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schestowitz-TR‘COVID Effect’: Almost 20% Increase in England and Wales Deaths in Latest Week’s Data From Office for National Statistics (ONS) 20 01:28
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » ‘COVID Effect’: Almost 20% Increase in England and Wales Deaths in Latest Week’s Data From Office for National Statistics (ONS)Oct 20 01:28
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schestowitz-TRThe perils of selling out gemini:// "I was then reminded of the time I sold out [5] to get that sweet-sweet sponsored money (it wasn't much—about $100 for seven ads) and the aftermath five years later [6]."Oct 20 07:21
techrights-secgemini:// 20 07:28
schestowitz-TRyeah, I did want to follow that links.Oct 20 07:31
schestowitz-TRJust did.Oct 20 07:31
schestowitz-TRIt's never worth it.Oct 20 07:31
schestowitz-TRHis conclusion was that... 13 years ago.Oct 20 07:31
schestowitz-TRDid you see the 2 covid-19 posts? I look forward to more dataOct 20 07:31
schestowitz-TRwe see quire an aftermath, not only hereOct 20 07:32
techrights-secnot yetOct 20 07:44
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schestowitz-TRtodat at 4pm we get more figuresOct 20 07:57
schestowitz-TRbut several aspects of them are no longer trustworthyOct 20 07:57
techrights-secHow have the data been made less reliable?Oct 20 08:06
schestowitz-TRi have lost track of the number of different ways, but some places like scotland stopped reportingOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRand they also changed defintion of what they measure several timesOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRso in effect they compare apples to orangeOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRfrom the first video (above) it seems they also tamper with registrationsOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRand testing levels are very lowOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRso we rely on random samples from ZOE Study or similarOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRthey suggest we have about 2 million infected per week or at any given timeOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRthere are other things, sorry I do not have a more exhaustive list Oct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRONSA data on mortality, I think, is a lot harder to fakeOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRI disregard causes of death and focus on the sumsOct 20 08:12
schestowitz-TRto myself, I rekckon that studying an hour ago studying the situatyion (for myself) isOct 20 08:13
schestowitz-TRbetter than getting very ill for several daya and then dealing with potential long-term effectsOct 20 08:13
schestowitz-TRon a daily basis, isolation from carriers is mostly a "passave" taskOct 20 08:13
schestowitz-TRtldr; until you figure out wth is going on, I will minimise the riskOct 20 08:13
schestowitz-TRthey suppressed certain investigations, at least in academic and public sectorOct 20 08:13
schestowitz-TRthe new "thank you for smoking" is "thank you for returning to the office" (to support The System)Oct 20 08:13
techrights-secackOct 20 08:14
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schestowitz-TRI focus on uk ("close to hom") and countries that report data in ENGLISH, but if figures are more or less homogenOct 20 08:18
schestowitz-TReous around thr world (same strains?), then it seems safe to assume 1 in 30 is infected around summertimeOct 20 08:18
schestowitz-TRand 1 in 10 during winterOct 20 08:18
schestowitz-TRa scary statistic (ZOE survey)Oct 20 08:18
schestowitz-TRfor comparison's sake, in 2020 we still tested a lot and in summer had about 500 cases in the UK _per day_Oct 20 08:19
schestowitz-TRi.e. one in 100,000Oct 20 08:19
schestowitz-TRso it seemed safe to use the sauna and talk face to face to people you knew wellOct 20 08:19
schestowitz-TRI hear more reports of hospitals being overrun by patientsOct 20 08:19
schestowitz-TRyoung males dying in large numbers (the stats suggest the same!)Oct 20 08:19
schestowitz-TRnever mind the exodus of underpaid and overworked sursesOct 20 08:19
schestowitz-TRrianne's aunt wants to retire already, had an operation to remove a tumour this month Oct 20 08:19
schestowitz-TRweirdest thing is, they literally ship the sample (biopsy) to the United StatesOct 20 08:22
schestowitz-TRas if nowhere in the UK can the tumour tissue be studiedOct 20 08:22
schestowitz-TRlike we're some third world countryOct 20 08:22
schestowitz-TRmore likely some graft, privatisation contractOct 20 08:22
techrights-secackOct 20 08:22
techrights-secGraft /and/ privatizationOct 20 08:26
schestowitz-TRsickening to think some company with portfolio and shareholders is issuing congratulatory reportsOct 20 08:27
schestowitz-TRon havins secure an inflow of tumours from the NHS (flown by plane I assume)Oct 20 08:27
schestowitz-TRiow, profiting off the national insurance (NI, taxpayers)Oct 20 08:27
schestowitz-TR*having securedOct 20 08:27
schestowitz-TRI noticed that the NHS becomes little but a "contractor" feeder for a slew of private companiesOct 20 08:27
schestowitz-TResp. when it's spcaialist services rather than GP that checks vital signs, among other basic servicesOct 20 08:27
schestowitz-TRbut I'm 40, so cannot compare to his it was, say, in the 70sOct 20 08:27
techrights-secI suspect the major damage to the NHS was done since 2012 or so. Oct 20 08:33
schestowitz-TRseems like a global waveOct 20 08:35
schestowitz-TRI'm not an "economist"Oct 20 08:35
schestowitz-TRbut I think a lot of the commons and public sector get privatised to 'extend the life' of The SYstemOct 20 08:35
schestowitz-TRbecause there is "market value" in what is shared joinly by the general populationOct 20 08:35
schestowitz-TRso they take it away from the population and then sell that "back" to itOct 20 08:35
schestowitz-TRthere used to be MORE reporting on these issuesOct 20 08:38
schestowitz-TRbut now that journalism perishes you're more likely to find a "bill sez" pieceOct 20 08:38
schestowitz-TRthan something about scandals impacting the health of nearly 70 million BritsOct 20 08:38
schestowitz-TRa lot of COVID-19 reporting was outsourced to "Microsoft BI" and MOOXOct 20 08:38
schestowitz-TRto me, this is a good reason to make a copy of liberated (ODF) versions of filesOct 20 08:38
techrights-secThere used to be more reporting on all issues.  :/Oct 20 08:39
schestowitz-TRwhen things get worse and worse you cross the threshold where informed populace isn't tenable with StatusQuo(TM)Oct 20 08:40
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schestowitz-TRwe need to see MOAR posts ("articles" are rare these days)Oct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRaboutOct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRhow 'hacker' 'news' is BSOct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRReddit is censorshipOct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRTwitter is manipulationOct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRand so onOct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRthen, one can hope, alternatives would advanceOct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRRobertson continues to get his 'info' from Reddit "research" (his word)Oct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRspoonfed by conde nasty moderatorsOct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRcurated by clients like billg, microsoft, and icbmOct 20 08:45
schestowitz-TRTM (and to lesser degress TR; it's not its focus) is a filter for signalOct 20 08:47
schestowitz-TRno corporate influence, no blind loyaltyOct 20 08:47
schestowitz-TRyesterday the maintainer of FOSS Weekly told me he was getting his news from Daily LinksOct 20 08:47
schestowitz-TRso what we post (curation) propagates further and trickles down to other sitesOct 20 08:47
techrights-secackOct 20 08:58
techrights-secEach month it takes a little more work to get the links and the resultingOct 20 08:58
techrights-secquantity diminishes anyway.  There is simply much less material out there.Oct 20 08:58
techrights-secRSS feeds for thousands of blogs help a bit, but that requires lots and lotsOct 20 08:58
techrights-secof manual screening which can't be done in the same way as when visitingOct 20 08:58
techrights-secmainstream sites.  The latter conform to a fairly consistent structure, soOct 20 08:58
techrights-seconce you know the mainstream site you known more or less which strategy toOct 20 08:58
techrights-secuse to skim the document.  The blogs are not consistent like that, oftenOct 20 08:58
techrights-secnot even within a single author's collection of work.  However, that is notOct 20 08:58
techrights-seca bad thing except for the time it costs.Oct 20 08:58
schestowitz-TRthat is a _fair_ price to pay for not having Oct 20 08:59
schestowitz-TR1) centralisationOct 20 08:59
schestowitz-TR2) monopolies Oct 20 08:59
schestowitz-TR3) censorship (related to (!) and (2)Oct 20 08:59
schestowitz-TRRSS/RDF help standardise the reading a bitOct 20 08:59
schestowitz-TRso you can leverage a piece of sofwtare to aggregate consistentlyOct 20 08:59
techrights-secI expect though that I'll not get off my ass and write a proper RSS reader :/Oct 20 09:00
techrights-secQuiteRSS is just adequate.  It has its good points but overall is merely Oct 20 09:00
techrights-secadequate for the job.  It waste too much effort on trying to render crap ratherOct 20 09:00
techrights-secthan just showing the text and metadata while farming out more complex workOct 20 09:00
techrights-secto specialized software like Chromium or Firefox.Oct 20 09:00
schestowitz-TRrianne moved from thunderbird to quiterssOct 20 09:02
schestowitz-TRwe set it to show raw html text for items, unless we press spacebarOct 20 09:02
schestowitz-TRand JS is off alwaysOct 20 09:03
schestowitz-TRit makes things fasterOct 20 09:03
schestowitz-TRI wrote some tools like to help me a bit moreOct 20 09:03
schestowitz-TRusing the mouse mostlyOct 20 09:03
schestowitz-TRI wrote another tool for rianneOct 20 09:03
techrights-secackOct 20 09:16
schestowitz-TRbtw, are irc logs to be posted later?Oct 20 09:17
schestowitz-TRyesterdayy's had "frog" pendulum due to disk space running outOct 20 09:17
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techrights-seccheckingOct 20 09:27
schestowitz-TRthanks!!Oct 20 09:27
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techrights-secnpOct 20 09:43
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techrights-secackOct 20 10:08
techrights-secThey seem to have sold out long ago with no sign of reforming.Oct 20 10:08
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schestowitz-TR[10:07] <techrights-news> EFF to corporations and oligarchs (some of whom with EPO vested interests, like many moOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRnopolies): pay us to decide where to direct public outrage, for corporate and personal gain. Advocacy-as-a-servicOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRe (for the rich).Oct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRthey diverge further away over timeOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRno posts at all about patents anymoreOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRso to me their value diminished a lotOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRBTW, LF is a similar business modelOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRZemlin did an 'interviews' last month where he semi-admitted companies like Gulag basicallyOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRpay him to dictate tech trends and promote/advocacy things like kubernetesOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRLF does this... for a feeOct 20 10:10
schestowitz-TRnowadays LF is shilling "secure core"Oct 20 10:11
schestowitz-TR"condifential computing"(TM)Oct 20 10:11
schestowitz-TRsigstore ("sorry, you can't run this file!" CAs for binaries...)Oct 20 10:12
schestowitz-TRother crapOct 20 10:12
schestowitz-TRwe must call them out on itOct 20 10:12
techrights-secYes, "secure core" is shutting the door on general-purpose computing andOct 20 10:23
techrights-secmaybe a single step away from subsqeuently turning the lock on that door.Oct 20 10:23
schestowitz-TRmy video responses ranted about phoronix just reprinting slides sent to him as if he was "Analyst"Oct 20 10:26
schestowitz-TRto do gratis propaganda for MicrosotOct 20 10:26
schestowitz-TRI lost all respect for himOct 20 10:26
schestowitz-TRin a rush to maintain 10 posts/day he starts copypasta of marketing brochuresOct 20 10:26
schestowitz-TRand turning 2-line git commits into extensive 'articles' that say nothing at all, just like to priorOct 20 10:26
schestowitz-TRphoronix articles for "engagement"Oct 20 10:26
schestowitz-TR2 lines of code, not two-line git commit message Oct 20 10:26
schestowitz-TR /s/like/link to prior...'Oct 20 10:26
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techrights-secCopying brochures or reposting slides is marketing not related to journalismOct 20 10:41
techrights-secor even tech, regardless of the alleged content.  Oct 20 10:41
schestowitz-TRmedia kits or "guest" BS (like the one sean conner fell for) is seductive to the Spamnils of the worlOct 20 10:41
schestowitz-TRor drpizza reprinting shit for microsoftOct 20 10:41
schestowitz-TRbecause there is minimal effortOct 20 10:41
schestowitz-TRbut better to post nothing than to 'dilute' the signal with garbageOct 20 10:41
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schestowitz-TRi see names of family members in some recipesOct 20 12:46
schestowitz-TRbut not the motherOct 20 12:46
schestowitz-TRtoday we used two tomato soups we got discounted as paste sauceOct 20 12:47
schestowitz-TR*pastaOct 20 12:47
schestowitz-TR&half; does not get interpreted correctly in geminiOct 20 12:47
schestowitz-TRit does plain unicodeOct 20 12:47
techrights-secOh.  Oct 20 12:48
schestowitz-TRI reckon a lot of money can be saved (for later) by preparing stuff at homeOct 20 12:50
schestowitz-TRI'm not talking about "eating out" but all that "prepared" food on shelvesOct 20 12:51
schestowitz-TRthe underlying ingredients are much cheaper and can be bought without unwanted preservatives and plasticsOct 20 12:51
schestowitz-TRI've been checking routes outwards lately, esp. for winterOct 20 12:51
schestowitz-TRseems premature for any kind of gymOct 20 12:51
schestowitz-TR#s at 4pm todayOct 20 12:51
schestowitz-TRwas checking the lemon pie as we still have w+ bags of lemonsOct 20 12:56
schestowitz-TRI bought them half priceOct 20 12:56
schestowitz-TReggs have become more expensive for 6 than we used to buy 15 forOct 20 12:56
schestowitz-TRso any dish with eggs in it changed in costOct 20 12:56
schestowitz-TRbut rianne finds some discounted sometimes, i.e. same as "old" priceOct 20 12:56
schestowitz-TRmilk is also very expensive, but at discounted rates it can be old price or lessOct 20 12:56
schestowitz-TRwhat she used to find in 3-4 stores a year ago this year she can barely find by visiting 11 (nearby)Oct 20 12:57
schestowitz-TRand the radius of search expanded a bitOct 20 12:57
schestowitz-TRi reckon these fixes should be typed up as "sed" hacks, then chained for future pages Oct 20 12:58
schestowitz-TR[12:59] <techrights-news> What a weird think for a BROWSER company to be posting 20 12:59
-TechrightsBN/ | Prep for the U.S. midterm elections with these online toolsOct 20 12:59
schestowitz-TRthose are so hard to find that I don't think we ever found them on discountOct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TRwe most go to small, empty storesOct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TRthe large ones have too many people (or had them recently)Oct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TRhence high riskfOct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TRfirst line of defence is good diet Oct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TRsecond line of defence is keeping certain viruses away Oct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TRand atm the saying "humans are the lice of the planet" seems applicableOct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TResp. those who act as if deaths are not 20% higher than beforeOct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TR(forgot to mention: small stores = high prices, UNLESS discounted)Oct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TR"smart" shopping lowers a GOOD diet from 10pp/day to 3Oct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TRor 600 per month (good items, not bread and jam) to under 200Oct 20 13:10
schestowitz-TR--Oct 20 13:16
schestowitz-TRI didn't go into lidl for agesOct 20 13:16
schestowitz-TRthey pissed off rianne when they insisted that she ues a machineOct 20 13:16
schestowitz-TRand even closed an already-open till in the processOct 20 13:16
schestowitz-TRso they can go *** themselvesOct 20 13:16
schestowitz-TRwe get much better service at the small store and usually no queuesOct 20 13:16
schestowitz-TR(rianne left the basket there, like I taught her... I hope this was reported to the higher "chain of command")Oct 20 13:16
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schestowitz-TRthe managers will "register the message" when more people abandon baskets if the queues become too longOct 20 13:35
schestowitz-TRand possibly express themselves, clarifying why they are leavingOct 20 13:35
schestowitz-TRsome stores here moved to all machines, then WENT BACK to manned tillsOct 20 13:35
schestowitz-TReven some big chainsOct 20 13:35
schestowitz-TRIOW, it was a failureOct 20 13:35
schestowitz-TRthey're been experimenting with this BS for over a decade hereOct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TRand they tell the dumb doormen (yes, they usually ARE dumb... just some "gym heroes")Oct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TRto try to direct people to machines when they stand in the lineOct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TRexpressing no interest in machines Oct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TRso doorman role becomes doorman slash naggerOct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TRwhile they ask tioll workings to also stock shelves and stuff to abandon tillsOct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TR*till workersOct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TRso sometimes nobody stands there until you use body language and maybe utter somethingOct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TRthey are 'crowdsourcing' the employment to UNPAID workers (customers)Oct 20 13:36
schestowitz-TR'gig economy' at zero rateOct 20 13:36
techrights-secYes they are trying to turn customers into unpaid workers with zero overhead.Oct 20 13:38
techrights-secThe "gig economy" is nothing but a rip-off for all involved even the assholesOct 20 13:38
techrights-secwho think they are benefiting from it.Oct 20 13:38
schestowitz-TRa very long time ago I came to the conclusion we can win this fight only if we convince others to join usOct 20 13:40
schestowitz-TRand to convince their friends too to do the sameOct 20 13:40
schestowitz-TRto the point where these tills become a waste of space, maintenance overhead, and source of unhappyOct 20 13:40
schestowitz-TRcustomersOct 20 13:40
schestowitz-TRthis will not only make better serviceOct 20 13:40
schestowitz-TRit'll protect the jobs of people who are already financially vulnerableOct 20 13:40
schestowitz-TRI am now recalling having a chat with a bank teller about 7 years agoOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRI told her I used the service also to protect her jobOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRbut they are like robotsOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRrepeating what the boss tells them to tell usOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRlike, "don't worry, they will give the staff other tasks"Oct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TReasy to debunkOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRyears down the line the same bank has only 1.5 branches in the whole of townOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRthey "consolidated"Oct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRlong queues and unhelpful staff that won't even print an a4 sheet of paper without asking shitOct 20 13:44
techrights-sec 20 13:44
techrights-secackOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRlike, did you try the web site? "you got the app?"Oct 20 13:44
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Asok The Uber Driver - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2016-02-25 | Dilbert by Scott AdamsOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRso these people who were unhelpful years ago are not out of a job Oct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRbecause they didn't dare challenge the bossOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRthey play "safe"Oct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRand they ended up brokeOct 20 13:44
schestowitz-TRin M&S I confronted the bossOct 20 13:45
schestowitz-TRwhen he intervened after a staff member opened a till to serve us Oct 20 13:45
schestowitz-TRthat shop went downhill Oct 20 13:45
schestowitz-TRbut I made it very clear to him that his worker was very goodOct 20 13:45
schestowitz-TRand that his attitude put us offOct 20 13:45
schestowitz-TRwe just left the basket thereOct 20 13:45
schestowitz-TRsudo make me an app (sandwich)Oct 20 13:47
schestowitz-TRmaybe the FSF should start some campaign against crAppOct 20 13:47
schestowitz-TRor maybe not...Oct 20 13:47
schestowitz-TRdo they hhave any ongoing campaigns at all?Oct 20 13:47
schestowitz-TRregarding firings, there are ways to 'terrorise' companiesOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRfor firing good staffOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRnot sit-insOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRexample:Oct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TR"where is john? he did good service for me..."Oct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRif they fire good workers, you make a complains to the boss of the bossOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRabout people who helped bring businessOct 20 13:53
techrights-secackOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRbeing driven awayOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRso the lower boss starts to realise there is risk associated with firing good workersOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRin our company, rianne and I are valued because people know how long we've been aroundOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRand gave decent serviceOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRthis means firing us is barely an optionOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TR(so far)Oct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRanother, more positive approach is to identify till workers or tellers who do a good jobOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRand signal to the shop/bank managers that you like themOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRand then you fortify their standingOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRit's easier to do somewhere like the gym because people know each others' facesOct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRI once campaigned for someone to be hired by the gym (kieran) by asking other members to drop by the office and Oct 20 13:53
schestowitz-TRsay a good word about himOct 20 13:53
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schestowitz-TRit has occurred to me that all this "put microphones and net-connected cameras everywhere"Oct 20 14:13
schestowitz-TRBS can, in due course, be used in effort to automate collective informants, enforcement, punishmentOct 20 14:13
schestowitz-TRand they will just call it "HEY HI" or assistantedOct 20 14:13
schestowitz-TRtoo many people already carry tracking devices and covid-19 panic accelerated the trendOct 20 14:13
schestowitz-TRlike "no cash accepted"Oct 20 14:13
schestowitz-TRbut maybe I think too far aheadsOct 20 14:13
schestowitz-TRcops are not predictableOct 20 14:13
schestowitz-TRthey can also have compassion sometimesOct 20 14:13
techrights-secNew cars apparently have a multitude of both, inside and out.Oct 20 14:13
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schestowitz-TRnew cars is like a taxi with microphones and cctv in itOct 20 14:36
schestowitz-TRexcept in your own car they also know your name and lots moreOct 20 14:37
schestowitz-TRthe tracking of cars can be "sold" to the public as "traffic control" and "environment"Oct 20 14:37
schestowitz-TRe.g. if every new car must have GPS receiver somewhere and requires "apps" and stuffOct 20 14:37
techrights-sec"smartphones" also have GPS and most "apps" seem to require full access to theOct 20 14:37
techrights-secGPS data.Oct 20 14:37
schestowitz-TRalready discused in irc for 30 mins: uk pm resignedOct 20 14:38
schestowitz-TRonly last night I asked rianne about itOct 20 14:38
schestowitz-TRwhat billbc "sez"Oct 20 14:38
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techrights-secWill the replacement be yet worse?Oct 20 15:38
techrights-secackOct 20 15:38
schestowitz-TRchuck windsorOct 20 15:38
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schestowitz-TRI think I've neatly refined the way I do clustering of news in TMOct 20 16:09
schestowitz-TRa workflow I only recently experimented withOct 20 16:09
schestowitz-TRnow checking nhs #sOct 20 16:09
schestowitz-TRthen, I need topic :-0Oct 20 16:09
techrights-secackOct 20 16:09
schestowitz-TR[16:01] <MinceR> 20 16:10
schestowitz-TR[16:01] [Notice] -TechrightsBot-tr to #techrights- Alan McGuinness (@Alan_McGuinness): "My son has lived through four chancellors, three home secretaries, two prime ministers and two monarchs. He's four months old."|nitter.itOct 20 16:10
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Alan McGuinness (@Alan_McGuinness): "My son has lived through four chancellors, three home secretaries, two prime ministers and two monarchs. He's four months old."|nitter.itOct 20 16:10
techrights-secackOct 20 16:11
techrights-secWell it seems that EFF is promoting Facebook for some things.Oct 20 16:11
techrights-secYep  Oct 20 16:11
techrights-secSome of the old stuff was misguided, too, choosing to play whac-a-moleOct 20 16:11
techrights-secinstead of going after the causeOct 20 16:11
techrights-sec 20 16:11
-TechrightsBN/ | Patent Busting Project | Electronic Frontier FoundationOct 20 16:11
schestowitz-TREFF being shit if hardly even news anymoreaOct 20 16:12
schestowitz-TRand kaniini noticed the same and asked me about themOct 20 16:12
schestowitz-TRcrazy matt seems happy to meet the coup plotters thereOct 20 16:12
schestowitz-TRthere seems to be overlap in agendaOct 20 16:12
schestowitz-TRmaybe even cross-coordinationOct 20 16:12
techrights-secHere's an old link again:Oct 20 16:12
techrights-sec 20 16:12
-TechrightsBN/ | Fighting For A More Open, Balanced Patent System: 2021 in Review | Electronic Frontier FoundationOct 20 16:12
schestowitz-TRto eff's credit, later it did "lobby" in favour os better uspto (it lways ignored epo)Oct 20 16:13
schestowitz-TRand even named swpats sometimesOct 20 16:13
schestowitz-TRbut the people who did this no longer post thereOct 20 16:14
schestowitz-TRI guess the funding for this campaigning ran outOct 20 16:14
techrights-secOk that lobbying might be a topic even if it is just to lament its absenceOct 20 16:14
techrights-secfrom current EFF activitiesOct 20 16:14
schestowitz-TRok, yes, going through their web site on video to make a pointOct 20 16:14
schestowitz-TRand noting epo  apathyOct 20 16:14
schestowitz-TRin short, today's eff does not step on the toes of large US corporations (private sector)Oct 20 16:19
schestowitz-TRand instead focuses on the public sector, which includes politicsOct 20 16:19
schestowitz-TRjust getting off someone's "side" or barking up some other tree is enoughOct 20 16:19
schestowitz-TRto please some companies that pay or "partner with" EFFOct 20 16:19
schestowitz-TRI have 4 topics written down nowOct 20 16:19
schestowitz-TRbrbOct 20 16:19
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schestowitz-TRCOVID-19 in England in October (10): Over 10 Thousand in Hospital, Over a Thousand Admitted Per Day, Over 10% Testing Positive (PCR) 20 16:39
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » COVID-19 in England in October (10): Over 10 Thousand in Hospital, Over a Thousand Admitted Per Day, Over 10% Testing Positive (PCR)Oct 20 16:39
techrights-secackOct 20 16:40
schestowitz-TR[16:41] <techrights-news> In 2022 (October) we have twice as many COVID-19 admissions to hospital in England compared to the same period one year ago (after we had lifted all restrictions). This is NOT an improvement!Oct 20 16:42
schestowitz-TRgov policy: make the portal "covid" "look good"..Oct 20 16:45
schestowitz-TRputin does not need to worry about lawmakers working to oust himOct 20 16:45
schestowitz-TRif such lawmakers existed, they would cease to existOct 20 16:45
schestowitz-TRmaybe putin sends out drones to check where the sauna is good and where there's more water for itOct 20 16:45
schestowitz-TRin case he wants to embark on winter holiday andnd drink in a tankOct 20 16:45
schestowitz-TRor drink the tank to get warmerOct 20 16:45
schestowitz-TRtank of waterOct 20 16:45
schestowitz-TRor oilOct 20 16:45
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schestowitz-TREngland official data shows we have more COVID-19 deaths so far in October than the same month a year ago. We've improved in NO WAY, other than pretending the problem is "old"...Oct 20 16:48
schestowitz-TR[16:47] <techrights-news> ‘COVID Effect’: Almost 20% Increase in England and Wales Deaths in Latest Week’s Data From Office for National Statistics (ONS) 20 16:48
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » ‘COVID Effect’: Almost 20% Increase in England and Wales Deaths in Latest Week’s Data From Office for National Statistics (ONS)Oct 20 16:48
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techrights-sec                           Oct 20 16:51
techrights-secackOct 20 16:51
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schestowitz-TRdid a 47-min video on effOct 20 18:43
techrights-secackOct 20 18:43
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