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schestowitzSubject: Open Source expert James Turnbull's new book "Pro Puppet" releasedMay 27 01:31
schestowitz by Apress Media ...May 27 01:31
schestowitz> Hi Roy,May 27 01:31
schestowitz> May 27 01:31
schestowitz> Earlier this month, longtime open source pundit James Turnbull publishedMay 27 01:32
schestowitz> his latest book "Pro Puppet” <_>May 27 01:32
schestowitz> through Apress Media. This is his fifth technical book about open sourceMay 27 01:32
TechrightsBotError processing the URL: HTTP/1.1 404 Not FoundMay 27 01:32
schestowitz> software. "Pro Puppet" is an in-depth book about how to install, use andMay 27 01:32
schestowitz> develop Puppet, the popular open source systems management platform usedMay 27 01:32
schestowitz> by organizations including Twitter, Rackspace, Digg, Genentech and more.May 27 01:32
schestowitz> May 27 01:32
schestowitz> If you're interested, James would be available to chat with you aboutMay 27 01:32
schestowitz> his new book about Puppet, what readers can expect to learn, as well asMay 27 01:32
schestowitz> his thoughts on the future of open source and systems management.May 27 01:32
schestowitz> May 27 01:32
schestowitz> Interested in a chat with James?May 27 01:32
schestowitzYes, I would love to publish an interview with James. At work, for example, I use Puppet extensively (with nagios). I can chat with James on issues such as open source and systems management and help promote his book in Techrights.May 27 01:32
schestowitz:-)May 27 01:32
schestowitz> Roy,May 27 02:59
schestowitz> May 27 02:59
schestowitz> Sounds great. Let me touch base with James and see what his schedule looksMay 27 02:59
schestowitz> like next week sometime. Are you fairly open then?May 27 02:59
schestowitzYes, I am.May 27 02:59
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schestowitzanother guest piece comingMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> Dear *Roy*,May 27 11:16
schestowitz> May 27 11:16
schestowitz> Being involved in various international IT projects over the last 5Y andMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> already having a considerable experience in these areas, I've often comeMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> in contact and got to know ** as being one of the topMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> existing electronic publications in the IT field.May 27 11:16
schestowitz> May 27 11:16
schestowitz> The main topic of this email is *Cubrid* (/, anMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> open-source SQL RDBMS - it is being used for example by (SouthMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> Korea's biggest search engine and ranked as 5th in the world), it willMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> also power the official web portal of the Asian Olympic Games in 2014May 27 11:16
schestowitz> (which is expected, as you might assume, to have a huge number ofMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> visitors) etc and its aim is to become an alternative to MySQL databaseMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> in the period to come.May 27 11:16
schestowitz> May 27 11:16
schestowitz> The plan is to globalize *Cubrid* and make people aware of it, thus, IMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> thought of your great experience in publishing and decided to ask forMay 27 11:16
schestowitz> your support in promoting this open source database.May 27 11:16
schestowitz> May 27 11:17
schestowitz> Could you please let me know if it would be possible for you to publishMay 27 11:17
schestowitz> a small article on *Cubrid* and under what conditions?May 27 11:17
schestowitz> May 27 11:17
schestowitz> Looking forward to hearing from you soon.May 27 11:17
schestowitz> May 27 11:17
schestowitz> Much appreciated,May 27 11:17
schestowitz> May 27 11:17
schestowitz> *Adrian*May 27 11:17
schestowitzHi Adrian,May 27 11:17
schestowitzWe are always open to guest posts which are relevant. If you send me an article that introduced people to Cubrid, I will publish it as a guest post.May 27 11:17
schestowitz> Roy,May 27 11:26
schestowitz> May 27 11:26
schestowitz> Thanks a lot for your kind support in this - will get back to you on MondayMay 27 11:26
schestowitz> as soon as the article is ready.May 27 11:26
schestowitzIf possible, the angle we're interested in is how free/libre software enables databases and user data to be freed, in the sense that the user has the ability to move around with the data. Little attention is typically paid to this issue, until of course people find out that "cloud computing" takes away all their data, "sucks" it even.May 27 11:26
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,May 27 11:34
schestowitz> May 27 11:34
schestowitz> I just finished setting up Debian 6 on my ADSL modem.May 27 11:34
schestowitz> Even Ekiga now works over it.May 27 11:34
schestowitzI see you online almost all the time.May 27 11:34
schestowitz> Jitsi and Blink are not in the Ubuntu repositories -- yet.May 27 11:54
schestowitz> The call came in on Blink rather than Ekiga and then the GPRS modem cutMay 27 11:54
schestowitz> out.  I've been running two home networks while I was getting Debian onMay 27 11:54
schestowitz> the ADSL modem sorted.  Ekiga seems kind of patchy, sometimes it workMay 27 11:54
schestowitz> sometimes it does not.  I had a successfull call from Blink today andMay 27 11:54
schestowitz> sometimes the echo test worked sometimes not.  Right now it is not working.May 27 11:54
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sebsebsebhiMay 27 13:26
schestowitzTechBytes Video needs to be properly set up. YouTube channel with link to it and formats... simple frame would do. Right now we're stuck with non-consistent SUP. I've uploaded TWIT interview, but it's still messy when it comes to editing video. Every video editors I found was hard to use.May 27 14:02
sebsebsebschestowitz: okMay 27 14:40
schestowitzI am workinh on it nowMay 27 14:43
schestowitzGetting some help in the mplayer channelMay 27 14:43
sebsebsebschestowitz: uh right okMay 27 14:45
schestowitzI'll paste here when it's sorted outMay 27 14:57
schestowitz[14:18] <schestowitz> hi, does anyone know CLI s/w for making video with one frame and audio? I was told mencoder can do this.May 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:19] <schestowitz> 'mencoder "mf://*.JPG" -mf fps=3 -o test.avi -ovc lavc' won't doMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:19] <schestowitz> I need to give as input one audio file (ogg) and one or more images to just be the persistent image/s with the sound playing in the output videoMay 27 14:58
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schestowitz[14:22] <Kamijou_Touma> schestowitz, have you tried -loop 0 ?May 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:22] <Kamijou_Touma> also you will need to set when to stop encodingMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:22] <Kamijou_Touma> not sure what switch that wasMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:22] <Kamijou_Touma> else it will go on foreverMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:24] <Kamijou_Touma> also you should probably consider using x264 as it can likely encode it with great efficiencyMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:24] <schestowitz> yes, that too I can useMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:24] <schestowitz> For input and/or outputMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:24] <schestowitz> ThanksMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:24] <Kamijou_Touma> but don't use it with aviMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <schestowitz> so if I have input audio, then an image, how would I put them in the command?May 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Kamijou_Touma> either matroska (mkv) or mpeg4-14 (mp4)May 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Kamijou_Touma> errrMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Kamijou_Touma> eitehr use one of thoseMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <schestowitz> mencoder does not accept the syntax aboveMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Kamijou_Touma> -loop 0May 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Kamijou_Touma> ?May 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Lobs> Kamijou_Touma: -loop is not a mencoder optionMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Kamijou_Touma> eh?May 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Kamijou_Touma> then how did you do that?May 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:25] <Lobs> schestowitz: you can do what you want using -fpsMay 27 14:58
schestowitz[14:26] <schestowitz> mencoder  VIDEO_FILE -loop 0 OUTPUT_File ...May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:26] <schestowitz> Where would the image go?May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:26] <Kamijou_Touma> schestowitz, as Lobs already pointed out -loop is not supported by mencoderMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:27] <schestowitz> Oh.May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:27] <schestowitz> let me try with mp4May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:27] <Lobs> schestowitz: i cant remember the order, but to say make a 30 second video from a single frame using mf:// you could use -fps 1/30 (or it could be -fps 30/1, i cant remember atm)May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:27] <schestowitz> "May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:27] <schestowitz> Ogg file format detected.May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:27] <schestowitz> Video stream is mandatory!May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:28] <schestowitz> "May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:28] <schestowitz> That's what I always getMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:28] <schestowitz> I was hoping to combine the audio with a given image (or images)May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:28] <Lobs> schestowitz: -audiofile yourpornoaudio.oggMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:28] <schestowitz> and image as input_file?May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:29] <Lobs> yes, mf://porno*.jpg -audiofile yourpornoaudio.ogg -ovc blah -oac blah -fps 30/1 -o dirtymovie.aviMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:30] <schestowitz> Hehe. No pr0nMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:30] <schestowitz> Let's try May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:30] <Lobs> i may heve the -fps wrong tho.May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:31] <Lobs> but if you just want to make a video from an image and make it match the audio length ffmpeg may be better, iirc it can loop the image till the video ends with some magic commands.May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:31] <Kamijou_Touma> <Lobs> schestowitz: -audiofile yourpornoaudio.ogg <--- i see what you did thereMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:31] <Lobs> if you need to use filters that ffmpeg does not support then mencoder may be betterMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:32] <Kamijou_Touma> schestowitz, it's also possible to mux audio in laterMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:32] <Lobs> Kamijou_Touma: who you talking to?May 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:32] <Kamijou_Touma> nothing, i'm just trying to stop thinking about how delicious boiled lobsters areMay 27 14:59
schestowitz[14:33] <Lobs> are they?May 27 15:03
schestowitz[14:33] <Kamijou_Touma> aren't they?May 27 15:03
schestowitz[14:33] <Lobs> never had one myself, nor ever wanted to.May 27 15:03
schestowitz[14:33] <Lobs> cant stand seafood.May 27 15:03
schestowitz[14:37] <schestowitz> [14:31] <Lobs> but if you just want to make a video from an image and make it match the audio length ffmpeg may be better, iirc it can loop the image till the video ends with some magic commands.May 27 15:03
schestowitz[14:37] <schestowitz> Yes, got there nowMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:38] <schestowitz> it just does about 3 frames for 3 images, then stops the audioMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:40] <Kamijou_Touma> Lobs, but don't you live near sea/ocean?May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:40] <schestowitz> If I give it one input image it gives me a 1-frame videoMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:41] <schestowitz> :-) I could make a directory with a million duped files :-)May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:41] <schestowitz> But there has to be a better way ;-)May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:41] <schestowitz> To ensure it plays the soundMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:43] <Lobs> schestowitz: i told you how to make it produce a longer file, use -fpsMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:43] <Lobs> you may also need -vf harddup to make sure duplicate frames are encoded,May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:44] <schestowitz> Lobs: ahMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:44] <Lobs> Kamijou_Touma: yes i do, infact i have two sea/oceans within walking distance from each other (if you dont mind a long walk) or a 20 min drive (if traffic is good)May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:44] <schestowitz> I think it mistook the number you -fpsMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:44] <schestowitz> maybe I can specify fractions?May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:45] <Lobs> schestowitz: what do you mean?May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:45] <schestowitz> like 0.0001 frames per second?May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:47] <schestowitz> I can do -fps 0.1May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:47] <schestowitz> ir works in the sense that it makes frames 10 secs apartMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:47] <Kamijou_Touma> Lobs, indian and pacific?May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:47] <Kamijou_Touma> but that doesn't make senseMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:48] <Kamijou_Touma> pacific and....May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:48] <Lobs> schestowitz: why would you do that?May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:48] <Lobs> schestowitz: do as i said, -fps 1/30 (to make a 30 second video from 1 frame)May 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:48] <Kamijou_Touma> to make one image span multiple seconds, i presumeMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:48] <Lobs> or if you had 2 frames it would be a 60 second videoMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:51] <schestowitz> Lobs: ohMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:52] <schestowitz> I thought you typed 30/1 at firstMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:52] <Lobs> schestowitz: i typed it both ways, i forget which way it goes, and i have been working since 7am and it's now 1:51amMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:54] <schestowitz> Lobs & Kamijou_Touma I am ever so gratefulMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:54] <schestowitz> We are uploading over 70 hours of audiocast to youtubeMay 27 15:04
schestowitz[14:54] * Lobs puts out his handMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:54] <schestowitz> That's why I needed this forMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:54] <schestowitz> It's a show about open source softwareMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:55] <Lobs> that goes for 70 hours.....May 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:55] <Lobs> sounds like a boring movie.May 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:55] <schestowitz> yeah :-)May 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:55] <schestowitz> No lobsters :-)May 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:55] <schestowitz> Lobs: I will write a blog post about itMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:55] <schestowitz> How can I attrib youMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:56] <schestowitz> Maybe homepage?May 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:56] <schestowitz> blog post with HOWTO that isMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:56] <Lobs> huh?May 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:56] <schestowitz> To document this for othersMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:56] <schestowitz> I had searched google for answers, someone advised me that since I don't find a solution I might ask around here.May 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:57] <schestowitz> We're usually in #techrightsMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[14:57] <schestowitz> Ant the show is at 27 15:05
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schestowitzMay 27 15:05
schestowitz[15:04] <Lobs> yay, i can finish work early.....May 27 15:05
schestowitz[15:04] * Lobs scuttles off home to go to sleep.May 27 15:05
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schestowitz[15:04] <schestowitz> thanks a lot, Lobs! You're a star.May 27 15:05
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schestowitz> Hey Roy,May 27 21:26
schestowitz> May 27 21:26
schestowitz> Looking at James' schedule and it seems he's available Wednesday afternoon:May 27 21:26
schestowitz> 1:30pm - 3pm and Thursday afternoon 1pm to 3pm. Do any of these times workMay 27 21:26
schestowitz> for you? Thinking the interview would be 30 minutes...May 27 21:26
schestowitzWould it be possible to to do this by text?May 27 21:26
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