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schestowitz-TR[topic] Fedora suffers from software patents, removes features, while IBM lobbies for such patents and gives software patents to patent trolls (in sales)Oct 01 07:17
Techrights-secackOct 01 07:56
Techrights-secEFF's site seems not to be in chronological order; WTF? Oct 01 08:28
schestowitz-TRmoz the sameOct 01 08:28
schestowitz-TRit is the new fashionOct 01 08:28
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schestowitz-TRlike twitterOct 01 08:35
schestowitz-TRoptmised for "engagement"Oct 01 08:35
schestowitz-TRnot usabilityOct 01 08:35
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schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Strike 1 for hackaday... after doing a Microsoft puff piece, in effect abetting criminals ☛ | Source: HackadayOct 01 09:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Microsoft Wants You (To Help With Assistive Tech) | HackadayOct 01 09:09
Techrights-secHackaday is a mixed bag but all publishers are in the crosshairs at M$Oct 01 09:12
Techrights-secChange of editors there is important to take note ofOct 01 09:12
Techrights-sec^topicOct 01 09:12
schestowitz-TRwhen they change editor some months ago the quality sank and linux is mentioned lessOct 01 09:13
schestowitz-TRmaybe after a strike 2 it's worth coveringOct 01 09:13
schestowitz-TRmaybe the tip came from a Microsoft rep pitching it to themOct 01 09:13
schestowitz-TRlike "Elizabeth" in Solyent News, who jokes about Microsoft opionions not counting... because "hate".. and "sexism"Oct 01 09:14
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Techrights-secackOct 01 09:31
schestowitz-TRnot worth even spending energy on trolls, in some sense..Oct 01 09:32
schestowitz-TRbut to identity them and help others identify them tooOct 01 09:32
schestowitz-TRddi you see my items above Oct 01 09:36
schestowitz-TRre a) torvaldsOct 01 09:36
schestowitz-TRb) cisaOct 01 09:36
schestowitz-TRc) covidOct 01 09:36
schestowitz-TRI am going to meet a friend soon, will wear 2 masksOct 01 09:36
Techrights-secYes, I though I commented on CISAOct 01 09:37
Techrights-sec 01 09:40
-TechrightsBN/ | IRC: #techrights @ Techrights IRC Network: Friday, September 30, 2022Oct 01 09:40
Techrights-sec 01 09:40
Techrights-secaka plagiarismOct 01 09:40
-TechrightsBN/ | IRC: #techrights @ Techrights IRC Network: Friday, September 30, 2022Oct 01 09:40
schestowitz-TRyes, i try now to do anything perceived to be time-wastingOct 01 09:42
schestowitz-TRbut we'll see if the two [topics] in my kate file will last the weekendOct 01 09:42
schestowitz-TRit's the security links (3) and fedora swpats thing so farOct 01 09:42
Techrights-secregarding machine learning:Oct 01 09:43
Techrights-sec 01 09:43
Techrights-sec^ topicOct 01 09:43
-TechrightsBN/ | Have your sayOct 01 09:43
Techrights-sec(either machine learning in general or machine learning and copyright violationOct 01 09:44
Techrights-secGPL evasion)Oct 01 09:44
schestowitz-TRadded, thanksOct 01 09:44
schestowitz-TRi am preparing to leave in a few hoursOct 01 09:44
Techrights-secaka plagiarismOct 01 09:45
Techrights-secok Oct 01 09:45
schestowitz-TRcovid will rsise shrply (see link above)Oct 01 09:46
schestowitz-TRsee still a window of chance to see some people, pruidentlyOct 01 09:46
schestowitz-TRI\m still finishing some end-of-month tasksOct 01 09:46
schestowitz-TRso multitasking, which is very hardOct 01 09:46
Techrights-secWith the link above it seems not possible to link directly to the Summary report: Ares(2022)2620305 nor to the comments; They are both blocked by gratuitousOct 01 09:59
Techrights-sec Oct 01 09:59
Techrights-secjavascript;Oct 01 09:59
Techrights-secBest to focus on one thing at a time, and postpone or tune out distractions.Oct 01 09:59
Techrights-secThe cognitive overhead for task switching is really very high.Oct 01 09:59
schestowitz-TRusually i do this right after midnight, but I was too tired last nightOct 01 10:00
schestowitz-TRanyway, almost done nowOct 01 10:00
schestowitz-TRand yes, task switching is a task in its own right Oct 01 10:00
schestowitz> Hi Roy,>> I am on holiday for the first time in three years so am not going to> enter a long conversation with you. However, let me put your mind at ease.Oct 01 10:30
schestowitzThanks for responding. I will try to keep it short. Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> On Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 8:17 AM Roy Schestowitz <r@schestowitz.comOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> <>> wrote:Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz>     I was right.Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz>     So have you guys of no sense of shame?Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz>     The OSI seems to be running for no good purpose anyway.Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz>     You actively help Microsoft attack Free software and you profit from it.Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> 01 10:30
schestowitz>     <>Oct 01 10:30
-TechrightsBN/ | Open Source Initiative Controlled (Infiltrated) by Microsoft GitHub: Microsoft Bribes OSI to Justify GPL Violations Under the Guise of ‘AI’, Even Writes the OSI’s Material | TechrightsOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> You're still reading it wrong. I found there was a cash surplus in theOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> seperately-accounted ClearlyDefined "bucket", which is currently anOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> outside-run project but under OSI's fiduciary umbrella (so all we do isOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> collect a 10%fee and let them run things themselves, like ConservancyOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> do)Oct 01 10:30
schestowitzThe Conservancy is no role model (in recent years I've had many criticisms of them, too) and that 10% fee you're mention simply means you rely on appeasing Microsoft or else lose some income. It's the same issue in the LF. You become incapable of criticising the opposition (yes, Microsoft is STILL attacking us in MANY ways) without fiscal consequences.Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> , and I've proposed using those funds to hire a staff member for OSIOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> for two years under OSI management (not Microsoft), taking overOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> management of ClearlyDefined (so Microsoft no longer staff itsOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> administration) and get a new person working on other, independentOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> projects. Oct 01 10:30
schestowitzMicrosoft is in the board and the new "staff member for OSI" is dependent on Microsoft money. This is not a healthy arrangement. Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> So the ClearlyDefined action is actually Microsoft becoming less ratherOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> than more involved.Oct 01 10:30
schestowitzSo you wish. You say this to yourself. But it's untrue. Also, you still take money from Microsoft through two buckets, GitHub AND Microsoft. GitHub is an ATTACK on Free software, it's imprisoning many projects. It's not encouraging people to violate licences. Microsoft pays the OSI (see link above) to make it sound benign or even desirable.Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz>     And later you falsely report me to censor any criticism, even perfectlyOct 01 10:30
schestowitz>     legitimate. Like get me suspended from Twitter under "COVID-19"Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz>     pretenses.Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:30
schestowitz> Huh? No such thing has happened. In fact I have you muted on Twitter soOct 01 10:30
schestowitz> have seen nothing you have done there for several years.Oct 01 10:31
schestowitzWhen I said you I meant collectively, OSI. I wrote a lot about what happened.Oct 01 10:31
schestowitzI think you and I got into conflict when you signed that letter of defamation against RMS. You helped legitimise lies. I wonder if you read and fact-checked what you had signed.Oct 01 10:31
schestowitzAnyway, I quit all social control media 7 months ago (all sites) willfully because they're going down fast and causing mostly conflicts anyway (it also spreads defamation without hindrance, inc. re RMS). E-mail is a lot more healthy. My Twitter account is there, I just don't use it anymore.Oct 01 10:31
schestowitz>     Shame on you, Simon. You could have prevented this.Oct 01 10:31
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:31
schestowitz> Oct 01 10:31
schestowitz> I don't run OSI any more. But you're reading it wrong, Roy.Oct 01 10:31
schestowitzYou did not convince me that I'm reading it wrong. I'm all ears, I know what I'm seeing, I've investigated this for years. Even the co-founders of OSI haven't much good to say.Oct 01 10:31
schestowitzSorry if I spoil your holidays a bit. When I sent you CC 10 months ago it was actually because I see you as the person who can salvage the OSI. I still  hope things can  improve. Feuds lead to no good, including conflicts with the FSF. You yourself made that joke about Life of Brian. Microsoft is the "Romans" in this context.Oct 01 10:31
schestowitzRegards,Oct 01 10:31
schestowitz-TROSI is finished.Oct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TRPhipps is partly retired and is doing FLOSS weekly, an openwashing front for proprietary firms and bill & lolita gates founddation as of lateOct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TRnot much that can be done to salvage themOct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TRsalvation was probably still possible when michael ran the OSIOct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TRhe too vanishedOct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TRI'm not sure he's in ICBMOct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TRI just didn't see his name, not even iin CNET and other sites he used to appear in Oct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TRTiemann is just some "old fart" who once appearsed in Revolution OS and then spent some years in OSIOct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TROSI is now run by corporate ilk and saboteurs egging them onOct 01 10:39
schestowitz-TRin the name of "justice" (read: corporate domination)Oct 01 10:40
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Techrights-secYes, it appears to have been converted into an openwashing front.Oct 01 11:41
Techrights-secPhipps can't do it all himself, even if he had the will, which it appears Oct 01 11:41
Techrights-seche doesn't, but he could have drawn in or recruited people of the rightOct 01 11:41
Techrights-secbackground to preserve and advace OSI and its values rather than thoseOct 01 11:41
Techrights-secwho have subverted them.Oct 01 11:41
schestowitz-TRI will leave in about 1 hourOct 01 11:42
schestowitz-TRcheck mailOct 01 11:42
schestowitz-TRI've just posted daily links, spoke a lot to parents etc.Oct 01 11:42
schestowitz-TRlater I will catch up with rss feeds and sue the spare time for articlesOct 01 11:42
schestowitz-TRrianne is working today and tomorrowOct 01 11:42
schestowitz-TRirc has been clamOct 01 11:42
schestowitz-TR*calmOct 01 11:42
Techrights-secackOct 01 11:42
Techrights-secCalm is ok, on-topic is better.Oct 01 11:42
Techrights-secBy the way, the NTP article is more important than it might look at first glanceOct 01 11:51
schestowitz-TRphk?Oct 01 11:52
Techrights-secYes, a quote or mention of him but the article is long and covers a lotOct 01 12:01
schestowitz-TRit is in the latest -published daily linksOct 01 12:05
schestowitz-TRI'm waiting for the sun to come out, i might leave earlyOct 01 12:05
schestowitz-TRbut wandering aroudn shops in weekends can be riskyOct 01 12:05
schestowitz-TRpoor ventilationOct 01 12:05
schestowitz-TRtrying to think if I need to buy any non-food itemsOct 01 12:05
schestowitz-TRi plan to back up TR db tomorrow, but TM and TR still need another offsite backupOct 01 12:05
schestowitz-TRgemini has been running nonstop since the system was restoredOct 01 12:05
Techrights-secackOct 01 12:05
Techrights-secyesOct 01 12:05
Techrights-secackOct 01 12:05
Techrights-secexcellentOct 01 12:05
Techrights-secWhat about usage?Oct 01 12:05
schestowitz-TRthere's the stats sectionOct 01 12:06
schestowitz-TRthere might be growing pains in geminispaceOct 01 12:06
schestowitz-TRthe media needs to be boosting it some moreOct 01 12:06
schestowitz-TRor maybe not, that might ruin itOct 01 12:06
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Techrights-seccheckingOct 01 12:18
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> "SSH" and "Linu<techrights-news> "SSH" and "Linux" FUD; bad passwords" FUD; bad passwords 01 12:18
-TechrightsBN/ | Chaos hits Linux and Windows machinesOct 01 12:18
-TechrightsBN/ | Chaos hits Linux and Windows machinesOct 01 12:18
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Techrights-sec:10Oct 01 12:26 01 12:26
schestowitz-TRthe headline from yle reeks of "hatchet job"Oct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TRselective quoting with a particular agenda in mindOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TRbut then again most "news" sites are like thisOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TRand one assumes younger people are too lazy to read thr whole thingOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TRin social control media only the headline would be extractedOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TRand the editor, not the writer, chooses the headlineOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TRI go by the rule ofOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TR100% see headline Oct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TR50% read itOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TR20% read summaryOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TR10% read the fucking article (RTFM/A)Oct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TRand the earlier paragraphs always get read more than later onesOct 01 12:31
schestowitz-TRmost people who comment only read the headline and nothing moreOct 01 12:32
schestowitz-TRsome people click "like" even if they just saw but did not read the headlineOct 01 12:32
schestowitz-TRbecause they play a game of "I like all yours" and "you like all mine back"Oct 01 12:32
schestowitz-TRso we both look popular (in some microcosm of a privaye firm) Oct 01 12:32
schestowitz-TRunless the site/.DB shut downOct 01 12:32
Techrights-secackOct 01 12:32
Techrights-secThe agitation against SSH seems to be that it allows commodity services.Oct 01 12:32
Techrights-secVia SSH, access is not just secure and universal, but the interface is theOct 01 12:32
Techrights-secsame regardless.  With proprietary web interfaces, they are just that: proprietaryOct 01 12:32
Techrights-secThe propaganda against SSH is about further decommoditifcation of servicesOct 01 12:33
Techrights-secIn this case, it is a tactic used against GNU/Linux and BSD hosting.Oct 01 12:33
schestowitz-TRgtgOct 01 12:34
schestowitz-TRbblOct 01 12:34
Techrights-secackOct 01 12:34
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schestowitz-TRbackOct 01 16:10
Techrights-sec 01 16:12
-TechrightsBN/ | The EU wants to put companies on the hook for harmful AI | MIT Technology ReviewOct 01 16:12
schestowitz-TRthanks for the link, I have 3 topics now as potential topicsOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRI was thinking of OSI and GPL violations on the way homeOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRit just made me a little angryOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRand could not think of anything new or witty to sayOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRi suppose tofr morale we could say, that's just the result of it being so ubiquitiousOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRit becomes a prime target for attacksOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRbut not everyone sold outOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRas a sdie note, the decision to never stress myself too much with exercise was likelu a goodOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRone as some people I know destroyed their body by doing it too much and too hardOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRI will do more walking and watch the weight, that ought to be enoughOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRback in a bit, catching upOct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TR(also hard to find discounted food, I was almost empty handed after 10 stores)Oct 01 16:17
Techrights-secSee also the EU link and the zip file there too.  Most of the comments in theOct 01 16:17
Techrights-seczip file are crap but there are some good ones in there too.Oct 01 16:17
schestowitz-TRI tried to kill 3 birds with one stone: eet freidn, get reference for rianne's form from a prof.Oct 01 16:19
schestowitz-TRand then get something on the way back homeOct 01 16:19
schestowitz-TRall were fulfilled to some extend, but the time spent on the last task was "low yield"Oct 01 16:19
schestowitz-TRit was not time for optimal yield, just what suited $friendOct 01 16:19
Techrights-secokOct 01 16:19
Techrights-secackOct 01 16:19
schestowitz-TRi will ignore chat for a bit to catch upOct 01 16:20
schestowitz-TRrianne finished work soon, then will post linksOct 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR*finishesOct 01 16:20
Techrights-secackOct 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Mr. Puppy Linux: "I have had an account with Amazon for a very long time, but cancelled it yesterday." 01 16:42
-TechrightsBN/ | Have cancelled Amazon accountOct 01 16:42
Techrights-secackOct 01 16:48
schestowitz-TReven my rss feeds are becoming a higher % of "sea of shit"Oct 01 16:50
schestowitz-TRlow s/n ratio even in sites that used to be ok :/Oct 01 16:50
schestowitz-TRI need to dumpster-dive into the haystack and tolerate some needles in the stackOct 01 16:50
schestowitz-TRsome are narcoticsOct 01 16:50
schestowitz-TRone method I found useful: let it add up for a bit, e.g. 100 items, then run a set of filter to weed out the shitOct 01 16:50
schestowitz-TRwheat and chaff...Oct 01 16:50
schestowitz-TRbut even then out of 100 you might be left with 10 "good" stories and maybe of them are mutually relatedOct 01 16:51
schestowitz-TRgulag noise was really bad already when I left itOct 01 16:51
schestowitz-TRI don't suppose I miss much thereOct 01 16:51
Techrights-secackOct 01 16:51
Techrights-secGoogle "News" is still garbageOct 01 16:51
Techrights-secI check a few searches still, but not often.  And it is even more seldom thatOct 01 16:51
Techrights-secthere is anything relevant, and rarer still for it to be worth citing.Oct 01 16:51
schestowitz-TRleaving gulag in 2022 is easy like leaving twitter in 2022Oct 01 16:52
schestowitz-TRbecause they no longer optiomise to give me what I ask forOct 01 16:52
schestowitz-TRbut what those companies want to push to meOct 01 16:52
Techrights-secNo idea but the end result either way is that they have only garbage.Oct 01 16:52
schestowitz-TRthis, i predict, will mean a growing future need for good curationOct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRthere's a massive vacuumOct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRsadly this vacuum also means lesened incentive to actually run news sitesOct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRthey're invisiblesOct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRlike a company without a business modelOct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRand time runs outOct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRalexa.comOct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRdid lots of "work"Oct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRgot many "users"Oct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRno business modelOct 01 16:56
schestowitz-TRshut dow in May IIRCOct 01 16:56
Techrights-secYes, too few have a means to find / track / discover real news.  I suspectOct 01 17:01
Techrights-secthat many are instead allowing themselves to be mislead by social control media.Oct 01 17:01
Techrights-secabout what to read and when.  Oct 01 17:01
Techrights-secTM used to have some original content though.Oct 01 17:01
schestowitz-TRsites that invest in maintaining presence in such "sites" are time-wastingOct 01 17:01
schestowitz-TRfor a whole slew of reasonsOct 01 17:01
schestowitz-TRTR never wasted time on this, tuxmachines is on auto-pilot pretty muchOct 01 17:01
schestowitz-TRme? I quit all of it and at the time though I might return one day (I no longer think so)Oct 01 17:01
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schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Linux-hostile companies that fund ZDNet are behind this; they don't care about security, they just use that as a leash on communities 01 17:21
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-What the Securing Open Source Software Act does and what it misses | ZDNETOct 01 17:21
-TechrightsBN/ | Attempts to Legislate Against Free Software in Order to Elbow Such Software Aside | TechrightsOct 01 17:21
schestowitz-TRsjvnOct 01 17:21
schestowitz-TRhe borrws the name and face, I guess, even to defamation campaigns like the rms oneOct 01 17:22
Techrights-secsjvn is coin-operated since a few years back, so what he says is less importantOct 01 17:22
Techrights-secthan who is getting him to say what he saysOct 01 17:22
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Techrights-secThe list of recent posts in TM now has a distinct CSS class for the updated Oct 01 18:08
Techrights-secposts.  The CSS has not yet been modified to make it visible to visitors.     Oct 01 18:08
schestowitz-TRah, ok, that explains why hard-refresh shows no differenceOct 01 18:09
Techrights-secSomething unobtrusive is needed as a marker.  Oct 01 18:10
schestowitz-TRin my notes I have my old discussion about splitting it up further using some heuristics, like pseudo categoriesOct 01 18:11
schestowitz-TRmaybe vertically or with vertical barsOct 01 18:11
Techrights-secCategories would be one way to do that , but it must be by proper categoriesOct 01 18:13
Techrights-secand not trying to guess based on strings in the titles.  That is a littleOct 01 18:13
Techrights-secmore error prone, though, the way posts are currently entered.  Pull downOct 01 18:13
Techrights-secmenus work best for that but those are not really feasible without majorOct 01 18:13
Techrights-secheadache and rewriting using ncurses or something else awful.Oct 01 18:13
schestowitz-TRbased on our experiences with drupal, it is an extra burden with little practical benefitOct 01 18:16
schestowitz-TRguesswork might not be doable eitherOct 01 18:16
schestowitz-TRso in my notes it's one of several ideasOct 01 18:16
schestowitz-TRwe still don't have proper archives pages in gemini and https Oct 01 18:16
schestowitz-TR(rioanne just broke a plate ;/)Oct 01 18:16
Techrights-secOk, then maybe it should be ignored.  Oct 01 18:16
Techrights-secWhat kind of archives for TM are needed in Gemini and HTTPS?Oct 01 18:16
schestowitz-TRsomething for each data/week/monthsOct 01 18:17
schestowitz-TRat the very least for searchg engines to index easilyOct 01 18:17
schestowitz-TRnot intentional, good platye, but the noise distracted me, she loved that plateOct 01 18:19
Techrights-secOh.Oct 01 18:19
Techrights-secAs it stands, the search engines should be able to follow the navigationOct 01 18:19
Techrights-seclinks forwards and backwards.Oct 01 18:19
Techrights-sec(throughout the entire tm-new site)Oct 01 18:19
schestowitz-TRi keep telling her, it's not expensiveOct 01 18:20
schestowitz-TRfirst question, "is this just a plate?"Oct 01 18:20
schestowitz-TR"don't worry, it's used and onl;y worth like a pound anyway"Oct 01 18:20
schestowitz-TR(it was not a gift, either)Oct 01 18:20
Techrights-secackOct 01 18:21
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