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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] When #Vista was release Microsoft reported $4.2 billion in Windows earnings. For #Vista7 -- just $3.0 billion. #realitycheck #hype #pr #spinSep 19 00:01
schestowitzsebsebseb: "why is it good, why do I want it and how is it special" 19 00:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 9.27 KBSep 19 00:05
schestowitz "Just because they call it “reform” doesn’t mean it is. "Sep 19 00:08
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Senators Call For Action On Stalled Patent Bill - Tech Daily Dose - Tech Daily Dose .::. Size~: 49.6 KBSep 19 00:08
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] RD I'm @osamak and I use trisquel 4.0.Sep 19 00:09
amarsh04more reformatry than reformSep 19 00:14
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sebsebsebschestowitz: uh why did you link to the identica page?  I have already been on their siteSep 19 00:15
amarsh04seen as a .signature line: "The irony is that Bill Gates claims to be making a stable operating system and Linus Torvalds claims to be trying to take over the world."Sep 19 00:16
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schestowitz "What is going on with oracle? First Sun with all their products, and now they are trying to go for #Redhat? Wow. What are they trying to do, world domination. :D"Sep 19 00:30
TechrightsBot-trTitle: pookito pookito (pookito)'s status on Saturday, 18-Sep-10 19:01:59 EDT - pookito .::. Size~: 7.78 KBSep 19 00:30
schestowitzRumours againSep 19 00:30
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] Why do file manager devs think it's their right to fuck with people's wallpapers and right click menus? !NautilusSep 19 00:36
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[bkuhn/@bkuhn] Wow, I am really tired. Been that way for like two days. So, I just turned on Back to the Future Part II. I forgot 2015 has flying cars. Ha!Sep 19 00:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] Hopefully telling Nautilus to ignore inserted media fixes the problem when mounting the phone to add a new backgroundSep 19 00:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] DRG SSH Username and Password Authentication Tag Clouds 19 00:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Bruce Schneier: "Remember, anyone who searches for anything on the Internet may be a terrorist. Report him immediately."Sep 19 00:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @osamak I hadn't checked again. thanks for letting me know. Just signed 19 00:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle: PDFreaders - Petition .::. Size~: 24.13 KBSep 19 00:50
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] !Nautilus acts like a fucking worm, kill it, it decides to immediately respawn itself "you didn't mean to kill me did you? No, thought not"Sep 19 00:54
schestowitz] claims 143000 readers, but based on numbers of "likes", comments etc. they are probably lying.. 19 00:56
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found .::. Size~: 0 KBSep 19 00:56
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Channeling crowdsourcing into distributed work - O'Reilly Radar .::. Size~: 43 KBSep 19 00:56
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Library information desk very neat stuffSep 19 01:03
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Library information desk | Recyclart .::. Size~: 74.86 KBSep 19 01:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] RT @FFII #ECIS concerned about #ACTA effects on Interoperability 19 01:06
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Not a web page! Aborting application/pdf type .::. Size~: 0 KBSep 19 01:06
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] RT @kirschner: Will now listen to Stephan Uhlmann's #ffii presentation about #swpats at #sfd in berlin #fs #fsfeSep 19 01:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] RD @schestowitz: "[W]e're not going to have products that are much more successful than Vista has been." -Steve Ballmer /RD amen!Sep 19 01:14
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] for those seeking a sane Nautilus outside gnome try this command alias nautilus='nautilus --no-desktop'Sep 19 01:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Dell China: "FreeDOS or “Linux Ubuntu 9.10“. Isn’t the outside of the USA a different world?"Sep 19 01:18
TechrightsBot-trTitle: at  Robert Pogson .::. Size~: 28.34 KBSep 19 01:18
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] make every day a software freedom day, switch to a Free distro right away 19 01:23
TechrightsBot-trTitle: GNU/Linux Distros - GNU Operating System .::. Size~: 12.83 KBSep 19 01:23
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schestowitzola!Sep 19 01:24
jweyrichola :)Sep 19 01:24
schestowitzHappy Software Freedom Day!Sep 19 01:24
schestowitzBrazil is in FOSS headlines right nowSep 19 01:25
schestowitz 19 01:25
TechrightsBot-trTitle:  A Microsoft President Equates Open Standards with Incompetence .::. Size~: 106.2 KBSep 19 01:25
jweyrichI read during the week. a shame.Sep 19 01:25
schestowitznoSep 19 01:25
schestowitzit's goodSep 19 01:25
schestowitzgood ammo vs MicrosoftSep 19 01:25
schestowitzCause it bragged about "loving" open sourceSep 19 01:26
jweyrichI meant, a shame for MicrosoftSep 19 01:26
schestowitzSo this is a PR disaster for MicrosoftSep 19 01:26
schestowitzStarted with some forumSep 19 01:26
cubevectorthey are hypocritesSep 19 01:26
schestowitzGlyn put a link to it in TwitterSep 19 01:26
schestowitzMasnick found itSep 19 01:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] @lxoliva insistence on "building from source" is what keeps it obscure. It's like saying to MS users "you don't need .exe, you have .zip"Sep 19 01:26
schestowitzTechdirt->Sep 19 01:26
schestowitzSlashdot>Sep 19 01:26
schestowitzEverywhere from thereSep 19 01:26
schestowitzIDG....Sep 19 01:26
schestowitzIt's nice to see the chain in reportingSep 19 01:27
jweyrichLOL. that affirmation is so... well, I'll save my commentsSep 19 01:27
schestowitzIt's good when Microsoft attacks FOSSSep 19 01:27
schestowitzIt drives people awaySep 19 01:27
cubevectorwhat Microsoft are trying to do is marginalize LinuxSep 19 01:27
cubevectorthey know they can't stop itSep 19 01:27
schestowitzThe worst Microsoft can do is attack what's winningSep 19 01:28
cubevectoror the best :)Sep 19 01:28
cubevectorthat's mostly what they do is attackSep 19 01:28
schestowitzthey want FOSS to be WIndows addonSep 19 01:28
cubevectoryesSep 19 01:28
schestowitz"third-party" waresSep 19 01:28
schestowitz 19 01:29
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Imam Rauf slams disingenuous Palin over opposition to mosque |  Raw Story .::. Size~: 83.01 KBSep 19 01:29
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @thistleweb who's insisting on building from sources? GNU tar can backage binaries just as wellSep 19 01:29
schestowitz "On the puppets: photographs of Western political figures, including Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, and five judges of the European Court for Human Rights, as well as members of the Estonian Parliament and an assortment of Russian opposition leaders. Sitting atop each head was a cap bearing a Nazi swastika."Sep 19 01:31
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Back in the USSR - The Center for Public Integrity .::. Size~: 33.89 KBSep 19 01:31
schestowitzTupperware, Intel participate in itSep 19 01:31
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @thistleweb me, I don't care how Linus packages Linux. it's just one program vs hundreds of GNU programs.Sep 19 01:31
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] @lxoliva stating a compressed file as the answer to a single compiled binary format IS saying "you don't need a binary, just use source"Sep 19 01:31
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @thistleweb I was just pointing out that @jargon's complaint was misdirected. it's not about linux, it's about Les GNUx distrosSep 19 01:34
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @thistleweb if you have qualms about the only format in which Linus publishes his Linux distributions, bring them up with himSep 19 01:36
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] RT @lxoliva I don't care how Linus packages Linux. it's just one program vs hundreds of GNU programs.Sep 19 01:36
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] @lxoliva what has this got to do with Linus? You seem hell bent on bringing him into this. This is about simplifying the packaging optionsSep 19 01:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @thistleweb Linus is the person who started Linux, and who still publishes its official releases, in this one single formatSep 19 01:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] @lxoliva which each distro builds a set of packages around, and choose their own formats, which the user then interacts withSep 19 01:39
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @thistleweb now, if @jargon meant GNU/Linux binary packages, he should have been clear. Linux std packaging is how Linus publishes itSep 19 01:39
schestowitz"A Philippine woman who acknowledged giving birth to a baby on a flight from the Middle East and then leaving him in the trash on the plane said she was raped by her employer, a lawmaker said Thursday."Sep 19 01:44
schestowitzWOT?Sep 19 01:44
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] @thistleweb sounds good to me. @jargon seems to assume that a single binary pkg format would solve problems. far from enough.Sep 19 01:44
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] WikiLeaks founder Assange ‘free to leave’ Sweden Move along, nothing to see here?Sep 19 01:51
TechrightsBot-trTitle: WikiLeaks founder Assange free to leave Sweden |  Raw Story .::. Size~: 26.05 KBSep 19 01:51
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schestowitz 19 02:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Gibbs: Palin may be the most formidable force in the Republican Party |  Raw Story .::. Size~: 82 KBSep 19 02:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Links 18/9/2010: !GNU !Linux in #Dell China, #Wine 1.3.3, #Mageia (Mandriva Fork) Launched !techrightsSep 19 02:17
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Links 18/9/2010: GNU/Linux in Dell China, Wine 1.3.3, Mageia (Mandriva Fork) Launched | Techrights .::. Size~: 132.01 KBSep 19 02:17
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[themadhatteron/@themadhatteron] Mageia – A New Linux Distribution - Fork Of Mandriva/Mandrake #linux #distroSep 19 02:32
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Mageia – A New Linux Distribution  Fork Of Mandriva/Mandrake «  Through the Looking Glass .::. Size~: 84.31 KBSep 19 02:32
Chips_B_MalroyThe Ipad is really only the first of the tablets that has struck a major hit with consumers.  Android with its Linux kernel, is next.  Some from that perspective, these next links about Ipad hurting the laptop market, are worthwhile.Sep 19 02:35
Chips_B_MalroyAndroid will be kicking MS butt again by hurting laptop sales for its OEM's, just like Apple is doing now with Ipad.Sep 19 02:36
Chips_B_Malroy 19 02:37
TechrightsBot-trTitle:   Best Buy CEO: The Reports Of Microsofts Death Are Grossly Exaggerated& By Me.  .::. Size~: 47.8 KBSep 19 02:37
Chips_B_Malroy"All day, the Internet has been erupting with news that the age of notebook and netbooks is over, and the age of tablets ? specifically, the iPad, of course ? has begun. One of the main catalysts of this eruption was Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn who supposedly told the Wall Street Journal that the iPad is cannibalizing laptop sales, especially netbook sales. Or did he?"Sep 19 02:38
Chips_B_Malroy"Mr. Dunn also said internal estimates showed that the iPad had cannibalized sales from laptop PCs, especially netbooks, by as much as 50%."Sep 19 02:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[agentsmith/@agentsmith] Mageia, que nome pra um fork... PCLinuxOS é bem mais civilizado e razoável.Sep 19 02:39
Chips_B_Malroy"Now, that?s obviously not a direct quote, but it is a very clear statement directly attributed to him. And it?s a huge statement as Best Buy is the nation?s leading consumer electronics giant. It?s basically saying that not only is the iPad winning, it is ushering in a new era of computing. In other words, Microsoft and all the PC incumbents are screwed."Sep 19 02:39
Chips_B_Malroy"This afternoon, amid the uproar of this statement, Best Buy issued a press release backtracking from the claim."Sep 19 02:40
Chips_B_MalroyPressure from Microsoft?Sep 19 02:40
Chips_B_Malroy 19 02:41
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Apple iPad a Factor In Declining Notebook Sales: Analyst - Desktops and Notebooks from eWeek .::. Size~: 107.59 KBSep 19 02:41
Chips_B_Malroy 19 02:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Is iPad Killing the Laptop? - PCWorld .::. Size~: 74.63 KBSep 19 02:42
Chips_B_MalroyIf you think iPad is hurting Laptop sales, just wait until the Android Army shows up in force on Tablets.Sep 19 02:43
Chips_B_MalroyAndroid is already taking over on Smartphones, it will be the same on Tablets.Sep 19 02:44
Chips_B_MalroyConsider that Laptops sales have surpasses the volume of sales of Desktop computers a few years ago in mature countries.  These are the countries that Microsoft makes most of its money selling windows and office licences on pre-installed computers.Sep 19 02:46
Chips_B_MalroyStevie B., its going hurt, buck up.Sep 19 02:46
cubevectornah I don't think thatSep 19 02:46
cubevectornot about "all the PC incumbents"Sep 19 02:47
Chips_B_MalroyI think people are trying to get away from the Malware problems of Windows, but they need to do it cheap.Sep 19 02:47
Chips_B_MalroyWhile Linux would be the best and cheapest way, sadly most people here in the USA just go out and buy a  computer.Sep 19 02:48
Chips_B_MalroyWhich is why iPad and then Android will do well.  No malware problem to speak of compared to MS.Sep 19 02:48
cubevectoryeah I'm a computer reuser, probably more than mostSep 19 02:49
cubevectoriPad doesn't appeal to meSep 19 02:50
cubevectorI mean, if I buy a computer I want to program on itSep 19 02:50
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[phoronix/@phoronix] GNOME 2.32 Release Candidate Makes It Out: The release candidate for GNOME 2.32 is now available after it was dela... 19 02:50
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Phoronix] GNOME 2.32 Release Candidate Makes It Out .::. Size~: 16.88 KBSep 19 02:50
Chips_B_Malroy 19 02:51
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Windows malware dwarfs other viral threats • The Register .::. Size~: 24.6 KBSep 19 02:51
Chips_B_Malroy"The vast majority of malware - more than 99 per cent - targets Windows PCs, according to a new survey by German anti-virus firm G-Data."Sep 19 02:51
cubevectorI usually see a shift to newer computers when the old computer just can't handle somethingSep 19 02:52
cubevectorbut that is mostly driven by MicrosoftSep 19 02:52
Chips_B_Malroy"<cubevector> iPad doesn't appeal to me"  Nor me either.  But I don't think that either of us are typical computer users, do you?Sep 19 02:52
Chips_B_Malroy"G-Data reckons 99.4 per cent of all new malware of the first half of 2010 targeted Microsoft?s operating system. Just 0.6 per cent of the 1,017,208 new malware programs discovered in 1H2010 targeted other systems, such as Apple Mac boxes and servers running Unix."Sep 19 02:53
Chips_B_Malroy"G-Data reckons the rate of virus production in 1H10 is 50 per cent up from the same period last year. It predicts 2010 as a whole will witness two million malware samples."Sep 19 02:53
Chips_B_MalroyI don't see where MS is helping to prevent its usersSep 19 02:54
Chips_B_Malroyfrom getting malware in a big way.  The problem is only going get worse for windows users.Sep 19 02:55
Chips_B_MalroyWhich is why iPad is doing well, and Android will do even better.Sep 19 02:55
cubevectorChips_B_Malroy, I try to avoid broad generalizationsSep 19 02:55
Chips_B_Malroynot meSep 19 02:55
cubevectorI know a few people who have never used windowsSep 19 02:55
Chips_B_Malroycan't say the sameSep 19 02:56
Chips_B_Malroy 19 02:56
TechrightsBot-trTitle:   Study: 33% of SMBs Have Been Infected With Malware From Social Networks .::. Size~: 50.28 KBSep 19 02:56
Chips_B_MalroyAndroid might be the catalist for many people to try GNU/Linux if it turns out as a good experience for them.Sep 19 02:58
cubevectorChips_B_Malroy, what would you call a typical computer user?Sep 19 02:59
cubevectorjust someone who goes to Futureshop and buys a windows PC?Sep 19 02:59
Chips_B_Malroygood questionSep 19 02:59
cubevectorit's always changing tooSep 19 02:59
cubevectorin the 80's there really wasn't a dominant systemSep 19 02:59
cubevectorin the S-100 era it was even more wildSep 19 03:00
Chips_B_MalroyI would say the average windows user, cannot adquitly protect their computer.  They probably have an antivirus program on it, but maybe no antimalware program.Sep 19 03:00
cubevectorI'm really from the pre-Windows eraSep 19 03:01
*Thrae has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Sep 19 03:01
Chips_B_MalroyWhat would you say is the average computer user?Sep 19 03:04
*Ender2070 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 03:06
cubevectorChips_B_Malroy, well...Sep 19 03:06
*Thrae ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 03:06
cubevectorprobably someone on windows XP or Windows 7 nowadaysSep 19 03:07
cubevectorbut a lot of those people are far more receptive to a dual-boot systemSep 19 03:07
Chips_B_Malroyand their level of skill? how they relate to malware protection.Sep 19 03:07
Ender2070[18:07] <sebsebseb> schestowitz: So what do you think about Mandriva at the moment, and the fork for that matter?Sep 19 03:08
Ender2070myself, I can't wait for them to just lay down and dieSep 19 03:08
cubevectorwell either they go to some shop for a reload or they know enough to run avast or some other programSep 19 03:10
Chips_B_Malroyjust my personal opinion, I prefer Mandrivia somehow to SuseSep 19 03:10
Ender2070why is that?Sep 19 03:10
Ender2070im curiousSep 19 03:10
Chips_B_Malroy"<cubevector> well either they go to some shop for a reload or they know enough to run avast or some other program"Sep 19 03:11
Chips_B_Malroyits more than one program to protect it.  and then you never sureSep 19 03:11
cubevectorwell that's a "selling" point for LinuxSep 19 03:11
cubevectorone less thing to worry aboutSep 19 03:11
Chips_B_Malroyof courseSep 19 03:11
Ender2070no its notSep 19 03:11
cubevectorI find quite a few college age people are receptive to the idea of LinuxSep 19 03:12
Ender2070you live in toronto rightSep 19 03:13
Ender2070U of T is a huge linux supporter, so is senecaSep 19 03:13
Ender2070Fedora' FUDcon was hosted by Seneca last yearSep 19 03:13
Ender2070outside of acedemia is different thoughSep 19 03:14
Ender2070and lack of viruses isn't a selling pointSep 19 03:14
cubevectoronce they start to clue into the idea that you don't have to have the fastest computer on the block for it to run wellSep 19 03:15
Ender2070its a lot easier (and cheaper) to make a windows box secure than it is to convert and go through the learning curveSep 19 03:15
cubevectorI'm fortunate, I even have a local computer shop that carters to Linux usersSep 19 03:15
Chips_B_Malroymost people do not want to learn anything about the operating system, until it hoses upSep 19 03:15
cubevectoranything? :)Sep 19 03:16
Ender2070power users on the other hand are easier to convinceSep 19 03:16
cubevectorthey have to learn something just to use itSep 19 03:17
cubevectorbut I know what you meanSep 19 03:17
cubevectoryou mean they don't care about the internalsSep 19 03:17
Ender2070most users dontSep 19 03:17
Chips_B_Malroythey barely know anything about windows (average users) and think that Linux is another major learning experience.  which it is not with a distro that is for newbiesSep 19 03:17
Ender2070they just want to get on facebookSep 19 03:17
Ender2070and then they get mad when we tell them not to even bother using facebookSep 19 03:17
Ender2070facebook is evil? oh well im not doing anything wrongSep 19 03:18
Chips_B_Malroyfacebook spreads windows malwareSep 19 03:18
Ender2070we need not be afraid of the government listening to all our conversations, putting cameras out on the streets or in our homes. they need not do any of thisSep 19 03:19
Chips_B_Malroybut then, dosen't most sites?Sep 19 03:19
Ender2070they simply need to give us facebook, and we'll do it for themSep 19 03:19
cubevectorit was probably easier to learn computers in the text eraSep 19 03:19
Chips_B_Malroywith early Dos you had to learn somethingSep 19 03:19
Ender2070Dos was the bestSep 19 03:19
Ender2070imoSep 19 03:19
Ender2070and unixSep 19 03:20
cubevectorno multi-tasking to worry aboutSep 19 03:20
Ender2070CLI was the best*Sep 19 03:20
cubevectorany early system, reallySep 19 03:20
Ender2070Dos was really great though, it let the user fuck up their systemSep 19 03:20
cubevectorCommodore DOS, MS DOS, CP/M...Sep 19 03:20
Ender2070i loved itSep 19 03:20
cubevectorreally KDE and Windows aren't a lot differentSep 19 03:21
Ender2070buying a 14.4k modem, $200, purchasing a license for a TCP/IP stack, $5000, tricking that one noob into running the format command on his own pc... priceless...Sep 19 03:21
cubevectorespecially if everything is set up for themSep 19 03:21
Ender2070a few mags even had KDE laptops in them claiming they were win7Sep 19 03:22
Ender2070Chips_B_Malroy - im still curious, why do you like mandriva?Sep 19 03:23
Chips_B_MalroyCause PCLinuxOS uses it as a baseSep 19 03:23
Chips_B_Malroyfor one thingSep 19 03:23
Ender2070i cant think of anything unique in it that makes it stand outSep 19 03:23
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] Unix For Sale: Massively Damaged, Sold As Is & Absent Delusions Of Grandeur Over Linux Copyright Infringement 19 03:24
Ender2070wouldn't you like PCLinuxOS then?Sep 19 03:24
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Unix For Sale: Massively Damaged, Sold As Is & Absent Delusions Of Grandeur Over Linux Copyright Infringement | Techdirt .::. Size~: 52.92 KBSep 19 03:24
Ender2070not mandrivaSep 19 03:24
Chips_B_Malroyyes, but its built on Mandriva, like Mepis, Sidux, Kanotix, and others are built on top of DebianSep 19 03:24
Chips_B_MalroyCan't think of anything built on top of Suse right offSep 19 03:25
Chips_B_Malroywhy is that?Sep 19 03:25
Ender2070suse has plenty built off of itSep 19 03:26
Chips_B_Malroyanything good for a distro built off it?Sep 19 03:26
Ender2070theres plenty of things in suse which I consider must haveSep 19 03:26
Chips_B_Malroythere I can agreeSep 19 03:27
Ender2070delta support for rpms, gcc 4.5 w/ LTO enabled, latest KDESep 19 03:27
Chips_B_MalroyI have never liked the yast installerSep 19 03:27
Ender2070they have a web based service which can also make a custom distroSep 19 03:27
Ender2070i prefer fedora myself thoughSep 19 03:28
Chips_B_Malroyme tooSep 19 03:28
Ender2070it has these features, except the gcc 4.5Sep 19 03:28
Ender2070the latest kde requires using a third party repoSep 19 03:28
Chips_B_Malroyif I want cutting edgeSep 19 03:28
Ender2070opensuse has official kde repos for different versions, factory, trunk and stableSep 19 03:29
Ender2070im considering suse more and more these daysSep 19 03:29
Chips_B_Malroywhat will happen to it if VMware gets it?Sep 19 03:29
Ender2070fedora is implementing the 'stable updates' visionSep 19 03:30
Ender2070meaning, less updatesSep 19 03:30
Ender2070more obsoletenessSep 19 03:30
Ender2070ie, FedbuntuSep 19 03:30
Ender2070LOLSep 19 03:30
Ender2070if VMWare gets suse?Sep 19 03:30
Ender2070I hope they doSep 19 03:30
Chips_B_MalroyI doubt they will die off if VMware buys themSep 19 03:32
Ender2070suse won't die offSep 19 03:32
Ender2070I think vmware would make suse betterSep 19 03:32
Chips_B_Malroybut their future is cloudy as I look into my cystal ballSep 19 03:32
Ender2070suse could be a steak that drives vmware away from microsoftSep 19 03:33
Chips_B_Malroyit could beSep 19 03:33
Chips_B_Malroywho will get the Unix copyrights?Sep 19 03:33
Ender2070whoever buys them from novellSep 19 03:33
Ender2070suse has nothing to do with that oneSep 19 03:34
Chips_B_MalroyAttachmate or VMwareSep 19 03:34
Chips_B_Malroyor will SCO try to sell the limited rights they have with SCO unixwareSep 19 03:35
Chips_B_Malroyobviously, somebody thinks those Unix copyrights are worth something.Sep 19 03:36
Ender2070i've only heard of vmware being interested in suseSep 19 03:36
Chips_B_Malroynot that I doSep 19 03:36
Ender2070cant assume they are interestedSep 19 03:36
Ender2070i've heard suse is going to vmware, and the rest to other buyersSep 19 03:36
Chips_B_MalroySuse is worth more, IMOSep 19 03:37
Chips_B_MalroyAttachmate is the other buyerSep 19 03:37
Ender2070i think its *just* suse thoughSep 19 03:37
Ender2070i hope its not mono or any of their ximian shitSep 19 03:37
Chips_B_MalroyMono probably goes with Suse?Sep 19 03:37
Ender2070they purchased ximian seperately from suseSep 19 03:38
Ender2070mono probably doesnt go with suseSep 19 03:38
Chips_B_Malroyit would be nice to see the funding for mono dieSep 19 03:38
Ender2070novell kind of forced it into opensuse anywaySep 19 03:38
Ender2070i'd love for some troll company to buy the ximian assetsSep 19 03:39
Ender2070just to prove to these idiots writing code for it that they aren't immuneSep 19 03:39
Ender2070writing code for mono/.net is just as dangerous as writing code for javaSep 19 03:40
Ender2070you never know who will own the patents and sue over them the next daySep 19 03:40
Ender2070what good is a promise from a company that engaged in criminal activities and then used the bush administration to get them out of courtSep 19 03:41
Ender2070lolSep 19 03:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[agentsmith/@agentsmith] Vi num fórum: Usuário windows é como mulher Q apanha do marido, mas volta p/casa com promessas q nunca + vai se repetir. (^_^)Sep 19 03:45
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] DWG Cad on Linux - Draftsight and Ares Commander #gnu #linux #cad #aresSep 19 03:47
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux Made Easy: DWG Cad on Linux - Draftsight and Ares Commander .::. Size~: 50.07 KBSep 19 03:47
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] ♺ @schestowitz: Links 18/9/2010: !GNU !Linux in #Dell China, #Wine 1.3.3, #Mageia (Mandriva Fork) Launched !techrightsSep 19 03:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Links 18/9/2010: GNU/Linux in Dell China, Wine 1.3.3, Mageia (Mandriva Fork) Launched | Techrights .::. Size~: 132.01 KBSep 19 03:49
Chips_B_MalroyWell, the post on iPad cannabalizing Laptops sales by 50%, according to Best Buy CEO, would be like 25% of MS OEM licences.  That would have to hurt.Sep 19 03:49
Chips_B_MalroyDo you think OpenSuse will fork?Sep 19 03:50
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @schestowitz WikiLeaks founder Assange ‘free to leave’ Sweden Move along, nothing to see here?Sep 19 03:54
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @schestowitz Dell China: "FreeDOS or “Linux Ubuntu 9.10“. Isn’t the outside of the USA a ...Sep 19 03:54
TechrightsBot-trTitle: WikiLeaks founder Assange free to leave Sweden |  Raw Story .::. Size~: 27.06 KBSep 19 03:54
TechrightsBot-trTitle: at  Robert Pogson .::. Size~: 29 KBSep 19 03:54
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[agentsmith/@agentsmith] Pausa para o reboot. Biblioteca KDElibs4 atualizada!!!Sep 19 03:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @tux2 #WebUpd8 - #GmailWatcher - A #gmail Notifier Especially Designed For !Ubuntu 19 03:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: GmailWatcher: A Gmail Notifier Especially Designed For Ubuntu ~ Web Upd8 .::. Size~: 70.21 KBSep 19 03:55
Chips_B_MalroyWell, maybe its time to let you Canadians get some sleep, gnSep 19 03:58
*Chips_B_Malroy has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Sep 19 03:59
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @jomonjohnn 12 Useful GIMP Video Tutorials For Absolute Beginners: #gimp #tutorials !Tutorials !GimpSep 19 03:59
TechrightsBot-trTitle: 12 Useful GIMP Video Tutorials For Absolute Beginners | Tech Drive-in .::. Size~: 51.43 KBSep 19 03:59
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] #Alcatel releases its first #Android phone ‘OT-980′ in UK 19 04:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Alcatel releases its first Android phone 'OT-980' in UK | .::. Size~: 32.95 KBSep 19 04:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @schestowitz "[W]e're not going to have products that are much more successful than Vista has been." -Steve BallmerSep 19 04:04
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @didiermisson China-centric Android OS – ‘Tapas’ already on Sharp phones - 19 04:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @schestowitz !Linux Out Performs #Windows in #OpenGL "I am happy to say: Linux out performs Windows 7 in OpenGL b ...Sep 19 04:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @schestowitz Mageia – A New Linux Distribution !gnu !linux #mandrivaSep 19 04:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @schestowitz Mageia - a Mandriva fork and PCLOS?Sep 19 04:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: China-centric Android OS – ‘Tapas’ already on Sharp phones | .::. Size~: 33.08 KBSep 19 04:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Thoughts on Technology: Linux Out Performs Windows in OpenGL .::. Size~: 68.96 KBSep 19 04:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Mageia - A New Linux Distribution .::. Size~: 12.1 KBSep 19 04:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Mageia - a Mandriva fork [] .::. Size~: 22.05 KBSep 19 04:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @didiermisson Le nageur amputé des quatre membres a réussi son pari! 19 04:07
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] Ah good day at Six Flags Magic Mountain...tired now, need to eat and call it a night.Sep 19 04:07
TechrightsBot-trTitle: 7s7 Insolite - Le nageur amputé des quatre membres a réussi son pari! (1159266) .::. Size~: 26.03 KBSep 19 04:07
*ThistleWeb has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)Sep 19 04:15
Ender2070fedora could even forkSep 19 04:19
*jweyrich has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)Sep 19 04:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[osamak/@osamak] Using !Wikipedia to advertise SMS service. (I'm like: are you complying with the terms of !CC -BY-SA ;)Sep 19 04:45
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Yfrog Image :  - Uploaded by redabanjar .::. Size~: 52.09 KBSep 19 04:45
*jweyrich ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 04:48
*TheMadHatter (63ee29d0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #techrightsSep 19 04:55
TheMadHatterMorning.Sep 19 04:55
TheMadHatterRoy, here's a good one that you should cover:Sep 19 04:56
TheMadHatter 19 04:56
TechrightsBot-trTitle:    Filmmaker Premieres Movie In Theaters and on The Pirate Bay | TorrentFreak   .::. Size~: 48.24 KBSep 19 04:56
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lnxwalt140/@lnxwalt140] "Jobs Americans won't take?" 19 05:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lnxwalt140/@lnxwalt140] Compensate us adequately and meet US workplace standards and I don't believe there are any "jobs Americans won't take."Sep 19 05:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Robert Paterson's Weblog: Jobs Americans Won’t Take? – Your Voice | Homeland .::. Size~: 67.2 KBSep 19 05:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[kernellogauthor/@kernellogauthor] #git 1.7.3 is out 19 06:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Gmane Loom .::. Size~: 0.47 KBSep 19 06:00
Ender2070 19 06:08
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Thoughts on Technology: Linux Out Performs Windows in OpenGL .::. Size~: 70.51 KBSep 19 06:08
Ender2070not newsSep 19 06:08
Ender2070this has been fact for a long timeSep 19 06:08
Ender2070more of a fact since opengl on windows vista/7 is through emulationSep 19 06:09
TheMadHatterYeah, well you have to repeat things a thousand times before the Windows fanbois will hear.Sep 19 06:09
Ender2070trueSep 19 06:11
Ender2070but in fact they'll probably point out that nobody writes opengl games for windows anymoreSep 19 06:12
Ender2070short of a very few rare developersSep 19 06:12
Ender2070we can probably even blame xbox for itSep 19 06:13
Ender2070directx being available on xbox and windowsSep 19 06:14
TheMadHatterThat may change. As Roy noted, Microsoft is in trouble financially (reference to Pogson). I predicted that Microsoft would file for Chapter 11 in five years. A year has gone by, and I see nothing that makes me change my view.Sep 19 06:14
Ender2070lolSep 19 06:14
Ender2070im sure they aren't going to go anywhere soon enoughSep 19 06:15
Ender2070and i hate themSep 19 06:15
Ender2070I use the word 'hate' literally tooSep 19 06:15
Ender2070I'd be worried if MS was running out of moneySep 19 06:16
Ender2070with 90+% of the desktop marketSep 19 06:16
Ender2070thats bad book keepingSep 19 06:16
Ender2070perhaps they're also using ms money?Sep 19 06:16
Ender2070LOLSep 19 06:17
Ender2070meanwhile, I ended up having a legit copy of windows server 2008 R2 enterpriseSep 19 06:18
Ender2070didnt cost me anythingSep 19 06:18
TheMadHatterGo and read their SEC filings. The numbers are there. Don't forget that the main profit center is Office. Since Apple started selling IWork their sales into the OSX market have nose dived, and Open Office is hitting them on Windows.Sep 19 06:19
Ender2070trueSep 19 06:20
Ender2070i think google docs is hitting them hard tooSep 19 06:20
TheMadHatterOh, and of course we all know people who are still using Office 2004. There aren't enough improvements in the newer versions to make upgrading worthwhile.Sep 19 06:21
Ender2070I think google apps is fucking them hardcore actuallySep 19 06:21
Ender2070I know of a few companies in toronto which migrate companies over to google apps for businessSep 19 06:21
Ender2070not only do they get google docs and webmail, they get an exchange server from googleSep 19 06:22
TheMadHatterHave you read Clay Shirkey's 'Cognitive Surplus' yet?Sep 19 06:23
Ender2070I used to avoid google docs but its actually quite awesomeSep 19 06:23
Ender2070helps at school where I can't install openofficeSep 19 06:23
Ender2070on machines that dont support our student hot swap drivesSep 19 06:24
Ender2070nopeSep 19 06:24
Ender2070haven't read itSep 19 06:24
Ender2070what is it aboutSep 19 06:24
TheMadHatterYou should. Great book.Sep 19 06:24
Ender2070sounds interestingSep 19 06:25
Ender2070a book about technology and the social impact?Sep 19 06:25
TheMadHatterComplicated to explain - the basic is that people are using their free time to build long distance communities for collaboration, and yes, how it is having a social impact.Sep 19 06:26
TheMadHatterYou could use the Techrights IRC channel as an example of that.Sep 19 06:26
Ender2070ill have to check it outSep 19 06:26
Ender2070the networking ability of the average human has increased significantlySep 19 06:27
TheMadHatterIt's a must if you are trying to understand what's happening.Sep 19 06:27
Ender2070im 25 thoughSep 19 06:27
Ender2070i grew up with it growing around meSep 19 06:27
TheMadHatterAll starting when humans invented language.Sep 19 06:27
Ender2070language gave birth to many thingsSep 19 06:28
Ender2070but near instant communication anywhere on the planetSep 19 06:28
Ender2070thats a game changerSep 19 06:28
Ender2070i dont think the elite quite understood the impact of itSep 19 06:29
Ender2070unfortunately they have tapped into itSep 19 06:30
TheMadHatterJust like language was. Or the printing press. Each gave humans the ability to spread knowledge.Sep 19 06:30
Ender2070remember 1984?Sep 19 06:30
TheMadHatterEach had impacts that no one at the time could forsee.Sep 19 06:30
TheMadHatterYep. Good book.Sep 19 06:30
Ender2070well 1984 will never happen that waySep 19 06:30
Ender2070i found out whySep 19 06:30
Ender2070the government doesnt need to put cameras on the street, or in your home, they dont need to listen to your conversations or log your chats because they already have the perfect systemSep 19 06:31
Ender2070they have facebook and twitterSep 19 06:31
Ender2070they have gps and the iphoneSep 19 06:31
Ender2070we'll willingly give it all awaySep 19 06:32
Ender2070no scary government agency watching me overtlySep 19 06:32
TheMadHatterAh, but when we are all giving it all away, they can't keep up with the information overload.Sep 19 06:32
Ender2070yes they canSep 19 06:32
Ender2070they use the 'worlds fastest super computer' to model the weatherSep 19 06:33
Ender2070come onSep 19 06:34
Ender2070pffftSep 19 06:34
Ender2070a group of uni geeks broke quantum cryptography in boston, using lasersSep 19 06:34
TheMadHatterActually they can't, because after they've spotted something, they have to assign it to a resource limited police department.Sep 19 06:34
Ender2070theres technology we dont know aboutSep 19 06:34
Ender2070why assign anything to the cops if they are pulling it off military comps?Sep 19 06:35
Ender2070likely if you show up on their radar you're a terrorist and you'll disappear silentlySep 19 06:35
Ender2070this system they have builds a personality profile on each individual based on the information gatheredSep 19 06:36
TheMadHatterI know, that's why I always get searched at the airport.Sep 19 06:36
Ender2070likely, if you really are gonna blow up a building they'll probably know it before you doSep 19 06:37
Ender2070unless you never use technologySep 19 06:37
Ender2070homegrownSep 19 06:37
TheMadHatterAh, but every time I've flown, I've carried a weapon, even though I was searched.Sep 19 06:38
Ender2070there was a time when I would have flownSep 19 06:39
Ender2070im never stepping foot on an airplane unless they remove the naked body scannersSep 19 06:39
TheMadHatterThe scanners aren't a big deal unless you are an idiot.Sep 19 06:40
Ender2070lolSep 19 06:40
Ender2070they save the picturesSep 19 06:40
Ender2070even though they lied and said they wouldntSep 19 06:41
Ender2070xray radiation also accumulates, i doubt they bother testing thatSep 19 06:41
Ender2070one pass is all they test forSep 19 06:41
Ender2070they dont tell you a lifetime of flight will give you cancer, but one or two are fineSep 19 06:41
TheMadHatterSo? As I said, I always carry a weapon when I fly, am always inspected, and am always allowed to board with it.Sep 19 06:42
Ender2070im not saying you should blow up a plane :PSep 19 06:42
*Diablo-D3 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 06:42
Ender2070whatever weapon you're going on with isnt enough of a threatSep 19 06:43
Ender2070even though you could probably kill a pilot with table knifeSep 19 06:43
Ender2070might take a couple of minutes though you knowSep 19 06:43
TheMadHatterAnd I wouldn't. I don't want to die. The weapon I carry is for defensive purposes. Anyone who tries to hijack a flight that I am on will die.Sep 19 06:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lnxwalt140/@lnxwalt140] Want to know when a major severe weather event is happening anywhere in the world? or 19 06:44
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Severe Weather Information Centre .::. Size~: 17.88 KBSep 19 06:44
Ender2070what weapon is that?Sep 19 06:44
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Severe Weather Information Centre .::. Size~: 17.88 KBSep 19 06:44
Ender2070lol @ weather info centre, btwSep 19 06:45
Ender2070gotta love the weather, all of this technology, even the worlds fastest super computer is working on itSep 19 06:45
Ender2070but we still dont have accurate weatherSep 19 06:45
TheMadHatterThat I won't say. I usually carry several. After 9/11 I vowed to never let a flight I was on be successfully hijacked. And I won't.Sep 19 06:46
Ender2070wellSep 19 06:46
Ender2070in less than 100 years of aviation history, the US has been attacked by hijackers on one day and people are still going nuts over itSep 19 06:47
Ender2070you're more likely to get stuck by lightningSep 19 06:47
Ender2070than be killed by a terroristSep 19 06:47
Ender2070heres a fun oneSep 19 06:48
Ender2070you're more likely to get struck by lightning, WHILE flying in a plane, vs getting killed by a terrorist in oneSep 19 06:48
Ender2070lolSep 19 06:48
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[diablod3/@diablod3] Intel admits they could possibly be filing for bankruptcy in the future 19 06:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Intel wants to charge $50 to unlock stuff your CPU can already do -- Engadget .::. Size~: 64.8 KBSep 19 06:49
TheMadHatterOh I agree. But I plan for the off chance that someone stupid will try.Sep 19 06:50
Ender2070diablod3 - amd does that too, and so do game developers. one game recently sold its download content and people wondered why the patch was only around 40KB in sizeSep 19 06:51
Ender2070heh i remember soundblaster and asus doing thatSep 19 06:53
TheMadHatterHah. What's old is new. Return of the Hardcard.Sep 19 06:53
TheMadHatter 19 06:53
TechrightsBot-trTitle: SemiAccurate :: PhotoFast announces 1400MB/s PCI Express SSD  .::. Size~: 21.62 KBSep 19 06:53
Ender2070kikSep 19 06:54
Ender2070lolSep 19 06:54
Ender2070"BY NOW WE can establish one thing, SSDs aren't going to get any slower."Sep 19 06:54
Ender2070or fasterSep 19 06:54
Ender2070LOLSep 19 06:54
Diablo-D3okaySep 19 06:54
Diablo-D3soSep 19 06:54
Diablo-D3intel can suck my nutsSep 19 06:54
Diablo-D3[01:46:08] <TheMadHatter> That I won't say. I usually carry several. After 9/11 I vowed to never let a flight I was on be successfully hijacked. And I won't.Sep 19 06:54
Diablo-D3neither did those guys in Penn.Sep 19 06:55
TheMadHatterIt wasn't that long ago that everyone was buying hard cards. And now they are back.Sep 19 06:55
Ender2070intel can suck mine tooSep 19 06:55
Diablo-D3I wonder why everyone forgets the third hijacking on 9/11Sep 19 06:55
Ender2070i  bet you pirates crack the software thoughSep 19 06:55
Diablo-D3well, fourthSep 19 06:55
Diablo-D3so back to IntelSep 19 06:57
Diablo-D3do they realize that everyone is just going to unlock their CPU?Sep 19 06:57
Ender2070probablySep 19 06:58
Diablo-D3I mean, people do it to _broken_ chipsSep 19 06:58
Ender2070its a crying shame that AMD didn't man up and keep the anti trust suit rollingSep 19 06:58
Ender2070now intel can do whatever it wantsSep 19 06:58
Diablo-D3Ender2070: they didnt have toSep 19 06:58
Diablo-D3AMD only did what they needed to do to make Intel stop suing them for making a better productSep 19 06:58
Diablo-D3its up to the rest of the world to BUY that better productSep 19 06:58
Ender2070however what better product is thatSep 19 06:59
Diablo-D3the fact Intel had to make up this gift card bullshit means AMD is winningSep 19 06:59
TheMadHatterYes, AMD got what they wanted. Which means that ARM is the best hope we have.Sep 19 06:59
Ender2070not at allSep 19 06:59
Ender2070AMD took a paycheque from intel to shut upSep 19 06:59
Diablo-D3Ender2070: when was the last time Intel made a CPU that beat AMD at performance/price or performance/watt?Sep 19 06:59
Ender2070now they make their low end chips and intel can upsell upgrades to unlock features it already hasSep 19 07:00
Diablo-D3hint: the answer is a Pentium 3.Sep 19 07:00
Diablo-D3AMD has long since been outpacing Intel.Sep 19 07:00
Ender2070Diablo-D3 - everything that competed with the phenom and phenom 2Sep 19 07:00
Diablo-D3everything? so, nothing.Sep 19 07:00
Diablo-D3No i# chip has done so.Sep 19 07:00
Ender2070core2duo, core2quad and i7'sSep 19 07:00
Diablo-D3nope, you cant go say c2d/c2qSep 19 07:00
Ender2070Q6600 beats everything phenom 1 hasSep 19 07:00
Diablo-D3you gotta go compare those at original retail pricesSep 19 07:01
Diablo-D3otherwise every out of date hardware magically winsSep 19 07:01
Ender2070nothing from the phenom 1 line beat the Q6xxx lineSep 19 07:01
Diablo-D3This is why you silly consumers fuck upSep 19 07:02
Diablo-D3you never normalize data.Sep 19 07:02
Diablo-D3Ender2070: "beat" in what?Sep 19 07:02
Diablo-D3flat out power?Sep 19 07:02
Ender2070speedSep 19 07:02
Diablo-D3no one cares about thatSep 19 07:02
Diablo-D3they want to get what they paid forSep 19 07:02
Ender2070no tlb bugSep 19 07:02
Ender2070no shitty chipsetsSep 19 07:02
TheMadHatterOh crap - it's 2:00 AM, I gotta run. Night all.Sep 19 07:03
Diablo-D3that "bug" didnt do what people thought it did.Sep 19 07:03
*TheMadHatter has quit (Quit: Page closed)Sep 19 07:03
Diablo-D3anyhow, you're clearly an Intel fanboySep 19 07:03
Ender2070no it just blue screened peopleSep 19 07:03
Ender2070i used to be an amd fanboySep 19 07:03
Ender2070till the phenom 1 crushed my hopes in themSep 19 07:03
Diablo-D3it bluescreened people who didnt apply the fix.Sep 19 07:03
*amarsh04 has more trouble with sata cables working loose than buggy chipsetsSep 19 07:03
Diablo-D3they also replaced many of those tlb-hoarked phenom 1s with phenom 1s that werntSep 19 07:03
Ender2070intel would never release a cpu that crashed requiring a motherboard bios updateSep 19 07:03
Diablo-D3also, linux doesnt suffer from the tlb bugSep 19 07:04
Diablo-D3only windows.Sep 19 07:04
Ender2070my customers used windowsSep 19 07:04
Ender2070and they were cheap fuckers who bought shitty boards tooSep 19 07:04
Diablo-D3oh, and intel wouldnt?Sep 19 07:04
Diablo-D3REALLY?Sep 19 07:04
Diablo-D3remember the pentium math bug?Sep 19 07:04
Ender2070they didnt know it and release it with the bugSep 19 07:04
Ender2070they found out afterSep 19 07:04
Diablo-D3AMD didnt know it.Sep 19 07:05
Ender2070amd knew itSep 19 07:05
Ender2070yes they didSep 19 07:05
Diablo-D3it didnt show up in their testingSep 19 07:05
Diablo-D3and unlike the pentium math bug, it was easy to fixSep 19 07:05
Ender2070hahSep 19 07:05
Ender2070i probably still have the email from amdSep 19 07:05
Diablo-D3they became aware of the bug by the time retail boxed cpus were shippingSep 19 07:05
Diablo-D3remember, computer manufs get CPUs up to 6 months earlySep 19 07:06
Ender2070i knowSep 19 07:06
Diablo-D3they were already in computers and shipping before AMD knewSep 19 07:06
Diablo-D3but the fix is simpleSep 19 07:06
Diablo-D3either upgrade your bios, or have an OS that patches the bug itselfSep 19 07:06
Ender2070thats why some boards took months after retail release to fix it in their bios?Sep 19 07:06
Diablo-D3linux patches the bug automatically if you have a new enough OS.Sep 19 07:06
Diablo-D3Ender2070: noSep 19 07:07
*Judas_PhD has quit (Quit: This is a quitting message)Sep 19 07:07
Diablo-D3some board manufacturers just dont give a fuckSep 19 07:07
Ender2070trueSep 19 07:07
Diablo-D3if this happened on intel, we'd still have the same problemSep 19 07:07
Ender2070nah, intel does recallsSep 19 07:07
Ender2070amd just changes the model nameSep 19 07:07
Diablo-D3they dont recall other people's boards.Sep 19 07:07
Ender2070the cpu itselfSep 19 07:07
Diablo-D3they didSep 19 07:07
Diablo-D3any leftover stock was sent backSep 19 07:07
Diablo-D3AMD replaced it with fixed CPUsSep 19 07:08
Ender2070some ended up being X3'sSep 19 07:08
Diablo-D3if you owned a retail boxed cpu, you could send it back tooSep 19 07:08
Ender2070modified firmware and disabled coresSep 19 07:08
Diablo-D3and most manufs would work with you under warrenty to get it fixedSep 19 07:09
Ender2070under warrantly sucksSep 19 07:09
Diablo-D3its not like AMD fucked people over hereSep 19 07:09
Ender2070shipping shit around is a pain in the assSep 19 07:09
Diablo-D3there should be no broken CPUs left out thereSep 19 07:09
Diablo-D3but look at IntelSep 19 07:09
Diablo-D3they never recalled the math bug CPUsSep 19 07:09
Diablo-D3they just sent out a software patchSep 19 07:09
Ender2070amd is still behind in fab technologySep 19 07:10
Diablo-D3AMD isnt behindSep 19 07:10
Ender2070reallySep 19 07:10
Ender2070what are they at nowSep 19 07:10
Diablo-D3Intel _needs_ to use one step smaller because their chips are badly designed and want to overheat.Sep 19 07:10
Diablo-D3AMD's design simply doesn't require it.Sep 19 07:10
amarsh04I went off AMD for a while due to an NE2100 nic that died and someone at work frying their early athlon. I liked the 386DX40 they had, and am happy with the athlon-64 and laterSep 19 07:11
Ender2070nice way to spin that oneSep 19 07:11
Diablo-D3Ender2070: AMD does every other sizeSep 19 07:11
Ender2070they are one step smaller because intel has more money in R&DSep 19 07:11
Diablo-D3it reduces the cost of fabbing by a fair bitSep 19 07:11
Diablo-D3not really one step behindSep 19 07:11
Diablo-D3its kind of absurd to say thatSep 19 07:11
Ender2070it isSep 19 07:11
Ender2070they are behindSep 19 07:11
Diablo-D3Intel doesnt know how to develop chips, so they have to continually waste moneySep 19 07:12
Ender2070intel got ahead of them  by faking their quad coresSep 19 07:12
Ender2070while amd made natives that were still slowerSep 19 07:12
Diablo-D3AMD is currently shipping 45nm, Intel is currently shipping 45nm and very early 32nm.Sep 19 07:13
Ender2070A intel Q6600 (2.4Ghz) overclocked to 3.0Ghz (with stock cooling, running at stock temps :P), would outperform every AMD we through at it from the phenom 1 seriesSep 19 07:13
Diablo-D3they JUST started shipping very high end 32nm parts.Sep 19 07:13
Ender2070this was at Canada ComputersSep 19 07:13
Diablo-D3so its not like AMD is behind here.Sep 19 07:13
Ender2070they aren't shipping 32nmSep 19 07:14
Ender2070= behindSep 19 07:14
Diablo-D3they are skipping 32nmSep 19 07:14
Ender2070good for them, they won't have the most efficient cpuSep 19 07:14
Ender2070untill thenSep 19 07:14
Diablo-D3their cpu is already more efficient than Intel's 32nm shit.Sep 19 07:14
Ender2070bullshitSep 19 07:14
Diablo-D3efficiency is measured as performance/wattSep 19 07:14
Diablo-D3Intel really fucked up with i7s.Sep 19 07:15
Ender2070ill test you with a voltage meter any daySep 19 07:15
Diablo-D3and btw, that 32nm part is their 6 core shitSep 19 07:15
Diablo-D3all their normal consumer stuff is still 45Sep 19 07:15
Ender2070by the time amd has 32nm, intel will have smallerSep 19 07:15
Diablo-D3AMD isnt doing 32Sep 19 07:16
Ender2070whats nextSep 19 07:16
Diablo-D3they're going straight to 22 afiakSep 19 07:16
Ender2070intel had 45nm last yearSep 19 07:16
Ender2070i  bet you intel has 22 or better before amdSep 19 07:16
Diablo-D3So what?Sep 19 07:16
Diablo-D3fab size is an expense.Sep 19 07:16
Diablo-D3If it doesn't bring enough performance/watt change, its not worth the money.Sep 19 07:17
Ender2070a smaller chip requires less powerSep 19 07:17
Diablo-D3AMD is smarter than you, thats for sure.Sep 19 07:17
Diablo-D3sure, less power, but requires more money.Sep 19 07:17
Ender2070thats why intel cpus cost moreSep 19 07:17
Ender2070amd is selling you overclocked old technologySep 19 07:17
Diablo-D3yes, and thats why intel fails performance/costSep 19 07:17
Diablo-D3AMD continually makes CPUs that have more efficient designsSep 19 07:18
Ender2070if price isn't my limiting factor, i'd take intel any daySep 19 07:18
Diablo-D3thus dont need to keep throwing out perfectly good fabs.Sep 19 07:18
Ender2070personally ill buy AMD at homeSep 19 07:18
Diablo-D3price is _always_ a factorSep 19 07:18
Diablo-D3Im not going to buy a $1000 cpu, I dont care what Intel thinksSep 19 07:18
Ender2070a large business willSep 19 07:18
Ender2070they aren't cheapos like usSep 19 07:18
Diablo-D3a large business will not.Sep 19 07:18
Diablo-D3they will buy what is most cost effective.Sep 19 07:19
Ender2070then why is intel crushing amd?Sep 19 07:19
Diablo-D3intel isntSep 19 07:19
Ender2070it is more cost effectiveSep 19 07:19
Ender2070sure they pay more for the cpu itselfSep 19 07:19
Diablo-D3AMD sells more to enterprise than Intel does.Sep 19 07:19
Ender2070they save money by using less electricitySep 19 07:19
Diablo-D3more electricity, actuallySep 19 07:19
Ender2070more performance per wattSep 19 07:19
Diablo-D3since they have to buy more intel machines to keep upSep 19 07:20
Diablo-D3or buy very expensive high watt partsSep 19 07:20
Ender2070intels stuff is fasterSep 19 07:20
Ender2070are you talking on the server?Sep 19 07:20
Diablo-D3intel's stuff that IS faster costs more watts for the performance you get.Sep 19 07:20
Ender2070opteron wins thereSep 19 07:20
Diablo-D3anyhow, Im going to eat.Sep 19 07:20
Ender2070ill agree on the serverSep 19 07:20
Ender2070fastest super computer in the world has half a million operton coresSep 19 07:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[sagarun/@sagarun] The most powerful word in the human vocabulary: Perspective #interestinSep 19 07:22
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The Most Powerful Word In The Human Vocabulary: Perspective - Sokanu: The Blog .::. Size~: 27.57 KBSep 19 07:22
Diablo-D3Ender2070: actuallySep 19 07:24
Diablo-D3it had a bunch of ati gpus in it tooSep 19 07:24
Ender2070but i do like intel as a company  better, they are more open, they actually provide their own open source drivers (not requirng the community to build them for them), they are also an intel gold partnerSep 19 07:24
Ender2070amd is linux silver partner, they also help novellSep 19 07:25
Ender2070but after todaySep 19 07:25
Ender2070my faith is shakenSep 19 07:25
Ender2070cpu upgrades, $50Sep 19 07:25
Ender2070fuck thatSep 19 07:25
Ender2070fuck all of x86 and x86_64Sep 19 07:26
Ender2070they're all crooksSep 19 07:27
Ender2070and its all bullshitSep 19 07:29
Ender2070the miltiary gets to play around with quantum cpusSep 19 07:29
*amarsh04 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Sep 19 07:35
*amarsh04 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 07:44
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] My Pre lasted about 16 hours today w/ conservative use, few phone calls, few texts, google map, couple of posts and checking email!Sep 19 07:45
*Ender2070 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Sep 19 08:32
*Thrae has quit (Quit: Restarting client or something...)Sep 19 08:34
*Thrae ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 08:44
*amarsh04 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Sep 19 08:47
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[phoronix/@phoronix] Intel Linux DRM HDMI / DisplayPort Audio: While the open-source Radeon DRM/KMS (along with the closed-source Catal... 19 08:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[phoronix/@phoronix] Talking About EGL In Mesa On Linux: A few days back I reported on the first operating system where you may see the... 19 08:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Phoronix] Intel Linux DRM HDMI / DisplayPort Audio .::. Size~: 16.99 KBSep 19 08:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Phoronix] Talking About EGL In Mesa On Linux .::. Size~: 19.06 KBSep 19 08:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Intel + DRM: a crippled processor that you have to pay extra to unlock - "fundamentally anti-private-property" #intelSep 19 09:07
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Intel + DRM: a crippled processor that you have to pay extra to unlock - Boing Boing .::. Size~: 33.09 KBSep 19 09:07
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] My First Week with the iPhone - "I looked at the sky. I heard colors" (via @sephault @KatherineD) #blindness #iphoneSep 19 09:22
TechrightsBot-trTitle: My First Week with the iPhoneBehind the Curtain | Behind the Curtain .::. Size~: 29.11 KBSep 19 09:22
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Facebook Is Secretly Building A Phone - the ultimate walled garden #facebook #mobileSep 19 09:24
TechrightsBot-trTitle:   Facebook Is Secretly Building A Phone  .::. Size~: 47.63 KBSep 19 09:24
schestowitz[06:16] <Ender2070> with 90+% of the desktop marketSep 19 09:24
schestowitzHow much of it are they actually making money on?Sep 19 09:25
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[phoronix/@phoronix] PostgreSQL 9.0 Is Now Available: While we have yet to see any official release announcement, if you browse the Pos... 19 09:27
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] RT @diablod3 Intel admits they could possibly be filing for bankruptcy in the future 19 09:27
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Phoronix] PostgreSQL 9.0 Is Now Available .::. Size~: 16.92 KBSep 19 09:27
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Intel wants to charge $50 to unlock stuff your CPU can already do -- Engadget .::. Size~: 64.76 KBSep 19 09:27
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] Interesting, an old article I'd written on Linux RPG's has taken a big hit of readers... !rpg !linux !fossSep 19 09:39
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux Gaming  The RPG question. « OpenBytes .::. Size~: 56.97 KBSep 19 09:39
schestowitz 19 09:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Google acquires 'video Street View' startup • The Register .::. Size~: 23.36 KBSep 19 09:40
*Judas_PhD ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 09:40
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] Linux Out Performs Windows in OpenGL !linux !opengl !windows !mvp !mvpbuzz !xp !windows7 19 09:40
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[sagarun/@sagarun] Attended a seemanthm ( ) of my colleague's wife :-) #sundaySep 19 09:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Thoughts on Technology: Linux Out Performs Windows in OpenGL .::. Size~: 71.53 KBSep 19 09:40
schestowitz 19 09:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle:  Google, Microsoft And IBM Among Top Global Brands | WebProNews .::. Size~: 36.23 KBSep 19 09:42
schestowitzIs there a rebuttal/clarification on ?Sep 19 09:50
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Slashdot Linux Story | Swiss Canton Abandons Linux Migration .::. Size~: 182.38 KBSep 19 09:50
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[appelond/@appelond] !Python !GNU !Linux thinking of writing an !gnome applet, to make SSH tunnels easy, anybody know if something like that exist?Sep 19 09:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[royhugo/@royhugo] Facebook Is Secretly Building A Phone 19 10:02
TechrightsBot-trTitle:   Facebook Is Secretly Building A Phone  .::. Size~: 47.28 KBSep 19 10:02
*oiaohm (~oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #techrightsSep 19 10:06
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] !identica 140 limit - I think consistent, quality users should get character points. Maybe after 1000 dents you get 10 characters more. etcSep 19 10:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ruiseabra/@ruiseabra] RT @schestowitz RT @diablod3 Intel admits they could possibly be filing for bankruptcy in the future 19 10:14
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Intel wants to charge $50 to unlock stuff your CPU can already do -- Engadget .::. Size~: 64.76 KBSep 19 10:14
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ruiseabra/@ruiseabra] RT @glynmoody Intel + DRM: a crippled processor that you have to pay extra to unlock - "fundamentally anti-private- ...Sep 19 10:15
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Intel + DRM: a crippled processor that you have to pay extra to unlock - Boing Boing .::. Size~: 44.73 KBSep 19 10:15
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] Mandriva has been forked due to lay offs and an uncertain future. !linuxSep 19 10:20
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Mageia - A New Linux Distribution .::. Size~: 12.16 KBSep 19 10:20
*Judas_PhD has quit (Quit: This is a quitting message)Sep 19 10:36
schestowitz 19 10:36
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Documents To Go not gone yet • The Register .::. Size~: 24.65 KBSep 19 10:36
schestowitzStupid companySep 19 10:37
schestowitzSupported OOXMLSep 19 10:37
schestowitzUSed in my PalSep 19 10:37
schestowitz*PalmSep 19 10:37
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[diablod3/@diablod3] Autism’s First Child 19 11:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Autisms First Child - Magazine - The Atlantic .::. Size~: 87.26 KBSep 19 11:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[diablod3/@diablod3] DId anyone notice Google's new Google Instant commercial accidently lists "the man in the trenchcoat mafia"? Doh.Sep 19 11:14
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Linux Journal be Taken Over by Pirates, ARRRR! 19 11:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux Journal be Taken Over by Pirates, ARRRR! | Linux Journal .::. Size~: 45.82 KBSep 19 11:40
cubevectorI should learn to keep flash turned offSep 19 11:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Prof. Richard Dawkins Advocates the Use of BitTorrent - what an all-round sound chap #bittorrent #dawkinsSep 19 11:52
TechrightsBot-trTitle:    Prof. Richard Dawkins Advocates the Use of BitTorrent | TorrentFreak   .::. Size~: 38.61 KBSep 19 11:52
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] OSS Watch National Software Survey 2010 on open source across FE and HE - (via @mberry) #opensource #educationSep 19 11:59
TechrightsBot-trTitle:  .::. Size~: 6.07 KBSep 19 11:59
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Police chief issues call to decriminalise cannabis and redirect resources - another voice - but when will they listen?Sep 19 12:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle:  Police chief issues call to decriminalise cannabis and redirect resources | Society |  .::. Size~: 77.63 KBSep 19 12:00
schestowitzPJ about Mageia: "I'm so excited about this news. I'm in! Totally. I've been hoping for this since Gaël Duval left, actually."Sep 19 12:01
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[appelond/@appelond] Is there a !gstm for !Fedora (Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager)?Sep 19 12:17
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] #Hashtag for next weekends #ossbarcamp is #ossbc some of the talks will be videoed also /by @czajkowskiSep 19 12:29
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Most of the greatest advocates for #humanrights & equality have not been Christians. /by @KarenMMcCormackSep 19 12:32
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] The Guardian is now funded by Bill Gates. RIP, Guardian and shame on those who run the paper.Sep 19 12:37
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Gates Funds Guardian News Site, Which Then Profiles Melinda Gates? Guardian seems rogue nowSep 19 12:47
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Gates Funds Guardian News Site, Which Then Profiles Melinda Gates?  | Humanosphere .::. Size~: 40.13 KBSep 19 12:47
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] "What looks bad is the rapidity with which the Guardian moved to write a glowing article about one of its financial benefactors." -PaulsonSep 19 12:49
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Just when people are led into believing that someone 'leaving' Microsoft means less damage rather than more...Sep 19 12:49
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[webmink/@webmink] The White House explores crowdsourcing as a problem-solving resource: 19 12:59
TechrightsBot-trTitle: : The central platform for crowdsourcing US Government challenges, contests, competitions and open innovation prizes .::. Size~: 32.78 KBSep 19 12:59
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*twitter ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 13:36
twittergood morningSep 19 13:37
schestowitzHiSep 19 13:37
twitterSlashdot had a trolly story yesterday about an apparently failed migration 19 13:38
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Slashdot Linux Story | Swiss Canton Abandons Linux Migration .::. Size~: 182.34 KBSep 19 13:38
twitterany idea what that is all about?Sep 19 13:38
schestowitzWhat's the rebuttal to it?Sep 19 13:39
schestowitzI didn't see the commentrsSep 19 13:39
schestowitzSomeone in identica linked to thisSep 19 13:39
twitterI did not look into it, comments at Slashdot are not reliable or easy to look throughSep 19 13:39
schestowitzThe story did not mention intervention by Microsoft (could be omission)Sep 19 13:39
schestowitzMaybe they were offered a 'special deal', but one needs to ask those at the scenes, not epeculateSep 19 13:40
schestowitzMicrosoft did this in MunichSep 19 13:40
twitterDo you know the author?  I'm susupicious.Sep 19 13:40
twitter"Open Source" at HeiseSep 19 13:40
schestowitzTo send a "Warning" example to anyone else who 'dares' to show a Linux success storySep 19 13:40
twitteris it another one of those fake Open Source columnsSep 19 13:40
twitter?Sep 19 13:40
schestowitzHeise is relaibleSep 19 13:40
schestowitzNo, not fakeSep 19 13:40
schestowitzWorth seeing what people on the scene have to saySep 19 13:41
schestowitzAnd to what extent this is trueSep 19 13:41
schestowitzThere was a similar story last week in FranceSep 19 13:41
twitterI could not tell because I don't read German and the translated page is gibberishSep 19 13:41
twitterWhat does come out of the story does not make much sense.  The revolts are over applications, most of which probably won't run on Windows 7 which they run back to.Sep 19 13:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[royhugo/@royhugo] ♺ @jerezim: To illustrate your posts about the #GalloReport: #CopyrightRepression (call! → I ♥ itSep 19 13:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: File:Gallo Report private-copyright-CRS.png - La Quadrature du Net .::. Size~: 17.86 KBSep 19 13:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: ur1 Generator .::. Size~: 1.93 KBSep 19 13:42
twitterHeise also mentioned Outlook, which is a real piece of garbage.  It's hard to imagine someone making something that sucks worse than Outlook.Sep 19 13:43
schestowitzLockinSep 19 13:43
schestowitzBut...Sep 19 13:43
schestowitzThey need to invest to escape itSep 19 13:44
schestowitzSimilar story in ViennaSep 19 13:44
schestowitzQuestion is, why was the CIO resigning?Sep 19 13:44
schestowitzWas he pressure like Quinn for example?Sep 19 13:44
schestowitzMicrosoft often puts some moles around these people and then cause them troubleSep 19 13:44
schestowitzGates Foundation does the same thingSep 19 13:44
schestowitzThey toss out those who stand in its waySep 19 13:44
twitterLockin is trouble but the sooner you get out, the more you save.Sep 19 13:45
twitterand it's not so badSep 19 13:45
schestowitzOr cut their research fundingSep 19 13:45
schestowitzWell...Sep 19 13:45
schestowitzAll I can say is, if you find out something beyond what /, say, let us knowSep 19 13:45
schestowitzIt's a Heise/Slashdot information 'monopoly' on this storySep 19 13:46
twitterI'm working in a Windows office and I'm able to get what I need from legacy apps through Windows terminal services.Sep 19 13:46
schestowitzI didn't get to see an independent report... yetSep 19 13:46
twitterOK, thanks, that's what I wanted to know.  There are a lot o missing details and the problems I mentioned above.Sep 19 13:47
twitterWindows 7 will bring all sorts of pain to places using XP.  I can't imagine how nasty a move from gnu/linux to Windows 7 would be.Sep 19 13:48
twitterI'm told that both samba and rdp are broken in Vista/Windows 7, so gnu/linux won't work in a place like that - complete shut out.Sep 19 13:49
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Redefining the Great Wall - "more accurately translated into English as 'The Great Town'": interesting #chinaSep 19 13:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Redefining the Great Wall .::. Size~: 91.21 KBSep 19 13:49
twitterok, comments from Slashdot.  Maxwell's Demon says, "Note that 80% of the users were satisfied with the new desktop, and a further 10% just complained about transient problems."Sep 19 13:53
twitterAnother big mistake, they made the decision to migrate in 2001 but only started to migrate in 2006.  That gave the Microsoft people lots of time to make trouble.Sep 19 14:00
schestowitz<twitter> OK, thanks, that's what I wanted to know.  There are a lot o missing details and the problems I mentioned above.Sep 19 14:01
schestowitzI haven't even mentioned this yetSep 19 14:01
schestowitzNot a single article in EnglishSep 19 14:01
schestowitztwitter: maybe you can accumulate this infoSep 19 14:01
schestowitzThen write an article with link to backing claimSep 19 14:02
schestowitzTo post a rebuttal to this piece, which is in German onlySep 19 14:02
schestowitzReaders would appreciate the other sideSep 19 14:02
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] @pookito I think it would be a shame to see an established distro like Mandriva disappear. It has a sound community.Sep 19 14:02
twitterI can look around, but I think information will be lacking in English.Sep 19 14:02
twitterLike I said, it's very trolly.Sep 19 14:03
schestowitzThere's already one thing of importanceSep 19 14:14
schestowitzLike how many people were pleasedSep 19 14:14
schestowitzBut I don't have linksSep 19 14:14
schestowitzAnd it needs to be suimmarised concisely, I thinkSep 19 14:14
schestowitzThen we can published a more complete storySep 19 14:15
twitterI hate Slashdot's nasty java script.  It does not work with Konq 3.5, so I have to pull up iceweasel.Sep 19 14:17
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] @pookito So far it looks like they're getting pretty organised and the future looks good if they can maintain the same standard.Sep 19 14:22
twitterHere's an interesting comment from an AC.  The problem with Linux and (F)OSS in Switzerland is manifold:- Microsoft has a strong lobbying group in Switzerland that figuratively "bought" several members of the parliament (even members of the socialist party, e.g. Mrs Pascale Bruderer, who worked for Microsoft Switzerland for a couple of years)Sep 19 14:23
twitter- Microsoft's tentacles even reach out to the Federal Council (Microsoft has strong ties to the current President of the Swiss Confederation, Mrs Doris Leuthard)Sep 19 14:23
twitter- Mr Stefan Meierhans, Swiss "Preisüberwacher" ("Mr Price", chief of one of the Swiss antitrust authorities), is a former PR expert and lobbyist of Microsoft Switzerland. He was appointed by Mrs Doris Leuthard (surprise, surprise).Sep 19 14:23
twitter- A couple of days ago, Mrs Leuthard announced the establishment of a new eEconomy Board [] organization that is supposed to offer IT advice to the Swiss government and its related organizations. The appointed chief of this organization is the current CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, Mr Peter Waser. Other representatives of big US closed source software vendors are part of the board, but not a single representative of a local opeSep 19 14:23
twitterend interesting commentSep 19 14:24
twitterMaxwells Demon again, "The windows data base they were speaking about was a product named "Konsul" (a proprietary data base developed by a swiss company). No, I didn't hear about that data base before either (I had to google it to find out it was a swiss product, although I suspected it due to the name), and of course it got lost in the Google translation."Sep 19 14:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] “Sent from Ubuntu” signature to be added to all mail sent from Evolution? (via @omgubuntu)Sep 19 14:30
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[pietercolpaert/@pietercolpaert] - Report of the #iRail meet-up 17th of September. Thanks for showing up, we'll keep you postedSep 19 14:30
TechrightsBot-trTitle: &ldquo;Sent from Ubuntu&rdquo; signature to be added to all mail sent from Evolution? .::. Size~: 30.07 KBSep 19 14:30
TechrightsBot-trTitle: iRail meet-up: Report «  Bon sans nom .::. Size~: 24.8 KBSep 19 14:30
schestowitztwitter: could you summarise all these points?Sep 19 14:31
schestowitzI can make a reader's article based on that todaySep 19 14:31
schestowitzTo counter the AstroTurfing I see with this storySep 19 14:31
schestowitzSwitzerland's govt. was suedSep 19 14:31
twitteroften quoted troll hairyfeet talks about how cheap windows is, how wonderful AD is and how gnu/linux is only good for niche applications.Sep 19 14:31
schestowitzFor signing illegally a Microsoft dealSep 19 14:32
twitterhmm, I'm short on time and don't think I can get it done today.Sep 19 14:32
schestowitzOK, maybe later?Sep 19 14:32
schestowitzIt's maybe a case ...Sep 19 14:32
schestowitzNever mindSep 19 14:32
schestowitzI'll use what you put hereSep 19 14:32
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[royhugo/@royhugo] it seems like folks at #diaspora forgot the principle "release early, release often" 19 14:32
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gbraad/@gbraad] watching #Discovery's Into the Universe with #StephenHawking on our !dreambox 19 14:32
schestowitzAnd summaris thatSep 19 14:32
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Trouble with Diaspora - Steve's Blog .::. Size~: 35.29 KBSep 19 14:32
TechrightsBot-trTitle: - .::. Size~: 8.97 KBSep 19 14:32
twitterthanks, I'm busy moving.Sep 19 14:32
schestowitz_logokSep 19 14:33
twitterI've lived in this house for nine years and have lots of junk to pack.Sep 19 14:33
schestowitzI'll use the quotes and allSep 19 14:33
schestowitzFrom the loggerSep 19 14:33
twittercheck you latter, thanks for all the good work.Sep 19 14:33
schestowitzI'm putting the log aside to arrange laterSep 19 14:33
schestowitzLots of posts next week...Sep 19 14:33
twitterI do make time to read.  :)Sep 19 14:33
*twitter has quit (Quit: Leaving.)Sep 19 14:34
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] RhythmArty – Banshee style album browsing for Rhythmbox #ubuntu (via @omgubuntu)Sep 19 14:34
TechrightsBot-trTitle: RhythmArty  Banshee style album browsing for Rhythmbox .::. Size~: 25.34 KBSep 19 14:34
schestowitzGates has killed the Guardian...Sep 19 14:35
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gbraad/@gbraad] seems the !dreambox stream also works on my !maemo based #n810 and #n900 using MPlayerSep 19 14:39
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] Now Steve Jobs Is Having An Email Pissing Match with A College Journalism Student 19 14:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Now Steve Jobs Is Having An Email Pissing Match with A College Journalism Student .::. Size~: 264.63 KBSep 19 14:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] In Search of the Full Story About Swiss Canton and #Microsoft memories return in #SwitzerlandSep 19 15:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] More ddos attacks to come in 4 hours time? !acslaw !bpi !riaaSep 19 15:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: In Search of the Full Story About Swiss Canton and Microsoft | Techrights .::. Size~: 125.15 KBSep 19 15:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle:    4chan to DDoS RIAA Next  Is This the Protest of the Future? | TorrentFreak   .::. Size~: 39.63 KBSep 19 15:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] "Internet?" "So wias die leut sogn, ist do viel drin" - #ochsentoni bei #wiesngauditv - Sehr lustig! 19 15:29
TechrightsBot-trTitle:     YouTube        - Ochsentoni - die Internetberühmtheit - auf Wiesn Gaudi TV   .::. Size~: 104.09 KBSep 19 15:29
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[osamak/@osamak] (Arabic) my favorite !fs programs/activists: emacs, mutt, ffmpeg, statusnet, firefox, rms, eben, bkuhn, mako and evanSep 19 15:34
TechrightsBot-trTitle: يوم حرية برمجيات سعيد! « مدونة أسامة خالد .::. Size~: 19.48 KBSep 19 15:34
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[toros/@toros] Tech Drive-in: Edubuntu 10.10 Installer is Also Getting a Full Overhaul 19 15:54
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Edubuntu 10.10 Installer is Also Getting a Full Overhaul | Tech Drive-in .::. Size~: 45.91 KBSep 19 15:54
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] WTF why does One Piece 467 has a huge ass recap! !animeSep 19 15:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[toros/@toros] #WebUpd8: #Minitube 1.2 Beta Released, Adds Video Downloads, Gnome Multimedia Keys Support 19 16:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Minitube 1.2 Beta Released, Adds Video Downloads, Gnome Multimedia Keys Support ~ Web Upd8 .::. Size~: 67.56 KBSep 19 16:00
*abeNd-org1 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 16:09
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[toros/@toros] !OMG !Ubuntu: "Sent from Ubuntu" signature to be added to Evolution [Poll] 19 16:09
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Sent from Ubuntu signature to be added to Evolution [Poll] .::. Size~: 55.09 KBSep 19 16:09
*abeNd-org has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)Sep 19 16:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] The Internet as a human right - "I count myself as an Internet exceptionalist." #net #neutrality #rightsSep 19 16:25
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Joho the Blog » The Internet as a human right .::. Size~: 31.33 KBSep 19 16:25
*Ender2070 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 16:26
*Ender2070 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Sep 19 16:30
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gotunandan/@gotunandan] RT @davidmarsden Dimitar Berbatov is now a !ManUtd player.Sep 19 16:34
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] Northern Lights over Prelude Lake #APODSep 19 16:34
TechrightsBot-trTitle:  APOD: 2010 September 17 - Northern Lights over Prelude Lake .::. Size~: 3.88 KBSep 19 16:34
*TheMad (63ee29d0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #techrightsSep 19 16:47
TheMadLots up in Switzerland I see.Sep 19 16:47
TheMadAnyway, rumor is that Anonymous is going to attack the RIAA with Low Orbit Ion Cannons at 3:00 Eastern Time today.Sep 19 16:48
TheMad 19 16:48
TechrightsBot-trTitle:    4chan to DDoS RIAA Next  Is This the Protest of the Future? | TorrentFreak   .::. Size~: 51.28 KBSep 19 16:48
TheMadFunny thing is that when you read the article it ties into GM crops, international arms manufacturers, and animal research establishments.Sep 19 16:51
TheMadIt also references an article in the Independent, but doesn't link to it. Thanks to Google I have the linkSep 19 16:53
TheMad 19 16:53
TechrightsBot-trTitle: How Heathrow's lawyer has made a career of opposing right to protest -Home News, UK - The Independent .::. Size~: 92.23 KBSep 19 16:53
TheMadFYI, Torrent Freak also has an article about Richard Dawkins and his documentary on religious schoolsSep 19 16:54
TheMad 19 16:54
TechrightsBot-trTitle:    Prof. Richard Dawkins Advocates the Use of BitTorrent | TorrentFreak   .::. Size~: 50.43 KBSep 19 16:54
TheMadAnd Nina Paley gave a talk at Hope2010Sep 19 16:54
TheMad 19 16:54
TechrightsBot-trTitle:     YouTube        - Nina Paley at HOPE 2010   .::. Size~: 105.29 KBSep 19 16:54
TheMadwhich will have the MPAA freaking out.Sep 19 16:55
TheMadAnd the X-Prize winners have been announcedSep 19 16:55
TheMad 19 16:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: X Prize Winners Announced - Slide Show - .::. Size~: 16.74 KBSep 19 16:55
TheMadHave fun with that stuff. WayneSep 19 16:56
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ZiomatrixgreetingsSep 19 16:58
*Ender2070 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 17:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lnxwalt140/@lnxwalt140] via search engine Cuil is gone, two years after launch: 19 17:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Cuil, once touted as a 'Google killer,' appears to be dead .::. Size~: 61.65 KBSep 19 17:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Sent from Ubuntu signature to be added to Evolution [Poll] How about "Sent from GNU/Linux (Ubuntu)"?Sep 19 17:09
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] I am hoping to start a postdoc on cardiac MR next monthSep 19 17:09
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Sent from Ubuntu signature to be added to Evolution [Poll] .::. Size~: 65.42 KBSep 19 17:09
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] AKA CEO has boradmeeting with management from local office 19 17:10
TechrightsBot-trTitle: BBC News - Pope Benedict to address Catholic bishops .::. Size~: 65.31 KBSep 19 17:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Some people send me E-mail despite me saying that I rarely use it anymore. Best to use microblogging/IRC for speedy, real-time comms.Sep 19 17:12
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] DWG Cad on Linux - Draftsight and Ares Commander CAD and Linux in the same sentence. Times change.Sep 19 17:12
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux Made Easy: DWG Cad on Linux - Draftsight and Ares Commander .::. Size~: 51.26 KBSep 19 17:12
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] China-centric Android OS – ‘Tapas’ already on Sharp phones !Linux gets many new names/identitiesSep 19 17:14
TechrightsBot-trTitle: China-centric Android OS – ‘Tapas’ already on Sharp phones | .::. Size~: 34.13 KBSep 19 17:14
schestowitz "@seeds glad to hear it's not just me because sometimes it feels like I get heat from people for turning my back on E-mail (old tech)"Sep 19 17:17
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] @schestowitz: several years ago I tried a German professional cad package in Linux but can't remember its name.Sep 19 17:17
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 9.69 KBSep 19 17:17
schestowitzToo bad Wave is kind of deadSep 19 17:17
schestowitzI never got to try it. The boxed thing seems like a loser's compromise from Google's staff ("look, you didn't work in vain")Sep 19 17:18
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] @schestowitz: I have just checked through mail, the cad firm was Schroer GmbHSep 19 17:22
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Ender2070apparently thinking is bad for you nowSep 19 17:33
Ender2070 19 17:33
TechrightsBot-trTitle: BBC News - It's good to think - but not too much, scientists say .::. Size~: 48.84 KBSep 19 17:33
Ender2070awesome, from the BBC - governmentSep 19 17:34
Ender2070ridiiculousSep 19 17:34
Ender2070typoSep 19 17:34
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ZiomatrixEnder2070: relax we'll take care of you, mwahahahaSep 19 17:41
ZiomatrixEnder2070: well of course people who think enough are depressed because they see all the problems in this world. There's nothing too scientific about it from the onset.Sep 19 17:42
Ziomatrix"She added that they hope they may be able to improve patients' ability to recognise (typo its recognize) that they have an illness and to remember to take their medication." Yay for mind controlSep 19 17:45
Ziomatrixperhaps they need this research to make sure BBC editors do their job ;)Sep 19 17:45
abeNd-org1i think that is still a valid spellingSep 19 17:47
ZiomatrixabeNd-org1: perhaps, like colour and colorSep 19 17:48
*Ender2071 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 17:48
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[w3c/@w3c] Scurvy errors walk th' plank! Unicorn, W3C's unified validatARRR! #tlapdSep 19 17:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Unicorn .::. Size~: 9.42 KBSep 19 17:49
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] How Heathrow's lawyer has made a career of opposing right to protest old but importantSep 19 17:52
TechrightsBot-trTitle: How Heathrow's lawyer has made a career of opposing right to protest -Home News, UK - The Independent .::. Size~: 94.2 KBSep 19 17:52
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] RT @lnxwalt140 via search engine Cuil is gone, two years after launch: 19 17:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Cuil, once touted as a 'Google killer,' appears to be dead .::. Size~: 61.68 KBSep 19 17:55
schestowitz[17:33] <Ender2070> 19 17:56
TechrightsBot-trTitle: BBC News - It's good to think - but not too much, scientists say .::. Size~: 48.79 KBSep 19 17:56
schestowitzHehe.Sep 19 17:56
schestowitzThey sounds some old crack who say itSep 19 17:56
schestowitzThen they say "Sep 19 17:56
schestowitz<li><h5><a href="" rel="nofollow">X Prize Winners Announced</a></h5>Sep 19 17:56
TechrightsBot-trTitle: X Prize Winners Announced - Slide Show - .::. Size~: 16.75 KBSep 19 17:56
schestowitz<blockquote>Edison2, a company based in Lynchburg, Va., won the $5 million top prize with its Edison2 Very Light Car. The competition was broken up into two classes: Mainstream, which was for four-seat vehicles, and Alternative, which had two divisions: two-seats side-by-side and two seats in a tandem, fighter-jet configuration.</blockquote></li>Sep 19 17:56
schestowitzoopsSep 19 17:56
schestowitzThen they say "scientists"Sep 19 17:56
schestowitzWhich means it sounds like all/most scientistsSep 19 17:57
schestowitz2 scientists say "9/11 was an inside job" -> BBC: 9/11 was an inside job, say scientists :-)Sep 19 17:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] @satipera yeah, I think many CAD users in Europe are on Linux cause a German company which makes CAD software wrote about it in 2008, twiceSep 19 17:57
schestowitz[17:45] <Ziomatrix> "She added that they hope they may be able to improve patients' ability to recognise (typo its recognize) that they have an illness and to remember to take their medication." Yay for mind controlSep 19 17:58
schestowitzRemember that dissidence is illnessSep 19 17:58
schestowitzI've seen how people's whose views on society were "different" got labeled "in need of help"Sep 19 17:59
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[webmink/@webmink] Wikipedia deletionism again snuffing out enthusiasm: 19 17:59
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/OpenIndiana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 55.55 KBSep 19 17:59
Ziomatrixschestowitz: and apparently anyone who questions a legal contract even from a private business that states it will always be subject to change is somehow crazySep 19 17:59
schestowitzIn China, opposition to the government gets arrested and sent away to mental institutesSep 19 17:59
schestowitzIt's well knownSep 19 17:59
schestowitzIn Russia they can just kill them, tooSep 19 17:59
schestowitzOr call them "pirates"Sep 19 17:59
schestowitzOne call to Microsoft lawyersSep 19 17:59
schestowitzAnd they haul you with your computers which has licensed Windows but no longer the sticker :-)Sep 19 18:00
schestowitzZiomatrix: I don't get your last pointSep 19 18:01
Ziomatrixschestowitz: well its based on the recent US 9th Circuit Court ruling that a EULA stating that you cannot resell a copy even if it was never installed and the person never came into contact with the agreement is still legally binding before it was consented: 19 18:02
TechrightsBot-trTitle: No, you don't own it: Court upholds EULAs, threatens digital resale .::. Size~: 32.38 KBSep 19 18:02
Ziomatrix 19 18:03
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The EULA you click may not be the one in effect .::. Size~: 35.05 KBSep 19 18:03
ZiomatrixI hope more precedents concerning EULAs turn out like this one: 19 18:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Game-addicted man scores rare win over software lawyers • The Register .::. Size~: 26.24 KBSep 19 18:05
Ziomatrixok thats the wrong link, but an interesting one none the lessSep 19 18:06
ZiomatrixI was looking for another case but I suppose this one has similar repercussions: It means that hopefully one day any EULA that states that it is subject to change within its entirety or even a large section renders the entire agreement legally voidSep 19 18:08
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Terra Nova: NCSoft EULA Provisions Ignored .::. Size~: 46.57 KBSep 19 18:08
Ender2071communism at workSep 19 18:08
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[osamak/@osamak] أقصد "ناهيك"Sep 19 18:12
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gotunandan/@gotunandan] RT @andyc !manutd Berbatov - what a lazy f*cker. Get rid now :-) 19 18:14
TechrightsBot-trTitle: What A Lazy Bleep .::. Size~: 62.92 KBSep 19 18:14
*Judas_PhD ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 18:16
schestowitzEnder2071: not book-case communismSep 19 18:16
schestowitzFew at the topSep 19 18:16
schestowitzMany at the bottomSep 19 18:16
schestowitzAlmost nothing in betweenSep 19 18:16
schestowitzBut they stopped pretending its democracy too, now with campaign funding all thatSep 19 18:17
*sebsebseb (~3seb@unaffiliated/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsSep 19 18:25
sebsebsebHISep 19 18:25
schestowitzAny news?Sep 19 18:26
schestowitzOMGUbuntu has a suggestion floating about "sent from Ubuntu"Sep 19 18:26
schestowitzWhich strikes me as a way to piss of many peopleSep 19 18:27
schestowitz*offSep 19 18:27
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[sixgun/@sixgun] The Linux Outlaws forums are back up at the new URL - server move is pretty much complete now.Sep 19 18:29
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux Outlaws Forums &bull; Index page .::. Size~: 23.5 KBSep 19 18:29
sebsebsebschestowitz: Oh whats that?Sep 19 18:32
sebsebsebThe news is still mageia at the moment for me :)Sep 19 18:33
Ziomatrixschestowitz: well every time I send an email on my Pre it always tries to put the signature, "sent from a Palm Pre." Of course I can always change the signature in settingsSep 19 18:33
Ziomatrixschestowitz: they also insist on advertising Facebook posts with, "Sent from a WebOS device." Just like how Apple has "Sent from an iPhone." I wonder if you can change those?Sep 19 18:34
Ziomatrixschestowitz: but yea putting Ubuntu before Linux when it wasn't previously is definitely a way to dismay many open source developers. But it does increase mindshare, at the expense of other distros. :-PSep 19 18:35
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] @sixgun bigger server for bigger demand?Sep 19 18:35
Ziomatrixsebsebseb: I'm wondering how Mageia turns out as wellSep 19 18:35
*hazzy (44293b14@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #techrightsSep 19 18:36
sebsebsebZiomatrix: I think it will be greatSep 19 18:36
sebsebsebZiomatrix: plus they will listen to the community and all that :)Sep 19 18:36
Ziomatrixsebsebseb: it will be like Linux Mint, without all the political fudSep 19 18:36
sebsebsebZiomatrix: it won't be like Mint, it will be better tham Mint :) ,but yes it will be a community distro, rather than commercialSep 19 18:37
hazzyWhat will?Sep 19 18:37
sebsebsebhazzy: MagieaSep 19 18:37
hazzyOh, yesSep 19 18:37
hazzyI'm looking forward to that tooSep 19 18:37
Ziomatrixsebsebseb: I'm curious what is going to happen to IllumosSep 19 18:37
sebsebsebZiomatrix: ah yes soemone wanted me to tell him about that last night from magiea channel, but I coudn't remember the nameSep 19 18:38
sebsebsebanyway back in a bit guysSep 19 18:38
sebsebsebIRC is to easy to get sucked in on using, and I want to do something elseSep 19 18:38
hazzyRogerSep 19 18:38
Ziomatrixsebsebseb: certain more addicting then TVSep 19 18:38
sebsebsebwell yeahSep 19 18:39
sebsebsebseems soSep 19 18:39
ZiomatrixciaoSep 19 18:39
schestowitz[18:37] <sebsebseb> hazzy: MagieaSep 19 18:46
schestowitzI like PCLOSSep 19 18:46
schestowitzI'll look into bothSep 19 18:46
schestowitzZiomatrix: it's persistent in IRCSep 19 18:46
schestowitzBut you can leave it open in the sideSep 19 18:47
schestowitzThen rely on highlightsSep 19 18:47
schestowitzI sometimes don't watch it for hours, like if I'm doing work or go out. I catch up later, which is more fun that catching up with E-mail cause you don't need to replySep 19 18:47
hazzyI tried PCLOS, but there's something about it that just doesn't seem the same as Mandriva (aside from using apt)Sep 19 18:48
hazzyMaybe it's just that Mandriva looks better OOTB IMOSep 19 18:49
*abeNd-org1 is now known as abeNd-orgSep 19 18:49
schestowitzhazzy: KDESep 19 18:52
schestowitzOpenSUSE is good for KDE tooSep 19 18:52
schestowitzBut it's SUSESep 19 18:52
schestowitzWhich leaves Mandriva+variantsSep 19 18:52
hazzyAnd I hear that uh...OpenSUSE's package manager sucksSep 19 18:52
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[osamak/@osamak] s/noticed/notices/Sep 19 18:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] 4chan to DDoS RIAA Next – Is This the Protest of the Future? - but does it really help? #4chan #riaa #ddosSep 19 18:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle:    4chan to DDoS RIAA Next  Is This the Protest of the Future? | TorrentFreak   .::. Size~: 62.33 KBSep 19 18:55
*Ziomatrix has quit (Quit: Ziomatrix)Sep 19 18:57
schestowitzhazzy: yeah, I was gonna mention thatSep 19 18:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] @glynmoody it will make 4chan popular. Nobody likes the front groups of Sony, Warner, etc.Sep 19 18:59
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] finished tow days of hard work for #wiesngauditv - check the results, I was the cameraman for the new videos :-) 19 19:04
TechrightsBot-trTitle:  Wiesn-Gaudi TV .::. Size~: 22.38 KBSep 19 19:04
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gotunandan/@gotunandan] Logged in again just to post this. "Berbatov" is trendning on twitter :D !manutd !footballSep 19 19:09
*malacoda ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 19:14
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[harishpillay/@harishpillay] Good hiking at ulmstead park, raleigh, with friends. Looking for to a hhh run on Monday. #fbSep 19 19:25
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] can anyone else get onto the mint irc at #linuxmint-help or is it a problem at my edn?Sep 19 19:32
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] Its seems now that the trolls really have run out of idea's. Check their comments on my site, I think this is the best they do...Sep 19 19:39
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] Oh and sorry guys, your attempts to silence me have failed....and there will be no moderation either..I don't censor.Sep 19 19:39
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] Right, moving on. Got my !Audacity issue sorted which has enabled me to better sort my oggcast into a far more presentable result....Sep 19 19:40
sebsebsebhazzy: From vm trying of PCLOS  that's Gnome and KDE versions,  I get put off, since the branding and default theme,  yes stuff can be changed, but I like good defaultsSep 19 19:42
sebsebsebTechnically though PCLOS is meant to be very goodSep 19 19:42
hazzyYes, I agree. Probably explains why I like Mandriva loads betterSep 19 19:43
sebsebsebhazzy: and yeah I put Mandriva on here last November or whenever it was, because it looked greatSep 19 19:43
sebsebsebplus the old Grub and all thatSep 19 19:43
sebsebsebplus it had been a distro I had been wanting to try on real hardware for a while anywaySep 19 19:43
sebsebsebhazzy: XFCE and Enlightment versions for PCLOS probably look quite a lot better by defaultSep 19 19:44
sebsebsebhowever seriosuly their logo?  a goat or whatever it is, what the?Sep 19 19:44
sebsebseband then the way they do the PC Linux OS text as well, doesn't look that great reallySep 19 19:44
hazzyHm, though I haven't tried EnlightenmentSep 19 19:45
sebsebseband the Plymouth theme sucks big time compared to Mandriva'sSep 19 19:45
sebsebsebhazzy: yeah I haven't done XFCE or Enlightment or LXDE yet for PCLOS in a vm, but from screenshot they look ok.Sep 19 19:45
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[harishpillay/@harishpillay] Hoping to go for sir raleigh hhh's run on Monday. #fbSep 19 19:45
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Sir Walter's Hash House Harriers NEXT HASH .::. Size~: 4.52 KBSep 19 19:45
sebsebsebalso for people that want IRC support, I mean PCLOS IRC is ok, but  support and such is mainly done on the forumsSep 19 19:45
sebsebsebso not really the best distro if needing a lot of IRC supportSep 19 19:46
hazzyAgreedSep 19 19:46
sebsebsebthen yeah the community magazine in PDF, which is nice, but I don't think I ever downloaded one yetSep 19 19:46
sebsebsebhazzy: so yeah I hope this mageia looks good by defaultSep 19 19:47
sebsebseband yes default looks do matter a lotSep 19 19:47
sebsebsebas well as default apps, take Ubuntu for example, loads of people really care about the defaults for UbuntuSep 19 19:47
hazzyWell, yea, when I first started using Ubuntu, I hated ClearlooksSep 19 19:48
sebsebsebUbuntu was your first distro?Sep 19 19:48
hazzyI think it took me about two-three years for me to be satisfied with the way Ubuntu looksSep 19 19:48
hazzyYesSep 19 19:48
sebsebsebIf anything Microsoft really does get right with Windows,  that is the default looksSep 19 19:48
sebsebsebthe eye candySep 19 19:48
sebsebsebthe wall papers and other pictures, it comes with and suchSep 19 19:48
sebsebseband the OS themes even, well ok they may be sucky, but then other pictures are good, so yeahSep 19 19:49
sebsebsebVista was quite the improvement over XP for default eye candySep 19 19:49
hazzyYea, if you could even call those "Themes"Sep 19 19:49
sebsebsebVectorLInuxSep 19 19:49
sebsebsebI tried a older version in a vm 2007 version or whateverSep 19 19:50
sebsebseband it was like wow, these pictures are awesomeSep 19 19:50
sebsebsebalso if you enable the slide show in Mandriva :)Sep 19 19:50
hazzyI stopped at XP and decided to never buy another Microsoft product again (after reading about their history)Sep 19 19:50
sebsebsebyou will have some very nice pictures showing, but if your on 2010.1 you need to install the community wall  papers for more reallySep 19 19:50
sebsebsebloads of nice pictures by default with Mandriva 2010.0, which was one of the reasons I went for itSep 19 19:51
hazzyIt's been about two years since I last used itSep 19 19:51
sebsebsebwhat Mandriva?Sep 19 19:51
hazzyYahSep 19 19:51
sebsebseboh?Sep 19 19:51
sebsebsebyou been using Ubuntu instead?Sep 19 19:51
hazzyYepSep 19 19:52
sebsebseboh dearSep 19 19:52
sebsebsebthat distro used to be pretty goodSep 19 19:52
sebsebsebuntill 9.04Sep 19 19:52
sebsebsebthen it really has been going down hill, but most users don't know thatSep 19 19:52
hazzyWell, uhSep 19 19:52
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[osamak/@osamak] آر تي @jacobwb "My Interview With Steve Jobs!" This is so true! !apple !ipadSep 19 19:52
TechrightsBot-trTitle: TinyOgg - Watch: My Interview with Steve Jobs! .::. Size~: 5.25 KBSep 19 19:52
hazzyI tried Arch, but some things didn't work real well (e.g. Wine)Sep 19 19:52
hazzyAlthoughSep 19 19:52
hazzyI suppose I no longer need WineSep 19 19:52
sebsebsebhazzy: I mean their downstreame Gnome changes and that kind of thing, removing features that should be there in  Gnome 2 even, such as the auto shut down feature, and what notSep 19 19:52
hazzySo I can try it again, or MandrivaSep 19 19:53
sebsebsebhazzy: Mandriva is still nice, but yeah I really look forward to this forkSep 19 19:53
*Ender2071 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Sep 19 19:53
hazzyOh, yes, trueSep 19 19:53
sebsebseband the Mandriva distro is basically on the verge of dieing now, since the companySep 19 19:53
hazzyI'm just gonna seeSep 19 19:53
hazzyWhat they have in store for MaverickSep 19 19:53
sebsebsebhazzy: I am actsaully going to try out 10.10 starting with the RC on real hardwareSep 19 19:53
sebsebsebI have already done vm tryingSep 19 19:53
sebsebsebhazzy: I mean I am mainly putting it on for UNity the new netbook interface, which I can also run on a deskotpSep 19 19:54
hazzyYehSep 19 19:54
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[appelond/@appelond] Amazing Surreal Photo-manipulation by Sarolta Ban - Chill Out Point 19 19:54
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Amazing Surreal Photo-manipulation by Sarolta Ban - Chill Out Point .::. Size~: 93.37 KBSep 19 19:54
sebsebseband whilst I am at it, i'll try the new sound menuSep 19 19:54
sebsebsebwith musicSep 19 19:54
hazzyWell, if I don't like it, I'll switch to something elseSep 19 19:54
sebsebsebyes sound menu, is a downstreame Ubuntu change to Gnome, but I am seem to be pretty much 100% ok with itSep 19 19:54
sebsebsebmaybe more like 99% or less really, I mean got to try it properly and all first reallySep 19 19:54
sebsebsebto be sureSep 19 19:54
sebsebsebhazzy: 10.10 would only be tempory on hereSep 19 19:55
sebsebsebthen I think the next distro I put on is Mageia :)Sep 19 19:55
hazzyHmmSep 19 19:55
hazzyYesSep 19 19:55
hazzyMaybe me tooSep 19 19:55
sebsebsebI mean I done all the releases since the second release in 2005 on real hardwareSep 19 19:55
sebsebsebso why not 10.10 as well, plus I need real hardare to try out Unity properlySep 19 19:55
sebsebsebok so on a desktop it will be differnet to a netbook, which it was designed for, but ah wellSep 19 19:56
hazzyYeaSep 19 19:56
hazzyUnity does look goodSep 19 19:56
sebsebsebhazzy: and yeah I am not a fan of all these Gnome patches they been doing to Ubuntu, butSep 19 19:56
sebsebsebfor newbies wellSep 19 19:56
sebsebsebI guess it is one of the best Gnome 2 expereinces really at the momentSep 19 19:56
sebsebsebsame for Mint, which I am again not keen on, from vm tryingSep 19 19:57
hazzyIt does seem that I'm too advanced to be using it though tbhSep 19 19:57
sebsebsebbingoSep 19 19:57
sebsebsebbingoSep 19 19:57
sebsebsebexactlySep 19 19:57
sebsebsebI am to expereinced to be using it happily myselfSep 19 19:57
sebsebsebsince I want the auto shut down feature after a minute, and what notSep 19 19:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] @openbytes don't censor but ignore trolls. You can write nice posts in the time you waste feeding trolls.Sep 19 19:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] @openbytes the comments on the latest post are hilariousSep 19 19:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] @schestowitz You've probably got a point, I just like to try out of courtesy to give as many people I can a response..even if they are rude.Sep 19 19:57
sebsebseband I don't really want social features and so onSep 19 19:57
hazzyYes, that's rightSep 19 19:57
sebsebsebhazzy: exactly its not really for people like us, that are in the know, and have expereinced Gnome 2 for yearsSep 19 19:57
hazzyNo social features for me eitherSep 19 19:57
sebsebseband  know that certain features are meant to still be there really, that aren't anymoreSep 19 19:58
hazzyI tried KDE 4Sep 19 19:58
sebsebsebhazzy: shut down and log out should be in the system menu still as well really, since upstream Gnome, and the other distrosSep 19 19:58
sebsebsebhowever Gnome 3 will be having on the rightSep 19 19:58
sebsebsebsoSep 19 19:58
sebsebsebuhmm yes I been very against it so farSep 19 19:59
sebsebseb,butSep 19 19:59
hazzyOhSep 19 19:59
hazzyYeaSep 19 19:59
hazzySystem menuSep 19 19:59
sebsebsebwell I guess new users who do Ubuntu 10.10 as their first distro, may as well have it on the right now,  plus  the icons don't show on system menu, but if enabled either the ugly Ubuntu iconsSep 19 19:59
sebsebsebor the new ugly  Gnome  3 icons, if  the Gnome icons are used, for 10.10.  10.04 still has the nice old iconsSep 19 19:59
hazzyLol yaSep 19 19:59
hazzyWell ehSep 19 19:59
sebsebsebyou know what I am on about?Sep 19 19:59
sebsebsebor?Sep 19 19:59
hazzyWellSep 19 20:00
hazzyI'm not quite clear on the new icon set for 10.10Sep 19 20:00
hazzyWhat's it gonna be?Sep 19 20:00
sebsebsebthe default icons  will be their iconsSep 19 20:00
sebsebseb,butSep 19 20:00
hazzyOhSep 19 20:00
sebsebsebwhat I would do for system menuSep 19 20:00
hazzyYeahSep 19 20:00
hazzyGnome 3 I seeSep 19 20:00
sebsebsebis change the icons to GnomeSep 19 20:00
sebsebseband yeah more recently got to enable the icons to show in system menu, since the upstream Gnome changeSep 19 20:00
sebsebsebnot in Mandriva though, that has showing by default :)Sep 19 20:01
hazzyYah, I got it nowSep 19 20:01
hazzyMandriva..?Sep 19 20:01
sebsebsebreally Gnome 2.30 has the new Gnome 3 icons, but Ubuntu 10.04 didn't, it had the old iconsSep 19 20:01
hazzyThat is KDE thoughSep 19 20:01
hazzyApples and oranges, right?Sep 19 20:01
sebsebsebhazzy: no Mandriva have a Gnome version as wellSep 19 20:01
hazzyOh, okSep 19 20:01
sebsebseband even a XFCE version of some sortSep 19 20:01
sebsebseband what notSep 19 20:01
sebsebsebhowever yeah KDE and Mandriva are the two proper versionsSep 19 20:02
hazzyWell, one thing that kinda put me off wasSep 19 20:02
sebsebseband of course, can have one installed, whilst also having the otherSep 19 20:02
hazzyImproper theming of Firefox in KDESep 19 20:02
sebsebsebsomething that annoyed me about Ubuntu 10.04  and I guess it will be 10.10 really, but won't be as bad, since they have nicer window border icons :)Sep 19 20:02
sebsebseb,butSep 19 20:02
sebsebsebyeah FIrefox would look really uglySep 19 20:02
sebsebsebwith the default theme in Ubuntu 10.04Sep 19 20:02
hazzyDo you use KDE?Sep 19 20:03
sebsebsebthings would look to black/dark for my likeing and suchSep 19 20:03
sebsebsebsometimes I use KDE as an actsual desktop environment, but not so keen on it,  but one of my most used apps is Konversation :)Sep 19 20:03
sebsebsebyep, Firefox and KonversationSep 19 20:03
hazzyWellSep 19 20:03
sebsebseband oh no Mono :D, but yes at the moment Banshee as wellSep 19 20:03
hazzyMy theme really differs from the default Ubuntu oneSep 19 20:04
sebsebsebhowever that doesn't work with the new sound menu in 10.10 it seems, so will be Rythombox when I try that outSep 19 20:04
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[osamak/@osamak] s/fully/full/Sep 19 20:04
sebsebsebhazzy: I like defaults or well staying very nearly defaultSep 19 20:04
hazzyWell, this is my desktop: 19 20:04
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Not a web page! Aborting image/png type .::. Size~: 0 KBSep 19 20:04
sebsebsebhazzy: so 10.04 really did get at me, since I would customize to look like older versionsSep 19 20:04
sebsebsebyes older versions, human clear looksSep 19 20:05
sebsebsebthe old brown theme, before 9.10Sep 19 20:05
sebsebseband yeah the Gnome icons as I was sayingSep 19 20:05
sebsebsebhazzy: and with that theme, or clear looks, still have the old Ubuntu logoSep 19 20:05
hazzyWhat theme?Sep 19 20:06
sebsebsebhazzy: its in the repo for 10.04 and 10.10Sep 19 20:06
sebsebsebthe old themesSep 19 20:06
hazzyOh, yahSep 19 20:06
sebsebsebthe old Ubuntu default themesSep 19 20:06
hazzyHumanSep 19 20:07
sebsebsebanyway your screenshot uhmm yeah looks okSep 19 20:07
sebsebseba bit like Mandriva maybe even thoughSep 19 20:07
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] appears down now and seems the support that Torrentfreak wrote about is very much still there.Sep 19 20:07
sebsebsebhazzy: yeah I guess it looks similar to MandrivaSep 19 20:07
hazzyOh, wowSep 19 20:07
hazzyMaybe Mandriva would be a good one for me thenSep 19 20:08
sebsebsebhazzy: well the panel colour and such I meanSep 19 20:08
sebsebseband if the menus are using the Gnome look instead of the Mandriva look with their starSep 19 20:08
sebsebsebget the feetSep 19 20:08
hazzyYahSep 19 20:09
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] Google at least helps !foss Yahoo doesn't, now they are whining. #Yahoo-is-tech #my #arse 19 20:09
TechrightsBot-trTitle: BBC News - Yahoo bids to get its 'cool' back and remain relevant .::. Size~: 51.24 KBSep 19 20:09
hazzyI am looking at a screenshot of it nowSep 19 20:09
sebsebsebhazzy: they  change the menus a bit by default,  no assessories menu for example, but then can be changed in the control centre for the Gnome menu, and get assessories menuSep 19 20:10
sebsebsebhazzy: by default apps get grouped by type as wellSep 19 20:10
sebsebsebKDE or Gnome, basicallySep 19 20:10
sebsebsebhazzy: its a lovely distro, but  yeah the current situation, but hey theres the forkSep 19 20:10
sebsebsebhazzy: two little things would annoy me about itSep 19 20:10
sebsebsebtell it to use English as the language, and its well AmericanSep 19 20:11
sebsebseben-usSep 19 20:11
sebsebseband then yeah the host name is localhost by default, but  quite easy to change, can't remember howSep 19 20:11
hazzyIs there no en-uk?Sep 19 20:11
sebsebsebyep no en-ukSep 19 20:11
sebsebsebit seemsSep 19 20:11
sebsebsebor English is meant to be en-uk really, since there is the American optionSep 19 20:11
hazzyWell, yeaSep 19 20:12
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] Google introduced instant search, Twitter revamped its website. Yahoo in comparison talked about "cool things coming up soon". #yahoo #failSep 19 20:12
sebsebsebhazzy: well can edit out the en-us from my FIrefox user agent string for example :D  let's not spread US English :D or make it look like I am from thereSep 19 20:12
sebsebsebEnglish GB is the true real EnglishSep 19 20:12
sebsebsebuhSep 19 20:12
sebsebsebEn GB evenSep 19 20:12
hazzyLolSep 19 20:12
MinceRhow are you gentlemen !!Sep 19 20:13
sebsebsebhazzy: Where are you from by the way?Sep 19 20:13
hazzyWell I once downloaded an en-uk version of some distro, and it kinda annoyed meSep 19 20:13
hazzyUSASep 19 20:13
sebsebsebhazzy: ok well you woudn't have the issue I just mentioned, since your meant to be on en-us really, when doing MandrivaSep 19 20:13
hazzyWell, not that the language annoyed meSep 19 20:13
MinceRmy particular random mashup of en_US and en_GB is the only true real english!Sep 19 20:13
*Ender2071 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 20:13
sebsebsebeven though EN GB is the true EnglishSep 19 20:13
hazzyBut it seems I have OCDSep 19 20:13
MinceR*insert nonsensical statement showing how your assertion is absurd*Sep 19 20:13
sebsebsebhazzy: oh?Sep 19 20:13
Ender2071EN GB +1Sep 19 20:13
hazzyYea, some things (that aren't really a big deal) just bug me for some reasonSep 19 20:14
sebsebsebhazzy: same here I guessSep 19 20:14
sebsebsebhaving ugly icons for exampleSep 19 20:14
sebsebsebthis new Gnome 3 shut down icon is a joke, old one was awesome,  lock screen isn't much better, but  at least they didn't completly mess up log outSep 19 20:15
sebsebsebthey improved log out realy I guessSep 19 20:15
sebsebsebwell both versions aer greatSep 19 20:15
hazzyMageia website looks sparse atmSep 19 20:16
sebsebsebhazzy: well  this Mageia stuff is very newSep 19 20:16
sebsebsebonly since like FridaySep 19 20:16
sebsebsebthere was some kind of Mandriva meetingSep 19 20:17
hazzyOh, so is Mageia going to be headed by a company like Mandriva was?Sep 19 20:17
sebsebsebon FridaySep 19 20:17
sebsebsebhazzy: no it explains it on the webpageSep 19 20:17
sebsebsebit will be a community distroSep 19 20:17
sebsebsebwith a non profit organisation behind itSep 19 20:17
hazzyAgh, should have readSep 19 20:18
hazzySorrySep 19 20:18
MinceR 19 20:18
TechrightsBot-trTitle: How Does Homeopathy Work? .::. Size~: 1.73 KBSep 19 20:18
schestowitz404Sep 19 20:18
schestowitz10^23!Sep 19 20:19
schestowitzWow! That's REALLY strongSep 19 20:19
schestowitzIf you overdose this Web site you might even get one molecule of it... might.Sep 19 20:20
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] appears down now and seems the support that Torrentfreak wrote about is very much still there.Sep 19 20:20
*Chips_B_Malroy ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 20:22
hazzyMan, Mandriva's still got that great artwork stockSep 19 20:23
*Thrae has quit (Quit: Restarting client or something...)Sep 19 20:32
Chips_B_Malroy 19 20:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Microsoft dragged to Competition Commission of India - CNBC-TV18 -  .::. Size~: 92.84 KBSep 19 20:35
Chips_B_Malroy"Software giant Microsoft has been dragged to the Competition Commission of India by a Delhi-Headquartered Law Firm. The company has been charged with allegedly breaching the competition act by using its monopoly position in the Indian market, reports CNBC-TV18?s Ashwin Mohan. "Sep 19 20:36
Chips_B_Malroy"In short, Singhania and Partners has claimed before the Competition Commission of India that Microsoft is coercing its consumers to buy its softwares at higher prices. Now, there are two things that it has sought before the commission. It has to sought an investigation into the anti competitive practices, the alleged anti competitive practices of Microsoft. Secondly, it has also an enquiry into the overall consumer impactSep 19 20:37
Chips_B_Malroyas a part of these practices of Microsoft."Sep 19 20:37
Chips_B_Malroy 19 20:38
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Microsoft wants India among top 5 markets - Corporate News - .::. Size~: 94.37 KBSep 19 20:38
Chips_B_Malroy"At the current revenue rate, India comes after Canada?Microsoft?s 6th largest market from where it generates around $1.2 billion (Rs 5,516.4 crore) in annual sales. The US, followed by Japan, the UK, France and Germany, in that order, are the top five revenue generators for Microsoft currently."Sep 19 20:38
Chips_B_Malroy"During the economic slowdown, Microsoft expanded its reach in India from around 13 cities to at least 300 cities, through a network of nearly 7,500 partners??seeds for future growth?, as Ruskill puts it."Sep 19 20:40
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] Yesterday was Software Freedom Day. Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Coincidence? I think not. ARR p !lpSep 19 20:44
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] I uploaded a YouTube video -- DSDS-Casting bei Wiesn Gaudi TV | MUHAHAHAAAHA :-)Sep 19 20:44
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The Official site for International Talk Like A Pirate Day  - September 19 .::. Size~: 3.26 KBSep 19 20:44
TechrightsBot-trTitle:     YouTube        - DSDS-Casting bei Wiesn Gaudi TV   .::. Size~: 101.26 KBSep 19 20:44
*_Goblin ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 20:45
_Goblinevening all....Sep 19 20:45
Chips_B_MalroyHelloSep 19 20:48
MinceRo haiSep 19 20:48
Chips_B_Malroy 19 20:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle: OpenOffice at Fullerton India - Express Computer .::. Size~: 24.57 KBSep 19 20:49
Chips_B_Malroy"Fullerton India saved crores of rupees by moving the bulk of its users onto the open source office suite."Sep 19 20:49
Chips_B_Malroy"Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd. wanted to convert the bulk of its users from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice. It would turn out to be quite a complex project involving macro migration, some hardware upgrades and educating users at numerous locations. At that point of time, the company had 850 branches (6,000 PCs, 15,000 users). Currently, after consolidating and downsizing, it has 400 locations (4,000 PCs, 9,000 users). ItSep 19 20:50
Chips_B_Malroywas all worth it, however, as the company ended up saving crores of rupees in the process."Sep 19 20:50
*gnufreex ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 20:50
Chips_B_Malroyenough about India, the future home of M$Sep 19 20:51
gnufreexhiSep 19 20:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[diablod3/@diablod3] Dude threatens to unlock every locked Intel processor... I wonder if he can submit thiis as a !Linux kernel patch 19 20:52
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Dear Intel: SUE ME!  Why Unlocking processors is immoral | Zach Bruhnke .::. Size~: 17.31 KBSep 19 20:52
Chips_B_MalroyGoblin>  did you see that the Best Buy CEO said and latter (almost retracted) that iPad has replaced 50% of windows laptop PC sales in the USA?Sep 19 20:53
Chips_B_MalroyI posted that last night hereSep 19 20:53
Chips_B_Malroythat could be a quarter of MS income, if trueSep 19 20:54
Chips_B_Malroywhen you consider that those who pay iPad, will not use MS office.  And Android which will replace IPad will not use MS Office either.Sep 19 20:55
Chips_B_MalroyBut then, the newer Office has not been doing well.Sep 19 20:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] Stuff I hate: Early flights. #needsleep. Almost on my way to Cardiff.Sep 19 20:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] !ratholeradio Live online and on ratholeradio IRC channel Come on everybody!Sep 19 20:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle:   Live | .::. Size~: 18.14 KBSep 19 20:57
Chips_B_MalroyAnd Intel has even lost business in this recession.Sep 19 20:57
hazzyYea after the i4i case and Google Docs, MS Office isn't doing too wellSep 19 21:03
Chips_B_Malroya lot of users hate the ribbon in ms officeSep 19 21:04
hazzyWhich is interesting; Did Microsoft come up with that idea on their own?Sep 19 21:06
hazzyIf so, then it would seem that the little innovation that happens in Redmond gets rejected almost universallySep 19 21:07
*Ender2071 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Sep 19 21:07
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] sdamn Samsung Galaxy S is one awesome looking phone!Sep 19 21:09
Chips_B_MalroyHave seen a lot of negative comments on the ribbon in newer releases of MS Office, and most people seem to hate it, and think that it was put there as a useless IU change just so MS could say the product was new.Sep 19 21:09
MinceRthey keep doing thatSep 19 21:10
Chips_B_MalroyI can't say myself, as I don't MS officeSep 19 21:10
Chips_B_MalroyAfter how many version of word or office, how do you still make changes that are worth users buying another version?  At some point, wouldn't you expect MS to just get it right so that no more version are necessary?Sep 19 21:12
Chips_B_MalroyBut the cash cow of MS Office is dependant on being sold over and over again.  So they must change something in Office to get users to buy it.Sep 19 21:13
Chips_B_MalroyUsually the lock in, which i4i sued them for.Sep 19 21:13
Chips_B_MalroySo the truth is, Microsoft will never get MS Office right. and therefore there will always be another version down the road for users to "upgrade" to.  As long as it's profitable for Microsoft to make those, that is.Sep 19 21:15
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[diablod3/@diablod3] Dear God... someone wrote a x86 emulator in !Java, it can run !Linux and this demo runs gcc 19 21:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: JPC .::. Size~: 10.07 KBSep 19 21:16
gnufreexI never get why people need "Office" anyways.Sep 19 21:16
Chips_B_MalroyThe endless Microsoft upgrade treadmill, which is a leech on your wallet.Sep 19 21:16
hazzyNeither do ISep 19 21:16
ThistleWebthe usual method is a slight change in the file formats, so people start seeing "unable to open" when they send documents to each other, using peer pressure to force people to upgrade or being left out of the loopSep 19 21:16
gnufreexI always like simple text editors.Sep 19 21:16
Chips_B_Malroyyes, lockinSep 19 21:16
gnufreexWeb browser has spell check nowSep 19 21:17
gnufreexWhy anyone still use MS Office..?Sep 19 21:17
ThistleWebwhile at the same time saying "MS is dependable, reliable, you don't need to retrain, you know where you are with MS"Sep 19 21:17
Chips_B_Malroyin a deep money pit, is where they areSep 19 21:17
ThistleWeba tiny percentage of people actually use the advanced stuff in MS Office, but the vast majority, even those who work in offices using it every day only use a timny fraction of the feautres, which any word processor would doSep 19 21:18
Chips_B_Malroy 19 21:18
TechrightsBot-trTitle: OpenOffice at Fullerton India - Express Computer .::. Size~: 24.57 KBSep 19 21:19
Chips_B_Malroy"The rollout was completed during Q4 2009 and acknowledged as a successful implementation. This project implementation has led to huge cost savings to the tune of approximately Rs. 3.2 crore (around 2,000 Microsoft Office licenses would otherwise have had to be purchased). ?We have not incurred any expenses on hardware/software upgrades to deploy OpenOffice"Sep 19 21:19
Chips_B_Malroy?Employee productivity has become very simple and easy with huge cost savings. There were literally no changes in productivity when compared to the usage of Microsoft Office,? concluded Vernekar. "Sep 19 21:20
Chips_B_MalroyA lot of windows users are still not aware of OpenOffice in the USA.Sep 19 21:21
Chips_B_MalroyBut its gaining groundSep 19 21:21
gnufreexNow Microsoft FUDsters want to convince people tha Java and MySQL and OpenOffice are propriatary just because Oracle owns copyrights.Sep 19 21:22
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] ooops.... forgetting my arrrrsSep 19 21:22
sebsebsebhazzy: Yep Mandriva is great for eye candySep 19 21:25
*Chips_B_Malroy has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Sep 19 21:26
gnufreexsebsebsesb: It looks like Mandriva is falling apart. Most of Mandriva SA employees are fired. There is fork called MageaSep 19 21:26
gnufreexOr MageiaSep 19 21:27
sebsebsebgnufreex: yep I knowSep 19 21:27
gnufreexOr something like that.Sep 19 21:27
sebsebsebgnufreex: seems the fork will be awesome as well :)Sep 19 21:27
sebsebsebgnufreex: and its mageiaSep 19 21:27
gnufreexI liked Mandriva... But not sure if this is smart move.Sep 19 21:28
sebsebsebgnufreex: oh I think it isSep 19 21:28
sebsebsebgnufreex: considering that, they fired all the European developersSep 19 21:28
gnufreexThey should nix the Cooker and import things from Fedora.Sep 19 21:28
gnufreexFedora is awesome, just litle to bleading edge.Sep 19 21:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] arrrSep 19 21:29
gnufreexI don't know why they are firing all europian devs.Sep 19 21:29
sebsebsebgnufreex: since they have a big Brazilin customerSep 19 21:30
gnufreexIf they want to sell to BRIC countries, then they should fire all European sales and marketing people. It doesn't really matter who does development and where.Sep 19 21:30
sebsebsebBRIC?Sep 19 21:30
sebsebsebwhat's BRIC mean?Sep 19 21:30
gnufreexBrasil, Rusia India ChinaSep 19 21:31
sebsebsebgnufreex: yeah well they can still make money I guessSep 19 21:32
sebsebsebso don't need the commuinty and such anymoreSep 19 21:32
sebsebsebgnufreex: seems these new investors are doing stupid stuff thoughSep 19 21:32
sebsebsebah wellSep 19 21:32
sebsebsebso be itSep 19 21:32
sebsebseblet Mandriva dieSep 19 21:32
sebsebseband the forks live onSep 19 21:32
sebsebsebgood Mandriva code will live on in the forks, so that's   Mageia, PC Linux OS, and their's another oneSep 19 21:33
gnufreexWho is that stupid investor?Sep 19 21:33
gnufreexI didn't catch that infoSep 19 21:33
sebsebsebgnufreex: not sure exactlySep 19 21:35
sebsebsebI think there may be even twoSep 19 21:35
sebsebsebsome French company, but also another I thinkSep 19 21:36
gnufreexI heard some russians are involvedSep 19 21:36
gnufreexBut that was long ago, when there was word about sale of MandrivaSep 19 21:37
gnufreexSuposably, russian comapany invested to stop the sale.Sep 19 21:37
gnufreex 19 21:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Yes, Windows Phone 7 is doomed | TG Daily .::. Size~: 62.7 KBSep 19 21:40
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] @gotunandan that and the desire to overrule some stuff because they have a commercial reason for itSep 19 21:40
gnufreexHaha, it looks like Microsoft is down to patent trollingSep 19 21:41
gnufreexThey are dead in mobile gameSep 19 21:41
gnufreexThey can only try to extort patents now,Sep 19 21:41
gnufreexAnd they might set off OINSep 19 21:41
gnufreexSo they could be blastedSep 19 21:42
gnufreexforever.Sep 19 21:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] Totem movie player on !ubuntu 10.10 has a very solid YouTube video watching plugin...finally! :DSep 19 21:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gotunandan/@gotunandan] @thistleweb yes and the perceived probable non-free route they seem to be taking due to those decisions.Sep 19 21:42
gnufreexOh... They still own NokiaSep 19 21:42
gnufreexSadly, they might pull down nokia with them.Sep 19 21:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gotunandan/@gotunandan] @thistleweb The commercially driven stuff cant be helped possibly. It should still be "open" in terms of communication though and !FaiFSep 19 21:45
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[harishpillay/@harishpillay] M$ LATAM says "companies ... offer open source s/w do so 'cos they've failed to compete with proprietary rivals" #fbSep 19 21:45
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Microsoft's Hernán Rincón Launches Anti-FOSS Missile In Brazil .::. Size~: 125.45 KBSep 19 21:45
schestowitzthe H told me that'll translate that Switzerland article tomorrow.Sep 19 21:49
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] @glynmoody trueSep 19 21:49
schestowitz"The H will have a full translation of the article tomorrow" 19 21:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Twitter / Dj Walker-Morgan: @schestowitz The H will ha ... .::. Size~: 12.35 KBSep 19 21:49
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jonobacon/@jonobacon] How do you think we should releae 'Nightmares By Design'? #severedfifthSep 19 21:50
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Severed Fifth Forums &bull; View topic - What would be your fave 'Nightmares By Design' edition? .::. Size~: 24.98 KBSep 19 21:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] @gotunandan I agree, I have no probs with Canonical making moneySep 19 21:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] I just heard ass**** on a TV show...WTH, when did that became TV safe!Sep 19 21:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[sixgun/@sixgun] The Linux Outlaws server move is complete. In the event of errors, please report them to via email. Thanks!Sep 19 22:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lnxwalt140/@lnxwalt140] RT US Food and Drug Administration rules: "won't require labeling of genetically modified salmon" 19 22:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jonobacon/@jonobacon] Wow, a few people got me a gift for my birthday from my Amazon wishlist, which is...y'know... ;-)Sep 19 22:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: FDA rules won't require labeling of genetically modified salmon .::. Size~: 94.03 KBSep 19 22:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Jono Bacon: Jono's Wishlist .::. Size~: 218.32 KBSep 19 22:06
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[toros/@toros] #WebUpd8: !Ubuntu 10.10 To Add A “Sent From Ubuntu” Signature By Default To Evolution 19 22:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Ubuntu 10.10 To Add A Sent From Ubuntu Signature By Default To Evolution ~ Web Upd8 .::. Size~: 68.19 KBSep 19 22:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[toros/@toros] !OMG !Ubuntu: Ubuntu 10.10 Ambiance & Radiance themes for Chrome (Chromium), Firefox & Opera 19 22:19
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] !Linux gets !Deluge 1.3.0 - New release! !foss !bittorrentSep 19 22:19
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Ubuntu 10.10 Ambiance & Radiance themes for Chrome, Firefox & Opera .::. Size~: 31.27 KBSep 19 22:19
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Deluge BitTorrent Client .::. Size~: 3.24 KBSep 19 22:19
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[joabj/@joabj] Why Flash Drive Density Will Stop Growing Next Year — 19 22:20
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] Damn is that #pulseaudio I hear that's shaking the window and the walls?!! !ubuntu #maverickSep 19 22:22
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] Just had a session of !ratholeradio Live + IRC. Great laugh. More people should come on to IRC for the show.Sep 19 22:35
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] See what happens when I don't use my computer for a day and Google Reader blows up!Sep 19 22:37
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[johndrinkwater/@johndrinkwater] #watched LotR: Fellowship of the Ring ★★★★☆ lovely film; ah, memories :)Sep 19 22:44
*Thrae ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 22:47
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[toros/@toros] Maia Kozheva on the “Sent using !Ubuntu” signature in Evolution: Dear !Canonical, Redux 19 22:49
TechrightsBot-trTitle:     Maia's Eclectic Ministry of Introspection :: Dear Canonical, Redux     .::. Size~: 13.09 KBSep 19 22:49
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] @toros Don't know why people just don't use Thunderbird or Claws?Sep 19 22:52
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[toros/@toros] My previous notice was sent from Ubuntu. Actually, this one was sent from Ubuntu too...Sep 19 22:52
gnufreex 19 22:52
TechrightsBot-trTitle: what we need .::. Size~: 7.78 KBSep 19 22:52
*Ender2071 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 22:56
*sebsebseb has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)Sep 19 22:56
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rysiek/@rysiek] please, no... ♻ @bananabob: "Should #evolution have a "Sent from !Ubuntu" signature by default? Vote now! 19 22:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[toros/@toros] @richslxh Actually, I use Evolution at the office. It works well for me, and it has better desktop integration than Thunderbird or Claws.Sep 19 22:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] @toros I just use mail programs to send mail.Sep 19 22:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Should evolution have a "Sent from Ubuntu" signature by default? | (poll 3786684) .::. Size~: 13.02 KBSep 19 22:57
MinceRwhat if someone runs evolution from some other distro? :>Sep 19 22:58
*sebsebseb (~3seb@unaffiliated/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsSep 19 22:59
sebsebsebhazzy: Where you from?Sep 19 22:59
sebsebseboh yeah USA wasn't itSep 19 22:59
gnufreexI think it is only in Ubuntu buid. MinceRSep 19 22:59
gnufreexEvolution is made by De Icaza folowers at NoWell... they wouldn't let that change go upstreamSep 19 23:00
MinceR:>Sep 19 23:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] @rysiek No app should have anything brand related by default, not unless the devs consult the community first.Sep 19 23:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[pietercolpaert/@pietercolpaert] I'm going to Wallonia tomorrow (Ardennes)- Is roaming expensive? I'd like to check my e-mail while sobbing in my kayak. Implementing #iKayakSep 19 23:00
hazzySorry was afkSep 19 23:01
hazzyYes USASep 19 23:01
gnufreexUnless it is coded in C#. Then De Icaza will love it.Sep 19 23:01
sebsebsebI got a mageia channel now :)Sep 19 23:01
Diablo-D3everyone, please pre-emptively facepalm for my next identica postSep 19 23:02
Diablo-D3its that badSep 19 23:02
*hazzy facepalms.Sep 19 23:02
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[diablod3/@diablod3] This is why !Linux is better: We don't take a year to badly design the "Off/Sleep/Hib" dialog in a desktop environment 19 23:02
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[pietercolpaert/@pietercolpaert] I'm going to Wallonia tomorrow (Ardennes)- Is roaming expensive? I'd like to check my e-mail in my kayak. Atm I'm implementing #iKayakSep 19 23:02
TechrightsBot-trTitle: moblog: The Windows Shutdown crapfest .::. Size~: 280.59 KBSep 19 23:02
gnufreex*facepalmSep 19 23:03
MinceRniceSep 19 23:03
MinceRapparently i wasn't the only one who found that menu to be a clusterfuck of failureSep 19 23:03
hazzyI haven't used Vista so I dunnoSep 19 23:05
cubevectorI haven't used Vista eitherSep 19 23:05
gnufreexIt turned out that Microsoft patented that feature.Sep 19 23:05
gnufreexI have been unlucky to use it at workSep 19 23:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rysiek/@rysiek] @richslxh agreed /we're talking world-facing app iface here. as in "this will tell the world about the user, not the user about their systemSep 19 23:05
Diablo-D3they patented the methodology to produce clusterfuck failures? I believe itSep 19 23:06
gnufreexAnd Windows server 2008 tooSep 19 23:06
Diablo-D3they have a monopoly on it tooSep 19 23:06
gnufreexSeriously, is was on the news recently. They shown the chart of events that happen at shutdownSep 19 23:07
gnufreexAnd they patented that.Sep 19 23:07
gnufreexIt's crazySep 19 23:07
MinceRcrApple patents failures all the sameSep 19 23:07
Diablo-D3it needs four fucking optionsSep 19 23:07
Diablo-D3logout, sleep, hibernate, off.Sep 19 23:07
cubevectordo they have a patent on bloat? :-PSep 19 23:07
Diablo-D3thry'd have to submit every single product of theirs ever as prior artSep 19 23:09
MinceRand once again Joel misses the whole pointSep 19 23:09
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] @rysiek Seems to be a lot of this "let's just change it and fuck 'em" type of decision making at canonical lately.Sep 19 23:09
sebsebsebThistleWeb: hiSep 19 23:09
sebsebseb_Goblin: hiSep 19 23:09
ThistleWebheySep 19 23:09
sebsebsebschestowitz: hiSep 19 23:09
MinceRi think i'll let him keep the system that doesn't let the user choose between suspend and hibernate.Sep 19 23:09
Ender2071[18:05] <gnufreex> And Windows server 2008 tooSep 19 23:09
sebsebsebThistleWeb: so you know about mageia yeah?Sep 19 23:09
Ender2071what about itSep 19 23:09
Diablo-D3MinceR: to be honest, I'd like bothSep 19 23:09
*bruce89 (~bruce89@ has joined #techrightsSep 19 23:09
ThistleWebI do?Sep 19 23:09
Diablo-D3susped AND store for hibernate, wakeup in x hours and hibernate for realSep 19 23:10
gnufreexEnder2071: It is P.O.CSep 19 23:10
MinceRsounds goodSep 19 23:10
Ender2071P.O.C ?Sep 19 23:10
MinceRexcept "store for hibernate" takes a lot of timeSep 19 23:10
gnufreexEnder2071: Piece of crapSep 19 23:10
Diablo-D3not reallySep 19 23:10
MinceRwell, not if your RAM is tinySep 19 23:10
Diablo-D3you can fake poweroff the rest of the waySep 19 23:10
MinceRor you have an uberfast HDD (or perhaps an SSD)Sep 19 23:10
Ender2071yeah it isSep 19 23:11
Diablo-D3go through the entire suspect process except for the target drive, and then dump the ramSep 19 23:11
MinceRwell, dumping the ram takes timeSep 19 23:11
Diablo-D3it only takes me like a minute to do 8 gigs on my older driveSep 19 23:11
MinceRa minute is a lot more than a few secondsSep 19 23:11
Diablo-D3and SSD is the new fuck youSep 19 23:11
Diablo-D3so *shrug*Sep 19 23:11
Ender2071you want active directory? you can spend a few grand on server 2008 or get calculate directory server for freeSep 19 23:11
Ender2071or RHEL and configure it yourselfSep 19 23:12
*MinceR does not want active directorySep 19 23:12
Diablo-D3or use samba.Sep 19 23:12
MinceRRadioActive DirectorySep 19 23:12
Ender2071thats the 'configure it yourself' partSep 19 23:12
sebsebsebThistleWeb: oh you don't know about  Mageia, the Mandriva fork, well it will beSep 19 23:12
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rysiek/@rysiek] @richslxh true. some better information/idea exchange with the #community would be nice /@jonobacon, what's your thought on this?..Sep 19 23:12
Ender2071calculate does it nicely for you, with a gentoo coreSep 19 23:12
Diablo-D3or just fucking use kerebos logins on an all linux systemSep 19 23:12
Ender2071yeahSep 19 23:13
Ender2071or something betterSep 19 23:13
Ender2071lots of stuff out there better than ADSep 19 23:13
ThistleWebsebsebseb: I noticed some dent about it earlier, it hardly means "I know about it" as if I've been following the storySep 19 23:13
Ender2071but if you actually want it, you dont have to pay a few grand for itSep 19 23:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Is this site a scam? It makes me suspicious cos it seems like such a good way of Cloning sims. Does anyone know? 19 23:14
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] Mandriva Fork Announced by Former Employees 19 23:14
sebsebsebThistleWeb: ok well I got a channel for it now, plus I will be an op for the Swedish channelSep 19 23:14
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Mandriva Fork Announced by Former Employees .::. Size~: 23.06 KBSep 19 23:14
sebsebsebThistleWeb: yeah I have set up a channel for the UK community,  which won't get used by hardly anyone for now I guessSep 19 23:14
Ender2071ugh mandrivaSep 19 23:14
MinceRindeedSep 19 23:15
Ender2071the new linux mint, i read some nice stuff about itSep 19 23:15
Ender2071its debian based nowSep 19 23:15
sebsebsebEnder2071: yep it isSep 19 23:15
Ender2071rolling release styleSep 19 23:15
MinceRdoes it ship with the correct keys for the packages? :>Sep 19 23:15
sebsebsebno other UK ops yet thoughSep 19 23:15
MinceRimo rolling release is a bad ideaSep 19 23:15
Ender2071iyoSep 19 23:15
Ender2071its good for those who want the latestSep 19 23:16
Ender2071i've been looking at opensuse lately thoughSep 19 23:16
Ender2071but im thinking ill just take fedora 14 and turn it into what I wantSep 19 23:16
Ender2071perhaps my own repo of recompiled appsSep 19 23:16
sebsebsebwell its nice to be part of a distro from the begining :)Sep 19 23:16
MinceRit's bad for those who might leave a system un-updated for a while; and it's bad for those who don't want to have sudden big changes and/or reconfiguration requirements mixed in with minor updatesSep 19 23:16
sebsebsebor ok in my case pretty much the beginingSep 19 23:17
sebsebsebsince a load of other people found out about it first before I did yesterdaySep 19 23:17
MinceR"if i want cutting edge, i'll buy a sword. if i want bleeding edge, i'll use it."Sep 19 23:17
Ender2071mincer - but power users like me can handle itSep 19 23:17
MinceRit's not a question of being a power userSep 19 23:17
MinceRstop being so smug about using rolling release :>Sep 19 23:17
Ender2071I want something that installs easy, just works, and has the latest and greatestSep 19 23:17
gnufreexArchLinux is greatSep 19 23:17
bruce89Fedora is niceSep 19 23:17
Ender2071arch isn't an easy installSep 19 23:17
gnufreexIt's roling releaseSep 19 23:17
MinceRarchlinux is great if you hate documentationSep 19 23:18
Ender2071basicly, i want fedora pre-stable-updates-visionSep 19 23:18
gnufreexEnder2071: That is point of arch: creating new geeks!Sep 19 23:18
sebsebsebEnder2071: PC Linux OS, is probably the closest you would get, except for FedoraSep 19 23:18
bruce89sounds like rawhide Ender2071Sep 19 23:18
Ender2071nahSep 19 23:18
sebsebsebEnder2071: or this Mint Debian maybeSep 19 23:18
Ender2071rawhide can break horriblySep 19 23:18
bruce89or F14Sep 19 23:18
Ender2071F14 final is going to be badSep 19 23:18
Ender2071slower updatesSep 19 23:19
gnufreexYikes! Rawhide can break in peaces...Sep 19 23:19
Ender2071it might not even see a major kde upgradeSep 19 23:19
Diablo-D3I love debian.Sep 19 23:19
Ender2071im still waiting for my KDE 4.5 update in F13Sep 19 23:19
bruce89I thought that was just being discussedSep 19 23:19
Ender2071theres a lot of blockersSep 19 23:19
gnufreex 19 23:20
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Not a web page! Aborting image/png type .::. Size~: 0 KBSep 19 23:20
Ender2071but it takes a week of just waiting for some package to even get through the queue nowSep 19 23:20
bruce89I mean the "new updates policy"Sep 19 23:20
Ender2071so its taking foreverSep 19 23:20
bruce89oh I seeSep 19 23:20
Ender2071the new updates policy is approved, they are still setting up the documentation for itSep 19 23:20
Ender2071theres no doubt its being doneSep 19 23:20
Ender2071people can't use a veteran packager to speed up the approval process anymoreSep 19 23:21
Ender2071on F12, i got KDE 4.4 within a week or two of its releaseSep 19 23:21
Ender2071another thing im not liking about fedora right now is their compilerSep 19 23:22
Ender2071Arch and Opensuse have GCC 4.5 and as far as I know they don't ban using LTOSep 19 23:22
Ender2071some software would benefit greatly from itSep 19 23:23
Ender2071some won'tSep 19 23:23
Ender2071but you can enable it for what would benefitSep 19 23:23
Ender2071instead of just blanket banning itSep 19 23:23
bruce89I see the policy, and it seems a bit boringSep 19 23:23
Ender2071so if I stay with fedora and use their next release, im likely going to have a repo for itSep 19 23:23
Ender2071with my own packages of some stuffSep 19 23:24
Ender2071LTO enabled programs, and probably the latest kernelSep 19 23:24
Ender2071fedora switched to git too, easy to clone their stuff nowSep 19 23:24
Ender2071or i might not bother and just use opensuseSep 19 23:25
MinceRLinear Tape Open?Sep 19 23:26
gnufreexlink time optimizationSep 19 23:26
MinceRoh. :)Sep 19 23:26
gnufreexi thinkSep 19 23:26
Ender2071yesSep 19 23:26
Ender2071link timeSep 19 23:26
Ender2071its the point of using gcc 4.5 in the first placeSep 19 23:26
Ender2071major featureSep 19 23:26
MinceRniceSep 19 23:27
gnufreexWhy is Fedora banning it?Sep 19 23:27
Ender2071'buggy'Sep 19 23:27
gnufreexWell, it will get fixed by 4.6 releaseSep 19 23:27
gnufreexof GCCCSep 19 23:27
gnufreexGCCSep 19 23:27
Ender2071at least with 4.5.0Sep 19 23:27
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[schestowitz/@schestowitz] Many people focus on stock and overlook the fact that Microsoft lost about half its value under BallmerSep 19 23:27
Ender2071they'll likely have 4.6 in two years from now, lolSep 19 23:28
gnufreexDon't think soSep 19 23:28
Ender2071redhat i meanSep 19 23:28
Ender2071not gnuSep 19 23:28
Ender2071they stuck with the 4.4 series a whileSep 19 23:29
gnufreexAha, yes RHEL 6 goes with 4.4 and it will maybe add 4.4.x buildSep 19 23:29
bruce89all I heard was Fedora having a delay of a week before pushing to stable and checking packages don't break dependenciesSep 19 23:29
gnufreexBut Fedora will add 4.6 when it gets availableSep 19 23:29
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[richslxh/@richslxh] Uff! 00:30 Time for bed. Night everybody.Sep 19 23:29
Ender2071it'll likely be between 6 months to a year for that fedora release to have itSep 19 23:30
Ender2071just like nowSep 19 23:30
hazzyWhy don't companies that produce 'Ballnux' join the OIN instead?Sep 19 23:30
*malacoda has quit (Quit: Leaving)Sep 19 23:30
Ender2071GCC 4.5 was released before F13Sep 19 23:30
gnufreexI thought Fedora is bleading edge...Sep 19 23:30
Ender2071less so these daysSep 19 23:30
MinceRhazzy: probably because they wanted to sell out to the m$ agendaSep 19 23:30
Ender2071thats why im bitching lolSep 19 23:30
Ender2071i want bleeding edge and it seems opensuse has more of that bleeding edgeSep 19 23:31
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mohanpram/@mohanpram] Emulation Arrives On the PS3 19 23:31
MinceRor just betting on m$ to winSep 19 23:31
gnufreexF13 don't have 4.5 because they wan't same as RHEL 6Sep 19 23:31
TechrightsBot-trTitle: PS3 Evolution PS3Emu PS3 Emulation PS3 hacks geohot hacking Emulators PS3 News PS3 Modchip PS3 News PS3 Hacking PS3 iso PS3 roms PS3 Modchips premodded premod buy PS3 Games Console now online .::. Size~: 111.06 KBSep 19 23:31
Ender2071lolSep 19 23:31
gnufreexMaybe to test it betterSep 19 23:31
Ender2071RHEL 6 is using KDE 4.3 from F12Sep 19 23:31
gnufreexI knowSep 19 23:31
MinceR(and failing to understand that even if m$ won, they (ballnux maintainers) would be screwed)Sep 19 23:31
Ender2071its terribadSep 19 23:31
hazzyYea, but we won't learn of the stipulations of the deal because of those NDAsSep 19 23:31
bruce89even after vmware buys them?Sep 19 23:31
MinceRat least we know the deals existSep 19 23:32
Ender2071KDE 4.3 is obsolete even before RHEL6 is outSep 19 23:32
MinceR(in the cases we know about, but m$ likes to brag about them)Sep 19 23:32
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lessig/@lessig] a fantastically conceived (neo-progressive) ad supporting #FENA -- pls watch and share: 19 23:32
TechrightsBot-trTitle:     YouTube        - Voters agree: money has too much power   .::. Size~: 102.95 KBSep 19 23:32
gnufreexI wouldn't call it obsolete. It is still better than anything M$ has.Sep 19 23:32
Ender2071trueSep 19 23:33
bruce89I don't think up-to-dateness is the point in RHELSep 19 23:33
gnufreexFact that FLOSS people are releasing early and offten doeesnt meant that software is obsolete.Sep 19 23:33
bruce89stableness isSep 19 23:33
Ender2071yeahSep 19 23:33
Ender2071but i'd expect RHEL to have software thats current, when it does shipSep 19 23:33
MinceR4.3 is stable? :>Sep 19 23:33
Ender2071staleness is expected in its lifetimeSep 19 23:33
Ender2071even debian stable is pretty current when it first hitsSep 19 23:34
cubevector3.5.10Sep 19 23:34
MinceRyes, 3.5.10 is stableSep 19 23:34
gnufreexRHEL was always vintageSep 19 23:34
Ender20713.5.10 is deadSep 19 23:34
Ender2071end of lifeSep 19 23:34
Ender2071bug fix onlySep 19 23:34
MinceRit's sad if the latest stable version is dead :>Sep 19 23:34
Ender20714.5 is the latest stable versionSep 19 23:35
gnufreexEnterprise distro needs lots of testing.Sep 19 23:35
MinceRthen again, i haven't seen 4.5 yetSep 19 23:35
MinceRmaybe it's less fragileSep 19 23:35
Ender2071fedora 14, opensuse 11.4 m1Sep 19 23:35
Ender2071theres a repo for f13 that adds itSep 19 23:35
Ender2071i think kubuntu has a ppaSep 19 23:35
MinceRgnSep 19 23:36
gnufreexI watch video about GNU Hurd nowSep 19 23:36
gnufreex 19 23:36
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Error processing the URL:  .::. Size~: 0 KBSep 19 23:36
Ender2071hurd lolSep 19 23:37
gnufreexIt is alive!Sep 19 23:37
cubevectornever tried itSep 19 23:37
gnufreexIt has about 10 devs... and they are trying very hard.Sep 19 23:37
cubevectormy next box will probably be HaikuSep 19 23:38
cubevectorof course all the other boxes will be GNU+LinuxSep 19 23:38
*Ender2070 ( has joined #techrightsSep 19 23:38
gnufreexI realy think it is stupid to do all that work just to reimplement Be OS.Sep 19 23:38
gnufreexWhat I like about Hurd is that it is multi-server micro kernelSep 19 23:39
cubevectorwell, I thought I'd give it a goSep 19 23:39
gnufreexThat means it can implement other OS interfaces in user spaceSep 19 23:39
gnufreexSo, it is posible to make it work like Amiga OS one daySep 19 23:39
gnufreexAnd as Linux anotherSep 19 23:39
gnufreexdaySep 19 23:39
cubevectorI had high hopes for AROSSep 19 23:40
cubevectorbut it's very roughSep 19 23:40
cubevectorwell go run it and report back to us :)Sep 19 23:40
cubevectorI don't even know anyone who runs itSep 19 23:40
gnufreexWhat? Hurd? I am runing it.Sep 19 23:41
gnufreexIn a VMSep 19 23:41
bruce89I hope that Fedora doesn't move to Ubuntu style not-updating-anything-in-case-it-breaks-even-if-it-actually-fixes-stuff mantraSep 19 23:41
*Ender2071 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Sep 19 23:41
bruce89although I agree that stable versions shouldn't change functionality wiseSep 19 23:42
Ender2070LOLSep 19 23:42
Ender2070ur nuts if u think hurd will workSep 19 23:42
cubevectorI run a few old OSesSep 19 23:42
gnufreexIt works. Want a screenshot?Sep 19 23:43
cubevectorsureSep 19 23:43
bruce89relying on loads of PPAs is surely not a good ideaSep 19 23:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rysiek/@rysiek] ♻ @lessig: a fantastically conceived (neo-progressive) ad supporting #FENA -- pls watch and share: 19 23:44
TechrightsBot-trTitle:     YouTube        - Voters agree: money has too much power   .::. Size~: 102.96 KBSep 19 23:44
gnufreexWait till I start VM. It boots slowly on VirtualBox. It is faster with XenSep 19 23:45
gnufreexwho asked for Hurd screenshot ? 19 23:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Not a web page! Aborting image/png type .::. Size~: 0 KBSep 19 23:57
gnufreexcubevector: Here is HURD?Sep 19 23:58
gnufreexaboveSep 19 23:58

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