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Techrights-secspot onOct 05 06:08
schestowitz-TR[21:23] <DaemonFC> mjg59_, How long until Microsoft changes that policy?Oct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:23] <techrights-news>    β¨¦ (NEW): Khadas Edge2 review with Android 12 05 06:12
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @ )Oct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TRith_Android_12.shtml |  Gemini address: gemini:// Oct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:23] [Notice] -TechrightsBot-tr to #techrights- | Tux Machines  Khadas Edge2 review with Android 12Oct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:23] <MinceR> the moment they think they can get away with itOct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:23] <DaemonFC> Then even better, when they do that, what stops them from issuing dbx updates that revoke all versions of shim and grub?Oct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:23] <schestowitz[TR]> keyturn killswitchOct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:24] <schestowitz[TR]> they have it hibernating on many PCs alreadyOct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:24] <MinceR> nothing stops them from doing thatOct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:24] <MinceR> that's the whole pointOct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:24] <MinceR> though they'll probably do a false flag operation to "justify" itOct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:26] <DaemonFC> The entire point of mjg59_'s "shim" is to evade the GPL's anti-DRM provisions.Oct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:27] <DaemonFC> If they tried to "sign" GRUB and then tell you that you couldn't run modified versions of it, they'd be in violation of the GPL.Oct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TR[21:27] <DaemonFC> So shim is a GPL evasion tool.Oct 05 06:12
Techrights-sec"schestowitz[TR], But will it actually let you turn off Matt GULAG Boot?"Oct 05 06:12
Techrights-secno it will not, soon:Oct 05 06:12
Techrights-sec 05 06:12
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-BIOS and Operating System Requirements to Met Support Secured-core Personal Computing | Dell USOct 05 06:12
schestowitz-TRthank you microsoft, the diamond sponsorOct 05 06:16
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Techrights-secI would suspect that there are a lot of ways to modify a cracked systemOct 05 06:22
Techrights-secto ensure it won't ever boot again, and those modifications are equallyOct 05 06:22
Techrights-secpossible as remote actions either through trojans, chained exploits, orOct 05 06:22
Techrights-secsimply taking control over the update process upstream by court or military Oct 05 06:22
Techrights-secorder.  Restricted boot thus doubles as a remote killl switch.Oct 05 06:22
schestowitz-TRyes, germany figured this out a long time agoOct 05 06:23
schestowitz-TRmjg59_ has in effect enabled not only an attack on GNU/LinuxOct 05 06:23
schestowitz-TRbut on computing in genralOct 05 06:23
schestowitz-TRnot just software freedomOct 05 06:23
schestowitz-TRit is the exact opposite of securityOct 05 06:23
mjg59_You'd suspect incorrectlyOct 05 06:28
Techrights-secYes, there is the GPL-circumvention aspect too, but that's a legal andOct 05 06:29
Techrights-secethical quagmire.  Installing a (remote) kill switch to almost brick x86Oct 05 06:29
Techrights-sechardware is a military or national defense issue.  It severely hurts Oct 05 06:29
Techrights-secdefensive readiness because as good as all client hardware in both the Oct 05 06:29
Techrights-secpublic and private sectors are x86, at least as far as general purposeOct 05 06:29
Techrights-seccomputing goes.  Oct 05 06:29
schestowitz-TRI said that almost a decade ago, several times in factOct 05 06:29
Techrights-secYesOct 05 06:29
mjg59_It's amazing how you just make stuff upOct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TRi am sort of 'saying' to myself,  wait... is this something new or a eureka moment?Oct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TRit's mostly a change in wording or framingOct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TRbut both issues we're talking aboutOct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TR"war on modified systems"Oct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TRorOct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TR"remove bricking"Oct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TRthose were alluded to in different words many times beforeOct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TRthat microisoft would IMPOSE this later with OEMs was predicted from the very startOct 05 06:30
schestowitz-TRthat link is not even needed as Lenovo ALREADY does it, not merely speaks about itOct 05 06:30
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Techrights-secNot really but the framing is different now because Putler has a reason toOct 05 06:31
Techrights-secuse restricted boot against the West now.Oct 05 06:31
Techrights-secYes, it was clear as daylight that m$ was moving that direction and thatOct 05 06:31
Techrights-seceach step brought us closer to that.Oct 05 06:31
Techrights-secLiars and m$ moles would counter each time by saying that the end goal hadOct 05 06:31
Techrights-secnot yet been acquire so therefore the step in question was "harmless"Oct 05 06:31
Techrights-secNone of the steps have been harmless in and of themselves and each have hurtOct 05 06:31
Techrights-secgeneral purpose computing in their own way as well as keeping us on the roadOct 05 06:31
Techrights-secto the end of general purpose computing.Oct 05 06:31
psydruidis the mole's job to categorically deny any and all wrongdoings?Oct 05 06:37
psydruid"There is malware in the firmware that injects malware into your malware"Oct 05 06:37
schestowitz-TRto them, BSD and GNU/Linux is the "malware"Oct 05 06:39
schestowitz-TRti prevent it from runningOct 05 06:39
psydruidI'm totally fine with that agendaOct 05 06:45
psydruidthey should prevent it from running even moreOct 05 06:46
psydruidactually it shouldn't run at all now and foreverOct 05 06:46
psydruidafterOct 05 06:47
schestowitz-TRthe important thing is not the losses (or win)Oct 05 06:54
schestowitz-TRthe important thing is that you keep fighting Oct 05 06:54
schestowitz-TRthe important thing is not the losses (or win)Oct 05 06:54
schestowitz-TRthe important thing is that you keep fighting Oct 05 06:54
psydruidso more developers will put all of their efforts into supporting non-x86 hardware with free system firmwaresOct 05 06:55
schestowitz-TRthere are forces and actors to whom users controlling their computing is unacceptableOct 05 06:55
schestowitz-TRand if they are not canceled, they might alert other peopleOct 05 06:55
psydruidthe mole can enjoy his career peddling backdoored hardwareOct 05 06:55
schestowitz-TRyesOct 05 06:56
psydruidand this why the mole must be present here causing us to play a game of whack-a-mole instead of focusing on what needs to happenOct 05 06:57
schestowitz-TRthe answer is in the questionOct 05 06:57
psydruidfrom what I see the more open hardware all comes from Asia and China in particularOct 05 06:57
schestowitz-TRor the statementOct 05 06:57
schestowitz-TRpeople have learned to ignore some molesOct 05 06:58
schestowitz-TRso they try toOct 05 06:58
schestowitz-TR-get evenOct 05 06:58
schestowitz-TR-salvage something by find some way - ANY way - to cancel the mesengerOct 05 06:58
schestowitz-TRnot just china and indiaOct 05 06:59
schestowitz-TRRussia is trying to make its own domestic chips viableOct 05 06:59
schestowitz-TRthey know that in the long run the dying US empire of 6 eyes won't allow anything to bootOct 05 06:59
schestowitz-TRfirst they spread wsindows everywhereOct 05 06:59
schestowitz-TRnow they deliver many boards with trojan horses soldered in so to speakOct 05 06:59
psydruidthere are firmwares that inject drivers and utilities into malware operating systemsOct 05 07:01
psydruidand people consider this normalOct 05 07:01
psydruidit's not just about windows, it's about furthering the hegemony of US companies over companies from the rest of the worldOct 05 07:03
psydruidand imposing US culture tooOct 05 07:03
schestowitz-TRyeah, exactlyOct 05 07:07
schestowitz-TRanyway, we are a thorn on that agenda's side. Hence the name-calling and stalking.Oct 05 07:08
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, Yes, I was talking to someone earlier about what I'll do when the PC is hopeless.Oct 05 07:58
DaemonFCIt's very nearly there already, as mjg59_ himself pointed out.Oct 05 07:58
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> ➲ π•Ώπ–šπ– π•Έπ–†π–ˆπ–π–Žπ–“π–Šπ–˜ ⨦ (NEW): Bill Gates' Evil Prophecy ⇨ | β™Ύ Gemini address: gemini:// ∎Oct 05 07:58
-TechrightsBN/ | Tux Machines β€” Bill Gates' Evil ProphecyOct 05 07:58
DaemonFCYou have to toggle a setting that for all intents and purposes fucks up Windows to get "Secure" Boot running again.Oct 05 07:58
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: you caught him lyingOct 05 07:58
DaemonFCAnd in that case, you may as well just turn it off and take the hit right there.Oct 05 07:59
schestowitz-TRand now he's bustedOct 05 07:59
schestowitz-TRMicrosoft shillOct 05 07:59
schestowitz-TRsee the above articleOct 05 07:59
DaemonFCI never wanted the PC to end like this.Oct 05 07:59
schestowitz-TRfrom a Techrights readerOct 05 07:59
schestowitz-TRsince like 15 years agoOct 05 07:59
DaemonFCMainly because other platforms are not as developed and they're not as fast or as cheap (due to mass manufacturing).Oct 05 07:59
DaemonFCIt's not the technical excellence that keeps me coming back. It's the compatibility and cheapness and the fact that there's no really awful toolchain bugs.Oct 05 08:00
schestowitz-TRbrbOct 05 08:00
DaemonFCYou know, you use PowerPC even and GCC can't build Firefox correctly anymore.Oct 05 08:00
DaemonFCYou need a hacked up GCC just to build it with most of the JavaScript engine optimizations disabled.Oct 05 08:01
DaemonFCThat really sucks.Oct 05 08:01
DaemonFCLinux had good support for PowerPC on the desktop at one point because Macs used it.Oct 05 08:01
DaemonFCSo there were people using it and making sure it at least didn't break.Oct 05 08:01
DaemonFCAnd now it's a server thing and if you try to use it as a desktop, you don't know what you have.Oct 05 08:02
Techrights-secackOct 05 08:02
Techrights-secit seems to be infecting ARM tooOct 05 08:02
DaemonFCmjg59_, So did you have time to go over my question about flashing UEFI from Hirem's BootCD PE?Oct 05 08:03
DaemonFCIt's nice that there's basically no release notes.Oct 05 08:03
DaemonFCYou have to pass it to find out what's in it, as Pelosi might say.Oct 05 08:03
DaemonFCI don't see much value in updating the firmware.Oct 05 08:04
DaemonFCBest case, you close some holes. Worst case, it slips in something really nasty or goes ahead and hoses your motherboard.Oct 05 08:05
DaemonFCI haven't seen any indication that Lenovo actually knows a whole hell of a lot about firmware.Oct 05 08:05
DaemonFCThe last time I flashed it, it was under warranty and 12 revisions in, they still had typos in the UEFI setup program.Oct 05 08:06
schestowitz-TRmaybe I will ask alejandro, the (c) holder, for permission to reproduce the above articleOct 05 08:29
mjg59_I feel like I've been extremely clear that it's not Pluton that's blocking Linux on the Z13Oct 05 08:33
schestowitz-TRstraw manOct 05 08:36
mjg59_It's a claim that's made in that articleOct 05 08:37
mjg59_It's quite clearly not a straw manOct 05 08:37
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> "Use regular expressions to find and filter content in HTML pages in the grep and pcre2grep command-line utilities." Says Red Hat whose article BLOCKS anyone not running PROPRIETARY JS code... and which also blocks wget 05 08:46
-TechrightsBN/ | Filter content in HTML using regular expressions in grep | Red Hat DeveloperOct 05 08:46
Techrights-sec<techrights-news> "Use regular expressions to find and filter content in HTML pages in the grep and pcre2grep command-line utilities." Says Red Hat whose article BLOCKS anyone not running PROPRIETARY JS code... and which also blocks wget 05 08:46
Techrights-secregex cannot parse HTML or even well-formed XML thus I can tell that theOct 05 08:47
Techrights-secRed Hat article is 100% bullshit before even clicking on the link.Oct 05 08:47
Techrights-sec <schestowitz-TR> <techrights-news>    β¨¦ (NEW): Bill Gates' Evil Prophecy Oct 05 08:47
Techrights-secExcellent.  By the way, at the end of the article he mentions a FSF campaignOct 05 08:47
Techrights-secagainst Vista11, perhaps the profile of that campaign can be elevated?Oct 05 08:47
schestowitz-TRthat Red Hat started blocking wget is sort of newOct 05 08:49
schestowitz-TRonly saw that yesterdayOct 05 08:49
schestowitz-TRthat it's getting harder and harder to acess the site without JS is a disgrace to what the company stoof forOct 05 08:49
schestowitz-TR*stoodOct 05 08:49
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schestowitz-TRre vista 11 campain, it was so muted that I can barely recall if one existsOct 05 08:56
schestowitz-TRI've just mailed alessandro for (c) permissionOct 05 08:56
schestowitz-TRhe has been reading TR since it was like a year oldOct 05 08:56
schestowitz-TRthe people of pclos mag are closely connected to tuxmachines through sunsanOct 05 08:56
schestowitz-TRmeemaw cannot post to new TM, he's the editorOct 05 08:56
schestowitz-TRanyway, don't want to step on any toes, hence askingOct 05 08:56
schestowitz-TR*campaignOct 05 08:56
Techrights-secHow malicious of them.  I only heard of it via alejandro's article,Oct 05 08:57
schestowitz-TRI think FSF wrote one blog post about itOct 05 08:59
schestowitz-TRmaybe 2 at mostOct 05 08:59
schestowitz-TRthat's now what I'd call a campaignOct 05 08:59
schestowitz-TRwhen the Lenovo news came outOct 05 08:59
schestowitz-TRFSF just did some article about BIOSOct 05 08:59
schestowitz-TRand did not mention what Lenovo/Microsoft had doneOct 05 08:59
schestowitz-TRthat would be a violation of Co^H^Hkind communication guidelinesOct 05 08:59
Techrights-sechip WTF???Oct 05 08:59
Techrights-secackOct 05 08:59
Techrights-secI'd say, let's not be too harashOct 05 09:01
Techrights-secthey are besieged rather than maliciousOct 05 09:01
Techrights-secbut it is also a cautionary taleOct 05 09:01
Techrights-secnotice how the divide-and-rule tactics workedOct 05 09:01
Techrights-secin EFF and FSFOct 05 09:01
Techrights-secspyingOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secfinding dirtOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secidentify grudgesOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRI'd say, let's not be too harashOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secmake demandsOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRthey are besieged rather than maliciousOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secI'd say, let's not be too harashOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRbut it is also a cautionary taleOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRnotice how the divide-and-rule tactics workedOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secthey are besieged rather than maliciousOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRin EFF and FSFOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secbut it is also a cautionary taleOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRspyingOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRfinding dirtOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secnotice how the divide-and-rule tactics workedOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRidentify grudgesOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secin EFF and FSFOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TRmake demandsOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secspyingOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secfinding dirtOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secidentify grudgesOct 05 09:02
Techrights-secmake demandsOct 05 09:02
schestowitz-TR(pasted in wrong place)Oct 05 09:03
schestowitz-TRfinding damaged people like Microsoft Peter is icing on the caseOct 05 09:03
schestowitz-TRbut mostly because they are easy to control and disposeOct 05 09:03
schestowitz-TRso they can never be truly independentOct 05 09:03
schestowitz-TRbut that's just a feature.Oct 05 09:03
schestowitz-TR*cakeOct 05 09:03
Techrights-secackOct 05 09:04
Techrights-secIt still does not explain why the FSF has been so low key about its Vista11 Oct 05 09:05
Techrights-seccampaign.  Oct 05 09:05
schestowitz-TRit does notOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRbut I think they might be understaffed or wrongly staffedOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRsome tasks were only known to few insidersOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRthe gaps were filled by "young blood"Oct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRalso, as an aside, one could joke about the trolls being like siggi from icelandOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRre  trhe agendaOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRMS peter was the media operative pushing for Microsoft's takeover of gitOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRand another priority was 'secure' bootOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRand sooner or later you identity the prioritiesOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRand who is the liar du jourOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRand what they have on themOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRlike tranphobes-turned-'SJW'Oct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRnow in 'damage control' modeOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TReven in IRCOct 05 09:08
schestowitz-TRbtw, the excuse that "he changed his mind" is BSOct 05 09:10
schestowitz-TRor that "20 years ago everyone was like that"Oct 05 09:10
schestowitz-TRtotally falseOct 05 09:10
schestowitz-TRthe difference is the self-censorshipOct 05 09:10
schestowitz-TRI worked closely with trans 20 years agoOct 05 09:10
schestowitz-TRand saw how silence was the policyOct 05 09:10
schestowitz-TRlike "don't ask, don't tell"Oct 05 09:10
schestowitz-TRanyway, bringing up the isms is a two-edged sword Oct 05 09:10
schestowitz-TRand helps get back on the real topicsOct 05 09:10
Techrights-secYes, they exploit scum like that.  Same for incompetents.  They can hold it overOct 05 09:11
Techrights-secthem and the tools know that they can be exposed if they don't obey.Oct 05 09:11
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schestowitz-TRthe site in question is now blockedOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRrt and sputnik were, at some point, blockedOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRi only noticed about a week ago, as pointed out in ircOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRI don't suppose our own autocrats realise the threat which is double standardsOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRfor moral high groundOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRthis will later be exploited to show hypocriyOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRthere are better ways to handle liesOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRapropos, the latest video from john campbell is RIDIIIICULOUS...Oct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRlike 70% of the video is just him going through Gulag's guidelinesOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRto ensure the video does not get censored and the channel as a whole taken downaOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRapparently they did this to russell brandOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRI've not been keeping up but rianne hasOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRshe says he really disliked bill gatesOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRremember gates pays youtube to put his greeenwashinf adsOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRthey bombarded rianne with those, she said he sounded like a miceOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRpre-roll, iirc  skippable after some secondsOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRof watchiong the 'oracle' who looks after us and saves the planetOct 05 09:18
schestowitz-TRanyway, I link to the campbell video in ircOct 05 09:19
schestowitz-TRbut he wastes all the time being paranoid and reading and complimenting censorship rulesOct 05 09:19
schestowitz-TRand cannot ever question davos WEF or WHO or...Oct 05 09:19
schestowitz-TRbecause that would get him deploatformedOct 05 09:19
schestowitz-TRI told rianne, they already decided  he must be bannedOct 05 09:19
schestowitz-TRnow they're just stalking anf 'hunting' for the trigger/justificationbOct 05 09:19
schestowitz-TRhe really pisses off the BillBC, which saw it fit to 'debunk' him and discourage people from watching his videos (which say the same as I always did)Oct 05 09:19
schestowitz-TRtypo: I meant the site is NOT blocked, not "now"Oct 05 09:19
MinceR05 072243 < Techrights-sec> I would suspect that there are a lot of ways to modify a cracked systemOct 05 09:20
MinceR05 072243 < Techrights-sec> to ensure it won't ever boot again, and those modifications are equallyOct 05 09:20
MinceRuefi makes this easyOct 05 09:20
schestowitz-TRI have meanwhile noticed a considerable decrease in Twitter audienceOct 05 09:20
schestowitz-TRwhich means far fewer active accountsOct 05 09:21
MinceRthough it's probably specific to the mainboard manufacturer at leastOct 05 09:21
schestowitz-TRI judge this based on 951k tweets I postedOct 05 09:21
schestowitz-TRone upside of leaving twitter (but not the reason for it)Oct 05 09:21
schestowitz-TRthe likelihood of deplatforming my account there is slim to noneOct 05 09:21
MinceRthere are systems that have trouble booting from removable devices at allOct 05 09:21
schestowitz-TRwow, now niceOct 05 09:22
schestowitz-TR"secure"Oct 05 09:22
schestowitz-TR"safe space"Oct 05 09:22
schestowitz-TR"community guidelines"Oct 05 09:22
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Techrights-secThe ads in YouTube are unskippable nowadaysOct 05 09:23
schestowitz-TRwait, I think it's trickier than thisOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRime, some videos have TWO videos prior to playbackOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRdepending on content/channelOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRone can be skipped/after 5 secsOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRthe other might not be skippableOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRI have a "mute" button on the keyboardOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRand virtual desktopsOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRso I can 'skip' thatOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRlibrewolf, IIRC, compltely eliminates those adsOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRbut I only use invidious these daysOct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRunless I accedentally open the GulagB00B(Tube)Oct 05 09:25
Techrights-secYes most have two ads first and some in the middle and then more at the endOct 05 09:25
Techrights-secNo, not often.  Both ads preceding a video are unskippable, but it may varyOct 05 09:25
Techrights-secfrom region to region or so I have read.Oct 05 09:25
schestowitz-TRso let me get the Gulag proposition right:Oct 05 09:27
schestowitz-TR-you are babysat for what you can sayOct 05 09:27
schestowitz-TR-truth gets you banned   Oct 05 09:27
schestowitz-TR-users report that actions are almost NEVER overturned unless there is a MASSIVE backlash in ANOTHER platform (like twitter; you're banned i.e. personaOct 05 09:27
schestowitz-TRnon grata)Oct 05 09:27
schestowitz-TR-your videos are being laced with hostile propaganda (inc. Jeffrey Epstein's mate doing reputatioon laundering)Oct 05 09:27
schestowitz-TR-those ads pay you NOTHINGOct 05 09:27
schestowitz-TRsome "deal", eh?Oct 05 09:28
Techrights-secAnd any video with the string "Linux" in the title is immediately demonetizedOct 05 09:28
schestowitz-TRGulag likes "Linux" only a a kickstarterOct 05 09:30
schestowitz-TRfor searchOct 05 09:30
schestowitz-TRclownOct 05 09:30
schestowitz-TRandroidOct 05 09:30
schestowitz-TRbut hates the licenceOct 05 09:30
schestowitz-TRGulag is not Brin anymoreOct 05 09:30
schestowitz-TRand Linux has long not been named in front page of Google.comOct 05 09:30
schestowitz-TR1990s Google: a bunch of improvised GNU/Linux machiens, cobbled together to make indexing and ratingOct 05 09:31
schestowitz-TRa Web interface with logo made in GIMP script-fu (I think Brin made that)Oct 05 09:31
schestowitz-TRand a button for "Linux"Oct 05 09:31
schestowitz-TRwhich is why he and Larry Page made Google, at least in partOct 05 09:31
schestowitz-TRthey needed to know how to work with an OS that actually worksOct 05 09:31
schestowitz-TRtomorrow we get new nhs figuresOct 05 09:46
schestowitz-TRexpecting a surgeOct 05 09:46
schestowitz-TRbut still no discussion on the failing, low efficacy of the vaccines they want to give us more and more ofOct 05 09:46
schestowitz-TRno real room for competitionOct 05 09:46
schestowitz-TRthen again, from a financial pov, solving the issue is not everyone's objective :/Oct 05 09:46
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schestowitz-TRthe observation some editors work only few days of thwe week validates in zdnetOct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRthey can go on for days with nothingOct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRthen a burst of articlesOct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRlike more howtos than one author coulkd possibly research in a day (wallen)Oct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRand sjvn with "news" already 3 days oldOct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRthey need to go via the editorOct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRI suspect an editor (full time staff) is employed for 2-3 days a week, at most Oct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRthis of course makes the site suckjOct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRthe news articles [sic] are way too old, rottenOct 05 10:40
schestowitz-TRand howtos come in large bursts, then stop for agesOct 05 10:40
Techrights-secSeems plausibleOct 05 11:38
Techrights-secThe bursty results sure seem to indicate that the magazines are not fully Oct 05 12:04
Techrights-secstaffed and work limited hours and don't have a smoot or continuous work flowOct 05 12:04
schestowitz-TRiow, maybe sjvn covrrs the news within hours Oct 05 12:06
schestowitz-TRbut that won't be published until 72 hours laterOct 05 12:06
schestowitz-TRI kept mocking him for being super-lateOct 05 12:06
schestowitz-TRbut maybe that's not his faulyOct 05 12:06
schestowitz-TRthat also limits the qualioty and REACH of his REAL reportingOct 05 12:06
schestowitz-TRthe puff pieces are like adsOct 05 12:06
schestowitz-TRtiming/speed may not matterOct 05 12:06
Techrights-secWell, the editors have put shitty, click-bait headlines on the articles.     Oct 05 12:07
Techrights-secUsually the headlines over FOSS articles are the opposite of the content:Oct 05 12:07
Techrights-secvery negative headlines over positive articles, very positive headlines overOct 05 12:07
Techrights-secnegarive articles.  That much has gone on since around 20 years ago at moreOct 05 12:07
Techrights-secthan just ZDNet but especially at ZDNet, even during the time when it stillOct 05 12:07
Techrights-sechad lots of good articles.Oct 05 12:07
schestowitz-TRPJ used to say what I also saw first hand: the authors do not write the headlinesOct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRpublishers/editors doOct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRnobody holds them accountable for itOct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRinstead they lynch the real authorOct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRI wrote some recent headlinesOct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRthen the editor changes that to a QUESTIONOct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRor something negative Oct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRor clickbait... or...Oct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRI could dig through old emails to prove thatOct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRat some stage there's no point choosing a headline at allOct 05 12:10
schestowitz-TRbecause what you spent time writing down will be discarded anyway Oct 05 12:10
Techrights-secCorrect, so the editorial staff were the first corrupted or compromised.Oct 05 12:10
Techrights-secYes, that is my point.  Oct 05 12:10
Techrights-secThat it happened is well-known, but the means by which M$ gained controlOct 05 12:12
Techrights-secof the editors decades ago and has maintained control since would be Oct 05 12:12
Techrights-secuseful to know.Oct 05 12:12
schestowitz-TRit's like stacking the deck or panelsOct 05 12:13
schestowitz-TRa la "evangelism is war"Oct 05 12:13
schestowitz-TRlarry dignan fired blakenhorn and maybe paula rooney tooOct 05 12:13
schestowitz-TRuntil she left on her ownOct 05 12:13
schestowitz-TRthen you had shitheads like perlow (microsoft)Oct 05 12:14
schestowitz-TRwho was later adpted for LF 'research' (lies)Oct 05 12:14
schestowitz-TRthe ageistOct 05 12:14
Techrights-secYes, similar to stacking the panels, but would require key parts of the Oct 05 12:14
Techrights-secmanagement of each publication to sell outOct 05 12:14
schestowitz-TRthey can buy a lot of "ads"Oct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRin exchange for somethingOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRconditionsOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRars technica "UK" was established partly by MicrosotOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRlateer it collapsesOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TR*sedOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRbut the beancounter can see that money which came from MicrosoftOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRso could t he editor (Seb), who told me about this when challengedOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRthey did lots of MSFT puff pieceOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRand though it was OK cause Microsoft was funding themOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRback then they employed a british pedo, ms peterOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRhis articles (not really his) would later get 'planted' in wikipediaOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRwhich W-E is editing for MicrosoftOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRShaw, Microsoift's PR chief, came from W-EOct 05 12:16
schestowitz-TRthat's also where Ballmer's wife, Connie, comes fromOct 05 12:16
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schestowitz-TRwe have no [to Oct 05 12:30
schestowitz-TR[topic] atmOct 05 12:30
schestowitz-TRnot even epoOct 05 12:30
schestowitz-TRI messed around with bookmarks, found no _good_ ideasOct 05 12:30
schestowitz-TRthe github material needs to wait a bitOct 05 12:30
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 05 12:33
Techrights-secpossible topic:Oct 05 13:03
Techrights-sec 05 13:03
-TechrightsBN/ | IRC: #techrights @ Techrights IRC Network: Monday, October 03, 2022Oct 05 13:03
Techrights-secthe vote says a lot about the internal politics and priorities and misprioritizationOct 05 13:03
schestowitz-TRyes, that is a good [topic]Oct 05 13:04
schestowitz-TRplan is, go through all the articles about the outcomeOct 05 13:08
schestowitz-TRit's in TMOct 05 13:08
schestowitz-TRthen discuss my experiencesOct 05 13:08
schestowitz-TRand then the impact on SFOct 05 13:08
schestowitz-TRmaybe also a discussion about gnu/linux becoming widepsread Oct 05 13:20
schestowitz-TRleads to many compromises andpromotion of people who simple don't gasp FSOct 05 13:20
schestowitz-TRor don't careOct 05 13:20
schestowitz-TRwhich was long predicted or inevitableOct 05 13:20
Techrights-secyesOct 05 13:20
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@h635kpe3hju7k.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 05 13:23
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> "Content consumption implies an economical transaction. Consumers give some currency token to the distributor (which, most of the time, is not the creator). Historically, that currency was fiat money but, nowadays, new kinds of token have appeared :β€―likes, retweets, comments and even "clicks"" gemini:// 05 13:23
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schestowitz-TROTAOct 05 15:05
schestowitz-TRok doneOct 05 15:05
Techrights-secackOct 05 15:37
schestowitz-TRthe video did not go too wellOct 05 15:40
schestowitz-TRdistract by chirping from the kitchenOct 05 15:40
schestowitz-TRbut the text is always more importantOct 05 15:40
schestowitz-TRdraftOct 05 15:40
schestowitz-TRvideos are often a ramble or information streams of consciousness BEFORE organising it in written formOct 05 15:40
schestowitz-TRcopehagen fc is playing across the road from us tonight, should be very easy gameOct 05 15:40
schestowitz-TRthe video did mention in passing that it seems zdnet is grossly understaffedOct 05 15:40
schestowitz-TRbut I forgot to bring up many points due to lack of a scriptOct 05 15:40
schestowitz-TRso the text is a bit more completeOct 05 15:40
Techrights-seccheckingOct 05 15:44
schestowitz-TRadding a final para quoting rms using your transcript of it Oct 05 15:46
schestowitz-TRmy videos can suck and articles are rushed, but striving to perfection means you're never happy, just lacking time Oct 05 15:46
schestowitz-TRon the www, you don't compete for pages in a bookOct 05 15:46
schestowitz-TRas for use of time (others'), that's a legit concernOct 05 15:46
Techrights-secmore important even than the bad treatment of volunteers is the lack ofOct 05 15:47
Techrights-seccommitment to freedom.  if derivatives want to modify the base, including by adding proprietary crap, then that's on them.  the upstream should strive to stOct 05 15:47
Techrights-secayOct 05 15:47
Techrights-secclean.  however, the bad treatment of the volunteers might demostrate a patternOct 05 15:47
Techrights-secmatching that lack of committment to software freedomOct 05 15:47
schestowitz-TRI will add this view, hang onOct 05 15:47
schestowitz-TRadded figosdev quote from irc tooOct 05 15:49
schestowitz-TRvideo still processing btwOct 05 15:49
Techrights-secotr: what I was trying to say is that the bad treatment of the volunteersOct 05 16:01
Techrights-secotr: might be because of those specific volunteers' commitment to software Oct 05 16:01
Techrights-secotr: freedomOct 05 16:01
schestowitz-TRdone Oct 05 16:08
schestowitz-TRrule: read headline 5+ times to be certain no typos there, no ambiguity/baitOct 05 16:08
schestowitz-TRsummart 2-3 timesOct 05 16:08
schestowitz-TRbody: write once, check onceOct 05 16:08
schestowitz-TRvideo: spontaneous Oct 05 16:08
schestowitz-TRalmost everyone reads the headlineOct 05 16:08
schestowitz-TRnot many go beyond thatOct 05 16:08
schestowitz-TRneed more topics now :-)Oct 05 16:08
schestowitz-TR---Oct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRa video about fascism would have little in terms of tech angle unless it's about how social control media handles these words and termsOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRand helped associate antifa with things it is nowOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TR*notOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRthe matter is very good topic, we covered it in TR at the timeOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRI'm more interested in "what happened" to cryptome if you can figure that out because I've not heard from or abotu them in yearsOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRiirc, it was not too clear who ran it and they were like wikileaks sans the "Dark PR" campaignOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRschneier has not muich value proposition either anymoreOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRhe was OK in trhe "golden era" of secrity-related leaks Oct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRnow he's a conde nast parrot who links to US gov. sites as if they always tell the full truthOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRand in general he barely writes any new essaysOct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRhe says,Oct 05 16:16
schestowitz-TRx years ago I wrote about yOct 05 16:17
schestowitz-TRI'm gonna d'umpseter-dive' my rss feeds and see if more ideas come upOct 05 16:18
schestowitz-TRthe fate of cryptome would be a unique and ibteresting topis, i thinkOct 05 16:18
schestowitz-TRmaybe it's still around, but not old formOct 05 16:18
schestowitz-TR Microsoft Canonical is 'upselling' Debian 05 16:25
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Canonical announces free Ubuntu Pro subscriptions for up to five workstations or servers - SiliconANGLEOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRsaying *it like boycott ubuntu would be setting the bar too highOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRbecause if on that basis one was to boycoyy the distroOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRmnay others too would be worthy of the same treatmentOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRI hope that Canonical is at least paying attention to the backlashOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRand consider different policiesOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRthey seem to have diversified with "GAFAM" a bitOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRnot also A and G, not just MOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRthe problem is still,Oct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRbritish firm working with very dodgy firmsOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRand instead of marrying microsoftOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRit does a mozillaOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRa foursome of surveillance cpmpaniesOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRbut no single point of failureOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRthey not advertise hosting the deskop under awsOct 05 16:25
schestowitz-TRfar worse than scopes spywarOct 05 16:25
Techrights-secCanonical seems to ignore pushback, recall their response to infecting theirOct 05 16:32
Techrights-secproject with Mono-boosters was to double down.  Then they hired Microsofters,Oct 05 16:32
Techrights-secthen they put some in top staff positions.  Bacon was part of that, if heOct 05 16:32
Techrights-sechad any interest in reading the community, rather than pusbing mandates fromOct 05 16:32
Techrights-secon high, he would have noticed that all three moves were strongly opposed.Oct 05 16:32
Techrights-secHe did not interact with the community, just made decrees.                  Oct 05 16:32
Techrights-secYes, exactly, his task was not to collaborate with but to silence the community.Oct 05 16:32
Techrights-secI can't say that the microsoftianism was a direct goal but merely an unavoidableOct 05 16:32
Techrights-secside effect of such misbehavior and inappropriate Oct 05 16:32
schestowitz-TRthe goal was not to listenOct 05 16:32
schestowitz-TRor to manageOct 05 16:32
schestowitz-TRbut to silenceOct 05 16:32
schestowitz-TRor to do 'british genleman' trademark enforcement against "Satanic Edition"Oct 05 16:32
Techrights-secI can't say that the microsoftianism was a direct goal but merely an unavoidableOct 05 16:32
Techrights-secside effect of such misbehavior and inappropriate prioritiesOct 05 16:32
psydroid2Microsoft tries to clone and own what's popular and worksOct 05 16:36
psydroid2they've been doing this since the very beginningOct 05 16:37
psydroid2so no one should be surprised they did it to GNU/Linux as wellOct 05 16:37
psydroid2I wouldn't be surprised if they presented themselves as a Linux company in the future, if they haven't already been doing so for the past decadeOct 05 16:38
Techrights-secackOct 05 17:05
schestowitz-TRregarding debianOct 05 17:27
schestowitz-TRthe distruption comes from sexists and tranphobesOct 05 17:27
schestowitz-TRwhop were outspoken transphobes until their dick disagreedOct 05 17:27
schestowitz-TRbefore they git it on with oneOct 05 17:27
schestowitz-TRI've long been suspicious of the "Cambridge Group" tooOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRslang term, made upOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRCambridge does have a throving industry for stuff that uses DebianOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRbut it's political role and connection to spy agents is no theory, it's an open secretOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRsome people who are based there played a big role in the RMS coupOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRand some, not all, are close to LF and USAOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRthey are also mutually coordinated, they have BBQ parties and suchOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRwe mentioned this or alludded to this beforeOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRother distros don't seem to have such a considerably role thereOct 05 17:48
schestowitz-TRDebian is an American distro, made by someone born in germanyOct 05 17:49
schestowitz-TRiirc, the third DPL was from cambridgeOct 05 17:49
schestowitz-TRthe first two were americansOct 05 17:49
schestowitz-TRthe problem per se is not geographical proximity but social proximityOct 05 17:57
schestowitz-TRwhich is easily provably by photos they publish from partiesOct 05 17:57
schestowitz-TRmany code debian people are thereOct 05 17:57
schestowitz-TR*corerOct 05 17:57
schestowitz-TR*coreOct 05 17:57
psydroid2Cambridge Massachusetts?Oct 05 17:58
Techrights-secackOct 05 18:01
schestowitz-TRCambridgeshireOct 05 18:01
schestowitz-TRsteve mcintyreOct 05 18:02
schestowitz-TRian Oct 05 18:02
schestowitz-TRand many othersOct 05 18:02
schestowitz-TReven the release managerOct 05 18:02
schestowitz-TRthe ousted (from debian) are often germansOct 05 18:02
schestowitz-TRor swissOct 05 18:02
schestowitz-TRso I think there might be a bit of a clique formign thereOct 05 18:03
schestowitz-TRcliques are never good for universal, global projectsOct 05 18:03
schestowitz-TRlet alone for workplacesOct 05 18:03
schestowitz-TRthat's why some employers shuffle workers aroundOct 05 18:03
*psydroid2 considers it dangerous to build critical infrastructure on top of a purportedly global operating system heavily and perhaps even primarily dependent on US developersOct 05 18:06
Techrights-secackOct 05 18:12
schestowitz-TRpsydroid2: maybe that's why china abandons this caseOct 05 18:12
schestowitz-TRkylin -> ubuntu -> debianOct 05 18:12
schestowitz-TRdeepin -> debianOct 05 18:12
schestowitz-TRdeepin is moving to arch, iircOct 05 18:13
schestowitz-TRof just its own baseOct 05 18:13
schestowitz-TR*orOct 05 18:13
schestowitz-TR /case/base/Oct 05 18:13
Techrights-secackOct 05 18:13
schestowitz-TRof note:Oct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRthere was a high-profile mailing list discussion in debianOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRit was about how to know who's a spy inside debianOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRjake appelbaum brought that up before he was "deleted"Oct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRand then it was brought up again by daniel pocok and others Oct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRthe answer is, you don't knowOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRdebian does not knowOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRand people can just upload anythingOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRthere is barely peer reviewOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRa lot of blind trustOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRwhen the discussion intensified steve mcintyre SUDDENLY wrote a long post, WITHIN HOURS, about firmware polictOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRThis was perceived to be a sudden effort to change the subjectOct 05 18:16
schestowitz-TRthe media then helped steve changed the subjectOct 05 18:17
schestowitz-TRwithin a day the original subject was suppressedOct 05 18:17
schestowitz-TRbut proving the correlation isn't simplyOct 05 18:17
schestowitz-TRbased on guit feelingOct 05 18:17
schestowitz-TRit seemed like steve had written that as a draft long beforehandOct 05 18:17
schestowitz-TRand unleashed it to change the subjecy with the media's helpOct 05 18:17
Techrights-secprobably a contributing factor in his untimely end as a developerOct 05 18:18
Techrights-secthere used to be a bit of vetting in projects, now even microsofters get inOct 05 18:18
Techrights-seccanonical/ubuntu was champing at the bit to have an excuse to give microsoftersOct 05 18:18
Techrights-secMOTU access and looked to be helping accelerate the process instead of Oct 05 18:18
Techrights-seccircling the wagons and fending them offOct 05 18:18
Techrights-seclikelyOct 05 18:18
Techrights-secyes, with the help of the mediaOct 05 18:18
schestowitz-TRso clause number x is no longer "we don't hide issue"Oct 05 18:20
schestowitz-TRbutOct 05 18:20
schestowitz-TRdon'\t you bring up anything that can lead to doubts about our reputation/people/leadership/safetyOct 05 18:20
schestowitz-TRwhich is basically the exact oppositeOct 05 18:20
schestowitz-TRthe ones at the top (if you charted the heiracrchy in debian today, it's lots of cambridge)Oct 05 18:20
schestowitz-TRcan say and do anything they want to the ones at the bottomOct 05 18:20
schestowitz-TRthat's coc in actionOct 05 18:20
schestowitz-TRthey are not only exempt, they take advantage of thatOct 05 18:20
schestowitz-TRsame as EPO with immunity+impunityOct 05 18:20
Techrights-secCoCs are applied asymmetrically by intent, there was never any intentionOct 05 18:22
Techrights-secto use them as advertised and pretty much everyone involved seemed to beOct 05 18:22
Techrights-secaware.  The proponents knew they could abuse it to meet their ends and theOct 05 18:22
Techrights-secopponents knew it would be weaponized and badly abbused.Oct 05 18:22
Techrights-secfor politcial ends and interfere (on purpose) with development and projectOct 05 18:23
Techrights-seccontrolOct 05 18:23
schestowitz-TREPO has had "Code of Conduct" for about a decadeOct 05 18:23
schestowitz-TRBattistelli used that similarlyOct 05 18:23
schestowitz-TRwhile violating his own CoCOct 05 18:23
schestowitz-TRspamnil boosting utter shit from accenture this afternoonOct 05 18:28
schestowitz-TRsome "guests"Oct 05 18:28
schestowitz-TRin need of 10 viewersOct 05 18:28
Techrights-secAccenture is basically a front for M$ sales.  They're expensive as hell, Oct 05 18:28
Techrights-secthey're slow to produce results, and at the end of the project the deliverableOct 05 18:28
Techrights-secbarely works if it works at all, due to being built around m$ productsOct 05 18:28
Techrights-secinstead of around the customer's needs.Oct 05 18:28
Techrights-secNot going to click on spamnil nor even lookup what is latest.  He's a wasteOct 05 18:29
Techrights-secof time except to track how the LF is using him to degrade the brand andOct 05 18:29
Techrights-sectrademark through his antics.Oct 05 18:29
schestowitz-TRI don't like, I save people the legwork by summarising what I factually observeOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRand it does matter, for more than the reason you mentionOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRit also says a lot about YouTubeOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TR /s/like/linkOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRthe other observed fact is,Oct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRhow they censor linux, but not a clickfraud spammer whose "views" are 95% fakeOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRand how they censor doctors who say factsOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRto the point where most of their videos can be just them reading the guilines, parising them, and efending themselvesOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TR*praisingOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRreminds me of chinese dissents on the dockOct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRor that chinese journalist who was filmed next to another lady rolling her eyes very visibly Oct 05 18:36
Techrights-secThat observation on the behavior of Google/YouTube is very important to driveOct 05 18:36
Techrights-sechome.  Many mistakenly believe that they are presented with or finding on theirOct 05 18:36
Techrights-secown a representative sample of what's out there.  The reality is very differentOct 05 18:36
Techrights-secand very anti-FOSS.  For example, just try finding even known videos of FOSSOct 05 18:36
Techrights-secconferences.  Oct 05 18:36
schestowitz-TRwhen I search it via invidious (Same results) the pags are truly awfulOct 05 18:39
schestowitz-TRloits of hostile stuff, crap, and totally unrelatedOct 05 18:39
schestowitz-TRyou don't feel like the results come from people who even understand the areaOct 05 18:39
schestowitz-TRbut then  again  it is optimised to sell ads (engagement) rather than deliver relevant materialOct 05 18:39
schestowitz-TRiow, it's about econopmicsOct 05 18:39
schestowitz-TRif you bought brittania as a subscriptionOct 05 18:39
schestowitz-TRand they charged you by number of page flips, there would not be an incentive to save you timeOct 05 18:39
schestowitz-TRbrittanicaOct 05 18:39
Techrights-secRather there would be a disincentive.Oct 05 18:40
schestowitz-TRthe reason I started tracking those videos was the defacing of using those vidoes ("shows")Oct 05 18:43
schestowitz-TRwhich he advertises or advertised using linux.comOct 05 18:43
schestowitz-TRit's like the site got stolen to promote a fraudOct 05 18:43
schestowitz-TRand his "Sales"Oct 05 18:43
schestowitz-TRthen again, Sheela Mirosoft did even worseOct 05 18:43
schestowitz-TRwe're dealing with sociopaths anfrauds managing the inage of the brand us geeks spent decades promoting, pro gratisOct 05 18:43
Techrights-sec"like the site got stolen to promote a fraud" -- that's it in a nutshellOct 05 18:47 is basically dead nowOct 05 18:47
schestowitz-TRit was a waste of time to those too busy counting their moneyOct 05 18:47
schestowitz-TRand memorising speeches about thanking MicrosoftOct 05 18:47
schestowitz-TRnow they are overprovisioned by several factors and can lessen the hosting costsOct 05 18:47
schestowitz-TRmaybe microsoft can arrange for them a VM in azureOct 05 18:47
schestowitz-TR---Oct 05 18:50
schestowitz-TRmedia not gets sued for 'insulting' companies that replace real (paper) voting with toys that can be remotely manipulated, even from abroadOct 05 18:50
schestowitz-TR*now getsOct 05 18:50
schestowitz-TRthey also use the term "election deniers" so you know it's a pretty serious offenceOct 05 18:50
schestowitz-TRlikke stuffing people into ovensOct 05 18:50
psydroid2as long as the US is the top dog in the capitalist race to the bottom they can (try to) set the rules for the rest of the worldOct 05 18:56
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Microsoft Windows TCO: "Confirms β€œthe FBI and CISA have no reporting to suggest cyber activity has ever prevented a registered voter from casting a ballot, compromised the integrity of any ballots cast, or affected the accuracy of voter registration information.”" 05 18:56
psydroid2 05 18:56
-TechrightsBN/ | FBI and CISA Publish a PSA on Malicious Cyber Activity Against Election Infrastructure | CISAOct 05 18:56
-TechrightsBN/ | Countries by GDP: The Top 25 Economies in the WorldOct 05 18:56
schestowitz-TRthis just in, timing a coincidence!Oct 05 18:57
schestowitz-TRI think this statement is hailarious because it is issued by agencies that meddle with elections processes overseas :-)Oct 05 19:02
schestowitz-TRmany run WIndowsOct 05 19:02
schestowitz-TR"we're resistant, don't worry!!"Oct 05 19:02
schestowitz-TRalso: "we respect election outcomes!!"Oct 05 19:02
Techrights-secAnd indirectly with domestic processes by not just tolerating but protectingOct 05 19:02
Techrights-secm$Oct 05 19:02
schestowitz-TR 05 19:02
-TechrightsBN/ | A hacker bought a voting machine on eBay. Michigan officials are now investigating : NPROct 05 19:02
schestowitz-TRCIA: we especially think our diamond sponsor bill gates ;-)Oct 05 19:05
schestowitz-TR*thankOct 05 19:05
Techrights-secackOct 05 19:09
schestowitz-TRover time, as the fascists do in fact grow in numbers (See italy and others in europe), it gets hard to maintain the perception oif election integrity,Oct 05 19:11
schestowitz-TRaccess to ustice, free press, and success of capitalismOct 05 19:11
schestowitz-TRso we'll have more 3- and 4-letter agencies medddling to shape the narrative around obviously broken systemOct 05 19:11
schestowitz-TRwhich in turn discreditsd themOct 05 19:11
schestowitz-TRWHO has an awful reputation since 2020Oct 05 19:11
schestowitz-TRit's perceoved to be little but a lobby/front group of corporations, like UN's WIPOOct 05 19:11
schestowitz-TRthe media pushes towards outcomesOct 05 19:13
schestowitz-TRthat in itself is not always sinisterOct 05 19:13
schestowitz-TRbut if the outcomes are chosen by clients, then it's a problemOct 05 19:13
schestowitz-TRlike FB+CA for BrexitOct 05 19:13
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