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Techrights-sec2irc-log-231221Dec 24 04:07
Techrights-sec2 24 04:07
-TechrightsBN/ | SRV record - WikipediaDec 24 04:07
schestowitz__[TR]which part of the log does this link pertain to? 24 04:08
-TechrightsBN/ | IRC: #boycottnovell @ Techrights IRC Network: Thursday, December 23, 2021Dec 24 04:08
schestowitz__[TR]<li>Dec 24 04:10
schestowitz__[TR]                  <h5><a href="">What Is DragonFly BSD? The Advanced BSD Variant Explained</a></h5>Dec 24 04:10
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @">What/ )Dec 24 04:10
schestowitz__[TR]                  <blockquote>Dec 24 04:10
schestowitz__[TR]                    <p>With multicore systems now common, the project has shifted toward scalability and reliability. The project's website claims that the system can handle up to at least a million user processes or threads. It's possible to run an entire kernel in user mode on DragonFly BSD.</p>Dec 24 04:10
schestowitz__[TR]                    <p>The system also uses its own filesystem, HAMMER. It can recover from crashes without running fsck on reboot and supports up to an exabyte in storage.</p></blockquote></li>Dec 24 04:10
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Techrights-sec2the part about the host names.  it is possible (with changes) to have Dec 24 04:11 go to different machines depending on which protocolDec 24 04:11
Techrights-sec2is requested.  But the method of hostnames would have to be very differentDec 24 04:11
Techrights-sec2it works with A namesDec 24 04:11
Techrights-sec2not CNAMESDec 24 04:11
schestowitz-TR2I pressed CRTL+S in the wrong windows AND machineDec 24 04:14
schestowitz-TR2That seems to have stopped the ytalk sessionDec 24 04:14
Techrights-sec2npDec 24 04:14
schestowitz-TR2last line I for was "not CNAMES"Dec 24 04:17
schestowitz-TR2yes, I knowq this is in theory possibleDec 24 04:17
schestowitz-TR2but I never looked into itDec 24 04:17
Techrights-sec2It'd require some changes.  A names would have to be used differently.Dec 24 04:19
Techrights-sec2The question is how and where would it save time or effort.Dec 24 04:19
schestowitz-TR2btw, I've just almost emptied the fridge. freezer also quite vacant, by intention, as ws we plan to haul overe tons of discounted items this morningDec 24 04:20
schestowitz-TR2the key idea is, plan time and place (small,  quiet)Dec 24 04:23
schestowitz-TR2and reduce number of visits. when "everything must go" to time is optimalDec 24 04:23
Techrights-sec2excellent.  avoid crowds though.Dec 24 04:24
Techrights-sec2freezers are great for food storage, highly underratedDec 24 04:25
Techrights-sec2some of the stores here have crowds at those hours nowadays :(Dec 24 04:25
schestowitz-TR2yes, we thought about buying more freezers, but considering the cost of keeping them connected and cost of purchase we were not sure it's economicDec 24 04:25
schestowitz-TR2also, the priority this past week was to mostly empty the greezerDec 24 04:25
schestowitz-TR2*freezerDec 24 04:26
Techrights-sec2food banks are seeing growing needs  Dec 24 04:28
Techrights-sec2dumpter divers were doing it for fun but some are not doing it only for funDec 24 04:28
Techrights-sec2now stores hid and/or lock their dumpstersDec 24 04:28
Techrights-sec2 24 04:28
Techrights-sec2the markdowns at the end of the day at the stores is not much of a discountDec 24 04:28
Techrights-sec2here any more.Dec 24 04:28
-TechrightsBN/ | Urban Foraging – freegan.infoDec 24 04:28
schestowitz-TR2this is why you must learn which stores and when. there are patternsDec 24 04:28
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Techrights-sec2back in a few hoursDec 24 04:39
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schestowitz__[TR]  <li>Dec 24 05:20
schestowitz__[TR]                  <h5><a href="">Submission to the Toronto Police Services Board’s Use of New Artificial Intelligence Technologies Policy</a></h5>Dec 24 05:20
schestowitz__[TR]                  <blockquote>Dec 24 05:20
-TechrightsBN/ | Submission to the Government of Canada on the Renewal of the Responsible Business Conduct Strategy - The Citizen LabDec 24 05:20
schestowitz__[TR]                    <p>We commend the Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) for engaging in this public consultation and welcome this opportunity to submit comments on the TPSB’s Use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies Policy (AI Policy). In this submission, we urge the TPSB to centre precaution, substantive equality, human rights, privacy protections, transparency, and accountability in its policy on the use of AI technology by the Dec 24 05:20
schestowitz__[TR]Toronto Police Services (TPS). Further, we implore the Board to continue to seek out the guidance and expertise of AI and technology scholars and advocates; equality and human rights experts; affected communities and their members, including historically marginalized communities; and other relevant stakeholders when developing and implementing policies related to the adoption and use of AI by the TPS today, and into the future. Finally, we Dec 24 05:20
schestowitz__[TR]recommend that the TPSB place an immediate moratorium on law enforcement use of algorithmic policing technologies that do not meet minimum prerequisite conditions of reliability, necessity, and proportionality.1 We appreciate and recognize that our comments will be shared publicly.</p></blockquote></li>Dec 24 05:20
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schestowitz__[TR]         <li>Dec 24 05:41
schestowitz__[TR]                      <h5><a href="">Sustainable creativity in a world without copyright</a></h5>Dec 24 05:41
schestowitz__[TR]                      <blockquote>Dec 24 05:41
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @">Sustainable )Dec 24 05:41
schestowitz__[TR]                        <p>When I present my arguments on the subject, the most frequent argument I hear in response is something like the following: “artists have to eat, too”. The answer to this argument is so mind-bogglingly obvious that, in the absence of understanding, it starkly illuminates just how successful capitalism has been in corrupting a broad human understanding of empathy. So, I will spell the answer out: why do we have Dec 24 05:41
schestowitz__[TR]a system which will, for any reason, deny someone access to food? How unbelievably cruel is a system which will let someone starve because they cannot be productive within the terms of capitalism?</p></blockquote></li>Dec 24 05:42
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schestowitz-TR2re dave lane, yes, he misses groklaw but he is a big supporter of mienDec 24 09:49
Techrights-sec2!Dec 24 09:49
Techrights-sec2excellent, TR fills a gap and you provide very important coverage of Dec 24 09:49
Techrights-sec2some key topicsDec 24 09:49
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Techrights-sec2missing:            Dec 24 09:52
Techrights-sec2^missing full commentsDec 24 09:52
-TechrightsBN/ | Groklaw - Want to meet four men who dared to fight MS -- and won?Dec 24 09:52
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schestowitz-TR2fridge and freeze: from empty to fullDec 24 13:21
schestowitz-TR2got about 200 pounds worth of stuff for 42 poundsDec 24 13:21
schestowitz-TR2thew carrying is the daily exercise, fed some geese on the wayDec 24 13:21
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Techrights-sec2-Dec 24 13:57
Techrights-sec2great trip then.Dec 24 13:57
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schestowitz-TR2if I believed in publishing books (dying form of literature; young gen too lazy),Dec 24 15:39
schestowitz-TR2I would maybe have written something in long form about what I learnedDec 24 15:39
schestowitz-TR2about boycotts (BN), censorship on the Net (or Web), among other thingsDec 24 15:39
schestowitz-TR2if the aim is reach and impact, then routine publication works betterDec 24 15:39
schestowitz-TR2books are a stupid old vanityDec 24 15:39
schestowitz-TR2"yes, maaaaa dear, I DO PUBLISH BOOKS!!"Dec 24 15:39
schestowitz-TR2"who reads them?"Dec 24 15:39
schestowitz-TR2[silence, no comment]Dec 24 15:39
Techrights-sec2yes, young are too lazy and unterained to read long form material at allDec 24 15:44
Techrights-sec2let alone books; they're too busing flicking their thumbs at FacebookDec 24 15:44
Techrights-sec2realestateDec 24 15:44
Techrights-sec2and the attention spans and ability to concentrate are /completely// lackingDec 24 15:44
Techrights-sec2in mnost AFAIKDec 24 15:44
Techrights-sec2people used to carry books to read in line or when experiencing other formsDec 24 15:51
Techrights-sec2of delayh but now they only flick their thumbs at their phone and deadenDec 24 15:51
Techrights-sec2their brain with mind-nimbing drivel.     Dec 24 15:51
Techrights-sec2Did you see that article about the professor whose students didn't evenDec 24 16:08
Techrights-sec2read the course syllabus?  He put $50 ina  locker with the location andDec 24 16:08
Techrights-sec2combination in the syllabus, at the end of the term, after the exam, heDec 24 16:08
Techrights-sec2chacked and the money was still there unclaimed.Dec 24 16:08
Techrights-sec2lick their thumbs at their phone and deadenDec 24 16:08
Techrights-sec2 24 16:08
-TechrightsBN/ | Professor Put Clues to a Cash Prize in His Syllabus. No One Noticed. - The New York TimesDec 24 16:08
Techrights-sec2middle click does not work properly any moreDec 24 16:08
schestowitz-TR2I saw that article.Dec 24 16:09
schestowitz-TR2We bought 3 mice of a brand we found durable, GXTDec 24 16:09
Techrights-sec2very good.  it is hard to find strong mice that are comfortable.Dec 24 16:11
Techrights-sec2it's very difficult to find any wired mice for that matterDec 24 16:11
schestowitz-TR2yes, but they exist and some can be good. took ages to find, now I am a loyal customerDec 24 16:11
schestowitz-TR2they cost 10 to 15 pounds and last years, despite many fallsDec 24 16:12
Techrights-sec2i notice that the companies which make mice change the models too muchDec 24 16:14
Techrights-sec2^w oftenDec 24 16:14
Techrights-sec2so if you find a good one, it is a discondinuted model by the time it provesDec 24 16:14
Techrights-sec2itselfDec 24 16:14
schestowitz-TR2same as carsDec 24 16:14
Techrights-sec2cars are never good   Dec 24 16:14
schestowitz-TR2[16:07] <techrights-news> #tories : don't panic. 'Only' 122,000+ new #covid19 cases on Xmas Eve! Nothing to worry about. Page updated 5 mins ago: 24 16:17
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 403 @ )Dec 24 16:17
schestowitz-TR2I am quite sure I didn't come close to any homo sapient today, except rianne Dec 24 16:17
Techrights-sec2:( Dec 24 16:20
Techrights-sec2blocked by javascript: 24 16:20
Techrights-sec2yes, they are messyDec 24 16:20
-TechrightsBN/ | | Data | Centers for Disease Control and PreventionDec 24 16:20
Techrights-sec2mostly out fora few hours, back laterDec 24 16:29
schestowitz__[TR]> Sorry about that! I was trying to reset my mass Mailouts to friends and relatives and I got angry at myself for inadvertently hitting the send button twice  (instead  of a + button in order to add a contact.I have 100 contacts that I mail links to articles,  which I think they will enjoy. I send about two or 3 times a week, not daily, as i think it would be like over-feeding them. Dec 24 17:04
schestowitz__[TR]> Dec 24 17:04
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schestowitz-TR2merry xmassDec 24 21:50
schestowitz-TR2lupa now shows us as having 10k pages againDec 24 21:50
schestowitz-TR2we fell below that when BT messed with the router, causing 3 hours of downtimeDec 24 21:50
schestowitz-TR2we have lots of food left over for the rest of the weekendDec 24 21:50
schestowitz-TR2photoso will be uploaded in the new yearDec 24 21:50
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