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schestowitz-TRgulag search has begun indexing and presenting pertinent pages in new.tmAug 06 08:02
schestowitz-TRI'm just checking as you said they would not be indexing new sites, or barelyAug 06 08:02
schestowitz-TRI think it follows links from IRC logsAug 06 08:02
schestowitz-TRrianne has gotten comfortable with the submission processAug 06 08:02
schestowitz-TRyesterday she got stuck and DB was locked again when she gave upAug 06 08:02
schestowitz-TRturns out it was ampersandAug 06 08:02
schestowitz-TRsometimes they are inside URLs and sometimes no spaces between themAug 06 08:02
schestowitz-TRI told her to find them and change/remove themAug 06 08:02
schestowitz-TRgm, cheers fore the linksAug 06 08:31
Techrights-secnpAug 06 08:32
Techrights-sectidy produces some warnings, but they are maybe not the easiest to spotAug 06 08:32
Techrights-secthe locking in sqlite3 is quite simplified but it is importantAug 06 08:32
schestowitz-TRI've found a new way o show in context android vs windowsAug 06 08:32
schestowitz-TRtoday I'll look closely into the pi and how to make it work better esp. ipfsAug 06 08:32
schestowitz-TRwow, today just 3 new items in counterpunch rss feedsAug 06 08:37
schestowitz-TRthere used to be like 50 or moreAug 06 08:37
schestowitz-TRbtw, when tuxmachines has rss feed (I saw you started coding it yesterday) we can submit that to some sitesAug 06 08:37
schestowitz-TRand give it visibilityAug 06 08:37
schestowitz-TRlast night I did a 2-min video about linuxtoday Aug 06 08:37
schestowitz-TRit has since then published 2 more webspamAug 06 08:37
Techrights-secackAug 06 08:45
Techrights-secyes, but we should probably be blocking the spiders until the site is in Aug 06 08:45
Techrights-secproduction, it is not wise to drive traffic to a site still in late alphaAug 06 08:45
Techrights-secstageAug 06 08:45
Techrights-secbtw EXT ACLs needed adjusting again.  EXT sure is difficult in a shared contextAug 06 08:45
Techrights-secafaik nowhere else has used MQTT for Git notifications Aug 06 08:45
schestowitz-TRit is very plausable as many things we do in TR and TM we do for the first time esp. in the context of gemini and to some extent ipfsAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TRbecause they're young and smallAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TRon www, doing things first or being first is harder because it's hard to keep track of everything that goes on thereAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TReven in irc we 'innovated' a number of thingsAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TRbut not something truly majorAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TRyou can add something on top of an existing protocol or combined protocolAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TRlike using gemini to give an up-toi-date index of hashes for ipfsAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TRwhen you push to git the system bell and visible popup in knotify will tell meAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TRthen I run the script to see, with colour, all the latest changes in the two reposAug 06 08:46
schestowitz-TR*plausibleAug 06 08:46
Techrights-secyesAug 06 08:48
Techrights-secone could make a public MQTT broker, one where the clients don't have to Aug 06 08:48
Techrights-secidentify themselves, and use it to push a subset of RSS :/Aug 06 08:48
Techrights-secniceAug 06 08:48
schestowitz-TRwhat you said about public mqtt broker occurred to me ysterday Aug 06 08:49
schestowitz-TRrss with less bandiwithAug 06 08:49
schestowitz-TRpush versus pullAug 06 08:49
schestowitz-TRlike push notifications, but for site updates with another protcolAug 06 08:49
schestowitz-TRI forgot the name of the protocol of push notification, there are at least a coupleAug 06 08:49
schestowitz-TRvis-a-vis gitlab is canning many projects to "save" 11 million a yearAug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRall that social control media loss leader BSAug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRthey were used to give people push notifications to their fake friendsAug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRover phoens etc.Aug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRat cost of abndwidthAug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRbut those people are now locked in to that vendor-specific push notif "disserviceAug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRso they cannot quitAug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRor, if they do, their 'friends' ' "phones" will no longer notify themAug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRso people must learn toAug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRa) self host (it's not free)Aug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TR(see gitlab)Aug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRb) do theior own notifications, e.g. blog doamin with rss, do not outsoutce. gulag youtube no longer notified ssubscribers, it's not as addictive as Aug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRaujtoplay at end and "suggestions"Aug 06 08:52
schestowitz-TRand infinite scrollsAug 06 08:52
Techrights-secyes, http is an inefficient wrapperAug 06 08:53
Techrights-secbut it would require an MQTT client as a browser pluging and I'm not sureAug 06 08:53
Techrights-secwhat the upper limit on connections would be at the broker level.Aug 06 08:53
Techrights-secThere is a test broker which sees heavy traffic:Aug 06 08:53
Techrights-sec 06 08:53
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-test.mosquitto.orgAug 06 08:53
schestowitz-TRre mosquitto, I don't know the protocolAug 06 08:57
schestowitz-TRbut I can imagine it habitually pings the clients to make sure it's still alive and the IP address is still currentAug 06 08:57
schestowitz-TRso that when there's a message on $topic, it'll send a notification to all the right sessions, if they're not expiredAug 06 08:57
schestowitz-TRso there must be some "pulses" going on even when there is no update to sendAug 06 08:57
schestowitz-TRthere are other factors that evade me atm, but those protocols suck because they give ytou stuff TODOAug 06 08:57
schestowitz-TRevcen when you're not prepared, not when you actually ask for anyAug 06 08:57
schestowitz-TRthat's why I check my email; at most once a dayAug 06 08:57
schestowitz-TRrss: "boss, I'm free now. give me work please."Aug 06 08:57
schestowitz-TRnotifications/email always-on: "danny, sorry for interrupting you, I have another thing for you to do"Aug 06 08:57
Techrights-secmosquitto is one set of programs, MQTT is the protoco.  It's rather simple.Aug 06 08:58
Techrights-secif I understand correctly it mainly uses TCP itself to maintain the connectionAug 06 08:58
Techrights-secyes push vs pullAug 06 08:58
Techrights-secone of the reasons the Web took off was because it was pullAug 06 08:58
schestowitz-TRbrb, handover at workAug 06 09:00
schestowitz-TRemail can be "pull" alsoAug 06 09:01
schestowitz-TRit used to be in the dial-up eraAug 06 09:01
schestowitz-TRguess which is more addictive, more stressful, and which harms productivityAug 06 09:01
Techrights-secyes but too many idiots mistake webmail for e-mail and due to the inconvenienceAug 06 09:02
Techrights-secof web mail, combined with them leaving it on 24/7, mistake e-mail for beingAug 06 09:02
Techrights-secdifficult.  They are confusing terrible client software with the protocol itselfAug 06 09:02
Techrights-secand GAFAM aims to make that confusion worse in an apparent attempt to gainAug 06 09:02
Techrights-seccontrol over the relevant protocols and turn them into a proprietary serviceAug 06 09:02
Techrights-secwhich they alone control and monitorAug 06 09:02
Techrights-secackAug 06 09:02
schestowitz-TRdoneAug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRfree againAug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRwhat I'd like to know isAug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRand I've said it out loud for 3-4 years alreadyAug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRwhere are people "online" going?Aug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRno doubt the www is perishingAug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRI think because of 'webapps' and 'apps'Aug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRbut I'm out of touchAug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRbecause I did not embrace fashionable consumerismAug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRso I don't know what tiktok and "apps" are like in 2022Aug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRit's like asking rms about systemdAug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TR(he said he never installed gnu/linux himself)Aug 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRor asking the amish about tractorsAug 06 09:13
Techrights-secackAug 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRrms has been very focused on giving talksAug 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRand studying threatsAug 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRwhich is fair enoughAug 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRhe lets the others help him with technical things, inc. operationg (they're like his "shabbos goys")Aug 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRbut when it comes to some of those "phone" things I too must admit, I'm in the darkAug 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRalso, I never saw a spy meterAug 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRbut the main concern is, 1) they are NOT needed 2) they will get worse over time (more sensors)Aug 06 09:19
schestowitz-TRwith routers you could argue there is a necessityAug 06 09:19
schestowitz-TRspy meters are an extension to the router which exists for a single purpose that's not requiring yet another piece of ewasteAug 06 09:19
Techrights-secackAug 06 09:22
Techrights-secprobablyAug 06 09:22
Techrights-secone contributing factor is the load that idle wall warts put on the gridAug 06 09:22
schestowitz-TRthis morning in geminispace (latest, planet)Aug 06 09:22
schestowitz-TRI read not one but two posts on energy problems Aug 06 09:22
schestowitz-TRmore connection and electric issuesAug 06 09:22
schestowitz-TRcombined with what rianne told me about the tram and outages in shopsAug 06 09:22
schestowitz-TRI'm starting to wonder if there's an energy crisis the media says too little aboutAug 06 09:22
schestowitz-TRand it not limited just to priceAug 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRI can find you the two gemini:// linksAug 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRI put them in the irc channel actualluyAug 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRI hope out Network/Internet uptime will still be good and no UPS will be neededAug 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRUPS = more manufacturing (waste), much like A/C to 'combat' heatingAug 06 09:24
schestowitz-TRthen it draws up some powerAug 06 09:24
schestowitz-TRthey tell us spy meters will help save energyAug 06 09:24
schestowitz-TRas if they're made out of thin air and run on "thetans"Aug 06 09:25
schestowitz-TR(same for EVs)Aug 06 09:25
schestowitz-TRour current router (installed january 2021 IIRC, after our complaints; the engineer told us to demand a new one) has very good uptimeAug 06 09:28
schestowitz-TRand no network hangups, or very rare onesAug 06 09:28
schestowitz-TRI don't take this for granted; it wasn't like this beforeAug 06 09:28
schestowitz-TRthe upstream provider (ISP) has also been OK since thenAug 06 09:28
schestowitz-TRwhen I had networ problem it was electic outage or my own mistakes (or oven triggering a fuse)Aug 06 09:28
schestowitz-TR"you don't appreciate things... until you lose them..."Aug 06 09:28
schestowitz-TR "Since I've started hosting from home, my internet and electricity has been more unreliable than ever." gemini:// 06 09:28
Techrights-secackAug 06 09:32
schestowitz-TRI exported my own router settings (less than 150 lines) to a fileAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRit lets you save the most hedious sort of file you even sawAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRit's like a soup of binary and asciiAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRbut you can see bits and bobs that you put inAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRthey don't use ini or json or xmlAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRit's ridiculousAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRI saved these last summer when they "tried" to= put us on fibre (first home in this area)Aug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRand I wanted to be able to import the same stuff into the "new" routerAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRwhich looks exactly the same, except minor differenceeAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRand BT gave me conflicting messages about compatibilityAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TReither way, they seemed unready to support this new serviceAug 06 09:37
schestowitz-TRand I reckoned as an "experiment" I would get worse servicesAug 06 09:38
schestowitz-TRlack of expirtise and effect on only one user, not whole block of homesAug 06 09:38
schestowitz-TRthey compensated us almost 100 pounds for all the troubleAug 06 09:38
schestowitz-TRwe still have the fibre equipment, not connected to the socket, inside the homeAug 06 09:38
schestowitz-TRit'll come in handy as this sort of service matures sufficientlyAug 06 09:38
Techrights-secJSON?Aug 06 09:38
schestowitz-TRnot jsonAug 06 09:43
schestowitz-TRI could send you the file, but somewhere in it there are likely passwordsAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRwithout power, you typically can have no connectionsAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRwithout connections you could still have powerAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRthe other day (tue.) when the power was off I went us to be productiveAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRrianne said that she'd rather have no power than no running waterAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRbut in winter you cannot bathe without some level of water heatingAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRcall me sceptics or paranoid, but jusding by trends I read about, cost won't be the sole issue Aug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRwhen it comes to CLEAN water being available or a steadfy flow of powerAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRIn african there is this thing called GPL that showed up in my feedsAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRthey have lots of outages and sometimes even planned blackoutsAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRlike, you need to prepare for times of the day without powerAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRand charge applicance accordinglyAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRthis, to me, is a whole new concept/monsterAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRpower "share" or rationingAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRI'd hate to live in a world with water rationingAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRat the moment they just have things like "hose bans"Aug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRyou sent me a link about spain trying to limit or police A/C thermostatsAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRmaybe first in public places where enforcers can goAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRmaybe later in proprietary firmware..Aug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRspy meters come to mind hereAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRwhy you might NOT want to have oneAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRgive me the bits (network)Aug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRgive me waterAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRgive me voltageAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TRhow it's used is my own gaddamn businessAug 06 09:44
schestowitz-TR---Aug 06 09:53
schestowitz-TRrianne said that in mindanao they used to have power rationing or outtage hours (planned)Aug 06 09:53
schestowitz-TRand in manila is there's elnino they do awater ratiuoning tooAug 06 09:53
Techrights-secwater distribution is becoming more unsteady and unevenAug 06 09:54
Techrights-secin places which still have water it is coming more often in large dosesAug 06 09:54
Techrights-secrather than spread out over timeAug 06 09:54
Techrights-secmany place have had power rationing but in many situations it is due to Aug 06 09:54
Techrights-secprivatization because it is not profitable to deploy more capacity untilAug 06 09:54
Techrights-secthere is more demand.  Brownouts, however, destroy equipment, even heavyAug 06 09:54
Techrights-secstuff like refrigeratorsAug 06 09:54
Techrights-secagain the various wastages cause problems with load;Aug 06 09:54
Techrights-secat the scale that "smartphones" are deployed worldwide, and given thatAug 06 09:54
Techrights-secthey need to be recharged muliptle times per day, they are collectivelyAug 06 09:54
Techrights-secprobably one of the world's largest drains on the gridAug 06 09:54
Techrights-sec... if considered as a single line itemAug 06 09:54
schestowitz-TRbtw, did you see the post about android in africa?Aug 06 09:57
schestowitz-TRwow, 18% windows... no wonder the media is too busy harping about "chrome OS" vs "Windows"Aug 06 09:57
schestowitz-TRliving in a more GAFAM universe where everyone can blow $1000 on a laptop instead ofAug 06 09:57
schestowitz-TRa budget $100 "smart" phone from "belt and braces" landAug 06 09:57
Techrights-sec"tracking devices which also happen to make calls"Aug 06 09:58
schestowitz-TRrianne now telling me rocking firdge storiesAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRdue to unsteady power levels in some placesAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRyou know, last week I tried to recall who came up with that sentenceAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRnot sure if it was ioerror, or me (maybe he repeated me), or rms, or maybe we all borrowed that from someone elseAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRrms said "stalin's dream"Aug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TR"also happen to make calls" is jakeAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRbut maybe inspired by something he had read from meAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRit's not important anywayAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRI can at least say I popularised some terms, not big like "brexit" Aug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRbut still... changing how people communicate issues and the vocabulary helps tackle issuesAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRopenwashing became more widespreadAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRfauxopen never caught on sflc said "giveUpGithub"Aug 06 10:03
Techrights-sec"tracking devices which also happen to make calls"Aug 06 10:03
Techrights-secI think it was jakeAug 06 10:03
Techrights-secat least he was the first early onAug 06 10:03
Techrights-secackAug 06 10:03
schestowitz-TRI wondered the same and I assumed it was coined by him, based on nothing but me seeing him adopting and using the term a lotAug 06 10:04
schestowitz-TRmasnick did a number of important things/contributions in the vocabulary sense, but like godwin with "godwin's law"Aug 06 10:10
schestowitz-TRmasnick did "streisand effect"Aug 06 10:10
schestowitz-TRwhich is still in use to this dy Aug 06 10:10
schestowitz-TRof course techdirt lost much of the influence it had in the golden era of the web after msie was elbowed asideAug 06 10:10
Techrights-secackAug 06 10:10
Techrights-secI should read techdirt more often.  When he sticks to purely technical mattersAug 06 10:10
Techrights-seche and tech policy, he is quite good.  But on other topics he exhibits someAug 06 10:10
Techrights-secsigns of severe social control media poisoningAug 06 10:10
schestowitz-TRhe or his colleagues are sceptical of regulations and too defensive of 1) gafam 2) social control mediaAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRcalling everything a "panic" even where legitimate concerns do exist Aug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRI don't read techdirt outside of kate text editor, so I honestly don't know who writes whatAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRI don't even know if moody sitll writes thereAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRobservation: techdirt used to get over 200 comments per post, for good posts at leastAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRnowadays it's often less than a dozen... last I checkedeAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRbut techdirt does not do irc and never did ircAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRso for mike and co to receive feedback from readers they rely too much on sh*t like twitterAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRand are unable to let goAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRfeedback is importatAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRI don't know the words to explain the phenomenonAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TRbut writing to a wall or getting no sensory feedback is hardAug 06 10:16
schestowitz-TReven if you know someone reads itAug 06 10:17
schestowitz-TRlike publishing a book, not knowing anything except how many copies were printed (not sold)Aug 06 10:17
schestowitz-TRand what the readrs thingAug 06 10:17
schestowitz-TRamazon "reviews" is astroturf zoneAug 06 10:17
schestowitz-TRripe for the liks of clickfraud spamnilAug 06 10:17
schestowitz-TRigor diedomedo has not published books or blog posts in a whileAug 06 10:17
schestowitz-TRlast I saw he was busy toying around with proprietary 3-d modeling s/wAug 06 10:17
schestowitz-TRand is gradually weaning himself OFF windowsAug 06 10:17
Techrights-secsometimesAug 06 10:18
Techrights-secI really wish Glyn would have some kind of syndication because I will go toAug 06 10:18
Techrights-seca site specifically to read what he wrote even if it's a site I would otherwiseAug 06 10:18
Techrights-secnot prioritizeAug 06 10:18
Techrights-secsome of that is the public is no longer used to being allowed to commentAug 06 10:18
schestowitz-TRmoody's work is widely scattred by the virtue of his ability to do gainful employment as a writerAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRars, linux journal, techdirt...Aug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRI sadly wasted many years writing shit in social control media where I could do a better job writing the same in my Weblog from 2004Aug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRI'm making up for it now, little by little...Aug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRsome american cousins of mine read it for sureAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRremember that tuxmachines still has an android "app", but I don't know if it is compatible with latest android versionsAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRit's basically a preloaded RSS readerAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRwith push notifications something better can be doneAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRbut don't want to condone use of spyphonesAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRthe other day on rianne's laptop I tested web-based access to irc @ tuxmachinesAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRthere are about 20-25 users online in that channelsAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRit shows site updatesAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRbut no real community thereAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRszombie community of sortsAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRlike #phoronix was in freenodeAug 06 10:23
schestowitz-TRbefore pulling the plugAug 06 10:23
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schestowitz-TRself-hosting is better for self-taught, skilling etc. imhoAug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRtoo many people skip many stages by just "opening an account"Aug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRe.g. vpsAug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRand come to assume a lot about netblocks, hardware etc.Aug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRso they can never properly provision and do thingsAug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRmind you, I was never sys adminAug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRI'm a programmerAug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRnot very pracitising since my phd daysAug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRas I do more writingAug 06 10:43
schestowitz-TRbut being "dev op" (bs term) means you have more control over the stackAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRsome "ops", like oiaohm, cannot do any programmingAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRsome "users", like daemonfc, can't do dev or opsAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRbut still "get" a lot of techAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRtoay's uni grads probably get the worst of all worldsAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRa) accounts, not self-hostingAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TR(e.g. gmail, aws)Aug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRb) fake programming ("frameworks"), not even "swing" in java but stuff like vue.js and electronAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRc) windows, "apps" etc.Aug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRso basically they end up paceled off to GAFAM-ish "IMPOSED-FROM-ABOVE" agendaAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRand therefore aren't employable by companies that actually get stuff doneAug 06 10:44
schestowitz-TRunpopular theory:Aug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRcomputers are being made worseAug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRand programming tools tooAug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRamong other stuffAug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRto take back power from the "people"Aug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRand weaken resistance or unionisation, leaking without consequencesAug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRas it's assumed that people were given "too powerful" or general-purpose computiongAug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRand now it's time to disemplower them by presenting them with inferior but "UX" (cargo cult) toysAug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRlike AWS accounts instead of an environment one can control (in 2010 already AAWS kicked out wikileaks; iirc, aws was not even profitable back then)Aug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRchats are being centralised and people's clients are not making secure connectionsAug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRbecause "kids somethjing,,,," or "terror attacks"Aug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRwhether it is all planned and deliberate would be difficult to prove (who? wef? nato? where is the "conspiracy")Aug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRhence it's more of an hypothesisAug 06 10:49
schestowitz-TRgood luck provinmg it without being dubbed "crank"Aug 06 10:49
Techrights-secthere are only 24 hours per dayAug 06 10:50
Techrights-secyepAug 06 10:50
Techrights-secon purpose Aug 06 10:50
Techrights-secI would suspect that to be the case, tooAug 06 10:50
Techrights-secthe proprietary "cloud" stuff falls under that umbrella tooAug 06 10:50
Techrights-secit takes away the commodity nature of the systemsAug 06 10:50
Techrights-secnote that accidentally at first all the anti-spam measures have done nothingAug 06 10:50
Techrights-secmore than centralize control over online written communication, and not reallyAug 06 10:51
Techrights-secaddressed actual spamAug 06 10:51
Techrights-sec"think of the children" == root passphrase      Aug 06 10:51
Techrights-secto bypass democracy and just about anything elseAug 06 10:51
schestowitz-TR[21:46] <techrights-news> Bill Gates-bribed news [sic] papers try to associate accusation of high-profile pedophilia with the far right. Meanwhile Gates was working behind the scenes to enable Jeffrey Esptein. Guardian sees nothing wrong with it, uses straw men instead. 06 10:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Conspirituality is pervasive, but why? | Stop at Zona-MAug 06 10:51
schestowitz-TRhis blog is spitting out updates again in rssAug 06 10:52
schestowitz-TRfor the first time this year, I thinkAug 06 10:52
schestowitz-TRthat blog is a messAug 06 10:52
schestowitz-TRdrafts, missing stuff... it's like a desk with papers all over the place... Aug 06 10:52
Techrights-secackAug 06 10:52
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #boycottnovellAug 06 10:53
schestowitz-TRI was thinking late last nightAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRor our repo of articles about epoAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRin the context ofm whether the capsule still updatesd the wiki mirror okAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRif the epo goes under, it'll have impact on a number of orgs connected to itAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRif not the profession in generalAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRI was also concerned about two or three irc usersAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRone connects "us" to nutteryAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRtwo can connect us to "far right"Aug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRif people aren't careful in grasping what irc isAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRand our very liberal policy on speechAug 06 10:57
schestowitz-TRI think the best approach is to rebut the BS, even insult the BSAug 06 10:58
schestowitz-TRand make it clear the opinion is fringe even among us and we don't leave that unchallengedAug 06 10:58
schestowitz-TRkaniini temporarily banned phanes a month agoAug 06 10:58
schestowitz-TRafter I had been told of a plan to hard-code into the server an INABILITY to banAug 06 10:58
schestowitz-TRsee? epople are good at doing things.... as long as it suits themAug 06 10:58
schestowitz-TRwhen it doesn't then there are "exceptions"Aug 06 10:58
Techrights-secyesAug 06 11:00
Techrights-secthe nuttery is a means of disparagement through involuntary associationAug 06 11:00
schestowitz-TRthe person was fedora ambassador for a whileAug 06 11:00
schestowitz-TRand even before changing name the person had already been into that crazy theoryAug 06 11:00
schestowitz-TRso many the identity change is connected to narcotics useAug 06 11:00
schestowitz-TRor, as per admission, autismAug 06 11:00
schestowitz-TRwe cannot ban people for that, we need to learn how to better deal with itAug 06 11:00
schestowitz-TRwe've lasted as a site and as online community (irc is one of several means) for 1.5 decades Aug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRso we must have done _some_ things rightAug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRhaving said that, there's always room for improvementAug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRtechnical aspects of the improvements are importantAug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRI have some ideas for TR capsuleAug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRbut work keeps "wasting" timeAug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRand they don't let me go easily (still no updates from them)Aug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRat least we get paid in the meantime, so I cannot complainAug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRI want to set up automated backup on the pi (external disk, 3tb, is already plugged in and even though it is mounted only user "pi" can 'see' it)Aug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRthe backup job is already a script, but it's not cronnedAug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRnext week I'll get more spare usb sticks to burn clones ontoAug 06 11:06
schestowitz-TRI like how the pi makes "hot spares"... plug and playAug 06 11:07
schestowitz-TRthe worst outage was when debian 10 died and we had to rebuild again on debian 11 in around jan 2022Aug 06 11:07
schestowitz-TReven though I have an up-to-date backup of /homeAug 06 11:07
schestowitz-TRjust done a full sanity check ont eh pi forbulletin and irc archivesAug 06 11:15
schestowitz-TRtldr: there were two gapsAug 06 11:15
schestowitz-TRone for the clone to preseent (march to augustAug 06 11:15
schestowitz-TRanother for latest backup to present (july to august)Aug 06 11:15
schestowitz-TRI can see there are no gaps leftAug 06 11:15
schestowitz-TRalso for blog posts I think it completed he gapsAug 06 11:15
schestowitz-TRand the wikiAug 06 11:15
schestowitz-TRI'm going to check how long a full backup to magnetic disk takes from usb (on sd card system it was rather fast, maybe under 1 hour)Aug 06 11:15
Techrights-secyes, it's a nice feature being able to just move storage media pretty muchAug 06 11:15
Techrights-secinterchangeablyAug 06 11:15
Techrights-secackAug 06 11:15
schestowitz-TRrianne's rsp400 also means we have a spare physical machines, either wayAug 06 11:17
schestowitz-TRshe can use mine and plug in external keyboardAug 06 11:17
schestowitz-TRnow it's hard to get spares for s reasonable price wAug 06 11:17
schestowitz-TRwhen she bought one just before the war (shortages worsened) it cost about 70 poundsAug 06 11:17
schestowitz-TRiirc, it launched for retail price of about 50Aug 06 11:17
Techrights-secThe main downside to the RPi is that it is now very hard to get themAug 06 11:19
Techrights-secbut you have more options there in the UK for now as to where to buy themAug 06 11:19
schestowitz-TRyou can probably find them off ebay, but it would take days to ship, hence no >hot_ spareAug 06 11:19
Techrights-secthe RPi units are so rare in part because of scalpers, such as what you findAug 06 11:21
Techrights-secon E-Bay :(Aug 06 11:21
schestowitz-TRI'd say hold on to what you have, put it to use thoughAug 06 11:27
schestowitz-TRall our working machines are powered on and help augment workflowsAug 06 11:27
schestowitz-TRbut that purpose is never immediately obvious Aug 06 11:27
schestowitz-TRneeds lateral thinkingAug 06 11:27
schestowitz-TRI'm going to test duration of full backup nowAug 06 11:27
schestowitz-TRok, it shows time of startAug 06 11:27
schestowitz-TRthen tries each device (drive) based on device unique id when mountedAug 06 11:27
schestowitz-TRI'll assess the rate of growth to get estimate of durationAug 06 11:27
schestowitz-TRoh, writing to external disk is still fast I see... 300 mb done in about a minute so farAug 06 11:27
Techrights-secI presume that is without LUKS encryption Aug 06 11:28
Techrights-secLUKS will slow it down substantially and can make Rsync impossibleAug 06 11:28
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@u99j58s6q7if4.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 06 11:28
schestowitz-TRLUKS has a back door: tortureAug 06 11:36
schestowitz-TRpsychological in the UK (unless they parcel you off to some CIA "black site")Aug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRI still have my fist and mouth to stave off intrudersAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRrianne already knows what to do if cops come over (witness for protection, deterrence)Aug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRnot that they have ANY legtimate reason to visitAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRLUKS is good when you travel physically with a device (e.g. laptop) and it contains sensitive info Aug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRyou cannot just access over the network insteadAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRlike travel abaord, then ssh to homeAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRin which case border control gets just a "blank"Aug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRand ssh does all the securityAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRrsync does a lot of checksumsAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRiircAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRyou sent me pages, but I only did a very shallow readAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRit relies on the files being mostly the same (identical checksum at target and dest)Aug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRotherwise it would be no more efficient than a copyAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TReven slower is ALL the files are changed entirelyAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRnot "half files"Aug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRor "quarter files"Aug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRslower because it has the overhead of needless comparisonAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRthat results in negaticesAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TR*negatives Aug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRfor LUKs, you need to decrypt everything, entirely, then get checksumAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRI don't know if LUKS has per-individual-file access to objectsAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRif it does, maybe you can compare checksums of encrypted objects without dcceprting them fistAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRassuming source and dest both use the same encryption keyAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRand the hashsums do not depend on the allocation of files on encrypted diskAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRLUKS creates another risk factor: you getting locked out of your own systemAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRor damage to disk rendering the whole thing deadAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRrather than partial damageAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRPC-based encryption or access protection relies on the physical disk not being retreievable by physical accessAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRLUKS is for when you assume raid is possible and "they" can't get to your machine when it's powered onAug 06 11:37
schestowitz-TRsame for openpgp when password token is still stored in RAMAug 06 11:37
Techrights-secackAug 06 11:39
Techrights-secyes, if a bit flips then the whole partition is lost as far as I knowAug 06 11:39
*spazz has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 06 11:39
schestowitz-TRwow.... SUPER LAG!!!Aug 06 11:40
schestowitz-TRI tried ctrl+s/q a million timesAug 06 11:40
schestowitz-TRbut it was networkAug 06 11:40
Techrights-secackAug 06 11:40
*spazz (~spazz@urifce6zxwtdi.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 06 11:43
schestowitz-TRassange had his computer onAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRwhile he was kisnapped in the corridor and roughened upAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRhe had handcuffs in the office Aug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRbut he could not use themAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRto protect himself from kidnappersAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRhe was claled to the other roomAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRwhere revocation of his nationality was read out to himAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRand then he was snatchedAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRI assuime the laptop they then sent to the un of aAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRwas first imaged fully, while it was "unlocked"Aug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRthey had a decade to prepare for thisAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRand even audioned a little (coips entereing the enbassy a bit) dats priorAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TR*audiotnedAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TR*auditionedAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRbackup now halfway there, so it should take less than one hour all in allAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRI'll write a script to wrap this thing up and do a nightly dump of /home/Aug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRmaybe a stack for past 3 daysAug 06 11:44
Techrights-secackAug 06 11:44
Techrights-secvery little coverage of how illegal it was to kidnap him from within theAug 06 11:44
Techrights-secembassy; it was in violation of major treatiesAug 06 11:44
Techrights-secyet nary a peepAug 06 11:44
schestowitz-TRI hope he deleted identifying details about sourcesAug 06 11:47
schestowitz-TRthey got hundreds of themAug 06 11:47
schestowitz-TRsome unpublishedAug 06 11:47
schestowitz-TRWL was a leaks magnet not just for USAug 06 11:47
schestowitz-TRsnuffing out insiders in international committeesAug 06 11:47
schestowitz-TRwho might be repeat leakers is of interest to three-letter agenciesAug 06 11:47
schestowitz-TRso they can better control what the public knowsAug 06 11:47
Techrights-secyesAug 06 11:48
Techrights-secs/knows/believes/ :(Aug 06 11:48
schestowitz-TRbtw, villege idiot steffno from osi s running an evene on "HEY HI"Aug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TROSI is fast becoming a foes of our movementAug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TRand Steff is bagging like $130,000 PER YEARAug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TRuntil OSI closes shopAug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TRbecause it's of no more use to Bill and LolitaAug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TRthey are in the PR industry nowAug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TRthey do nothing elseAug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TRno code, no nothingAug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TRmeetings on how to message "members" (corporations)Aug 06 11:51
schestowitz-TRand how to censor wikipedia... to "p[rotect the gays"Aug 06 11:51
Techrights-secOSI has it out for Software Freedom and even, to a lesser extent, OSS tooAug 06 11:53
Techrights-secuh oh: links within headings within lists:Aug 06 11:53
Techrights-sec/ 06 11:53
Techrights-sec 06 11:53
Techrights-secchecking ...Aug 06 11:53
-TechrightsBN/ | Tux Machines — Android LeftoversAug 06 11:53
schestowitz-TRthanks Aug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRwe also use the pi as a file server for our open working filesAug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRif the pi goes up in flames, kio slave (oooo!! dont' say dat1!!) will still keep all the open files in kateAug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRsadly, when the pi died days ago unopened files edited after july 29th lost their latest changesAug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRthat's basically (afaik) two files, todo_archive (stuff I ALREADY gotr done)Aug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRand tuxmachines.txtAug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRand reboot_notes.tyxt (only updated a little after the last reboot... inventory of things to do and check)Aug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRhad I done nightly backups of the pi, I'd not have lost any of these thingsAug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRso lessons learned, action takenAug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRno more SDAug 06 11:57
schestowitz-TRnightly backups highly advisableAug 06 11:57
Techrights-secbiabAug 06 12:04
schestowitz-TRbackup complete. 35 mins.Aug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TR15 gb of tar filesAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRcronning it now...Aug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRfor 1amAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRno, better 5am... quieter and AFTER a lot of files get added 2-3amAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRdoen , cronnned 5:10am will check tomorrow3~3~  Aug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRI've fortified the pi some more and more the disk and stuff under a cabinetAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRto better protect them from evil miss dust penAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRwho kept knocking them over while cleaningAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRremoving or detaching some pins from the ledsAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRnow the leds are screwed in betterAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TRand the external disk holds down the wires under its weightAug 06 12:11
schestowitz-TR[12:09] <techrights-news> After the latest mega-incident (whole OS and data just died after electric outage) we've set ipfs and gemini @ techrights (among many other things) to back up to external disk automatically every night at 5:10am. That ought to make recovery from disaster a lot more rapid.Aug 06 12:11
Techrights-secackAug 06 12:13
schestowitz-TRone russian nukes stops them working Aug 06 12:17
schestowitz-TR*nukeAug 06 12:17
schestowitz-TRa few seconds after the bright flashAug 06 12:17
schestowitz-TROK, I see the fix now in gitAug 06 12:17
schestowitz-TRno newlineAug 06 12:17
Techrights-secackAug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TRnukes are good for pension companiesAug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TRthey help prolong the scheme Aug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TRmuch like cancer-causing pills in USAAug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TR*spillsAug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TRthe football seasons kicks off today here in englandAug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TRmore covid-19 for more working class "plebs"Aug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TRto shorten their lives and mess up their brainsAug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TRunder the guise of "freedom"Aug 06 12:24
schestowitz-TRclcohol (booze) and life-shortening virusAug 06 12:24
Techrights-secprobably a million people get drinking water from any given major riverwayAug 06 12:25
Techrights-secpoisoning the water like that will have long term public health effects,Aug 06 12:25
Techrights-secall to the negative, not just for nature and the environmentAug 06 12:25
Techrights-sec:(Aug 06 12:25
schestowitz-TRwe still washa dn quarantineAug 06 12:27
schestowitz-TRfood Aug 06 12:27
schestowitz-TRwe still shut the lid before flushingAug 06 12:27
schestowitz-TRI read in gemninispace about how people contract the virusAug 06 12:27
schestowitz-TRusually relativesAug 06 12:27
schestowitz-TRkids of otherwiseAug 06 12:27
Techrights-secackAug 06 12:29
schestowitz-TRANTOHER (previously-unadvertised) way in which having kids shortens your life and elongates youu working (for somebody else) hoursAug 06 12:30
schestowitz-TRresponsible parenting: sending the kids "someplace" to import a nasty virus into your homeAug 06 12:30
schestowitz-TRwith incubation period just about long enough to ensure everyone gets its before it's detectableAug 06 12:30
schestowitz-TRand now the US has baby formula shortages (russe for price hikes probably; it's a monopoly, so pric-ce-fixing is easy and there are no "alternatives")Aug 06 12:30
schestowitz-TRdaemonFC said that in walmart they're begun putting baby formula in locked cabinets as if they're jewelleryAug 06 12:30
Techrights-secmost things are a ruse for price hikes, there has been some (but minimal)Aug 06 12:31
Techrights-secreporting on the phenomenonAug 06 12:31
DaemonFC<schestowitz-TR> daemonFC said that in walmart they're begun putting baby formula in locked cabinets as if they're jewelleryAug 06 12:32
DaemonFCWhen it costs $60 to feed your baby for several days, why not?Aug 06 12:32
DaemonFCI don't know how long a small can of formula lasts, so that's a guess.Aug 06 12:32
DaemonFCIt's really expensive though.Aug 06 12:32
schestowitz-TR"but it'sssssss yooooo baaaaby"Aug 06 12:33
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: cheaper to send it back to the womb, then eat lots of breadAug 06 12:33
schestowitz-TRthen, even the GOP will protect the babyAug 06 12:34
schestowitz-TRthey are embryophilesAug 06 12:34
Techrights-secackAug 06 12:35
DaemonFCOnce you have kids your choices go away.Aug 06 12:35
DaemonFCAll of your choices.Aug 06 12:35
DaemonFCYou won't sleep.Aug 06 12:36
DaemonFCEven if you do get a short break from work to sleep, the kids will wake you up about something.Aug 06 12:36
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*britney (~britney@muarsy2vret2q.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 06 12:39
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@memzbmehf99re.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 06 12:47
*DaemonFC has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 06 12:48
schestowitz-TRup here in Manc we've had quite a bit of rainfall these past 2 weeksAug 06 12:54
schestowitz-TRI hope for no more hosepipe bans for years to comeAug 06 12:54
schestowitz-TRthose bans always happen (obviously) when your grass is yellow and the plants perishAug 06 12:54
schestowitz-TRless oxygenAug 06 12:55
schestowitz-TRand the place generally looks worseAug 06 12:55
Techrights-secackAug 06 13:12
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> England’s COVID-19 Deaths in July: 561 in 2020 (Coronavirus Breakout), 1,430 Last Year, 4,199 This Year 06 14:31
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » England’s COVID-19 Deaths in July: 561 in 2020 (Coronavirus Breakout), 1,430 Last Year, 4,199 This YearAug 06 14:31
Techrights-secback?Aug 06 14:32
Techrights-secyepAug 06 14:32
*britney has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 06 14:46
schestowitz-TRAlbert Woodfox Dies of COVID-19 ☛ | Source: Democracy NowAug 06 14:56
-TechrightsBN/ | Albert Woodfox Dies of COVID; Loved Ones Remember the Life & Legacy of Famed Political Prisoner | Democracy Now!Aug 06 14:56
schestowitz-TR"died at the age of 75 due to complications tied to COVID-19." ☛ 06 14:56
-TechrightsBN/ | Albert Woodfox in His Own Words on 43 Years in Solitary, the Black Panthers & Fighting Injustice | Democracy Now!Aug 06 14:56
Techrights-secackAug 06 14:57
schestowitzMarco Fioretti 06 15:05
-TechrightsBN/ | Nudification is for women NEAR you | Stop at Zona-MAug 06 15:05
schestowitzdoes he smack of a bad  person?Aug 06 15:05
schestowitz-TRbut in person?Aug 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRI'll ignore his feeds from nowAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRI know those clique typesAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRnationality asideAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRitalo, piana, stefannoAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRthe "oopen source" peopleAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRpiana entered OSI tooAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRlike italo and stafanoAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRthey have been doing some things I do not likeAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRand are connected not only by lanAug 06 15:14
schestowitz-TRand are connected not only by languageAug 06 15:15
*Despatche (~desp@u3xy9z2ifjzci.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 06 16:16
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 06 16:20
schestowitz-TRcharles schultz vanished not so long after he had got a kidAug 06 17:31
schestowitz-TRthough he was pivotal in LO Aug 06 17:31
schestowitz-TRand was on a techbytes episode tooAug 06 17:31
*britney (~britney@muarsy2vret2q.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 06 18:01
schestowitz-TRhe did vanish, but never did something rudeAug 06 18:15
schestowitz-TRfor context, after his great success rallying people around LO IIRC he was hired by OpenMandriva (IIRC) to get people iunvolved,Aug 06 18:17
schestowitz-TRbut the success was very limitedAug 06 18:17
schestowitz-TRmaybe that setback set the scene for quiet cadenceAug 06 18:17
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> GNU/Linux market share in Hong Kong up to around 5% 06 18:30
-TechrightsBN/ | Desktop Operating System Market Share Hong Kong | Statcounter Global StatsAug 06 18:30
schestowitz-TRI amk trying to get a better understanding of what's going onAug 06 18:30
schestowitz-TRas media certainly does not investigate anything anymoeAug 06 18:30
schestowitz-TRlinuxtoday became a total shameAug 06 18:30
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Englands COVID-19 Deaths in July: 561 in 2020 (Coronavirus Breakout), 1,430 Last Year, 4,199 This Year 06 18:31
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-schestowitz.comAug 06 18:31
schestowitz-TRfootball is BACK today, after 2-3 monthsAug 06 18:31
schestowitz-TRbecause hey, covid-19 is just some little thing in history anywayAug 06 18:31
Techrights-secackAug 06 18:32
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Make better vaccines to protect people, not patent monopolies 06 18:32
-TechrightsBN/ | Concern over low third vaccine dose rates - Michael WestAug 06 18:32
schestowitz-TRnow they want to do the same with monkeypox without clinical trialsAug 06 18:33
schestowitz-TRthe "new nornal"Aug 06 18:33
schestowitz-TRthe reason regulation exists is past incidents that killed many peopleAug 06 18:33
schestowitz-TR"TRUST COMPANIES!"Aug 06 18:33
Techrights-secackAug 06 18:34
Techrights-secactually they want to reinforce the obedience to companies tooAug 06 18:34
schestowitz-TRmy mom keeps getting reinfectedAug 06 18:37
schestowitz-TRbeing ill in bed is the new normal for herAug 06 18:37
schestowitz-TRafter doses and infectionsAug 06 18:37
schestowitz-TRshe thinks this is freedomAug 06 18:37
schestowitz-TRthough it does leave some permanent damageAug 06 18:37
schestowitz-TRI've noticed that people who got infected already are dismissive of the harmAug 06 18:37
schestowitz-TRthey choose to think it's no big deal, evenm if they insisted so beforeAug 06 18:37
schestowitz-TRlike a girl who lost her virginity and starts seleeeping around with anyoneAug 06 18:37
schestowitz-TRif you've been bed-bound somany times maybe it's about time you just simply reassess all your assumptinos and the stratetygy as a wholeAug 06 18:40
schestowitz-TRbut people are better ajt justifying past behaviour than admitting errors and advising others accoridnglyAug 06 18:40
Techrights-secackAug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRwe've been observing with great caution the situation, inc. availability of discounted foods and living expenses in general as licving inAug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRintrovert mode or living like a hermit indoors (except exercise and some visits with masks and distances) would be OK, compatible\Aug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRwith what we've become accustomed to. if others arer dismissive of this, that's their own business, not oursAug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRbut like I said, many are 0imho - doing self harm for the sake of compliance with the nor aka "the new normal"Aug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TR*normAug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRcase of point: flyingAug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TR1980s: I have nice cusion, good meal, no strip searching, not too many people at airportAug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRgood service, not "budget" crewAug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRnow: security theatre, unreliable budget planes, passengers who barely know how to behave on a bug, no meals, stinking lavatories, long queues, delays Aug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRalmost every single time, new pews ("securuty") and after covid-19 also test requirements, masks, antiseptic etc.Aug 06 18:46
schestowitz-TRand risk that you cannot fly back tdue to getting infected at the destrinationAug 06 18:46
Techrights-secflying ought to be banned, especially private jetsAug 06 18:47
Techrights-secbudget planes == price dumping to kill train travelAug 06 18:47
Techrights-secackAug 06 18:47
schestowitz-TRit did not occur to me that weeding out investment in rail/trains was a goalAug 06 18:49
schestowitz-TRrails move a low more slowly, but are more spacious and make up for the speed becausse boardinfg i s faster and there's no takeoff/landingAug 06 18:49
schestowitz-TRsome people here take planes for distances that a train covers in just under 2 hoursAug 06 18:49
schestowitz-TRthe trains here usually leave and arrive on timeAug 06 18:49
schestowitz-TRunlike planesAug 06 18:49
Techrights-secas far as I know that is one of the main goals -- kill competition eitherAug 06 18:49
Techrights-secfinancially or by establising unproductive travel habitsAug 06 18:49
schestowitz-TRs/rails move/carriages move/Aug 06 18:55
schestowitz-TRI've not taken a train or plane or bus since jan 2020Aug 06 18:55
schestowitz-TRI did take a taxi thoughAug 06 18:55
schestowitz-TRgoing by the little data we do have,Aug 06 19:56
schestowitz-TRpreparing a quick postAug 06 19:56
schestowitz-TRsee draft Aug 06 19:56
schestowitz-TRI think there's something interesting in this dataAug 06 19:56
schestowitz-TRafaik, china makes no territorial claims to mongoliaAug 06 19:56
Techrights-secackAug 06 19:57
Techrights-secthe rate of change would be very important to note there alsoAug 06 19:57
Techrights-secAFAIK the China - Mongolia war is at a slow simmer, never having really stoppedAug 06 19:57
Techrights-secIt's certainly not all-out genocide like has been against Tibet for 7 decadesAug 06 19:57
Techrights-secAlso China is biting of chunks of Kashmir, India and also bits of PakistanAug 06 19:57
Techrights-sec^offAug 06 19:57
schestowitz-TRadding words on pace of expansionAug 06 19:58
Techrights-secIn the TM capsule, e.g.Aug 06 19:58
Techrights-secgemini:// 06 19:58
Techrights-sechow should the previous and next links be marked or arranged?Aug 06 19:58
Techrights-secNext first and then previous second or as it is now which is previous firstAug 06 19:58
Techrights-secand next second?  I'd like to avoid tagging them with unicode since thatAug 06 19:58
Techrights-secscrews up screen readers              Aug 06 19:58
schestowitz-TRre gemini,Aug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRgood questionAug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRI wondered the sameAug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRlet me check againAug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRif instead of unicode you added "next: " it would lead to ambiguityAug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRas we have no #bold# and there would beAug 06 20:02
Techrights-sec Aug 06 20:02
Techrights-secackAug 06 20:02
Techrights-secokAug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRNext: Security: ... . .. Aug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRI'm trying to think how other capsules dealt with it Aug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRI saw some that draw a calendar with numbers in itAug 06 20:02
schestowitz-TRgimme a moment, checking...Aug 06 20:02
*britney has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 06 20:05
schestowitz-TRtrying to locate an example I had in mindAug 06 20:08
schestowitz-TRbut search in geminispsace is very limitedAug 06 20:08
schestowitz-TRhow about [NEXT]Aug 06 20:08
schestowitz-TRand [PREV]Aug 06 20:08
schestowitz-TRI suppose you saw the NYTimes article on how WWW tortures blind peopleAug 06 20:08
schestowitz-TRI found it in RSS and then saw you had already sent it to me days earlierAug 06 20:08
schestowitz-TRI saw it last weekend, i.e. julyAug 06 20:09
Techrights-secI'm thinking that it may make the most senst to have the next link firstAug 06 20:10
Techrights-secand then the previous link second, the reverse of what we have now Aug 06 20:10
Techrights-secthat's got symbols in it, some punctuation might be less problematicAug 06 20:10
Techrights-secnext: next,Aug 06 20:10
Techrights-secnot yetAug 06 20:10
Techrights-secjust the summary a while agoAug 06 20:10
Techrights-secI can recheck,  It was last month, yes, 06 20:10
-TechrightsBN/ | For Blind Internet Users, the Fix Can Be Worse Than the Flaws - The New York TimesAug 06 20:10
schestowitz-TRdon't mean to sound mean, but relatives I speak to talk about ear pain after the shots and/or infectionAug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRI think a hearing crisis may be loomingAug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRmy uncle who was hospitalised (he'll be back home soon, he mailed me last night from hospital)Aug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRlost a lot of his hearing in his 70sAug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRwhen I visited him in 2006 in Davie he was already struggling to hear, even with a piece onAug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRiirc, he blamed it on military serviceAug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TReardrum damageAug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRrianne's sense of hearing is noticably worse than mine, eyesight it's the opposite     Aug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TResp. for long distancesAug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRprob. due to excessive screen timeAug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRIf I started driving again, I might need to have lenses/glasses (which I never had)Aug 06 20:14
schestowitz-TRif the shots started leading to tooth decay and people's teeth started falling off, there wouldAug 06 20:16
schestowitz-TRbe outrage, not gaslighting by COVID profiteers-connected mediaAug 06 20:16
Techrights-seclikelyAug 06 20:16
schestowitz-TRpeople's ears are fewer and more important than one's teethAug 06 20:16
schestowitz-TRyou can get flase teeth, you cannot get artificial hearingAug 06 20:16
schestowitz-TRif the shots started leading to tooth decay and people's teeth started falling off, there wouldAug 06 20:16
schestowitz-TRbe outrage, not gaslighting by COVID profiteers-connected mediaAug 06 20:16
*Techrights-sec2 is now known as ts2Aug 06 20:18
Techrights-secthe compression artifacts from the mobile phones are far worse than anything  Aug 06 20:19
Techrights-secelse since they distort the sound and compound the damage to the sound qualityAug 06 20:19
Techrights-secwith each lossy algorithm.  Some callers are completely unintelligible Aug 06 20:19
Techrights-sec.Aug 06 20:19
Techrights-secnopeAug 06 20:20
Techrights-secThe worst part (IMO) about the vaccine profiteering is that it seems that theyAug 06 20:22
Techrights-secare exploiting the situation and maybe using some of the profit to block    Aug 06 20:22
Techrights-secdevelopment of far more effective vaccines.  Work on those seems to have Aug 06 20:22
Techrights-secslammed to a halt while a tiny handful of companies colled 25 EUR per patient per doseAug 06 20:22
Techrights-secfor vaccines which don't actually halt the spreadAug 06 20:22
schestowitz-TRI agree 100%Aug 06 20:25
schestowitz-TRhad I not worked from home, my choices would likely be differentAug 06 20:25
schestowitz-TRrianne has just made a very special tea, bought a 1L teapot of itAug 06 20:26
schestowitz-TR*broughtAug 06 20:26
schestowitz-TRwe probably use up a lot of water just sanitising thingsAug 06 20:26
schestowitz-TRbut seeing the (aforementioned infection, death, and hospitalisation rates) facts, it would make no sense to curtails this Aug 06 20:26
schestowitz-TRnot or to go BACK to town, given that it was 10 times safer 2 summers agoAug 06 20:26
schestowitz 06 20:28
-TechrightsBN/ | 9 Of The Best Collagen Drinks 2022 | Holland & BarrettAug 06 20:28
schestowitz-TRmy bad, it is not tea Aug 06 20:28
schestowitz-TRshe has mader it for dayAug 06 20:28
schestowitz-TR*daysAug 06 20:28
schestowitz-TR 06 20:28
Techrights-secackAug 06 20:28
schestowitz-TRthe fallback plan has been good diet, supplements, testing when neededAug 06 20:31
schestowitz-TRI want to show you something, I'll communicatew it to you in a blog...Aug 06 20:31
schestowitz 06 20:31
-TechrightsBN/ | Collagen - WikipediaAug 06 20:31
*britney (~britney@muarsy2vret2q.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 06 20:37
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> UK's COVID-19 Testing Rates Falling to New Lows in Spite of Deaths and Hospitalisations Being About 10 Times Worse Than Summer of 2020 06 20:39
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » UK’s COVID-19 Testing Rates Falling to New Lows in Spite of Deaths and Hospitalisations Being About 10 Times Worse Than Summer of 2020Aug 06 20:39
schestowitz-TR 06 20:39
schestowitz-TRI think she bought it based on something she readAug 06 20:39
schestowitz-TRI'm making a meme too nowAug 06 20:39
Techrights-secalso should non-Gemini links have markers?Aug 06 20:42
schestowitz-TRthat would help if not too much work/troubleAug 06 20:44
schestowitz-TRthe capsule was submitted todayAug 06 20:44
schestowitz-TRbut not any rss feedAug 06 20:44
schestowitz-TRGoogle picked up the new site without any interventionAug 06 20:44
schestowitz-TRI assume it saw links in irc logs and started processing pagesAug 06 20:44
schestowitz-TRat least they say it's alpha at the very topAug 06 20:44
schestowitz-TRafter cloning the pi to another usb stick I'll sort out IPFSAug 06 20:44
schestowitz-TRI want ipfs to work on another surface if possivleAug 06 20:44
schestowitz-TRgemini is very light i/o-wiseAug 06 20:45
Techrights-secokAug 06 20:47
schestowitz-TR "I got into Gemini more or less at the culmination of my techno-minimalism phase. I'd gotten annoyed with "bloat" and considered the WWW a massive disaster." gemini:// 06 20:49
Techrights-secackAug 06 20:49
schestowitz-TRI've finished many of the weekend tasks alreadyAug 06 20:49
schestowitz-TRso can do projects and suchAug 06 20:49
schestowitz-TRI've finished many of the weekend tasks alreadyAug 06 20:49
schestowitz-TRso can do projects and suchAug 06 20:49
schestowitz-TRgot the changes showingAug 06 21:04
schestowitz-TR+               $text = " ".$text;Aug 06 21:04
schestowitz-TRytalk does not handle those symbols wellAug 06 21:04
schestowitz-TRjust looked at all 6 new blocksAug 06 21:04
schestowitz-TR@@ -842,7 +842,12 @@ sub xhtml_to_gemtext {Aug 06 21:04
schestowitz-TRtrailing space atr end of third line:Aug 06 21:04
schestowitz-TR+                   $text = " ".$text;Aug 06 21:04
schestowitz-TRI only noticed because I know how strict TR's repo isAug 06 21:04
schestowitz-TRI have a script to automate removing trailing spacesAug 06 21:04
schestowitz_logREMOVE TRAILING SPACE: sed -i 's/[[:space:]]*$//'  functions.phpAug 06 21:04
Techrights-secackAug 06 21:07
Techrights-secthe commit message might be more useful than the code itself in ytalkAug 06 21:07
Techrights-secthere feels like there is a bit of redunancy there, I think it is consistentAug 06 21:07
Techrights-secenough that it can be split off into a function  Aug 06 21:07
Techrights-secok the hooks never get checked out / cloned along with the rest of the Aug 06 21:07
Techrights-secrepository, that's one check that always has to be redone Aug 06 21:07
Techrights-secIt'll be checked automaticallyAug 06 21:07
Techrights-secOne can set up a lot of hooks but they can easily get lost, destroyed, orAug 06 21:07
Techrights-secoverwritten Aug 06 21:07
Techrights-secThe pre-commit hook now checks for various whitespace problems includingAug 06 21:07
Techrights-sectrailing whitespace and will block the commit until they are fixed, butAug 06 21:07
Techrights-secas mentioned hooks can get lost, destroyed, or overwritten all too easilyAug 06 21:07
Techrights-secHmm.  Git won't allow .git/hooks/pre-commit to be added to the repositoryAug 06 21:07
Techrights-secSo this problem is fixed for now but could likely happen again in the future.Aug 06 21:07
Techrights-secwhen a new clone is made.  Aug 06 21:07
schestowitz-TRI am grateful that I get real-time alerts about pushes and then, at my time of convenience, I run one Aug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRcommand to see what was changed in the window adjacement to ytalk Aug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRit's a good cli-based  collaboration tool and runs over sshAug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRwith deers in the background (translucent terminals *deer Aug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TR*adjacentAug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRI will refine it some more over time, it seems like something that's worth investing inAug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRbtw, this morning I checked all the gz files (backups)Aug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRall are fine, that problem was qemu when i/o was very highAug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRkaniini upgraded qemuAug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRso I could cross out (intend) this TODO off my listAug 06 21:12
schestowitz-TRall those backups are made around 4:30amAug 06 21:14
schestowitz-TRthe tuxmachines temote backup is around 5pmAug 06 21:14
schestowitz-TRlocal at 5:10amAug 06 21:14
schestowitz-TRto cover 12-hour priodsAug 06 21:14
schestowitz-TRI will stillr evert back to 27/6/22 version (TM) at some pointAug 06 21:14
schestowitz-TRafter making static copies of all nodes after that date, then redirect the requestsAug 06 21:14
schestowitz-TRas some old nodes got damaged with the DB recoveriesAug 06 21:14
Techrights-secackAug 06 21:20
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