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-TechBytesBot/ | WeWork illustrates everything that's wrong with the economy and with our capitalist system — and shows just how far that system has gone off the railsOct 02 04:21
acer-box"Oct 02 04:21
acer-boxMarquard Dirk PienaarOct 02 04:21
acer-box"The people that do the work in organizations are increasingly excluded from the decision-making about the work." The quote indicates part of the problem of current capitalism/socialism, which can be comprehended in light of the following. Socialism, like communism, shows conviction in the Labour Theory of Capital and rejects Intequity (capital of ideas), because ideas are common property. The reality is, the "intelligence" system excludesOct 02 04:21
acer-boxpeople with good ideas from developing their own ideas with partly their own labour. Ideas are imparted from people with good ideas and given to others to develop. "Imparting of ideas" is a "human right" of utilitarian constitutions, which exclude "creators" ("creatures") from the economic system. The developers cannot do the development properly, because of their deceiving minds, placing all value on the Labour Theory of Capital. TheOct 02 04:21
acer-boxhonest ones with good ideas do not develop their own ideas.Oct 02 04:21
acer-box"Oct 02 04:21
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-TechBytesBot/ | As Vaping-Related Lung Illnesses Continue, the Culprit Remains a MysteryOct 02 04:22
acer-box 02 04:22
acer-box 02 04:22
acer-box"Sorry is my computer???"Oct 02 04:22
-TechBytesBot/ | A Mysterious Computer Issue Is Affecting Hollywood Movie and TV EditorsOct 02 04:22
acer-boxRodgerCooperOct 02 04:23
acer-boxMicrosoft Invented Closed Source Software! REMEMBER YOUR COMPUTER HISTORY. (Sorry I had to use Caps there It was important.)Oct 02 04:23
acer-box 02 04:23
-TechBytesBot/ | No, GNU/Linux Does Not Need Proprietary Software From MicrosoftOct 02 04:23
acer-box"We can always fork it! :)"Oct 02 04:24
acer-box 02 04:24
-TechBytesBot/ | Just press 'Start' to #ShutDown #microsoft #linuxfoundation #entryism #githubOct 02 04:24
acer-box"Interesting."Oct 02 04:24
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-TechBytesBot/ | New CJEU referral on right of communication to the public ... this time on seeding and de minimis thresholdOct 02 04:24
acer-box"Our possessions have become our gods. It's why we have such a hard time solving the world's problems. (which are in fact easily solvable.) Because to solve the world's problems would be to sacrifice our own gods."Oct 02 04:25
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-TechBytesBot/ | Are We Possessed by Our Possessions? - CounterPunch.orgOct 02 04:25
acer-box"I thought environmentalists always negated the ocean as a CO2 sink because they were worried about acidfication."Oct 02 04:26
acer-box 02 04:26
-TechBytesBot/ | Seabed carbon storage may help in climate crisis | Climate News NetworkOct 02 04:26
acer-box"I thought that's what carbon taxes were for? Tax the plant food (Co2) and pay off the sun right?"Oct 02 04:26
acer-box 02 04:26
-TechBytesBot/ | We Are Nowhere Close to Meeting Our Climate GoalsOct 02 04:26
acer-box"Omg, this has just blown my mind, incredible, thanks for sharing x"Oct 02 04:27
acer-box 02 04:27
-TechBytesBot/ | ‘Black Communities Are Already Living in a Tech Dystopia’ - CounterSpin interview with Ruha Benjamin on #racism and technology 02 04:27
acer-box'\cool new steam os/linux game to check out is Stygian, it is a Lovecraftian rpg, and is a real fun play. Steam has a free demo if interested, and it sells for around $23."Oct 02 04:27
acer-box 02 04:27
-TechBytesBot/ | Subnautica | Linux Gaming | Ubuntu 18.04 | Steam PlayOct 02 04:27
acer-box"Criminal International!"Oct 02 04:28
acer-box 02 04:28
-TechBytesBot/ | Will Bill Gates' Bribes to the Leader of India Harm India's GNU/Linux Adoption and Will Gates Ever be Held Accountable for His Many Crimes?Oct 02 04:28
acer-boxSeems like odd distraction. In 2019, the Hong Kong protests are impressive and mostly leaderless, with many different tactics, which is explained in video. The citizens of the USA may need to consider very similar methods, since ironically many regular US citizens are treated unfairly by government and companies. In USA, there are many violation of rights and ignoring of facts for justice by authorities and companies in USA. For example,Oct 02 04:28
acer-boxthere are many bad journalists, corrupt companies, and very bad judges in family courts, divorce cases, and basic court cases. Also, there are many issues of major efforts to enforce Pre-Crime Accusation Methods, Red Flag Laws; and already issues of over regulation against individual rights, gag court orders, and major efforts to water down rights of US Citizens such as self-defense tools, family rights, freedom of medical choice, andOct 02 04:28
acer-boxfreedom to ask questions about official narratives. There are huge Elephants of Injustice in USA of very bad judges, bad lawyers, unconstitutional laws, wrongful separated US families; wrongful convictions; extortion of fees; false accusers; censorship by companies and various government entities; and these issues do not seem to be openly addressed by authorities. The are unusual signs and issues in the USA, with real suffering. ....Oct 02 04:28
acer-box#hongkong . #freedom #1984 #protectrights #constitutionprotection .. 02 04:28
-TechBytesBot/ | Hong Kong’s 2014 Occupy Central vs 2019 protests - YouTubeOct 02 04:28
acer-box 02 04:28
-TechBytesBot/ | A Twenty-First Century Children’s Crusade - CounterPunch.orgOct 02 04:28
acer-boxIt's a difficult issue to debunk, because there are so many out of context quotes and dodgy studies.Oct 02 04:29
acer-boxEvery time I'm blocked by paywalls not allowing me to view the original study, or information that is just off.Oct 02 04:29
acer-boxClimate alarmism doesn't help either, difficult to know what the actual science says when an American politician is saying, "the world is going to end in the next 12 years." And media repeating unscientific predictions.Oct 02 04:29
acer-boxEspecially important since most of the predictions made using actual science have been correct.Oct 02 04:29
acer-box 02 04:29
-TechBytesBot/ | #climate denial typically comes from the right wing because #energy giants targeted the dumb, gullible, corruptible (desperate) people to create the illusion of 'debate' and turning #science into a 'political' issueOct 02 04:29
acer-box"Imperialist "Unity" posited by communists and socialists is a despotic fallacy, because all people want self-determination and the ways are not always the same. Divided Party (DiP) is a new political party promoting self-determination for all, against imperialism. Party implies unity. Divided means reality and balance."Oct 02 04:29
-TechBytesBot/ | Divided PartyOct 02 04:29
acer-box 02 04:29
-TechBytesBot/ | China’s demand for undivided loyalty is causing tragedy in Hong KongOct 02 04:29
acer-box"I'm torn about electronic voting, but lean towards paper because it *seems* it would be harder to manipulate (can't be certain that is true) - but M$ saying "election guard" makes it sound like the exact opposite of guarding"Oct 02 04:30
acer-box 02 04:30
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft makes its ElectionGuard software for voting systems open sourceOct 02 04:30
acer-box"Firecracker VM :)"Oct 02 04:30
acer-box 02 04:30
-TechBytesBot/ | Docker, once worth over $1 billion, tells employees it's trying to raise cash amid 'significant challenges'Oct 02 04:30
acer-box 02 04:30
-TechBytesBot/ | Huawei Insider Confirms Putting Google Apps On Huawei Mate 30 Pro 'Is Easy'Oct 02 04:30
acer-box"it will be a great spyphone..."Oct 02 04:30
acer-box 02 04:31
-TechBytesBot/ | CIA and Hongkong oligarchs paying to protesters In Hongkong. And this protests in much like Maidan in Ukraine. That what Bloggers say. And you know what? I believe them. It sounds much more realistic than 'They fight against the regime'.Oct 02 04:31
acer-box 02 04:31
-TechBytesBot/ | China runs full-page ad on Hong Kong in Helsingin Sanomat, sparking criticismOct 02 04:31
acer-box 02 04:31
acer-box"Never really liked rum......................until now......................."Oct 02 04:32
-TechBytesBot/ | I’ll Drink to That: Captain Morgan Website Asks Visitors to Affirm They’re Non-MuslimOct 02 04:32
acer-box"Well, unless Captain Morgan is owned/run by Muslim people (which I don't think it is) then its some kind of messed up corporate Islamophobia... I love spicy rum but tendvto drink Sailor Jerry..."Oct 02 04:32
acer-boxDead or Alive Xtreme 2 girls' Bikinis, Bras, Panties and Swimsuits with Upskirts.Oct 02 04:32
acer-boxDead or Alive Xtreme 2 - Bikinis changing for six DOAX2 girls while they pole dance.;Oct 02 04:32
acer-box 02 04:32
acer-box 02 04:32
-TechBytesBot/ | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 - Bikinis changing for six DOAX2 girls while they pole dance.Oct 02 04:32
-TechBytesBot/ | Sony Censorship Policy Removes Crude Items from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: ScarletOct 02 04:33
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r_schestowitz>> RMS is like me in this regard. We support equality for women.Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz> i support equality for EVERYBODY. thats whatOct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz> equality means.Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz> there are two roads there, equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. the latter road is extremely problematic, and ultimately removes the first as part of the solutions. these are themes of negative liberty vs positive liberty.Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz> the sort of equality i support is in things like the constitution and bill of rights. the people who advocate against those rights, insist they are really some way to mask the fact that historically, women and minorities were not equally recognised.Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz> and yet, some of the amendments were specificially about bringing women and minorities up to equal rights (which im not only in favour of, the 14th amendment is too weak in this regard. it has a giant loophole that needs to be closed to further reduce slavery.)Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz> but heres the important part that leads to this (mounting) war on freedom in the name of equality:Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz> the people that the right refers to as "marxists" have a circular argument that equates THEIR SOLUTIONS with EQUALITY and any OTHER solutions with INEQUALITY.Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz> some people say "youre either with us, or youre against us."Oct 02 06:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> these people say "youre either with us, or youre against equality."Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> but their solutions involve fighting inequality with more inequality, as if one kind of sexism doesnt exist because only the opposite kind of sexism is real.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> since one is real and the other is allegedly imaginary, they are supposed to cancel out, rather than what actually happens, is that now we have an increase in sexist discrimination as the sum-- not a reduction.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> the attacks on stallman are sexist and bigoted and dishonest.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> there are real feminists (its paull) defending him. those people who actually believe in equality are typically drowned out by the extremists (the ones trying to fight sexism with sexism) and wouldnt you know it, this dovetails very nicely with my feelings about religion vs religious extremism.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> religion isnt extremism-lite, extremism is the opposite.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> true feminism isnt extreme-feminism-lite, it is the opposite.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> but the label of feminism is so useless now imo, that its better to just talk about equality.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> of course you neednt agree, but the extremists (some of them) actually go so far as say that equality is a bad word, and that "equality" is sexist.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> "all lives matter" is also treated as racist.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> society has some really big fucking problems right now.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> "all men are created equal" is not a line that martin luther king would have had a problem with.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> sure, you can change "men" to people, but there really are no words that apply exclusively to males, except "male":Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> man: includes womenOct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> mankind: includes womenOct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> you guys: includes womenOct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> masculinity: includes qualities women haveOct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> i dont have a problem with the RELATIVE gender neutrality of most male words-- they were always relatively inclusive. thats just how the language works.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> but true extremists hate these words, because they hate everything that isnt female.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> most of the women i spent time with, dont hate men. like paull, they defend men who deserve a defense. its the principle, not the person or their gender. always.Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> ada lovelace invented THE LOOP, which is one of the most (if not arguably the most) fundamental construct of computer science-- certainly of modern computer science!Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:03
r_schestowitz> grace hopper invented nearly every aspect of programming that i care about. not every aspect that matters altogether, just the ones that i consider most important to everything i do with computers.Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz> women are AWESOME.Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz> people are AWESOME.Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz> a lot of them (that is, people-- which includes women) are shit.Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz> sturgeons law says 90% of everything is crap. that includes 90% of people, but i am willing to give more than 10% of people the benefit of the doubt. after all, we have no idea which 10% is the non-crap 10%, and sturgeons law doesnt say that it cant change (in other words, any person who is crap can possibly become not crap.)Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz> but i prefer the more old-fashioned, mlk-like concepts of equality, to the silencing of jordan peterson with yelling and banging pots, pans and cowbells.Oct 02 06:04
r_schestowitz 02 06:05
-TechBytesBot/ #Torvalds is in it for Linux. #Zemlin is in it for the money. #Microsoft is in it for sabotage. The #linuxfoundation is a madhouse. Time to disband this corrupt thing. It has outlives its usefulness (long ago). 02 06:05
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Linux Foundation - TechrightsOct 02 06:05
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:05
r_schestowitzOct 02 06:05
r_schestowitz"Madhouse"? Hardly. They are raking it in.Oct 02 06:05
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:05
r_schestowitzTrue that. Also.Oct 02 06:05
r_schestowitz 02 06:05
-TechBytesBot/ #zemlinOut 02 06:06
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:06
r_schestowitzOct 02 06:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Wrong Person in Charge of the Linux Foundation (and in Charge of Linus Torvalds) | TechrightsOct 02 06:06
r_schestowitzBut he can sing?Oct 02 06:06
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:06
r_schestowitz"But can he sing?Oct 02 06:06
r_schestowitz 02 06:06
-TechBytesBot/ #zemlinpac is an #openwashing giant and #microsoft is one of its biggest clients #linuxfoundationOct 02 06:06
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:06
r_schestowitzOct 02 06:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | The Corporate Linux Foundation as Agent of Microsoft and Other Serial GPL Violators | TechrightsOct 02 06:06
r_schestowitz"microsoft is one of its biggest clients" That's gotta tell you something. Microsquish is not a charitable institution. Not in the least.Oct 02 06:06
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:06
r_schestowitz 02 06:07
-TechBytesBot/ ...the person who calls for removal of RMS is the same person who did this to Torvalds 02 06:07
r_schestowitz"An individual cannot just “Fork” Linux. torvalds wrote it, but nobody can fork it. its funny how things that have already been accomplished, become impossible over time, isnt it? isnt that the biggest danger of hype and excessive hero worship?"Oct 02 06:07
r_schestowitz"An individual cannot just “Fork” Linux. torvalds wrote it, but nobody can fork it. its funny how things that have already been accomplished, become impossible over time, isnt it? isnt that the biggest danger of hype and excessive hero worship? torvalds is only a human in real life, his first program was written in basic, only the sycophant press made him into some kind of deity."Oct 02 06:07
r_schestowitz"the difficult part really is convincing enough people theyre capable of anything. that part is a real problem."Oct 02 06:08
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:08
r_schestowitzthe difficult part really is convincing enough people theyre capable of anythingOct 02 06:08
r_schestowitzThis is such an important point, I want to think about it some more…Oct 02 06:08
r_schestowitzI’m always amazed in that if I try to do something, and put enough time and effort into it, I can usually get it done (if it is possible). This is especially true in software - which is why I’m attracted to the field.Oct 02 06:08
r_schestowitzThis is NOT to say that other people are lazy or stupid or anything like that. Most people cannot afford the time and trouble that I can…Oct 02 06:08
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:08
r_schestowitz"Well, I won’t claim it is all easy. Coding itself takes some conceptualization, followed-by translating the idea into expressions- which itself takes a lot of concentration and attention to detail. And all of this must be carried-out with an understanding of the systems the work is going to fit into - the computer systems and the use-cases.'Oct 02 06:09
r_schestowitz 02 06:09
-TechBytesBot/ 'Owning' nonsense 02 06:09
r_schestowitz"THE taco tuesday!"Oct 02 06:09
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | LeBron James Tried to Trademark ‘Taco Tuesday,’ but Got Swatted Away - The New York TimesOct 02 06:09
r_schestowitz 02 06:10
-TechBytesBot/ "But after Googling the relevant sections of Pakistan's penal code, the Toronto Sun op-ed editor was startled to learn he stood accused of insulting the Prophet Mohammad—a crime punishable by death in the Islamic republic" 02 06:10
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:10
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Twitter warns global users their tweets violate Pakistani lawOct 02 06:10
r_schestowitzlets warn twitter that their entire website is violating sharia law, and see what they do. (it probably is.)Oct 02 06:10
r_schestowitzOct 02 06:10 - 3 months agoOct 02 06:10
r_schestowitz^hahahahahahaOct 02 06:10
r_schestowitz"Oct 02 06:10
r_schestowitzThis is getting out of handOct 02 06:10
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r_schestowitz>>>> 8)16833/2019/09/29/fsf-defaced-rms/Oct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>>> 9)16288/2019/09/28/rms-being-canceled/Oct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>>> 10)15443/2019/09/30/red-hat-under-ibm/Oct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>>> 11)11233/2019/09/28/gates-above-the-law/Oct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> Those numbers are about triple to quadruple what has previously been inOct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> that range, if I recall correctly.Oct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>>Oct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> I suspect a lot of people are concerned about the use of lynch mobsOct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> against RMS, regardless of the other issues.  As mentioned earlier,Oct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> there are lots of smug hypocrites out there that whine continuouslyOct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> about "behavior" targeting individual after individual for slights realOct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> or perceived.  Yet despite building their followings on "behavior" theyOct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> endorse and cheer for an online lynch mob.  The same mob pushes forOct 02 07:01
r_schestowitz>>> CoCs, aka Malleus Hackerum [1], to use politics and mob justice to ridOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>>> projects of technical obstacles.  The CoCs are always appliedOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>>> selectively, only against opponents of DRM and such.  However, the CoCsOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>>> and the mobs pushing for them and abusing them once acquired are onlyOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>>> instruments being used against hot topics like Software Freedom.Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>>> However, being tools, they don't realize that.Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>>>Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>>> [1] 02 07:02
-TechBytesBot/ | Malleus Maleficarum - WikipediaOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>> Wow, I didn't realise "Malleus Maleficarum" was a real thing.Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> It had a profound, negative impact on Europe, especially women andOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> medicine.Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>> Let me pass you two messages I got hours ago.Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> Thanks.  Both are spot on.  Though maybe the second one is optimisticOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> with its estimate of 90%.Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> As for tolerance, religions that have taught tolerance and compassionOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> generally get culled by the others.  India, Afghanistan, Malaysia,Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> Bangladesh (I think), and others used to be Buddhist until the 1200s orOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> so.  It was kind of brought up in the second message but I digress.Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> I like the point about equality of opportunity for everybody in theOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> second message.  However, because I've aimed for that and fallen shortOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> most of the time I have noticed that people hate being treated equallyOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> or in some extremely fair way.  Diplomacy, a skill I lack but I'veOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> witnessed in extreme in several other people, skips the fairnessOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> (mostly) and skips the equality (mostly) and yet somehow makes sure thatOct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> the parties involved (mostly) go away happy.  Weird.Oct 02 07:02
r_schestowitz> Also, the extremists mentioned in the second message might be autonomousOct 02 07:24
r_schestowitz> but they are being exploited to spread strife and dissension within theOct 02 07:24
r_schestowitz> groups they are being aimed at by their manipulators.Oct 02 07:24
r_schestowitzDate: Wed, 02 Oct 2019 06:14:25 +0000Oct 02 07:28
r_schestowitzxxxxxxxOct 02 07:28
r_schestowitzTo: <>Oct 02 07:28
r_schestowitzJoshua Gay on how to turn FSF into LF clone...Oct 02 07:28
r_schestowitzHere are some ideas to consider as the @fsf board and @johns_FSF plot aOct 02 07:28
r_schestowitzcourse for the future.Oct 02 07:28
r_schestowitz9:45 AM - 18 Sep 2019Oct 02 07:28
r_schestowitz    1 RetweetOct 02 07:28
r_schestowitz        New conversationOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitz        j.gayOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitz1) Have an organizational wide policy document that applies to allOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzstaff, directors, and representatives. It should explain the purpose ofOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzthe org, how decisions are made, what its values are, etc. And it mustOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzhave a code of conduct/ethics policy for all employees and directorsOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzTRANSLATION: Push for the same things that the Libreplanet petitionOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzagainst Stallman (including Matthew Garrett and GNOME and Red HatOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzpeople) wanted before pushing Stallman out of the FSF.Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitz2) Charter a new course. You should have a mission and vision andOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzstrategic plan that you prioritize against.Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzTRANSLATION: Abandon the mission of the FSF (not necessarily a fairOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzassessment overall. VERY FAIR in this context, considering the rest!)Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitz3) With a real policy framework, consider becoming a true membership org,Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzTRANSLATION: LFOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzwhere members can form committees and can be more directly involved.Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzTRANSLATION: actually this part is good. HOWEVER...Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitz[Done wrong, this is what OSI already does, with all the same problems.Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzThe only way to do this properly is to have a sort of Constitution, notOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitza Code of Conduct, but a foundational cornerstone that these committeesOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzcan't override. So if you get 2 wrong you put the FSF in jeopardy, ifOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzyou get 3 wrong you get the FSF in jeopardy, and 2 and 3 combine to putOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzthe FSF in jeopardy greater than the sum of its parts. This has theOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzmaking of either a renassiance, or a coup. In this climate, which do youOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzthink is more likely?]Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzYou already do this informally with how GNU is managed, so formalize it!Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzTRANSLATION: remove the flexibility and freedom that informalityOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzallows-- force things to be acted upon (as with mobs) when the bestOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzthing to do sometimes is let them play out organically.Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzTRANSLATION: make the FSF more vulnerable, in the midst of a sustainedOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzattack.Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitz4) Holding copyright, the GNU trademark, and setting policy for GNU viaOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzcontrol of certain essential documents make you more than just a sponsorOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzof the GNU Project.Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzLINUX FOUNDATIONOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzEmbrace this fact openly and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the health andOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzsustainability of the GNU community.Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzTRANSLATION: (your turn, you decide.)Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitz(#4 is a loaded question.)Oct 02 07:29
r_schestowitzSummary: JGAY is asking the FSF to "stand down" and "be boarded." HardlyOct 02 07:29
r_schestowitza unique request or objective these days.Oct 02 07:30
r_schestowitzAdvice: FSF to BATTLE STATIONS-- The captain is down, fire at will!Oct 02 07:30
r_schestowitz>> My notes: upgrade techrights, add SSL, increase partition sizes (installOct 02 07:58
r_schestowitz>> vanilla centos8 on separate VM, install packages needed, copy across allOct 02 07:58
r_schestowitz>> files, change IP addresses etc if SSL setup is nearly there), repeat forOct 02 07:58
r_schestowitz>> tuxmachines or do tuxmachines firstOct 02 07:58
r_schestowitz> During the upgrade, there should also be an effort to split out systemOct 02 07:58
r_schestowitz> privileges so that not everything is under the one account on theOct 02 07:58
r_schestowitz> server.  The idea would be to compartmentalize the CMS and isolate it onOct 02 07:58
r_schestowitz> its own.Oct 02 07:58
r_schestowitzWhen the initial setup was done we didn't know how much things would grow. So I guess the above is what people mean by "technical debt".Oct 02 07:58
r_schestowitz>> When the initial setup was done we didn't know how much things wouldOct 02 08:15
r_schestowitz>> grow. So I guess the above is what people mean by "technical debt".Oct 02 08:15
r_schestowitz> Yes, it's not possible to avoid.  If you aim too high at the beginningOct 02 08:15
r_schestowitz> then you spend all your time building infrastructure and then have noOct 02 08:15
r_schestowitz> resources left to begin operation.  I'm pretty sure the only thing thatOct 02 08:15
r_schestowitz> can work is to schedule time and budget resources to refactorOct 02 08:15
r_schestowitz> periodically.Oct 02 08:15
r_schestowitzThe same is true for IRC logs. At first I posted them inline, as posts, but they became two long and raw IRC logs are not GBs in size. If we can automate and share the workload (I'm at work now BTW), we can again release these logs on a daily basis.Oct 02 08:15
r_schestowitzLet's try to figure out the IRC thing first. At one point I published none of over a year, then had to spend several data processing 13 months' worth.Oct 02 08:15
r_schestowitz>>>> OK...Oct 02 08:17
r_schestowitz>>>>Oct 02 08:17
r_schestowitz>>>> [1] So nowadays my connection is stable enough that I >think< we're safeOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> to go with one source of data files for logs.Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>> I poked around and there seem to be files on TR inOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>> /root/phirce-techrights/logs, would those be usable?Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> Those exist as well, in two forms (raw and something more compact), butOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> they're not compatible with the python code I've used since 2008. WeOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> used to post these inline, e.g.Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> [2] There are 4 channels, hence 4 files per day, extracted from theOct 02 08:18
-TechBytesBot/ | IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 8th, 2008 | TechrightsOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> larger (full) files.Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>>Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> [3] Using grep and similar I reckon I can make a daily job that gives meOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> 4 files for yesterday's full raw logs for the prior day. I can thenOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> change my scripts to convert into html in an unsupervised fashionOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> (typically I prefer to run through the text manually to ensure nothingOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> is missing; things can go wrong sometimes and can be amended).Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>> Shell scripts or perl or python would probably work.  Though perl wouldOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>> be the most appropriate for managing text like that.Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> Yes, I think the tricky part is edge cases I can think of. Which is whyOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> I always split the files (by date) manually while ensuring no gaps inOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> logging.Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> Of course one option would be for you to park an IRC clients at the 4Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> channels, assuming the connection has no lapses (if it does, I can sendOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> you from my end and/or you can merge these)Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> [4] So let's say I get 4 HTML files, one for each channel. I can sendOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> these across to you over E-mail each morning, you then open them using aOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> browser and check it all makes sense (maybe read these too if you like,Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> that has ALL my microblogging, replies, techrights chat), then upload toOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>>> Techrights (WordPress), add the URLs into the template and publish.Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>> A pull method would be better.  I'm not keen on using mail as aOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>> surrogate for proper file sharing even if we have been managing theOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>> links that way.Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> You're right. I suppose I can just file-drop the html files on theOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> server directly. Then all that's left is checking them and linking to them.Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>>Oct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz>> BTW, I've just make local backupsOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz> I've also been making local backups, though collecting them about once aOct 02 08:18
r_schestowitz> a week.  I've started to run out of space on that disk though andOct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz> started culling.Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz>> ...Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz>> I wonder how WordPress will treat files uploaded to its directories fromOct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz>> outside the CMS. TBH, we can always just set up a new global directoryOct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz>> for all logs going forward.Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz> Sounds good.  A log directory would be of use, I think.  logrotate canOct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz> point to it if the logs are being generated live there.Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz>Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz>> Suppose I have a bunch of daily HTMLs and I toss them at the server;Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz>> would you consider that something workable?Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitz> Yes, I think so.Oct 02 08:19
r_schestowitzI'm going to start some little prototype to see if this is doable.Oct 02 08:19
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