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schestowitz>> Yes, that's the general idea. It's becoming easier to maintain andNov 09 07:50
schestowitz>> harder to take down/censor. In due course it's also vastly simpler toNov 09 07:50
schestowitz>> mirror, which is maybe the next phase. If you want to host a mirror inNov 09 07:50
schestowitz>> South America and have a spare/existing machine that can do Gemini (it'sNov 09 07:50
schestowitz>> SUPER-light), I can deploy everything to it over SSH in a matter ofNov 09 07:50
schestowitz>> hours. We did this before in Tasmania. It even had its own domain nameNov 09 07:50
schestowitz>> while it lasted.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> Honestly, It's been years since I wanted to offer you a south americanNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> mirror. Actually, I always wanted to translate Techrights to spanish,Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> but I know I'll never be able to keep the pace. It's a shame.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> So, I totally want to do it. But there are catches.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitzIn the past, Edik from Peru (he had moved to the US) did many Spanish translations and used to give paper copies to schools. Nov 09 07:50
-TechrightsBN/ | Español - TechrightsNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> Right now is not the best of times for me: too much obligations. My workNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> is getting heavier by the day, and I'm attending my lasts classes of aNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> doctorate course in epistemology after hours. I need time to also read aNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> lot, rest, and be with my family, so extra responsability would be a no.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> But once I finish the course, I will have the time and energy. ThatNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> would be about January.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitzTotally understandable. Remind me when those other projects are bygone.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> Then there's the infrastructure.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> I have a raspi 2 that could be used for gemini, and also a belovedNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> netbook I use when I wanna blog out of home; long time without use. TheyNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> could both serve from my house. I could also get some other computerNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> actually.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> BUT... my house is a mess, and frankly is hard to figure where to putNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> that stuff to work out of dangers. Sounds silly, but thats actually oneNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> of the reasons I'm NOT yet serving from home everything of mine. That,Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> and lack of time.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> And then there's instability. My internet is an unstable crap, andNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> electrical power is too. I can't guarantee either 24 hours nor 7 days aNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> week. That would be useful as backup mirror, but not as a real CDN-likeNov 09 07:50
schestowitz> mirror.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz24/7 availability is not important. Better yet, in gemini it's considered OK to announce, we're only open from hour1 to hour2. There was a discussion about it some months ago.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> I do have a virtualized centos instance online, where I keep my domain.Nov 09 07:50
schestowitz> It's "self host", just not "from home". That server is in MiamiNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> datacenters, as the place I work for have servers there.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> It has 1G ram, and I keep a few websites there: It's quite limited inNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> memory, but maybe it's enough as a web mirror. It has already an nginxNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> running fine, and sharing a directory over another hostname should beNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> nothing.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> But frankly, I fear DOS attacks against that server, because that'sNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> where I run my mail server, which I use for everything in my life. AndNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> making that server a techrights mirror is making it a target.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitzGemini does not have this issue, at least not yet.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> So, I tell you what: let's talk about this again in a few months, ifNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> it's ok for you. I'll check out details by that time.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitzSounds like a plan.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz>> My bad. My mistake. This isn't the first time that my unscripted,Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz>> unprepared videos end up leading to a misunderstandings. With text I canNov 09 07:51
schestowitz>> slow down a bit and rephrase for clarify, but not with video, where INov 09 07:51
schestowitz>> also become conscious of my face being on camera. My last video was soNov 09 07:51
schestowitz>> lousy that I forgot to turn on NoiseTorch, which meant there wasNov 09 07:51
schestowitz>> background sound; heck, you can hear my wife eating with the fork. LOL!Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> Yeah, video is another beast.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitzEditing videos is very time-consuming, worse than with text. Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> I wanna do video activism. Again: no time, no video activism. But my wayNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> of doing things is to automate everything I could, so I need less timeNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> and energy to do more.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> Also, I'm a text person: I'm not some improv artist, know nothing aboutNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> acting, know even less about doing stuff with my voice... I do thinkingNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> and writing. And software, of course.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> So I created a bunch of scripts to create video from text.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> It goes like this: I write a text I wanna share, some script splits itNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> by paragraphs and creates a YAML file, and then other scripts works withNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> that YAML file.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> Every paragraph becomes a video scene, and each scene has configurableNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> properties by YAML syntax.Nov 09 07:51
schestowitz> Then using other scripts you can tell it "render scene 3", and itNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> creates a video fragment for that scene. It automatically creates theNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> voiceover with text-to-speech, which gives you also an automaticNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> generated duration for each scene, and that way you do experiments. TheNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> idea is to work scenes by writing and scripting (in the "computerNov 09 07:51
schestowitz> programming" meaning, not "movie script"). Text-to-speech is notNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> mandatory, and so you can tune your scenes until you're happy with theNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> result, and then record a paragraph of voice to use instead of theNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> automatically generated.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitzScripting is the way to go if you process things consistently. I shared my toolbox in Gemini/Git. It is still improving (yesterday I added a command line option for time to start when creating GIF preview).Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> It's in its early steps, but already works well enough. I did my firstNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> video some months ago, and it looks really well for a novice videoNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> producer with its own software: 09 07:52
-TechrightsBN/ | Legend of Korra, Attack on Titan, y la Ideología - YouTubeNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> Forget about the video: is 30 minutes long, it's in spanish, and it'sNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> about contact points between a few animes and ideology. The point isNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> that it was generated from text, using bash, ffmpeg, and other tools ofNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> the like.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitzA lot of GUI programs depend on ffmpeg down below.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> Maybe this could be useful to you too? I think it's still TOO green yet,Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> but here it is anyways: 09 07:52
-altlink_77e/#boycottnovell-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 09 07:52
-TechrightsBN/ | Daniel Cantarín / filosofeels_video_engine · GitLabNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz>>Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz>> English isn't my best language either; but I use it the most and it isNov 09 07:52
schestowitz>> expressive enough. The wife speaks 5 languages. In the home we mix lotsNov 09 07:52
schestowitz>> of languages.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> Thats AMAZING!Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> Both things! You not speaking english as first language, and your wifeNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> speaking five!Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> My wife's from Chile, so we have fun mixing spanish slangs from bothNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> countries that actually doesn't work when mixed up.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> And we love to speak a horrible "spanglish", barely understandable evenNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> by ourselves.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitzI think this is very common and it becomes a form of oral/verbal encryption.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> When I started reading Techrights, I was studying linguistics. That wasNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> in a humanities faculty, where they also teach stuff like Philosophy,Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> History, Anthropology, and so on.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> So it was weird being kinda the only programmer there.Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> But I was the perfect guy for an activist group I got in: fightingNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> against intellectual property over books and knowledge. Back in 2008, weNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> made an online library with ~10K scanned text free to download, all ofNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> them required and optional content from the different faculties courses,Nov 09 07:52
schestowitz> and contacted lots of other organizations while preaching about the roleNov 09 07:52
schestowitz> of knowledge in society. Before that experience, "linux" was but aNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> technical thing to me, that I just looked at because it was suppossed toNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> work better than Windows (I already hated Microsoft, but for forcing meNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> change my pc and updating crap I didn't wanted to update). But afterNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> activism, I got in contact with the Free Software world, to never comeNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> back. And that was the vector that led me to Techrights.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitzAccess to knowledge and GNU are closely connected. Linux is just something that rode the GNU wave 8 years later.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz>>Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz>> Not everyone on Gab is evil, based on what I saw when I quit the site.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz>> But the loud majority is what makes Gab... GAB.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> No, of course, not everyone is bad there. Neither they are in 4chan.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> Yet, go take a look at that place...Nov 09 07:53
schestowitzI know little about 4chan. Actually, I know a lot more about it than the average person, but 4chan people know 4chan a lot better than me.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> I was there before the "alt-right" even had a name, it wasn't even aNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> concept. The freedom was fun. I kinda also love edgy humour, so a littleNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> bit of that also made it feel like home.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> Then the limit for what could be said and done was pushed further andNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> further away, and always was "just a joke". Every time somebody saidNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> "this is too much", the answer was "this is freedom of speech, fuck you,Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> go to myspace/reddit/tumblr/facebook/twitter you faggot". Rudenes wasNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> answered with more rudeness, making it the standard behaviour. And oneNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> day, there where a majority of homophobic misoginist nazis posting justNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> horrible stuff all day, there was no other rule than "eat it, faggot",Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> and today we're not sure if it's even OK to use a pepe meme outsideNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> there. And that was before Trump even was a thing.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitzI only started seeing pepe around 2016.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> It's basically what Thatcher said: "my greatest achievement was TonyNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> Blair and New Labour. We forced our opponents to change their minds".Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> This awful people keeps on moving everything to the right, until askingNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> for basic human decency makes you look like a communist.Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:53
schestowitz> It's not about everybody being bad: is about consequences. We just CAN'TNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> keep acting like there is no history on the issue. I don't wantNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> censorship, but I also don't want any of that shit happening again. AndNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> most times I talk about this online, the answers are eitherNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> grandiloquent arguments about the immesurable value of freedom, orNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> conservative catastrophism about how the new generations ruin the worldNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> and how we need to teach them by censor whatever the one doing theNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> talking doesn't like. And this is serious, we need to stop and talk toNov 09 07:53
schestowitz> each other and think a lot. Shit like this happened before: Germany wasNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> probably the most advanced country in the world when the lies and noiseNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> started to spread around its people. They didn't had the propagandaNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> machines we have today, and it was already a disaster beyond words. NowNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> it's happening everywhere.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitzThe conditions for it are widespread deperaration.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> And the big difference now is that we are the ones making thatNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> propaganda machines. We're not reading this in history books, but beingNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> active part of it. And it's scary man... things going on right now inNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> the world regarding software, they're just plain not OK. And I tell you:Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> I don't see freedom as the answer. I see freedom being hacked (cracked),Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> abused, submitted, and used as a weapon. We need the freedom, alright:Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> but malicious agents are turning it against us.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitzI think this is partly a talking point from the centrist 'left'; I never mistook bigotry for freedom. Better yet, freedom gives us the tools to pwn the shit out of evil people, and public shaming works.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> This extreme right-wing worldwide thing seems to be much more aboutNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> truth rather than about freedom to me.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitzSome of what they say is true, but lacks in empathy. And they use that to incite and seed discord.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz>> To me, these sites became a straw man to autocrats looking to alsoNov 09 07:54
schestowitz>> silence people like me. They like to equate people "too far" on one wingNov 09 07:54
schestowitz>> to the other.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> They're that, granted. But this things have several mixed functions:Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> - An echo chamber.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> - A political compass exploit.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> - A publicity stunt.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> - A discourse centralization machine.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> - A doctrine theater.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> - etc.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz>> Earlier today this was mentioned along the way inNov 09 07:54
schestowitz>> 09 07:54
-TechrightsBN/ | Interview with a Communist - YouTubeNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> Cute video.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> Did you know the soviets had planned their own internet, about a decadeNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> before the western one?Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> And not just that: that people embraced cybernetics (as a scientificNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> disciplne), and wanted to automate production data transmission creatingNov 09 07:54
schestowitz> a moneyless economy based on data and real needs.Nov 09 07:54
schestowitz> Apparently the party didn't liked the idea of distributing their power,Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> so it was cancelled.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitzI didn't know this. I might need to read up on it.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> There's a book about it. I didn't read it yet. But the prologue comparesNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> both internets development (the soviet and ours), and says this:Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> "western internet was well founded by different states and was made inNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> collaboration between many scientific organizations, while the sovietNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> one was underfunded and had different groups competing each other; it'sNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> like the capitalists had behave like communists, and communists likeNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> capitalists".Nov 09 07:55
schestowitzUS military budget is a lot like communism. Tons of money flying around for dubious companies to play with, competition not being necessary.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> Today Internet centralization looks like a Stalin's wet dream, and withNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> so many monopolies we actually have centrally planned economy even whenNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> it doesn't look like it.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitzThey even want to mint their own currency, e.g. Libra.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz>> That's near to us (a mile away); I disagree with them, but saw this anNov 09 07:55
schestowitz>> hour ago.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz>>Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz>> Notice how openly people can do this; I think in the US some thugs wouldNov 09 07:55
schestowitz>> harass them because of their divisive culture wars. Here? People justNov 09 07:55
schestowitz>> walk by. Manchester is very tolerant. Racially, religion... you name it.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz>> Sometimes we help disabled people in the street. I think London isNov 09 07:55
schestowitz>> equally tolerant.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> I concede this.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> I have an idea of England like... I don't know... ships... fog... tea...Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> those guys with the long funny hat warding some clock tower or something...Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> But also hooligans: normalized violence, like the one I know here whenNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> it comes to football. And brexit xenophobia. And stuff like that.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> The point being, I have an idea created by what could easily be fairyNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> tales: TV, Internet, news, and so on.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> I concede that my fears about violence and bigotry all around the worldNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> are fueled by the media I consume, and thus needs revision. YourNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> description of Manchester is a legit constrast.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitzIf you compare it to other places around the world, we're on average very tolerant.Nov 09 07:55
schestowitz> However: Trump, Bolsonaro, Macri, Brexit itself, Le Pen losing its placeNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> to a guy farther to the right, Vox in spain, Salvini and the others inNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> Italy, Kast in Chile, Milei in Argentina... I'm losing the count ofNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> xenophobic, racist, neoliberal groups with quasi-demential leadersNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> acting at unison all around the world while honest working people fullNov 09 07:55
schestowitz> of hate and hopelessness gives them their votes.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitzThese people thrive when the economy is down and people are made to blame "the other" instead of the upper class. The media feeds this...Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz>> We still have "churches and kings" but they swap names and labels ;-)Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> Thing is, I don't want Free Software to become a church. I want it withNov 09 07:56
schestowitz> a healthy critical thinking ethos. I know it's what we do, but "freedom"Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> can not be some silver bullet used while other important issues alsoNov 09 07:56
schestowitz> affect what we do.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> That's what I didn't liked about your critic of the FSC and Trump.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> You're right in what you say, of course: if not "neutral", at leastNov 09 07:56
schestowitz> enforcement should be "balanced" between parties. I agree. But the TrumpNov 09 07:56
schestowitz> issue is much more complicated than freedom's neutrality, and thatNov 09 07:56
schestowitz> should be part of the argument. I say Trump is the one "unbalancing"Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> things, not the FSC. And I'm not sure how to deal with that, to be honest.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitzSFC is by far less problematic than Trump. So we agree on that.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz>> For us, in TR, we walk a narrow rope, seeing the attempts to scapegoatNov 09 07:56
schestowitz>> and to stigmatise free speech.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz>>Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz>> So far we've managed OK.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz>>Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz>>Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> Techrights is a lighthouse in the middle of this madness we're living in.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitz> You know what? I'm starting to regret all of my previous criticalNov 09 07:56
schestowitz> arguments. Seriously. Maybe Techright shouldn't change a single thing ofNov 09 07:56
schestowitz> what it does.Nov 09 07:56
schestowitzAll we generally need is more capacity. We don't have budget (my salary is incredibly low) and what we lack most is... time. We can convert time into output. Time does not cost money, but it is a scarcity.Nov 09 07:56
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Techrights-secrouter maintenance in a bit; offline for about 30 minutes some time soonNov 09 09:43
Techrights-secmaintenance more or less complete; a regression needs to be tracked down though     Nov 09 10:49
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schestowitz-TRI have just updated the export stats code in /home/pi, having seen changes in gitNov 09 11:05
schestowitz-TRI want to ask,Nov 09 11:08
schestowitz-TRdo you think that from a privacy perspective it's OK to archive those stats pages as daily stack?Nov 09 11:08
Techrights-secI guess so, if you mean the Gemini stats.  There's no client information at allNov 09 11:08
Techrights-secthere.Nov 09 11:08
schestowitz-TRNew cron job installed for "gemini", -e or -l to see itNov 09 11:21
schestowitz-TRscheduled 23:59Nov 09 11:21
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schestowitz-TRI have changed the cron job to also add a line with date to archivesNov 09 13:44
schestowitz-TRThe files are now listed in the stats papeNov 09 13:45
schestowitz-TRI'm not good at awk, so now sure how to make the line of files have better formattingNov 09 13:45
schestowitz-TRline 107 in show-new-visitors-count.shNov 09 13:47
schestowitz-TRif you change that file, the output from it will update on live every 10 minsNov 09 13:47
Techrights-secackNov 09 14:59
Techrights-secback in a bitNov 09 14:59
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Techrights-secI see the latest 20 requests from Nov 09 15:52 sd shows the host names.  Maybe that is too invasiveNov 09 15:52
Techrights-secand the reqested pages shown instead.  That would eliminate encroachment on Nov 09 15:52
Techrights-secthe visitor's privacy.Nov 09 15:52
schestowitz-TRthat is neither logged nor public, it's about checking who does the floods when they happenNov 09 15:52
schestowitz-TRthat whole script was started with bortzmeyer(for the most part) was hammering on the capsule, which means it's originally about load/ddos mitigation, the rest of the stuff was added to it later Nov 09 15:54
Techrights-secwhy does the script have a sleep on line 132?Nov 09 16:35
Techrights-secsome tidying up now in Git regarding show-new-visitors-count.shNov 09 16:35
schestowitz-TRlooks good.Nov 09 16:41
schestowitz-TR1) the sleep was to do with slow download speed and overhead, though it might not proceed anymore until doneNov 09 16:41
schestowitz-TR2) the only change that I see in the diff which I don't understand is removal of grep -v 'at'Nov 09 16:42
schestowitz-TRI think it's something to do with server restart or something, cannot remember..Nov 09 16:42
schestowitz-TRthe stuff is a lot more readable now and will be easier to maintain. I run this 24/7 in 10-min intervals usually (the wrapped for it is  watch-for-heavy-users.shNov 09 16:44
schestowitz-TR*wrapperNov 09 16:44
schestowitz-TRare you still working on that file? There are a few new bugsNov 09 16:49
Techrights-secNo, I'm done for now.  I've closed the editor, I forgot and left it open.Nov 09 16:50
schestowitz-TROK, I a few things do not show up correctly, but I see that the older implementation was commented out, which should make reverting back easier if we cannot fix the neater reimplementation. Pushed to git, back to news/videos for nowNov 09 17:03
*Noisytoot has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Nov 09 17:16
*Noisytoot (~noisytoot@jiz967bhsgr6i.irc) has joined #boycottnovellNov 09 17:32
Techrights-secFor what it's worth, these are temporarily in stock again:Nov 09 17:42
Techrights-sec 09 17:42
-altlink_4a6/#boycottnovell-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 09 17:42
-TechrightsBN/ | SSD to USB 3.0 Cable for Raspberry Pi– The Pi HutNov 09 17:42
schestowitz-TRone would hope supply shortages would harm most pollution (cars) and proprietary stuff (Apple, Microsoft...)Nov 09 17:43
schestowitz-TRI'm not sure how to read the latest git changes, but it seems like you did the same more elegantly and it worked for everything except the lower part of the admin panel, which was showing a sort of table for dates. If you wun the script, you'll see what I meanNov 09 17:45
schestowitz-TRohNov 09 18:06
schestowitz-TRbuffer emptiedNov 09 18:06
schestowitz-TRWhat did I miss?Nov 09 18:06
Techrights-secyes, hit ctrl-c in wrong window       #######################################Nov 09 18:06
Techrights-secnothing yet, I'm still looking at the script.Nov 09 18:06
Techrights-secI have tidied up more loose ends and re-run show-new-visitors-count.shNov 09 18:06
Techrights-secSeems to work.  Can you double-check?Nov 09 18:06
Techrights-secI notice that the script stops on errors, but is there a way to catch theNov 09 18:07
Techrights-secerror messages when it is run automatically?Nov 09 18:07
schestowitz-TRThis thing was very crude originally. Over time, as it turns out to be essential for some other tasks like stats and IRC updates, I think we need to give it some love and care.Nov 09 18:08
schestowitz-TRwith the throttling it'll need more than 6 seconds. The broken part of the part where it displays the "table" in blue.Nov 09 18:11
Techrights-secAgreed.  However, does wget need to be inside ?    Nov 09 18:12
Techrights-secAh.  There was an unnecessary redirect.Nov 09 18:23
Techrights-sec^redirectionNov 09 18:23
Techrights-secThe sleep comes between the various activities and has to wait for the oneNov 09 18:23
Techrights-secto finish before it starts to sleep so it adds nothing as far as I know.Nov 09 18:23
schestowitz-TRIn the past I think there was serialisation, but it was fast and crude anyway, lots of improvements can be made. Also, I limited what's scanned to 100 or 1000 requests to make it less I/O-intensive, so the number at the top are no longer correctNov 09 18:24
schestowitz-TRNow the part in blue shows up again \0/ ... it's how I know things work OK, on another screen that's visible from afar too... the wget output shows if there's an issue updating IRC scrollbackNov 09 18:25
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@hie8rmei3tnqq.irc) has joined #boycottnovellNov 09 18:26
Techrights-secI've hidden the wget output using --quiet, should it be returned?Nov 09 18:29
schestowitz-TRmaybe we can use a better output time to alert me when it goes wrong... as happens sometimes... maybe something which checks the file is in fact and throws a fit otherwise?Nov 09 18:30
Techrights-secIt's easy to set it to trigger a notification.  What script do you wantNov 09 18:33
Techrights-secit to run if wget fails?Nov 09 18:33
schestowitz-TRmaybe we can invoke the lights on the pi, we have scripts for those already ;-)Nov 09 18:34
Techrights-secOk.  Any particular pattern?Nov 09 18:34
schestowitz-TRlet me check... I forgot what scripts existNov 09 18:35
schestowitz-TR /home/pi/ping-roy.shNov 09 18:38 is there but has to be run from the pi account because of Nov 09 18:38
Techrights-secgroup memberships for GPIO and suchNov 09 18:38
Techrights-secgemini would have to be in the group gpio for it to run the LEDs Nov 09 18:38
Techrights-secOk.  I can add that but the gemini account needs to be in the group gpioNov 09 18:40
schestowitz-TRgemini is now in group gpioNov 09 18:40
schestowitz-TRit might later come in handy for other stuffNov 09 18:41
Techrights-secok will try it, I have to log out and back in again thereNov 09 18:41
Techrights-secOne last test ...Nov 09 19:27
Techrights-secbtw ~gemini/bin/ has some correctionsNov 09 19:27
schestowitz-TRyes, I noticed some errors/bugs in itNov 09 19:28
*DaemonFC has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Nov 09 19:38
*activelow has quit (connection closed)Nov 09 19:39
schestowitz-TRack. I see the changes now. I'll reopen the watch script now and have it running again...Nov 09 19:42
Techrights-secIt's now pushed to GitNov 09 19:44
schestowitz-TRworks well, faster than before tooNov 09 19:44
*activelow (~activelow@y5uquyi4zkuxy.irc) has joined #boycottnovellNov 09 19:46
Techrights-sec:)Nov 09 19:47
schestowitz-TRwhen we have more archives stat pages we'll need to somehow cluster them to keep the page short, but that's months awayNov 09 19:47
Techrights-secackNov 09 19:56
Techrights-secadding --retry-on-http-error=500,503Nov 09 20:04
Techrights-secANov 09 20:04
*activelow has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Nov 09 20:46
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