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Bill and Melinda Gates Employee Took Photos of Young Boys at the Beach

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft at 1:37 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Melinda Gates tweet
The above tweet of a beach was posted on the date of the arrest/search of their employee, who was at their residence at the time. This tweet was posted 2 hours and 40 minutes after the door was breached and incriminating evidence collected.

Summary: Based on the police report, the engineer of Bill Gates (working at his home) was not only viewing and sharing child pornography; in his bedroom he had a “photo envelope that contained photographs and negatives of young boys on a beach,” based on the police report, inside an Express Stop envelope

THIS MORNING we said we had received the first installment of many (at least a dozen) from correspondents/respondents. They’re engaged in a long-running FOIA request, placed with Seattle’s PD, which dates back one day before 'cancellation' of Richard Stallman was initiated in the corporate press (shortly after Bill Gates connections to a known and high-profile pedophile became very apparent). There is some context here for the uninitiated. This is no laughing matter and definitely not “conspiracy theory” (all the evidence is right there). Having received many files and spent the day reviewing them all, I am feeling a bit disturbed (mentally), but I am eager to report. I will try to omit any sexually explicit language. The police reports are not heavily redacted; there are even addresses and phone numbers in them. They’re 100% consistent with what we’ve reported in Techrights (so far) and they add additional information.

“They’re 100% consistent with what we’ve reported in Techrights (so far) and they add additional information.”Based on the police report, Mr. Jones, who admits being a pedophile (since his teenage years), had been collecting child pornography since at least 2004. He also transmitted some. As an engineer and a Windows user he did adopt some security practices. He was likely hired by Bill and Melinda Gates when he was already a prolific pedophile and had collected/traded child porn for years. The timeline may help clarify the chronology of these things. The police gathered a great deal of evidence (almost a dozen computer-related items and tapes), as we shall note in a future part.

“Though the residence [of Jones] was unoccupied at the time of entry,” the police report said, “intelligence was obtained that Rick Jones (JONES) was likely at work; employed as an engineer at the private residence of Bill & Malinda [sic] Gates.”

The PD calls her “Malinda” (twice even). It’s a typo (not a very common name anyway), but some people on the Web refer to her as “Manlinda” and some have even manipulated her photographs to make her look like male (we won’t link to such garbage). Not exactly a mature thing to be doing, but those people might be getting a kick out of this typo.

“The police gathered a great deal of evidence (almost a dozen computer-related items and tapes), as we shall note in a future part.”“JONES views his CP [child pornography] collection 2-3 x weekly and masturbates to the files about 70% of the time; said it is fantasy only and he has never touched a child, nor would he.”

“I began a review of the 133 “Identified Child” files, of which four (4) were videos and the remaining 129 were pictures,” said one police officer in the report. “Based upon the pictures contained in this group, it would appear that the general age and sex preference of JONES is boys, from approximately the pre-teen to early teen years.”

“Only four (4) of the pictures appeared to depict female children,” it continued. “The youngest depicted children appear to be approximately 7-9 years of age and are described more particularly in the PC cert above.”

We won’t reproduce here any descriptions of the contents. It’s graphic enough to disturb readers.

“We won’t reproduce here any descriptions of the contents. It’s graphic enough to disturb readers.”“Also in item #9 was an Express Stop photo envelope that contained photographs and negatives of young boys on a beach (clothed; swimming suits),” it said. The handwritten notes indicate that item #9 is “Photos and CD” from his “Bedroom Closet”. 10 different items are enumerated and described as having been possessed as evidence by the police. “The subjects did not appear to know they were being photographed,” the report says. “The beach is likely in Mexico or some other spot in Central/South America.”

One can guess that he didn’t take such photos to document his journey but to masturbate to, based on the above descriptions (“JONES views his CP [child pornography] collection 2-3 x weekly and masturbates to the files about 70% of the time”). Jones was in his early fifties at the time. In the next part we’ll describe how this connects to the mansion of Bill and Melinda, where he goes to work very early each morning. Jones goes to work at the Gates residency at 5AM. Who starts work at 5AM anyway? It’s very dark at this time in Seattle, except maybe in May until July.

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