#boycottnovell @ FreeNode: June 3rd, 2008

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Links 04/06/2008: GNU/Linux WIns with Acer, Intel, and Poland

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Microsoft: The Nearness of CitriXen, MySQL

Posted in Database, Free/Libre Software, Microsoft, SUN, Virtualisation, Xen at 2:02 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The article “MySQL Gives .NET High Five” comes from a biased source, but nonetheless, the headline can really turn heads given the apathy of Microsoft’s developer community towards this databases, which makes a digital fabric that competes against .NET, WS, and IIS on the Web.

There was a lot of head scratching at this year’s MySQL Conference and Expo when Microsoft was singled out for its contributions to open source development.

“Seriously?” one attendee was overheard asking during the keynote address of Marten Mickos, who was CEO of MySQL AB until Sun Microsystems Inc. acquired the open source database developer for $1 billion in March. Mickos, who’s now senior VP in Sun’s new database group, pointed to Redmond’s work with MySQL in naming Microsoft one of three companies to receive its Partner of the Year awards.

The above is far from an act of engagement, but what about the following speech where the bizarre acquisition of XenSource is discussed? And indeed, the question about a Microsoft acquisition is raised as well (transitively grabbing XenSource for Windows' benefit).

The following are just a few of the many questions that the Citrix Geek Speak audience asked me during my session:

* Desktop Virtualziation – VMware VDM vs. Citrix XenDesktop.
* What do I think of Citrix buying XenSource for $500,000,000.
* Should Microsoft Buy Citrix? If so Why?

The video therein requires Adobe Flash to view.

Novell Slams Free (Gratis) GNU/Linux

Posted in FUD, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Novell, SLES/SLED, SUN at 1:48 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Yesterday we wrote about [cerf 3635 some semi-blind promotion of Novell] and warned about the impact of this, especially when one considers the fact that Novell uses GNU/Linux FUD and OpenSolaris FUD (rarely Windows FUD) to market itself. The item below sheds light on something that Novell did in China not so long ago; Susan Hauser chimed in as well (just days ago) to add to her wood to this fire of GNU effigies.

According to the following new item, “Novell joins Microsoft in Anti-Linux FUD.” This would not be exactly news, but the detailed proof of this seems rather compelling.

The Novell “partnership” with Microsoft has been a hot topic in Linux circles since it was announced a few years ago. Recently, Novell and Microsoft introduced a joint-marketing site to promote their collaboration.

A few years ago, I had really high hope’s for Novell’s forays in to Linux. However; bad move after bad move has left me with no confidence in Novell or their Linux products. I can’t say I was shocked to find this work of misinformation touting the “benefits” of Novell over Redhat and “unpaid” Linux.

Novell has this lovely chart to highlight the benefits of SUSE over “unpaid” Linux. “Unpaid” is a complete spin word, sounding like something Karl Rove cooked up in a focus group.

Watch this good comment about Novell’s marketing attempts as of late.

I see Novell, Hovsepian and Mat Asay are making pitiful comments about the ‘desktop market’ again.

For starters, there is no real desktop market. All the Linux desktop deployments today are done by people who’ve just decided to go out and do it at a grassroots level. There is no ‘corporate’ deployment of desktop Linux in the way that Novell desperately wants to pretend, and there’s certainly no money there for them. I suggest they concentrate on where they’re losing money now, and then they might have a crack at it.

We last wrote about Novell's financial issues just days ago.

Quick Mention: Microsoft Office (‘Same’ Version) Incompatible with Self

Posted in Apple, Interoperability, Microsoft, Office Suites, Open XML at 1:42 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Another reason for Microsoft to put OOXML in the wastebasket

Yes, that’s right

Office 2008 suffers from having two of its most important features — compatibility with Apple’s Intel processors and Microsoft’s new Office 2007 file formats — be things that users can’t directly or immediately see.

By the author’s own admission, there was no review available on time and this post was too shallow and speculative. Search the Web and you’ll immediately find that this promise from Microsoft was empty. Example:

Office 2008 and Office 2007 Compatibility Headache


After some testing, this is what I discovered. When I saved an Office 2008 document in the .docx format, Office 2007 stripped out some of the spaces. By some, I mean a lot of spaces, including spaces between words as well as a series of leading spaces used to align text. If I saved the same document using Office 2008 in the .doc format (i.e., Word 97), I had no portability problems between the Mac/Windows versions of Office.

Also see this older one. which considered only a beta release:

Although “total integration with Windows Office users” has always been a promised feature — and chief selling point — of Office for Mac, longtime users know that compatibility is easier said than done. While pre-Office 2007 Word, Excel and Access files created in Office for Windows may be viewable or editable on the Mac, the same cannot be said for e-mail data files created in Outlook for Windows. Considering the importance of e-mail in the office, we find the lack of platform synergy both confusing and irritating.So, how does the Office 2008 beta handle these two hurdles? The results, sadly, are mixed.

This is interoperability? Microsoft seems unable to maintain fidelity even with its own software across platforms. How unmaintainable is OOMXL?

OOXML protests in India
From the Campaign for Document Freedom

OpenSUSE: The EULA from Novell and the Road to Microsoft Hell

Posted in GNU/Linux, Law, Microsoft, Novell, OpenSUSE at 7:22 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

OpenSUSE users wish to believe that they are independent from Novell and unaffected by the company’s pact with Microsoft. Well, here is a must-read from Beranger. It’s quite an eye opener.

So, the most shocking part for me? The openSUSE 11.0b3 EULA.

“The Grumpy Editor” is quoting the most relevant parts: «It must be said that this distribution got off on rather the wrong foot; it puts up an end-user license agreement which prohibits redistribution for compensation, bundling openSUSE with any other “offering,” reverse engineering, transfer of the software, use in a production environment, or publishing benchmark results (but only if you’re a software vendor). Users are required to stop using the software upon termination of the license, which happens after 90 days, after the next release, or whenever Novell says so. And, just in case one was considering the crime of using the release for too long: “The Software may contain an automatic disabling mechanism that prevents its use after a certain period of time, so You should back up Your system and take other measures to prevent any loss of files or data.”»


Novell, the only way you can use Linux and feel like you’re using Windows. Read the EULA before our lawyers contact you. Most important: we might disable your copy whenever we want. Free Trojan horse included. “Upgrade to SLED or to Vista” coupon available on request.

Like we didn’t see that coming.

SUSE Genuine Advantage

From SUSE Forums

FUD Gauge Oscillates in Slashdot and SourceForge Again

Posted in Free/Libre Software, FUD, GPL, Law, Marketing, Microsoft at 7:04 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

What Brian at Linux Today once labeled “how not to treat your readership [or audience]“

One particular article that was highlighted by Slashdot yesterday serves as a brilliant FUD piece against the GPL. It made the front page. While its aim is to shed light on what becomes an integral part of almost every software, it politely ‘misunderstands’ a few important concepts. Rather than view to the article again, consider reading the following rebuttal.

Irreconcilable conflict between $ and Open Source ?!


I guess this particular attorney has never heard of Red Hat (aiming for $1 billion in revenue), Oracle (runs its own infrastructure on open source software), Cisco (world’s largest networking vendor that is now backing Linux) and many other for profit vendors that all have somehow RECONCILED open source and profit

But that’s not all. As you may already know, Microsoft sponsors SourceForge Awards. It takes pride as ‘the’ one company which is seemingly running the show with Visual Studio and FUD-invoking ‘prizes’ (the awards of shame). That is still the case. Remember that only Microsoft is listed among the/as a sponsor (nothing has changed since the last time) and now comes even worse FUD from Slashdot (same owners as SourceForge), which portrays open source as potentially illegal.

Nominations Open For “Most Likely to be Shut Down By Government”

The corporate overlords at SourceForge asked me to name a Slashdot category for their upcoming Community Choice Awards and to let you guys select the winner. I have named my category “Most Likely to be Shut Down by a Government Agency.” We’re going to run this like we do an Ask Slashdot call for questions — post your nominations into the comments here. Use moderation to send up good ideas. In the upcoming days we’ll post another story where you can vote on the actual winner. Nominations need to include the project name, a link to some sort of official website, and a paragraph of why you think they deserve to win. The project that wins will gain fame, notoriety, and maybe a cease and desist order that they could print out and frame if they had that kind of time.

It’s funny that Rob Malda begins with “The corporate overlords at SourceForge.” Who are they? Who runs the show? Is it not the sponsors?

Overall, by reading Slashdot, what can one conclude? That open source is anti-profit-making corporations and that any day it might be “shut down by government”? Maybe it’s just flamebait, but it’s happening far too frequently these days. It definitely does not encourage Free software adoption.

Links 04/06/2008: Migrations to GNU/Linux in Germany, Heaps of GNU/Linux Laptops at Computex

Posted in News Roundup at 6:34 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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GNU/Linux (Other)


Facebook’s “Open Source” a Farce?


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