and many do not even get a real diskJan 29 22:46
goblin_what I like about 7 is that with a processor twice as quick, 4 gig of ram, it can't load the same packages as quick as a 1.8ghz thats over 4 years old.Jan 29 22:47
Chips_B_Malroyits criminal how bad the bloat has gotten for windows usersJan 29 22:47
goblin_running Linux of course.Jan 29 22:47
Chips_B_Malroyyes, I know, did not know if you had finished the evaluation or notJan 29 22:48
goblin_re: bloat - I remember MS asking that question on one of its blogs...."Does bloat matter?"  Their arguament was, because hardware is so cheap it doesn't matter.Jan 29 22:48
goblin_yep finished....the evaluation...Jan 29 22:49
Chips_B_MalroyOf course, MS does not care how much of their users space or cpu cycles it uses upJan 29 22:49
Ender2070global warming caresJan 29 22:50
Ender2070so much wasted electricity due to msJan 29 22:50
Chips_B_MalroyThere never was a chip, it is said, that Bill Gates couldn't slow down with a new batch of features.      * James Coates, The Chicago Tribune   Jan 29 22:50
Ender2070I easy get an extra 1-2 hours on my battery due to linuxJan 29 22:51
Ender2070easilyJan 29 22:51
Chips_B_MalroyDRM (Vista/7) uses lot of powerJan 29 22:52
Chips_B_Malroyand cpu cyclesJan 29 22:53
Chips_B_Malroyand ramJan 29 22:53
Chips_B_Malroyand likely space tooJan 29 22:53
*goblin ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 22:55
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[popey] Jonathan Ross.. Jedward... I weep for the future.. #fbJan 29 23:01
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[_the_mad_hatter] Princess knocked Cthulhu off the top shelf. Evil Siamese kitty wins out against Great Old One. News at 11:00!Jan 29 23:06
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[ml2mst] RT: @schestowitz: Freedom supporters, please sign this pledge: 29 23:07
phIRCe-BNcTitle: 'I will support Denmark in going ODF' - PledgeBank .::. Size~: 23.72 KBJan 29 23:07
*gargoyle-grin has quit ("Well, it's 5:00. Have a good one, folks. See you both Monday.")Jan 29 23:08
*jono_ ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 23:10
*goblin_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 23:11
*goblin_ ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 23:13
*goblin__ ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 23:18
*jono has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 23:20
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[diablod3/@diablod3] Spirit !miotdJan 29 23:22
phIRCe-BNcTitle: xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe .::. Size~: 8.45 KBJan 29 23:22
*goblin has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 23:24
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] >@wastedcarbon just put a #ZFS root system in colo. Happy! The SVM+UFS+ZFS hybrid turned out to be fragile to manage. #solaris #opensolarisJan 29 23:29
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] Did Nick Nolte just tweet a very bad joke concerning violence against women?Jan 29 23:31
*DaemonFC ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 23:31
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] DW/LJ: Beyond respect. 29 23:34
phIRCe-BNcTitle: reddragdiva | Beyond respect. .::. Size~: 29.38 KBJan 29 23:34
phIRCe-BNcTitle: reddragdiva: Beyond respect. .::. Size~: 20.17 KBJan 29 23:34
*goblin_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 23:34
*goblin ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 23:34
DaemonFC 29 23:36
DaemonFCschestowitz: Apparently the kookiest kooks are in the UK when it comes to the "electrosensitivity" fad "illness" Jan 29 23:37
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[popey] I love Salem - my cat, I really do. But he does test me with his clawing and his standing with his bum in my face. #fbJan 29 23:41
-BNtwitter/#boycottnovell-[qu1j0t3] #omg incompetent spider #fail. "GET /svn/tifflibplugin/trunk/dist/mailto:support<at> HTTP/1.1" YodaoBot/1.0Jan 29 23:50
*goblin__ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 23:50

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